Coping: With Adventures in Book Writing

It’s been said that even someone who has lived a so-so life has at least one good book in them.

After writing several books now, my latest effort – Dimensions Next Door – has taken two quite remarkable turns.

They’re the kind of thing that happens when the Universe wants you do complete something.  So in deference, I may not hit the September podcasting target.  The reasons will become clear as the tale unfolds in this morning’s surprisingly long report.

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Le’ts begin with a look my book-in-process Dimensions Next Door itself:  Think of it as a grand unified theory that ties together a wide range of topics including Near-Death Experiences (NDE’s), the radio phenomenon called Long-Delayed Echoes (LDE’s), and then moves into original investigative work that not only debunks the “12 Vile Vortexes” supposedly scattered around the planet, but propses a much more viable (and scientifically-based) explanation for how a possible mechanism of disappearances and anomalies actually works.

Then the book gets serious.  I’m not sure any book has previously claimed to be an interdisciplinary meta study but that’s what it has evolved into.

I have mentioned a great book – The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon byRob McGregor who worked extensively with the aircraft pilot, Bruce Gernon.

In the book, McGregor document’s Gernon’s flight from the Bahamas to the US Mainland where a mysterious “electronic fog” engulfed the plane and what can be generalized as a time-warp that literally followed.  Gernon’s plane arrived in 1970 (the year of the incident) in the Miami area instead of West Palm Beach, much further up the coast…It was far ahead of schedule…

In fact, in order to travel the route, the aircraft would have needed to average some 300 MPH – an impossible speed for a Beech Bonanza, would-be debunkers argue.  But not at all difficult, if you understand my book’s main thrust – dimensional shifts – which apparently happen at multiple levels.

At the core of Dimensions Next Door (as as the book is serialized as written for subscribers), a new theory of inter-acting electromagnetic energies emerges.

Just yesterday, I tracked down Gernon’s old plane using FAA records and he’s been generous enough to supply me with the list of electronics onboard.  Again: that’s where my book heads:  A meta-study and unification of “electronic fog” and other anomalous phenomena – including the purported Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project and perhaps other government projects including atmospheric heaters like HAARP….and, oh yes, UFO’s.

Last week, I presented the rough of the first 47-pages on the Peoplenomics site.  It resulted in an incredible reaction.

Perhaps because the first chapter of Dimensions Next Door is:

“It Helps to Die…”

The chapter recounts my personal experiences with the Near-Death Experience – or something damn-near like it – when I was very young and suffering from both severe asthma and eczema which brought along serious staph infections and all kinds of misery.

The chapter also recounts the interview I did with Dr. Raymond Moody – who presented the initial ground-breaking book on NDE’s in 1976: “Life After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed “Near-Death Experiences.” Between Moody’s work and my own encounters with the ‘bluish-white tube of light” so often spoken of, not to mention the syrupy/gooey/sticky visual tactility of the place leading to the dark where the Light is…

Let’s just say it was gratifying when one of our Peoplenomics subscribers volunteered to share his personal experience in that boundary area where one is forced to ask: “Was it extreme illness? Or, was-it-an-NDE?”

We won’t use the author’s last name, and only first initial of last names of people he references are shown.  I think you’re agree (especially if you’ve read the first 47-pages of Dimensions on Peoplenomics) that whatever IT is, there seems to be a place of other spirits and it’s very possibly one of the major Dimensions Next Door…

The email flows genuine and except for the personally-identifiable information, you’ll read the story as it was unfolded to me…

“George, I have been reading your book, have not finished, but have found it quite interesting.  I want to share these notes I made many years ago about an event that changed how I now see the world around me.

Ron and the Little Indians.

The Little Indians came in the spring of 1993.  It was May and I was a very sick man.  The sickness started in my lower back and spread over my whole body.  This was followed by sever headaches accompanied by a high fever.  Thinking I had a bad case of the flu; I treated Ron.  My wife felt I should go see a doctor, but testosterone kicked in and I refuse to go.  After a number of days watching me lie around, she forced me to the hospital.  The doctor took one look and I was admitted.  A few days later, he told me if I had stayed home a few more days I could have been fitted to my own box.

