Collapse Check Due

Disaster at the docks is our urgent concern because “me-too financial media” doesn’t have Clue #1 about economics. While the government offers lots of “Offishul figgers” we like to run parallel private indicators.  So this morning, a quick glance over in that direction as we spool up toward holiday madness.

With less than a week to the “real” Black Friday, a look at retailing and some thoughts on how to sensibly spend are in order, too.

But not before a few headlines and our ChartPack…

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100 thoughts on “Collapse Check Due”

  1. Good report.

    “real money ought to have convertibility… to physical goods.”

    Evidence of being asset stripped. We no longer have an interest and the idea of having an interest is novel.

    “Maybe stocks should pay dividends” Ya know?

    Forget it. We’re at the collapse end of the spectrum. Leave sound money practices for the re-builders to rediscover.

    Rumor is NORKs latest missile can hit CONUS. The stock market collapse may start w/the loss of Hawaii reopening the Asian Theater.

    Good luck to the Hawaiian posters.

    • Barking Sands missile base on Kauai has demonstrated missile intercept capabilities. And we have already been through one fake missile alert, which means everyone will ignore the next one. I’m on the dark side of the volcano, with 14,000 ft blast walls between me and mil targets some 250 miles away. I will be fine. Nobody would waste a nuke on lava jungle wilderness.

      • The way I see it NATO has Ukies to proxy against Russia

        China has NORK to proxy against NATO.

        China built out their own islands in the Pacific so grabbing NATO assets isn’t an objective. Total destruction of NATO assets by proxy is the plan. China keeps clean chopsticks and will look like the good guys.

        You should be fine unless you are a military asset.

        G mentioned BF deals. If you have the means to equip yourself with a super-zoom camera (Nikon Coolpix P1000??) to possibly upload war/battle pics that would be great.

        Missiles streaking across the sky is once in a lifetime. A buzz generator for sure. TIA.

        During the First Battle of Memphis citizens lined up on the banks of the river cheering their warriors during the action.

    • North Korea has had missiles which “could” hit the United States, since the last millennium. The TD-II could, in theory, hit Chicago…

      NK was the benefactor when the Soviet Union dissolved and downsized their military assets. Kim Jong Il acquired a bunch of EOL Soviet ICBMs, and it was these upon which the North Korean missiles were (and probably still are) based.

      The problem they’ve had, is that ancient tech didn’t come with repair sheets, so the Taepo Dongs have, up to now, been Taepo Wrongs.

      I don’t think Hank has anything about which to worry…

  2. Black Friday buys?

    Try out a large screen LG OLED. Blacker blacks are the way to go. I got one and the display is like a window.

    I always get comments from guests on the picture but I don’t let on it’s the OLED.

    • Organic LED is amazing. I remember seeing a pocket sized demonstration screen from Sony development over a decade ago, and they finally have it in large scale production. Instead of a liquid crystal color overlay on a white screen, the OLED actually emits bright light… or none at all for perfect black. The contrast ratio is closer to true sight.

  3. Yo G, I would just like to take a minute and thank you for your hard work and analysis. Also, providing a venue for like minded souls to share well vetted information. I have to say, without a doubt your site has the best commentators on the web. I have learned much from them and will continue learning. Thanks again mate, and keep the faith, it is always darkest before the dawn….

      • My doorknobs are original to the house. We’ve had 3 jam and were unable to open the doors. I have 14 doorknobs and they run about 2 for $100 if I count in tax.

        My first question is can I eat it. my second question is will this improve my life if we have a 20 year depression. Doorknobs are now on my shopping list as well as a new bed.

        At 8 something a can I bought a few more Augason Farms potato shreds on Amazon. I thought they might be a good trade item in the near future.

