They’re coming for your sick leave, next. Then, they want your home equity. People living in the media bubble like to insist that there is no Deep State.  Yet, there’s an emerging case in Texas that proves the point we’ve been making for years – namely that nowadays, the Government Rules – not We the People. Worse? It reduces to a dollars and cents buy-off of the division Deep State.

First, some basics.  Wage reports comparing public workers and private sector don’t usually include big benefit packages.

Absolute Krappe to borrow a contributor’s phrase.  When you read some basic laws and policy books in Texas, for example, what comes into view is that while the Republican majority talks tough and pro-business- they hand out Big Benefits to government workers.  Because, when comes to government workers, they are reliable voters and voting blocks.  And they get politicians reelected.

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Here’s how this has come up:  In Texas, there is no such thing as legally required sick leave. holidays, or vacation in the private sector.

As WOAI (San Antonio) reported Monday, Texans for Paid Sick Leave is circulating a petition to require private employers contribute paid sick leave as a benefit.  Employers are fighting it because right now the laws only require  non-discrimination and minimum wage.

Why, the private employers spew, if they have to paid minimum wage and paid sick leave, why that would force them to effectively pay more than minimum wage.  And that’s dough out of the fat cat wallets.

Frankly, I don’t have a problem with the GOP being greedy pricks…they do that extremely well.

But a Constitutional Republican (like me) sees this lack of paid sick leave as a violation of the Constitution’s Equal Protection concept.  Public employers get to load up on bennies.

No equality to it.

Let’s see how Texas opens the till for state employees, in comparison, shall we?

The WOAI story has this summary:

“While many employers offer a certain amount of paid sick leave to workers as a job benefit, there is no local, state, or federal law that requires that they do so.  In fact, no employee benefits, other than the minimum wage and anti-discrimination protections, are required by law, although the Obamacare law requires all companies with fifty or more employees to offer health insurance or pay a tax penalty.”

Hold it!

Notice, please:  No sick leave.  No paid vacation, no paid holidays off…you following along, here?

NOW, let’s flip over to the Texas Start Auditor’s office and see how the golden geese (Public employees) get treated:  It’s like reading about royalty in comparison:


Who Is Eligible?

State employees at agencies and higher education institutions are entitled to sick leave without a deduction in salary for the following:

? When sickness, injury, or pregnancy and confinement prevent an employee from performing his or her job;

? When the employee needs to care for and assist a member of the employee’s immediate family who is sick; or

? To attend educational activities such as parent-teacher conference sessions and other school functions for the employee’s children.

Employees of higher education institutions must be employed to work at least 20 hours per week for a period of at least 4.5 months to be eligible for sick leave. In addition, students employed in positions that require student status as a condition of employment are not eligible for sick leave. “

And how much – under State law?

Full-time employees accrue sick leave at a rate of eight hours for each month of state employment. Part-time employees accrue sick leave on a proportionate basis.

An employee is entitled to be credited for one month’s sick leave for each month of employment with the State beginning on the first day of employment and on the first calendar day of each succeeding month of state employment. An employee who is on leave on the first day of a month may not use sick leave that is accrued for that month until after the employee physically returns to work.

An employee who is employed during any part of a calendar month accrues sick leave for the entire month. “

If the State wants to be this generous with out TAX DOLLARS, seems to me that Texas private-sector employers ought to be held to the same basic level..

While private employees don’t have to get holidays, check out how the State works.

As the State Auditor’s schedule for State Employees reveals there are 10-paid holidays and another additional 4 “skeleton crew” days for a total of 14-days a state worker.

All of this state largess will come back to haunt Texas.  Just like it’s already haunting Illinois.

Up there, because of similar, earlier, public employee largess, the state is looking at options (this proposed by the Chicago Fed as a solution) like a one-percent annual special assessment on all property in the state.  On a $350,000 home, this would tack on $3,500 per year on top of all the taxes now being paid.  For 30-YEARS.  And even this theft of homeowner equity won’t pay the coming bills.

Read: “How Should the State of Illinois Pay for its Unfunded Pension Liability? The Case for a Statewide Residential Property Tax.”


Even this huge TAX GRAB OF HOMEOWNER EQUITY wouldn’t fund MANY Chicago pensions…they’ll want event more.  Remember: This is just Illinois, the state. Den of liberal thieves that it is, the fuse is lit most everywhere else..

Texas has a chance to do things right, but the window will close.  Public employment has become a kind of golden goose – and if you want a great job and money for life, consider government employment.

I don’t like to get up on the high-horse about this stuff, but if all people’s labor has intrinsically equal value, WTF is with the class of Super Citizens called government workers?

In a country based on the notion of hard work and equality, we have made great strides in recent years in the direction of less work and less equality between public and private sector workers.

Unless you really love to pay more taxes, you might want to rethink worker inequality.

Honestly, the ONLY workable answer is to have a single, uniform, national system (like Social Security) and put everyone in it – even Congress.

Don’t mean to go off into a Peoplenomics kind of projection here, but if/when the time for Elaine and I to move comes along in our 70’s and time to live next to a hospital in the city, or at least where there’s 3-minute fire response, we will go shopping for our next city, county, and state based on current and projected public employee pension and benefit debt.

God forbid you live in Illinois and have leftists in the legislation who want to steal your home equity so the public workers can  get more than you.

Last time I checked, that wasn’t the American Way.  A damn fine reason to always refer to “America” in past tense.

Those not lucky enough to be anointed as public workers shouldn’t be forced to pay for public workers and services twice.  Once when rendered and later on to pay the retirement.

Government funding should always be on a strict, pay-as-you-go basis.  No getting back in line for a second bite of the taxpayer’s butt.  That’s the road to damnation…and we’re on it.

Write when you get rich,

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