“Buster” Biden, Hypo-graphical Errors

“Buster” will be on the Cyclops (the one-eyed monster called big screen) tonight at 8 PM.  However, we will be fading the happy talk going into the weekend.

Why the irreverence (“Buster”)?  Because his trip to the Middle East was really a BUST. If anything, it made it clear to the Arab-Islamic side that the U.S. is firmly “all in” on Israel’s defense.  Nothing new there.  But we believe that Biden has changed America’s global leadership role into a second-rate wannabe.

Credit where due, however.  Biden has managed to state the obvious: ‘You are not alone’: Biden tells Netanyahu in Israeli war cabinet meeting. No getting anything past him, no sir. Or the headline writers…

The Saudi’s know damn good and well that they were going to piss off SecState Blinken by first delaying, then totally blowing off, a meeting with him.  “The Boss” came to Israel, anyway.  Someone should have taken the hint.

Then, when it looked like a diplomatic trip to Jordan would be a high-risk game, that was cancelled, and Biden flew home with nothing to show for his efforts. (Except the jet fuel on the taxpayer’s tab…)

In our half-century plus of covering news, it is clear to us that whatever Biden does now will likely be wrong UNLESS:

  • He unleashes American Energy Independence.

This is not likely.  Too many of his handlers are dyed-in-the-wool “environmental defenders” who can’t see that by locking in energy, we have bent the country over into the “self-screwing” position. What we have seen from Hamas is just foreplay.  Want to live in a “sub” country? BOHICA!

The Saudi’s aren’t so stupid.  Russia (and China) are buttering up the Middle East and are expanding influence in the region.  We have all but lost.  You want a nightmare, figure out how much in the way of taxpayer assets was squandered in the previous “Buster buster” – the hastily conceived debacle/exit from Afghanistan.  Imagine how materiel left behind could be used to throttle U.S. interests in the Middle East…

Biden’s energy misfeasance is at the core of what’s going on right now.  By holding our own energy sources hostage, the Bidenista climate junta is selling out America.  And it’s just getting worse as Climate activists rally to halt new U.S. exports of natural gas.  While the Energy Department roaches out restrictions on domestic use?  Uh…HELL NO. GMAFB.

  • “Buster” needs to ride the bipartisan “coming together of America” horse.

This one is tougher.  Because we aren’t. The republicans have lost all hope of real leadership. Being unable to pick a new House Speaker (House of Representatives stays in limbo after Jordan fails on second vote for speaker ).  The “ready-fire-aim” party continues.

I’m genuinely sad the lamestream has kept the third party Kennedy ticket invisible. We have jokers to the right and fools to the left presently.  Nowhere for thinking people to go.

Buster might still find a “ride that bipartisan pony” if someone in his administration had half a brain.  Find a republican to policy-partner with. (Chuck a republican) Grassley praises Biden’s defense of Israel, but criticizes policies (desmoinesregister.com).

OK, that horse is lame.

  • “Buster” needs to take $6-billion off the table and tell Iran to F.O.

We continue to be impressed from time-to-time with a very few level-headed democrats – which frankly we thought were extinct.  Apparently not, though. Sen. Manchin, colleagues introduce legislation to freeze $6 billion to Iran. Manchin’s the rare democrat – with American interests first still front and center.

  • Biden needs to Act Global.

Hospital horrors aside, we still have a NATO (de facto) war in Europe.  Biden needs to be sending strong messages both to the Kremlin’s Vlad Putin and to China’s Xi. Because Russia has weaponized energy in the Ukraine conflict while China’s out shopping for more.

China needs to be reminded of who we are. (Or, are we the paper tiger?) China air force harassing US planes, Pentagon says – Taipei Times.

There has to be more than just United front Energy in Biden’s speech, though.  He needs to talk technology in a major way.

Let’s slow up a bit so the whole class can keep up.  See China has designs on Taiwan and that’s all about the future of A.I. Own A.I. and it’s like the next Manhattan Project. Big and hugely going forward.

The ground under tech is changing.  Word that TSMC ditches Longtan chip fab site will impact coming 1.6 nanometer chips.  Pull quote from this:

“TSMC had planned to build a factory in Longtan to produce 1.4-nanometer chips, which would be its most advanced chips. Its 2-nanometer chips are scheduled to be available in 2025 and its 3-nanometer chips are already being used in Apple Inc’s latest iPhone 15 series.”

Like it, or not, Biden took America – a somewhat peaceful country when we took the Oval – into a country with three hot messes in progress and threatening to meltdown.  (There’s a reason we call democrats “the war party” around here. Data speak and politics reeks.)

We might anticipate today a buy the rumor, sell the news event.  Biden’s traditional liberal Northeast base had already started to swing the market positive ahead of tonight’s speech in the pre-market.  Typical “running of the shorts” is the Spidey sense of today.

Having pioneered “Parimutuel Investing” our thinking is that we’re working up into the mother of all Sell the News events. Maybe over the weekend ahead.  That would fit our views and those of The Economic Fractalist.  A second blow of steel would riff on G.A. Stewart’s Nostradamus work as well.

Thing is, we will get a last gasp of Hypeleum before Friday’s close? Depends on “Buster” as we figure it.

We may be verging on a new phenomenon in the world: The transition of television to something called telefission.

We will do the postmortem on Buster’s Telly talk tomorrow, but here’s our scoring plan:

Biden Speech Scorecard

Does the Biden speech:

[___] Begin even close to on time? (We can’t respect the Office if the holder can’t respect the clock.)