      • door knows and bed posts.. we just picked up a bed mattress.. my god .. that’s an investment..lifetime guaranteed.. I didn’t get the box spring .. I figured almost 4 grand for a mattress was enough.. I will make a bunk board though.. and if the price is to much I’ll buy one..
        I totally will ask my grandson to be..they build houses.. I am sure he has enough scrap .. weather changes and joint issues..the doctor asked when I bought my mattress.. I told him he started to laugh and said..your mattress is older than I am lol.. you should change them every ten
        Sam’s club and Costco sell freeze dried hashbrowns ..which reminds me I need to pick up some.
        for chunk diced I freeze dry them myself..
        my snorkel vacuum packer has the power to vacuum pack retort bags..retort can what you can..
        I have tried pasta need less fluid..otherwise the pasta falls apart. I taught myself how to make wine,beer,and know how to make heavy spirits.. in every depression or war.. liquor was worth its weight in gold.

        • We could take up and get a fresh load of hay sent up…no need for grounding sheets if you spread the hay just right in the barn…um….
          Imagine the stories for your doc then about “another roll in the hay…”

      • @Eleanor

        Doorknobs don’t jam. If they’re made in two parts (like the glass+brass knobs), the parts can separate.

        Door latches (and sometimes locks) jam. It usually happens from wear, but can also happen from damage, a lack of lubrication, or a buildup of rust, dirt, and other gunk.

        All can be fixed.

        Get the door open (which may mean removing the stop molding and using a credit-card to jimmy the latch), remove the knobs then remove the lockset.

        Examine the knobs.

        Clean the lockset… Use kerosene or mineral spirits and an old brush (I use a “chip brush” from Harbor freight.) Disassemble the lockset to the extent you can (‘might want to take pictures, so you’ll know how it came apart — assembly is the reverse of disassembly), and dip, brush, dip, brush, every part, until the kero is clear.

        Examine… “Shiny” means worn. “Light colored metal with a crystalline edge or end” means broken. These can be repaired by anyone who owns a welding torch.

        Test-fit… Reassemble the lockset, insert the piece the knob turns to affect function, and make sure everything is smooth & easy working and feeling.

        Disassemble and lubricate… The best “quick & easy” lock lube is Locktite Anti-Seize which is available from any car parts store. It is powdered graphite suspended in a wax-based grease. The two lubricants originally used on those locksets are graphite and Lubriplate (which is a wax-based grease.)



        For glass knob repair, I’d clean, then epoxy (and hope.) For brass or steel knob repair, I’d just “dimple” in several places with a center punch.

        There are places online which detail repairs like these, and a lot of them are very good. I started “repairing” casement locks when I was about 4-5 — too young to do the welding, but old enough to use a screwdriver, a paintbrush, and a 303 can with kerosene in it, and to stick my fingers in my Dad’s can of Lubriplate. It was the first “maintenance job” around the house that I was allowed to do. We had 3 welders in the family and an Airco rig in the garage by the time I came along, so I didn’t need to know how to weld. It was one of the few things considered too dangerous for me to be around until I hit double digits, anyway…

      • “We could take up and get a fresh load of hay sent up…no need for grounding sheets if you spread the hay just right in the barn…um…”

        The boss says to me.. what were you born in a barn.. Nope honey.. we are going to be sleeping in one LOL

      • Elanor
        Push and pull faceplates and magnets are far less than$100.
        Deadbolt, barrel bolts, eye hooks if you require privacy. Door knobs are really only found in D.C.

        • Although in fairness to Elanor, we have redone most all out knobs to the lever type which are way easier when older (or carrying things in and out) and especially if you have carpal tunnel….so there is that, too

      • @George

        “the lever type which are way easier”

        Unless you have pets.

        Pets and levers mix to give you critters where you don’t want critters. It’s much easier for a dog to hit a lever, but in my case it was my daughter’s cat who learned how to use the levers, first…

      • Would not a lil mexican foot massager be cheaper than a “Nip” made model?
        How much does a bag beans and bag of rice cost ? You can even grow Ure own.
        Efficiencies ?
        G – You can have the foot massager do the gardening, lite house cleaning, and why stop at the feet ? Might as well train him/her up in full body message techniques.
        Also maybe some lite cooking for youse 2. Why the foot messager can also help GII as construction Gopher on his housing project.
        On top the above mentioned, as there are so dam many of them pouring across the Texas border every morning, you could probably a get free replacement model every 6 months or so..YRMV

    • I want the shoe dryer lol lol.. and I do have to order a pair of snow boots for this year.. my pair from last year are on the last legs of the journey

    • The massager is a MIKO.

