Bipolar Markets, Commissar Biden, and Marsala

Bipolar disorder is a great place to start.  Although, like gout, BPD does come with some benefits.  Like super creativity – depending on where you are in the cycle.  Over on the subscriber side, I’ve been working on the market BPD indicator.  Which as the preopen today was trying to tell us:

On the subscriber side (Peoplenomics) we got into this “crossing trends” idea pretty deeply last week.  It’s the art of developing an oscillator that attempts to tell you the overall direction of the market, on the one hand.  Yet also deliver a useful trading indicator which will at times be counter to the general trend/cycle chart.

Take this morning, for example:  Here’s how it lines out:

(Column G is where I keep track of turn points, testing how various crossing moving average trends would trade if one were actually being crazy enough to follow such things…)

But back to my trend/counter trend point:  Markets are bipolar to an unreal degree.  With one technique (crossing trends), we can get a “go short” reading (look at the chart), and at the same time get a technical “go long” (look at the trend under column G above). Bipolar!

What’s worse is there’s a totally OTHER inference from any other sort of analysis.  Take, for example, a hybrid of Elliott waves and Trend channels (or Raff’s Regression channel notions):

If you are like me (a recreational day trader who thinks prepping is more important than trading) and you consult your trading platform before the open, the odds table works out like this:


  • Supportive news flow (lies, but it is what it is…)
  • Preopen Futures
  • Gold-Euro indicator
  • Experimental crossing trends work trading indicator.
  • Dual parabolic SARs
  • 3 and 13 period moving averages
  • Friday on-balance volume into the close
  • Slower (23,6,7) stochastic has not crossed down
  • MACD showed a small positive inkling into the close Friday


  • Experimental crossing trends work chart.
  • Elliott wave trends generally
  • 17,4,7 stochastic has crossed down
  • War continues, could “mushroom” at any time.

But this really gets to the heart of our first data observation of the day.  Markets look bipolar and today looks to us like a short, sharp up game.

Durable Goods

Ever stand around the craps table in Las Vegas (or at any of the fine Indian Casinos) and notice what happens when a “shooter” suddenly goes cold.  Throws craps?  That’s the problem with the future – something as simple as the Durable Goods report (just out) will change the future course of betting confidence:

“New Orders
New orders for manufactured durable goods in January, down two of the last three months, decreased $13.0 billion or 4.5 percent to $272.3 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today. This followed a 5.1 percent December increase. Excluding transportation, new orders increased 0.7 percent. Excluding
defense, new orders decrease  5.1 percent. Transportation equipment, also down two of the last three months, drove the decrease, $14.2 billion or 13.3 percent to $92.8 billion.
Shipments of manufactured durable goods in January, down following sixteen consecutive monthly increases, decreased $0.2 billion or 0.1 percent to $277.2 billion. This followed a 0.4 percent December increase. “

Suckypoo? Nope.  Dow futures were still up +170 after the numbers.  Maybe we’re the only ones who can read, anymore…

Still, there’s always the larger flow of “buying the rumor and selling the news” to consider: Case-Shiller Housing numbers drop tomorrow morning.  We expect sales will be down (higher rates axe housing).  The only question is how much.

Commissar Biden

America’s left-bent, one-party, socialist drive continues. As Joe Biden recently pressed for equity officers in business.  Which is a highly Sovietized way of installing regime political puppets in business for control.  It’s not only a bad idea, but also illegal, though in today’s Remnant America, that hardly matters.  Do take the time to hit ‘Equity’ Is Not Equality – It’s Revenge ( on your list of details matter.  A useful quote:

“There’s so little white racism today that Biden and his ilk are reduced to jerry-rigging tragic history to grossly distorted current events to create menacing white racist devils that do not exist: “white privilege,” “systemic racism,” and “white supremacy.”

But it’s not like this is the only story out there.  Did you read how the same cabal is running this op recently? To Increase Equity, School Districts Eliminate Honors Classes. WSJ. Dumb ’em down and round ’em up.

Where’s the EQUALITY in New York school disrupts education Black, Latino students tech jobs ( we wonder? Is the program open to White kids? Inquiring minds, and all that…

Good canary in the coal mine is watching Oklahoma.  A read of What is diversity, equity and inclusion? Why has it become political? ( prompts me to remind that EQUALITY is one of our Founding principles.  Equal is good.  Equity and baseless inclusion are not.  While diversity is, to the extent the Civil War and subsequent anti-discrimination laws settled that matter.