[___] Come delivered in a cogent and gaffe-free way?

[___] Was it highly presidential-like?  Polished, confident, or should he have taken another day to rest and prep?

[___] Limit U.S. acceptance of Gaza refugees to not more than 50,000 in two-years and include serious background checks and screenings? (Let the Arab world take care of their own mess! As I’ve suggested earlier, “American is not the world’s shit-fixer.  Clean up your own regions – don’t come wreck ours!)  [Even so, Canada is self-destructing under TruDope and socialism, but that’s an off-mic convo for another time.]

[___] Does Buster admit open borders were wrong and we’re now planning to go after OTM (Other than Mexican) infiltrators from non-Latin nations?

[___] Stand with Israel BUT! Use American forces only inside Israel (we’ve been invited from how it reads). Venturing outside only in hot pursuit of attackers and their supply chains.

[___] Speed up American Energy Independence through resource development? Our nuts are on the blocking block and if we don’t call our own energy futures, Oil Masters will be Our Masters sooner than later.  Energy is food don’t forget.

[___] Does the American stance have a genuine air of bipartisan support behind it?

[___] Does Biden have the balls to take away the Iranian $6 billion money that would pay for additional anti-American and terrorist efforts in the region?

[___] Does he warn Russia off from further adventurism in the Middle East?

[___] Does he have an actual plan to save Europe (whose energy scrotum is already being viced)?  What is it?

[___] Announce improved plans for Taiwan technology partnerships and import more Taiwanese (very smart people at chip development, and (look around) we need smart people as much as destitute people with low skills, don’t you think?)

Last, but not least:

[___]  Does he do a great wrap-up? How about something like:

“America has a big role in the world. But we are not made of money.  As a result, I am changing my role as America’s Commander in Chief.  From now on, I will direct the world’s finest military to achieve our objectives on the most cost-effective basis possible.

We notice with concern that Russia has made motions to rescind their participation in the nuclear test ban. ( You did see where the Russian parliament moves to rescind ratification of global nuclear test ban?)

In this new role, our military will be tasked to deliver specific measurable results. The means will be up to professional military leaders at all levels of command.  We will no longer micro-manage means from State or here in the White House.

When other countries abrogate terms of the Geneva Convention, we will not abide by those terms, either.

Understand that America is always has been – and always will be – about freedom. We are also fully committed to Equality. If you are a terrorist, if you screw with us, of if you’re a nuclear power, or threaten our closest allies, be ready for the most cost-effective – equal response – the world has ever seen.

God bless these United States.”

I think even Vlad Putin would take that kind of bold, don’t jack with us and delegation of means, very seriously.

Putin and China’s Xi already have decided to gang up on us: With Putin by His Side, Xi Outlines His Vision of a New World Order. It’s not very much like ours.  More government, less freedom, but who is paying attention here at Narcissism Central?

It won’t happen, of course. But something to think about as the Buy the Rumor plays out today.

I tend to be hot-headed, and outcome focused.  In short, not the kind of person you’d want in government. But the right medicine in most corporate positions for action is needed and the clock is running.

It doesn’t work that way in government.  I have a hard time listing a major national problem of political issue that has actually been solved and I’m quickly coming up on 75-years of looking for something.

I don’t see us as significantly smarter, healthier, prosperous, better educated, more equal, more loving, more sharing, or more giving as a country than back in 1949 when we were the only actual superpower. Sadly, we have continued to lose ground. Because we keep following the same issue-beating Piped Pipers of Bullshit who can’t think in straight lines useful in coming to honest conclusions.

This is the #1 Global malaise, whether you live in Georgetown or Gaza.  Dallas or Disneyland. Beijing or Boston. We need results on some core issues while there is still time.

If not?  To be expected from a bunch of ill-mannered apes who tend to pick up a stick instead of picking up our thinking.

Sheesh.  Where was I?

Money Minutia

Philly Fed report is just out: Mixed bag…

“The diffusion index for current general activity increased 5 points but remained negative at ?9.0 this month (see Chart 1). This is the index’s 15th negative reading in the past 17 months. Almost 35 percent of the firms reported decreases in general activity this month, while 26 percent reported increases; 38 percent reported no change. The index for new orders rose 15 points to 4.4, and the current shipments index rose from ?3.2 to 10.8.

And as for this week’s take on the new unemployment filings for the week?  Here’s how it played out around the country:

No states reported a decrease of more than 1,000 in UI filings.

Five regional Fed chiefs speak today.  U.S. Balance Sheet this afternoon.  And in case you missed it, the U.S. Industrial Production numbers this week revealed that real goods making was down (year on year) 8-10th’s of a percent.  Mining was up 3.4 percent, so foreigners are buying our resources out from under us. Then making goods elsewhere. Dandy, huh?

Ports Data

Long Beach longshoring sucked last month:

On the other hand, a little overtime in Los Angeles:

Adding a zero to the LA figures (no idea why – ask them, LA is larger than Long Beach) We see total imports for the two ports were 6,675,704 loaded imports this year, versus loaded last year of 7,581,305.  Which to us sure looks like total imports down almost 12 percent.  How you get a “growing economy” with that kind of move at the nation’s two largest container ports, well, I don’t do that for a living…

Rip ‘n Wires

Funny Money and all: 30-year fixed mortgage rate just hit 8% for the first time since 2000 (cnbc.com)

You mean like Oxy Air Amazon will start testing drones that will drop drugs on doorstep.

