Bummer News from the Fed

Just out is Industrial Production.

Release Date: October 18, 2021

Industrial production fell 1.3 percent in September after moving down 0.1 percent in August; output was previously reported to have risen 0.4 percent in August. In September, manufacturing output decreased 0.7 percent: The production of motor vehicles and parts fell 7.2 percent, as shortages of semiconductors continued to hobble operations, while factory output elsewhere declined 0.3 percent. The output of utilities dropped 3.6 percent, as demand for cooling subsided after a warmer-than-usual August. Mining production fell 2.3 percent.

The lingering effects of Hurricane Ida more than accounted for the drop in mining in September; they also contributed 0.3 percentage point to the drop in manufacturing. Overall, about 0.6 percentage point of the drop in total industrial production resulted from the impact of the hurricane.

Despite the decrease in September, total industrial production rose 4.3 percent at an annual rate for the third quarter as a whole, its fifth consecutive quarter with a gain of at least 4 percent.

At 100.0 percent of its 2017 average, total industrial production in September was 4.6 percent above its year-earlier level. Capacity utilization for the industrial sector fell 1.0 percentage point in September to 75.2 percent, a rate that is 4.4 percentage points below its long-run (1972–2020) average.

Whee!  Caught up to 4-years ago!!!  All the August into Sept hype gone, reality now leaks.

Who packed your chute?


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  1. Kind of tired of hearing all your doom porn George! And $75k a year? Really??? Make that a week and we can talk. Meanwhile…the real news is….
    * With all the headlines about supply-chain nightmares, inflation, etc, you may want to hear about some GOOD economic news?  The DOW ended last week above 35,000, the Nasdaq is almost at 15,000, US New Covid cases are down 23% over the past 2 weeks and deaths down 17%, Bitcoin is above 60,000, the US unemployment rate dipped below 5% and US GDP growth is well above 5%, more than double that of the past 10-year average and the highest since 1984….. and projected to be 4% in 2022….still double that of the past decade’s average. US household income is back to pre-pandemic levels. The US economy is now $21,5 TRILLION, about 38% larger than a decade ago! BRAVO USA!

    * Bloomberg Economics calculates the total of excess savings built up since the COVID crisis began at about $2.3 trillion in the U.S. Cash and short-term investments on corporate balance sheets globally are at an all-time high of $6.84 trillion, according to data from S&P Global, extrapolated from 2nd-quarter earnings reports, 45% higher than the average in the 5 years preceding the pandemic and a 2.6% increase from the previous quarter. Super-low interest rates are causing this cash pile to deplete in value daily….. (WSJ/BLOO

    • Hey Mark – did you know what the Fed’s balance sheet was back in ’08? It was 800 billion. Can you tell me what it is now?

      I rest my case on the ‘rise of the markets’.

    • Come on, Mark! Enough!

      The MONEY you use to keep score is flat-out crooked. Thus, when you site “growth” you are not talking about quality of life increases. You are tooting “paper hangers.” Even the Fed chief is embroiled in the central bank high-handedness.

      In case you missed the Fed production and utilization this morning – this is the God-awful truth – right from their data:

      “At 100.0 percent of its 2017 average, total industrial production in September was 4.6 percent above its year-earlier level. Capacity utilization for the industrial sector fell 1.0 percentage point in September to 75.2 percent, a rate that is 4.4 percentage points below its long-run (1972–2020) average.:”

      We have gone four years with zero growth and its a celebration?

      So the by-God FACT is that since 2017, we have gotten into a biowar with China (who our intel sources report disappointed didn’t kill even more Americans – since they would love to “acquire” our Western States (Man in the High Castle on Amazon rhymed off this, but it’s not Japan (as in their alt. history) who gets. Generation of Han.

      We ALSO have lowered politics to childlike insincerity – which is unable to solve even the most basics social issues. We have a president who can’t lead, we have an FDA that can’t regulate and is a captive business unit of Big Pharma, and despite the obvious (California BIG HAND in the SoCal docks mess, supply chain collapse) you cite gibberish with (non-inflation adjusted) economic rehash from Happyberg.

      The Fact is readily apparent if you read the H.6 Money stocks measure here: https://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/h6/current/default.htm

      Please note non-seasonally adjusted Monetary base (Aug-Aug) is up how much? 31.648%.

      Not to burst your bubble – I admire your real estate expertise.

      But (like the old Colombo detective show): “‘Scuse me, sir. How’s come if there’s 31.648% more monetary base, S&P Housing reported:

      “Phoenix, San Diego, and Seattle reported the highest year-over-year gains among the 20 cities in July. Phoenix led the way with a 32.4% year-over-year price increase, followed by San Diego with a 27.8% increase and Seattle with a 25.5% increase. Seventeen of the 20 cities reported higher price increases in the year ending July 2021 versus the year ending June 2021.”

      Those Yoy increases (less some slop to bottom lines of corporation…why Ure is willing to get the correlation between Fed monetary base increases and home prices is (across the board) likely in the 90th percentile.

