Coping: Another “Reality Crack” Appears

OK, picking up from Tuesday, where I went into not one but two oddities about the evolving “holes in Really” around here…  Had a conversation with Lt. Col. (retired) Chris McCleary who took up the National Dream Center Project from us in 2008.

Turns out, working on his EDS and PhD in counseling has not rendered him “immune” to the same kind of strangeness being reported by lots of readers…here’s his account:

“George,  Great reading about your mandala moment Tuesday morning. As we discussed, I had one of my own recently, with eerily same characteristics as yours.

(Continues below)

McCleary’s email continues…

A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to reduce my EMF/RF exposure. I have several Bluetooth headsets that I have been using for a couple of years. My goal was to get a Bluetooth device that I could accept a wired headset into it.

So I’d have this small Bluetooth receiver would be connected to my phone and then a wired headset plugged into it. I’d have the mobility of Bluetooth headset without the RF pounding my brain.

I created an order on Amazon. Couple of days later, I received my order….TWO BLUETOOTH RECEIVERS arrived in the mail.

They were ordered together and received together. Although drastically different, I fell in love with device A. Device B worked fine, but A worked better for phone calls.

About a week later, my wonderful and beautiful fiancé, Angi, decided to do something nice for me…..wash my clothes.

However, she didn’t know that Device A was still in the front pocket, so it got washed. It was a sad day, for Device A no longer worked.

Since it is such a cheap device, I thought, “Absolutely no problem, I’ll just go back to Amazon and reorder the same device.

When I went to my amazon orders, here is what I saw…..

Device A was no longer listed.

Device B was there, but Device A was replaced by a Bluetooth headset that I ALREADY OWN TWO OF!!!!

There is absolutely no way in hell that I would have bought that device again, for it is that device that I WAS TRYING TO REPLACE (in fact, the exact device that I was trying to replace!!)

The Bluetooth headset you see in that picture Is the headset I bought like over a year ago (and bought another one for my fiancé like 6 months ago!)

I scrolled up and down through my orders….nowhere was Device A!!


It doesn’t stop there.

I went to Device A and had it in my hand. I read the label and inserted into Amazon search bar, the exact label name of this receiver (my device is at home and I can’t remember what oriental name that label was, but it started with letter ‘k’.)

Interestingly, the only devices this manufacturer makes is BLUETOOTH HEADSETS!

In other words, my Device A receiver is not even sold on Amazon!!!

But it doesn’t stop there….

I found deep into the search my exact receiver on Amazon, but it no longer has a label on it, and the Amazon title now says it’s made by “Fullmosa.

I have no explanation for what happened, and I know I’m not going crazy! I have the device to prove that I bought it and I only buy from Amazon for these types of things.

I’m floored to say the least! I am definitely experiencing holes in my reality!

Take care,   Chris

Well, I’ll be.  Spit fire & save matches…this may be the largest outbreak of strange we have ever seen.

If you look at the comments from the Tuesday article, you’ll read odd reports.  People buying almond milk and having regular milk appear in its place.  When you are allergic to cow’s milk?

Checks disappearing.

Now, Elaine’s plastic box has moved to a new home…and we can’t find it!

Andy, up in Seattle, has experienced money – yessir, hard cash – coming and going from his wallet.  It’s in the comment section.

I mean, there’s so much going on here that it seems if our small sample group can spot a timeline jump as the multi-world’s interpretation of quantum mechanics has just jumped…I think we’re onto something.

Let me give you a postulate to ponder over the weekend:

Let’s suppose that in the future, time travel is invented.  No, we don’t need to understand it.  All we need do it admit to the possibility.

Imagine now, if you will, that in the future there is a nuclear war but it happens on only one of the MWI splits that constitutes a time/really jump.  On others, there is no war…and humans muddle through.

BUT there is an incredibly CLOSE CALL with nuclear war, a comet striking the Earth, or something like that…think ELE – extinction level event.

Notice when the “jump” took place?

About a week ago.

And what happened shortly thereafter?