      Miko is a 4yo Brooklyn startup. They make massagers, humidifiers, air cleaners, etc., and cater to the Upper West Side crowd. Their website is

      They do direct marketing and offer a 15% off coupon on first purchase, if’fn you give them your E-Mail, which you’d have to do if you bought something from them, anyway. I’ve no idea where they fall on the “quality and longevity” line.

  4. Calling the Wise Heads of Ure-Land…

    A request for intel…

    We need new laptops. (The ones we have are all quite old, and some are getting a bit slow, creaky, and erratic.) (They’re all Win7 and MS Office2000 with Photoshop7.)

    We are short on money — not terribly short, just buying at the right price when possible. We try not to piss money away on longer-lower-wider-with-more-features illusory Krappe.

    Our computing needs are relatively modest — we don’t do gaming, or mine for tulip bulbs. We prefer lappys for a number of reasons. We bolt-on any needed accessories, like tablets. Usually using USB or HDMI.

    We like refurbs. They usually come with less or no Bloaty Stoopid Trial Ware, and usually are “burned in” and actually physically tested. Guarantees are usually — “adequate.”

    Who are the good dealer-suppliers these days? (It’s been quite a while since I bought anything very significant in the last few years… Little Krappe I get on Da ‘Zon…)

    Win 10? Win 11?

    Been thinking bluesky about Linux and Open Office. When my first Win7 lappy arrived, all my older MS DVDs installed ok, but maybe it’s time to knuckle under to the Borg with a rebellious sneer, and come into the future. (Now.)

    Whatsay Ye, The Gamesters Of Triskellion?

    • hi
      take old laptop,
      open it up and defluff cooling,
      (perhaps add ssd whilst it’s in bits)
      reassemble and load linux……

      I like old IBMs, did the above to a 25 year old R50e.
      best machine I’ve got for decent sound on dvds…. ;)


    • I’ve been happy with off-lease/refurb D*ll laptops. I do try to look around for the models that are considered ‘business’ class/level. Whenever I’ve tried something ‘consumer’ level, I end up returning it; the construction quality is just lower, IMHO.

      I run both Win10 and various flavors of Linux around the house.

      Good luck with your search.

    • “We are short on money — not terribly short, just buying at the right price when possible. We try not to piss money away ”

      I resemble that remark.. debating real hard in the rocket pellet stove..
      if the morons keep it up with the economy it will be priceless.. if we go to war and it hits the homeland it will be an essential necessity.
      so will a larger generator… decisions.. with an expense of an extra 4 grand’s a big one..
      the boss will shoot me if I waste the money.. and if I purchase it and the morons start using reason rather than their present business model and the need never arises..then I will be reminded daily about waiting valuable essential resources..

      • LOOB, does the Boss stop here, ever???

        If she did, after giggling, since she gets honor-ably mentioned, quite a lot, she might insist you start writing a book of your life, of course, including her, and the rest of the family, along with your Top 25 Recipes in various categories.

        Then self publish.

        Whatta read. Consider this an advance order for 26.

        I would also like to see “Books of Life” from the Top 20 contributors here.

        Knowledge and experiences we can save and share before they are lost forever.

        LOOB, may I suggest a title?

        How about: “LOOBing It Through Life.”

    • Um, bought a half pallet of Dell i5 lappys with 8gb/240gbSSD and Win11, for $150 a few months back. That worked out to less than $4 each. They sell surplus in Hawaii, too. I know because I’ve bought some, sight-unseen, and had it shipped to CONUS.

      Not sayin’ you’ll find a pile of Latitude 3300s, but Hawaii? I’d expect the rural schools on the Big Island to be better-equipped than a school in the middle of nowhere, 50 miles from Dayton, which is where I got these…

    • William, if you don’t mind buying used, try Blind Center of NV on eBay. I’ve purchased 2 PC’s from them. Cheap, work just fine, and if you get a dud they’re happy to swap it. Plus you’re helping a worthy charity.

