CFNAI – Strategic Waiting – Social Media and MMT

We will “roll backwards” this morning. There is much to think about as the Summer Doldrums begin to swirl between the ears. 

Sure, a bit of tiredness this morning.  But, is it a precursor (“earthquake tireds”) or just the result of taking Sunday off from my “High Photon Diet?”  (Down 10-pounds, thanks for asking!)

Social Media Enables MMT?

My first observation dates back to President Truman.  Famed for looking for the “One-Armed Economist.”  Because, when came to policy, Truman griped (paraphrasing here) “They say on the one hand, do  “X”.  Then they say on the other hand, do  “Y” – usually the exact opposite policy.”

Not surprising that Truman would make such a common sense observation.  He was born in the “Show Me State” –  in Lamar, Missouri; a small-town even by small-town standards with just 4,330-people.  Middle America still had common sense, back then – 1884 to 1900 encompassing his childhood years.  But, I digress.

Two Schools of Economic Thought

Economists fall into two general categories.  The “neoclassical” and the “Keynesian-Institutionalist-Marxists.”

The poster boy for neoclassical types is Adam Smith.  He figured investors were rational, that government had only a “rule-making role” and should stay out of markets, and that when you look closely, people tend to “Get what they deserve.”
Truth is, I’m a neoclassicist.

The other poster boys (and it’s almost a Most-Wanted list of grifters, in my view) are promoters of unrest and agitation.  They want to “take and redistribute” and failing that in sufficient measure, they will cook the books by “making up money.”  Or, in the case of Marx, just stealing the means of production.

Government is almighty, in their view.  They self-righteously argue that people must always be cooperative in order to survive and thus, they hold being uncooperative is de facto irrationality.

Thorstein Veblen is one of the main apologists for the Institutionalist wing of such insanity.  And here, a simple search for “Veblen quotes” reveals the bankruptcy of the Keynesian-Institutionalist-Marxist view:

  • Conspicuous consumption of valuable goods is a means of reputability to the gentleman of leisure.
  • Invention is the mother of necessity.
  • The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one grew before.

These Keynesian types believe in outsize, bloated, paternalistic government.  And, they are the backbone of what the (not really) Federal Reserve is up to now:  Destroying America’s money by simply printing up more.

It makes as much sense for you to take a 10-spot out of your wallet and mark it up with an extra zero.  Yet, as the Fed is now “making up M1 (cash and equivalents) at a nearly 100% annual rate, guess what?  They are managing to pass their crooked money!

BadBux: The World’s Catching On

Sadly, for the financial lefties, not everyone in the world is so stupid.  There are pockets (much of the world) where “You get what you deserve” and “Money must be sound” still works.  This “Everyone finishes the same” and insane levels of left-wing political correctness spew keeps sucking in the “superficial thinkers” though.

Obviously, neoclassical smart doesn’t play in America.  More government – and a heavier thumb on the economic scales is what we’ve been reduced to.

The Natural Consequence?  Alasdair Mcleod wrote a predictive piece over on GoldMoney recently that makes sense:  Has the Fed begun the process which will collapse the dollar – and Western financial institutions along with it?

Still, why a “hyper-bubble” is still possibly in our future, the mechanics of how it could operate are coming clearly into view:  Since there is no check on government largess – and facing demands for hand-outs, Congress features prominently as a co-conspirator – we see than even the sketchiest of stocks may be “bid up to the Moon” by runaway scrip printing.

In more rational times, America held (at least in theory for a while) to the idea of balanced budgets.  However, Keynesian-Marxism supporters used the “just try financial heroin” approach.  America was hooked since before World War II.  And despite the abject failure of the Johnson Great Society to end poverty and lead equality, minorities in America have been sold a bill of goods.  Welfare programs follow the Marxist model:  Feed the stomach and demand followership.  Rather than feeding minds and stay out of the way.

And here’s why Modern Monetary Theory gets its present “Rocket-Booster Stage” – from Social Media.

You see, at the macro level, we have two camps in America:  Learn and Earn versus the Free Lunchers.  And who do you suppose (not being serious about Life, work, and getting ahead) are the fodder for the lefties of the Keynesian-Veblen-Marxist sort?

Why Social Media, of course!

Social Media is the “fun house mirror” of economics.  Rabble-rousers on the left have really gotten into an “ownership position” from which they set-about censoring even the president of these (once) United States.  The dictatorial powers of social media need to be reined-in.  Because they are starting to contaminate our thinking as a Nation.  Even recent Supreme Court decisions have likely been influenced by Social.

I have been forecasting the restriction, regulation, and licensing of the Internet since writing “Broken Web” in 2012.  The picture hasn’t improved.  The web is still a dangerous place.  Ideas are not discussed on rational grounds; everything is about volume and hysteria, nowadays.

Keynesian-Marxist Bankruptcy

It’s also evident – the bankruptcy of “Modern Monetary Theory” (“It’s OK to make-up money – people will just  believe the fairytale…) in other stories as well.

