Book: “Packing to Die” Continues

Latest installment of my book this morning deals with a process called  Destructuring.  Up to page 71 today.  Where it fits in the process of “filling the suitcase between your ears” is worth a few minutes of your time.

First though, a ton of data to wade through including (besides headlines) the new ADP Jobs report.  Then we roll through our ChartPack.

Asking the question:  Is the top in or really, really close?

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42 thoughts on “Book: “Packing to Die” Continues”

  1. FYI…….news from SD this morning, first report that wheat crop is not making so farmers are starting to turn their wheat into hay so they have something to feed their cattle, it can only get more interesting

  2. One of the great things about this site is that we can discuss facts that are banned by Facebook, YouTube and other places that shut down the truth.

    For the last month, I have scratched my head that the COVID numbers in India were skyrocketing up in April, peaked in early May and then plummeted, even though they are one of the least vaccinated and most populated countries in the world. Check it out.

    I started looking closely and found a lot of articles which won’t show up on MSM. Here is one.

    Do you suppose that Ivermectin has anything to do with the dramatic fall in COVID cases in India over the past 6 weeks?

    Just asking for a friend.

    • We could ask many ‘covid’ questions, like why many people who have had one or more of the vaccines have died or have gotten very ill. Maybe the answer ‘lies’ in the entire narrative of covid. Let’s just say if you are looking for ‘scientific reasoning’ and ‘logic’ to prevail, that may be a bridge too far.

      A good research project to start – the PCR. What it is, and what it is not. What it’s made for, and what it was not made for. Start with one of it’s founders, Dr. Kary Mullis. This research will unravel much of the ‘covid narrative.’

      • According CDC latest bulletin the AntiBody test is No good.
        Not like they they couldn’t whip up a spike protein antibody test quick like and get some good -hard stats on vaxx efficacy… Fuckery of the first order COVID-19

    • I think that the more interesting fact is that Covid SPIKED in India when they introduced the non vaccines, as usual, and then the variants start. They created their problem. Just like last week it was finally admitted that the flu vaccines cause and spread the flu. That’s how America and the developed world Does The Flu; they create the chaos/need, then solve it with the vaccination!!! Viola!!!!

    • Sir,

      Ivermectin? Isn’t that like asking someone to wash their mouth out with laundry detergent pods?

      Hereabouts the assembled flocks shall shortly be granted entry to gather and give praise in their lockdown-closed temples of worship as well as replenish the plates. One hopes the lineups extending to the outdoors for gaining entry to the air-conditioned salvation of never-closed liquor vendors and big box stores shall be vanquished.

    • “Do you suppose that Ivermectin has anything to do with the dramatic fall in COVID cases in India over the past 6 weeks?”

      Absolutely, unequivocally YES!

  3. I don’t even look like the same person since the last time ya all saw me. Shave my beard off and well I been on those Keytones stuff. I look 20 years younger. Nobody guesses my age anymore. Not even close. “Late 30’s maybe 40, maybe 40” is what I usually hear. And I will be 51 really soon. 16 months in the making. Ding! Dinner is served.

    Time to get paid. So I can do the Video podcasts, since I now have the face for it to match my voice. Radical transformation. Truly miraculous. Post a short video on doorfore of my new haircut. So you can see the difference. I sure am a handsome fckr! Hahahaa

    Wonder if them Bumble bees think I’m a flower? They sure love me lately. Or honey? Hahaha

    Well be about THE DUDEs work, which is pretty much about the same thing. Radical transformation.

    Later dude. North again or south. Goodwill or the dollar tree. Perhaps it’s dollar tree today. On Arora.

    Cue: ~ counting stars ~


    • The problem with shaving is that your face becomes sandpaper and will take the skin off any girl you’re really nuzzling against! That’s true unless you shaved closely within the hour with at least one brand new blade. A beard is softer for her, though she may or may not like the look.

  4. Not Worry G,

    the age of duality in this density has almost completed/finished – thank Goodness!
    being a beast of burden for so many lifetimes has done unimaginable harm to the ISBE’s living on planet Uras-Earth..evilfckrs!