Trump dumps the Obama-era IRAN DEAL.

It would make a dandy science-fiction flick to wonder:  Is the apparent (based on reader feedback and our own experiences here at UretopiaREALITY JUMP somehow related to the Trump announcement?

Is it possible that there is something like “feed-forward” from the Trump decision happening on Tuesday  – rather than on any other day, or any other time –  that could have doomed more people to be on the “wrong timeline” and thus end the majority of the human race in a series of blinding flashes?

It gets even stranger.  Could visitors who we take to calling “aliens” really be from the future?

Or, even more mind-bending: could they be from other worlds…world’s where we are “light beings” that just land in physical bodies here to occupy them and hatch AI to give us more “places to live?”  Tourist arrivals and departures bending things?

Everyone lives at least two lives:  Damn few are willing to talk about them both.  One is when you’re awake and the other is when you’re asleep.

I was going to send Chris another note – but maybe he will see it here.  When we talked this week about the “thinning of the veils” who is it that pulls the curtain ropes?  Us?

As a highly trained (and papered) psychologist, he knows full well that when people are in their dream states, one of the functions of the dreams is to work out psychological trauma, turmoil and emotions that arise from our waking-state stresses and worries.  When they are not resolved in the waking state, they stalk us in our sleep until we fix ’em.  Called ‘day residue.”

We thus carry, one key item to this other world from “this side of waking”  – Information.

Look at the shit we pour onto our media.  Could we be polluting realms, not just a waking world?

As we are fond of noting in most data relationships, there is a balance to be seen:  Much as Chris and I learned in our different MBA programs.  There’s a kind of “balance sheet.” Assets minus liabilities is owner’s equity…and all that.

Could it be that our altered perceptions on a massive scale – brought as media crap into the Land of Nod – the dream worlds – comes back around by returning aware dreamers who see glimpses into the future – and perhaps even the intent-manifested global reality shifts as a result?

That’s why I’m writing the next book, Psychocartography: Retooling Reality.

I suspect we might all quite live differently had we been told (and not under threats or duress):  “Welcome to Earth.  You are a Light Being roosting in a bag of skin.  What’cha gonna make of this adventure?

Instead, seems like the message has been  co-opted. “Hey kid!  Wake up.  Go make money.  Dominate others.  Win at all costs.”

There’s something mighty funny going on.  We intend to think it through and come to some…well, conclusions.

But it’s getting stranger by the day.  Even yesterday!

My brother in law came by Thursday to get out and about for a while and offered to move the lawn.  Riding mower, nice day…you bet.

“Set blade height to #4, that’d one notch down from the highest setting…” I told him.

“No.  Second from the top is #5,” he said, pointing to the indicator.  Which now looked different than it did last week.

It’s now a little  bit bigger than it used to be.  Back when there were 5 total slots, not 6.  Like there are NOW.

Yes, I can smell peanut butter, I don’t take damaging meds, and we are doing the Alzheimer’s prevention protocol including lots of coconut oil.  I fast 12-14 hours every day.

These events appear to be part of a cluster…a mega-Mandela event.  When a not-yet 50 retired Lt. Col with arm armload of degrees (8 or 9 with the bachelors counted) sends in a similar and credible report, the odds of reality “going Swiss” seems a bit higher than multiple people all picking the same one-week period to begin displaying the dreaded fatty amyloid deposit symptoms…if you follow.

Stay tuned, and see you Monday.  If anything odd happens in your household, please post a report in the comments section.

Us urban survivors have to stick together.  Even if reality may get wobbly at times. Maybe holy was about becoming wholly one with the emerging holey reality…for those daring enough to tinker with – and move information between the two discrete parts of their lives?

The Most Amazing Part of All

This “outbreak of woo-woo” has 100-percent smack dab where the stock market broke out of its down trend and began to move higher in the past week!

Do such woo-woo incidents indicate some kind of “intervention” in otherwise trending markets?  More on this in Peoplenomics tomorrow for subscribers.

Don’t forget to write when you get rich, too!

