With a house guest this week, what has turned into a terrible chest cold, and a million other demands, I would not have expected one of my I-Max-like dreams to show up.  Just don’t have time for one right now.

Apparently, dreams don’t care and operate on their own schedule, and not mine.

So entered the dream this morning about “Busting the Sim” – which was about how Earth and all human experience is a real-life, grown-up, version of what we call VR – virtual reality.

What was remarkable about this dream is that I was with about 4-6 other entities in the dream – all human when you looked at them, and all in something of a “fox-hole” in that the “team” I was with was in competition with similar “teams” all over the world.

The nature of the competition was not familial – and the people on my “team” were just players – as was I – who had “dropped in” to “play” the bodies we have.

I don’t know if you have every put on a VR helmet, or not, but what became clear in the dream is that the process we call “socialization” is very much like putting on a VR helmet.  That which is socialized into us may be seen, while things not approved culturally and socially remain unseen.

Especially our little VR areas.

These deserves special mention.

Imagine a cube of no particular dimension, perhaps 20-feet on each direction, and that is the VR cube for humans.

Although we can never see it clearly (and yes, this does sound a lot like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave) when we are inside the sim-cube, we are all self-organizing into small groups of like-minded souls, who are all looking out into the VR landscape of Earth with similar outlooks and colorings of the landscape.  This is the common “fox-hole” we are in while living Life with our friends around that we gather together.

People are like fish, in this regard:  They “school” just like fish.  Crooks run with crooks (and for office) while hard workers work hard together, and so on.  Lazy relax with fellow lazy folks and so on.

imageIf you look at the drawing here, you’ll see on the (poorly drawn) “back wall” of the sim-cube, there is a “way out.”  Stick figure female at an angle on the back wall.

The sim-cube itself – which you can’t normally see – is a kind of rippled red velour or velvet in texture.

While I was in this overnight adventure, a female player on my “team” used the “exit” on the back wall.

To do so, she had to “float up” a ways, rotate maybe 20-degrees counter clockwise, and then she could be absorbed into the back wall and emerge on the “other side of play” – wherever that might be.

What is odd about this back-wall portal is that it isn’t visible, at all most of the time because of the intensity of perception and feeling being inside the sim-cube

With work and mental discipline, you can be positioned in front of the portal and there’s a softness that resolves to the red background and then suddenly, you’re through it. Out of the sim.

Going through the portal is most interesting because it wipes a person’s (or soul’s/player’s) memory on the way into the sim-cube.  Once inside, you sort of socialize into a fox-hole and the game rolls on, uninterrupted.

Cubes like this are all over the place, worldwide.  But none are visible, except when you can actually travel out of the hyper intensive VR experience that the sim-cube presents. This is done by going astral projection out of the body.

The way to do this, came some off-camera knowledge from where I don’t know, is to practice reversing your perception as often as you can.

Reversed-perception is something I used to do a fair bit of:  You lay on your back on the floor and look up.  You observe the ceiling.

While doing this, you tell yourself – with all the Intent you can muster – that the ceiling is actually down.  And if you are not careful, you can fall up to the ceiling.

I’ve long suspected that people who can levitate have some kind of faculty like this.  Another version of this perception-reversal seems to be available by walking in the desert for 40 days, if you get the obscure reference.

In this reversal, you might walk at night, and “fall” into the sky.  OR you might walk along as though going somewhere, but instead of you in your body moving, you flip the perception so that your body and mind are constantly in a single place (and inside the sim-cube) such that your walking is “pulling reality toward you” rather than you “going toward reality.”

Some practices use mirrors and staring into them to “trick the mind out the of body.”

The effects of this are apparently worth considerable practice, and I remember spending as much as an hour at a time being able to hold the idea that laying on the floor was up and that with work, I would be able to gently “float down to the ceiling.”  Never levitated, far as I know, though.