      Yet, it’s sure to blow up – and take the south bay with it.

      For now, Bay Area real estate is “cutting a fat hog.” But, you might want to read here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/location-based-pay-salary-cut-remote-work-pay_l_615c7ccee4b0896dd1a985d0?utm_campaign=share_email&ncid=other_email_o63gt2jcad4

      Because that article goes to the idea that there is HUGE wage discrimination against rural workers. And for a real estate pro that you are (and your team) I would caution that there is one HELL OF A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT hanging out here. Something larger than the Tobacco case. Bigger than Brocovich.

      It will come when a reasonable court (whew, none left?) WILL HAVE TO RULE that equal pay statutes are not limited to gender and race, but also location.

      which means Bay Area, Seattle/Redmond, and (collapsing) Portland tech arrogance would dissolve quickly when non-location specific works is ruled MUST be paid at equal rates regardless of where performed.

      Please made a note of it. And watch the monetary base. As it changes, so will the top 20 market ROI in RE

      • Why is wage discrimination even a thing, not that lawyers and socialist might make it something, and certainly would not surprise me for California. If you don’t like what you are paid, go work somewhere else or start your own business. Problem solved. I hear people wining all the time, I deserve this or that. Folks need to tell them to get off the as_ and make something happen, clearly Mark has done that in his own career. But no, instead people put faith in some politician to make things better for them. They will forever be disappointed in those results.

      • “Why is wage discrimination even a thing,”

        Seriously Joe D…think about that for one minute…
        The divide is so great.. that is exactly what issyes past rulers have used to acquire the support of the masses.
        Extreme poverty and extreme prosperity.. whenever the middle has been eliminated theres a surge to equalize.. itslike walking down the street and flipping everone you meet the bird.. the odds are if you walked into the hood dressed in a suit and not the ethnic background you wouldnt survive very far.. theres a few dozen studies done on this very issue.. and some doing the studies had a to be rescued..

      • And how many people has Walking Buzzard bamboozled with his stock offering? Everything’s a confidence model.

    • It is amazing to have such “boom” times when the percent of people employed is below 2014 levels https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/EMRATIO , and we have some of the highest amounts of people on public assistance. Yes most anyone involved in real estate is doing pretty good, because the Feds prefer those investments based on Tax policies. Mortgages are subsidized, tax write offs for interest, depreciation schedules, tax reductions for residencies. All these things skew the natural market for investment and raise the cost of housing far above what many can afford. This will work for a while to pretend to be prosperity, but the bubbles cannot be hidden forever. China is experiencing this now in their property market, as this was one of the few investments the party did not “take” from them for the common good.

    • “And $75k a year? Really??? Make that a week and we can talk.”

      Poke your head below the cloud cover… and you’ll see why the predictions of a catastrophic economic disaster lies before us..



      Now I live at the bottom of the pile WD here you live above the clouds. so I see the affects of the supply chain and wage separation first hand.
      I do understand that you wouldn’t because of your economical class separation from the real world.. that’s totally understandable.. if it doesnt affect you and your not living it.. how would you possibly know..your we world revolves in another area with a whole world of different issues at the forefront of your concerns..
      I worked with a woman from Africa. There were stories about the clubbing and murders among people that weren’t from a specific tribe. I said but you don’t see that on shows or newspapers about it. She said it’s because they live in a different class.. everything is different even what they teach.. depends on what social class your in.. they can just walk in and take your pillow while you sleep if they want.

      • No! Heck no! Wait’ll it happens and Walking Buzzard loses about 2/3rds of his wealth while blaming everyone else besides himself for not seeing it coming. We’ll just sit back and listen to him fume. Anyone that loves money like he does will be serious entertainment in a month or three.

      • “Wait’ll it happens and Walking Buzzard loses about 2/3rds of his wealth while blaming everyone else”

        NO … The way I see it They loose more than that.. that is why mansions in Detroit are selling for a thousand dollars..
        In Germany and in Russia and France etc etc.. they lost it all.. It happens the same way every time..In my opinion besides a few fluctuations but basically it follows the same path.. a negative sentiment of those on the hill.. those Ranting we need to make it equal..( even though they themselves try to hide their daily activities from view)

        From my perspective Stories like the one’s above complicate the very image that they were trying to achieve of being the most honorable administration ever in DC’s history..
        instead from my perspective.. what has been painted is the image of a mixture of Herbert the Pervert and Al Capone…
        My father use to tell me stories about Al’s kindness the men of his dropping boxes of food off at family homes in the neighborhoods. he had a shoeshine booth a block from st. valentines day mascara happened.. the stories about the men all stopping to have him shine their shoes.. they made sure he had a job sorting fruit at a fruit stand..( my father basically had to raise his sister on his own).. milk at school and the soup kitchens.. the good he did.. Al actually had a good image in the face of the common everyday wage hour people.. even though they knew his crimes and criminal activities they accepted him.. I see this in the stories and accusations coming out now.. the main population is willing to accept the negative portions and the images being shown and stories of the deep corruption accusations on all accounts.. mostly figuring that everyone in DC is of the same caliber or worse. and they are hoping that the good parts will eliminate the bad portion they are seeing flaunted at them.. Just like Al.. Adolph came from a dysfunctional family with abuse and poverty and did a lot of good for the poor German population..


