Can’t Name a Crime? Dem’s “2385 Problem”

Hardly worth all the media-hype, the “show trial” put on by the House democrats Wednesday.  The only good part what when the “star witnesses” – neither of which had talked or directly head the president which turns all this into third and fourth-hand testimony – what when Jim Jordan asked “What’s the impeachable crime.”

He didn’t get an answer.  What the dems got was egg…as on face.  More “slur du jour” tomorrow.  Will we ever hear an impeachable charge, though?  Other than “we didn’t agree”?

Meantime, the media are trying – through misleading headlines – to make it seem like less than disaster.  Example? “Impeachment hearings: Diplomat describes Trump call on Ukraine.”  Except he didn’t hear it.  One of his staffers supposedly did and they didn’t get called.  Seeing how this works?  Third hand raps.

No worries, though, the charade will continue and there will be a vote (of course, to impeach) but that will only send things to the Senate where an actual trial would have to occur…

The real problem for the dems is timing and the means of dropping this horrid nightmare of a sideshow.  How can they back out and distract everyone so that no one will notice the taxpayer-funded campaign event has packed up and left town.

Well, there’s several ways this can go down.

For one, there could be a major terrorism event.  This would,; however, increase (not decrease) powers of the president to govern.

The dems need dramatic new charges (proof this time would be a refreshing change-up) OR the nation could be hit with an  overseas -orchestrated (by the mad Hungarian, we’re thinking) economic issue that would be designed not only to take-down the Trumping stock market, but which would bit long and hard enough that people would go to the polls to end economic duress.

Dems Now Skirting Overthrow of Govt?

In March of this year, though it was initially aimed at Chinese routers with backdoors and such, the president banned Huawei Technologies in the U.S..

Here’s the thing:  Given that socialist media has become a real threat to democracy by banning essential free-speech in lines with ultra-liberal (so long as you agree with them), we got to wondering (during the God-awful boring witch hunt speeches) whether this doesn’t sound like something that could be applied to US social media manipulators, as well:

“President Donald Trump signed an executive order declaring a national emergency regarding telecommunications equipment that could pose a risk to national security. The order bans American companies from using any telecommunications equipment that the secretary of Commerce declares to be a national security risk. “

What this got me thinking was “At what point does Social Media become the Online Digital Uprising (ODU) and Digital Mob Rule (DMR) that we have long-warned is the bigger game in play?

As we have been suggesting:  Without direct, indisputable high crimes and misdemeanors, couldn’t the elected president who has been under attack for three years now, simply invoke via Justice Dept. action, U.S. Code §?2385. Advocating overthrow of Government?

When I looked up the wording of the law on the Cornell University resource, reading this part got me wondering “At what point does the opposition party – attempting to overthrow an elected president, meet the ‘2385’ test?

“Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or

Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or

Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof—

Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.”

Overthrow by only one side in the House (which has not charged an impeachable offense (other that going around some deep staters who got their noses out of joint, in my view (after three years of various attempts) becomes a pattern.

Rolling out RICO?

As long as the nothing “inquiry” is going third hand for sources, another thought I got to wondering about is “When do the party or parties backing the Online Digital Uprising fall under the RICO Statures?  “U.S. Code CHAPTER 96— RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS/

I think there’s a very good argument that both political parties are engaged in racketeering at some level.  And what better remedy than to break up both parties and reorganize them into neutrally-named entities?  The Democrats are not in the least bit “democratic” – a check with shut-out Bernie will confirm on that.  And, as to preserving the republic, the Republicans have taken and raised as much – and taken as many political “payoffs” from corporations as the dems.  Both are in bed with social media and big money donors such that the whole notion of “One Man (or woman) One Vote” is as much a legal fiction as corporate entities.  (Sounds good on the surface, but a corporation is not a person, though they own your government, lock, stock, and K-Street mafioso’s who pass around the favors.)

Well, enough.  We have other fish to fry…like making a buck or three in the market and figuring out how to retire before age 80.

We need term limits in all offices (2), assignment of all leadership positions by lottery.  And a ban on profiting from holding office, with audits when elected and exit audits.  Failing the exit audits, jail time.

Economic Data: PPI

Producer prices are just out from the Labor Department.

“The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 0.4 percent in October, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices fell 0.3 percent in September and edged up 0.1 percent in August. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index advanced 1.1 percent for the 12 months ended in October, the smallest rise since a 1.1-percent increase in the 12 months ended October 2016.”