To us, democrats have become social “scab pickers” using hot lingo to pervert values and divert attention from their war-mongering, drug industry, and social waste. Packaged as “wokeness” and “equity officers” it’s the Soviet Union we thought was gone.  Biden’s become a Racism Resurrectionist.  But you know how important monetizations are to that family, right?

News Pourri

I wrote up a longish bit of woo-woo on the subscriber side this weekend.  About tanks in the dream realms.  Well, here we go: China entered the war against Ukraine and NATO: Delivers PLZ-05 and MLRS AR1A artillery systems to the Russian Army! Which look (at the Jungian archetype level) like tanks.

“Who us?” says China” China accuses U.S. of ‘disinformation’ over claims it’s considering sending artillery and ammo to Russia. U.S.? America? (Slo?) Double standards?  Why, perish the thought.  We’d never….er…but the pictures…

A cynic, though, might call it all a subconscious work out of another Biden over-promise and under-deliver: M1 Abrams tanks Biden promised Ukraine may not be sent this year or next, defense official says. Our view is tanks are a key indicator that both sides are slowly coming to realize that “Hey, use of REAL nukes really is possible, so let’s slow-roll the game a bit…”

Speaking of Joe’s over-promising:  Student Loan Forgiveness Is Headed to the Supreme Court. Here’s What To Expect.  We will keep close tabs on this.  Because when the Supreme Court (predictably, based on law) turns down Biden’s largess, the demoncrats will pick up the chant that the problem is the Court.  Not people wanting a handout.  No rolling-scrolling, but the live stream may be here tomorrow 10-AM-ish.

Taiwan Invasion is being “slow-rolled” now, too:  CIA Chief: China Has Doubt on Ability to Invade Taiwan ( But we think that assessment is more based on fairytales than PLA planning.

YES! It was a bioweapon.  Something we told you when Covid was breaking in January of 2020.  Which got us blocked and shamed as conspiracy theorists, anti-science, and all kinds of other horse pucky.  Yet, as usual, deep thinking was right: US Energy Dept Follows FBI’s Path, Says Covid-19 May Have Leaked from a Lab. Duh.  Absolute bullshit the con has run this long.

SNAP Endings:  The PLAndemic benefits are expiring as explained in Extra SNAP food stamp benefits are being cut, causing new worries for people in need.

Last Crypto Standing:  Might be Bitcoin, in the end.  Between the lines if you study Gary Gensler on Meeting With SBF and His Crypto Crackdown. BTC early today was $23,430.

Microsoft power play:  While we’ve been walking through hell on a daily basis trying to get through Microsoft/Starlink incompatibilities, the “gang that couldn’t code straight” is at it again: You may soon have Microsoft Defender installed on your computer whether you want it or not (

Is Ure too harsh in opinions about the Redmond Wonders?  No, actually pretty accurate if you read Windows 11 disaster strikes again as incompatible PCs are offered an upgrade | TechRadar.

Around the Ranch: Prepping

Showers were threatening, temp was falling, and there wasn’t time to assemble and test the new cooking gear (see Sunday’s column) so we went on an Italian cooking binge.

Pasquale Sciarappa does the dandy YouTube videos posted on Orasara Recipes. Genuine, simple, Italian fare.  I ran the Italian bread recipe yesterday and the Chicken Marsala.  Bookmark it, Danno: Pasquale Sciarappa (

Good news first:  The Chicken Marsala was TDF.  Yum.  Not a drop of sauce or chicken left.  Reminds me of Gasperetti’s Roma Cafe back in the day when Sportswriters met Wednesdays downstairs for lunch…

The BAD news:  I had missed that my yeast pulled from prepping was “Best by Feb. 2015.”  Oops!

The better news?  We have fresher yeast and this time it will rise, dammit.  Bread boards don’t taste like bread sticks, know what I’m saying?

But while I was kneading and thinking, it occurred to me that one of the easiest ways to increase the quality of my bread doughs would be to mix the salt into the water before adding to the dough.

I mean, how many times have you seen a baker drop in salt and then have to knead the hell out of things.  Way I figure it, is if ALL the ingredients are in liquid form, then it should reduce inconsistencies in the loaf.

Take Two on this will be coming up this afternoon and we’ll report back tomorrow – maybe.

Have a dandy Monday.  And remember, if you take that Italian bread recipe and form as baguettes, not too “long loafy” you can crank out some idea clam chowder “edible bowls” which is making me hungry already.

