Coping: Time for Plan B

Well, that wasn’t much fun.  The eye surgery Thursday was something of a train wreck.


When I went into the operating room, the main idea was that they would put me under, I would have the old eye implant repositioned, and they would put a stitch in – and that would be that.

Well, life didn’t turn out that way.

Seems the old implant had sort of “grown attached” to me over the past 25 years and would not be repositioned.

So, as a result, this morning I have a patch over what used to be my “good” eye – and this morning when we go up to Tyler, TX to have it removed, I may get some coke-bottle glasses.

This will likely take a week, or so.  In the meantime, Elaine is now in my world in a strange (and actually quite pleasant, kind of way. I am roughing out the column, and then she makes sense of it – and they she pushes the “publish” button.

As to the outlook, this is where things get sort of dicey.

If the eye comes back – as it should in 90% of cases, then in four weeks of coke bottling it, there will be a new implant and we will be off to the races.

On the other hand, it looks – if you’ll pardon the pun – like that won’t work, then I may be able to get back to driving-level sight, but that would be with a contact lens and the coke bottle for the formerly good eye.

Somewhere, we have the old implant in our collection of take-homes from the hospital, but not sure what to do with it –  it’s sort of like one of those deer heads that hunters put up on the wall.

After 2 1/2 hours under the knife, I am actually pretty dang tired and more than slightly cranky this morning – something I hope you will overlook.

As comes to columns?  They will go on – and probably a lot better to read since Elaine will be checking my horrific grammer.

There will be some changes around here, however.

For one, Peoplenomics will appear on Sunday.  That will give us time to put together the charts and for it to all make sense – I hope.

And the columns here?  Well, brevity has not ever been my strong suit, but with a new deadline (giving E time to proofread and correct seems that brevity here will be the new order of the day.

So off to an early appointment and to get the patch eye. Feel like saying “Argthhh!” or something, but the number of pirates seems to be limited.

Write when you break-even – and yesterday’s fall of the Dow may just be the beginning, but more on that in the news portion of this morning’s epistle.

25 thoughts on “Coping: Time for Plan B”

  1. George, Whatever fuels your Rage of Creativity- Please can you send me a thimble full?

    Not many that I know would suck it up and pound out the column, after the disappointment of yesterday’s events!!

    Good Luck on Everything moving forward!!!

  2. Mornin’ M’am, welcome to the other side of the house, on a professional basis, that is, sort of, official-like now, and all.

  3. Best of luck today, George.

    It’s pleasantly obvious that a new editor is on the job…


  4. Ain’t life grand ? Gotta keep on keep’in on. When it’s outta your own hands it gets frustrat’in.

  5. Well, now that’s a bummer! Though thank Elaine for her help . . . a few years back I went in for major dental work and while I was not happy about it I thought at least the damn thing would be over!

    Except that as I woke up from being ‘out’, it wasn’t the dulcet voice of the dentist I heard but that of two EMTs . . . Seems the heart monitor that the dentist had on me did something odd and he wasn’t taking any chances . . . and the dental visit as delayed for another day.

    Life happens (or not) as it will.

  6. Sorry to hear about your eye problem George! Will pray for you that all goes much better!


  7. “Take a break for Pete’s sake! People understand, the cat wont understand but people will.

  8. George: Your health and well being is of utmost importance. Therefore, please take care of yourself and rest up so you can heal best. If that means no column on the weekend, that’s just fine with me. If that means a column every other day, or none during the week – fine with me – as long as you get better. The markets and the world will be around for a while longer, so no hurries. Just get better.

  9. Brevity is fine and it would be ok if you even missed a day or two to recover. It’s ok to focus on you to get healed. Love the team of Ure and Ure! This might try both of your patience!! Hang in there Elaine and try to get through this….oh you too George!!!

  10. Hey, now it will be you that pirates your columns. Arghh! A bad pun to get well with. Hope you can sea better soon, as no one likes it when their eyesight goes to ship.

  11. Well that just sucks, doesn’t it George? I pray that all turns out alright and everything heals the way it should. Thank God for Elaine to “look-out” for you. Sending strength to her to deal with her probably cranky man. The world needs the info you have to put out, George, so in the end I’m sure it will be put right. (I think you could really rock the eye-patch, though. Could change this to PirateNomics.)

  12. Yesterday was a horrible day to have any type of surgery as Mercury went retrograde.For myself,my car was almost hit three times within half an hour on the road about the hour that Mercury turned.Hopefully,your eye will be better when Mercury goes direct in about 3.5 weeks.

  13. George dear George, you know about Mercury retrograde and you should have checked the calendar before setting eye surgery appointment. God bless you with the best possible results.

  14. George did you consider Mercury Retro@1:20 pm
    on the 28th.It often messes with your
    plans. Get well Soon!

  15. I find it interesting that the first time you talk about vision, there shows up an ad for glasses. Right there on the right. Hmmm

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