Which picturizes as…

Following “the numbers” the Dow Futures were down 44 after being up 92-yesterday.  Oh, gee, gosh:  Did that have anything to do with the Fed tossing out $76-billion in repo’s Wednesday?

Just for the hell of it, let’s see what they’re tossing out today and see if that correlates to coming market action, shall we?  Here’s what the NY Fed is doing this morning:

Wild-eyed madman of East Texas takes a conspiracy angle here:  What IF, because of all the repo focus on sites like this one (and  ZeroHedge), the Fed goes to smaller, longer term repos so it doesn’t seem like they’re pumping as much…so may be time to keep track of the rolling numbers.  Always another thing to track, ain’t there?

Worth Knowing

Tomorrow, retail figures are on deck. Consumers Are Keeping The US Out Of Recession? Don’t Count On It.

Yet another wannabe: Deval Patrick 2020: Former Massachusetts governor is running for president.

Everyone talks about the weather…IBM hopes to change weather forecasting around the globe using big data and a new supercomputer.  We don’t need “better” – just warmer would be nice.  36 and raining in the Outback as we’re replaying Adak, AK this week.

Less phony consensus?  Don’t bet on it, but Facebook says it removed 3.2 billion fake accounts.  We’ve lt to have a breakdown on who owned those…much to be learned…which is why social media should be a govt. run utility, perhaps?

Off to a hot bowl of gruel, then,

Write when you get rich,



45 thoughts on “Can’t Name a Crime? Dem’s “2385 Problem””

    • George,
      I am not sure what you are watching, but this public hearing is pretty damning on the integrity of the Trump administration. Even though he hates Trump with a passion, Fox legal analyst, Thomas Elmer Addison (TEA) Pain said “Today was a good day for anyone who wants to shorten the Trump Presidency.”

      Whenever Trump says, “I hardly know that person” whether it be Sondland, who he was referring to with that comment…or Parnas, Fruman, who Trump had several meetings, dinners and visits with…Bet the house that he knows them very well….and that he is hiding something. This is how Trump has conducted business his entire life. Keep his friends at a distance and his enemies 6 feet under. Early on in his campaign and Presidency, he claimed to have never met Putin…You all forgot about that one didn’t you?


      Or, they can ban you for fascist statements that inhibit the freedoms of speech we all are entitled to. Of course, that wouldn’t be fair would it? I wouldn’t want you banned…It’s your right as an American to have ignorant comments. Keep them up…It provides a laugh to start my day.

      • 1. Not a single witness with direct knowledge of the phone call. All hearsay. Read the transcript – put on a secure server so an implant couldn’t “tweak it” anti Trump FFS.
        2. Hunter Biden’s deal is highly questionable.
        3. Joe Biden committed a worse act.

        WTF Mark, what are you not seeing yet?

      • Mark: People go around thinking they know more than they actually know, and pretended to know things that they could not truly be certain of. They take certain things as absolute truths, and never bother to expand their knowledge of themselves and the world. That would be you.

        It would be nice to have a witness who has first hand knowledge. Everyone heard everything from someone else. Shouldn’t that someone else be on the stand?

        Trump in 2020 is looking better & better.

      • I’d vote “yes” on the “ban Mark” bill since he seems to be in a different universe!

      • Mark’s welcome as long as he keeps the Trump bashing and third-hand leftist programming in check.
        I say it again: Not one DIRECT WITNESS and moving the memo to a secure server demonstrated to me the mental acuity of Trump is still high. He knows what evil des do with servers in unsecure locations. Like lose emails and bet me they don’t know how to reset machine time to edit the transcript… Don’t dems hate to be out thunk…by in idjit no less?

      • The transcript was probably moved to a secure server because somebody believed its contents could damage national security and therefore classified the document. In certain arenas, many documents get classified out of precaution so the way this document was handled would be routine. (

        The issue at hand is a person’s actions, not how a document was handled. Why are we overthinking this?

      • Because Obama implants are largely crooks- and made up whistleblowing for one. You still trust these pricks after three years of “soft coup” that hasn’t fixed the border yet?

      • “The transcript was probably moved to a secure server ”

        I have heard there is a really secure server… hmm.. oh wait it was so secure that they had issues with a bunch of emails..

