BitWoes, Bifurcated Hyper, Job Cuts, Cosby & Kona

There are a ton of moving parts leading up to the four day weekend.  But overall, no “life-altering events” are seen until July 8th, or later.

What say we roll through these in reverse-order because I’m writing (some of this) prior to the job cut and unemployment filing data?

Kona is easily covered: Variety being key to a happy life, I roll with differing beans and leaves – depending on day – between a Kona blend, pure Columbian, pure Arabica, Earl Grey, and a blend.

Somewhere,  a linguistic virtuoso should be able to infer which based on writing style drift.  Advanced degrees are regularly offered on flimsier research topics!  Though Kona is good for reflective and thoughtful hyperactivity.

Cosby Freed? AYFKM?

Political BS and sideshow material.  Still did things as alleged and to us, it’s another example of how “The first victim of any courthouse proceeding is Justice.”  Our thinking?  Technicalities matter, I ‘spose.

Pennsylvania needs a new Supreme Court.  There was no exoneration of Cosby’s criminal behavior. He’s out on a technical foul. Instead, we read this as yet-another liberal whack at “contract law” hidden in plain sight.  Following?

See: in contract law written documentation (along with notice of service and such) trumps all verbal assertions.  Which are largely invalid. Essentially, if something hasn’t been reduced to writing and signed, it is taken as never existing.

Should a new district attorney be bound to all verbal promises (or even hints thereof) of a predecessor?  No, of course not. Except verbal does prevail in Pennsylbotomy. Don’t talk to people from there.  Text or email only going forward.

This is why Fire and Police Departments memos are often emblazoned VODG – verbal orders don’t go.  None of my military friends run on “verbal assertions” and “or unit traditions.”  If something’s not on paper, does it exist? In line services?  No.  In liberal courts (see where Soros is spending money, lately?) Yes.

Your mileage now varies by state more than ever.

Speaking of Courts:BLM Rioter Who Smashed Car Window in a Toddler’s Face Avoids Jail After Lawyer Says it Was an “Emotional Time” – in Summit News” is another example of “justice” that has us wondering if America’s gone totally nuts.  (‘fraid we know the answer, but we keep hoping…)

(Still waiting for job cuts to cross so we’ll ahead skip to…)

Bifurcating Inflation

Long ago we talked about how inflation and its “split” – into things you can do without (which are still cheap) and things you can’t which are going roofward. (I really oughta copyright that word!)

Chris Tyreman’s “Step by Step Millionaire” series has a focus on hyperinflation here:

Just remember that the “gotta haves” are where the action is.  Chris did an earlier video here on how to park money in “things” which may not go down in value (like food) but whose price may go up.  If you missed it, click here. We like partially-depreciated solar panels, gardening, and stored foods, for example.

On FinViz today, we are seeing the price of lumber continuing its collapse:  Down to the $730 range earlier.  Cheaper than last summer’s peak, in fact.

But look at what’s going on with the foods and softs:  Soybeans, coffee, sugar – all going up.  Yet, at the same time, gold and silver are still wallowing without much direction and the 10-year Treasury note closed Wednesday at 1.443% which means if you’re banking on widespread hyperinflation, you might be disappointed.  The data says it’s like one of those rare Blackjack hands in Vegas, where “splitting your hand” makes sense.

A Sceptre 55″ UHD  TV is $364 at WalMart today – free home delivery, too – so not everything is going up like mad.

Almost cheaper for a building to put in a camera, mini-PC on the VESA mount and hang that on a wall instead of a window.  But we told you about Windows as an alternative to windows, what, 10-years ago?  Building codes exist to protect us from progress and innovation, sometimes.  Look up your city’s minimum fenestration requirements, if you doubt me.

Bitcoin Drop Ahead?

We sure like Elliott waves.  But is our view right in this?

Looks like a 3 down may be ahead, but we shall see, huh?

Dear Defending Democrat

Here’s some reader feedback to be really clear on:

“Yep, those disgusting Democrats, raising employment/population ratio to pre-pandemic levels!”

Meaningless metric.  (Government and the hype-driven media will, of course disagree…)

I’ll say this again because someone missed it: The ONLY number that matters around here is TOTAL PEOPLE WORKING – and that’s still down more than 5-million from two years ago.

