Craplamity Begins Now

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We are, dear Reader, on the cusp today.

You see, as of Friday, our Peoplenomics Aggregate Index met our long-forecast target for last week’s trading being a major Wave 2 rally.  As usual, please pay close attention to the boxed area here:

You Want Time or Price?

The whole point of doing the MBA, writing a number of books, and tinkering with a time machine and how people already are “spilling the future” has little to do with making a shit-load of money.  (Well, there is THAT…)

No…it’s really about being able to live an others-directed, well-grounded life, with some modest comforts, and in good health.  People often, understand, confuse “ego-driven” desired outcomes with “what’s really success?”

The truth – which people avoid like the plague because there are right-behavioral implicates – is that in America, anyone with a $75,000 annual income can be fat.  I mean real “porker-obese-morbidly” crap.

The further into six-figures the checking account goes, the more I’ve had to come to terms with the “reasonable limits of Success.”  We can afford an absurd excess of calories.  Yet, is it good for us?

Frankly, with my (aging) metabolism, even doing all the “making” “writing” and “inventing” that goes on around here, it’s hard to understand the “cash accumulators.”  Like the Elon Musk is worth $230-billion story this weekend.

Yet, he’s got the exact-same calorie management problem I do.  There are functional limits to wealth.  When we read Elon Musk hopes he has enough wealth ‘to extend life to Mars’, but not everyone’s amused?  Well, we’re not amused either.

There was a book written a good while back – want to say 20-years – and it looked at the problem of lift (as in “into space”) and it suggested that because of limitations of resources, the WHOLE FREAKING WORLD will only have one major chance at getting to a new planet.  Mars or whatever.  Because there’s not enough energy leftover from feeding 7.6 billion people and still have enough left over to have a new positive ROI from colonization of Planet 2.

Yes!  If we engineer a dimensional portal breakthrough, or we bend space-time manifolds?  Yeah, then things change.  But in the right now – this Monday morning world – ain’t no such proof of concept.  Like the Lockheed Cold Fusion project.  Show me the net positive energy flow.  Show me the Space Elevator working…then I can get interested.

For now, I’m planning a 900 calorie breakfast, a supply run, and funding it all with made-up money which is a similar problem into and of itself.  We have been loading “debt into money” since the banker coup of 1913…and don’t get me wrong, it’s been a useful ride.  But the dollar is down to 3 1/2-cent of purchasing power on 100 back then.  Again, there’s walls at Infinity and we’re really just a planet of apes if we haven’t gotten real about it.


We do cast our eye today on charts suggesting Labor Day was the high. And the low since (on an aggregated markets basis) was October 4th.  Which means the Wave 1 down was about 20-trading days.  Wave II – the rally which we’re thinking either ended Friday (or should this week) would be in the area of 8-trading days.

Which gives us an interesting notion (at least, if you study W.D. Gann’s work) because experientially, the slow wave seems to be the dominant market direction.  The fast waves seem to be the counter-trend moves.

Just to keep it real, then, 20-days of downside from here would put us to Friday, November 12th (on trading-days).  Which would then set up a barnburner rally going into options the following week.  You know how these financial engineer types are about paying off to the cowardly portfolio managers who can see through made-up supply chain shortages and such.

Axiomatically is in technical analysis, pick time or price points.  But you’ll almost never get ’em both.

Back to the Futures

Early stock futures were down about a hunsky on the Dow and a 12-pack on the S&P.  But remember, IF (and that’s a big IF) we are at the onset of Craplamity (which the OED somehow fails to include as a legit word!) then it will take time to evolve into “in your face” mode.

See, wave of insanity roll like that:  Even if we were to commence Wave III down, it would have it’s own wave structure.  Likely a 5-wave downer.

Which means we can possibly think in terms of 15-20 trading days (time is soft. remember) for 5 Waves; three of which should be down (longer, and the trend) while we should have 2 good rallies before November options week – which MIGHT be the Wave IV rally…and no telling how long that would last…and then finish out the year – possibly – with another “slaughter of the elves” like we had back in…what…2018 or 2019?  (Bean me up!)

Will NEWS Drive Market Events?

Again, two schools of thought:  Some say yes while others scoff.  Here comes data to fuel things:

INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION from the Fed at 8:15 AM Central today.

Let’s see if it moves markets.

Flash-War Deluxe

Going to be hard for the Obama and Biden hollowed U.S. dot-mils to talk their way around this one:  Beijing mocks America saying their new 21,000mph nuclear-capable missile is ‘a new blow to the US’.