Still “Stupid in Seattle”

One of the best articles I’ve read in a long-time is Andy Ngo’s  Pulitzer-level piece this weekend in the  NY Post “My terrifying five-day stay inside Seattle’s cop-free CHAZ .”

Which points out the crooked media duality of the communist-Antifa insurrection in Seattle:  All fuzzy and nice by day – packaged for TV.  Commies have always owned the media.  But when the camera crews leave at night, the reality comes around: Clearly, Seattle is going down the Venezuelan socialist path. Enabled by an old-line Seattle liberalista/democrat family’s offspring – the present Mayor of Seattle.

The “shock list” for us?  #1:  Why aren’t heavily Seattle-invested companies (Microsoft and Amazon come to mind, Boeing is collapsing on its own) seeing that they are building the future on quicksand up there?

#2:  We can not understand why property owners in this insurrection zone haven’t filed a class-action lawsuit (Vanna says “Big Money!  Big Money!” ) for violation of “equal protection statutes” and fraud?  The victims paid city taxes, right?  While the cops will still go to “safe neighborhood” calls, they won’t put down Washington’s mee-too-revolutionaries print of Venezuela.  It’s ridiculous.

Except, you see, it’s not. Because when the federal government does get involved  in punishing rioters, here comes the press – like this story in  Politico – setting the foundation for the hype-to-come that the FedGov should sit idly by while insurrectionists promote treason.

One can almost line up the Venezuelan decline with today’s ‘Merica:  When oil ran into trouble in the late 1970’s, it set off a major decline.  Venezuela’s per capita income declined 40% from 1978 to 2003.  In our view, as companies wake up to the “uprising in Seattle” their financial well-being may lead them to leave the once “Jet City.”

The real-life insanity is also spreading into virtual realms as “Fortnite Removes Police Cars With Eye On US Race Protests: WSJ.

Now that we have our first two “deal points” out of the way, onto actual data:

CFNAI – Recovery of Sorts

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index is really not surprising:

Led by improvements in production- and employment-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) rose to +2.61 in May from –17.89 in April.  All four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in May, and all four categories increased from April. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, moved up to –6.65 in May from –7.50 in April.
On June 8, 2020, the National Bureau of Economic Research determined that the U.S. economy had reached a business cycle peak in February 2020. The CFNAI-MA3 first pointed to an increasing likelihood that a recession had begun in March 2020, as initially reported in the April 20, 2020, CFNAI release.

Which leaves the market looking like this – based on early futures:  Think we’ll go up or down from here?

Dow futures, bought up with some of that “FFM” (Free Fed Money) leave us wondering when market operators will again use CV-19 to drive down markets as the possibility of a Second Lockdown are still out there.

Particularly with the lousy showing this weekend for the Trump rally in Tulsa.

Information IEDs

Here’s one that could blow up – begging the question about whether the Global Trade Wars are still on: With Ties In The Balance, EU And China Hold Tense Summit.

How to deal with Antifa? Russia Jails 2 Anti-Fascists, Closing Terror Case Plagued by Torture Claims.

Say, wasn’t Roosevelt a democrat? New York City To Remove Roosevelt Statue Over Racism Concerns.

And while people may not be stashing “cash” (because it is  only paper, after all) they may see more value in metal stashing.  See COVID-Crunch? Fed Begins Rationing Coins As Americans Horde Cash for more details.

Cloudy week ahead here in the in the PNW report it’s back to April-type weather up there.  But we can’t help but notice “Arctic Temperatures Hit Record High in Russia Amid Heat Wave.”

Is there a Pole shift coming?

Write when you get rich,

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  1. yes its so quiet again .. same old same old .. the hollywood epic America.cast of thousands of rednecks gurus and zombies .. the beat goes on

  2. From the very first, “‘social’ media” appeared to me like unto middle-schppl at recess, where the bullies have supplanted absent authority. Hence I have never had use of any dispensation – including but not limited to facebook, twitter, etcetera by logical extension. Be buggered to the entire lot of it!

  3. “Roosevelt Statue”

    Something doesn’t add up.

    For some reason the mayor of London, a Muslim, – a man from a culture incongruent to the West’s philosophy – decided to protect and save the Churchill statues.

    American statues are being torn down left and right.

    Did you guys hear the Trump Tulsa rally cut “I love Italians” (clip below) citing them defending a Columbus statue while parallel, most of the other Columbus statues have been torn down over the same time of period and Trump said nothing.

    What was Trump’s message supposed to be?

    Are we supposed to surround any statue we want to save? That’s going to put some of us at risk.

  4. T. Roosevelt was a Republican. One of first Progressives and much admired by HRC.

    Fred from SC

  5. Weather Underground says it’s supposed to be 109 out West here but it drops back to the 90s from tomorrow on with slight chances of rain. We’ll take rain in any way, shape or form it desires as long as it stays below our ankles.

    Wasn’t the “lousy showing” at Trump’s rally due to Antifa people buying or getting tickets and then not showing up?