Let me show you what our reader’s critique is based on:

Follow the highlights (yellow) and I’ll show you how the numbers get “jiggered for political ends.”

Was the civilian labor force REALLY 53,000 fewer people last month?  With how many new arrivals from the Open Border?

Now go down to the bottom and ask were did the 160,000 people dropping out of the labor force last month go?

(In mathematical terms) the Employment to Population Ratio is a [dependency] on these fruity changes to the data.  Oh, and I politely left out that the CES (Current Employment Situation) Birth-Death Model MADE UP 218,000 new jobs estimated into being in May.

In  our simplistic, ham-handed view, half of the increase in May’s claim of 444,000 more jobs was based on statistical inferences (guesses).

I was going to bite my tongue on this but can’t have people easily misled by news reports which are nothing more than parroting of tripe from the top.

New “offishul” data tomorrow. Count total people in America working and let’s see how that comes out in tomorrows numbers – compared with two years ago – not last year when we were all locked down by the (they’re still debating whether it was a bioweapon).

Job Cuts

I don’t expect the job number tomorrow to be particularly good OR bad.  We’re in the “meh!” camp.  Especially following the Challenger Job Cut report just out:

“Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers fell 16.7% in June to 20,476 from 24,586 cuts announced in May. Last month’s total is the lowest monthly total since June 2000, when 17,241 job cuts were recorded, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

June’s total is 88% lower than the 170,219 recorded in June of last year.”

And in the day’s New Unemployment Filing data, remember NSA numbers are actual and the S.A. (*seasonally agendized) are whatever they feel like for the month:

New filers for benefits fell more than expected, but the continuing claims are up more than 34,000 so let’s not get too excited.  Quick pop up in the Dow futures, but any excuse to round up the sheep…

And so it rolls…,

Minutia in a Minute

Let’s automate lawyers!  LegalZoom shares jump 30% in market debut; CEO sees further opportunity in online legal services.  (My expert system can beat your expert system… it will come to that with A.I. you know, right?)

The Donaldizations continue with “Trump, at U.S.-Mexican border, slams Biden for ‘open, really dangerous’ border while at the same time “N.Y. grand jury said to return criminal indictments against Trump’s company and its CFO, the first from prosecutors probing the former president’s business dealings (  Let me guess…non-partisan lawyers?  LOL! I can sure tell a good one, huh?  Where’d I put my “indict a ham sandwich quote? Ah yes…

“New York State chief judge Sol Wachtler was famously quoted by Tom Wolfe in The Bonfire of the Vanities that “a grand jury would ‘indict a ham sandwich,’ if that’s what you wanted.” sayeth Wikipedia.

Meantime in the crooked elections file:Liberal writers attacked Eric Adams for questioning New York City mayoral voting numbers” reported Fox.

Chip wars continue:  China’s got us by the short-hairs on this one as Chip shortage causes Ford to slash vehicle production at several plants in July

NFT Madness Still Spreading:  Tim Berners-Lee sells web source code NFT for $5.4m – BBC News.  Quick, take a digital picture of that thing you sit on, tokenize it, and sell it for Big Money! Big Money! before the world sobers up.  We wonder when global famine shows up if people will try to eat tokenized pix of The Last Supper….

And here’s the Daily Covid Jerk-around: where we wonder what day it is and whether we need to mask-up to use the bathroom… CDC Director: Vaccinated People Don’t Need to Wear Masks Amid Delta COVID-19 Variant Fears (  We’re STILL in the control group and we don’t sign ANYTHING giving away our rights.

Around the Ranch

Not a topic for ShopTalk Sunday, but I’m scheming to do a better job of “Supervising myself” over the 3-day weekend.  Trying to line up the projects and material changes to keep two 3D printers and a pair of CNC machines busy…

More rain coming:  Friday’s entertainment here will feature lawnmowing ahead of (still more) rain.  2 inches to go.

We’re still shaking our heads over East Texas tall pines country being significantly cooler than  the Washington Cascades.  88, 85, and 86 are the three day highs around here.  Mid 90’s an up in the Lake Chelan area.  Who’d have thought?

Write when you get rich,

46 thoughts on “BitWoes, Bifurcated Hyper, Job Cuts, Cosby & Kona”

  1. On July 8th,Mercury emerges from its shadow.For the following 2 months,I’m expecting all hell to break loose in many areas,climaxing on Sept.9th.