Wait – time’s up.

Must click.

Write when you get rich,


63 thoughts on ““Buster” Biden, Hypo-graphical Errors”

  1. What in the actual FUCK is wrong with these people ??

    “ UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.S. vetoed a U.N. resolution Wednesday to condemn all violence against civilians in the Israel-Hamas war and to urge humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza, saying it was too early to craft an appropriate Security Council response to the crisis.”


    Too early, my ass.

    Meanwhile, (the people) on social media are are looking at things this way ….

    “It’s the elite I am fighting against.
    The bunch of people in control over the world events.
    Politicians are just puppets. Every single life is precious, whether it’s Jew, Christian, Muslim, or Hindu.
    The purpose of my page is to fight the elite that has corrupted the world. They’re in control of the governments, politicians, medicine, food, banking systems, agriculture, and every system you can name.
    So please put the politics aside. All I know is innocent people are dying, and I would stand up for every single person I see getting harmed in any possible way.
    1am not fighting Israel. I am fighting the same system that is also poisoning you and your children when it comes to food and medicine. Politicians on both sides are only doing what they’re being told to do.
    It’s the civilians that end up suffering. So speak up against any form of injustice you see!“

    After the covid, vaccine, vaccine mandates, medical protocol, food poisoning ingredients, and all that “population control” talk … people are seeing the real enemy.

    And rumor has it that all those military age men who have been crossing the boarder are here compliments of the UN. – future “peace keepers” during a time of future unrest. Gee, who better to do that job than folks from some place else? – Wonder how much land they’ll get for doing a good job. – purely speculation, of course.

    The winds of change are blowing and I sense a storm’s a’ coming. May not be today but, it’s coming.

    • Humans through all of history have always been cannon fodder for the gods. See Sitchin’s “The wars of gods and men”.
      It seems now we have the the god of Israel (the followers of Yahweh, an unknown Anunnaki god who might be Enlil) is fighting the god of Islam (the Anunnaki god Nannar, Enlil’s son) for control of Earth.

      Last time anything of this size happened was when Enlil fought Marduk, and that resulted in the nuking of 5 cities (including Sodom & Gomorrah) in 2024 BC.
      Soon it will be 2024 AD and the dawning of the age of Aquarius …

    • what’s wrong g with these guys..
      it’s the business model…

      “The republicans have lost all hope of real leadership. Being unable to pick a new House Speaker ”

      why did they dump McCarthy.. because of the business model. McCarthy was just being a politician.. it was all of their responsibility to do exactly what is taught to all high school freshmen . sit down read the bill page after page discuss the contents..cross out what is objectionable and pen in something that everyone or the majority can agree on..then vote on it..
      they didn’t write the dam thing either.. a whole team of Georgetown lawyers wrote it.. in the waistlands we had a representative that was voted out..because they voted against the farm bill.. the reason .. they read it..
      they really need to go back to basics..write it..read it .. vote your conscience..

  2. “use American forces only inside israhell”

    – So far so good smuelly G – https://www.vtforeignpolicy.com/2023/10/israel-admits-bombing-al-ahli-baptist-hospital-biden-caught-lying/
    That is some funny ass scheisse using the “golden knights” in israhells FFing Gaza/Muslims the ME over.
    * Christian Hospital = ongoing Operation to pit Religion vs Religion in effort to ensure mutual destruction. YeHaw MFers ! lets go kill some more Muzzies for yhwh!!!!!

    One more time for the thick,stubburn, Ures of this world –
    There no such thing as Terrorist Events – ALL, ALL of them are intel agency sponsored..Its a fucking Business Model, like everything else in the world of the “elites’. Indeed a fairly big “Club” -of which aint nobody hear a Member.

    Darkness is encroaching/possesing this writer/blog..soonly U become a Darth, Ure..a lord of the muzzie killas..


    You GO George Ure – zKILL EM ALL!

  3. I’ll wait for yours and others post mortem instead of wasting my time in front of the 80 inch Indoctrinator watching that chamber pot slobber on himself.
    Sad news on the ranch this morning. Barney our bull has passed on. No sign of foul play I can see and since he was 14 years old I don’t suspect any. I found him this morning by the fence close to the house. Curious since I woke up around 0200 for my usual trip to the throne and remembered I had a dream that he was standing right where I found him. The only other time he has bothered to come this close to the house was the day my mentor Earl passed. Once the vet gets a look at him I have a freind bringing his backhoe over. This is a trigger event for the ranch. We’ll be shrinking the herd down to just a few head and the last of the leased pastures will not be renewed next spring. The goats are on the table too.
    Stay safe. 73

  4. Biden being a ‘war president’ should make him a shoe in just like Little Bush.

    Biden could be an FDR rhyme and win a triple term in the post-war reconstruction phase. Biden only needs one of Musk’s brain chips to be good as new & the Constitution will likely be out the window on the other side of war.

    Putin is planning on a 70% loss of housing and possible internal nuclear exchanges. We may get a text message.

    The Internet-less masses won’t push back huddled around barrel fires waiting for the Tyson made bug pastes to be delivered.

