CFNAI, C/S-H, Fed, Etc.

Ah – misplaced the old decoder ring because of National Tequila Day, Sunday, right?

Let me help:  Our Agendizer for the week (which looks like a Brisqi Kanban board (which we will also cover this morning) uses these abbreviations as placeholders in my dynamite columns.  Or, ones like this…


Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator.

This is closely tracked by financial websites – for a lack of anything more current to report.  Sure, overnight markets globally fill up time and prompt the talking-heads.  But does anyone care that the Nikkei was down 215-points overnight?  Naw.  Euro opened firm, BTC is still over $21,000, so life is good.  How do you scam people into gluing their eyeballs onto the hype machine?  The CFNAI is just what the news doctors ordered:

“The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) was unchanged at –0.19 in June. Two of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made negative contributions in June, and two categories deteriorated from May. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, moved down to –0.04 in June from +0.09 in May.

Last month? The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) was +0.01 in May, down from +0.40 in April.

At 10:30 today, the Dallas Fed manufictioning report will land.  NoDoz and coffee while we wait?

We are not alone, howsomever. Germany ‘on brink of recession’ as gas shortage fears hit confidence.

C/S-H, Fed, Etc.

The rest of the morning’s alphabet soup as a lookahead.

  • Tomorrow, the Case-Shiller/S&P Housing report rolls out.  I resent their timing (8 AM Central) because it forces us into a second (short) report tomorrow after our main rant.  And because we already know housing is cooling somewhat.  But – because the Teleprompter in Chief has failed to light up Housing Starts, prices will carry forward a bit stronger than expected.  More demand than supply as we read between the lines of Tight housing market leaves little room for efficiency.
  • Wednesday the Fed will be raising rates.  At least that’s the consensus among critical reviews.  Like this one: Fed relies on dubious data to chart economy’s course.  We, too, have been critical of the Fed’s (idiotic!)  sole focus on the Cost of Living minus food and energy.  Because Life on Earth is done and over without Food or Energy.  This is what happens when quants and academics set policy in lieu of holding manufacturing jobs.  Which maybe has something to do with why those jobs are in Asia now?  Ahem.
  • Etc. is our placeholder for GDP – Gross Domestic Product.  You know the GDP was down in the first quarter, right?  So, if the Thursday report comes out as another sinker, then congrats!  All of America’s hard work and trust in the Pelosi-Schemer Witch Hunt will have created a Recession.  Whee!
  • The good news for the Clown Posse (which will reconvene the Witch Trials in September to have something to pitch low IQ voters) is that if the Q2 numbers can be faked (What?  Govt. lie?) THEN we can’t technically have a Recession until Q4 because the definition of recession is back-to-back quarters of falling GDP.  Lying makes sense – and this pack of a-holes is especially skilled in these regards.

Friday threatens to be a real let-down.

Personal Income and Expenses is as close to a Fractured Fairytale as you’ll find with a sheepskin.  Which will be followed on most of these channels by a few sour grapes about the Employment Cost Index.  These are especially fun because its where the leech-class rich blame the workers.  When in fact, we’re the ones being led around by a scourge more interested in perversion than competent beneficent governance.

Collapse of Civilization Notes

Our back-up consigliere (the primary does have cases to do) was alarmed to read Don’t give skeletons a gender or categorise their race, woke activists demand.  (They can demand anything – just ignore them and maybe they’ll learn to work instead of bitch about everything!).

Also concerning was the report here in Obama’s third term that a Biden judicial nominee on board of prison ‘abolitionist’ group.  Sure – you bet:  Put someone on an Appeals Bench who wants to defund cops and shut down prisons.  What could go wrong, right?  It’s Kalifornia, though, so who will notice?

We’ll be sending additional barf bag shipments to both consiglieres since any lawyer in the right mind will be heaving biscuits at this.  Fortunately, few lawyers (except ours) are in their right minds.  Count the lawyers in Congress and the White House, if you doubt me.

Amazon does have all things for all occasions:  MP MOZZPAK Vomit Bags – 50 Pack – 1000ml Barf Bags – Leak Resistant, Medical Grade, Portable, Emesis Bags Disposable, Puke, Throw Up, Nausea Bags for Travel Motion Sickness, Car & Aircraft, Kids, Taxi.