        The bad part is them trying to paint this picture of a saint.. when the Sinner part keeps jumping out at everyone is really hard to overcome.. to do that he has to go after those that separates the chasm of wealth difference to show that they can achieve equality of the financial system so the basic family can take back a little pride in their position in life.. and provide their daily bread.. from my perspective for him to gain the total support especially since the Democratic party painted such a bad image of inappropriate behaviors by the last administration and now trying to justify the negative actions and endeavors the present administration has going on is really not working.. you hear it daily at the coffee houses.. just like finding a job.. wanna know what the place is like.. go have coffee with the workers.. in the span of a cup of coffee you will know what those in charge are like and what the people that work for them truly think.. I got a job that way… back in the eighties there was one place .. you were nothing more than some body on the floor.. there weren’t any jobs.. so every day I would go and have coffee and fill out an application.. I took my sweet time about it to.. the rest of the employees complained about why I got such long breaks that they hired me…
        the future is going to be interesting in my opinion..

    • The only real way to compare incomes is after tax(and all accounting fees), and with reference to the amount of time involved, along with the unpleasantness and difficulty of the work. There is also physical risk, such as extinguishing oil well fires., Of course, when comparing “income”(after taxes and expenses) over time, constant dollars are a must. I personally could make a lot more money, but the things I value most cannot be bought with it and I have no desire to pay more taxes than necessary. I’d rather enjoy my time and do things of value for those I care for. I’ll never give money to a desperate person, but I may well help them in many other ways. Money is essential, but it’s hardly the highest value item beyond a certain comfort level. Many people have a hard time understanding that.

      Elon Musk has a dream for himself and the human race, and the cost is astronomical(pun intended). He can be excused to a degree since he’s actually making progress toward his(and our) dream of becoming multiplanetary. Notably, he’s not doing it with handouts, but with innovation and superb engineering.

      • “The only real way to compare incomes is after tax”

        Lol that will be interesting.. then by personal income taxable levels my boss was one of the poorest persons in the country lol..
        An ex wife of a manager was really upset. She filed for divorce and was faced with how the business hides the income of those on top.. his income was less than ten grand a year.. everything was owned by the company she didn’tget anything because her income at her job was several times more than hers,even though she said his income was around 4 million a year.
        Another boss and all the executives had mansions but the mansions were all company owned and written off on taxes as a showcase for their products.. each year they were redecorated for advertising..the same with the million dollar camper buses, cars etc.. their fuel came from a company fueling station and they all carried a company expense card. Vacation trips and condos for the administration the same thing.. their income taxes was what they drew out of the company funds for food everything else was considered company expenses and a write off..
        So if that’s what will come out they’ll all be on welfare

  2. reminds me of marie-antoinette, it doesn’t really matter if she said these words or not, it does show ‘how of touch’ the 1% money owners are out of touch with the rest of the world
    Thank you Mark for reminding us
    “Bloomberg Economics calculates the total of excess savings built up since the COVID crisis began at about $2.3 trillion in the U.S. Cash and short-term investments on corporate balance sheets globally are at an all-time high of $6.84 trillion,”
    ‘Let them eat cake’


    hang on to your ass-ets, Marie-Antionette

    • Amen….Darrell…
      Theres prosperity now.. back in the sixties and seventies..Detroit was that way..then deregulation..
      We watched a show on television last week that was showing the m UK title million dollar mansions that have been abandoned by the wealthy for sale.. there was one that I would have lived to buy for a thousand dollars..the issue.. you couldn’t afford to repair it or pay taxes on it at a fast food wage.. not to mention the crime rate..
      Adolph went after the wealthy jewish community to take what they had..

    • Just like the people that made the documentary on Falsie. I think it was National Geographic, of all groups. They honestly thought we’d fall for another hype program but they can’t get any kind of traction in the ratings. All they get are down votes like The White House YouTube channel.