36 thoughts on “Coping: Another “Reality Crack” Appears”

  1. George,

    I gotta hand it to you. You are bringing together a bunch of info from disparate sources in a way that no one else is doing. In lot’s of ways, but today I’m talking about the woo-woo business, of late.

    There is definitely a ‘disturbance in the force’ the last fortnight or so and it’s manifesting itself in people’s awareness in different ways. In my case, a weird, intangible perception that something was wrong with the flow of time and in other’s things like the Amazon weirdness or the change in your mower deck settings.

    Let’s say time travel was not invented last week, but that the production process of said time travel equipment came to fruition with a successful test. Is this how it would feel to the rest of the world?

    Questions…I have lots of questions!


  2. “Device A was no longer listed.”

    I have seen this before with amazon.. availability seems to be regional.. just like health insurance. I have bought things that didn’t show up when I went back to reorder. but I was able to have someone in another area of the country order me one and have it shipped to my address..
    Kind of like Red Dot cream soda.. love that stuff but it isn’t available here.

  3. The woo-woo time frame you reference fits with happenings in my life. Three weeks ago, my car was stolen. This past Monday, my best friend died. While I am grieving her loss, I feel strangely “different” to the positive! This shift hit me on Wednesday and I am dumbfounded to explain it.

    I depend a lot on my intuition, and it is sharp as ever. I just can’t explain the uptick in general happiness considering the recent events. I even feel more hopeful.

    Go figure.

  4. Let’s get this straight, you have “Device A” in the physical world but it’s no longer in reality?

    Reverse engineer “Device A” and sell the design idea to Plantronics. You’re retired.

  5. My experience with this phenomenon came in 1991. I was at an outdoor patio when I saw a motorcycle pull up. It was a Harley Davison. (No second letter D in the brand name). I asked the people I was drinking with what happened, was this a new company? They all agreed that there was no second letter D in the brand name. In 2002 or 2003 I was at a different patio bar and saw the letter D was back. The motorcycle company was called Harley Davidson once again. Naturally I was told there is no company called Harley Davison and there never was.


    there is way to much that we don’t understand about what they are doing at the cern. similar to nuclear power plants. we understand as humans just a small portion of the use of it. we should proceed with extreme caution. just look what the boo boo with fukishima did and is still doing without anyone knowing what to do instead using just theories of how they should proceed with correcting that tragedy.
    There have been a lot of really odd things happening the past couple of weeks around here.. but when you check.. the CERN has been working extremely hard on a couple of projects the past couple of weeks to.. I totally think that there may be a correlation of woo woo events associated with the CERN operational experiments .

  7. There is an answer to Woo woo situations according to a Sherlock Holmes Quote. “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”.

  8. “all picking the same one-week period to begin displaying the dreaded fatty amyloid deposit symptoms…if you follow.”

    OTFLMAO…. LOL.. yup its hit here hard this past two weeks.. LOL

  9. Time slips are perhaps more common on the individual level. You should caution your gentle readers to differentiate between causation and time markers. Trump’s cancellation of the Iran Deal was not the cause of the time slip — it was merely the marker. Had a similar experience with a replacement belt for my Cub Cadet mower. Hung on a nail in the garage for almost a year. Wonder of wonders, it replaced itself on the mower! Am I sleepwalking through life or did my doppleganger take care of putting it on?

    • Solving your case using the Sherlock Holmes method. The belt couldn’t replace itself…that is impossible. More likely, you replaced it yourself a year before & hanged the old belt on the nail, threw it out later & forgot about replacing the belt, & then a year later noticed the new belt was gone from the nail & was on the cubby. Case closed.

  10. Disappearing documents has been the theme here for days. People who rarely if ever misplace things are finding that documents they clearly recall placing in a specific place are literally nowhere to be found. In retrospect, i have had an almost primal urge not to touch or file anything, for over a week. As if it is safer to leave piles of documents untouched for some reason.

    Also, many people have notice a huge cutback in chemtrailing, with only one day of it in at least a week, if not more. The other day, the sky here was bluer than in years.