    • I definitely agree with the Linux set here. I don’t have anything more modern than Win 8.1 from MS, and that’s only because it came on a gamer level computer that I bought at an estate sale. Getting a fast processor is a blessing since I’m a tab hog. I’d immediately change out the hard drive for a large enough SSD and make sure that the machine can support at least two monitor screens. You’ll want at least one large external one as you get older.

      I use Libre Office even though licensed Word came with the 8.1 machine. It seems to be totally compatible with the MS bloatware for functionality and formats, and it doesn’t phone home or update constantly. I always save my documents in an older .doc format for compatibility with everything. There’s very little that isn’t available for Linux, save odd software and drivers for odd devices. I’m currently looking for a good used box(tower) that has or can fit a video card that will support multiple screens(6+), since I’ve outgrown just two. If you can find a machine with an I-7 or better, go for it. Fast processor, large memory, and a decent sized SSD make for a computer waiting for you, and not the other way around(most of the time).

  5. We’ve been on Linux Mint Cinnamon for several years now. It operates much like Windoze, except when it comes to installing new software. Your old MS stuff won’t work on Linux unless you can get Wine to run properly, and maybe not even then. On the upside, most of what you need is available free if you take the time to look for it.

      • Open source (Office Libre – which auto installs as part of Linux Mint) is a dream and compatible with all the MSFGT formats.
        Also has a great pdf’er and all that-wise stuff.
        Audio and video runs great on Linux.
        See Audacity linux builds
        and for the odd edit, see OpenShot, ShotCut and VizzyWig – all very capable.
        Don’t be afraid of a cheap PC and Open Source.
        That whole third world that’s eating our lunch is mostly on open source/linux.
        Give it a try and you’ll never regret it!

      • In addition to Libre Office, I use VLC media player, Bleachbit, Thunderbird, Brave, Firefox, and Opera on Windows 10 & 11, which I believe are all available on Linux (no Linux desktop box in the house right now to check that statement with. There are Linux and Windows equivalents for other software.
        The only software I pay money for these days is security software.
        The main reason I have stopped using Linux for a desktop is that the selection of security software which is available is poor. And what is available is rather clunky, takes too much hobby time to set up, and efficacy is suspect. Sophos used to have a really good free command line and resident Linux virus scanner, but abandoned providing signature updates. If you run across a good Linux security app which is being supported, say something. I miss tinkering with Linux.
        I do keep up a CD with a fairly recent copy of Linux on it, along with a USB disc reader, as a prep.

  6. “Is it me?  Or does it just not occur to people to ask why crooks don’t get busted and go to jail when there’s  pretty obvious”

    it’s the dual standards of law in the usa.. most people just accept it.. the prisons are full of poor and ethnic just because if their social class and how much they could afford..

      • After reading, The Club of Rome, book, I now understand George Carlin even better.
        He signaled as much as he could, of his irate insider knowledge energy, to the dumbed down masses of mall shoppers and trough eaters that he sold tickets to.

        His outspoken sarcastic beaten humor’s mantra was, Arise, Wake Up, before you are 1984’d boot conquored, forever.

    • Judges here are famous for cutting loose known violent criminals, along with property felons. The legislature made it possible for almost anyone to get cut free ROR. The sheriffs and local PD’s do their best to catch them and the judges cut them loose without bail. Many are drug meth and other addicts(dependent, rather than just drug users). Others just want to live off others’ efforts. Until these people are removed from access to the outside world, they will continue to be a drain on productivity and happy lives. They’re a major reason that so many can’t have nice things.

      • Eventually, LEOs and private individuals who live in Free States will figure out the way to stop this societal rot is to shoot the offender – while he’s offending. Not saying vigilantism (where people hunt down miscreants) but merely aggressive defense of one’s person and property. Only when felons are permanently taken out of the legal system and away from the oversight of communistic jurists (who then see a reduction in their power and political influence), or voters become aware enough that said jurists find themselves out of a job, will laws change.