    • Its whenever theres a gap… like George said .. there use tobe a 15% Difference between wage stations..in the past whenever that is lost then theres an issue.. make it hard enough on those at the bottom ..then theres a disgruntled society shift.. during the weimer people were going hungry.. unable to supply basic needs.. brought in a ruler adolph under the pretence he could and would even the gap..he imprisoned the wealthy stole their wealth and had the blessings of the people.. of course they never imagined the limits he would go to..they wanted the gap closed. The same with the Romanov family..the gap was widened the people unable to meet basic needs and we know what happened to them. The same with France. Those at the top didn’t see the gap.. ten cents a gallon isn’t much but if everything goes up a dime..theres frustrated people disgruntled at the income gap..
      Then pile all the costs onto them.. bring up the areas where the wealthy avoid paying taxes and charge those at the working level..
      I personally don’t begrudge anyone for their success in life..there has to be a class separation.. but there is the masses.. they’ve lost control of their lifestyle. their kids have no future or pride.. there are more domestic arguments over money issues than anything else..
      Then the covid19 virus.. their children get sick and their told to leave the clinic until they can pay..the choice gas or food.. daycare or the water bill.. then have someone say something stupid like.. “And $75k a year? Really??? Make that a week and we can talk. Meanwhile…the real news”
      That’s like farting in someones face on purpose. Total disrespect for those wage hour laborers that provide the economic status to exist. That’s in essence what the let them eat cake statement did ..
      And it started with deregulation of essential necessities and the outsourcing of jobs and workmanship pride in accomplishing a job well done..
      But then that’s just my opinion

  3. To argue, to speak, to write in an untruthful, upside down manner IS satanic.

    These are the times we live in – everything coming out of Mark mind/the media and satanists on the hill – ALL live and speak in the upside down/World..

    Glaring case in point – stepford bribem ilk – all very strenuous in their defense for Slaughtering innocent lives, and the strenuous protection of those same “rights” to kill tiny Human beings – While at SAME TIME – Mandating genetic manipulation via Vaxx for the Sheeeples, but not themselves ..congress/senate/pfizer, moderna j&j..upside down .

    Simple Rule – Upside Down = Satanic

    We alwayz knew lil barky..

  4. Covid numbers are dropping rapidly locally. Business is picking up, and my employer is showing a profit.
    But $75,000 a month is a lot of income here in fly-over land. The tinkle down economics theories just don’t hold, er, liquid. Let Joe raise the income tax rates on the upper 1%. He can clamp down on the upper 1% estate tax, too. Would I have said this 10 years ago? Answer – no. But after listening to Mark gloat for an extended period of years, I’m ready to see the left coast robber barons pay their fair share for the looting they have inflicted on fly-over lands. Maybe a Fedral excise tax for large real estate transactions would be good for old Joe.

    • $75K a month is a lot of money anywhere. That maps out to $3.2 million a year. Nobody makes that kind of money in a day job.

      • This is actually kinda fun, Joe. My ref was to $75K PER YEAR, lol…everyone took month from misinterp and spread that. It’s how the digital world works, lol

    • “But $75,000 a month is a lot of income here in fly-over land. ”

      I personally wouldn’t blame Mark for his position.. .. he only sees his immediate surroundings. He has no clue even what is going on in the papers about San Francisco and the dire predicament they are in. Hell look who he supported for president totally ignorant on how they did business dealings or what their business model was…
      He has never experienced the negative side of society or the economy..from his perspective it is totally unbelievable that it is like that and unbelievable that these people cannot rise above it…. and money comes easy. I seriously doubt he lends a hand to help those that work at the bottom of his company rise above their situations..
      Hell N______ thats really good yearly wages in fly over land.. LOL LOL the vast majority make between twenty five and thirty five a year.. Employers are having a really hard time finding people.. what they are offering is less than the cost of transportation back and forth to work..
      I use to go to lunch at the country club with the CEO.. long story but we would go out to lunch every month.. anyway on one of the trips.. they took a bunch of us and one of the questions asked him was about wages and hiring more staff.. his response was if I could send a bus down to mexico and bring up nurses.. I would I can hire three of them to one american.. Hell if I could find a machine to dump bed pans.. I would replace the whole staff..
      But if it affected his seven figure income he would cry like hell.. people on top rarely have a good opinion of those that put them on top.. the I want it all now business model.. a huge change from the industrialists of old that realized that keeping their local economies solvent was the best thing.. take a little less still get where you want.. but make everyone happy.. Old industrialist Schindler .. originally he didn’t go to save the jews.. he originally went because he seen he could make money and gain influence.. then as he realized the real plight of those he seen as the cash cow.. he turned.. then tried to save as many as he could.. the same with others..
      When I go and help someone.. I try not to get involved.. leave it as an anonymous.. the reason is it is so damned easy to get involved with the situation..
      don’t blame Mark though.. see in real life.. He truly doesn’t know.. its a world so far from his.. just like my old boss.. his world does not get involved with the lives of the every day laborer.. so in reality he isn’t gloating.. in his mind he cannot see why there is such a struggle.. it comes easy for him. He is at the stage where it all comes easy..
      After Listening to people that live on the streets and in dumpsters etc.. I don’t understand their life style as well.. and it is hard to understand.. Unless you’ve been there.. you don’t have a clue.. not one stinking clue..
      I once had a boss.. ( there were lots of books written about him and his family being raised in train car..) anyway. He outgrew it and made a life for himself.. one of his employees was really struggling.. and I brought it up to the boss.. his response was.. he just got paid.. so I brought up yes but circumstances beyond his control.. he needs help from someone that has enough influence to help him..
      a lot has been said about Donald Trump negatively and very few bring up his helping those in need.. he has gone out of his way to buy houses fly kids to doctors appointments pay for the doctors appointments etc.. so what if he is a narcissist or braggart.. his heart is bigger than his faults.. that is what I liked about the man.. he lets everyone know hes the boss.. but.. all his employees feel he is accessible to him in the case of needing help..