    And don’t forget local sideral time, and the woo connection.

    • Remote Viewers have found that the accuracy of their work increases a lot if they do it within 1 hour of 13:30 Local Sidereal Time. Here’s a link;

      Roughly speaking, this 2-hour window is the time period that the core of the Earth’s magnetic field passes between your location on Earth and the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. Not sure why that would make a difference, but to me it’s interesting…

  11. I’m not a religionist, but what you’re describing sure sounds like a continuation of the ancient battle of light vs dark (‘we are one’ vs ‘cut-throat competition’).
    With greater interconnectedness, we hope the noosphere is what’s these insights to the woo.
    The archdruid notes that traditionally it takes a lifetime of hard work, study and sacrifice to harness woo. Is technology, whether created here and now or in some parallel multiverse future, helping short cut us to being adepts?

  12. I hadn’t been able to read you for a few days.
    I’m so relieved after reading today. I thought
    the world was going insane & maybe it is, however
    maybe the energies are changing and we are preparing for something on a level we do not understand. Buckle up!

  13. Once one gets old enough to suffer pain for no explainable reasons you wish there would be some ‘Woo Woo’ to cure it. There ain’t none!! ;-(

    P.s. I mean regular nonprescription stuff.

  14. As an NDE survivor with a sliver of insight, it delights me to see you devoting time and attention to the woo-woo world.
    I think we may be seeing one of the results to the dimensional structure caused by splitting the atom. At least this seems to be something the Aliens have relayed to experiencers as being important. They’ve said we have no idea how negative this is to the order of things.
    Could be that by developing the atom bomb we’ve unleashed some ripples that are now surging back over us.
    Biggest intel I got from the NDE was, we’re all part of the whole, so evil acts we do on others are actually self-inflicted. But on the other hand there is no “judgment” on the other side, it’s more of a self-evaluation of what you accomplished by being Human. And when you get to the other side all your questions will be answered. Too bad when you cross back to Human you lose 99.9% of those answers!

  15. Well, whatever it was, it had a profound effect on Mme. Pele, our Hawaiian Volcano. Undergoing lots of geologic changes right now.

  16. OK – so something else IS missing – the post I made earlier today.

    Couldn’t think of any reason you would disallow it, so I am reconstructing it in a LibreOffice doc and doing a copy/paste this time.

    I’ll shorten it, focus it, and remove some personal details.

    The missing book of checks has never shown back up. (Tues 5/8 my post)

    I easily pass the peanut butter test. (Tues 5/8 post by CR)

    I slept very late this morning due to pain related wakefulness last night.

    At 10:30 am I was awakened by the UPS driver ringing the doorbell.

    The sudden awakening brought me out of an active dream. I was in a large house (not familiar to me in the waking state) with a group of middle aged techie nerd type guys. (I did not recognize anyone, but that type describes a lot of my friends over the years). They/we seemed to be slowly setting up to do an experiment of some type. Lots of electronic equipment around.

    One of the techie nerd guys had been away from the house and came back in. I told him, WHILE WE WERE BOTH LOOKING IN A MIRROR: “If you didn’t believe in the paranormal before, you would NOW, if you had been HERE, and we haven’t even started THE CIRCLE yet.”

    As the doorbell rings, and I’m coming back to wakefulness, I groggily think to myself: “CIRCLE, I don’t participate in CIRCLES (as in the Wiccan circles drawn on the floor).

    So I go get the UPS package, make a very strong cup of coffee, read some email, and finally get around to UrbanSurvival.

    Yegads! Synchrony!

    There is another on-topic synchronous development in my life in the past two weeks. The RADICAL shift in consciousness of my housemate. Although he had a couple of paranormal events in his teenage years, as a middle-aged and older adult he has stuck to what I will loosely label ‘typical conservative American Christianity’. I just don’t talk about my YEARS spent studying various New Age topics. I don’t rock the boat – I need a roof over my head. Soooo….. I was afraid it was a trick question when he asked me if I had any books on…….. MEDITATION.