At $16-bucks, students should have them in every classroom when the gender checks and brainwashing begins anew.  Normal is on the extinction list.  It will join “weather” shortly.

Buy a Lotto Ticket!

Sure, the odds are terrible.  But with a payoff like this?  Mega Millions jackpot at $790 million, fourth largest lottery prize ever.  We’d buy a couple, but I’d then be up all night working on tax planning – and that will jinx any chance….

Light Up a War – Side of Cheer?

Hand me the Zippo and a block of C4, would you?  Russia’s Lavrov accuses the West of impeding Ukrainian talks and grain deal (

Not enough for the dem’s idea of Boom times?  Well, how about China Issues Private Warnings to US on Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip?  We would just as soon she skip Texas, too.

MORE?  You want MORE?   Semtex? Well, how about using all that US war materiel the Bidenistas left in Afghanistan?  We now see the Stani’s eyeing Pakistan for their nukes.  GLOBALink | China-built roads help facilitate travel in Afghanistan-Xinhua.  China has Belt and Road.  We have Fools and Failures.

Speaking of which… China purchased 300 acres in North Dakota 20 minutes from military base causing security concerns.  Idiots or Traitors…you make the call.  I’m just the reporter/contexter/columnist.

We’re planning to invent micro-radar for drone probes…

Want to be Paranoid?  (Which is rational these days): Ryanair returns to spring profit but warns of autumn Covid risks.  Which gets us wondering if the dem’s “October Surprise” for the mid-terms will be a NEW DISEASE (or variant)?

ATR: Personal Productivity Tool

I was looking around for a way to further increase my personal throughput rate.  Looks like I found one in a dandy little cross platform (Win11 and Linux for me) Kanban product called BrisqiBrisqi – Offline-first Personal Kanban App

The thing I find so attractive about it is that the program is an offline tool.  It doesn’t tie up bandwidth yammering.  And I like that – a lot.

Which is not to say it won’t – in fact, there’s a $50 buck a year synching version.  But for just keeping a semi-complicated life organized…yeah, this may be the ticket.

Much more useful than the To-Do list nonsense that’s out there.

Senior Job Hunting?

Every so often I will see a job on – where someone is specifically looking for seniors (because we may be the only ones left with a “clean work ethic” (e/g/ one that doesn’t piss away time, useless meetings, or revenue on things like virtue signaling.)

Most overworked term I have found lately is “Agile.”  As “Must have Agile experience.”

Well, no.  Agile is find for software design but it has become this week’s hot word in HR because, so few people have really worked in software design and around the algo-to-code interface.  Just stupid to see how HR has made Agile this week’s holy grail. 16 Agile Statistics [2022]: What You Need To Know About Agile Project Management.

What is God’s name is so damn hard about a workflow?  Sheesh.  If Kanban by itself doesn’t get your personal house in order (handling your pullouts from Project) then really…calling a project Agile is just as silly as the ERP craze and the JIT, and time management schemes before that, these management fads come along to afflict real workers every decade or so.

Humans seem prone to confusing labels with results and thinking by labeling a project as Agile that the skies will part, and lazy workers will suddenly become productive.  I sure haven’t seen it.  Agile is just another monetization of what a good manager would do anyway.

Wasn’t the Roman Empire agile in its decline?  And if being agile is so great, why is there a supply chain crisis and chip shortages.  Um…you may not like my answer.

Wake me when it blows over.

Write when you get rich,

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53 thoughts on “CFNAI, C/S-H, Fed, Etc.”

  1. “Agile” is just this week’s bullshit trendyism among the semi-competent, who are holding job slots just slightly out of their depth.

    Bottom line
    Boots on the ground
    At the end of the day
    …and so very many others of this ilk.

    All instantly hackneyed expressions with short lifespans, no useful content, and the appeal to allow the dullards to briefly seem to have some “kinda now, kinda wow” intelligence.


    Ignore it. It will quickly become useless.

