Is the “Climate Bubble” Popping, Too?

While we wait for marketing to hit their all-time highs shortly, it is endlessly amusing to see the simple-minded lining up for their next “climate fix.”

But a HUGE change is happening – and I predict it will turn into Climategate II when it’s all over, since the scale of the data tampering is just now coming into view.  But let’s back up to just before the revelations started to pop.  In March, Think Progress was touting “Australia’s recording-breaking summer heat linked directly to climate change.”

However, in the past week, the Australia Meteorological Office has discovered that some of their weather data was being jiggered by “smartcards” that seem to have been wiping out cold temperature readings.  In fact, Graham Lloyd – environmental editor for The Australian reported thatControversy has dogged the bureau’s automatic weather station network since Goulburn man Lance Pigeon saw a -10.4C reading on the BoM’s website on July 2 automatically adjust to -10C, then disappear.”

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Other data disappeared as well.

But you won’t hear much about this since climate change promotion is already institutionalized.  Ever since state senator Barack Obama, back in his Illinois days, ensured funding of the carbon exchange and that business model was seized upon by Al Gore, the “fix” to sell “climate change” has been in progress.  When warming failed, it was pivoted to the new mantra for the sheep.

But the evidence of collusion has nothing to do with Russia.  The big collusion case is the miscarriage of science now underway.

For example, sea surface temperatures previously provided for on a real-time basis were ended.  Why?  We suspect elements within government don’t want data that questions climate change getting out.  Come on kids, this is what “controlling the narrative” is all about.

There’s a whole series of business models at risk if the climate change hoax fails. Anti-coal, pro solar, electric cars, high density housing, controlled travel (it’s coming) and media control.

That’s why, near as we can figure it, none of the American mainstream media (with more resources that lowly web sites) haven’t dug deep to find answers to some of the most important questions of modern times.  These might include?

  1. Given that the Australian  “smartcards” were tossing out extremes of low temperatures and faking the data, where did these cards come from?
  2. Who made the remote weather stations and who serviced then – and why were cards installed?
  3. Are such systems being used in other countries?
  4. In other countries have “smartcards” been slipped into the mix to make the climate change scam more credible by jiggering data from other countries?
  5. Are such systems in use in the United States?
  6. Are the personnel servicing the weather stations supervised and are stations audited to ensure that the data is not altered?
  7. And are high-security (2048 bit or better) end-to-end data streams being used, or might their be spoofs, hacks, and cut-outs that would lend to data corruption on a low level but global basis to “control the climate narrative?”

There are elements of the press that have gone large in their support of the climate change agenda.  One such media outlet is the New York Times which this morning decided to public an as-yet unreleased Climate Change Assessment that is clearly marked:

The report, commissioned by the Obama administration admits (when you read it) that:

CO2 levels have now passed 400 ppm, last seen in the Plioscene, approximately 3-million years ago, when global mean temperatures 3.5F to 6.3F (2-3.5C) higher than preindustrial and sea levels were 66 +/-33 feet (20 =/- 10 meters) higher than today…”

No doubt, the True Believers and promoters of climate change will keep pressing.  The attack on “large carbon footprint” lifestyles is an important long-term population control strategy.  It provides for deconsumption, the increased shift from asset-owning autonomous individuals to state-directed Rent-Your-Life victims who, in their financial denuded state, will swallow whatever they are told to believe or suffer the wrath of officialdom.

We think it a near certainty that since the Trump administration is reverting to “extreme weather” instead of climate change, the climate change promoters managed today’s unauthorized release to preemptively prevent Trump spin in a way not welcomed by the Elites.

At the same time, lacking fundament breakthroughs in science, and having gotten microelectronics smaller than practical limits of usability,  the country is desperate for new concepts to monetize.  The 120-inch UHD displays are in sight and so is 5G technology.  But can you keep 8-billion people globally and 325 million in ‘Merica happy with that?

This is why, in our view, “soft” issues like healthcare, gender, and climate are being quickly monetized.  If they are not, the coming fall in the profitability of making hard goods (like electronics which have been massively commoditized) will ensure there’s no possible way to make a profit so keenly desired by the ruling Elite class.

Goods-making is down to under 5% of US GDP already.  When the shopkeeper economy let’s go?  Not going to be pretty because people can – when the chips are down – cook their own food and do their own nails…..