    As it turns out it was a sincere query for information, and still not quite knowing what was going on, I gave some limited responses guaranteed to be on the safe side.

    The discussion developed over the course of days. I knew he had been listening to a lot of Dr. Steven Greer videos. What had grabbed my housemate’s attention was the focus Dr. Greer and his ‘UFO calling’ groups attain, and most especially the manifesting ‘something from nothing’ that some of the aliens can apparently cause. (Basing this on housemate’s report – have not listened to source material).

    Last evening my housemate wanted to discuss how the earth is a civilization zero (competition, violence and war) and how the planet needs to become at least a grade one civilization (cooperation and peace) to be ‘allowed’ by the alien civilizations to move beyond our own solar system. (His topic apparently based on Dr. Greer and Michio Kaku).

    And now for my housemate’s direct connection to George’s postulation that the ‘jump’ took place around the time Trump dumped the Obama-era Iran deal. He postulated that Trump knows about the alien civilization quarantine, and that Trump knows we have to get rid of the nuclear option to get the quarantine lifted.

    To have my housemate come around to where I can safely reveal my belief in a universal connectedness of all life is amazing to me in itself. To have him USE that kind of perspective to do a connect-the-dots (unknown to him) to George’s REALITY JUMP theory just, just………

    Cue Bowie…..
    Turn and face the strange

  17. I have a friend in California today he said the local news said that Bitcoin went up $500 and I told him no out here it went down $500 little weird they’re going on

  18. There is a spiritual Soul war going on.
    There are too many people taking the red pill.
    There are too many time travelers Changing and manipulating this time.
    There are conflicting Time Travelers with different AGENDAS from different times,this happens.

  19. My daughter just told me today about some missing sunglasses. She came home, left them on the passenger car seat Wednesday, as always. Locked the car. In the morning, they’re gone. Nowhere to be found. She looked everywhere. Today she walks out of her office, unlocks her car and, of course, there are the sunglasses! On the passenger seat. Not in the crack of the seat but on the seat. Impossible to miss. She is expecting mom to explain it. Ha!

    • I took my glasses off yesterday to read urban survival.. set them beside me like I have them today.. put on my internet glasses.. got done went to put them on.. I couldn’t find them looked everywhere I had walked that morning.. then in the bedroom.. on the nightstand next to the bed there they were just as I put them the night before. Now I can’t see at all without them and I read half a book before george got the urban survival site posted.. lots of strange stuff .. but then the cern is working real hard to.. I think it is affecting everything including our magnetosphere.. even though they say it doesn’t have enough power to do that.. then again.. no one figures in our EMF from our grid either.. what is the effect of the emf fields and the actions of the cern.

  20. George,

    Last week, I went out to a local vehicle title n tags place to register a car I picked up to use as a commuter car. I figured I would get the car titled and then swing by Pep Boys for a few things for it and head home. I grabbed the keys for it, which were on one of those “D” rings everyone has hanging off a belt loop. Included on that D ring was my wife’s expensive key fob for her new car and a key to another vehicle.

    I normally would have taken the excess keys off the ring because I don’t like to carry all that stuff around, but I had to move her car to get out. Anyway, I made my rounds to the tags place and then to Pep Boys and finally home. When I went to hang the keys back up, the key fob and the other vehicle key were missing!

    I quickly went out to search the car I was driving and the area around the car and found nothing. I called the title place to ask if anyone turned a set of keys in and the lady said no. As most of your readers know, those computer chipped key fobs are very expensive to replace, I decided to retrace my steps. I quickly returned to the title place and searched the building and parking lot. I conducted the same recon of Pep Boys as well. Nothing…

    I did plead with the universe for a safe return of the missing keys, however, it appears the universe is not listening.

    • I bought an extra one of those. put it in our spare key drawer..
      that was a year ago. I went to use it the other day and it isn’t anywhere to be found…no one uses any of the keys in that drawer.. it is a locked drawer to.

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