    After what India did with their large denomination bills I feel less and less willing to hold cash in any denomination going into the future. Pretty soon we’ll be Weimar-ing our way to a “new” currency that no one will trust either. And if Catherine Austin Fitts is even half right holding metals other than lead will be a 50/50 bet at best.

    • Just prior to the Tulsa rally, someone on Twitter was posting an alleged copy of a Craigslist ad recruiting Covid infected persons to go to Tulsa. Whether it was just to mingle with the waiting crowd or actually attend the rally, it wasn’t clear. I couldn’t sleep for several nights leading up to the event thinking something very bad was going to happen. So I expect many who might have otherwise attended may have stayed at home. Hope they continue as I expect the fear of attending will subside.

      I would suggest a 3rd party be used to handle tickets charging a nominal handling fee – say $2 bucks or so – to avoid any repeat. (3rd party so it isn’t a money raiser for the campaign that might limit some of the resources used for the event such as music.)

      Watched Trump’s speech and loved the narrative regarding the ramp and the water glass. For that alone, I think the rally was helpful.

  6. “Destroying America’s money by simply printing up more.”

    ???? Are they destroying it… Money has never been worth anything.. it is the belief that it is worth something that makes it worth something.. the same with Bit coin it isn’t even a piece of paper LOL LOL…. where I get irritated is that I didn’t think of it .. LOL.. like the guy selling a ghost in a jar.. LOL LOL LOL on ebay and gets a nice return. I am not sure but ten thousand dollars comes to mind for an empty jar….'Ghost%20in%20a%20Jar'%20sells%20for%20%2410%2C000%20on%20Ebay.
    I know a young lady whose husband took off leaving her with three kids.. one day I was in a second hand store.. and seen her mother and her shopping.. we got visiting.. she had a pair of size fourteen high heels in her cart.. well.. those are a little big don’t you think.. yup.. I sell this stuff on ebay.. she got a hundred dollars.. a used teddy.. sold to some joker in the big city.. her caption or sales quip.. be the diva tonight.. LOL LOL.. anyway I asked just what do you sell she said anything and everything.. pick something.. I picked a chain on a shelf for a quarter.. she put it on a dress form and wrapped it around like a belt and she got thirty five dollars for it..
    when they promoted nothing for something and the nothings are more valuable than goods..
    in ancient times money reflected something.. Its all in the belief that the nothing is still worth something.. if the faith in its value is still strong I think they could literally print anything they wish..

    • I can’t even sell my spare throttle body for my old car. Been trying to sell my aunt’s furniture for a couple of years, too, but people just want you to give it to them. Guess it has something to do with “fashion”.

  7. Hey DSTG,

    Can you tell Ure readers who is the LONGEST serving Deep State Tool in US Govt Bureaucracy ever?

    J Edgar Hoover – who is the Second LOOONGEST serving DST ever in USGB history???

    Wait what is that, DP, “there is no deep state” ?! sharp as a bowlingball that one..

    Second Looooongest serving DSTool in US Govt. history – dr tony falsie -37 years!

    Thirty Seven yearys – thats alot of Presidents and admins – wonder how he stays in POWER.

    tony is also the 3rd HIGHEST paid bureaucrat in US Govt – making him above the 1%, actually in the .00015%.

    Scam gets better – he is allowed to keep Honoraiums – like the $500,000 New Albany Med Ctr. GAVE him for “Science Innovation” – just so happens they LIVE on NIH Grants.

    Look what he did to Virologist Peter Duesburg/ UC Berkley – who questioned HIV causes AIDS Formula. LITERALLY (look it up meaning DP) Hounded out of his career , had Tenure, but needed Funding. “basically , anybody that wants to have a career knows its Very Clear – you don’t cross tony falsie or you dont have a career anymore”-vt, so he’s got ALL the Universities in his pocket.

    This SCUM is one of the MAIN HENCHMAN in Controlling Science to the NEGATIVE.

    Remember the story that falsie was calling fredo coumo Everyday during his covert19 infection? This scumbag would give Doctor Goebbels a run for his money when it comes to propaganda.

    36 Years controls massive infrastructure of propaganda, media control,research money and political control.

    “there is no such thing as a deep state” – really? Really?!

    1/2 a TRILLION Dollars and Still NO AIDS Vaccine..hmmm
    falsie Re Classified AZT for Humans. -Estimated between 200k-500k Died from AZT consumtion. AZT turns out is a Carcinogen/actually Destroys immune systems.

    Look what HE has ALREADY Done to US with Covert19 – Already Skipping Animal Trials in Race to vaccine $$$.

    falsie has been Hysteria for 36 YEARS – ALWAYS WRONG!

    >Wrong – Swine Flu
    >Wrong – Bird Flu
    >Wrong – Zika
    >Wrong – Ebola
    > wildly exaggerated AIDS – always wrong in Favor “PHARMA Mafia”

    *His wifeis chief ofdept Bioetheics of NIH, hahaha, and head of section of Human Subject Research.

    go ahead Expendable Containers – try and debunk any info above regards the EVIL toni falsie.

    oh wait thats not politcally corerect hahaha – Useless Eaters then ?