  7. Re: “Collapse Check Due”


    I don’t know if it was take your child to work day in Nork. Anyhow the West saw the first images of the heiress to the Hermit Kingdom since Dennis “Bad as I Wanna Be” Rodman held her as a newborn. It was not stated if the youth was privileged to activate the launch sequence following the father-daughter missile site walkabout. However after such exertion the 38 year old great leader was captured in recumbent repose upon a sturdy chair while a possible future Empress Min and military attaché grinned for cameras.

    • “the West saw the first images of the heiress to the Hermit Kingdom”

      Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t. IIRC she has a doting aunt who’s one of the most cold-blooded killers on the planet…

  8. This is not medical, financial, or relationship advice! Just observations. I’m currently in So. Florida, doing some hurricane repairs among other things. House construction is booming. Lowes is humming! I’ve never seen it so busy! Choose wisely when hiring your roofing contractor, down to asking how many nails/staples per shingle. I’ve seen houses next to each other , one with no damage and the next door neighbor has a destroyed roof. And, tile roofs withstood IAN better than others. your mileage may vary!

    • I’d avoid shingles totally unless I was planning to flip immediately. They last 15 years at best. I prefer metal with a screw pattern designed for high winds, and make sure that the deck is screwed down well too. My metal roofs take a while to install, but I’ve never had a leak yet, and we’ve had 100 mph winds here on multiple occasions, along with torrential rains and feet of snow.

  9. “Not everyone is stupid, however.  Gun Sales Skyrocket After Oregon Passes Measure Restricting Gun Rights.”

    hmm..let’s see.. BLM and Antifa tore the state apart..defended the police in the highest crime areas.. did billions in damages. looted their stores and rapes violence in all the high risk areas..
    then we have an administration that has the printing presses on overdrive.. millions of illegals crossing the borders. we are supporting and pushing for a war protecting the country well known as the most corrupt on the planet. with the potential to escalate and involve everyone with a war if wars.
    the people are not all stupid. they are …AFRAID…
    I know people that have never owned a gun never even considered owning a gun.. now considering purchasing one..
    in the coffee houses the discussions on criminals that are being ignored and every indication that they are being protected and their activities justified..
    everyone is tense..

      • Sunongrass- Just so we are clear before I start my rant, I don’t agree with you or LOOB on this subject.
        I was initially skeptical of liberalized concealed handgun carry decades ago, because I was concerned it would cause a street-level arms race. If that arms race happened, it was won by the concealed carry permit holders in those early years.
        It isn’t the BLM and Other hyper-violent left wing and anarchist revolutionaries in social justice drag who are bringing down the violent crime rate, nor is it wing-nut vigilantes, nor is it the cops. It is the armed and trained law-abiding concealed carry permit holders who have brought down the violence rates. Just because you can quote a statistic doesn’t mean you understand it, or the history behind it
        The issue with the violent crime statistics which you provided us is that the downward progress has stalled in the current era of leftist and anarchist mayhem, and iron-fisted centralized government control. While concealed carry has been liberalized for the masses in many states, the leftist politicos and their partisan ignoramus shills have fought the education, training and rearming of honest, law abiding American citizens, because that is what brown shirts in black shirt drag do. Disarming of the citizenry to open the door for jackboot violence against that citizenry has always been a cornerstone of leftist partisan control tactics. It is the failure to extend the counter-revolution of armed law abiding citizens and concealed carry to the streets of leftist partisan locales which has stalled the trend in reduction in violent crime.
        Now, if all those new gun owners will join the NRA and get trained on how to use their weapons, not only against lone assailants, but against mass attacks by mouth-foaming leftist street soldiers, then perhaps that street violence statistic will resume the decades-long track down. If their intended victims take one serial hyper-violent offender off the street, the violence rates go up for the first year, and trend down for the next 30. Darwin.
        The knee jerk rearming of the pacific states can have a good outcome, with guidance from non-partisan outfits like the NRA. And yes, the NRA supports candidates of any party who will support the second amendment with legislative deeds, not words.

      • “REPORTED”
        Looks like people lost faith in the system and quit reporting.
        Maybe everything is not what it appears to be ?

        we are in an information war, a control of the propaganda.
        Your source? their partners reveals much, These once trusted news outlets have lost their trustworthyness, just another corporate “Newspeak”

        sunny , your link requires little research as it comes up fast with any search from google when looking for crime rates, even Darrell can do it
        4th hit down the search list

        I do whine when people try to feed me crickets or fish bait, sorry, I just can’t get by the smell.