The first night I was in the hospital the Little Indians came.

I was in a private room lying in bed, when the door to the room open.  Looking in the direction of the door, I felt the bed move away from the wall.  My presence moved above or in back of the bed.  I don’t know what one would call this sensation, may be and out of body experience?

Anyway I found myself looking down at an angle toward the foot of the bed.  I don’t remember if I saw my body or not, but my body must have been there.  At about the same moment I saw an Indian medicine man come into the room.  He had a rattle in his right hand that he held up and shook at the same time he chanted.  During this whole period, he never spoke.  I remember there were feathers sticking up around the crown of his head, like a headdress of some type.

He did not look like any Indian I had ever seen before.  He was different; I don’t know how to explain, but he was an Indian that much I was sure.  He went around the bed three times, chanting and shaking his rattle, when he got the foot of the bed on the third pass, he stopped and spit on the floor two or three times.  Looking up at me, he said.  “You will be fine in three or four days.”  He then walked out of the room.

No sooner had the medicine man left, then 15 or 20 Little Indians came in and danced around the bed.

How many times they made their circle, or how I could tell they were small, I don’t know.   I could tell they were a lot smaller then the medicine man.  I think they started dancing at floor level and floated up to the level of the bed, or the bed got smaller, or they just came in and I knew they were small.  I will never know.

They chanted and danced for what seemed like the whole night.  When I went to sleep, or moved back into my body I have no idea.  When I awoke in the morning they were gone.

When my wife came in the next morning to check on me, I told her what happened. She didn’t believe it.  She felt I had hallucinated because of the fever.  When my doctor came I told him what had happen.  He did not say he be believed or disbelieve the story, he just said something must have happened to me during the night.

Within three or four days I was better and able to leave the hospital.  It took another two weeks at home for me to get my strength back and over a month before I was back to normal.

I have only shared this story with a few people, because most people feel I was hallucinating.

The first Indian I told was Alvin M, the Tribal Chairman of the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe.  Alvin and I had many talks about my experience.  He believed the Little Indians were sent to protect me, and that it all so meant that all Indians both young and old would respect me.

Before I left Nevada in 1996, Alvin asked me to go with him to a private sweat lodge ceremony so that I would not take any evil spirits with me when I left the state.  I did the sweat lodge with him and his uncle, a Northern Paiute Medicine Man.

The second Indian I told the story to was David P.  He was or is a Medicine Man for various western tribes.  At the time (August 1996) I was living in Pocatello, Idaho.

When I told him the above story, I could tell he was very surprised, and wanted to know when I had learned about the Little Indians?  I told him, I did not know anything about the Little Indians, until they came to me.  He said “little Indians were real, but only showed themselves to very special people.”  “I leave food out for them.”

He then said “he would have to pray on the subject.”  I never saw David again, so I do not know what he felt.  I told the story to another Indian when I was up in South Dakota.  And he told me to leave an offering of tobacco and a little food out for them. This I have done at times around my house.

Was this a real experience, a dream or a hallucination?  I don’t know.  Whatever happened that night was as real as anything I have experienced.”

Our subscriber has had other strange experiences, but this one fits into an emerging a pattern in the meta work:  The Little People.

Maybe you have seen the Disney child’s movie Darby O’Gill and the Little People, or perhaps not.  That movie deals with Leprechauns and the brand of little people who are deeply embedded in Gaelic myth…

At the meta level, it’s exceptional that in Gulliver’s Travels there was another sort of Little People and their proximity to sleep is of interest.

Perhaps related, or not, we note the reports in Bud Hopkin’s well-researched Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility, and Transgenic Beings that nighttime paralysis and “little people” – often reptilian in features – also appear.  They are smallish.

The thrust of Dimensions Next Door is to unify electromagnetic phenomenon since that’s where my expertise is.