  5. I believe the proverbial storm is already here, Pathfinder, and it steadily formed from multiple fronts – Israel/Hamas, Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan – with the U.S. sitting smack dab in the eye. The waters here in the center are just choppy, for now. But as with George, I’m not expecting a calm long term forecast for long unless our elected folks get off of their collective derrieres and start taking proactive action on multiple fronts. Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf once said that “When things go wrong in your command, start searching for the reason in increasingly large circles around your own desk.” For our sake, SloJoe and his ‘leadership’ team best (using the term loosely) take that quote to heart before the raging storm darkens our skies and slams onto our shores.

    • “ … with the U.S. sitting smack dab in the eye. “

      That’s exactly IT !!

      From my vantage point, I can see the agenda playing out … but I also don’t see it going as planned. I sense a “backfire” in the offing. The consciousness of the people is more awake than ever, realizing the game of chess and that we are all pawns: expendable. – getting rid of us. You know the thing.

      Seeing people in great number not taking sides but rather, siding with civilians who are actually the ones suffering. – just because a few, call the shots.

      This awakening is like the few folks on here who claim this planet is a prison … now, many who never spoke with or know them are seeing the “prison” we’re all in. It’s fascinating. – Human Rights groups have referred to Palestine as “an open air prison” and while the Israeli government holds the keys there, folks now see the 1% as guards also. Getting ugly.

      In a sense, we are all Gaza when you really think about it. Even the civilians in Israel. Innocent is innocent.

      I’m waiting for Clif High’s prediction of politicians to be dragged to the streets. – any attacks on civilians here, will probably be viewed as a false flag and just increase the hatred the people have for the guards.

      Interesting times ahead, that’s for sure.

      • We ARE all Gaza; the mostly WE do not know it or realize it, but they ARE seeing it on full display, with all it’s gory colors, and surround sound.

        It’s all of that and more that is seeping into their consciousness…..”but for God, there go I.”

        So, let’s see how the countries of the world unite to STOP this antisemitism while they murder more Christians and Muslims.

    • The US should NOT have ANY troops in Israel … by doing so the “Tail is Wagging the Dog”. In other words then THE DOG’s TAIL is making the US’s Foreign Policy, not anybody in DC.

      We didn’t have any troops in Israel, or do any fighting on their behalf in 47/48, nor in 67, nor in 73, though we did provide them with plenty of supplies.

      We shouldn’t even have our anti missile people there, which were put in a number of years ago (are the Israeli’s so DUMB that they can’t be trained to operate the equipment?) … the purpose of which for putting them in was OBVIOUSLY so US Service Members could DIE in any Israeli War which would automatically bring the US directly into any War they were fighting, whether it was good for us to do so or not. Ground troops are EVEN WORSE).

      A bunch of people showed up in the Middle East, starting in the 1920’s but really arriving after 1945, after having NOT BEEN THERE since about 80 AD and claimed that it was now their land.

      Lo and behold there has been fighting there ever since between the people who skipped out of there 1840 years BEFORE and in 1948 decided to suddenly move there and claim it for themselves and those who actually lived there for the last few hundred years. Who could have seen that confict coming?
      (do the Indian Wars on the American frontier that lasted for 250 years ring any bells?)

      The US should NOT be involved in fighting a War between two religions, or two religious factions, when our nation’s survival is NOT at stake.

      The War Business though apparently DEMANDS that the US keep fighting these Perpetual Wars (Eisenhower called it the “Military Industrial Complex” if I am not mistaken and warned us about that combination)

      US troops in Israel? The US will end up fighting Israel’s Wars for it once US servicemen/women in Israel start getting blown away during one of Israel’s many, and continuance, Wars. 100% GUARANTEED. Personally I don’t want my sons dying for a bunch of Religious Zealots of any stripe.

      • have you ever been in a govt. hospital..how many Dr’s. are from America.. many are from foreign countries with an American funded education.. think of the open borders with millions being brought across and how how many of them have been given high priority govt. jobs that tax paying citizens didn’t qualify for..depending on which ones are from the Trojan horse sleeper cells.. deployed to the usa jyst for sleeper cell duty..the usa is not as interested in the usa or the needs of the citizens here. once we deploy we will be vulnerable from within.. blm and antifa took a week to get the country to bow down to their needs and desires.
        if the assessments are correct then there’s a formidable army within our borders..that would make the terrorist movements of blm and antifa look like child’s play.. and all with what appears to be approval and financial assistance.


        interesting thought..why would heads of every agency in the usa cover over the activities if the pedo drug child doing international business dealings from all the countries..was he really an undercover employee..hmm..gets a thirty thousand dollar a month dig just for his security team.. airfare ..



    • they simply bought into the poison pawn trap!!
      Simple they all played the greedy joker wild card it only cost them a few pounds of prime dust and a few kids and millions..to open the borders to the potential Trojan horse attack groups shut down our energy independence.. then to get control of the energy they let the Fools of fate blow up the pipeline.. by keeping us at war rather than repair and rebuilding our infrastructure we are now vulnerable to total collapse..ron paul had it right….they hot it all for a few coins, sex and gifts.. that when it implodes will not only make it all worthless but take the power from the puppeteers that have had total control for a few thousand years..
      they used the greedy people’s very own business model of pushing the brand to get our compliance to make the move in the poison pawn trap..even the Ukrainian company owner said it..

      what makes it all extremely frustrating..is they told .. EVERYONE.. that was exactly how they would do it way back when I an old man was in diapers.. then to make it even worse is..they reminded everyone that that was what they were doing periodically all while showing the sparkly metals and waving it under their noses..
      what we got was what we see today..