You likely missed the Noah Buhayer story on Bloomberg the other day, but our view that there are seriously decreasing prospects for profitable investment, is apparently shared by none other than Warren Buffett. Buffett Nears a Milestone He Doesn’t Want: $100 Billion in Cash.”

The market is going to open lower this morning, but once again, Bitcoins are screaming ahead – the modern digital tulips trading $3,461 and change when we looked.

With the Dow set to open down a bit, we would still like to see a 1-3% pullback from here before we make our final assault on the financial summit closer to the end of the month.

As we do, we’re looking for a shift in beliefs – a slow wakening such that WTF moments begin to propagate.  When that happens, it will be the mindset-shift that begins the descent.

If you’re new around here, you want to go back and read our June 18th column “The Bitcoin Bubble’s “Great Hesitation” .”

That hesitation is over, and the blow off top of both stocks and BTCs is at hand.

The only academic question is whether as the stock, bond, and Bitcoin bubbles burst, whether the Climate Bubble will burst, too.

We judge that to be an interesting concurrent bubble in trouble.

You know the country is crazy when Study: Philly tax makes soda more expensive than beer.  Yeah….

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35 thoughts on “Is the “Climate Bubble” Popping, Too?”

    • Thanks for the post. I like the basic concept in that article. I hope it is the end of the Kali Yuga as I am sick and tired of the rampant corruption. Many sources are saying cosmic energies are shifting significantly now and will impact our DNA and behaviors, hopefully for the better. I do think push has come to shove and humanity must get this right this time.

    • From Dannion Brinkley’s website, which is free for all to look at and read, here is a snippet:

      What to expect in the next 52 years:

      “Okay, that’s is enough about yesterday…let’s look at tomorrow. As we move into the Universal Period, it is predicted that there will be no more secrets. And let’s start with the world governments who have given themselves the right to read and record every phone call, text, tweet, email and computer search we make. They have placed cameras everywhere to record our every move. Supposedly, the cameras will insure that we are protected from crime and terrorism, but do you really believe that? I have my doubts yet, the fact that the cameras are in place, pretty well guarantees that, from this point on, there will be no more secrets!


      According to the surviving manuscripts,of the Maya and Olmecs, the first 52 years of the new age would be marked by the Power of the Feminine. Each age begins with compassion, combined with courage. Please take time each day to remember this, and to look for ways to empower the people around you to believe in themselves. Find something you are passionate about, and commit to it! Find programs that support women and children’s education worldwide. It is up to us to seize and utilize this information for our personal empowerment. Remember: those who seek to control us know this information also. Therefore, we must outsmart them.

      Why do you think that we are at war in so many places? And why do you think so much of what we used to wholeheartedly believe in no longer exists? The answer is simple, hiding in plain sight. It is all designed to keep us distracted, from becoming aware of the spiritual insights of compassion, forgiveness, courage that will help us to access higher levels of consciousness, available at the beginning of each new cycle. If we are constantly stressed and fearful of not being able to make our next mortgage payment, how much time are we going to be able to spend in meditation, or volunteering at the local hospice. We are being manipulated out of our divine rights to accessing the gifts of the new age now upon us. We are being blindsided by the Elite’s creation of global misery and violence, perpetuated for the express purpose of keeping us all in a sustained state of fear and anxiety. In reality, they are attempting to bring the old age, into the new age, by keeping us too preoccupied, by stress, to notice it.

      As we become aware of this strategy, and the effect it is having on our global society, we are empowered to make new decisions. By standing up for peace, by choosing to forgive, and to live with courage and compassion, one by one, we can truly turn the tides. Do not accept everything the media tells us – question it always! Form small groups, for conversation, in your home. Gather friends and family for open discussions on the topics of the week. Knowledge is power, and the responsibility of birthing this new age is in our hands, not theirs. Let’s make it count…”

  1. I watched the ‘Minimalists’ documentary on Netflix. The Millenials are getting it and turning away (Fourth Turning) from capitalist consumerism. Perhaps the spell cast a hundred years ago on American society by Edward Bernays is breaking. If so, the rulers are in for a pocketbook shock.

    Whatever happens, it appears we live in “interesting times”.