At the same time as Sleepy Joe’s power-trip plans discharging Service Members from the Armed Forces who don’t want to take the bio-jab.

All part and parcel of Bad Government making stupid decisions.  Because when the ultra-woke fire the data-seeking not-taken-in-by-hype people, you start seeing stories like Nearly 40% of California state workers are unvaccinated against COVID despite Newsom order.

Which, in turn, rolls into places like Ports and Railroads, too…and Quick-draw Biden shoots off his foot (and mouth) even more and again.  Seriously?

To be sure, the government CLAIMS  722,00o people have died OF Covid. But since it happened at the same time the flu disappeared, along with other causes of mortality, we have to very precisely question whether the linguistics are OF covid or WITH covid.  Language matters.

We’re looking for more “hot lingo” to swirl on this.  Because government isn’t being honest about its bioweapon ro0ts and dividing is what government does anymore.

But that’s because government needs to justify itself in order to squeeze more tax revenue out of you.  When the budget busting plans firm up, BOHICA-time will be upon us.  (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.)

Snips and Snorts

Manipulations and Monetization’s Never Cease:  Here’s a Yahoo story, re-penned from the HuffPost and monetizing a likely-liar who is still out to get Trump. Ex-Spy Behind Salacious Trump Dossier Has Damning Theory About Alleged Pee Tape.  (Yawn…uh-huh…you betcha!)  This kind of loquacious gibberish comprises strapping on the Yoke of Stupidity that holds America down and under the three terms of Obama, has nearly accomplished what Soviets, Fidel, and Maoists could not.  (Not tracking? O term 1, O term 2, and Puppet Joe’s term.)

Taiwan Blowup likely to be a surprise to all (except us).  Because around here, behavioral economics is a real-important area of study.  Like when we read how China’s economic growth weakens amid construction slowdown, we think (with Xi’s rubber stamp Party meeting in 10 days, or so)  “Say, that Xi feller needs a pivot point…Taking Taiwan as he promised is a short shot-clock now…”  Toss in their hypersonic minute-missiles and yep…ready?  Set?

Help a brother out?  Is this Art or Stupid?  (And would CNN differentiate?) Artist stages mass nude photos to highlight disappearing Dead Sea.

Crooked Social Media Tracker:  So besides encouraging anti-American and illegal immigration actions, FB won’t “hire American?”  Facebook to hire 10,000 in EU to work on metaverse.  Seriously – you read where The AG of Arizona is going after FB on border jumpers? Attorney General Brnovich: Facebook Admits to Aiding Human Smuggling. Good reporting by Arizona press but where is the National (still-) Crooked Media?  Can’t call out the fifth rail compadres holding Slow in office?  No, of course not…

Men in Tights File:  Woke children keep tearing down core values at every turn: Superman drops ‘American way’ motto.  UrbanSurvival may have to drop “Everything’s a Business Model” and roll into USA B FKT.

Oh – and New and Improved Racism has been spotted: Chicago museum fires all of it’s mostly White female, financially well-off docents for lack of diversity.  Guess what?  Reverse racism is STILL racism.

Remember a country where genuine, total, across-the-board equality had a chance of being realized?  Poof!

Craplamity arrives now – Chinese hypersonic missiles are a dangerous marker.

Write when you get rich,

57 thoughts on “Craplamity Begins Now”

  1. Does Biden survive? Actually, that’s not the question since he is not in charge anyway. The real question is whether wokism survives. I would say no – but it is a qualification. It’s like burning your home down to get rid of the any infestation! Getting these creatures out of the schools, corporations, and most every other nook and cranny is going to be tough in some cases.

    I think FL and TX will eventually be just fine. Other states like NY would need to be burned to remove the bugs.

  2. Never needed the likes fore or aft. Found Ure thru Half Past H. back in 2007? Have not found one up-load that was not helpful, be it financial, educational or inspirational with plenty of humour mixed in.
    Comment section has also been entertaining and refreshingly smart compared to others. (Editor?)
    Thank You George and Elaine
    P.S. I’ll be rich when you send me the 5$

  3. We cattle only hear about stuff through the rear view mirror, after the fact.
    Space Force, with all the talk on how this resident administration has weakened our Military forces with Millie’s gender bending training and forced vax’s being push to weaken US from inside, I do not see, read, or hear from the US Space Force. Strangely Quiet, but they exist, ,(insert smiley face)

    on the cusp, humanity or the stock market, near the edge, left and right sides, mountain top becomes over loaded and can not support all the snow being piled on, something has to give, an out of balance condition. As an old power plant mechanic, that turbine must be balanced to run smoothly.