        People can not figure out that the big corporations feed us junk food and junk news. Not healthy food or knowledge.

        Northeast 1,856 2,526 36.1%
        Midwest 3,527 4,803 36.2%
        South 8,063 10,156 26.0%
        West 3,223 4,085 26.7%
        Population Groups
        Major Cities (250,000+ people) 5,837 7,833 34.2%
        Metropolitan Counties 2,391 2,807 17.4%
        Nonmetropolitan Counties 854 1,022 19.7%
        Suburban Areas 3,691 4,429 20.0%

        I count my blessings all the time for living right where I do.. Now I don’t conceal and carry.. I am not a gun person.. I do my hunting at the local grocery store.. I do have a security system and camera’s all over.. but that isn’t because I am afraid.. its because IF.. there was a fire.. and everyone is asleep .. I want the fire department to show up.. LOL wife left a pan of beans on.. forgot about it and we left to run to the store.. get a phone call saying oh.. we took the beans off.. LOL LOL LOL took hours to clear the smoke out of the house LOL.. I have AED’s to.. one for the car.. one for the garage and one for the house.. thank god I have never had to use any of them.. it is the one tool I hope I never have to use..

      • “your theories of causation are nothing but opinion. can you back it up to show concealed carry is the reason violent crime dropped?”

        It is just my opinion.. whether or not conceal carry has made any changes doesn’t matter either.. what affects that all the crap going on the past two years has only resulted in making americans afraid, afraid enough to feel that they are not protected and may need a gun for protection.. I personally don’t fear anyone that is conceal and carry.. they aren’t the dangerous ones.. the dangerous ones are the criminals that get guns off of the black market..

      • Sunongrass: Thank you for proving all of my points with your rebuttal post. Your rebuttal consisted of personal opinion backed by unfiltered data from a partisan compromised Federal agency, along with a propaganda rant from a leftist political shill outfit. Here, let’s look at some non-partisan analysis of facts and figures:

        Your sources are tainted.
        Progressives have historically wrapped personal opinions in pseudo-intellectual propaganda sources, then wagged their fingers and made ad hominem attacks with phony social justice partisan vigilante memes, when what they are really after is not peace, prosperity, or justice; what they want is control.

      • Most crime is local, and most crime is unreported.

        Statistics lie, and most who issue statistics have an agenda. I know that for me, local crime against my stuff is my biggest concern, much bigger than fire or weather. Fire does not hate, and it doesn’t have an agenda. Criminals do. Sneak thieves will cover their tracks so the crime may not be apparent for a while, yet it can be massive. Almost nobody inventories their household goods and valuables daily. I can protect myself most of the time, but protecting stuff is far more difficult, especially if you’re busy or away.

      • the bottom line is: you are most likely to get hurt from car accidents, falls at home and burns. you are much more likely to be the victim of violent crime by someone you know. if you have a gun you are more likely to be shot. positive lifestyle choices will make you safer than your worries about crime. btw I’m a ccw. i look at things like an actuary though.

        ‘can’t trust the FBI because it’s compromised’, ‘lightfoot’, ‘chicago’, leftist shill outfit’ ‘pseudo-intellectual propaganda sources, then wagged their fingers and made ad hominem attacks with phony social justice partisan vigilante memes’

        it would be humorous if it wasn’t so serious. y’all seem nuts singing the same song from right wing radio.