  6. “ In our half-century plus of covering news, it is clear to us that whatever Biden does now will likely be wrong UNLESS:

    He unleashes American Energy Independence.”

    Hell George, he sold off almost 50% of our reserve. And if you remember, Buster planned on buying it back better at a lower price … which sure as hell won’t happen now.


    I seriously doubt he has any intentions of building back better or anything close to making America great again. Really don’t believe that having good things is on the agenda.

    He’s destroying us, and it shows.

  7. Bacon,,, hummm, from wiki,
    “Donald John Bacon (born August 16, 1963) is an American politician and retired military officer serving as the U.S. representative for Nebraska’s 2nd congressional district since 2017. Before holding public office, he was a United States Air Force officer, retiring as brigadier general with stints as wing commander at Ramstein Air Base, Germany and Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska, prior to his retirement from the military in 2014. His political constituency now includes all of Omaha and most of Offutt.”

    now for those who have not read “The Franklin Coverup”, Offutt Air Base was a hub of child trafficking, this cloven hoof was a wing commander there. Now for you gamblers, what are the odds his dirty liddle hoofs are compromised,,, of course he is against anything Trump or patriotic or Jim Jordon.
    More like
    “Rich Men North of Lincoln” Lincoln is the capitol in Nebr, 50 miles southwest from Omaha. Omaha is the shit hole of Nebr.

    We need a 100 lb sack of navy beans cooked with swamp water,,, cant ya see them yet? the swamp water level is going down,,, Zippity do dah ,,, zippity aye
    you’ll have a good day,,, except the traitor,,, meat sack,,, may his bowels release on him with his next Mc vote.
    Worse than a fart well

    • Omaha pulled the weight of the entire state and especially when I was growing up it surpassed Chicago in the meat packing buisness – I grew up 6 blocks from the South Omaha Projects which at that time was majority populated with whites and a smattering of Black and Hispanics. It was a smorgasbord of displaced people (DP’s) from all over Europe after WW1 and WW2 – my grandfather was a farmer/bootlegger and ran the door at the largest speakeasy in downtown Omaha. I was still there at the time of which you speak and know more than I care to comment on. Lincoln is nothing more than the midwest version of DC and I’d dare you to speak ill of anyone that grew up in Omaha especially South Omaha – you;d be beaten to a bloody pulp – Fuck You and your comments about my Hometown.

      • every time I went to Omaha, I felt better getting away from their, my first wife grew up in north Omaha. I met her in western Nebr after her parents moved away from the O.
        I do not like the shit hole, but many do, not me.
        I dont like crowds or cities, Lincoln is to lib tard for me also, but not so ‘city like’,, lived there awhile in 71/72
        Threatening to beat me to a bloody pulp, is BAD advice. Old men do not fight to win, we do what we must to survive,,, your skin is thin, if you get that pissed off over me trash talking something you don’t own, ya just live there, you talk like a sports fanatic,,, want to fight over something you don’t own
        If you knew me personally you might even like me
        heck, I even bad mouth the town I live in now.
        got a good friend that grew up in the Bluffs, he likes going back to Omaha, and we still get along just fine.

        Why you bring up race? blacks and hispanics, whats that got to do with anything I said?
        Bacon is still a meathead

        • Perhaps the author of “Supernatural” had a real reason for making Lincoln, Nebraska home base for the Winchesters.

    • First, “the Franklin Coverup” events happened 35 years ago, long before Bacon was a senior officer (he would have been a 1st Lieutenant or Captain during this timeframe). Second, both state and federal grand juries found the entire episode to be a well crafted and unfounded hoax, with the main accuser eventually sentenced to prison (as an adult) for perjury. Third, the unfounded accusations did not involve Offutt AFB personnel, only local businessmen and politicians.

      See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklin_child_prostitution_ring_allegations

      And ‘guilt by geographic association’ is blind as well as baseless – the General was stationed in Omaha and so must have been involved. I have no further comment.

      • The person of which you speak was the “Patsy” as the real muckity mucks were too high up to be “messed with” – I worked at Boys Town as a counselor and can speak directly to these kids being taken to Washington for these parties – the only thing covered up was the fact that happened – thing a latter day version of the Epstein List – your alleged info about it being a hoax is in itself just that a hoax – with all due respect Major you’ve taken the wrong pill on this one.

      • state and fed grand juries ..bwahahaha You not paying attention to anything here on Urb Surv. No wonder your reports continuely run cover for feds& airfarce culpability in 9/11 events.. sure dirty muzies and jetfuel – who is lying asshole hear?

        we know the child victims, their familes and what was done to them. Unfounded = lying sack of shit, again

        Practicing satanist are YOU? Ure black candles and primitive invocations/rituals – are like Ure BS, holey and weak.Sad joke indeed.

        “No further comment” from a “blackshoe” = sack of shit lying again.
        – more like traitor to fellow Man/Mankind.

        • Just a heads-up , this is NOT the way to get a point across.

          On this forum , I for one , enjoy reading all points of view. Including yours.

          I request that you clean it up and post it again.

          …and in proper English. I cant find “gibberish” on Google Translate.