    • Oilman2:
      No offense what so ever from this Catholic reader. Berglio is just another hack pretender who was maneuvered into the Vatican. The western church just does not have a new Avignon papacy echo yet…

    • Greetings Urban Survival Fellowship,

      George, thank you for providing a space for this fellowship.

      I too love OilMan2 posts, thanks for the insight!

      Ber-GOG-lio (of gog & magog fame;) of course is a jesuit/nwo/marxist black rope-a-dope-a-pope…

  2. George – good appearance on C2C recently.

    What many do not cover is population control. If Climate actually is being used to control populations, surely it is not for the upper-class populations but more like, who was it who said “the useless eaters”? Population is required to maintain the economy – but actually those who make up the “Powers that Be” simply are truly a burden.

    I think they would like to hold populations at a peak of 9 Billion or so worldwide. The earth can synthetically hold more, of course (look at all the wasted food and free space we have now). But if everyone had to farm their own foodstuffs, much harder. What possibly makes it possible? Well, Oil does. And it is finite given the rate at which we are using it up.

    Could MMCC – Man Made Climate Change (also Roman Numeral 2200) be foretelling the year by which all oil is unavailable? Some say easy oil is gone by the year 2070. Some say earlier and some say later due to fracking (fracking hasn’t really started yet in the Arab oil belt).

    But to run the world sans-oil would be done in a much different manner. Renewables cannot create the BTU we need for life in the northern latitudes like Calgary, Moscow, Montreal, Norway and so on. Winter BTU demand is large. Natural gas helps for now. But that has to be limited in scale as well. Does oilman2 have any word on knowing the real date that oil runs out?

    I feel we are being “led” by the leaders of the world to cut back on emissions not because it creates CO2, but it is because it drives us closer to the days when oil runs out. Massive global “Venezuela-like” conditions would occur at that point. Unless they cool us down with MMCC and get enough people living in Tiny Houses (agreed, good idea) and living small that we start looking more like the Waltons or perhaps in community farms (ie. Amish). Farming is hard work. Getting today’s kids who grew up on video games and parents’ cash to work on farms is a long shot. It’s possible, I guess. I don’t want populations controlled by government lies. I’d rather hear them say “oil will run out by 2100 and be smart, have fewer children” than say “we must tax everyone’s emissions to save the planet”.

    Let’s govern locally with intelligence. The big boys seem to have gone amok.

  3. The next planet hazard on the horizon as recognized by NASA, who is in the market for a Planetary Protection Offer (PPO), is potential alien microbial contamination from craft returning from space. The PPO’s job is to protect us from this contaminatin. If you have seen the Alien movies this is a real concern. My suggestion is to hire as the PPO Richard C. Hoagland a former NASA contractor & Captain of the Enterprise Mission. As a former regular on Art Bell, he is knowledgable on subjects involing space aliens & space itself.

    • Now.. I adore the people from NASA.. they are a great bunch of guys.. real interactive absolutely a hoot to visit with and I love what they do for the kids of today in teaching them.. with all of this.. I sometimes wonder if they are stuck in their own bubble reality..
      sure some biological entity could ride in on a craft.. but think about it.. what about an asteroid meteorite etc. a biological entity can ride to earth there to and how many meteorites hit the earth daily hourly.. a couple I am going to guess..
      a craft on the other hand comes to earth and is isolated till it is absolutely gone through so why all the concern all of a sudden. I am willing to bet there is a cash enterprise attached to this concern all of a sudden.

      Kind of like the upcoming mission to mars in the distant future.. give me a break.. who are their candidates.. guys slightly younger than me from their late thirties to mid fifties..
      who are they planning on sending to change their depends.. instead of seeking the candidates of today they need to be training the candidates of tomorrow for the future trip..

    • Hoagland started his ‘Enterprise Mission’ website nearly two decades ago. it’s still up and running but only gets periodic updates these days. The bottom of his web page has archives to his older articles. He was an original, outspoken proponent of the ‘face on Mars’ theory on the Martian Cydonia area.

  4. Bitcoin. I have been skeptical of Bitcoin since the beginning. Not too long ago in the alt media, things talked about were One World Governments, Cashless societies, New World Order, and others going to the same ends.

    So its interesting that nothing I have read in alt media goes to the idea that Bitcoin is international and cashless. So many see this as a “victory” against the Central banks and the system in general.