      • ” if you have a gun you are more likely to be shot. positive lifestyle choices will make you safer than your worries about crime.”

        that is absolutely right @sunongrass…. All BLM and Antifa did was cause fear.. and then housing illegals in those neighborhoods they worked so hard to turn into victim areas.. is absolutely the lowest form of terrorism.. the innocent fear for their lives.. street gangs have the control.. and the police defunded and published as horrible and vicious because they are willing to confront a person in a neighborhood known to be violent or long history of crime.. a nine one one phone call .. is like the one my friend did.. someone stole his radio out of his semi truck.. he called and they said.. we don’t know why your in that neighborhood.. unless someone is dying or bleeding out we won’t go there till morning.. now the people that fear buy guns.. for personal protection in an area that they know won’t have it available..
        I am not at the lowest level of the bottom.. but low enough that I can say that NO ONE EVER ASKS those that are in the ghettos what their opinion is.. all of those posts and graphs.. are from neighborhoods on a different social class.. we seen how those neighborhoods acted when a texas governor sent a few up to their neighborhoods.. up until then.. they have no knoweledge of what the other side has to work with.. and without any help or support.. all of that goes to those on the other side of the tracks..

      • the thing that makes me sad @sunongrass.. is in a city like chicago.. you have kindergarten kids.. walking to the nearby store.. or school.. the only thing in their minds is their friends as school and playing.. or their parents finally had a rare dollar bill so they can buy a piece of candy .. and getting shot.. all because of some domestic terrorism supported and funded by someone from another country.. tearing up their neighborhoods , robbing raping and destroying their homes .. and our politicians all in a view that this is just and right.. which baffles the shizt out of me.. what if it was in their neighborhood.. would they feel the same way.. I sure wouldn’t.. I would be exactly like everyone else.. paranoid especially after they defunded the only protection they had before.. crime pays.. what did the communities pay out to people with criminal back grounds.. How much is being paid to our politicians from organizations that are funded by criminals.. our world has flipped over.. like the rich neighborhood that a texas governor sent a bus load of illegals to.. it wouldn’t go over very good if BLM or Antifa destroyed the richest neighborhoods.. instead they subject the class of people they dispise and send them there.. to the one neighborhood that it takes a lot of convincing to get them to even get help to normally..

      • Sunongrass: You picked out phrases in my rant, then rearranged them into a fictitious quote. I got an issue with that G______. If you want to use a direst quote to make an ad hominem attack, that is one thing, but generating a a fictitious quote to attack another reader is quite another.

        As for the talk radio remark, I don’t listen to it, left or right. Again, that was another ad hominem attack wrapped in a social justice meme.

        Last, concealed carry originally was set up so that the permit holder was required to pass an FBI background check, receive classroom instruction, and periodically demonstrate proficiency at a range. In recent years, those requirements have been diluted or tossed in some states. Unlicensed right to carry has a whole different set of issues, which I haven’t reconciled myself to. While the testing requirements may have been overdone in the beginning, I still favor the periodic background check and permitting. It isn’t that I reject the role of the FBI in crime prevention, it is the rather their brazen cooking of stats for partisan political purposes I have a problem with.

    • 18 page Lawsuit has just been filed against Oregon’s Gun law taking effect. See at KPTV. com.

      Also, a lot of sheriff’s say they are not going to up hold this law.

    • I personally live in the wastelands.. where we still respect and honor our police forces and fire departments.. and we all see them as hero’s rather than vicious beasts waiting to pounce on another human being .. we wave at our neighbors as they drive by greet them on the street and crash their backyard cookouts.( just ask me about tossing an extra burger or bratt on the grill during a cookout..for the local officer like clockwork.. if he doesn’t show up then it goes in for lunch the next day) . and when BLM and Antifa was having a gathering.. and there were people running around offering thousands of dollars to commit various crimes against their community friends and neighbors.. the only thing that did was make the people upset and outraged at their audacity to want them doing that..

  10. I’ve always bought doorknobs at Lo#es. I checked out Amazon. Wow!! I can get 10 for $119 lever type doorknobs without locks.Perfect for most of my doors. Thanks for your suggestions. Stupid of me not to do comparison pricing.

  11. George

    They REALLY do just make the money out of thin air!

    A YouTube video of Fed Chairman Powell stating so can be seen here:

    “Jerome Powell on printing money and digital currency”

    Go to approximately 4:08 in the video to view his statements.

    I believe it may have been a 60 Minutes interview.
    I am surprised he was so candid on how they actually do it!
    It really is Monopoly Money.

    • “It really is Monopoly Money.”

      the boss loves board games.. and monopoly is a favorite…
      I found and bought an original darrow monopoly game complete .. on cloth board lol for a gift to her..