    What ? thats offensive too ?

    okay Ure Human Resources then- hahaha-bababa

  8. Sooner or later it had to come crashing down anyway as the money flowed from the bottom to the top in the greatest transfer of wealth in the nations history, and where it remains today.Forty years of looting the country has ended the American dream and its only going to get worse as the two (one)party system will make sure of that,Reagan started it and every president since adopted the same system.I see N.Y. is going to add another two million to the unemployment rolls as business’s go bankrupt with no one to replace them, the state is billions in debt like most of the rest the Federal Government is in debt trillions,the nation is splintered with no end in sight as we continue to blame others for our demise,Truman was a joke a very small man in a waay to big a house,as he said when FDR died “pray for me boys”as he was better at playing poker and drinking whiskey with the boys in congress,which is all congress was any good at anyway,made an end run on the Constitution with the War Powers Act to involve us in another war thousands of miles away, which gained us nothing except thousands dead and more wounded and that ain’t changed nor will it….

  9. The FED and the ‘bought and paid for’ politicians have created ALL of our problems……ALL and THEY are ready with a elitist world order do as we tell you Marxist driven..think (UN agendas 2030 ) agenda….. SOLUTION….BOTH parties have been corrupted and they think they will remain in power by FORCE to administer this Marxist utopia….voting just gives the RNC and the DNC… the CONSENT of the Governed….to continue their power and ultimate goal……do you notice for the last 30+ years NOTHING good has changed inside this country….rehashed argument…every 4 years…NO MATTER who is President…the CONgress allows the FED to rule…this last election is NO different…as YOUR money is almost worthless…You just do not realize it YET…soon you will….and the blessings of GOD have vanished from this nation….as the CONgress and the SCOTUS have allowed ‘evil’ to prevail….’wrath of GOD will soon be upon this once proud and GOD fearing nation…unfortunately..those of us who despise ‘Satan’ and his minions…the Swamp’ for sure…are along for this traumatic era in time….your prayers are for you and yours….to late for this nation…imo

    • No reason to put forward GOD having blessed this country, nor taken his blessings away. We did all this by ourselves. Is very simple to explain with Freedom, and equal treatment under the law, and limited powers of the Feds. In the past you were free to succeed or fail, based on your personal decisions and hard work. I guess is easy to just point to GODs approval or dis-approval vs. finding and fixing the underlying causes. I certainly cannot change GODs actions but theoretically I could support and vote for different people. Instead we have people in congress for 40, 50 years doing the same stupid things over and over. We continue to vote to have the Federalies to provide more and more services to us, the citizens, while at the same time not actually paying for it. We had the chance to pass a balanced budget amendment a few times and lacked the commitment. So instead we suffer the debasement of our currency, because we the people cannot live with hard financial decisions. Give any politician a choice to buy something today and maybe pay for it later, and that is the choice they will always make.

  10. “they are building the future on quicksand up there?”

    Yup and they all have known about it for years and years.. oh heck.. it follows time lines.. and has for thousands of years.. it is all about greed..the distancing between social classes through economic measures….take the deregulation of the insurance industry or the medical industry.. as one example.. It doesn’t matter what your race religion or belief is.. if someone you care about gets sick.. you will seek out medical services.. when deregulation and industry started to outsource for higher profit margins..companies took company backed medical insurance off of the benefits offered to part time employees.. today you mostly see just the upper social class of the companies offered these benefits..
    you and I know that they will seek out the care insurance or not.. and the costs associated with the care will be passed on.. simple economics 101 a company has to pay for what they deliver.. the boss making a million plus a year in wages will want more.. the guy at the bottom is his stepping stone..
    I have said many times.. that I was better off when I made minimum wage in the seventies than I am now.. and IF minimum wage had kept up with the economic increases minimum wage would be around thirty five dollars an hour.. and that doesn’t even consider the extra costs of services that have been exploited to drive the gaps widening between the social classes.. Our very own Mark talks often about the rise in his sales because of the increase in demand in the bay area.. where a kid making a quarter million dollars a year is in poverty.. and the fact that the apparent disgusting aspects of the bay area are not visible tells you that he is not around them.. the gap between the classes.. all of these aspects are what has driven civilizations to collapse in history.. we are just following the trend.. make the gap big enough and the people revolt.. the tyrants get control take what the upper social classes have by gaining the support of the people.. then the new civilization with get to go through the whole cycle all over again.. where if .. those seeking the golden goose egg had taken just a little less.. given more attention to the people they rely on for the golden goose egg.. and the things in their community.. we could have lasted a thousand years like the Romans.. but we didn’t.. we won’t. a second in command in the hospital here was downsized years ago.. and we were sitting around his pool.. he was so devastated because the only position he could get was going to pay him a half million a year.. he took that as an insult.. I laughed and told him that they could insult me all day long like that.. I think I was making five dollars or just shy that at the time.. the bigger companies will reap what they can then get out..its all a business model..