  5. Shit! I’m about a week from bouncing from Seattle dude. Even on my salary you can not afford to live here and every day the prices are going up. It is getting ridiculous. I just paid $18.33 for a 10 piece mcnugget meal at McDonald’s. $15.85 for a pack of Marlboros, $6.69 for a redbull and $64.93 to fill my tank from a half tank of gas.

    And every day it goes up. They are about to shut the economy down around here on 25 October.

    I told my boss today I’m going to need more money to stay put. Even then my ex wife is preparing to bounce with my kid. Funny she used to give me a hard time about this and being a conspiracy nut. She just told me on the phone. You remember when I asked you why you were out back yard burring 5 gallon gas cans with Sta-bull in them and you said I’m preparing fot the great reset? She said oh my Gid that shit is real Andy. Im sorry i yelled at you and called you nuts. I laughed and said I’m ready to bounce to Montana or Idaho and may go back to Alaska as soon as next week. She said we are weighing options. I said let me know. My bags are packed and sitting by the door. I can fire up a new phone, drop off the radar and be in Idaho in less than 4 hours. Montana in 6 hours, and Wyoming in 12.

    One things forsure. It won’t be a reaction based in fear. I’m not a Coward. I’m going to really take a few days to assess this situation we are in and if you don’t hear from me again. You know damn well. I will be alright. And I will be way ahead of the rest of the herd.

    F dude. You gotta know when to walk and know when to run. As the gambler said.

    Is shredding papers and then going to take a piss a form of chop wood and carry water? Because that is when it hit me. It may be time to skidaddle and like Lot, you don’t look back. You just make haste to the hills.

    I really like this job and it’s super fun. But I’m here for the money.

    Hmmmm… I suppose it’s time to check that 467 lotto tickets I bought in the last 4 months and see if one is a winner. Hahah. I only check them every 4 or 5 months. I buy them all the time and don’t check them to force myself to have self control.

    Fack it looks ugly dude. Really bad. What to do? Yo DUDE! Show me the way!

    Cue: ~ should I stay or should I go~
    The Clash.

    • Here are some obvious ways to economize:
      1. Quit smoking.
      2. Quit smoking.
      3. Stop gambling. If you bought 467 lotto tickets without a big winner, you aren’t getting a Divine boost on the odds.
      3. Get a good ice chest or DC frig, and make supply runs to the suburbs or nearby cities on your day off.
      4. If gasoline is really that high in the urban areas, take two or three 5 gallon gas cans with you on your weekly supply run.

      You need to adjust your lifestyle to being a permanent temporary in a hostile economic zone.

      Other more radical approaches:
      1. Relocate outside the urban zone, and use mass transit to get to work. You may need to have two vehicles to make this work efficiently.
      2. Relocate, use a RV van during the week to sleep in, and catch showers at the gym. This is the perma-temp nomad scenario.

      I relocated to the country and built cheap. Initially, I took apartments near work. Now, as civilization has encroached, and I have found work closer to home, I have a 20 minute commute. It can take decades to set up something this good.

      • how do you know i am not a winner? i haven’t checked my tickets yet. LOL I like smoking. but thanks. its one of my only bad habits.

        I am going to get more money for what I do. I am going to talk to the owner. My regional director said if I quit he will probably quit. I have already established my value here and then some. A one bedroom apartment in Seattle in a shitty neighborhood is about $2600 a month right now.

        I turned this office from a negative of 17k a month with a staff of 5 people the last month they all worked here to a 200k profit in my first month here and I am exceeding that amount already going into the 3rd week of my second month working alone. nobody has ever done that, not even the owner, so said the owner who has been in this business for over 30 years, especially during a pandemic and where places like Amazon are offering a $3000 sign on bonus to work for them. People work for the contracts i secure, because they like working for me. I have a huge loyalty factor with my employees that work security.

        See there is a difference, I am the only office staff. Those who work security and food services for me they work on the contracts i secure, not directly for me as office staff.

        I don’t give a shit if I’m selling potatoes or jobs working security. I can get just as excited about potatoes as I can about running big arena events. if the money is there. not just for me but for those who work for me.

        One things forsure n, I should have been doing this kinda work years ago. I am really good at motivating people and negotiating contracts and securing higher revenue on them. really good at that. so much so some of the companies I bid for contracts on are offering me jobs. LOL I need you working for me. I say, I already do. One said, I think you got that backwards Andy, lately I think I starting to think I work for you.