  2. I recently wrapped up a career as a software engineer. For the last 15 years at least Corporate had adopted “Agile” . What that amounted to was 2 or 3 times the developers they really needed. None of them understanding the problem. Two or three “product managers” heading up this group. Not a one understanding either the problem at hand or how to design and write software.

    Hilarity ensued. Scrum (meeting) every day at first. These are a big deal because it gives all the managers something on their planning calendars.

    After seven years and seven developers, New team not even close to reverse engineering what I did in three years singlehanded. Of course I never studied software formally. Now degree is a requirement.

    I f4rt in the general direction most outfits and “agile”.

    “While there is much anecdotal evidence that adopting agile practices and values improves the effectiveness of software professionals, teams and organizations, the empirical evidence is mixed and hard to find.[8][9]”

    Evidence will probably show it actually degrades it!

    Anyway, I am a 68 YO now and unemployed so water under the bridge.



    • You remind me of Dad and brother, no degrees, genius IQ’s, in everything they did, not just one quadrant or area, no formal education either. Do you think the globalist destroyers will succeed in wiping that genetic material off the face of the earth, or will we live in a sub-freezing dna test tube to be brought back when needed to enhance the degraded bordering on insanity sub-human masses?

  3. Just In Time supply chain management. Remember that one? The results are writ large on shelves and lots at [insert favorite retail / dealership facility here].

  4. Ah, Agile – a term near and ear to my heart – (just kidding). I have been in IT for many years since my first career with the Marines and NSA. Through most of my career, we used the old ‘waterfall method’ of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), Waterfall is nothing more than executing the normal phases of any design, build, and deploy project.

    In the last 10 years, things have transitioned into this new “Agile’ world – I have been in various ‘agile roles’ such as Product Manager and Scrum Master. There are a few companies that I have worked for that have done a very job in implementing the agile methodology, but for most companies, it’s just a buzz word. Agile has created lots of roles that were previously just done by PM’s and Business Analysts. It’s really nothing special, but it does add a layer of staffing that HR departments love and can drive up the costs of projects!

    In the end, there are managers and meetings to get shit done. We can call them Product Managers, scrum masters, or whatever, but it does not change much. I have to admit, that some of the Agile software such as Jira and DevOps – if used properly – can add some organization around requirements and such – they do beat putting all your stuff in huge Spreadsheets that become very unwieldy over time.

  5. “defund cops”

    ‘If’ Uvalde had defunded their COPs, when the bad guy was killing their kids the citizens would have killed the bad guy.

    Instead…. like Florida, the COPs made an active decision to let the kids die while blocking parents from saving their kids.

    Everybody wins.

  6. com·mand e·con·o·my

    noun: command economy; plural noun: command economies

    an economy in which production, investment, prices, and incomes are determined centrally by a government.

    “The U.S. Senate advanced CHIPS Act legislation Tuesday night to provide $52 billion for domestic chip manufacturing incentives and research investments with a 25% investment tax credit for semiconductor manufacturing.”

    – 4 days ago


  7. G, G, G,

    What the blazes has gotten into you good sir?!

    Is it the Texas heat wave that has dullesed Ure senses, quashed Ure mega millions jackpot dreams? Might as well throw in the towel now, and forgo getting any farter along the road of “Life’.
    What? seems you no longer down with helping support the elederly “..”Benefits Older Pennsyltuckians”.
    As a matta of fact – this No buying a mega millions ticket is akin to U being ANTI ELDERLY -
    Not a very nice thing at all – booooooo – heres hoping the Market takes Ure lunch money you ole sourpuss.
    No worries more experienced peeps – I will just buy a few MOAR ducats my own dam self..Yeyhaaa ! Lets Go! and cover Ures’ miserly Lotto short.
    Gotz 2 be in It, 2 WIN It -No Play, No Pay!

    *Gold Miners are on Sale today..4-5% Div. yields, measurable OZ’s Gold in the ground, streaming agreements in place. Christmas in July.
    **Bear positioned in SPY @355 level – expensed at $.05 per, Options are worthless right now and expire this afternoon..