Like Pappy always said:  “My stomach doesn’t know I’m not rich…”

Write when you get rich,

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106 thoughts on “Bipolar Markets, Commissar Biden, and Marsala”

  1. And Turkey is hit with yet another earthquake …

    Have to wonder about why Turkey has been getting the crap beat out of them with earthquakes.

    There the usual suspects but, then there’s the Pharma possibility. Turkey might be walking on someone’s toes.

    From 2021;

    And there’s the Biblical possibility. You know, release the beasts kinda thing …

    The possibilities are strange but, so are the times we’re in.

  2. I thought about posting this yesterday but then I thought, “Nah, let ’em have some fun this time.”

    Specifically the Twitter post that the article is based on. Glad it’s still up –

    El Salvador built a 40,000 bed prison for the worst of the worst down there. The video, if you haven’t seen it, is of the moving in of the first 2,000 inmates. I hope the El Salvadorian president’s promise that this is where they’ll reside for decades is a hard and fast promise and not a collection point for Bribem’s imports.

    I post this to emphasize the fact we aren’t crazy alarmists here like C likes to accuse us of being. ( This is just a small distillation of the barely human monkeys down there and ONLY in El Salvador, not the rest of Central America. If Bribem can welcome this kind of inhuman trash into our country you better damned well figure he’s capable of murdering a huge chunk of his fellow Americans and half the rest of the World with a Clot Shot.

    If you’d be honest with yourself for just a moment consider the real question of how does this compare to the “Got Aways” that pour into the U.S. on a DAILY basis? How many blood thirsty monkeys like this are in our country now and HOW MANY have already eyed you and anyone you hold dear like a starving man eyes a well seasoned pork chop? Got kids? Picture them slowly roasting on a spit – and that’s if they’re lucky. The unlucky ones are trafficked for a lifetime of horror and you know it! So if one of yours disappears … remember – YOU voted for this.

  3. William of the Radio Ranch, your recent post a couple of weeks ago about “prepping” and your other one last week about “over-the-waterfall” were very astute.

    I came to the same conclusion a long time ago. At what point in an apocalyptic breakdown does it become useless?

    I prepared for a “cities will become war zone scenario”, which will happen in the near future because of food shortages, banking crises, markets collapsing, brownouts, blackouts, and fuel shortages. A Portland on steroids. As such, I moved away from the big city. I have been stating for years to anyone that would listen that it was going to happen, and people look at me like I am nuts, and maybe I am. (See the movie on HBO or HBO+-or other places- called “The Tomorrow Man” especially the last minute).

    I also prepared to keep away from masses of people to help thwart biological warfare that could affect me and my family through the spread of diseases. I think I am prepared for droughts and food shortages. I am prepared for roaming gangs of anarchists, and not just with guns.

    However, I have recently developed the belief that I do not want to be a part of the under the earth survival groups. Survive for what…nuclear winter, radiation, earthquakes, tsunamis, pestilence and diseases, famine, gun battles from hungry people looking for food, shelter, or thugs wanting to rob my places of shelter?

    The government has spent $Trillions$ on top secret underground cities, Mag Lev trains to connect them, and extensive survival plans for the so called “elites”: the Bilderbergers, World Economic Forum members, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Illuminati, the Billionaire Boys Club, et al. Same with off earth space colonies! Remember the day before 9/11 when Rumsfield said $2.3 Trillion was missing from the Pentagon? In 2015 the Inspector General said $6.5 Trillion was missing from just the Army alone. And Mark Skidmore, a professor of economics at Michigan State University, found that $21 trillion?in unsupported adjustments had been reported by the Defense and Housing and Urban Development departments between 1998 and 2015! Building survival housing not for the general populace? Come on people wake up.

    Why did NASA get out of the launch business? Why did big Billionaires end up in the rocket business about the same time? Bezos, Musk, Branson. NASA has better modes of transportation is why. But all those guys launching people into space about the same time makes everyone think that rockets are the only way to move “out there”. Keep the sheeple in the dark.

    Massive amounts of food, underground water resources, and advanced electrical power are ready for the elite and some government officials that will go to underground shelters. You wonder where the supply chain went?