    We be lost in ourselves – in a constant imbalance of Qi/Source expression – the ego gets us everytime…

    ..floating – “in meditative state , eyes closed shut and breathing very slowly and deeply -you may feel Ure body becomes very light, as if it is floating in air – dont be nervous!
    Only a sensation, dont consider real, some can leave their seats and float – does not matta, if U feel you R floating or if U actually float, be natural, floating in the air is a process of absorbing Qi.

    It is one of the 16 Internal Methods..”please close your eyes and breath deeply, during your inhalation, softly imagine your body is gradually floating , floating higher and higher. Intentionally add a thought that it does not matta how high or where you are floating, you will always return to your present location.
    This is Important, you should always pay attention to this point, especially for the Elders, U should not let yourself float too far away. Once you realize you are floating, tell yourself to float back. in other words in the beginning of this little meditation practice, consciously feeling as if your body is floating in the air, near the clouds or beside a tree but it has to come back.This is one method of collecting and absorbing Qi with Ure mind”…

  5. I’m sure everyone has heard about this.

    It absolutely amazes me that TPTB censure first, the former President of The United States of America while he’s President but let what is often psycho-babble from the sitting President go on ignored.

    Then, Doctors and Health Care Professionals, Scientists, Immunologists, Holistic Healers, and just regular people who share their first hand knowledge of experience of the down-side of the Grand Experiment get stifled and quieted … creating the Grand Illusion that everything’s OK … when it’s NOT!

    Suppressing drugs and procedures that easily resolve the suffering of the evil virus because there’s a vaccine (that doesn’t work) they want you to get.

    Getting the Vaccine … It’s like one kid in school that gets a particular pair of tennis shoes, or wears a certain brand of clothing, and the pressures on other parents to get their kids the same … no matter what … because their child will be judged by their peers. It’s insanity.

    Keeping up with The Jones’s has gone to a whole new and dangerous level. The vaccine is the new “must have” product, because no one seems to be innovative enough to come up with an “object” to catch attention that will sell. Or aren’t (allowed) to create such a thing.

    Too many people here. How do you fix that problem and make sales at the same time? Hmmm. Amazingly, a lot of people can’t figure this out when it’s all right under their nose.

    Everyone here was fascinated by the post 2 days ago here, by a reader from Texas. That person was a ray of light. Kinda out’a nowhere. To me, it was a sign that (someone) is eventually going to breathe life into our society. There are many, who know the truth, but can’t find the words or know what to do to lead. When and if someone steps up to the plate, all hell’s gonna break loose. But at least, people will finally put up a fight … which is long over due.

    God Bless Us, Everyone.

  6. “All cabinet ministers including Mussolini himself took a 12% pay cut.”

    WOULDN’T EVERYONE JUST FALL OVER.. if our legislators not only made it illegal to sway Congress with gifts and funds.. but the took a pay cut to boot…lol lol
    Heck I’d faint it they decided to go to work and actually do something. Or read and write the crap they vote on lol lol

    • Yeah – one reason I noted it – because when came down to it, Muso did get the trains to run on time and did take a pay cut to get the job done.
      Nice thing about the standup leftists in this country, nothing runs on time and getting the job done just eliminates a good campaign issue, so can’t have any of THAT…

    • Some of Us R !

      4 the eternal life style after break prison..
      “Ole pete” already bee praying he is not on gate duty that day.

  7. The huge decision for me today…
    Because of the heat and the cost to feed the animals has farmers dumping stock early.. along with the fourth fast approaching.. Boston pork butt roast is on sale dirt cheap… do I buy a couple and make bologna and hot dogs and brats early for the year… or…do I wait till fall….

    • If your solar back-up for the freezers can operate indefinitely, and protected from EMP, then take advantage of the bargains while you can.

      • “take advantage of the bargains while you can.”

        I did … decided to make some potato bologna and some brats and freeze three of them .. ( not to many brats though I am the only one that likes brats here.. and some dogs) Its early.. I usually make them during the labor day weekend.. I will cold smoke them then freeze them.. Love our solar.. I had to get rid of my bank of batteries.. I still have one bank but it wouldn’t hold very long.. my hope is to get a couple of tesla walls.. I just couldn’t pass up the price of them they are giving them away.. kind of like when they had farmers sitting in parking lots handing out pork loins for free type stuff.. time to dig out the stuffer and mixer grinder etc..