    • I think it was President Trump during his term who gave the Space Force group some room to get up and running?

  4. “And another one bites the dust!” – lower colon (wmd) powell – have a nice trip wit da houndz..
    -the level he be going to – everything lives/exists in total state of Fear.

    Hell, the 1st Dimension is getting crowded with all the evil filth from bush 1&2 administrations dying off – like flys around a dying body/corpse.
    Dont think for one minute those foul souls will be re-incarnating on this plane again -ever.
    Example, picture – fix Ure peepers on this heavy dude, some reasons this POS hates Us(jealousy?), see a resemblance to the face in debris & smoke cloud that billowed out TT during the big 9/11 Ritual in NYC?

    Still, We bees about 70-75 % free from oppression/oppressive forces in the ongoing battle for Souls here on planet Earth. This 70-75% “threshold” is trigger level for PTB to go “ballz to the wallz” – FEAR For Everyone operations.

    Panic the herd – drive em into the People chutes..where we tag/mark and insert tracking tech via a pseudo vaxx – how else will WHO/UN “track the Vaccinated” if there isnt some form of Tracking tech in the vaxx soup? Inquiring minds are curious as to how they gonna accomplish worldwide tracking of the vaxxed?

    We have all been brainwashed – too harsh ? okay -programed by the electronic age/boobtube/idiotbox – dont worry it just seems like the all the news is SCRIPTED..

    hahahahha – its Black Monday all over again..enjoy!

    • In the oilpatch, we have had serialized paint, with “nano-numbering” embedded in the paint, for well over a decade. Use it to track stolen goods. DARPA had “nanodust” 20 years ago, with embedded passive tracking.

      Those facts lend credence to evil intent done cheap with these vaccines. The survival rate for those acquiring Covid is nowhere near pandemic levels. Therapeutics work with Covid very effectively – yet they are tossed out by the various alphabet soups and health corps. And perhaps most ‘tellingly’, all the experts and officials are screaming via MSM that you MUST get the shot.

      We are government, and we are here to help <— RUN!

      Governments have turned sharply in a direction most citizens do not want.

      At this point, burning it all down feels like a relatively sane option. Especially in this country and for me and mine who are able to weather storms. If DC, NY and Cali disappeared, would it be a death knell? Or would it be a relief?

      • “burning it all down ”

        Recall over the last few years there have been calls to defund the police.

        The yays and nays have been on party lines. I mentioned the new “bad” police will spring from the legacy “good” police.

        Now we see the change happening. Depending on which side of the needle you are on it’s good or bad.

        If you are a Vaxx’er, cheer for the firing of the legacy police who won’t jab for a jobs.

        If you are an Anti-Vaxxer, as stated, the legacy police are being replaced with the new who embrace jabs for jobs.

        The legacy police are never coming back.

      • Hellz bellz OM2 , I would pull the switch on the whole shooting match – nuke suitcase – just so I could watch all the UFO’s despertley trying to “put the genie back in the bottle” kinda like that old original Space Invaders game.. “pew pewpewpewpew pew” – sound ecu’s laser gun makes : )

      • Why does everyone assume all of NY like NYC? I live in Western New York and outside of Buffalo/Rochester it’s quite conservative, rural and completely different in tone and outlook than downstate. We’d love to be spun off from NYC.

      • Wait…you want to organize a breakoff from the libs? I’m pretty sure we could license “North Texas” as a brand. Comes with 3 quarter-mile rolls of four-barb, too/.// Hell, I’ll buy a box of tea to throw in…

      • OM2,
        “Burn it all down”? Jeez.
        Have you ever tried to live somewhere after a war? Thank God I haven’t, but speaking with those who have, the advice is uniform: NEVER let a war occur in the USA and be grateful they’ve been fought somewhere else (so far). You don’t know what bad is.
        On another subject, if the vaccine is so evil, why did Trump endorse it?
        Has he been co-opted by Big Pharma? Is he lying? Is he being coerced by someone holding his hairspray hostage?
        I need to know before I succumb to graphene oxide poisoning triggered by the 5G tower down the street.
        Dear God, I think it’s happening – tableware is sticking to my face! Why do I keep pointing North?! Aaarrrgggghhhhhh!