      • “I am not sure what you are watching, but this public hearing is pretty damning on the integrity of the Trump administration.”

        Unfortunately.. Mark..I think that whole trial is a Joke in my opinion.. its almost as good as the stories that you hear.. My sister actually told me about a story similar to the one below but it was in another state.. LOL…then they got on to the money given to people to buy homes.. I laughed and told her.. you do realize I never made enough money to qualify for any of that free money LOL….
        I heard from someone that someone knew someone that seen someone that read someplace that there was a woman in SanFran that got a half a million dollars a year from welfare a quarter million from food stamps and the banks borrowed her another ten million so she could buy a shed…
        the story isn’t true.. the banks don’t borrow money to anyone on welfare.. ( if they do I have never heard of one) and if you get welfare those funds are considered income and is taken away from any other assistance programs they might qualify for.. (unless your a refugee..)

  1. G –
    Thoroughly enjoy a sharp eyed Editor – the E.O’s the glorious orange bastard has signed into Law are clues/road marks to where this Drain the Global Swamp Operation is ultimately headed.

    Crazy Hungarian..insane in the brain ? nope – EVIL NAZI Symbiote

    According to the Gold Standard in Economic Data – the Census Bureau – Median Household Income soared from $61k/yr to $66k/yr in 3 yrs. (median = exact halfway/middle point from highest pt. to lowest pt.)
    This $5003 rise in middle class incomes is especially Trumpmendous compared to Obummer and $1200 rise over 7 years – winning biggly never grows old.
    If sens. Fauxchahontus & Sandernista truly cared about “hard working families” – U would think they would be cheering this news to the heavens..NOPE.

    Hmm – lets play follow the Families..

    pelosi’s son
    kerry’s son
    romney’s son
    bidet’s son..

    hint geolocate: ukraine

    cowinkidink? what r the odds?

    Q – Prepare.
    For God & Country
    For Humanity

    luvluvluv an exquisitely planned and executed military Pys-op !

    • That median also shifts to the right when you start removing people from the payrolls on the lower end…

    • What I have noticed that is ‘rotten and forgotten’ is the FIVE BILLION Obama used to overthrow the democratically elected leadership in Ukraine! The gangster government shooters that shot and killed people on both sides and blamed Russia. All this quibbling YESTERDAY about how Ukraine just couldn’t make it without OUR donations, and how Trump put them at RISK without our money. Gosh, ain’t it good to be alive and LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH at the blowback that should be headed Biden-His-Time and Obammawhamma’s way? Yet Russia interfered in our 2016 elections??? – what a load of crapola!!!! The Obama administration overthrew 2 sovereign nation’s governments! Libya AND Ukraine – and then went into and tried to destroy Syria (that’s a TRIFECTA) all without CONgress voting on those illegal wars!!! YES, they WERE and ARE WARS!!!! Don’t forget YEMEN! Bush the 2nd did Iraq and Afghanistan, for starters! Come on Name Names! Russia didn’t make me vote for Trump. Over-the-Hill who still couldn’t recognize TOP SECRET EMAIL DOCUMENTATION (after EIGHT years as WIFE IN CHIEF, and 4 Years as SECRETARY OF STATE!!!) did it for me!!!!

  2. It is obvious that most intelligent folks are sick and tired of this bulls%^t. The house is dragging out this obviously stupid action to influence the upcoming elections. Along with the so-called indictments from the DOJ for those involved in various crimes during the past election including Hildebeast and her minions is not happening, also waiting for closer to the elections to release maybe.

    I concur that the probability of some sort of major trigger event is imminent.

      • I saw that as evidence the hearings aren’t producing opinion shift as desired. If this follows past patterns, and the “bump” from the bad news was effective, expect a much larger event like this very shortly. Friday is a great news dump day, it would turn the whole weekend news slog away from the poorly performing impeachment.

      • George, the people that founded this country didn’t have Nest video security systems, well armed first responders, laws and regulations to protect land owners and a eye in the sky military to protect us from attack.

        Times have changed. I am a gun guy, but hell at some point we need a better system to track the nutjobs. I keep going back to a car. We have tens time more regulations on our cars…which also can kill. Cars don’t kill…people that are stupid drivers kill…yet we live with those regs…and fit the most part it works. Is it too much time ask to do the same for guns?