    • “Make hay while the sun shines”! It will certainly cost more later. Inflation, remember?

      • I hear ya Hank…. the only reason they are selling them for this low is because the farmers are upset.. they can’t make any money selling them.. and the cost to keep fattening them up is way to high.. seen a farmer plowing under his crop the other day.. I am watching to see if he will replant something else..the talk at the coffee hub is they are all terrified of what this year will bring.. they need rain not just an inch or two either.. and it isn’t looking very promising..

  8. What TAO Bum wrote is an exercise I learned in the 70’s when Transcendental Meditation was a growing thing. I was taught to do the same but with palms up.

    Something unexplainable about the difference in breathing weather your palms face up or down.

    Down= normal breathing
    Up= deeper breathing

    You will notice the difference.


  9. “it has been a long and very prosperous run, so far:”

    I have a really stupid question……
    How does the prosperous run stand in comparison to the Federal Reserve Printing schedule and the economic standpoint…. when comparing the two does it still look on the graph as prosperous as our minds conceive.. or in comparison to the run does it look as if it is lacking the grand luster that we imagine.. In our minds we still think in yesterdays figures.. a mind boggler.. kind of like I know how much pain I was in a few short years ago.. but my mind has dulled the experience.. If minimum wage had kept up with the rate of inflation and the down grading of the dollar.. minimum wage would be around forty dollars to two years ago figures.. with the printing schedule.. where would it be.. I figure a great deal higher..

    • INFLATION: During the late 1950’s I worked nights as a waitress while putting myself through college on 50 cents an hour (very few tips as it was a truck stop). I took a 24 day college field trip to Nova Scotia. Cost was $280 from Minnesota thru Canada and back thru Maine, Boston, New York, Detroit and Chicago. The price included 8 college credits, all transportation (mainly chartered bus), lodging, lecture trips, tours and museum fees plus fishing for tuna off the coast of Nova Scotia. $4 a day estimate would cover food costs. Before I went, I also saved enough money to buy all new clothes and luggage for the trip. All this done by earning 50 cents an hour. I received my degree without any debt.

      While exiting a Canadian Hotel, an elderly woman said “Look at those brazen hussies!” What horrible clothing item did we wear – either Bermuda Shorts (just above knee) or Pedal Pushers (just below the knee)? LOL. This always makes me laugh to know that I’m a brazen hussy.

      • boy that brings back memories.. back when I was a young father with a family of four.. the cost to feed the whole family for a month was under a hundred dollars.. now with the same size house hold and all meals eaten here we spend four dollars a meal and one dollar a snack.. the cost is around twenty five hundred.. daycare was by the hour.. now you have to guarantee them x hours a week..and if your boss wants you to work overtime.. tough luck buddy.. they don’t tolerate those shenanigan’s.. you be there or they turn you in to social services..I was late for work because a grand child was sick.. I got to work and even though I called them.. got hell over it.. when I explained why I was a half hour late (had to wait for the daughter to get home) they said.. so what does that have to do with your job at the hospital…you be here or don’t come at all..
        the best I ever did was at three dollars an hour.. back in the late eighties.. nurses were making five bucks an hour.. floor workers were making three seventy five.. it wasn’t until 94 that wages started to go up.. Now a local business is having trouble .. well nine dollars an hour everyone has to drive over twenty miles one way to get to it and no benefits and only eight hours a week is what they are offering.. they hire kids.. a kid can’t go out or do anything.. when I was a department head .. for the low income no benefit employee’s I would buy doughnuts once a week if they made every shift I would give them a bake at home pizza and a twelve pack of pop.. if they came every shift for six weeks a night out movie and a meal no drinks.. on me.. never had any issues.. kept a calendar on the wall..each had a colored star.. when they called in a star went up.. before long you know what days they will be gone so you schedule around it.. worked for me.. what got me is the companies that wanted employees to leave .. one wanted a new batch every ninety days so that the state would keep paying fifty percent of their wages so that the exec’s could get higher bonuses.. hated that place.. would’t spend a dime there after I told them to keep the job.. they went bankrupt.. small community the word goes out.. this place that can’t get kids.. the bosses sit in the office and play solitare.. then bitch because the kids doing all the work are not working as hard for them.. LOL I told the one yesterday that was talking about the new kids aroma.. excuse me.. let me know later how that is working out for you so he works on a farm and sweats… LOL.. deal with it then bring it up casually.. a week stay at a hospital in the old days was under a thousand dollars.. now that is just walking in the door..