  2. George,
    I think you meant to use the word “oral” as verbal communication may be either written or by word of mouth.
    Anyway, here in the Buckeye State, oral contracts are possible but of course, proving the terms of such a contract can be a bitch. Even when the contract is written, the Parol Evidence Rule (which you cite) has numerous exceptions.
    Finally, when a DA makes a deal, she does so on behalf of the State, not as an individual. So yes, a successor DA should be bound by his predecessor’s commitments.

    • I sit corrected on verbal/oral. Thank you. (*Write it down, now…)

      My use was consistent with OED def. 4a. cited from

      4. a. Expressed or conveyed by speech instead of writing; stated or delivered by word of mouth; oral.

      As exemplified in the OED ref notes in “1728 Chambers Cycl. s.v., A Verbal Contract, is that made merely by Word of Mouth; in opposition to that made in Writing. 1776 Trial Nundocomar 61/2 Did you send a verbal or a written message?.”

  3. So George, I click you Ure site this AM and find myself double whammy’d as a Pennsylvanian and (retired) military member. Not all Keystone State residents agree with our courts or our autocratic democratic governor, who BTW just vetoed a fair and reasonable election reform law. And WRT the military and ‘written’ orders only, during field, sea or air battle verbal orders are considered legitimate. There may be no time for written orders to be issued. “Take that hill,” “sink that enemy ship now” or “pilot to bombardier, do not drop those bombs on the target” are all examples of legitimate verbal orders. For the last one, a bombardier may outrank the left seat (command) pilot, but the pilot holds authority of the aircraft and everything that happens on it during flight.

  4. Ure peeing up the wrong tree home-skillets.

    At least Pennsyltucky put the midnight raper away in the first place. puuuleeeze

    ..”yeah, talking bout midnight..shh. The one that closed the bedroom door.
    ..So if you meet the midnight rambler coming down Ure marble hall. Well he’s pouncing like a proud black panther. Well you can say I, I told you so.”

    Lumber is telling coot a market correction is right around the corner, just like the midnight gambler..the knife sharpened tippe-toe.
    Latest investment party – drink a whiteclaw or 10 & short SAM stock (boston beer co) Can U spot the pending deathcross ?50 dma over the 200dma – how about the 3 black crows ? The underlying usually starts dropping prior to the averages crossing, juss saying.
    NTLA and CRSP looking rather exciting – no matter the economy, good health and Life never go out of style/demand -top dolla just to live another day.

    Setting up QHHT(dolores cannon) session with high level practitioner today- diving DEEP into akasic – asking my higher self the questions, “higher self” answers the questions from DEEP hypnotic state – 1 session 5-8 Hrs.
    Its all “out there” – What questions would U like the answers to know ?
    What would You ask your higher self ?
    How did I get here ? Why did I come here in the first place? Have I ever known my children, spouse, or parents before in previous life ? Why do I not like cats…

    Oh well – selling high val stocks (US) for lower val Urepeeing stocks that pay me to own them -dividends -Rotating as it were.

    Peace on Uras – Peace on Earth – rare as hens teeth..

    The answer is Yes, is going to get stranger with each passing day.
    -U can bank on it.

  5. George.., I live at Lake Chelan.., we have had four straight days of well over 100 degrees. Never have we had two consecutive days over 100., much less four. Today is forecast to be 99. I have lost about a third of my vegetable garden to this relentless heat. National Weather Service has never issued so many Extreme Heat Warnings., and are calling this a true “Centennial Event”. I believe it – it has been quite miserable.

    • Wow~! Much the same as what I heard from Geo II at Leavenworth dist 3 fire – hot, miserable and people not hydrating! Least the lake’s cold?

      • La Nina or sumptin else ..?

        Earth’s ” pulse” seems lil erratic these dayz .. volcanoes and the shakes be on the menu this bumma of summa21.

        BTW -did U reverse Ure “freqs” 180 degrees during Ure sound freq experiments ? Like continually reversing 180 every 36 seconds or so…? The point of change is an interesting space..

      • I hydrated so much that my body lost lots of minerals and salt. Blood pressure dropped to 98 over 58. Scary in my old age.

        Portland, OR – Plants that were green Monday morning but when the temperature hit 116, the sun burned leaves to look like a blow torch attacked them. Just totally dead plants – plants that have been in the yard for 31 years. I have never seen anything to vicious in my life.