It’s now my evolving view that an electromagnetic bridge to new realities is possible but we’re held back by our own limited thinking.  As we noted in the Eclipse context Monday, everyone seems to play follow-the-leader.

Originality is falsely-cherished in the mass conformance media. The herd, moving together, stays well-bounded because the “fences that hold us in” are where deep freedoms lie; they won’t be found “in the middle of the field with the herd.”

A serious interdisciplinary course winds through the data and offers apparent solutions to mysteries such as those in the vicinity of a handful of “vile vortexes” around the world.  But the research techniques are no less useful when it comes to a broad, cross-cultural body of legend, lore, and contemporary reports.  Like little people.  Collect multiple cases, study the studies, at the meta (result) offers new directions in thought.

The little people happened to “cross an axis” of my research:  That axis is dimensionality and in the new book I take CERN and aq good bit of the world’s mainstream physics to task for “taking the long road.”  Intuition may be more effective, as Tesla showed, than a failing quest to find an “Ever-bigger Hammer.”

In fact, as the new book unfolds, a more complicated solution to the widely-dispersed data sets emerges.  It’s a new approach to science (hints of which are in The Millennial’s Missing Manual: What School Didn’t Teach and What Old People Didn’t Explain.  There’s a limit to  results from our monomaniacal deep drill-down mode of science.

In its place, I outline some benefits of wider-reading and interdisciplinary meta-studies.

More as time permits – and while we will keep Peoplenomics closely focused on our Longwave Economic roots, I suffer the driving sense within me that “There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear…” so it is time to write down some thoughts and follow the bread crumbs..

Maybe it’s time we all put down our Handheld Mesmerizers and remember we can be more than icon-tapping apes.

A buddy of mine, a doc, offered the obvious answer why we’re inclined that way:

The powers-that-be have absolutely no interest in people like us really figuring things out.  They just want to keep beggaring the peasantry…”

That’s a keen observation from an M.D. with five medical device patents.  Maybe that’s why the book holds me in rapt fascination.

Or maybe it’s because, like all good books being written, the author himself doesn’t know how the ending will work out.  So if other things get shoved aside in my life, this project is front-and-center for a few weeks.

I need to figure out how it ends and where the next bread crumbs….

Write when you get rich,

13 thoughts on “Coping: With Adventures in Book Writing”

  1. You do know that they have found pyramids under the Bermuda Triangle that are made of crystals

    And I think that I hope I like it when I say I think that I hope that Trump makes a big big announcement and says hey we’re going to do what John Kennedy did we’re going to make our own money that way he’ll have control over the swamp otherwise he’ll never get control over the swamp

    • For me, the last 8 months have been the swamp doing all they could to get control over Trump and sink his presidency in quicksand. I do believe they have accomplished their mission, although I would like to be pleasantly disproved. The fact it took 8 months is an testament for Trump; it took a lot of non-stop hate to turn his ship of state.

  2. Little People.. My Father (passed on already) told me his experience with the little people. He was discharged from the Navy in Louisiana. He spent a period of time living with friends there, drinking constantly. He woke one morning and sat down at the kitchen table where another friend was eating. Standing on the table was a small man 14 or 16 inches tall. My father asked his friend if he saw him too. He responded, “Yes, they have been here for weeks”. My father’s friend moved west soon after that and the little people went with him.
    My father told this story many times and never deviated in the details.

  3. 1) Little People: bottom line question is are they 3D reality like us, or higher vibration/dimension beings that can make themselves visible to us? My father had severe, chronic lung disease that finally killed him. The day he went to the hospital for the last time, he told Mom he saw three Negroe midgets in the room. She did not see them. Ancient Wisdom speaks of nature spirits and such that are “lowest” members of deva kingdom.

    2) Bridge: Sayaradarian taught that as we progress spiritually, we build a Rainbow Bridge (not the one in the pet death poem) between our brain (3D energy receiver) and higher dimensions. When it is fully built, we can retain and use info gathered from higher sources. I have had a related experience.