  10. Very interesting down under . Chaos and conflict between broke states and facist leader / prime minister about suitable kill shots and supply. Very strange body language and rhetoric. I feel it’s something to do with the court in The Hague and also Indian Supreme Court ordering compensation to families . New game ? Any news anyone?

  11. Comrades,

    Honorius Bidens beware! We are told that the idylls of the false profits aggrieved a future saint, Augustine of Hippo, to pen a magnum opus.

    Chips ahoy, not? Don’t look now, but rubber doesn’t seem to be making tracks towards these shores to keep the rv wheels going around. It must be a goodyear on the other side of Lion’s Gate. Oh well, Pearl Harbour, any port in a storm.

    • They all need to be sure to file reports on VAERS!

      Rumor is that VAERS is being selectively purged, but they need to file anyway. I do hope there are independent backups of that entire database!

  12. “San Jose will fine people for organizing sideshows, street racing (”

    Not legal outside Santa Clara County, probably not outside San Jose’s city limits, and likely not enforceable anywhere. I’d just have an Oaklander send the invites…

  13. “Scores dead as record-breaking heat wave grips Canada, US”

    Heat doesn’t kill — stupidity does.

    Cold kills…

    A person can walk across the Mojave or through Death Valley without issue, IF they know what they’re doing and have a sufficient water supply. One college summer I worked in a hot-mold factory in which the temperature hit 138°F (59°C) daily (I wasn’t even in the hottest department in the place.) It was uncomfortable, but manageable — gloves were a necessity, though.

    If it is cold (below 82°F/28°C is sufficient to cause hypothermia if a person lacks clothing and shelter) and a person lacks the ability to keep their body heat from flashing off, they will eventually die — no intense cold or freezing required. Physical weakness or alcohol intoxication make the flash-off happen sooner and more-completely.

    • “Cold kills…”

      Way back.. my ex wife had gotten one of those Dalkon shields IUD’s.. it caused a world of hurt for her..
      she was sick all the time.. eventually she got cancer to.. anyway.. on one trip home from the ER the car threw a rod… I was on foot.. my job was twelve miles away and no money.. the farm crises had hours dropped.. for almost two months I would have to walk to work.. twelve miles in the cold.. froze my feet and hands.. I didn’t have snow boots or gloves.. would put two pair of pants on and crumple up newspaper..
      then we made repair parts for tractors.. then they had to close the plant for the winter.. it was a tough go.. so yup cold can kill.. I make sure everyone has a good winter outfit and a Ushanka hat in the car.. face masks.. and snow boots are an essential item been there done that.. I am pretty sure the same thing with heat.. would stand true.. any extreme weather would be dangerous..

  14. BTW, Western drought notwithstanding…

    I haven’t yet been all over MN WI IL MO MI IN KY TN OH PA WV like I had in years past, but the pieces of IL to PA that I have seen this growing season are booming. Last year corn was ~10″-14″ high around July 1st, this year it’s nearly waist-high, and without the washed-out fields I saw last year and the year before. Soybeans look good, tree fruit is rockin’ and there’s a bazillion 2-2½ inch green tomatoes everywhere. Eastern Washington to Western Minnesota and down several hundred miles are are mostly feed hay, field corn, and wheat, so that’s gonna sock red meat and breadstuffs.

    I’m trying to arrange a trip to Southern Indiana to check out the melons. Indiana muskmelon is the finest cantaloupe on the planet, but it has sucked (down in both size and quantity) the past couple years. Tennessee watermelon is another best in class, and another indicator of how Midwest farms are doing. The melons are easy to gauge, and are a lot quicker than driving 3-4 thousand miles of backroads across the rust belt…

  15. No agin tonite . July 4 will Git in the way . After that put it on like hair oil . Short the guts of everything except USD and TLT . May the force be with you

  16. i was wrong agin it comes !!!! yep americanos destroying the dollar agin !!! patriots ? no way , treasonous facists

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