        Lots of farmers say they have lost their berries that were ready to be picked. The berries just shriveled.

      • I guess West Texas got it all in this deal of the cards this year. We’ve had a few triple digit days but more rain and coolness spread out over time to make it one of the best late Springs/early Summers I’ve seen in years. I hurt for the rest and pray the livestock eat the grass down before it becomes a fire hazard around here. We’ve not had many of those either – so far. The day ain’t over yet, though.

      • We hit 101 today.., another record and five days in a row at 100+. While air temperatures have been record hot, the ground temperatures have been even hotter. According to satellite data the ground in Wenatchee reached 145 degrees on Monday.
        The lake is cold. I hit it every morning around 5:30.., and it is damn cold.., but is that due to the heat? We haven’t been below 70 degrees in 6 days.

  6. Regular crappy 7/16 OSB is only $18.57 at Home Despot!

    Reading more carefully, that’s for a 2’x4′ sheet. The normal 4’x8′ sheet is still $51.95, not including tax, so building anything useful with it is still out of the question.

    Flooring T&G is still $69.28 plus tax, so I’ll have to live with my bouncy floors a bit longer. Maybe a lot longer…… Futures are way down, but retail isn’t.

    I’ll just keep working with the leftover stuff I have.

  7. I’m happy Bill Cosby was released. It shows the mockery of the system.

    Boeing needing bailout to maintain competitiveness is another one. LOL Words do mean things. But like Illinois pension plans there will never be concessions. The system has to dissolve for everyone.

    The thing I noticed about food is the .88 cent/20 oz loaves of bread at Walmart go quick. I live equidistant between two Walmart stores. Over the last couple of weeks Walmart has been out of the bread at both stores more than once. Maybe a flour shortage?

    Usually when Walmart bread is out the other breads are gone too. The yard rabbits love bread slightly more than Japanese Maples.

    I mentioned a big box by me, Meijer is being remodeled. The width of aisles in the grocery section range between 8.5 to 12 feet. It’s easy to figure out by looking at the floor where the old tile used to be…. and grabbing a tape off the shelf.

    I mentioned the aisle widths to one of the workers. He started debating that the store has more stuff than ever. I then explained to him the days of Meijer are limited.

    The Walmart near this Meijer went 100% U-Scan while this Meijer remodel includes new cash registers. Meijer is going to pay cash register jockeys.

    Long ago Kmart refused innovation when the UPC scanners came along. Walmart upgraded. Kmart is gone.

    • “I’m happy Bill Cosby was released. It shows the mockery of the system.”

      I agree…. The women that accused Cosby of miss conduct were all searching for future success in the entertainment industry.. they knew what kind of guy he was Lets face it.. the old adage of the scuttlebutt around the water cooler comes to mind.. lets face it it isn’t a secret if he has done that to as many as they say he has the gossip was there…. they weren’t children but grown adults with success in mind.. to achieve what they were looking for.. they knew the price..
      and the sheer thought that our system lets pedophiles with thousands of images well known and gossiped about for their actions and even boasts about their actions on the net wander free while the legal system buries the evidence then gives them millions of dollars to satisfy them and job positions around the vulnerable, all because of the social stature of those involved yet imprisons someone that every single one of the victims knew how he was before they even agreed to meet him is just wrong. They should have let cosby go..whats the name of the other one that is imprisoned.. that had the casting couch.. dam I heard about the casting couch when I was a teenager..

  8. George;
    Cosby go off. Thats good. His “Victims “were all adult females not under age or children. All was Consensual..
    They went to his quarters,they ALL took a pill or capsule.
    NO FORCE was used..
    Dumb Stupid Decisions by a female Consenting Adult…
    Ain’t pretty seems so nasty. Damn weird to me..
    Do not Understand why anyone would want to have intercourse with a semi conscious or unconscious partner.. Masturbation would be more Fun but thats just my opinion.. The ME TOO MOVEMENT hang them hi demonstrating the entertainment industry casting couch
    destroy a lot of lives.. Most Consenting adults.. Adults make choices,take their consequences..Should not be
    rewarded for Bad Choices..
    YES Covid 19 is a bio-weapon.. The Chinese alerted their PLA commanders in September or October 2019 about what was coming. Article in Epoch times and/or China Today ,I got in an email in January 2020. Doing a locums contract in Butte MT. A bunch of military people got Covid from Canada after their team came back from Military games held in October 2019 in China. Militaries from all over the world competing.Most went home with ill members..
    All this info is known.. but ignored.
    Ivermectin for prevention and treatment of Covid works. Studies from India, Brazil,South Africa over 30 different ones spanning lastyear.. All known but disparaged by Lame stream medical and Media.. How about that?
    Lots of MD/DO’s violating their oaths as physicians.. So are a lot of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practioners.
    Really sad statement about lack of people who know the difference between Right and Wrong. So it Goes…