      • “just so I could watch all the UFO’s despertley trying to “put the genie back in the bottle”

        Thinking about that….the books on the watchers. The black knight satellite. And the increase in sightings around military bases. Would they step in. Would they let us push it to destroy this little planet..

  5. “Oh – and New and Improved Racism has been spotted: Chicago museum fires all of it’s mostly White female, financially well-off docents for lack of diversity. Guess what? Reverse racism is STILL racism.”

    I suggest starting now, Chi-town residents begin mailbombing the Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks, Bears, and Bulls, to demand they fire sufficient Black athletes to only have “13% Black” on their rosters, and replace them with White and Hispanic athletes. While we’re at it, folks should also mailbomb the City Administration, the Police Department, DPW, Longshoreman’s Association, City politicians, etc., and don’t forget the high schools and colleges.

    Racial quotas are stucking foopid, but if a region is going to foist them onto its population, it needs to do so across the board…

  6. George

    Tell me how the “New” Chinese 21,000mph missile is any different from the average ICBM?

    So what if it’s a little faster.

    Does it stay in orbit ready to rain destruction on an enemy? We had that decades ago. Weren’t they banned by treaty?

    Or does it cruise through the atmosphere like a regular cruise missile?

    If so it better have a fantastic thermal protection system to keep from burning up.

    There are too many unanswered questions at this stage for us to just faint over this. Have we seen a test launch or is this puppy still in the lab?

    Right now it’s just a press release to frighten the enemy. We’ll just keep working on our laser defense weapons using speed of light photons as bullets!

    • “Have we seen a test launch”

      Good comment. The question is are there any cam pics of the hypersonic streaking through the sky. If the missile went ’round the world, 50% of travel time was in daylight. An amateur Ufologist would pick it up at night.

      One camera out of the billions had to see it. And I think the test was back in August so there has been time for the “UFO video”{to surface.

      • Don’t you wonder how long they could keep up such a speed. The fuel burned has to be carried aboard. Gotta wonder what the range is for the hot-rod missle. Speed isn’t everything.

  7. Re: “…. Sleepy Joe’s power-trip plans discharging Service Members from the Armed Forces who don’t want to take the bio-jab.”

    While, yes, it does weaken our Armed Forces one thing about it is these men and women take their knowledge with them. As Gov. Abbott stations the Texas Guard down on the border for something like a 3 year stay regular (former) Army and Marine troops can still be of service to their country as they can use and teach that knowledge in order to (to use a Naval term) “repel boarders” in the not-too-distant future. I can’t help but think, also, that the need to train civilians in various tactics and methods will become necessary very soon as well – and may well be a lucrative endeavor. (I was heart broken when Thunder Ranch pulled up stakes and moved to Oregon years ago) I missed getting the link to a news blurb my wife read to me on her FB this morning where a rancher was met by a handful of illegals on his ranch down South. They asked him which way San Antonio was and when he indicated the direction one of them demanded that he drive them there right that moment. He told them that he had a pistol and had no problems in using it to which they said they’d had enough and let him go. These aren’t the kind of people I grew up with who were just looking for work.

    While this is not so common a couple of hours North of the border where we’re situated I often wonder what things will look like through the rest of the year as the thousands upon thousands of illegals will begin to hit us. The ranch is about 10 miles off the beaten path but we LIVE on that path. By the time these illegals get to us they’re either on government buses or have stolen a vehicle of some type and are moving on to their destinations. Down on I-10 they’re stealing oil field vehicles to move as many bodies as they can according to one resident from that area I talked to this past weekend. That’s less than an hour away from us. He’d witnessed several vans and tractor-trailers moving on to I-10 and noticed the drivers in the vans were still wearing their safety gear. Oil field workers shed their gear as fast as they can because of the heat. These guys didn’t so he called his friends in the DPS and they caught most of them. Sure hope there aren’t any illegals or people aiding and abetting them that read U. S.!

    I don’t have to tell anyone here where this is headed – even the ones that are addicted to breathing their own methane. The people with notches on their guns in the near future will outnumber the ones that don’t. It’s what Slo Joe and his handlers want. Soooo – I’m off to the ranch to find out if my .308 will reach as far as I want it to today. I wanted to put a Hart or Krieger barrel on it last year but didn’t have the money for it. Now I don’t believe I have the time for the turn-around on a barrel swap. They’ll just have to get a little closer…

    • An off-the-rack Wally World .308 will do just fine out to 1,000 yds. or more. The limiting factors are your eyesight and blood pressure. I’ve made reliable hits at 1,123 yds. with my 79-yr-old M-1 Garand using 50-yr-old Greek surplus ammo.