    No matter how fancy the digs, those that will be hiding in the rocks or caves or underground, and all the billionaires like Bezos building massive yachts (417 feet for $500 million) with supply vessels to follow them around out in the oceans where they think they will be safe, will not survive. Be it earthquakes and tidal waves, radiation, or pestilence as described in the verses below, the Bible points out that they will NOT survive:

    Isaiah 2: 10-22
    10 They will hide in caves in the rocky hills or dig holes in the ground to try to escape from the Lord’s anger and to hide from his power and glory!
    11 A day is coming when human pride will be ended, and human arrogance destroyed. Then the Lord alone will be exalted.
    12 On that day the Lord Almighty will humble everyone who is powerful, everyone who is proud and conceited.
    13 He will destroy the tall cedars of Lebanon and all the oaks in the land of Bashan.
    14 He will level the high mountains and hills,
    15 every high tower, and the walls of every fortress.
    16 He will sink even the largest and most beautiful ships.
    17 Human pride will be ended, and human arrogance will be destroyed. Idols will completely disappear, and the Lord alone will be exalted on that day.
    19 People will hide in caves in the rocky hills or dig holes in the ground to try to escape from the Lord’s anger and to hide from his power and glory, when he comes to shake the earth.
    20 When that day comes, they will throw away the gold and silver idols they have made, and abandon them to the moles and the bats.
    21 When the Lord comes to shake the earth, people will hide in holes and caves in the rocky hills to try to escape from his anger and to hide from his power and glory.
    22 Put no more confidence in mortals. What are they worth?

    Three separate verses above talk about the people hiding in holes and caves to try and escape. Talk about reiterating a point to make it. And twice in these verses, it is mentioned that the earth will shake. Hiding in the earth and caves will be to no avail. Those places will become their tombs. And the verse that states: those on “the largest and most beautiful ships” will sink.

    They are such egotistical megalomaniacs that they think after a year or two they can come out and the earth will be theirs. These arrogant narcissistic sociopaths will not survive and their money will hold zero worth. That includes the Zionist World Economic Forum gangsters Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari that think they are smarter than everyone.

    Ezekiel 33 v 27
    Thus, you shall say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God, “As I live, surely those who are in the waste places will fall by the sword, and whoever is in the open field I will give to the beasts to be devoured, and those who are in the strongholds and in the caves will die of pestilence.

    As such, my plans have changed and are now to be at ground zero when our enemies, both foreign and domestic, launch their nukes and also use suitcase nukes on us. Biden is letting saboteurs in through our southern borders by the thousands.
    There are hundreds of “ground zero” places like Fort Worth-General Dynamics, Amarillo-16 miles NE is Pantex, Abilene-Dyess AFB, Santa Fe between Los Alamos Labs (30 miles) and Sandia Labs (50 miles) perfect for 3 MIRVs, or Colorado Springs-NORAD. Every state capital and hundreds of other U.S. targets are on Russian, Chinese, North Korean, Iranian, Pakistan, and terrorist lists, not even accounting for the EMP sky blasts to turn off the lights, banking, water and gas pumps, and push us back to the stone age.

    I don’t want to be downwind for fallout either. Potassium Iodide that protects against radioactive iodine and protects the thyroid while the rest of the body rots from other forms of nuclear radiation.

    Instead, I want to be right there at ground zero when the booms come.

    Poof…Gone in a flash, or as the Bible says below “in the twinkling of an eye”.

    Poof, I’m outta here, but I will fight like hell if someone tries to come and take anything from me before our enemies set off big booms.

    1 Corinthians 15:51-53
    Behold! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed. For this perishable body must put on the imperishable, and this mortal body must put on immortality.

    “Changed in the twinkling of an eye.” Sounds like ground zero for nukes. Or a Solar blast, space rocks or planets, bad aliens and interdimensional entities, earth flipping/pole flips will change us from life here to life not here, but it doesn’t matter how.

    Matthew 24:29-31
    Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then will appear in heaven the sign of the Son of Man, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

    Does this sound like a defeatist attitude? Maybe to people that are afraid of dying. Or to those that don’t realize there is a lot more “out there” than trying to survive in a Mad Max world. The planet will flip/reverse poles, like a top running out of steam that wobbles and flips over, to eliminate and cover up all the human destruction. Pole reversal has happened many times in the past, and it is coming again.

    No, it is not a defeatist attitude, but the ultimate survival plan. Go down fighting knowing that there is something better than living here amongst constant liars, murderers, and thieves and absolute total chaos.

    You have to have faith. You have to believe that there is a better place than existence on this currently evil ball of dirt and water spinning in space. Earth is just one place in one dimension amongst billions of galaxies each with billions of stars and trillions of planets. There are other timelines and dimensions other than this particular 3rd dimensional plane we are cohabitating. There are multiple dimensions and multiple universes out there!