      • Don’t know anything about Mr.Trumps stuff except he has had 3 wives and many affairs. NO ONE HAS PRODUCED ANY EVIDENCE OF RAPE.NO POLICE COMPLAINTS,NO TIMELY STORIES IN PRESS OR POLICE REPORTS..
        No women supposedly Violated by Mr.Cosby filed police reports or other public complaints on Mr Cosby. No RAPE KITS,NO DNA…
        It is on display every day in NEWS reports.. I DO NOT BLAME THE WOMEN.. EVERYONE MAKES POOR CHOICES .. These women did.. For whatever reason.. So did Mr Cosby.
        Like many wealthy MEN AND WOMEN they desire a consort/companion. They privately contract with a person,male or female, for a certain time. Some are on retainer for a year or 5. What is provided is entirely between the CONSENTING ADULTS. So I have been told in accounts I have read. This is not new. Has gone on for as long as their are “rich” humans..
        I am simple and happy with the same gal for 48 years of marriage,50 years dating..I am lucky she has chosen me and stuck with me all these years..
        Don’t blame your politics on others…

      • Miss Ogyny;
        The article is about a defamation by Trump,verbal defamation of Character.. NOT RAPE..
        I received special training as a health care provider in doing Rape exams.I have examined females and Males and done rape kits on both.Oral rectal Vaginal,scrapings from under nails,hair combing of scalp and genital regions. Takes about 3 hours if done carefully and with compassion.. There must be Due Process. Not verbal accusations with no evidence.. With accusations only we go back to Salem Witch Trials. Many women accused by other WOMEN.
        MANY WOMEN Died maybe one guy too.
        Rapists,pedophiles should be in jail for life or once convicted with concrete evidence , Killed. We cannot Cure them so like a rabid animal you must kill it to protect everyone else..
        No Trump free pass just your politics. The article you cite is just a defamation lawsuit. No allegations of Rape.. Allegations are nothing you need PROOF. Now, that is quick reporting and evidence with a rape kit,physical exam of any injuries and documentation..Then to COURT and conviction..

  9. george beleive it or not i do listenAND ask questions occasionally . what is the d day weekend . monday is non trading day . thats it isnt it ? thankyou

    • 3 day weekend here, len – sat and sun are normal and since our indy day falls on Sunday we get to nab Monday as a day off – so no markets, no mail, no banking

      • there isn’t a weekend or a holiday for us LOL you have to be an exec of a govt. get that.. it is just another day.. every day is the same in trenches LOL

    • Well Leon.. If your a congressman you get a month off.. oh wait you only work four weeks a year.. but the average joe doesn’t get days off for holidays.. that hasn’t happened since deregulation.. a four day weekend is just unheard of.. who would do the work..

  10. It appears that Tucker finally got wind of what Monkey has been talking about over the past few months. Bus and plane loads of illegals – many of them children being dropped off with God-only-knows-who and then taken elsewhere deep into our nation as the pretend administration does it’s level best to change the demographics of our nation WITHOUT our permission.

    The video cuts off before the one person of authority here in Texas is interviewed. I’d like to know who that is but I’d have to have some account that carries the rest of the story or find another YT account that pirates Fox News broadcasts.

    The bus driver in the story who was told not to talk to anyone about her cargo is only one person out of hundreds that are knowingly participating in the invasion of our country. Again I’d like to know what the Hell is going through the pilot and flight crews flying these people all over and I’d be willing to bet a silver dollar that someone that regularly reads this comment section knows … something …! These people have GOT to realize what is coming down the road for their families when this country becomes an extension of Central America and no effete mansion on a hill or sequestered out in the woods is going to protect you from what’s coming. You WILL be found, you WILL be subsumed with all that that implies.