  8. Facing retirement, I’ve decided to start a new career as a spotter for pole dancers. Agile? Hell yes!

  9. A juxtaposition.

    – More state funding for folks who didn’t plan:

    Around half of older Americans can’t afford essential expenses: report

    “Although Americans over the age of 65 are eligible for Medicare coverage, data from June 2022 indicate the majority of older residents consider health care costs a financial burden. As Baby Boomers continue to age, this growing population will put more strain on federally- or state- sponsored health insurance. ”

    – More state funding for folks who didn’t plan:

    Flint gets $170M pension fund bailout in state budget

    FLINT, MI — Flint’s pension system, an increasing drain on the city’s budget and a threat to its solvency, is getting a $170 million cash infusion from the state.

    Mayor Sheldon Neeley said in a news conference on Friday, July 1, that the newly adopted state budget includes the funding that will help chip away at a $400 million liability in the pension system, bringing it closer to being funded at minimum levels set by the state.

  10. “Amazon does have all things for all occasions:  MP MOZZPAK Vomit Bags – 50 Pack – 1000ml Barf Bags ”

    I have those them originally when I was going to have the kids enter the NASA interstellar food production contest.. ( then got sick) and the laundry
    For corn.. this year I tried 4 inch placement .. yup perfect the only issue was stalk support. Next tear if I can I will make the unit..
    The idea was the barf bag being a removable greenhouse..collapse for easy storage.. the only issue would be and end cap for the light bar.. first stage.. seed germination.. then to second stage where the plant begins growth ( barf bag) then production stage for maturity.. with pollinators and room to expand..
    The new bee hives no touch would work great for that.. I got some end caps made I will send you some peas. Simple easy stackable and can b e used drawer fashion or carousel. I originally wanted to not only get the kids to get it on the high altitude balloon but make one to grow in winter outside lol.. like most things.. I can only make it for someone else..

    • Besides the light bar cap.. the other side would need to be a simple twist lock seal..

  11. one group of folks never get it wrong . they hava swung long big time . go for it jerome

  12. watch the greatest crash ever folks. get seats now not many left. popcorn $20 a tub . admission free

  13. agile?

    relating to or denoting a method of project management, used especially for software development, that is characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans.
    “agile methods replace high-level design with frequent redesign”

    would that be like knowing what the election software will elect before the election? got to be quick and able to reassign those votes,, I mean those ballots with out legal voters :( , help a brother out here, can I parlay this into a Vegas wager?

  14. “All of America’s hard work and trust in the Pelosi-Schemer Witch Hunt will have created a Recession.  Whee!”

    The re-emergence of the geico commercials…. but in real life with everyone enjoying the ride..

  15. history rewritten rate rises provide stronger depressions ,zero growth and higher markets . i love the smell of rigging in the morning das fuhrer klaus is wunderbar . sam houston comin fellas , he gunna get rid of every one of you

  16. There are companies out there who hire oldsters. Most are small outfits who need people who are already trained with a work ethic. Chances are that the job you find will be at lower pay than you once commanded, and the job descriptions can be a little off of industry norms, but benefits can be decent with the rise of outsourced HR. I’m not sure how the insurance gets billed with the outsourced HR, but medical bills don’t seem to be as much a problem as it is with the corporate brown shirts or with small in-house group plans. If you are already on Medicare, you may can negotiate a deal to carry your own insurance, making you more competitive.
    I stumbled into a job of that sort several years back, and the paychecks have been steady. The company has a good business, but credit and cash flow have been a constant problem. The company is having problems keeping freshly trained young ones, who haul @ss as soon as they have a little experience to advertise under their belt. This continues to open up opportunities for the oldsters.
    When applying for a job, if you have special needs, then get it in writing up front. Common issues will be with climbing or travel. Likewise, check your ego before you show up for the interview or first day. You have to remember that while life experience and work experience are important, you have no seniority, and the fact that you are more qualified than your supervision (or in some cases, ownership) will just get you in trouble more times than not. You may be a highly experienced newbie, but you are still a newbie. Dealing with the lack of authority seems to be more of a problem for individuals who graduated from seniority-based political positions.