    I know.. its the brookings.I use to go here all the time then it dawned on me… they were playing both roles in the debate..

    a guy could .. literally go all day giving great articles to read on the social distancing of wage employees and the upper classes..
    My personal thought is it is about acquisition.. we know that the puppeteers don’t like acquiring anything by negotiations.. they like the feeling that they have defeated others.. so similar to Adolph’s second book.. the best way is to acquire what they upper social classes has is by gaining the support of the lower classes.. promote greed… push greed’s acquisition.. then get the mass dependent on the social programs that have had to be developed because of the promotion of greed.. make the masses pay for the programs.. then take it away and give it to the upper social structures gaining the support of the masses.. when the people respond then take the assets that were gotten through their promotion of greed and steal it away from them.. in Adolph’s time he imprisoned them and did away with the ones that could have made the differences.. of course there were a few of the Schindler’s.. but they are just a few.. most employers don’t know the people or their families working for them.. they are in the wrong class much less help them or gain their support.. a few companies do.. but you know who they are.. they don’t have to keep hiring..

    • Looking Out of the Box: Your analysis is similar to mine. So, what does that mean for investment allocation? I’m sitting in Florida collecting Social Security and bond interest and have maybe 20% in stocks. I have no idea of what to do when the bonds mature or are called and am close to pulling the trigger on stock liquidation. I don’t care about getting rich–I’d just rather not be poor.

      • Unfortunately mark I don’t have a clue.. everything I put away had to be used for medical. We dont leave with anything except a couple of boxes of assorted crap a few photos and memories of what you stood for..
        Things are things and in my eyes don’t hold as much value. They can be replaced..they are out dated. I like you are dependent on the very programs that will enslave all of us .
        What I thought was important wasn’t the minute my health took a turn..
        That’s when I realized the importance of family friends and faith.

    • @lootb

      up till the 70’s our Currency was backed by MONEY…ie. GOLD and SILVER…

      Today Fiat currency is considered money,,which it is NOT…money only gold and silver are mentioned in the constitution Article 1 section 10….

      now it is backed by nada ,zilch, NOTHING….result / it BUYS less…since there is zero value….unless you think there is any value in the ‘ faith and credit ‘ of the Government….

      • It really irritates me that everyone is working so hard trying to erase our history.. similar to the Egyptians chiseling everything that dealt with the female pharaoh.

        It’s our history. Part of who we are..times were different. I handy first job at thirteen and was working at pioneer times if a wife passed on it usually was the eldest daughters responsibility to take on the mother and wife’s place.
        Once nancy green’s effigy is gone who will remember her story and philanthropist agenda by giving black children the opportunity to get an education promote their entrepreneurial spirits of success..
        Today we call slaves emoyees

      • It’s the “hierarchical” arrangement of the figures with a Native American standing on one side and a black man on the other. Guess they should have their heads at the same level to suit the whiners.

        My fear is what’s going to happen to Mt. Rushmore? Anything they do to damage that and gun store owners across the country will be handing out inventory to screaming conservatives and things will totally fall apart.

  11. I wonder how many lives would be saved if everyone obeyed the law, did not commit violent crime or did not resist arrest. Seems to me the perpetrator very often becomes the victim and then seeks justice for them self (if still alive). Would probably be a better solution to reducing the need for more police than defunding them and creating an ever expanding ring of crime.

    At 78, I grew up in a different era. Sorry for being so naive. Hard to watch what is happening today.

    • Just think of all the wailing and gnashing of teeth..when all the high crime areas minus the police protection because no one will work those areas after dark
      After rodney king the looting and burning the violence that already exists..after businesses moved away who will stand up for those neighborhoods.. the gangs that control the streets..
      There are neighborhoods I wouldn’t ever consider entering..just because the odds are I would not live to tell the tale.
      I am not sure but I think it was Stanford that did a live study on this.. the results were staggering.

      • Sad to say sets up a ripe environment for drug cartels to move in, take over and then expand into surrounding neighborhoods. Look what happened in Mexico. Democratic city govts don’t seem to care!

    • BIC,
      We are the victims of our own knowledge. Every second of everything that happens in America is available in real time on Twitter, Instagrams, Facebook, etc.

      In the era you and I grew up in, it was go with the flow, with what we didn’t know. We just assumed that everything was being taken care of. What happens that day wasn’t known until the 6:00pm news. By that time, it was too late to so anything about it. Now, I am 15 years behind you, but the technology, or lack of it was the same growing up for both of us. …so I know what you mean.

      Today, everything is in real time as is the commentary and actions and reactions to the news happenings of each and every minute. Therefore, you have more involvement and opinions. That results in spontaneity and unconstrained remarks and backlash.

      It’s like a out of control spin cycle…a hurricane spiraling frantically into the abyss. The ancients used this spiral imagery in their art and hieroglyphs…probably an ancient stop sign of sorts to warn future generations to avoid. We did t listen. Therefore…the world we live in today!