    It was late 80’s, I was studying with Sayardarian disciple, and doing lots of paranormal reading of all types including Bruce Cathey’s works. One day while in a Cathey book, I flashed on the meaning of “life, the Universe and everything”. I recall that my reaction was, “Aha, it’s so obvious and simple” but was unable to remember the substance of the knowledge. My Rainbow Bridge was not complete.

  4. I’ve seen a little person which I thought at the time was a leprechaun. I was 12, walking home from school when I saw him looking at me from around a tree. I stopped and he popped back behind the tree, then stuck his head back out again, at which time I started running and hightailed it home. It scared me half to death. I told my
    Mom and she and my dad had a lot of fun over the years laughing at me seeing a leprechaun. He was real though, and I maintain to this day that if I had reached out and touched him he would have been as solid as you and I.

  5. >unify electromagnetic phenomenon

    Ok – what’s been done in exposing people who are “good” at deep meditation to external EM fields?

    Same with people using LSD or DMT?

    Because the royal rife-centric people claim EM can changes things.

    I can’t believe there isn’t some of these studies. Perhaps the CIA and its drug use experience via FOIA is a path to discovery?

    • there is it might have been taken off the internet but guess there’s studies in that area and it’s wild you would not believe the results

  6. Unified electromagnetic…
    I have mentioned an old old friend that would sit out with me for coffee at night and we would look at the stars and discuss many things.I didn’t have the desire to learn quantum string theories or anything like that I was to busy with other aspects of life in the fast lane..
    He would be really irritable that I didn’t take time to learn it.. since then I have settled down and had the pleasure of reading all his books and learning .. like he use to tell me often.. just think about it..
    Well I now believe in the string theory and have for years loved the harmonic theory.. if you sit and think about it.. everything exists at the same time in one point.. the future the past the present.. we can move items with frequency we can transmit signals great distances we can levitate items cook things all in frequency.. Now.. what if it all revolves around frequency..
    “Research has shown that the human brain operates at a wide range of frequencies, but generally stays in four major levels of awareness known as beta (13 to 30 cps), alpha (8 to 12 cps), theta (5 to 7 cps), and delta (1 to 4 cps).”
    I had another friend that had the theory that if a person could get his brain to work at the exact same frequency as someone elses that his state of mind would be the exact same as the other person.. with these two thoughts running through this thick skull of mine..
    What if.. in the Bermuda triangle its just an electro magnetic frequency shift..
    could it all be just a frequency differential. Now consider the old movie and the new one called the time machine

    another one.. and one worth thinking about..

    Now.. think about it.. what if changing frequency that surrounds an object.. would the people in that object be able to see the things in that frequency range..
    or would the frequency change be to much.. can a person keep the frequency of that area constant..
    are different times past present future all exist in different frequency ranges..Is it possible that a magnetic field (which is a stronger force than gravitation) be created not only at the same but at a stronger and more contained affect in a generalized specific area.
    Just contemplating time and the Bermuda triangle

  7. I awoke to a group of little people stationed around my baby bed in the middle of the night when I was about 3 years old. They were accompanied by a mist about 2 feet off the floor and the little people were maybe 3 feet tall. The location was my parent’s bedroom on the ground floor of our old 2 story farm house w/o running water in Sou Indiana. Seems they wanted to check in on me and play.

  8. in iceland they stopped a big highway cause it went through the little people portal. they are quite serious about them. this american life has this episode its quite good.

    • I suppose it doesn’t matter whether something is ‘real’ or not – only that enough people believe in it – wouldn’t want a road running through a religious site . . . oh, wait . . . they would do that in the USA as long as the religion wasn’t christian.

      (There’s a bit of a ‘dust-up’ going on about a site in the Columbia Gorge.)

  9. I was friends with an elderly Oneida women. Whenever she was in the hospital she would have two little people come visit her. They never spoke to her, but were present, often playing, often bordering on being impish. She said that they were dressed like Oneida children dressed when she was a little girl. They never followed her home, but would be there in the hospital whenever she checked in.

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