      • M1 Garand – that’s m’baby right there. Love mine for sure! I think the surplus ammo I got back in the 90s is getting a bit aged, though. It doesn’t always cycle the action properly. You can certainly smell the odor of age when you open the ammo box.

        Had something of a surprise on the .308 today, though. I went out and sacrificed a C-note on 3 boxes of Federal ammo – 1 box each of 150 gr. soft point, 168 gr. Match King bthp and 175 gr. MK bthp’s to see which one my Model 70 Varminter likes best .

        I had the barrel replaced back in the 2000s with a medium weight barrel because the original barrel was more like a barbell it weighed so much. My uncle said his friend who had a gun shop would do it. I gave it to him with instructions to install something like a Krieger or Hart match grade barrel but what I got in return was his friend’s brand of barrel so, I didn’t get what I wanted and, family politics being what they are, I just sucked in my pride and let things go. I tried to see what it would do five or six years ago and wasn’t happy with it but didn’t choose my ammo very carefully. Today was the first time in that amount of time I’ve had to do some serious shooting which is ridiculous when you’ve got your own danged ranch! The results of patterning came out thusly:

        150 yards, mid 50s, shooting into a 15mph wind with groups of 3 to pattern-
        150 gr – 3″ spread 3″ off to the right and down about half and inch from point of aim on bullseye.
        168 gr. MK bthp – better group at about 2-1/2″ across with a 5-1/2″ drop (yeah) closer to Y-axis on the bullseye.
        175 gr MK bthp – best danged group at <1" spread every time directly under the point of aim – BUT with a 9" drop!

        According to you're not supposed to have a 9" drop until you get out to 250 yards so unless someone on the firearms site I lurk on tells me otherwise I'm thinking the barrel is a bit loosey-goosey in the max outside diameter. It's just not allowing or developing the pressure needed to hurl the bullet fast and level enough. I brought the elevation back up to where it's dead-on at that range but that's too much of a drop compared to the lighter slugs. I may get a velocity meter for an early Christmas to see if the speed is off but it's either that or Federal is skimping on its powder rations. I've read or heard that you need to be careful of the new ammo coming out as it may be flawed due to the increased production rates the ammo companies are working under trying to keep up with demand.

        Oh well, had fun anyway.

      • There was no ‘reply’ option under Bill’s latest comment, so…

        “M1 Garand – that’s m’baby right there. Love mine for sure! I think the surplus ammo I got back in the 90s is getting a bit aged, though. It doesn’t always cycle the action properly. You can certainly smell the odor of age when you open the ammo box.”

        A dab of white grease in the operating rod track and bolt cam may fix that. Also there could be carbon fouling in the gas cylinder or port. I’ve never yet found any surplus ammo that didn’t meet factory specs regardless of age.

  8. Democrats face grim political reality in midterms

    Democrats are grappling with the increasingly dire political reality facing them in next year’s midterm elections as warning signs pile up for the party ahead of 2022.

    Once hopeful that they could defy the typical midterm shellacking dealt to the party in power, a series of foreboding developments has rocked that sense of optimism. President Biden’s approval ratings are in free fall, his top legislative priorities have stalled and, just this week, Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) announced that he would retire, making him the first senior House Democrat to bow out ahead of the midterms.

    I’ll bet Yarmuth is the first, but not the only, DemocRAT to leave the sinking ship ahead of being embarrassed in 2022…

    • “Once hopeful that they could defy the typical midterm shellacking dealt to the party in power, a series of foreboding developments”

      WHAT’S funny… is they probably could have if they had stuck to the ethics… for four years non stop you heard about how trump disrespected females and the values of the American public…living where I do.. the people pride a sense of ethics and fairness..hard work and honesty and a great deal of people voted because of the image painted.
      Now when You walk into any coffee shop and what do you hear as the basic conversation among the patrons.
      The coffeeshop conversations revolve around how those in power of authority has given up on the general population and basically legalized and supported a grand corruption on a massive scale, that what they had been preaching non stop day and night was a grand lie.. That they now support the legalization and support of the incestuous ,pedophilia and racketeering, marketing access to those in power and selling out their jobs by importing illegal aliens by the thousands and pushing the costs associated on the working class.. the use of organizations to cover up and hush activities while continuing on a goal to destroy the ethics of the population.
      Now is it right are they correct. Seems everyday theres something new surrounding those involved.. are those in power really doing just that..
      The image is daunting and hard to quiet. I really dont know how they could turn it around at this point.. their image is soiled and as long as they support those activities the general population stands shocked at the pure disrespect to the very ethical values that they harped about nonstop go four years.

