There were 19-posts waiting for approval in the comment section of UrbanSurvival when I took an hour break to grab a bite of something to eat and go out to the mailbox and back.

Of 19,  only a couple were responsive to a post on my site.  The rest, being driven by someone’s return from a promised departure, dealt with Trump this, Trump that.  Most was negative although a few people who see the paid whores on the Hill are the real problem got a few good licks in, too.

In the end, they were all blown to click-dust as my laser-phasor zapped ’em all to Kingdome come…but friend, it’s a symptom of a much, much bigger problem.

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Manners have imploded in terminal America.

People are rude on the freeway, people are rude in the supermarket, folks are rude at sporting events, people are rude at the gas station, and people are rude to one-another in personal relationships. WTF?

This isn’t something I’m “making up” or just being a grumpy old man blowing smoke because of a generation of (here let me speak like them) rude pricks.

Google Trends reveals interest in the search terms [manners] is only running 40% of what it ran a short 13-years ago.

If you’re math-challenged: That’s 40% “house-broken” and 60% “stay out of our lives.”

What amazes me is that not everyone has fallen into the trap. In this old man’s view Rappin-4-tay calls out black-on-black violence (video for the un-hip here) better than BLM.

Life ain’t based on peaches and cream
This new generation lost a whole lot of dreams
Future doctors, producers, and mothers
The list goes on but now we killin’ our brothers
And if we killin’ our brothers that means we killin’ our own kind
These kids is watchin’ now it goes to their mind
Rattatatat cause you got a gat
Then they want a gat you livin’ like that..”

Street manners seems a totally hip thing to understand, but which fork is for dessert and which for the salad?

A quick check of Alexa (I yelled at my monitor for 45-minutes before figuring out Jeff Bezo’s has a split-personality product line, lol) and you can see that has dropped from around 80,000 in worldwide rankings down to 175,000.  And that’s just in the past year.

What the hell is going on?

Digital Madness

If you are not coupled – and only live from “hook-up to hook-up”  (screw-to-screw if you’re over 40) then who needs manners?

Human relations, sadly, have become just another commodity.  Yep:  What we used to call Dates are now walking Disposables.  Divorce lawyers, I reckon, were part of the product development team.

Remember: 175,000 is their ranking.  The smaller the number, the more peeps, got it? had an global rank yesterday of 19,850 – and it was the 943rd highest ranking site in Brazil if that matters.  Keep it in mind next time you’re in Rio, though.

Another “catch and recycle” site – ranked yesterday a bit lower than Tinder – 21,648 in the USA – but again, keeping in mind that the rankings are semi-parabolic, we would have to guess that DISPOSABLE RELATIONS have become the new “normal.”

Along with that, the domination of slovenly clothing is about total, too.  What passes for fashion in the recreational setting is early-Goodwill.

Elaine and I are happy as ever…bonded by 17.7 years of marriage.  The disappearance of other acceptable humans doesn’t hurt, though.

Drop by the local stores (even here in the Outback) and (as Elaine commented recently after shopping):  The women under 40 mostly look like they’ve dressed to go hooking while the men are looking a lot like…pimps.

At first, I was skeptical.  Then I thought back to the two truck drivers who brought out our replacement treadmill from Dallas recently.

They were wearing more gold than we own.  It was amazing…probably plated…but still my late friend Louis (a real smack peddling pimp I knew for years in school and as a reporter – he had the dirt on everyone) would have been proud to have that much bling – out of pawn.

So let’s see if we can line up the symptoms:

Music that promotes a less than intellectual, laid-back lifestyle. R4T is an exception.

Manners are on their way out of town.  The door may have slapped someone on the ass, which would explain the current fascination with high cholesterol butts.

Fashion… And if it looks like a hooker or pimp, it’s just another employee dressing up for…gulp…WORK!

Our only Urban Survival advice is if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you should skip past the half-way wannabe’s.

If you’re a woman of a certain age, go looking for a real pimp who’s getting on toward retirement and wants out of the game alive. See if you can “gentle” one.  More rewarding than “breaking a horse?” Get back to us.

Or, if you’re a guy, go look for a hooker without her own retirement plan who wants a new kind of life.  Check for needle marks and run HIV testing, of course.

And for those whose preference is indistinct, one from Column A, one from Column B.  Just hope the one Column A doesn’t run off with Column B – that does happen, too, these days.

It would be ill-mannered of us to point out that the world is crazy.  We’ll stay politically correct and call it adaptationally-challenged.

To those still looking for the love of their life, the hope we can offer is that Canadian Geese manage to mate for life.

Yet the website doesn’t seem to have a damn thing to do with quality mating.  Sells feathery things.

So back to the basic sales funnel.

  • Prospect
  • Qualify
  • Demonstrate
  • Overcome Objections (or common sense)
  • And Close (the I Do moment)

You need to focus on lead flow, lead flow, lead flow.  That means all the “adult papers” along with Craigslist, Tinder, PlentyofFish, and attending events your target mate might be interested in.  Plays, fine dining, the list goes on and on.

One other strategy that occurs to us it to “get religion” for a while and try on some of the church-sponsored dating sites.

Or just go to the grocery store around 5:30 in the afternoon.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a ready to retire pimp or hooker.

You’ll be in luck if they’re really shopping for someone with manners.  Check aisle 5.

(If you don’t have a good opening line, trying something that will reveal their mental agility.  Like: “Excuse me, I’m new around here; what aisle are Access files on?”  (Or seaweed, transmission fluid, or spreadsheets, or…)

Maybe you can convince them – as a Canadian Goose in training – that there’s a life after the egg-layer times are done.

You’ll know the End of Days is close-by when the world’s first Senior-Oriented Sex Robots come out. SOSR’s for short.

They will not only look like young hotties (you pick which sex) but they will say “Not tonight, dear,” “Did you take your pills?” and they will have a built-in thermometer, blood pressure cuff, defibrillator plus be able to drive.  When they’re not picking up after you.

This, brothers and sisters, is the Future.  Maybe you don’t need to wear out a perfectly good member of the opposite sex on it.  But do bring your own batteries…

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