  12. “The poster boy for neoclassical types is Adam Smith. He figured investors were rational, that government had only a “rule-making role” and should stay out of markets, and that when you look closely, people tend to “Get what they deserve.””

    Truth is, I’m a neoclassicist. And you may have added that nobody should be entitled to anything by birth unless they produce value by their actions (babies excempt!)!

  13. “And despite the abject failure of the Johnson Great Society to end poverty and lead to equality, minorities in America have been sold a bill of goods.”

    That’s why it’s HOPELESS because their ranks are swelling to a supermajority thay will vote for representatives that favour their agenda, IMHO. ;-(( Believe me, because I’ve lived long enough.

    • Its just not minorities but the whole working class that has been sold a bill of goods and that goes clear back to the founding of the country,just read the history of the working class as they struggled for both a raise in income and safe working conditions,while the pigs feasted at the table and that ain’t changed nor will it as long as people embrace the two political parties….

  14. Reading GU’s comments it came to my mind that THAT was what the (much maligned) NSDAP was fighting against in Germany 100 years ago. They found popular support and succeeded over “bolshevism” in that country untill now ;-(.

    In our country there is lacking support for any counteraction, and therefore I think that this time IT IS FOR REAL.

    Trivia: Sergei Nikitich Khrushchev 84 died the other day in the US. He was a US citizen for almost 30 years. Something to think about.

  15. I was in Menards the other day. It was impossible for me (or any other “tag-watcher”) to not notice that prices of non-domestic goods have bumped 25% since April. A dollar may still buy what an April 2020 dollar bought, if it’s all American-made or grown, but anything imported is going to reflect the insanity of the money supply numbers, and we, being stupid consumers, will b!tch at the retailers, instead of the cause.

    • Bought a new pair of Red Wing boots today for $184 – up $60 from what I paid for the pair I’ve worn out about 5 years ago. The truck has a new set of tires, too, for $1300. BFG’s TA/KO2’s that have gone up a little over $300 out the door with road hazard insurance in the past 2 years. The ranch eats tires like candy so that’s how long they last me. At least it’s deductible. Mineral supplements are up a little over last year, too. Roughly 10%.

      I’ve had the feeling I’d better start taking care of purchases like this before things get out of hand in the financial World and while I have the money.

  16. Leapin Lizards Gman – Bitcoin is only $9500 “greenbacks’ today – with CBDC just over the horizon.

    Central bank digital currencies – dont ever let a crisis go to waste – and those “badbux” are dirty, germ carrying nasty ass pieces of paper. Soon to be declared ‘dangerous to Ure health”.

    *Everybody here on Urban should send all of ure physical bills to BCN c/o G. Ure, E. Texas Outback Rd., Palistine TX 75801

    The BCN will in return send U a Warrant good 4 the purchase of ONE CBDC (when issued) – There is NO DEBT attached this Warrant, so U will already be ahead of the game.

    “what a great deal !” ..I know, right – U R welcome – ye

    ..goats and dogs to – MURICA” – Gruppefuhrer Bush and a 1000 points of Light.

    If U go back and listen to his 2 nd Inauguration speech and replace the word United States with Germany – it becomes very clear who Runs the “show”. TLEBB (thelilevilbastardbush) 2nd Inauguration speech is equally eyeopening when listened to today.

    No Freedom 4 U or Bitcoin! bwahahahahaha

    no worries – U & monkeybush should be good shorting BTC’s ..someday.

  17. Trump’s showing in Tulsa was the direct result of an effort made by the Chinese and a wildly-popular Korean boy-band. These two entities used TicToc and a fan base of 100mln followers, respectively, to flood Tulsa with ticket requests, then “no-show” the tickets.

    While the mere unsubstantiated rumor that Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign was assisted by “Russians” was enough to spark FOUR INVESTIGATIONS, apparently, it’s okay for others to jack with his 2020 campaign, with impunity…

    • I don’t buy that story Ray. Nobody needed a ticket to be in the overflow crowd. Local Tulsan’s could have showed up for that. They didn’t. Also, why did Ivanka and Jared dress down the campaign manager for overstating the crowds? There never was 800,000 tickets sold or reserved and the Trump campaign will never, ever reveal those numbers. It would actually be in their best interest if they did show that they reserved 800,000 tickets. It would make your case. The real story is that nobody cares about Trump anymore… BUT…

      … the REAL fact is that nobody wanted to be in a huge crowd with no PPE, especially since 8 of his campaign staff tested positive that were there ahead of the event. COVID numbers were up in Tulsa and hell…it could have been a concert with the Stones, McCartney, Eagles, Who, Chili Peppers, Cold Play and whatever your into and the results would have probably been the same under the circumstances. Of course, those bands have enough sense not to do such an event during this time. Trump…not so much

      • In this case, I suspect that both yourself and Ray are right about a piece of the picture. The whole picture is that the wingnuts are using Covid-19 to wreck the economy and overthrow multi-party representational gang democracy, and the people are scared and angry. Everything else is a sub-meme.