      • We need to stop calling it the “democratic” party! It isn’t. It seems to have become the American CCP/Communist party. The given name is “democrat” party. Even the radio announcers are calling it the “democratic” party, and that does have undue influence.

        I’ll believe that we still have a say if/when we regain congress – both houses. If not, we can only presume that once again, the Dominion voting machines were again programmed to keep the corrupt ones in power.

    • “making him the first senior House Democrat to bow out ahead of the midterms.”

      I would to… better bow out than be humiliated because of your support stance and voted out..

  9. Fauci: People Who Have Conspiracy Theories, Deny Reality ‘Don’t Particularly Care for Me’

    Dr. Anthony Fauci said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that Americans who think he is a “polarizing figure” were people who denied “reality.”

    Anchor Chris Wallace asked…

    I really don’t care for Chris Wallace. He’s a Liberal masquerading as a RINO and he’s been living off his father’s reputation since Cronkite. At least Mike was honest enough to own his bias. Chris uses his as a weapon…

    • Cater is light years ahead of stepford bribem in mental cognition at this current point in our shared reality/time.
      Carter was pretty honest, but was without a doubt a good man – a virtuous kinda guy..

      Fuck joe biden – had 2 brain cells left in his cranium at the start of the debates in 2019. Currently the obongo’s butt boy possesses two- whole – intact – brain cells, one is lost and the other brain cell is out, looking for the 1st.

    • Phew I liked Carter.. If .. congress had kept to his plan and goal instead of throwing the middle class under the bus we wouldn’t be where we are today.. the tough years would have over.. a made in America world..

      Biden … dam just when you think how much worse can it possibly get.. another blurp of information on their activities comes out to shock and amaze you..

  10. I totally believe that there have been no excess deaths from COVID.

    I totally believe that there have been millions in excess deaths from the vaxx.

    I totally got this information from the same government agency.

  11. “anyone with a $75,000 annual income can be fat. ”

    Anyone with a twenty thousand dollar income can be lol and I have proof lol lol lol
    Your more likely to be in better shape the more you make..
    You can afford a more balanced meal schedule.. you can afford to join a health club.. the less you make the more comfort food you’ll eat. Like pasta , potatoes ..the starches rule your meals..
    Like today I’m making potato sd soup..

    4 cups of chicken bone broth
    7 potatoes peeled and diced
    3 tbsp. Of salted butter
    3 slices of smoked ham diced
    You can use cooked bacon
    1 tsp of smoke flavoring
    4 cloves of garlic slivered
    2 small sweet peppers chopped finely
    2 medium onions chopped finely
    1qt of heavy cream
    1 tsp of salt
    1 tsp black pepper
    1 cup of instant potatoes…or you can use flour as a thickener

    And grilled cheese sandwiches

    All of it fattening

  12. “Because there’s not enough energy leftover from feeding 7.6 billion people”

    Eventually I believe that there will be a grand awakening!!!
    Right now the earth doesn’t provide enough food for the population the earth has..
    If you take a gander at Kim in NK you’ll see that even though the USA has done so much to limit their receiving shipments of needed essentials.. they have progressed beyond starvation and development of ways to produce food.. China the same has taken the NK innovative approach to food production. Their implementation of greenscaping.
    I have been saying this for over forty years.. our cities need to adapt..
    A look back at the Aztecs and the mayans.. the discovery that they did a method of raft farming.. go back further to the Babylon hanging gardens.
    Rightnow the USA lives in the garden and can’t see it.. similar to the power grid being designed for co trolls not security. They should be but won’t until theres a grand awakening to the plight of mankind.. will it be to late.. only time will know for sure… JMHO

  13. You guys must have read about the lady on the Philadelphia train.

    The nerve of the police to blame citizens.

    “Police in Upper Darby, in Philadelphia, were called to the 69th Street terminal on Wednesday about 10pm after reports of an assault on a train, Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt of the Upper Darby Police Department said.”

