While we wait for marketing to hit their all-time highs shortly, it is endlessly amusing to see the simple-minded lining up for their next “climate fix.”

But a HUGE change is happening – and I predict it will turn into Climategate II when it’s all over, since the scale of the data tampering is just now coming into view.  But let’s back up to just before the revelations started to pop.  In March, Think Progress was touting “Australia’s recording-breaking summer heat linked directly to climate change.”

However, in the past week, the Australia Meteorological Office has discovered that some of their weather data was being jiggered by “smartcards” that seem to have been wiping out cold temperature readings.  In fact, Graham Lloyd – environmental editor for The Australian reported thatControversy has dogged the bureau’s automatic weather station network since Goulburn man Lance Pigeon saw a -10.4C reading on the BoM’s website on July 2 automatically adjust to -10C, then disappear.”

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Other data disappeared as well.

But you won’t hear much about this since climate change promotion is already institutionalized.  Ever since state senator Barack Obama, back in his Illinois days, ensured funding of the carbon exchange and that business model was seized upon by Al Gore, the “fix” to sell “climate change” has been in progress.  When warming failed, it was pivoted to the new mantra for the sheep.

But the evidence of collusion has nothing to do with Russia.  The big collusion case is the miscarriage of science now underway.

For example, sea surface temperatures previously provided for on a real-time basis were ended.  Why?  We suspect elements within government don’t want data that questions climate change getting out.  Come on kids, this is what “controlling the narrative” is all about.

There’s a whole series of business models at risk if the climate change hoax fails. Anti-coal, pro solar, electric cars, high density housing, controlled travel (it’s coming) and media control.

That’s why, near as we can figure it, none of the American mainstream media (with more resources that lowly web sites) haven’t dug deep to find answers to some of the most important questions of modern times.  These might include?

  1. Given that the Australian  “smartcards” were tossing out extremes of low temperatures and faking the data, where did these cards come from?
  2. Who made the remote weather stations and who serviced then – and why were cards installed?
  3. Are such systems being used in other countries?
  4. In other countries have “smartcards” been slipped into the mix to make the climate change scam more credible by jiggering data from other countries?
  5. Are such systems in use in the United States?
  6. Are the personnel servicing the weather stations supervised and are stations audited to ensure that the data is not altered?
  7. And are high-security (2048 bit or better) end-to-end data streams being used, or might their be spoofs, hacks, and cut-outs that would lend to data corruption on a low level but global basis to “control the climate narrative?”

There are elements of the press that have gone large in their support of the climate change agenda.  One such media outlet is the New York Times which this morning decided to public an as-yet unreleased Climate Change Assessment that is clearly marked:

The report, commissioned by the Obama administration admits (when you read it) that:

CO2 levels have now passed 400 ppm, last seen in the Plioscene, approximately 3-million years ago, when global mean temperatures 3.5F to 6.3F (2-3.5C) higher than preindustrial and sea levels were 66 +/-33 feet (20 =/- 10 meters) higher than today…”

No doubt, the True Believers and promoters of climate change will keep pressing.  The attack on “large carbon footprint” lifestyles is an important long-term population control strategy.  It provides for deconsumption, the increased shift from asset-owning autonomous individuals to state-directed Rent-Your-Life victims who, in their financial denuded state, will swallow whatever they are told to believe or suffer the wrath of officialdom.

We think it a near certainty that since the Trump administration is reverting to “extreme weather” instead of climate change, the climate change promoters managed today’s unauthorized release to preemptively prevent Trump spin in a way not welcomed by the Elites.

At the same time, lacking fundament breakthroughs in science, and having gotten microelectronics smaller than practical limits of usability,  the country is desperate for new concepts to monetize.  The 120-inch UHD displays are in sight and so is 5G technology.  But can you keep 8-billion people globally and 325 million in ‘Merica happy with that?

This is why, in our view, “soft” issues like healthcare, gender, and climate are being quickly monetized.  If they are not, the coming fall in the profitability of making hard goods (like electronics which have been massively commoditized) will ensure there’s no possible way to make a profit so keenly desired by the ruling Elite class.

Goods-making is down to under 5% of US GDP already.  When the shopkeeper economy let’s go?  Not going to be pretty because people can – when the chips are down – cook their own food and do their own nails…..

You likely missed the Noah Buhayer story on Bloomberg the other day, but our view that there are seriously decreasing prospects for profitable investment, is apparently shared by none other than Warren Buffett. Buffett Nears a Milestone He Doesn’t Want: $100 Billion in Cash.”

The market is going to open lower this morning, but once again, Bitcoins are screaming ahead – the modern digital tulips trading $3,461 and change when we looked.

With the Dow set to open down a bit, we would still like to see a 1-3% pullback from here before we make our final assault on the financial summit closer to the end of the month.

As we do, we’re looking for a shift in beliefs – a slow wakening such that WTF moments begin to propagate.  When that happens, it will be the mindset-shift that begins the descent.

If you’re new around here, you want to go back and read our June 18th column “The Bitcoin Bubble’s “Great Hesitation” .”

That hesitation is over, and the blow off top of both stocks and BTCs is at hand.

The only academic question is whether as the stock, bond, and Bitcoin bubbles burst, whether the Climate Bubble will burst, too.

We judge that to be an interesting concurrent bubble in trouble.

You know the country is crazy when Study: Philly tax makes soda more expensive than beer.  Yeah….

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