        If i pulled out now… all that I built and all those who work for me, would drop in a nano second. they know that. they know that I keep all the engines running around here. they couldnt find people to work jobs before I started here. I dont run craigslist adds, indeed adds, or facebook or any of that shit to recruit. I get all my employees on most days 4-8 people apply for a job to work events for me are friends of friends or friends of friends of friends. Who all came to work for me because as they said, I am the best boss they ever had.

        not my words… their words. I don’t solicit accolades. i let my actions speak for themselves. I don’t really care about accolades.. what i do care about is loyalty and proper compensation.

        my father was a race car driver for 30 years. you know where all those trophies he won before he died are now? ashes in a burn pit. he had hundreds of them. and after he died. my mother kept 3 of them and took the rest out and burned them in a burn barrel.. why? because they took up the whole house. and she lived with them while he was alive but now that they are gone? they are were just taking up too much room.

        and that my friend is why i dont give a single shit about trophies, titles or crowns. they profit me nothing.

        so I’m off to negotiate a new salary and and see what the outcome will be. hit high, let him talk me down to what i want. we shall see.

        inflation is here. and it is moving fast…. either i need to stay ahead of it or relocate to an area it is not moving as quickly yet. makes sense that it would start in the big cities first.

        thanks tho. I appreciate your response.

      • “If you bought 467 lotto tickets without a big winner, you aren’t getting a Divine boost on the odds.”

        I forget where I read it.. but before they added more numbers on to the lottery.. the article I read had said.. if you bought a hundred dollars a day back to the birth of christ.. you would still have a 76% chance of loosing.. and with the computer system.. its true.. they know all the numbers that have been generated nationally before the drawing..
        and the winners run up in regions.. years ago I had a friend that was working on a computer program for a govt. project.. anyway it was to analyze random information to come up with a solution.. he asked me what how I would do it.. I said why not the lottery.. LOL LOL LOL so he wrote a program and I put all the random winning numbers back to the very beginning of the lottery.. ran it and would buy the first ten numbers.. well one day I only bought the first five.. the sixth number was the winning sequence.. after that I would buy all the numbers it generated for the whole year until we did a check to see where the winners were LOL LOL.. no more program history gone .. I had spent thousands on something that I should have seen logically from the very beginning..

    • Dam Andy now I have to go make some more chicken nuggets.. prices are escalating and wages are staying the same.. the farmers are all complaining that they raised the cost of fuel on a year when there was a drought.. propane announced a 68 percent hike in heating fuel and natural gas is going to go up thirty percent for this winter..the supply chain is broken..
      AND IT IS JUST BEGINNING … just wait..

      • yes sir. reducing out put cost gives me an instant raise in income.

        as George taught me, I don’t give a rats ass if its Bear or Bull doesn’t matter to me. I’m not loyal to either market condition. I am loyal to my wallet. I can make money going either direction. That doesn’t just apply to the stock the stock market.

        Quality of living standards is what is of most value. Where am I getting the most bang for my buck? Then adjust accordingly.

        I put in for a raise and a transfer. No matter what the owner says? I will make my own decision. Id like to remain in the same company. However, Like I said bear or bull it doesnt matter to me. Where ever I go? I bring me with me. and I’m confident that no matter if I’m moving furniture or closing big contacts? I will be successful. THE DUDE wills it. and it is so.

    • Andy, the prices are zooming up, everywhere that USDollars are the accepted currency. What you are seeing and feeling is hyperinflation. Although you know about the hyperinflation of the 1970s, you’re too young to remember what it was actually like, and Alaska in the ’70s, except for metropolitan Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks, would have been nearly completely detached from that hyperinflation.

      I live in one of the cheapest places in CONUS to live. When I report that the food prices on the store shelves here are up 31%-33% since September 1st, I’m neither kidding, nor exaggerating (I did the math, myself), and because prices are up like that here, they’re going to be up more than that, percentage-wise, virtually everyplace else, especially places like SanFran and SeaTac, because prices whipsaw, based on local CoL. Petrol was $3.35.9 last night for cheap stuff (we generally run 10-20 cents under national avg.) and that McNugget meal is under $6. This is all going to change, rapidly, and when gasoline is $7/gal here next summer, it is going to be breathtakingly expensive, there. There’ll also be no escape. You will pay that $600/month for gasoline, or you’ll pay it for electricity.

      It might be time to think about purchasing a B3 or A4 Volkswagen diesel and having it restored. Save the Dodge for weekend towning. In three months that thought is going to occur to a bunch of people, and TDI prices (always high — I can still borrow $8k against my 2002 Jetta) will go through the roof. An RV may become a viable option for living space. Check Craigslist in Valparaiso/South Bend/Elkhart Indiana, Niles/Kalamazoo/Three Rivers/Battle Creek Michigan, and “Michiana.” 90+% of all RVs are built within 50 miles of the town of Nappanee, Indiana and, although I don’t know, would assume they’re cheap in that area…

      • bingo! you are correct. and every single day the prices around here are going up. I drive by the same gas station every day and every day gas goes up by $0.05 a day. That is $0.35 a week.

