The Only Options Left?

This morning we pick up on where we visited in the UrbanSurvival column Tuesday:  The looming collapse of multiple pension systems.

Oh, sure, we can make a case that banks are never too big to fail.  But what happens if the next round of economic collapse brings us head to head with deciding how to deal with long-term pension obligations?

This morning we look at two possibilities to solve for “X” – neither of which will make everyone happy.  But at least in an economic sense, they are a start on that road to fixing America, again.

No, we will not Trump you to death.  There are much more interesting things ahead – like the employment data beginning to leak out.

And oh, yeah:  The Futures are indicating that the Dow will open down 100, or so.  And this will make it two-in-a-row for our fearless Monday Call.  Soft start and turn around today?

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1 thought on “The Only Options Left?”

  1. “Cramdown failure” imminent.

    Super low rates “4evr” combined with growth of nil for 8 straight years says to me those 6% payouts from the tillion dollar annuity business are done.

    Instead you get a six percent payout in cash dollars on checking and savings, the Feral Reserve goes bye bye as the dollar collapses and silver slams higher to a hundred and fifty buckys an ounce…all in a single day.

    From Detroit to Puerto Rico to finally Illinois the solvency of “anything Government” will be marked to market and, well…we just won’t have any of that Government Thingy for a while is all…

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