    I see this as a move into a New World Order, not freedom from Central Banks, because this sets a stage for A ONE Central Bank and governing body of control. Anything digital can be manipulated, tracked, etc… even though we are told otherwise. That modus operandi by those controlling things should be familiar to those aware.

    A few years back I had read how a group started minting their own currency and how the wrath of the law\government came down on these people. I slightly remember a few other minor stories like that. Even the Civil War I think was more about how the South was was using their own confederate money and separating. Then there is the story (true?) John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he started printing US notes and not Federal Reserve notes, and how Johnson repealed that as one of his first acts as President. Point is, laws and penalties prohibiting the use of Bitcoin could be made easily. We see how quick congress and senate can come together on matters in the interest of Banks.

    • I once had a Red Seal $5 Treasury note printed in 1963. It’s long gone due to hurricane flooding. So I guess the story is true.

  5. Cosmic energies maybe shifting slightly, but politics is financed by big industry which need cheap labor (in order to make it worthwhile!! ;)); Therefore, expect more of the same, because us apes are too deluded.

  6. Oh Great Zeus, Favorite of Pharoahs,
    I saw a burning bush on the news in the Holy Lands yesterday. Are we pre-ordained to repeat the Libyan, Syrian, Iraqi, and now little-Kim wmd storylines? Does their pitcher have another curveball in the repertoire? Venus – dial us up some “Skinny Puppy” to keep the fans glued to their seats in anticipation. Assimilate, everyone, assimilate; it’s an official antidote to fear.

  7. Off topic:

    Hey George, have you noticed a rapid decline in mass shootings since the elections. I mean there was that one public official that got shot in the hip.

    I was thinking, we haven’t had anyone go on a shooting spree in a while. There when Obama was president we had one happening weekly.

    What gives?

    • Mahaps, it’s too hit out. I think besides the guy getting shot in the hip, the last one was that trainwreck movie shooting. I think that was the last big one.


      • Oh come on! You guys only read selected news – off the top of my head – what about those police officers in Texas?!

        No ‘mass shootings’? Give me a break! Definite case of pollyannas!

      • I don’t read the news. I’m working way to much. Just haven’t heard anything about any mass shootings for a while. I do listen to Dory Monson show on the news raditime to time.

        It’s booming in my area. I have been working over 70 hours a week construction for months now. I barely have time to read George’s site. Lol

    • Seattle area. Fastest growing city in the U.S. an estimated 10,000 people a month are moving here.

      Business are booming! We do have appt of powerhouses in the tech industry. Amazon, Google and Microsoft to name a few. All three are expanding and building bigger buildings like crazy!

      I have met people in construction from idaho, Alaska, wyoming, Montana minasota and tons of people from California. Even met some guys from Arkansas! Wages are huge right now in this area. Average construction worker is making $50-70 an hour. But from Arkansa I met said he makes $18 an hour back home for the same work. Said he is making tripple that here. Just stays in a hotel and banks all his money. Lol said he plans on paying off his house after the summer. Good plan I told him.

  8. Good morning George.
    Long time read, keep up the great work :-)
    One of my job responsibilities, being a test engineer, is the calculation of measurement uncertainty.
    When I hear numbers like a 1 degree temperature rise, my mind drifts to questions of equipment type, equipment accuracy and equipment calibration. I can attest to the fact that it takes a lot of time and effort to keep measurement instruments measuring accurately and I often wonder how much effort is put into keeping all these various and sundry weather station s all over the globe calibrate to an actual standard.It’s not unusual to have one be out of calibration at it’s annual calibration that my company has done.
    Well anyway, I find that you are exceptional!!
    Thanks and regards

  9. An ice core sample two miles long was obtained at Lake Vostok in the Antartic. It spans 400,000 years of climate data. This data proves that carbon dioxide concentrations FOLLOW the heating or cooling of the planet. Gregg Braden has a well documented 30 minute video on youtube explaining this. Go to:

    Yes, I know the global warming proponets say it’s due to the way the snow compacts to form ice and that the air bubbles move around so they are still correct about the warming. Has anyone run a test to prove that?

      • I don’t agree, just think of the sheer number of farts given off by the woolly mammoths and all the other millions of animals during that time and over time; the farts that the current alarmists state that our cows put off and effect global warming, therefore, we have to eat less meat.

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