          Or not …

          ( probably not )

      • did the pedo-ring ever end? Boys Town
        since when do we allow wiki to be creditable, when anyone can correct it to say what they want

        “How you can contribute
        A 3D-printed Wikipedia globe being held in someone’s hands
        Don’t be afraid to edit – Anyone can edit almost every page; just find something that can be improved and make it better! You can add content (using references to support your claims), upload free-to-use images, correct spelling and grammar mistakes, improve prose to make it more readable, or help with any number of other tasks. It’s normal for new contributors to feel a little overwhelmed by all of our policies, but don’t worry if you don’t understand everything at first; it’s fine to use common sense as you edit, and if you accidentally make a mistake, another editor can always fix or improve it later. So go ahead, edit an article and help make Wikipedia the world’s best information source!”

        my friend from Council Bluffs, across the river from Offutt air base, has my copy of the book, I will need to reread, but politicians and Brig Gens are often seen hand in hand
        Sir, not all members of the services are upstanding as you and the Major, but you already are already aware of that.

        unfounded or under-investigated and covered up,,, pedos run the world,,, ask Joe

        • Wiki is constantly censored from anything remotely close to the truth of the matter, not just at hand, but many hidden hands make light work of the truth.

          See what I did there?

        • There is NO defense of/for Pedofeelya, none whatsoever. All are being exposed at current time, as they slowly go crazy. As the ancient saying goes..”

          The gods first drive crazy those they would destroy”
          Denial of Reality is clear sign things aint right..mentally deteriorating, or something worse..

          Women and Children FIRST – ALWAYS.

          * See STRONGHOLD for example. Heros and zeros .

        • Well the honored member of George’s cabal here also thinks the CFR version of events for 9/11 is the be-all-to-end-all information source on that subject. I see him as I do my well-established cousin down South who is a consummate businessman with a heckuva resume, fully vaxxxed and thinks I’m a curious eccentricity in the family line even though we continue to have warm feeling toward each other as the years go on. Once you’ve invested yourself totally in a social group that has prospered you over the years you don’t easily change your mind. I have the quote as being credited to Upton Sinclair – “It is difficult for a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.”

      • you know WH… I would like to think I am fairly well read.. or informed… but I never ever even heard about the Franklin cover-up until now lol lol lol lol..
        then again I do try to stay away from the evil that is done to children.. it hurts my heart to read that stuff…

  8. “He unleashes American Energy Independence.” Excuse me if I’m missing something… How can we have US energy independence if Congress in 2015 allowed the export of all domestic oil? Right now we’re close to independence, but have to pay whatever the going rate is on the international market. 45 didn’t reverse this and no amount of extra drilling will make a difference if this policy remains.

  9. “Damm the wef’ers, full speed ahead!” – Admiral BCN

    Stormy seas ahead, hatches have been battened down, dogged everything else down as well -https://youtu.be/v0DpBnUznd0?si=GJVPSSlnT-ivSxk8

    I gotta ask – “would you like to ride my beautiful Bitcoin?
    we could float among the stars you & I
    up,up and away
    my precious, my beautiful, my beautiful
    Bitcoin.” – A BCN

    Whats in Ure wallet , besides made up numbers/frn’s?

  10. Omaha pulled the weight of the entire state and especially when I was growing up it surpassed Chicago in the meat packing buisness – I grew up 6 blocks from the South Omaha Projects which at that time was majority populated with whites and a smattering of Black and Hispanics. It was a smorgasbord of displaced people (DP’s) from all over Europe after WW1 and WW2 – my grandfather was a farmer/bootlegger and ran the door at the largest speakeasy in downtown Omaha. I was still there at the time of which you speak and know more than I care to comment on. Lincoln is nothing more than the midwest version of DC and I’d dare you to speak ill of anyone that grew up in Omaha especially South Omaha – you;d be beaten to a bloody pulp – Fuck You and your comments about my Hometown.

  11. The 10 year is nudging 5%.., Powell says that inflation is still too high, Housing sale have hit an 18 year low. – and the stock market? Seems to have ignored all the news this morning. I won’t mention the world-wide broadcast of the Saudi’s completely snubbing the Sec of State. Nor the King of Jordan’s comments. It is all being ignored.
    – I guess that it really is going to take a nuclear event .., or a capital ship going down. Or how about a massive terrorist attack on Washington? [ As warnings and treats are thrown about.]
    “Never underestimate his ability to screw things up.”
    They haven’t been right since their first day in office – so why even try? Is that their thinking now?
    With all that is going on, nationally and internationally – the stock market still clings to the hope of a market rally? Seriously? Bless their optimistic hearts.

  12. Tick … tick … tick …

    “ REPORT – U.S. Navy fleets near Israel:
    • Bataan Amphibious Ready Group and
    Marine Expeditionary Unit have instructions to move to the region.
    • The C-17 Globemasters completed 5 missions delivering assistance and ammunition.
    • 2,000 soldiers placed in a state of greater preparation.”

  13. How to solve the Middle East problem:
    Give everyone there a small dose of MDNA (ecstasy):

    ” Those effects include an enhanced sense of well-being, increased extroversion, emotional warmth, empathy toward others, and a willingness to discuss emotionally-charged memories.”

    No wonder it got banned.

  14. Tonight Biden will tell us the Gaza Freedom Festival has started. Strange the battle will begin before a Friday market close. Probably want to place ‘Sinking of the Ford’ into weekend rotation on the screens.

    Then he’ll warn don’t kill any Palestinian-American children.