    As Jesus said in John 14:2, ” In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also. I go to prepare a place for you for my Father has many houses”.

    Keep faith, pray, and believe you will be somewhere better someday.

    • In a strangely Zen way, Ure disagrees with WTHS – a rare thing, indeed.

      Ure says even the specter of ground zero is still avoidable. The words in the Robert Service Poem – mandatory thinking in my family of first responders. Here it is presented as a counterpoint:

      The Quitter
      When you’re lost in the Wild, and you’re scared as a child,
      And Death looks you bang in the eye,
      And you’re sore as a boil, it’s according to Hoyle
      To cock your revolver and . . . die.
      But the Code of a Man says: “Fight all you can,”
      And self-dissolution is barred.
      In hunger and woe, oh, it’s easy to blow . . .
      It’s the hell-served-for-breakfast that’s hard.

      “You’re sick of the game!” Well, now, that’s a shame.
      You’re young and you’re brave and you’re bright.
      “You’ve had a raw deal!” I know — but don’t squeal,
      Buck up, do your damnedest, and fight.
      It’s the plugging away that will win you the day,
      So don’t be a piker, old pard!
      Just draw on your grit; it’s so easy to quit:
      It’s the keeping-your-chin-up that’s hard.

      It’s easy to cry that you’re beaten — and die;
      It’s easy to crawfish and crawl;
      But to fight and to fight when hope’s out of sight —
      Why, that’s the best game of them all!
      And though you come out of each gruelling bout,
      All broken and beaten and scarred,
      Just have one more try — it’s dead easy to die,
      It’s the keeping-on-living that’s hard.

      – – –
      Another family “teaching.” Plenty of time for rest once you’re in the ground. Giving it all while you can still pump air is what we do.

      • I dont think WTHS is a quitter.
        Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was about holding your ground and I believe that is what WTHS messaged me and myself.
        Attended Bipolar anon with former spouse of five horribly exciting years. Back in 1990s it was termed Bi-Polar Affective Disorder=BAD? Got reworded to BPD for some reason.
        The spirit is without limits unless you receive the (earned second spiritual death)
        Good luck to your luck.

        • PLEASE don’t spin a context into this: WTHS is a dandy fellow and proud to have him read my drivvel.
          The NAME OF THE POEM is what matters and the line
          “Why that’s the best game of ’em all”

          And there is infinite rest in The End.

      • George. I suspect that WTHS is a fighter and always has been. It is so easy these days to get into a funk when the world is spinning out of control. It happens to me regularly.

        A few months ago, you introduced me to LOOB. I have got to know him and draw strength from his approach to life. If ever anyone has reason to throw in the towel, it is him. He has suffered through life events that would have destroyed most people. And yet, he has somehow turned it into a mission to share the pain of others and help them unselfishly.

        My circle of personal friends is getting smaller and I’m tired of giving eulogies. At 81, I guess this is expected. I look to your column as a community of people whose company I enjoy and who I learn from. A cast of diverse characters with differing opinions who make life interesting for me.

        WTHS may be right in his conclusions. There are some evil bastards running this world and hiding in a luxurious underground cavern is not going to save them when the SHTF. For me, I would like to be sitting with LOOB sharing a glass of his home made wine when it all goes down. Until then, I refuse to let them beat me into submission.

        • Totally agree. WTHS is for sure a scrapper…which is why with some Monday funk on, I had to remark on it. Not usual tone.
          But in tone, we often get glimpses – stuff that (*in Andy’s world, and to some extent mine) – when we see resignation or remorse, it’s kinda like watching Rocky. Get up, goddamit, get up! Robert Service poem is good for that.
          I’m reminded that for “bad men to triumph, the baddies just have to wait for the good guys to sit down and chill.” We don’t hold to that.
          No question, Elaine and I will both die (everyone does, it’s a thing that goes around). But what can we do for others while here and leave behind on the way out that might change the odds.

          I was reading something the other day — no, it was one of the episodes of ‘The Old Man” (about a once retired CAI dude. Was talking to this woman and they had some dialog about being the kind of people who look at situations and figure out how to have the most effect/impact with least effort.

          So even if the crap is going to mushroom on us, we’ll be the couple (armed suitably) in a slit trench waiting for the zombies.

          Be a shame for WTHS and WmoRR to miss the final episode.

          Life is a series renown for surprise endings.