        It is interesting to note that gas is alot cheeper in Alaska. Cigarettes’ are a third of the price, bread and milk is $3.00 cheeper than here. The red states are a lot cheaper to live in. I think the key is to stay ahead of things. That has always worked best for me.

        Thanks Ray. Good stuff to consider. I have to go ramp up my staff for the grand opening of the new Climate Pledge Arena opening. Foo Fighters Concert. You have to be vaccinated to attend and work it. there are no exceptions. not even for religious reasons.

        as it is now, i have grown my office so fast and big that is bigger than me now. I can hardly keep track of all my people. i turned the ringer phone off for an hour to meditate yesterday and when i looked back at it an hour later? I had 67 missed calls, 58 unread text messages, and 37 new emails. in an hour. LOL and that is at the slowest part of the day.

        so we will see what THE DUDE says, HE has the ultimate say over my life and any direction I take. Money isnt everything. but it sure makes life much easier when you have more. :)

      • The sad part of that.. is wages aren’t going to be more.. my wife’s employer cant afford to give more.. neither can the dollar general.. considering brick and mortar costs and an increase in utilities and the cost of stock.. their best option is close doors and sell the buildings while they can reap profit.
        Those retired and on set incomes are SOL

      • “An RV may become a viable option for living space.”

        You know those prices are going up as well..my brother just paid fifty for a small camper

      • Here is the Deal LOB, I locked my current salary in, and and I got the approval to relocate to an office in Idaho. A difference in minimum wage of $16.69 an hour in Seattle to a minim wage difference of $7.25 an hour in Idaho. From $4.89 a gallon of Gas in Seattle to $3.18 a gallon in Idaho. From a Pack of Marlboros costing $15.80 a pack Seattle to $5.02 a pack in Idaho.

        I just gave myself a massive raise and my income didn’t change at all.

        sometimes it is best to play the bears, sometimes the bulls. as long as my wallet gets fatter? Who cares if it is a bull or bear market.

        Aint that right George. you taught me well. and as I predicted? I can live on $10,000 a year, even during a pandemic and unstable economy. a really nice room for rent in Idaho is only $300 a month.

        My Salary remains the same. My bonus % remains the same. I can sell the shit of jobs working potato factories. I assure you. LOL

      • That is not true, we raise rates of billing and wage compensation all the time.

        My Regional Director after my talk with the Owner, said he wants to either quit or fight me. He said the energy you bring this area is nothing I have ever experianced and having that removed is going to take its toll. I said I will have you all lined out before I leave a week in advance so you wont have to do much but pay people. and I will field any calls that come your way and disolve any confusion. He said man you are such a good dude. I cant believe this happened so fast and how the hell did you close the deal on that. i said, well my work performance speaks for itself. LOL it was an easy sell. and you best believe all my security staff will be on point and be ready to be turned over before I leave. He said thanks. i said well its not just because i am a good guy. I want my bonus for this office this month.

        Only a few people know. well and everyone who reads urban survival.

        dont fault me. its Georges fault. he taught me how to work the system like a pro, and squeeze it for every penny i can get. I just paid attention and i just got a whole bunch of lunch money using the same system of thought he uses on the stock market, in my personal life.

        ya all have a good one. I have a ton of shit to do and i need to start packing after a few 16 hour days in the office ..

        wonder what the sweet honey girl will think when i walk into that room and she hasnt seen me since june. hmmmmm…… alot has changed since then..

        until then,

        get that money!

      • “Pack of Marlboros costing $15.80 a pack Seattle to $5.02 a pack in Idaho.”

        Dam Andie.. at that price.. you could rent a semi truck and hit the road and make a killing on selling cigarettes LOL LOL LOL.. the cheap crap here is half again more that what your getting name brands.. LOL
        what is funny is I remember getting cigs at the store for a twenty cents a pack.. and offshore they were twelve cents a pack.. a buck twenty for a carton.. LOL LOL LOL I quit smoking when they hit fifty cents a pack.. the average pack a day smoker smokes enough to pay for a cruise or three months rent.. two months of utilities.. that is why I make wine.. even there that price went up.. a twenty dollars worth of juice for wine.. now runs sixty dollars.. plus.. that will put the price of wine at just under two dollars a bottle.. the cost before.. was just under a half a buck not counting bottles and lables etc..

      • Im not concerned about Angels and Im not concerned about demons. Everyone has a part to play. I been there and I know what the grass looks like NC. dontcha know? faith like potato’s silly goose!