    • Took a job delivering auto parts within a small radius from the store… supposedly good job for the retiree. Parts counter staffed by Youngins on summer break. Youngins flock to young store manager… who basks in the accolades of the Youngins. The Oldsters (me and a few others)… always busy and finding things to do. Not much gets done unless the Oldsters do the work. Young store manager doesn’t seem to like us Oldsters… we don’t hang out with em in the office and praise their work ethic. Already gave notice… last day soon

    • “There are companies out there who hire oldsters.”

      The year we went without an income.. Job Service told us.. that anyone fifty and up would have a hard time finding a job.. the reason.. they were un hireable because they had obligations where the younger they could hire and knew they would quit.. my old employer had almost a ninety percent ( and still does.. ) turnover.. walk in one day and see a group a week or two later a whole new bunch..
      there were decades of work for the same employer.. all the older higher paid employees were shoved out the door one by one for any reason they could find to hire younger lower income no benefit employees..
      Job service said once you get to sixty five or on SS then you could get a job.. because they knew it would be temporary.. times have changed from the seventies and sixties.. everyone that we had worked with for over twenty years has new positions.. except one.. they were at retirement age when they downsized…
      the place that we call home base now.. the owner of that joint isn’t making one dime.. he is actually paying people out of pocket to work there.. ( the reason that place has sold so many times.) the only reason he hasn’t sold it.. is its a write off or.. he doesn’t see it because he has so many other places and the constant flow .. everything is all added together on his books.. (similar to delivering newspapers.. ) you got a dime a paper. but it cost you twelve cents a paper to deliver..

  17. Dam.. am I the ignorant and uninformed one or what……
    Here all this time I thought the primary mode of travel was a broom…

    I wonder if this is a copy of the one they took control of its programming and landed a few years ago..

    • Hmm.. old news from yesterday.. but have the ones pulling the strings behind the curtains.. finally made their decision on what their next future actions will be….Only time will tell for sure..
      There’s nothing anyone can do to stop it at this point..I believe that the dammed if you do dammed if you don’t will have to play out no matter what because I believe that we are way beyond the tipping point….

  18. “Don’t give skeletons a gender or categorise their race, woke activists demand.”

    Don’t know what possessed me to read this article George but sorry I did before I ordered the barf bags. If this was published when Donald Trump was president, I would think it was a woke joke. Sadly now, I know it is not a joke. I wonder how much the Chinese worry about this shit? We are doomed.

    By the way LOOB, when I was a kid, I lived across the street from a guy that said he had a car that ran on water. Kept it in the laneway with a big logging chain securing the hood and a large German Shepherd dog in the back yard. He told me all the conspiracy theories about men in dark suits visiting him in the middle of the night. As far as I know, the car never left the laneway and was towed away as a rusted out shell after he died. I used to kid him that the reason he never drove it was because he couldn’t find a long enough garden hose.

    I needed to add this bit of humour as I am still depressed over the gender neutral skeletons.

    Bob In Canada

    • ” I used to kid him that the reason he never drove it was because he couldn’t find a long enough garden hose.”

      the problem with the guy that I knew.. was he openly shared his progress LOL LOL LOL.. the only issue I could see was he was trying to force the separation of hydrogen from the water.. cracking it takes a lot of power.. LOL ..
      the answers are already known.. and patented.. just like magnetic power.. seen a car company do a test run then publish it.. driving a car on magnetic power… two weeks later.. they apologized about showing the test results that it was not a product to be produced.. the texico contest publication use to be open for anyone.. but they have long taken them all down..
      I use to have copies of all of them.. when we decided to go solar.. we put up one kw.. the cost then was what you can put up twenty kw with thirty two kw of battery power wall today.. the thing is.. I bought into the same bs that the power companies tell everyone.. I didn’t do it to make money but to show the kids that this was what should be done.. be the tree.. you will always need the roots.. of a tree but each leaf make power.. like a solar panel.. anyway the power company bought their own bs just like I did.. sent a man out a couple times a week.. after one month called to tell me I couldn’t have meter that went backwards LOL.. then after three months the head of the power company came and we had a long visit.. he is right.. his point was you cannot have free energy and he is totally correct.. the cost of energy affects every aspect of the economy and is exactly why they discourage anyone from selling or promoting free energy.. and hydrogen is similar to DC power and AC power.. DC uses brute force AC lulls it across the wires.. similar to nuclear power it has to be split with frequency.. of course that is just my opinion.. I am pretty confident I could build one .. but I just don’t have the money to experiment or do it.. I did have a seventy two ford that had a factory it was a test car that they put a hydrogen assist splitter on it along with an alcohol water injection system…. I sold it to some race car driver.. years and years ago to put on his race car….