        • I had a series of, not totally disassociated, lucid dreams last night. In each, I was “getting out of Dodge” right before a nuclear bomb blast. In one, I was driving a 4-place sportscar (likely Merc or Maser) with just my doggos; in one I was driving an M44-series Army truck (Deuce and a half? 5-Ton? I dunno) with a couple dozen friends & relatives (with a couple of my kids in the back with others, as riflemen). In-between dreams were all different, but the same, and an interpretation somewhere between these two extremes.

          Over and over — same stage play, different scenery. I assume God sent a message, but the only constant I see today was in all iterations, I had prior knowledge and was escaping “ground zero.”

          I understand WTHS’ frustration. I see it too. The World is shit; all the people in it are shit — why bother? Then I think about Lott. There’s got to be a modern day Lott, somewhere, or we’d have suffered that Divine killshot already. Maybe he needs my help. Maybe I’m destined to die unnoticed, but he will use something I’ve left? Maybe one of my kids or grandkids is that helpful person, and I haven’t yet taught them the skill they’ll need to be where they’re needed, when the need arises?

          I also understand that the 700,000 people we’re going to put in DUMBs to survive the EOTW are, at best, going to emerge from their hidey holes with no knowledge of how to survive or how to build, and at worst, going to remain buried and suffocate to death on the smell of Nancy Pelosi’s rotting corpse after she dies of old age…

          It makes me smile, but gives no solace.

        • With the USA now playing skirt the border with Russia with B-52s.. the fire works isn’t to far off…

          and those in the action see what is going on.. what I got from that clip on tweet is that.. If the push is to far.. they will react..
          I don’t quite get Biden though.. you would think even though he has been at the trough his whole life.. why he couldn’t see the common sense of what is going to happen.. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.. I read a lot that everyone thinks china would go for taiwan.. excuse me Xi is not some fool.. neither is Putin.. and if anyone had read Putin’s auto biography they would have some idea how he would handle this..
          at twelve..
          “his early belief that in a dangerous world, you need to be confident but also realise that, in his own words, when a fight is inevitable, “you must hit first, and hit so hard that your opponent will not rise to his feet”.

          when he was faced with leaders of street gangs.. he would go for the head one.. direct.. there wasn’t any well I will go down the street and yell at him.. while they have their gang chase me.. no he went directly to the one doing the pushing.. get his butt kicked or not.. he will push back..
          Right now the way I read it is that He is still in the diplomatic stage knowing what will happen if this does escalate out of control.. and he wants to protect his people more than ever..
          stories like this one should scare the living hell out of everyone…

          keep pushing the bear in a corner.. it will strike back.. Xi has been the one using reason trying to be a diplomat and solve this..

          when they say.. fuzk it.. that is when it will all happen at one time..

        • I had to watch that show the tomorrow man last night LOL LOL..
          Dam if I didn’t relate to a few of the things.. then they went into the pantry LOL LOL LOL LOL… that looks like my pantry… LOL LOL LOL LOL maybe I am a tad bit to close to the show going on tv.. LOL LOL LOL…

      • there is an old brittish saying from world War 1 or 2. I can’t remember exactly how the saying goes, its something like this.

        save one bullet, then fight like hell to the end! when
        you have shot and killed as many of the enemy as you can? save the last bullet for yourself. you killed all their mate’s, and Robbed them of any satisfaction of revenge. in the end, you win.

        something like that.

        you know, I’ve actually spoke about it on Here, about being invited to an underground location, to “weather the storm”. I know it’s GPS location in my head. I declined a tour of the facility. and my reply was, “I will take my chances above ground.”

        I am aware of many things. alot of I do not say. I know I do speak much at times. but I do not say alot of what I am aware of.

        like the Walmart tunnels.
        the tunnels under Dallas

        walmart closes store in Tulsa “to fix 2 miles of underground plumbing”. but plumbing wound be trenches outside.


        and every grocery store arikl has solar powered security pods in the parking lots, since covid.

        I spoke to a trucker once at a truck stop who said he crossed 2 state lines in an underground tunnel driving from one Walmart and exiting from another 2 state lines away.


        I do not worry about stuff like that. I have thousands upon thousands of examples of being in the right place at the right time. even when I’m dragging my ass and messing around all day, I show up at the beach to be there for a fella to take him to get his lost car keys and wallet at the exact moment a man 4 miles down the beach is walking out with them and says, “good thing you showed up when you did.” I just found your wallet and car keys in the bathroom as he walks out the bathroom door as we walk in.

        I have thousands upon thousands upon thousands of synchronicities like that. too many to count.