    ““There was a lot of people, in my opinion, that should have intervened; somebody should have done something,” Supt Bernhardt said.

    “It speaks to where we are in society; I mean, who would allow something like that to take place? So it’s troubling.””

    Mr. Bernhard Goetz testified on why you don’t get involved.

  14. LOOB –

    You are right about NK & China living in gardens. I was there over a decade ago – the medians along the rails and hiways were all planted with sunflowers or bokchoi or other things. Imagine the gas saved by doing this and NOT planting and mowing down grass… But can’t have that due to the safety nazis – people are too dumb to avoid walking into traffic here in the USA. In China, they have apparently elevated their people to know NOT to wander into traffic and so can plant their open spaces.

    This is another reason we need to let it burn – too many laws and mid-level burocraps. Far too much saaaafety legislated or forced on us all.

    Another interesting factoid – the number of people on SSDI has skyrocketed and it is all due to lawyers and people frauding right and left.

    • “I was there over a decade ago –”

      I envy you.. I have always wanted to go look at the gardens.. and the old temples and visit with the people.. the people are just like the people here.. you have good ones and bad ones but overall just like here the majority are good decent people with the exact same concerns we share here..

  15. DEMOCONS face nothing until after the election and votes are counted. If they are prevented from cheating again. Do not count them bucks till after the Election.
    Hypersonic missile 21 thousand Mph, lots of heat,needs lot of insulation,lots of weight. Starwars particle beam will take it out. We have that.
    missile shotgun will bring the hypersonic missile down.
    We can track it,predict its course,put a dumb rock in front of it..
    China had 75,0000 riots in 2018. 120,000 in 2020. They have had 3 Large Chip Factories built,which produced NOTHING,and cost investors 10Billion bucks each. Chinese central committee investors. Dead bodies coming….. Could not do it.. Taiwan can,one of Taiwans manufactories is building in USA. 2023. But what can we use in meantime.
    I am sure we have work arounds.
    China has increasing unemployment, most Japanese factories already left. So did many others some who had been there 30 years..
    We have land,energy ,infrastructure,relative safety outside of Democon states and cities. American Reindustrialization is here and building. Get the Government and other industry assholes out of way so we can get on with rebuilding American for its next 250 years..
    If we do not have oil for energy we can use breeder reactors for uranium,plutonium.. We can use low pressure Molten Salt Reactors which use Thorium. We have enough Thorium for next 1 billion years. .
    We have no limits. As soon as people declare we have reached our limits,that is the waste of their Brain not seeing the new theories,discoveries and ideas that are passing them by…
    I am 71 , just buried my wife in September,died of dementia caused by Traumatic brain Injury,Not Covid,
    I might die from a blood cancer,prostate or GI.? Results are pending!!! Don’t care. Still optimistic about future.I am free to make all sorts of good or evil choices.Nothing to lose now.. Makes me smile. No one to watch out for!!!
    In my weekly reader in 1959 school 4th grade,the article talked about 500 years of coal in West,Virginia. 300 years in Pennsylvania ,plus deposits in Kentucky,Wyoming,Montana and numerous other states. No idea of oil shale or fracking. Amazing what we do not Know The future is unknown, and screws up our plans on a regular basis.. Be PREPARED. Blessings to ALL.

    • China is more screwed than we are and on a definite time line to destruction. They HAVE to do something before it’s too late – and it may already be.

  16. @ the beginning of the year I was paying $4.87 for a quart of oil. Then the price jumped to $5.something. Today the price is $6.39.

    The oil section is also noticeable smaller.

      • Delvac 1300 is crap. Delvac-1 is a super premium and for years was the only non VW-branded oil you could put in a TDI without voiding the warranty.

        I’m not seeing any shortages or limits to brands or weights, on the shelves. I AM seeing stupid pricing (which may account for the full shelves)

      • I guess people are stocking up on the good stuff. I try to keep ahead by two oil changes in oil and filters. The problem after that is finding used oil stations that aren’t full. We used to have a recycling station here but they shut it down years ago because it cost too much to truck all the bulk out of here. The auto parts stores are the only places that will take it now – when they have capacity available in their tanks.

    • Buybuybuy!

      Generic oil is ~$6.39/qt. Anything with a brand name is eight bucks and Quaker State or Valvoline high mileage is nine.

      Surprisingly, most “oil changes in a bottle” (the 5 or 6 quart size) are running around $27 for most brands, weights, and compositions.

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