    Happy friggin’ Independence Day!

  11. “so not everything is going up like mad.”

    What I am seeing.. is non essential items are selling like televisions etc. Are selling cheap or at normal prices.. but if you walk the isles you’ll notice essential items are on the rise or theres empty shelves because the distribution system is broken.
    Farms.. there are farmers that had planted early where the plants look good.. those if theres adequate moisture will produce fruit..the best melons come from the colonies lol…theresother farmers that are already plowing the fields under..milk farms that are dumping milk because bottling companies are having trouble getting containers..

    • One thing I’ve been checking in on from time to time is double-0 buck. Foreign made shells have come down quite a bit but American made shells (the good stuff) are upwards of at least $1.25/round and higher. Availability has come back, though, while demand remains high. Double-0 on the shelf remains pretty much non-existent around here so ordering is a must.

  12. “The thing I noticed about food is the .88 cent/20 oz loaves of bread at Walmart go quick.”

    As for my self I won’t buy the cheap loaf.. (unless I don’t have a choice) the cheap bread is fluff..I think they use less flour in its production.. I call it soda bread..
    The other thing is slice size..i prefer 5/8 to 3/4 slice instead of 3/8 to 1/2 inch slice..
    Its a personal preference.. even we had a lot of kids around we would get the cheap bread..but low I only buy the craft bread..

  13. Anyone else hearing/seeing anything alone these lines ? This is from another econ/finc blog –
    “Over the years, I have acquired a number of sources who allow me a peek into the future. Recently, in the last two weeks, something has happened I have never seen before. All my sources are saying the exact same thing. Something the likes of which we have never seen will happen in the month of July, and may start within a day or two. There will be a great disturbance in our lives. Expect power outages, runs on grocery stores, internet and cell phone outages, violence and our world turned upside-down.”

    Not trying to spread FUD, just curious…

    • All of the forward looking types I tune in to are saying this Summer is going to be raucous to put it mildly. If for no other reason than this administration is doing all it can to turn our nation on its head. People are past being fed up and some sort of critical mass is approaching and probably inevitable at this time. We’re sick of arguing with a fence post.

    • the news that the new strain of covid is out and loose and the vaccine is ineffective against it.. . then there is the horror stories from what is going on militarily or the fact that we just took oil derricks in so that those pulling the strings can get what they have been wanting and not getting for four years. .. or the broken supply lines and the hordes of illegals being brought over and given jobs and benefits that american citizens should be getting.. which part are you reading about that has your concern. from my perspective there are so many things going on from so many angles that it is really hard to keep track of them all.. and of course we the hourly wage earners are the ones paying for the influx of illegal migrants… all we can do is wait for the glow in the sky..

  14. the two different employment measurements explained:

    btw, Ell Wavers, Prechter’s latest publication states over and over that it’s crash time straight ahead, according to the Fibonacci numbers, and according to the 4 yr, 7 yr, 20 yr and 40 yr cycles (in addition to lows occurring in years ending in ‘2’ 1722 (South Sea Bubble) 1962, 1932, 1942, 1982, 2002 & bingo 2022!

  15. Although I live on “Kona” Island, the best coffee in the islands is from Kauai estate, IMO. Smoother, mellower, and just as strong. Kona has that ‘bitter wine’ aftertaste that I don’t care for. Independent (military) taste testers rated Molokai coffee #1, so now the military buys all the Molokai coffee available. Can’t find it in the stores now.

    Not surprisingly, my coffee intake has radically reduced since retiring from broadcasting.

    • OMG Hank.. I don’t think I have tried that one I love coffee… and I am pretty good at finding good coffee… I will do a web search for it.. if not do you know what their web address is so I can order some..

      • The medium roast is my personal fav — My daughter prefers the Mocha Macadamia Nut blend. I gave an assortment to da kids for Christmas last year…

    • found it.. got a few bags coming.. which one is your favorite… I got morning breeze.. for my first one.. I hope it is as good as jamaican blue.. if so it is a lot cheaper to..

  16. so impressed with this joint . i really mean it . its the only place that comes close to the bar and grill on the whole net . the bar and grill ,what great days 25 years ago, priceless . but there really are so many good interesting folks and maniacs like me here . but very well behaved and non argumentive . thats class!! so from the old days of cage rattler and rabbit !! yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ride em cowboy !!!

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