We’ll have a “plain speaking” report this morning because there is so much else going on at the ranch – more on the subscriber side (Peoplenomics.com) tomorrow along with the new market charting thoughts I mentioned Wednesday.

The main things to be looking at today include the Retail Sales figures, the ongoing circus in Washington, and the early arrival of winter and what that means to the “climate monetizers.”

Retail Sales

Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for October 2019, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $526.5 billion, an increase of 0.3 percent (±0.4 percent)* from the previous month, and 3.1 percent (±0.7 percent) above October 2018.  Total sales for the August 2019 through October 2019 period were up 3.8 percent (±0.5 percent) from the same period a year ago.  The August 2019 to September 2019 percent change was unrevised from down 0.3 percent (±0.2 percent). “

Picture it as not too exciting:

Dow was up 80-something after the number…

By the way, the Fed Repo’s today are here. $68-billlion (so far for the day at press time).

Meanwhile, in the Center Ring

The alt. reality – better described at the democrat brain bubble – continues in “foul swing” today with Adam Schiff, who still hasn’t charged Trump with an impeachable offense (others than side-stepping the usual suspects (deep-staters at State) and offending dems by following up on the Biden corruption investigation in Ukraine).  We look for another nothing-burger before the end of the day.  But hey!  Pseudo-drama is what we live for, right?

The BIG story is that this is likely the best chance you’ll ever have to see which media has been coopted by the “new power tools of thought control.”

The Digital Dictators

What I’m talking about is the lack of mainstream discussion about the (alleged) whistleblower (Eric Ciaramella) who is (supposedly) an Obama hold-over, who was (allegedly) coached by shifty Schiff’s crew before filing his complaint and which socialist online uprising media is now lording over the mainstream.  The MSM has sold out.

It’s a money game and I’ll show you how it works because this is a semi-sweet intellectual win for Ure’s truly.

Let’s begin with an oddity:  There’s a dandy opinion piece in Politico.  Titled “The Press Should Name the Whistleblower
The New York Times will only partially unmask him. The rest of the news media should finish the job.”  It’s a damn good piece and demands a read.

But here’s where it gets interesting:  While a senior writer for Politico sees through the bullshit, it’s also clear why Eric (Obama holdover) Ciaramella’s name isn’t mentioned.

Social Media outlets are burying anyone who dares to stand up to the lefty-wing pricks who have seized social media and turned it into a communist-leaning thought control tool to rival Pravda back in the day.

The bitter-sweet of this, personally?

Years back on the Peoplenomics side, I forecast how the crooked business model of “social media” would work out.  Infant social media made an interesting pitch to American business leaders:  “Bring your audience to Facebook (as one example) and they will grow your media presence by talking up your brand to a huge audience.”  Well, something was left out.

At first, though it was all fine and well, as long as it was free.

Thing is, shortly after going public, suddenly the FB (and others with similar business models) decided they would rent–back  to the original audience owners, access to their own people!

Scam Alert!  

While it’s legal, anyone dumb enough to follow social media should be removed from a responsible management position because one of the dictates of business is “There’s no FREE LUNCH.”

Social media now – not only charges people for access to an audience they brought to social – but they are also – by banning any mention of Eric Ciaramella’s name – going one better:  Telling people what to think.

Maybe it’s two better, since they have silenced the (social media dependent idiocracies) which means the SS (*search and social) have become participanting co-dictators in the left-wing “soft coup” to take down America.  Which was outed by one of the democrat lawyers a couple of years back.

What’s appalling (but useful) is to notice that while saying the media should out Ciaramella’s name, the Politico story doesn’t get to naming him….which means they don’t want to get banned by social, either, near as we can figure it.  They call it crooked…which is a start.

Friends, this is an incomprehensible attack on Liberty to an old man (like me) in his 70’s.  How can our country be so misguided and “captains of industry” be so stupid as to bring their audiences to social media 10-years ago and not anticipate what these pricks would do to them?

Peoplenomics Subscriber note:  It’s on page 2 of the Master Index as “December 18, 2013:  As we look ahead, we’re troubled by the increasing number of “time-circular” business plans emergent in social media.

That’s when I made a costly personal decision not to get into bed with the succubus’s of social and no doubt it’s part of why UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics are not wildly more popular.  Common Sense is not in vogue…especially when we throw cold water on mass hysteria.  The children are running their own asylum and grown-up aren’t welcome.  The Politico article lays out the “bait and switch” which cane on slowly as it laid the groundwork for the mess we’re in today.

All of which is appalling and yet, deliciously predictable.  Popcorn and ViseGrips are the order of the day.

Climate, Weather, or Scam?

Been a cold week, hasn’t it?  Unusually so, in fact.  Schools starting late in Texas (Austin among others) as mid-week saw reports like “A brief overview of the winter weather hitting the U.S..

Now, the weather is about to warm up, but like the social mobsters telling people what to think about Trump (and burying things like the crooked Biden hold-up of aid (OK under Obama), they’re doing the same thing on climate change.

The reality is that yes, climate is changing.  But, the flooding 50-years ago in Venice wasn’t “climate change” and the early arrival of winter this year isn’t either.  The facts are global warming coincided with the Modern Maximum and now that we’re going into an extending Modern Minimum, its going to get colder before it gets hotter again.

My point is that the Digital Dictators at the top of social media empires have become the unwitting fools of global corporate-socialism and are telling you what to think on this climate, too.  Again, if you happen to be in media that dares question the Digital Mob Rule’s paradigm, your site will lose audience not on merit, but on blacklisting by the 30-something goon squads who make-up digital policy based on arrogance and pretension.

Hell of it is?

It’s working.

What’s Worth Knowing

Other than data points, most people miss the bigger chess game in play.  Where patriotic, independent-minded Americans are put in “social check.”

Once you awaken to the phone-jacking of freedom, there’s not much “real news” to report.  A few stories?  Sure.  Like…

First, let’s rewrite history, shall we?  Prince Andrew speaks to BBC about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.  Dead men tell no tales, eh?

Like the old Spy vs. Spy  cartoons?  Here’s the IRL version: Russia Conducts Spy Exchange With Norway, Lithuania..

Trade warfare is worth following.  Because in our models, it will turn into food warfare.  So don’t miss  Fortune‘s “The Trade War Cost U.S. Farmers Their China Market. A Deal Might Not Bring It Back.”

Well, much more to cover – that’ll be on Peoplenomics tomorrow.  See you Monday.

Write when you get rich,