  3. don’t you just love the cornell library.. I think they rock.. so does Harvard and MIT and Cal Tech…to name a few..
    digitalizing and putting the libraries up for everyone to read was one of the best benefits of the internet..

  4. After hearing some of the impeachment testimony on the news last night, I couldn’t get the line out of my head, “I heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy.”

    Did the whistleblower hear it from a guy or is he the guy (or gal)?

    All very strange.

      • Again with the low laying fruit. Whistleblowers by law are allowed to file a complaint if they believe something or someone is afoul. Many cases are found unfounded. In this case, the IG substantiated it. If we’re going to stone someone, stone the IG and its investigation of the complaint.

  5. Term limits, frustrating every 2 to 6 years people have the opportunity to limit their representative elected. But folks generally seem to believe their particular weasel is one of the good ones.

    Part of this is due to the 17 amendment, where Senators have no beholding to State power and influence so almost all governing power has migrated to the Feds.

    Next, if you don’t live in candidates governing area no money should be allowed to the candidate. It is crazy for some of these elections how much money comes from out of the area, generally so party power or company influence can be increased. Cannot block issue ads (free speech), but if you don’t live in area and pay for the ad locally, you should not be able to mention a local candidate on the ballot.

    Not sure any of this really matters anymore as huge number of citizens just don’t believe in individual freedom and personal ownership (I own myself). We won’t be an even semi-free society much longer. People will keep voting for takers/regulators, and I don’t see that changing soon.

  6. Seems from where I’m sitting in the cheap seats, the bureaucrats don’t like Trump messing in their “business”…… they seem to think they set policy instead of the President.

      • You’re dismissing the fact that the bureaucrats are the experts and that he is the amateur (in this case, literally, as he has no government experience). Prove to me he is supernatural and I will concede he has the right to run my country using nothing but his instincts and whims. The crime here is not his leadership style. The crime is that he is allowed to continue unchecked. Because he is unpredictable, he is a danger to the entire world.

      • I then must turn on you and confront you with the question “Where is your proof the clowns on the stand yesterday are experts? They didn’t even think to look at what actually has been charged (so far, nothing). No, I will take a seasoned businessman over “non solvers of the deep state” any day of the week. The crime is the State Dept has been unchecked and is the seat of the Deep STATE…following? Why was it such a plum for Hillary? Power and knowledge and abuse of power, pal. Foundation my ass. Laundry might be better…

      • “You’re dismissing the fact that the bureaucrats are the experts and that he is the amateur”

        ‘Doesn’t matter. By Law, the President sets foreign policy, period.

        The bureaucrats in the State Department are obligated by law to then carry out the President’s policy and agenda to the best of their ability.

        Those who can’t abide by this have the opportunity to resign. Those who can’t abide, and don’t resign, but work to undermine the President’s policy are guilty of sedition in time of peace, and treason in time of war, and should be charged and tried as such.

        Do you honestly believe everyone at State was in agreement with pallets of hundred dollar bills and European bearer bonds being airlifted to Iran…?

  7. Does this sound familiar?

    Prejudicial bias of the decision-maker or from political decree are among the most publicized causes of kangaroo courts.[citation needed] Such proceedings are often held to give the appearance of a fair and just trial, even though the verdict was already decided before the trial actually began.

  8. The Dimms wanted to keep the whistle-blower unnamed for a reason. CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella is directly and deeply connected to former CIA director (and Obama appointee) John Brennan and Susan Rice (who had ties to anti-trump tweeting FBI agent Peter Strzok. An Obama era hire, whistlin’ Ciarmella also worked with then VP Joe Biden. As with the FICA warrant based upon the now delegitamized Steele Dossier, the heresay testimony of someone not willing to appear in person before Congress to defend such allegedly egregious charges should be quickly double-flushed.

    • Read an interesting piece yesterday that surmises what has really happened with this Ukraine situation is that Trump has unwittingly via the Biden inquiry discovered that it has been used as a piggy bank payday pass thru slush fund for both Dems and Repubs (remember it was the Ukraine sitch that got Manafort) and now that this is about to uncover the felons from both party’s the intelligence conglomerate who has been behind this whole deal cannot allow it to happen – my guess is that McConnel doesn’t acquit but rather convicts Trump lest they be found out ……. they masked the pedophiles with Epstein’s death and once this is behind them Barr won’t do squat. And if Barr actually comes thru he has more cajones than I give him credit for.