  15. ‘”China needs to be reminded of who we are. (Or, are we the paper tiger?) China air force harassing US planes, Pentagon says – Taipei Times.”

    HMM… seems that the south CHINA sea’s are a tad bit further than Hawaii… or… Alaska..

    “Chinese aircraft threatened US planes flying over the East and South China seas, tallying more than 180 such incidents”

    this sort of reminds me of kids…


    • Hey LOOB,

      ‘”China needs to be reminded of who we are. (Or, are we the paper tiger?) China air force harassing US planes, Pentagon says – Taipei Times.”

      Gotta remember our military was shortened by politics per what soldiers wrote on social media. Anything against Biden or too pro Trump was fettered out.

      Then, we had the vaccine mandates. Lots of folks sent home for making a choice.

      And damn, ya can’t lose sight of effeminates being hurried in.

      We aren’t the Force we use to be.

      It’s all got me scratching the back of my neck and wondering if I need to dig a foxhole.

  16. A rant…,
    – Years ago I discovered a term, used widely, that never made any sense to me. GeoPolitical. It is used in all manner of ‘catch-all’ events., from war, terrorist attacks to even oil embargo’s. Yet it isn’t Political at all.
    It is hatred. Ethnic, racial and religious hatred. Every continent on the planet has been at war, constantly with each other. Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America., tiny little island nations in the south Pacific. Every where. We simply don’t like each other very much., and every thirty to forty years we try to kill each other off.
    Now the boys have bigger and more deadly toys to try and eliminate the other. This hasn’t changed. Oh, we have stepped it up., but at one time archers on horse back were unheard of, until ole Genghis and his hoard started moving west., conquering and slaughtering everything in their path.
    It’s what we do., as a species. Mankind’s total ambivalence toward each other is our history. Hatred and war are our heritage. And destruction is our future.
    You can’t build a better world with the same damn people that destroyed this one.
    “There is some good in this world and it’s worth fighting for.” – I agree., but I wonder., what will be left when the fighting is over to save the good.?

    • A rant of my own to answer your rant…You know d.. In my work.. as a healthcare worker.. I have met people from various countries.. I have friends that all have various pay grades.. beliefs and traditions.. It isn’t the people you read the pravda newspaper for an instance.. what you will see is almost exactly the same things the same concerns that you will read in any home town newspaper in almost every country…. it is the few in power that have high greed.. most differences and altercations all revolve around just a very few reasons.. the most common is finances.. money.. because of the drive for more..or for power about taking something that isn’t theirs..go back to the crusaides.. it was about stealing there to.. to acquire rare religious relecs..Hitlers big push was because he grew up poor the ones he seen as the victims were the poor people the ones that needed to be defeated were the wealthy jewish community a war over money and power….The rich and powerful are not causing endless wars because it is fun they cause them so they can get something they desire coveting what someone else has.. they put value of crap over the value of the people…. they want to toss your grand child in the road as a meat shield so they can gain something whether or not it is money.. Read Adolphs second secret book he comes right out and says it .. the average person is only concerned about putting bread on the table.. their daily bread.. you get them dependent on programs.. then the leader can use that as a leveraging tool..
      divorces are usually over the same things.. the desire to fit in with the bentleys.. they acquire huge numbers that sit in a box.. their treasure isn’t mankind it is a dam number..

    • One look at the family business.. the BRAND… was over selling power .. to sell out our country and our countries needs it was for… MONEY… and DRUGS and PERVERSIONS..
      look at the treasonous acts of others that have sold out our country it was for the same thing.. MONEY… but what is money.. today it is a sheet of paper or a piece of cheap metal or a number floating in cyber space that has no significance.. a god dam number.. we need that number to survive.. the wanting what you have.. I put no value in things crap.. I try to put value in the person be the blind man.. the blind man doesn’t care what crap you have.. he only cares about the person..

  17. ‘2nd Blow of ‘Squeal’ (steel – as proffered by ga stewart)
    ‘kraken’ mythological sea monster a hoax!
    The rats are turning on each other:

    Sidney Powell pleads guilty and agrees to testify against Trump:

    Giuliani, Meadows and others still up for trial, Trump begs for help paying legal bills:

    The King of Frauds (Trump) is going broke!!

    • “kraken’ mythological sea monster a hoax!”

      huh.. giant squids are real … and so are the alleged business activities by N/N ( numb nuts) get off your knees and stop hunting for the MM’s
      in the event NN’s pushes this to an historical flash goggle event…your just as included in the list of victims as the rest of us.. what bothers me is it will be for what..some perverted pedo with drug problems and no respect for the constitution or the people living here..
      someone that posts a couple of thousand videos of Jim having sex with just about every one of his family members and children gets no respect from me.
      the rest of what he’s done spells out one of the worst stints of crime by politicians that most of us cannot comprehend..and the fact that no one anywhere is willing to address it just tells us how bad the dual laws are..

    • Sidney Powell pled to misdemeanors,, the racketeering charges and all the felonies were dropped,,,
      If they had a case on the felonies, they would have pushed them,,, I would not call it a victory for the Fani, they just exchanged pawns
      Sidney is old, like you, and did not want to gamble jail time.
      I don’t blame her.