    • “Woke,” like “critical theory” is a stunt to keep us divided and focused on each other, rather than those jerkin’ the strings. If we oneworld it, there won’t be any more “woke.” There also won’t be any more “50 shades of homosexuality,” because our new masters will “send them all to Dachau,” just like the Hitlerian socialists did in the early ’30s…

      • “Woke,” like “critical theory” is a stunt to keep us divided and focused on each other, rather than those jerkin’ the strings.”

        I don’t know… @Ray… the thing is similar to BLM and Antifa defunding police and destroying already in dangerous neighborhoods.. ( notice there wasn’t any BLM or Antifa riots destroying Beverly Hills) they push the people that are already endangered.. defunding their only protection putting the vulnerable in a more precarious position of being the victim.. does not go un noticed by those people living in those a recession .. people cut back on the essentials only for a while.. then they drop the unessential..
        You have a protection team around the to big to fail banks and personell.. eventually if their own families and livelihood’s are affected will they turn back to protect their own communities and families..look at studies on any fallen empire.. the scene plays out the same on all of them..

      • what I do get a chuckle out of.. is everyone assumes it is the poor working boy that is the threat to those in power..when it has nothing to do with the working person.. look at hitler.. as an example.. or anyone of the fallen empires last struggles..Historically it has been their own personal group that has been the ones to be their worst loyalty only goes so far the minute it involves someone they care for or their community the tides of feelings change and with them in a position of trust take the beast.. members of their own protection team have to hide from view.. friends of theirs get sad and pass on.. or are mugged.. at what point do they question their future survival rate …the only thing about the regular working stiff.. is to gain their support or for them to ignore their actions..That was what they were doing with DJT.. night and day endless negative narratives to gain the support of the working man..even now the witch trials about january 6 but then ignoring the other stuff that has overall more importance and is by far the greater threat to the country..

    • Shit Bob in Canada – IF you were a real PESON, then maybe, just maybe you wouldn’t be running around offending all those f-ing dead people and their dead AF bones..”he types as he looks directly at a brown paper bag containing 2 complete human skulls(used to belong to ENT surgeon/parent). Have not looked in the bag at the skulls. Also came with a Zsolnay china skull on a bible frm Pecs-(university town in southern Hungary).
      – wonder if the new facist social popos will be butt hurt about Hungarian china being gender specific, as the little skull sitting on the bible is clearly of Masculine persuasion..prominent brow line, strong cheek bones..unlike the antifa pussies who are clearly gender confused/damaged.

  19. “…We’d buy a couple, but I’d then be up all night working on tax planning“

    I would submit that if you won a $790 million lottery, you could easily pay someone to do your taxes & planning for you! What is that old saying? “Must be present to win.” “Can’t win if you don’t enter.”

      • They’re not idiots, at all. Many are very intelligent, but they’re agenda-driven ideologues completely lacking in common sense and historical perspective, and extremely dedicated to their agenda.

        What gets me is they believe that after the entire planet becomes a socialist worker’s paradise, THEY will be in that top 1/1000 of a percent who make up our permanent aristocracy.

        They won’t.
        Neither will we.
        It will take an eleven figure bank account or a “friendly” political lineage dating back for several generations to qualify.

        To be fair, Justin Castreau WILL be in that aristocracy, along with the Roosevelts, Rockefellers, Windsors, Waltons, Bushs, Gores, Soros’, and their descendants — forever.