        Political terrorism and ethnic cleansing by corporate brown shirts under direction of wingnuts are coming to a neighborhood near you. If you don’t submit to the debt slavery and political despotism, the wingnuts will use social media to gang stalk you, make you a prisoner in your own home, and then simply seize your property under false pretense. Living out in the hinterlands will not protect you from organized, targeted political criminal terrorism committed by corporate sociopath subcontractors under cover of public welfare.

        Note that I am not calling out right or left in this; all of the wingnuts are behaving like wannabe warlords trolling for victims. The upcoming tsunami of Covid-19 bankruptcy and defaults is providing a perfect storm of cover for targeted political terrorism and ethnic hate cleansing by corporate brown-shirts under direction of local and regional wingnut front organizations. The looting is already in full swing, hidden in plain view by social media propaganda campaigns.

  18. “COVID-Crunch? Fed Begins Rationing Coins As Americans Horde Cash”

    Um, no.

    “Coinage” is issued by the “Department of the Treasury, United States Government,” is backed by the Government (not a bankster), and has nothing to do with the Federal Reserve, so how can the FED regulate or determine production or distribution of U.S. coins?

    • @ Ray

      Congress ceded authority to the FED to print /create digital currency…hence we borrow every dollar into circulation and pay the FED 3%…while increasing the DEBT and NEVER pay off the PRINCIPLE…just rolls over…..great business model but NOT for US….A………that is why the FED rules this country and its paid for politicians and their minions….you and I just get the tab….and what is at the end of it…the SHAFT……so VOTE in a new scumbag politician….and the FED still rules…no change since 1913…..really noticeable since 1972..NIXON killed the gold backing of our dollar…….this country down hill ever since….almost at the bottom…2020 should be the end of this REPUBLIC….the NEW USSA….a Marxist utopia….as Freedom and Liberty will be a tough and violent battle to keep..if we can prevail…….imo…….Semper Fi…

      • That’s true, but the FED does not control COINAGE or the U.S. Mint. Every planchet or proof the BoM strikes into a coin is issued and backed by the U.S. Treasury, not the Federal Reserve…

  19. George, just when I think I’m done wasting my time, you drag me back in.
    The greatest MMT grifters are clearly the Conservatives, giving tax cuts to the Rich. Reagan nearly tripled the national debt with his trickle-down nonsense, and Trump added another $2 trillion with tax cuts (instead of immigration reform! Nice. LOL.).
    W too. (Not to mention another $8 trillion you guys added onto the national debt for that ‘Support the Troops’ debacle you conservatives just loved to rah rah.)
    You guys make the ‘Lunch for Hungry Kids’ Libtards look like rank amateurs.
    As I like to say, the Libs waste millions, but the Conservatards loot trillions. Best, Mike.

    • No, ‘fraid not. MMT is Heterodoxy (look it up)” Your Keynesian/Marxist pals are the one’s who ran congress. Clinton, Obama, Bush – all recent presidents have tilted to the crooked fix. Free lunches for all. Biden will out grease Trump…the country will be sliding into the abyss and you left-wingers – adherents of Marx, Antifa, equality of income with no effort…all the same wet dystopian dreams dressed up in a crook’s garb.
      Assholes of the left (Marx, Keynes, Veblen – own MMT. With the bankruptcy (moral and financial) in Venezuela, Peru when it made a run there, Zimbabwe…oh, and let’s not forget lefty ideas didn’t work in Russia OR China – they had to pile on enough “incentives” to get people off their asses….yeah. Have another snort, Mikie, ol comrade.
      The Reality Revolution will hurt people like you, but oh, well…

      • Sorry George don’t mean to but in but when you try to lay it to congress your playing the blame game for the president is suppose to be the leader, he sets the policy. As for other countries and their forms of government to be honest its none of our damn business what kind of government they have, and many of those except for our endless meddling wouldn’t be in the shape they are now.Our stroke in the world is dead on arrival no one believes us no one wants us no one wants someone meddling in their affairs, threatening to bomb them back to the stone age or trying to get into their financial system like we tried with China, but it didn’t work and now Trump is running with the anti- China game the only game he has.The game with Russia is over we have become the ugly step child in the room and there’s no room in that room for us for no one wants us….

      • “Biden will out grease Trump…the country will be sliding into the abyss ”

        Phew… George.. that’s my greatest fear.. then as we slide they will opt for a war to pump up gonzo’s goals and we will be in dire straits..
        And if they dont get in.. we will still have to go through the corrections.. damned if you do damned if we don’t.

      • “Sorry George don’t mean to but in but when you try to lay it to congress your playing the blame game for the president is suppose to be the leader, he sets the policy.”


        When somebody blames da Prez, they’re “playing the blame game” because WRT money and spending, the President can only accept (sign) or reject (veto) whatever garbage spending bills Congress sends him. He can lead and set policy all he wants, but Congress determines whether his policies get funded or not.

  20. John Brunner was an extraordinary prophet. I am unsure whether we are in “stand on Zanzibar” or the second half of “the sheep look Up” either way, we are close to “put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye” time!!!!