        I asked THE DUDE for answer. he only said two words. State Senator. and I thought about it for a while in meditation. Could really see me win a campaign as the State Senator in a Blue state with the liberal left leaning on the crutch of Lenin? with my mouth? nope! neither can I. however in a red state employing people to work on farms and factories? with a smaller population. yes sir.

        see there is only 3 prophecies that I have had done on me. by very gifted seers. two of them said I will be the 50th president of the United States. One was when I was 15 years old in a church. I just walked in and an older lady turned in a trance and started singing oh come all ye faithful and said you son are destined to great things. president number 50. i thought she was crazy… and someone said it again when I was in Alaska the time i went up there to burry the axe with my father and help my mother after her stroke. I never ever told anyone that two Christian prophets at different points in my life said i would be the 50th president of the united states… but when i heard State Senator. that is all I needed to know.

        it dawned on me when I started this job, that it is training for something much larger. he who is trusted with a little, much he is given.

        im not perfect. i never claimed to be.

        for that to happen. I must drop off line for some time.. in order to establish a better public image. if that makes sense.

        do i want to be any of that???? not really. Id like to just sit around the bonfire with a couple shepherds and a pretty girl and talk about the belt of Orion. However, THY will be done.

        who else better to be president then the guy running late all day but was right on schedule to save someone’s life.

        everyone thinks, this is end echo echo echo… but I will remind you, we had , WWI, then the Spanish flue, then Stock market crash of 1929, then WWII, Then the Korean Conflict, then Vietnam war.

        now if you reaally really take a moment and put that iphone down for a second. this is all just a replay of that. LOL we are currently in the spanish flue phaze, it should be no suprize what is next and what is next and what is next. minus the baby boom. lol i dont see that as such a thing. and of course these things are never exactly the same. could be worse this time. could be better.. you dont want a play by play anyway. kinda like having someone next to you in the movies who seen this movie before saying all the time, oh watch this part, this is the part where this and that happen. kinda ruins the whole movie.

        most of you wont be around by the time i make it to the presidency…. if those two prophecies are true. but dont worry NC, all of you have taught me much.. and well each of you helped me become the man i am.

        anyway, enough talk, time to get busy. i have alot to get done. and alot to do.. I’m moving soon. because the door opened up to that really easy… and well there ya go. i didn’t even have to try to open it. you could say it opened itself for me.. winner winner chicken dinner. LOL

        yada yada yada yada… like i said George back when i was in palm desert being romanced by wealth. i could just say F it! pack my shit and move out to the country and find me a nice country girl to be with. well, there ya go. just like you… for a little while i spose.

  6. Here we go folks! The fuse is lit –

    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kinney County Texas Sheriff Coe Announces Historic Plan to Deputize Local Citizens to Fight Back Against Biden Border Invasion
    Sheriff Coe is deputizing at least 10 local citizens to rescue the county from Joe Biden’s illegal border invasion.

    Kinney County will also build a fence around the county to protect the border county from the invasion.

  7. I’m all set. I have 4 different state options. All set with places to live and 2 have jobs waiting at two different locations. One possible transfer within the company i work at now. I can pack my shit in my car in less than 2 hours and be gone. That is the nice thing about not clinging to alot of stuff. I even have a 5th state option, Alaska. But its too damn cold and driving big rig on the Haul Road up in Prudo Bay, even for $40 an hour in Bunny Boots…. doesn’t sound like a good time to me.

    Hmmm….. I mean the whole thing could change in a nano second. I’m not really a doomster. I am however a Thinker. And do my best to way all the senereios and see what I see.

    There is a really beautiful girl here. But you know.. I don’t know what to do at the moment.

    THE DUDE knows the shit I don’t. I asked. I will see what THE DUDE says about it. Then act with a quickness and not look back. When THE DUDE speaks to me. It’s a no Brainer. Big bright sign. So I asked. Is it GTFO time? Or is stay and do something to create a change for something or someone. Is My work complete at this juncture here? Somethings I don’t know… I guess that is best.

    I only know what I know. And I’m always looking to find out what it is, I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

    So I await THE DUDES decision and answer. But I’m ready to roll as soon as he says so. I always end up. Right where I’m supposed to be when I’m supposed to be there. That is a constant and a comfort.

    I have so much love for all my people and the ones I work with. I just negotiated taking over the Alcohol enforcement contract at Concerts and Sports events. I love doing that stuff. Closing the deal on multi million dollar contracts. Then promoting some of my employees to new rolls and giving them raises. Pretty fun stuff.

    But I am called by THE DUDE to roll out? I won’t even blink.

    It’s kinda sad, get dream job like this and then have to let it go…. a sorrow to savor for sure. Hmmmm

    Later man. I need to meditate a while.

  8. Mark, thank you for your complete paragraphs that state a relevant point rather than the mental instabilities of the hypnotized Trump cultists; (ECU, Obd?)

    Prechter commented lately on real estate’s expected fall, using Redfin numbers:

    Declining sales volume will lead to declining sales prices, as real estate may tumble at the same time as the stock market


  9. Fan RV! and I don’t care about the SHG. been there done that. we are just friends now. hope she understand that. LOL

    who would you want to work for? the criminals? Everyone is working for the criminals now days. when the people have had enough of the criminals in offices and their lies and theft?

    its an super easy win for the ~ Just~

    Cue: ~ Fast Cars and Freedom ~


    Rascal Flats.

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