In the sim-cube experience, apparently, this trick is used to disassociate the essence from the physical body, so that the boundaries of the sim-cube become apparent and something of a “work area.”  But at the same time, when the portal or tube off to the “other place” is transited, all memory of previous (outside the sim-cube) is wiped and you start off inside the cube trying to work your way around or out of it.  If you don’t get it right, at some point you die anyway, which is the equivalent of “Your turn is over.  Next Player, please.”

Whether there is any value to the dream?  That’s another question.

I got the impression that when the human VR sim-cubes were first used, they were more or less a one or two person affair.  But like a good ride at the fair, there seems to be huge demand.

The “objective” of the game has also changed.

In the beginning, perhaps thousands of years ago, a number of players (game developers, if you want to think of them that way) came along and they were working out the “sum-cube” manual for people.  In the VR, we mistake these for a long line of prophets and seers – who were trying to give us the sim-cube tools they had invented, so we could appreciate the finesse of the sim-cube design.

Lately, though, the rules have broken loose and the objective of most players  is not to get to the core of the sim-cube operating system, but to be scored  – by how well other sim-cube players LIKED you.

It has been a subtle shift, this going from outward acceptance and personal giving of Love, to rather operating like a popularity contest, but the game has become twisted because we are now addicted to our technology in the shared sim-cube VR world and the illusion is so mesmerizing that Love by itself is not enough.  With social media and augmented by our own emergent VR in Social, we have shoved Love to the back burner – we’ve moved on to the popularity contest.

All of which puts forth a very intriguing question – more important perhaps than any other.

If all of Life and physical reality is nothing more than this series of VR sim-cubes with groups of players all competing for superficials such as money, “admiration of others,” and “fame” and “likes” has the original purpose of the sim-cube been perverted?

Is the whole Universe nothing but millions of nested VR experiences?

This fades into the macro/spiritual question of the “How dangerous are video games?”

I would propose that video games, like fame, fortune, and “likes” fascination are not the point of play.

Instead, it’s more like a “puzzle room” where the objective is to get out – with as much learning and consciousness as you can collect.

The problem is that GTA, Deerhunter, Wolfenstein, CoD and all the rest have broken down the “get out” notion but it leaves us stuck inside the sim-sube.

I remember the old Superman comic books.  In one of them, there was something of another dimension which was a hall of mirrors affair where one of the bad guys was imprisoned.

As a “hall of mirrors” one has to wonder whether that is what Social is building for us?  A finer and more engrossing (Like me!) version of the VR world, but to the almost complete denial that there is a sim-cube and it is still possible to master that.

Except it’s not.

Because we are all so bloody engrossed in the new VR, and the massive popularity contests, that we miss the point that we have trapped ourselves in a kind of “forbidden zone” from which there may be no escape, except death.  The deliberate search for the right exit, seems frightfully out of fashion.

Of course we could get around to wondering when the sim-cubes will all be full, but that gets to be a kind of “Well of Souls” question which I didn’t get around to asking, at least in this dream.

You ever wonder when the Chief Game Designer will get tired of the play?

– – – – –

In my “job” over in that “Other World” I am also a reporter. 

The oddity from last night’s overnight trip was hiking up a series of stairs between two streets.  The stairs were rising to the East – although from past dreams, this may have been “to the north” because dream Cartesians are about 90-degrees off for me, most of the time.

Anyway, there were several detectives present at the scene between the streets and near the stairs where a number of bodies had been found.  There was an association with motorcycles, too, with a red tank off one and a chain from another.

One of the forensics people was complaining the bodies had been cold a long time, a hand was grasped tightly around something but unyielding due to rigor mortis.

Looking at the bodies, I remarked they looked Italian.  But, no, the detective in charge told me they looked more Asian, perhaps Japanese.

Whether this is meaningful in any way, or just an odd fragment, is hard to say, but I’m mindful of the “murder cycle” and was wondering if a discovery of a genocide might be lurking in headlines in the coming days or weeks ahead.

As always, we shall see.

Write when you break-even,