        I trust that way more than an underground bunker.

        and if it’s my time to go. It is well within my soul. I have the advantage of experiencing 12 NDEs. I’m good. I have my moments in life where I’m ready to go back. hahaa invite it. but im still here. might as well do something good with the time I have here.

        I wouldn’t worry too much about when it comes, it comes. you are prepared as you feel you must. it will probably be different than you think.

        you have to rely on your intuition. I do. I do things I don’t understand at times. like walking in the store and walking out with a yankee candle which I don’t know why I bought it but later durring the week, it’s useful. staring at a carton of eggs. then I go to the store a few days later to get milk and a few thinfs. then buying a big jar of coconut butter. then 3 days later this lady tells me about her sever eczema. so I go out to the car and grab that big jar of Virgin coconut butter walk back over and say here, put this on it. it will heal it and make you less itchy. and she looks at me like a pug dog when you talk to them. tilting it’s head side to side and she says, you just happen to have a jar of Virgin coconut butter in your car laying on the floor behind the drivers seat? and I shrug and said, yeah girl. it will help with your skin rash and itchiness.

        at the time I don’t know why I bought it. i just did. and few days later it was for someone else I’d meet. I trust that whole process alot more than under ground bunkers and Walmart tunnels.

        immortality was mentioned again today. I noticed.

        it’s like a PGA master saying, “you have a large tube of Anal lube in your center consol of your car?!!!!” as I used it to get his arm unstuck under the seat so it didn’t end up broken.

        yeah man. thank goodness I did. worked like a champ. hahaha

        or finding a skateboard by a bush in the middle of nowhere. and throwing it in the trunk and later giving it to a kid, who shows up dressed like the kid in a video of a song that I heard a few months prior. exact match.

        I trust that way more than an underground bunker. and underground tunnels.

        ya know?

        I think WTHS is very intuitive. I think the best advice I could give him in my most humble opinion is to trust that more than anything I could say or anyone else on here.

        trust your gut. trust that. you already know what you’ll do when the time times to do it. “trust your gut.” trust your intuition WTHS. it’s never been wrong.


    • Yep, WTHS, reincarnation is the ultimate survival plan. Eternity is a long time but I’m sure there’ll be plenty to keep us occupied while the Earth heals itself, or some other place becomes available for us to perfect our souls.

      As Martin Armstrong has said just about every time he’s interviewed “This has to be the most complete collection of idiotic World leaders I have ever seen in my life!” Every one of them, with the possible exception of Putin, seems to be a mother-WEFer and hell-bent on making WWIII go hot. Ben’s prediction of our Sun’s micronova on his Suspicious 0bservers’ site seems to be the perfect fit for the Day of the Lord’s vengeance. Too bad we’re only just now realizing it – WAY too late to stop this cow patty from going over the falls.

      • Bill, See Kindred Spirits.

        Seems to me that those not training for their self studied Valhalla are doomed to walk around the planet in that other adjacent plane until the revelation. I believe the Bible also mentions this class of souls wondering Earth as well.

        Here’s a clue for all you home gamers: Gravitons = The Holy Grail..

        So totally agree with Mr Ure on packing for the trip between your ears [information].

        • I’ve always wondered about those stories of spirits caught in the lurch. The ones that will keep a place haunted for ages. The typical stories are ones of ultimate trauma and despair causing these souls to be caught in a void on a seemingly endless basis. And then you see all the videos of NDEs and everyone seems to cross over fairly easily. I don’t think all the video stories are truthful, obviously. There’s a lot of artful creators and writers on YouTube but there’s enough stories there that some ought to be true. Evidently there’s more than one off-ramp on the road to Eternity.

    • Thank you.

      Like most humans, I am able to fully believe two (or more) contradictory things at the same time. Maybe I have a Quantum Mind…

      I occasionally get de-spirited, and think we’re over the waterfall, But I also stand with Travis at the Alamo, and believe we should fight like tigers to the very end. Perhaps it is our assignment just to “occupy” until conditions change. Maybe to “win” is just to be there when the medals are passed out — if possible. (…and never be ashamed of what you did when the wheel was still in spin–)

      • There are times to “fight like tigers” and other times it pays to blow with the wind.