      Every body has money troubles except those whose use public funds to use lawfare as a weapon

      Ironic it is that you, little miss c, support those, who goal is get rid of our rights and freedom outlined in the US Constitution
      Guardian article is just parrotting Cohen, the vengeful fired convict,,, no meat
      the case in the article , the judge over stepped and his call to remove the Trump licenses to do business in NY was set back,,
      Naughty judge,,, catsup
      but the Guardian did an article on old Joe

      hope ya find relief from ure mental TDS. Do you dream about the orange man, halloween nightmares? I kind of feel bad for you ,,, a little, even though it is self infected, you are what you eat,,, what you read is mentally consumed
      it is another beautiful Indian summer day in the heartland, I must fetch wood, prepare for the snow that is to come.

    • @c,,, re: Sidney Powell
      Techno Fog did a good write up if you care to read
      here’s a quote, link at the bottom,,, I read your links

      “Tim Pool, for example, said Powell would “blame Trump for everything.” Lawyer Elie Honig, perhaps the most obtuse legal commentator on cable news, on CNN called this a “big breakthrough for prosecutors” in their case against Trump. He further alleged:

      “She’s going to have to admit that, ‘yes, we were trying to steal the election, yes, I knew it was illegal, and yes, it was in fact a crime,’” Honig said. “All of that is in play for her testimony against all of the 17 other co-defendants, including Donald Trump.”

      We’re not buying it. Let’s break down why.

      First, Honig (and many others) are claiming – wrongfully – that Powell has no choice but to implicate Trump in the RICO conspiracy.

      These predictions defy the fact that Powell did not plead guilty to the principal charge against Trump: the RICO conspiracy. She did not admit that she was part of a criminal enterprise with Trump, et al. to “unlawfully” change the results of the 2020 election. She did not admit that she conspired to violate Georgia’s RICO statute with Trump or anyone else.

      Instead, her plea deal is narrow and only relates to conduct that occurred in Coffee County, Georgia, where contractors accessed voting machines with the permission of local officials. Let us add a few words about those charges: Coffee County officials gave a written invitation for contractors from technical group SullivanStrickler to access their voting machines. Powell didn’t authorize those actions; she approved payment to SullivanStrickler after the fact. Of course, Fulton County maintains that local officials had no authority to grant access to voting machines, therefore making all of their actions illegal. (Authority would have been an issue at Powell’s trial.) In any event, Fulton County has no evidence that Powell or anyone from SullivanStrickler knew that Coffee County officials didn’t have this authority.

      But Fulton County isn’t accusing Trump of directing, being involved with, or even knowing about what occurred in Coffee County. Thus, Powell’s plea to the Coffee County charges does not, and will not, directly implicate Trump.”


      • Trolls don’t care about facts, truth, reason, or accuracy. Their sole desire is to evoke an emotional response and they will stretch any (or all) of the above as far as they need to, to get the response they require to fulfill their own psychological needs.

  18. Folks,

    I wonder if President Biden’s 8 pm est speech tonight will issue from the Oval Office in the White House or the mockup set in the South Auditorium? Fortunately the ALCS baseball game in Arlington – named after Robert E. Lee’s abode by the Potomac – isn’t due to begin until 8:03 pm est with Fox Sports. Pundits and fans alike appear in a quandry that Texas is bringing a bullpen pitcher arm in as game starter. Stay tuned for an Epic of Gilgamesh?

    However hold the popcorn, folks. Globe Life Field so far shows Morgan Wallen’s One Night at a Time tour stop hit the venue’s attendance record out of the park a couple of weeks back. Let’s join DJ George with Morgan’s Billboard 100 chart-topper “Last Night”. Like the Yogi says, “it ain’t over ’til it’s over”.

    • “One day that Emergency Broadcast Signal will blast from your smartphone and it will not be a drill.” – G.A. Stewart

      • I don’t have a smart phone. I don’t have any mobile phone. No broadcast TV either. I do have a radio that I don’t use.

        Gee, how will I know?

        • Just keep your head down, and when the really bright flash comes, pretend you’re Lott, and don’t look back…

      • The sirens won’t blast.. there would be panic and chaos in the streets worse than blm and antifa. they will be silent until the flash..
        you will know when people of power seem to just leave..
        oh..there has been action at the fsrm.. prepping maintenance..

  19. Suburban gas war nearby. I filled up for $ 2.359 / gallon last night.
    Gas prices have been trending down for weeks. My guess is that the word that Venezuela was back was on the street well before the announcement. That, or the speculators who have tankers circling the seas to run up prices suddenly realized that they were sitting ducks in a major conflict, and started sending their fleet to port before they got a torpedo up an aft compartment. Not sure if maritime shipping insurance will cover acts of war or terrorism.

    • we have that here to… it’s a loss leader to get people in the doors….similar to Sam’s or Costco they sell you gas for price or less than they pay for it to get you there..once in.. then you’ll more than likely run in for some of that 250.00 rotisserie chicken..
      during my grocery store years we had coupon sales..get this package of toilet paper with ten dollars worth of sales . it took that much sales to pay for the liss.. every isle has loss leaders..it use to be an essential item i see that changing in the usles now to the higher profit luxury items..
      the coding they use to go by was the term( heavy stock ) . each letter was a humber 0123456789 first set of numbers was acquisition date.. such as 5apr3 or 5A3/TSK . the rest was what they paid slash profit margin associated with that product.SO 5A3TSK is it was bought on the 5th of april 23 for1.09 the number set after lets say 1000 is it has a thousand pervent markup at ten dollars and ninety cents.. on sale 9.99. simple easy and you knew exactly what was paid and how much you had to Dicker down the price.

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