  20. Das fuhrer Klaus is happy da. ECB and FED are doing good wunderbar . Yah fat kraut general Sam Houston is coming . He will show you the real America and americans

  21. Take that senile old commie Soros with you and run . Sam Houston he will take no prisoners

  22. Yo Jorge, my son-in-law (surfer dude) sent me a link to a video on the tube of “Biggest, scariest Teahupoo in over a decade”. See:
    Worth the ten minutes, if you have ever asked yourself who is in control, there is only one answer: the dude……Must have cajones grandes to ride those monsters…..

  23. I am not even going to start on Agile… been working in Big Tech for over a decade and IT for 25+ years. Seen it all. Six Sigma? Agile Scrum? PMBOK Waterfall? Done it all. The teams I manager now are all Agile but they each choose how formal or not they make it. They also choose whether to go scrum or kanban. In the end, it is just how the work gets done.

    The real reason I am commenting is to see if anybody else has a terrible case of “Earthquake Tired” today? I felt like I didn’t sleep at all. Whole family is affected. Could be all the damn heat, but feels different.

      • Well, crap! That’s how I felt Monday also… headachey and blah. I noticed a magnetic storm as the Kp index was up, but nothing outrageous from the Sun. Low pressure storms passing sometimes make me feel that way, too. But no explanation for yesterday.

  24. G, you have problems with a Biden nominee, but you are just fine with Clarence??
    Supreme Court Justice Clement’s wife, Ginni Thomas, may have to testify about her conflict of interest (she attended Jan 6 riot)

    Thomas may have to recuse himself, after his wife tried pressuring AZ lawmakers into false elector votes:

    Desai also defended AZ Sec of State Hobbs from Trump’s vote fraud claims:

  25. Wonder what big 73 or should I say cardiac 73 has got install today from psyops central . Bit of doom and gloom with gold shorting ? Is 73 related to nana Yellen or Jerome the jerk . Small gene pool . Ahhh well stay tuned bobby pretzel might turn up like March 6 / 09 . Ahh bobby his mum was a close friend of RN

  26. Don’t give up folks . Gold gold gold buy buy buy . The other guys are finished they want to steal yours . You look like a Farken hawk Jerome . Raise em buy 2

  27. Here we go gold shortin Fed comin !!! Up goes tha chant USA USA . Hope yah all burn to a crisp listening to camel 73. 2022 probably cooking tonite or model aeroplanes


    I don’t get why this is such a BIG surprise………
    If you have chickens and gather eggs.. you decide how much something is going to cost.. then put a price on it… for sanctions to work.. they would then have to be the FARMER… a currency they don’t back.. as long as they can dictate that this is what the price is.. and keeps the currency flowing.. then they could dictate the price or just say.. you can’t have any.. like health insurance.. some people get by cheap.. because the farmer.. ( insurance company ) says if your this age to this age.. this is your cost.. if you have ever been sick then this is your cost and charge what they want…for us it was a couple grand a month.. for the one person..
    THE USA and most of the UK outsourced their manufacturing to China and to Russia.. china and russia combined manufacturing a long time ago while we promoted greed by outsourcing and turned our countries into consumption nations not manufacturing nations. When adolph was in we stayed out of the mess until he stopped having the USA manufacture his war machine and manufactured it all there.. .. aliexpress or alibaba you get a choice on where your products are shipped from.. since china and russia decided to dump the buck,pound and euro.. and back their currency with gold silver grain and oil.. their manufacturing still comes from them not anywhere else.. shut the door on manufacturing and those people dependent on those products cannot buy them.only what thirty two percent of our food comes from within the country and its a real hard time finding anything else manufactured here…we are now limited back stock and what they allow us to buy.. its a two way sword though.. you have to have the velocity of money otherwise the money dies .. kind of like smacking your finger with a hammer while driving a nail I think…

  29. loob, are you so clueless that you would type ‘…When adolph was in we stayed out of the mess until he stopped having the USA manufacture his war machine’

    No, loob, never happened, U.S. destroyed their militia production, although Ford and GM did help Hitler’s arms production.

    The U.S. imports 15% of it’s food (85% comes from U.S. not ‘only 32% of our food comes within the country’,of%20its%20overall%20food%20supply.

    What a pile of hogwash you post, as usual!! You have time to post all day, yet never fact check!

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