  12. Mother farking carnts sons and daughters of facism . Want to get rid of the first Amendment. You Farken pieces of sheet . Biden Obama Clinton Pelosi schemer cnbccccc . You Farken deserve everything bad everything. And then again . Those poor founding fathers . To protect this sheethole of sewer and evil called America. Burn burn burn eternally

  13. Estimate for 2023 Pushes Social Security COLA Into Double Digits After Latest Inflation Report

    Social Security beneficiaries could see their 2023 cost-of-living adjustment hit double digits for the first time in more than four decades as inflation in the United States continues to spiral ever higher despite government efforts to rein it in.

  14. Dem Challenger Concedes To Lauren Boebert In Razor-Thin Colorado House Race

    Democratic candidate Adam Frisch conceded to Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado Friday after a razor-thin House race that saw Boebert leading with just a few hundred votes. As of Friday, Boebert led Frisch by 551 votes, which is a margin of 0.17% of the total votes cast, with 99% of precincts reporting. Frisch, in a Zoom call, said that “The voters have spoken…The likelihood of this recount changing more than a handful of votes is very, very small.”

  15. Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez, suspect accused of mowing down 25 LA sheriff’s recruits on morning run, released from jail

    The 22-year-old man accused of mowing down 25 Los Angeles sheriff’s recruits with his SUV was “provisionally” freed on $2 million bond Thursday night because investigators need more time to comb through the mountain of evidence against him.

    Sweden: Traces of Explosives Found in ‘Gross Sabotage’ of Nord Stream

    Investigators found traces of explosives at the Baltic Sea site where two natural gas pipelines were damaged in an act of “gross sabotage,” the prosecutor leading Sweden’s preliminary investigation said Friday. “Analysis carried out shows traces of explosives on several of the foreign objects that were found” at the site, Ljungqvist said in a statement.

    Air Force, FBI raid homes in probe of Area 51 website

    Agents from the U.S. Air Force and FBI recently raided homes in Clark and Lincoln counties in an investigation of a man who operates a website about the top-secret military base known as Area 51, a spokesman confirmed Wednesday. The Air Force Office of Special Investigations and FBI entered homes owned by Joerg Arnu in Las Vegas and the tiny town of Rachel on Nov. 3 and seized potential evidence for an undisclosed joint agency probe

  16. Application for San Francisco trannies to receive free $1,200 monthly Bernie Bucks…

    This time, the crazed city published an application for mental transsexuals to receive $1,200 per month in Bernie Bucks-style “Universal Basic Income”. The application featured 97 different gender options to choose from. We have reprinted all of the options one can choose on San Francisco’s application below:

  17. Obama as 47.

    I already showed the math. Obama can lawfully serve two more years as president. How does he get there?

    We’ll need a little yarn and glue.

    Pelosi is stepping down and people are starting to talk about replacement. If Obama gets that gig he can lawfully become 47 by succession.

    The swap precedent was set by 37 (Nixon) so challenging Kam’s stepping down won’t go anywhere in the courts.

    Note: Once Obama is back in office presidential law could change/the elections could be canceled do to the Wave V War coming next year.

  18. Well thanksgiving is all done shopping for.. the three households I am going to drop a dinner off to.. are only getting a turkey breast stuffing,, canned cranberry sauce.. ( the fresh deli made is MINE ALL MINE LOL) five pounds of sweet tators.. five pounds of white potatos.. green beans and the the fixins for green bean caserole.. creamed corn and corn for corn casserole.. and a punkin pie.. whipped topping..
    for the one family I know they are going through pretty hard times.. so I got a flat of each of the three basic vegitables.. three roasts a couple of packages of swiss steaks and a few pounds of hamburger..
    a small bag of onions and celery..for the family that has little kids a bag of apples and oranges.. for the college girl that is stuck alone.. well one of the grandkids volunteered to drag her out to listen to old man bad jokes LOL and boring conversation..
    she still has a meal waiting but she can put that in the fridge and eat it rather than snack ramin noodles LOL..
    board games out and ready..

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