      • If the whistleblower is part of the CIA money machine, why would he leave himself and it so vulnerable? Surely everyone knew the power brokers would come after him. Getting a piece of the take has to be tempting. Perhaps there is a bigger game afoot and this is all theater to flush out a bigger prize?

        Even the Bond movies with their archvillains weren’t this complex. Where’s Tom Clancy when you need him?

      • “Even the Bond movies with their archvillains weren’t this complex.”

        You have NO IDEA.

        Warhammer’s post is not the tip of an iceberg, but more like a single snowflake lying upon said iceberg.

        I don’t know how much of “Intelligence” is involved, or even if it is, other than a few individual operators, and I’m deliberately not going there ‘cuz I don’t WANT to know.

        What I have found is too tangled for Clancy to unravel, and would make Hitchcock blush in embarrassment, if a studio magnate told him he had to make a movie of it, and make it believable.

        My information indicates that there are many more involved than whose names have been yet aired. A “who’s who” of the Clinton Organization for one (but sadly, neither Slick Willy nor his cohort — at least nothing has turned up yet), and a bunch of chair-polishers from mostly State, but also a few from Defense and Intelligence. The name I’d most like to see, and haven’t, is our favorite Vicky (but I keep hoping. She’s in this mess, somewhere, I can feel it. Somebody needs to lock that b!tch up before she starts WW-III!)

        FWIW, after digging for a while, I am still of the opinion that Zelensky is honest. This is a huge statement, because Ukraine is a place where “honesty” is not very well known.

      • “If the whistleblower is part of the CIA money machine…”

        He’s not.

        He’s a part of the Eric Ciaramella money machine.

        Ciaramella is a Democratic power broker wannabee. Like a number of others, he’s been getting payola from Ukraine, funneled through Burisma, since at least 2015.

        Burisma Holdings is not yer daddy’s energy company. Its Board is populated by (mostly) Ukrainian oligarchs whose degree of criminality is legendary. Burisma is where Ukrainian politicians go when it becomes too hot in Kiev. They “retire” to Burisma, and when things cool off, are re-appointed into the government by the Ukrainian PTB. This has been going on since The Ukraine became a non-Soviet-satellite country.

        THIS is why I’ve made such a big deal about the possibility of Zelinsky being an honest man. Ukraine has not seen an honest leader since before it was a vacation spot for the Russian Monarchy. HE is not a politician, he’s a stand-up comic, therefore there’s a chance the chronic corruption in Kiev hasn’t touched him…

      • Barr is the person that let the FBI sniper who killed a mother and child…go free…ruby ridge….I think we have been ‘played’…by those that are in power….the end is nigh

  9. Joe M and Clawsy sound a heck of a lot more reasonable than the rest if you that are just repeating FOX news talking points.

    • You appear to have an amazingly unhealthy fixation on FoxNews. Why? AFAIK they’re still the best, and least biased news network on TV. Granted, that’s like saying crap with small turds is better than crap with big’uns, but still…

  10. 4 marks point of view he wants to make more dumbasses exist across the United States by taking their guns away,,, but by giving everybody a gun even if they’re mentally ill what it does is it means those mentally ill people aren’t going to jail they’re not going to be prosecuted ,they’re going to be shot and then you don’t have to worry about them reproducing more dumbass idiots but marks consensus is he wants more idiots out on the street and then all they got to do is go rob somebody of their gun at their house while they’re not there and then go out and commit more crimes and then they go to a mental hospital and they get off scot-free ,do you see how perverse your brain works mark. Now do you see why the Constitution says everyone should bear arms because if you’re dumb enough to go out and shoot people you’re going to die and the people that are left in this country owning guns are going to be mentally fit, so what it does is it gets rid of the mentally ill and the people who want to rob you that’s the whole thing behind the Constitution to bear arms is to protect yourself against other people especially mentally ill people and mentally ill governments like you are proposing Mark I’m starting to think that your in that category unless you suddenly shift your mental processes,

  11. Your 2385 discussion makes it even more puzzling to me why all those who have publicly called for Trump to be murdered have not been arrested for sedition. If those same folks had called for Obama’s murder, they’d already be in prison for life. I cannot understand why Trump hasn’t given them a one-way trip to Gitmo.

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