  21. Today I lined up behind two white people to buy a cup of coffee at work from a white server. A black man of casual middle class attire marched directly to the front of the line with a cup in hand, drew the server’s attention, and requested ice. The server politely asked him to wait in line along with everybody else.

    The black man complied and lined up behind me. The server turns around and attends to tasks at hand. Shortly thereafter I hear a soft voice, “sir may I move in front of you?” I smile at his audacity and let the black man forward. The woman in front does the same, all unbeknownst to the server. The black man reaches the counter again and asks for ice. The server reminds him to wait in line “because the other people were here first”.

    The black man no longer speaking softly says “you wouldn’t say that to a white person, black lives matter you know”. He receives his cup of ice from the now-angry server. Then he walks away loudly repeating “black lives matter,…black lives matter…”. It was an interesting display of behavior offering indication of where the social norms are trending.

    By the way, when my turn came, I took my coffee with the usual double cream. It wasn’t bitter.

    • I’m absolutely shocked at the ease with which both the black and white people seem to be drawn into their assigned roles in the current play. The blacks have been given a role of excess importance by the media and the whites have been told to grovel before black people. Both roles are unwarranted and we need to stand up to this nonsense. We are all people, whether we like it or not. We are supposed to have functional minds and free will! Use it or lose it!

      I’d have told the black man in the scenario that he’d have to wait his turn. He’s obviously indoctrinated with some sense of privilege that needs to be confronted or it will get much worse. Sadly, I’ve met people of this sort before. They are as insufferable as any other sort of supremacist.

      Regarding statues, I’d suggest seeing this short comment from a very pretty and well spoken lady from Venezuela:

      This playbook is old. We have no excuses for allowing it.

    • God Jester that reminds me of my daughter LONG STORY THAT I WON’T get into.. she ended up needing dental care and because of the circumstances had to go to the free dental clinic.. they take a set number of people..
      she had a lot of physical health issues.. and I got her there at four thirty.. am.. and she waited first in line.. I went to breakfast.. I get back and she is in tears.. what happened.. well the lady went to open the clinic door.. she walks in and is heading towards the counter and ten illegal refugee’s go up.. ( in their country women have no rights) they pushed her down on the floor and then berated her for having the audacity to be in front of them.. and when she went to say something shoved her aside all while the receptionist watched.. went up to the counter and got in.. she gets there and says did you see what happened.. and she gets this lecture about how she should be more accepting their way of life.. no you cannot be seen..
      I was so upset.. I went in and asked about it.. got a similar response I should be more respectful of their ways.. needless to say I got the daughter into another dentist..

  22. has anybody watched the video footage out of Seattle. It looks like a bunch of young grown up adults throwing temper tantrums . Did no one ever paddle theses idiots when they were kids. discussing. Boy are we in trouble. where do these little darlings go when the sun comes up ? Back to mommies basement. poor parenting

    • “It looks like a bunch of young grown up adults throwing temper tantrums”

      Dave I am sure we grew up during times when things were a lot different.. we didn’t have violent computer games or perverted television promoting violence and making crime look appealing.. we grew up during a time of innocence.. and we had responsibilities.. I see the kids today walking aimlessly.. they see something that doesn’t quite match what their vision is..
      I once was put in charge of giving a young college graduate for nursing a low down on the job.. she followed I made sure she did it right.. we got into the job about fifteen minutes and she stopped and said.. I didn’t get into this for this.. my question was.. what did you think the job was.. her response.. sitting in an office with books around me.. excuse me.. this IS the job.. she walked out.. she didn’t have any desire to do the job..
      by trying to give our children the things that we didn’t have we have spoiled them.. my grand daughter was asking her parents how to budget for an apartment.. they weren’t telling her.. I said hold on kids.. you have to give her the real facts.. if you don’t I WILL… and I sat her down to give her the life lesson on how to budget and what to expect.. she was shocked..she didn’t have a clue.. when I was a kid my parents once a month set down the months receipts.. the months bills on the kitchen table.. we sat around while they discussed what was to be paid and how it was to be paid.. we didn’t have much but we knew what was going on.. the only two that they didn’t do that with are the younger siblings..
      the marches and violence.. that is just another symbol of what is to come.. it is all a get people to push the socialism agenda.. make it so hard to supply the basics.. get people dependent on programs then take it away.. now its pushing the rebel against the haves..make it look as if the elderly are leaches on the system.. ( even though everyone knows if they had put those very same funds in another saving method the rewards would have been tens of millions of dollars.. my donation to SS alone would have been compounded to between twenty five and fifty million simple old school ..)

  23. “The FED and the ‘bought and paid for’ politicians have created ALL of our problems……ALL and THEY are ready with a elitist world order do as we tell you Marxist driven”

    The sad part d…. all of them have a 98 percent chance of being reelected..
    The only thing the people have.. is the VOICE of the people.
    Unfortunately no one would use that..ghandi used it.. for us..we could use the mail system..unfortunately it would be hard to organize and monitor it..

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