We were certainly (ahem…) flush with comments when we discussed the idea of shutting the bathroom door in order to keep good Chi (or qi) out of the bedrooms where people sleep.

Where things took an interesting turns was when – thanks to comments – I got to looking at a possible relationship between chi and ion effects.

If you’re a long-term reader, you will remember the discussion. But, if not, here’s a thumbnail sketch:

There are atoms (and molecules) generally come in three flavors: plain (where the number of electrons is equal to the number of protons), anions (where an extra electron is present and the atom of molecule has a negative charge), and cations (which lack an electron and are positively charged).

Collectively, these things are referred to as ionization of (whatever), but in our discussion this morning we’ll be talking about air.

Now here’s the funny thing about positive ions. They bum people out.

Some famous examples of positive ions which come from hot, dry, desert winds: The Santa Ana winds of California, the Sirroco winds of the Sahara, and the Meltemi winds off mountains in Greece.

What happens when positively charged winds blow is that people tend to become lethargic, depressed, less cheerful, and so on.

At the other end of the spectrum are people like Elaine and I. We are negative ion addicts.

Negative ions are created by what? Falling water…so negative ion addicts love their morning showers – as it has the same mental effects as coffee in some regards.

Another example is cool mountain air, especially in the morning when dew is about, or hanging around a beach where there is a pounding surf, or at one on my favorite places in the world near Snoqualmie Summitt on I-90 in Washington State, a nice waterfall with an up-canyon wind.

There are machines you can buy that are negative ion generators and you can pick them up on eBay or Amazon not too expensively.

I have a small one in my office – which I turned back on this week. And we have a big one in the house that offers an assortment of ionization options: Anions only, ionization only, or both.

I have been around negative ions a good part of my life because people with athsma seem to do better when the air they breathe has been slightly ionized. One of the side effects of negative ions is it tends to make dust “fall out of the air” since it is no longer repelled (cations, remember?) so when it touches ionized air, the dust loses its repelling charge and falls to the ground.

What the Hell does this have to Do With Chi?

Well, sorry for the long bout of literary foreplay, but we all need to be on the same page here.

And here’s where my thinking went on Wednesday morning while pondering the next/further additions to my office: A small water feature and a jade plant on a mirror, as I am working on making the perfect feng shui’ed trading office.

Is there something about Chi/Qi that people have missed?

Here’s the proposition for you: What IF Chi is nothing more than an informal-folk shorthand for managing local environment ionization?

This occurred to me while I was looking at the recently added picture of a waterfall that now lives in the southwest corner of my office.

While I was sitting there thinking about it (focusing with a magnifying glass because my best eye is still 20-100 or worse) it occurred to me that “Aha! George you idiot: A water picture/feature would ne a high negative ion point!”

Well, I’ll be dipped and rolled in it.

And about the six Chinese coins on the back of my door? Could there be some way that the present of metal somehow changes air?

Of course!

There is the slow oxidation of brass and copper, is there not? Not a huge deal, in terms ofd ions, but is it possible?

And the importance of flushing the toilet? Ah…falling water, again.

And in the bathroom, would there not be residual smells (Elaine insists on the word odors by the way, as scents don’t have noses…but another discussion for some other time).

When I thought about it, yes, there would be methane and odiferous sulfur aromatics and yes, I suppose that would impact local ionization levels…

It might also explain why some ham radio operators (like me) are absolutely fascinated with tube-type electronics. Some of my high-end audiophile friends are, too: The high voltages present generate small, but real amounts of negative ions.

I have a lot more work to do on the topic. Especially because Chi/Qi is also central to Chinese acupuncture theory and practice.

But here, once again, the science that is coming out of accupunmcture keeps coming around to needs (conductors) shorting out subtle electrical connections.

There has been a lot of discussion about how electricity works at the cosmological level. Some, such as James McCanney, have even suggested Solar-planetary discharges over geological timescales. And certainly, coronal mass ejections have an electrical as well as particle aspect.

But we’ll pause the discussion for this morning by simply asking this question: Are there still things to learn about environmental electronics from a further reverse-engineering of Chi/Qi precepts of design?

Even the placement of hills in the auspicious directions from a city could influence upslope and downslope winds, and at some subtle level, might the small variations in ionization over time, result in unexpected cumulative results?

Inquiring minds, yada, yada…

Taming the New Cat

Looking for ideas here.

We have a new kitty that has decided to show up about 8 AM at the fence out by the road.

We’ve been giving it food – darn thing is about half-starved.

Neat thing about the cat: It’s pure black – just like Zeus the Cat who has been our copy editor and part-time mouser for several years.

Whether it’s being around our ramshackle news operation, or not, Zeus has a very bad ‘tude toward the young ‘un.

Any ideas on how to get the cats to get along nicely with one another would be appreciated. Zeus looks at the intruder as a theif of his food source and my eyes aren’t in good enough condition to research Overcoming Cat Jealousy.

Might be a talk show in their. The Whiskas Whisperer, or something.

Adventures in Nearly Blind

The other morning I remarked several times to Elaine that “My, these grapes sure have big seeds.”

After about the fourth complaint, she looked at me and announced “Those are cherries, you fool!

Well, I’ll be damned.

– – – –

Since I am legally blind – at least for a while longer –  depending on how a new special type contact fitting goes Friday, I can tell you one of my favorite jokes of all time.

Guy walks up to an airline counter to check in and he’s holding a small dog.

He takes the small dog, grabs it by the tail and swings it around his head a couple of times.

Unable to stand it, the customer service perso9n says “Sir, what are you doing with that poor dog?”

“Well, he’s my service animal…and I was just having a look around….”

(rim shot)

Again, I am “blind” at the moment, and living in the world of Microsoft tools for the vision impaired. Once the eyes are back in commission again, we will return to our usual more serious and somber decorum.

It has been no fun. And Zeus’s tail is still twisted from some experiments this week. Doesn’t tome to “Here kitty, kitty…” anymore, either.

Remember: here;s not an adversity in the world that can’t be turned into a ham sandwich.

Write when you get rich…