        LOTS of people criticize France for it’s surrender to the Germans in the early part of WW2 vs fighting to the end … but stop to consider what that surrender did for France:

        *MOST French Jews did NOT go to the death camps, the French government was able to protect most of them, particularly in the South which was run by the French Vichy Government, NOT the Germans
        *Virtually all French Cities, including Paris, ESCAPED the destruction that virtually all other continental Europe’s cities endured
        *Very few French people died in the War, excluding those who died in the early battles
        *French society stayed intact and while living standards were reduced they never went to the “begger level” and never suffered famine or loss of the roofs over their individual heads

        By NOT “fighting like tigers” to the end France escaped almost all the destruction to it’s population, infrastructure, and society that virtually all the rest of Europe had to endure during WW2

        The other major European country that totally escaped the destruction in WW2 was Spain. It was a shambles after it’s Civil War, which Franco then used as an excuse so as to NOT join Germany and Italy during the War, though Germany TRIED to get them to join in multiple times. Again virtually NO DESTRUCTION in Spain as a result of WW2 … and NO Spaniards killed fighting in that War.

        Turkey like Spain also stayed neutral in the War almost to the end, and as a result was never invaded or bombed either. Finally in Feb 1945 when it was clear that the Allies would win Turkey joined the War on the side of the allies, but until then they practiced neutrality … though their strategic position, and using the old 1920’s naval treaty, did keep the Germans from sending any naval units into the Black Sea (instead the Germans cut up ships and submarines, shipped them by rail to the Black Sea and then welded them back together).

        Sometimes it pays to “fight like tigers” (ala the Germans right up through the seige of Berlin and it’s final few days), other times it is better for the greater society to “blow with the wind” ala like France did once the Germans broke through in the North after which they then quickly negotiated an armistice with Germany and saved France from destruction.

        • Exactly… AMEN… well said..
          I knew a woman that was jewish.. and her husband was a big lawyer.. they supported Hitler in his run for office.. didn’t have a clue that anything would happen until there was an uprising over raising taxes.. then all hell broke loose.. they had to sneak out of the country by night .. hide in culverts etc.. eventually making it to the USA.. with their three kids.. most of their friends ended up dying in the camps..
          I read all the time.. when china attacks taiwan.. I don’t think they will.. my acupuncturist is from Taiwan his mother and father are from Beijing.. his view is that taiwan will merge with china..
          for Biden and admin.. wanting war with china is stupid.. if they took a little bit to read their very own reports that were commissioned to be done .. instead of laying it down someplace.. they would realize.. We are using our strategic reserves.. we don’t manufacture.. and the odds are we would not do very well in a war with china..
          got your can goods.. containers.. etc.. it is all made in china.. or at least the stuff I have is made there..

    • where would they go… look what chernoble area is today.. still uninhabitable.. the ground water. Palestine.Ohio…. a car breaks down ..where do you get parts..
      I think G is on the right path there..a metal printer to make replacement parts..if part of society still exists..
      the report I read in 2010.. said civilization would be thrust back 10,000 years before noah..

        • LOL LOL LOL LOL ..
          think about that.. my kids won’t walk across the street.. they have to jump in a car and drive there..LOL LOL
          toss your keys on the dresser and walk to work.. I did it the hard way.. didn’t have a car.. had to get up and leave the house at one am in the morning put on two pair of pants shove crumpled newspaper in between them for insulation… and head out.. froze my feet and hands.. to this day I have a hard time with cold weather and my feet.. walked twelve miles.. I would get to work either just before punch in time.. or a little after it..
          Kids today wouldn’t do that.. beat grain that I scraped up off of the ground at the elevator and beat it into a crude gruel with a rock in a cast iron pan.. ( I must have six or eight grinders now LOL) the things we all take for granted..
          My wife( aka the boss) use to razz me about my paranoia about food.(. I had to crawl for food when I fell thirty feet and got all messed up.. I still keep heat and eats near the floor along with bottled water.. ..)
          Until you experience it you don’t know.. the kids today that are fifty and below.. they have no recollection of any hard times.. money was easy and it was fast.. most are using plastic to keep their quality of life now.. we get shoved back ten thousand years.. it will be a life changer.. my wife got with the game the year we went without an income.. Now she helps.. to keep quality of life I learned how to make the basics.. the things we take for granted.. I believe that is one reason why they anticipate a ninety eight percent decline in people.. most will die.. in the cities where it is a nightmare already with the gang and violence.. will be unlivable..

      • 4500 BC will get you back to the days of Sumer and the rise of the city-states. That’s far enough back for a general reset scenario.
        Best to upgrade Ure surge protection, and try and keep the lights on. The one thing that will bring down a civilization is too many mouths and too little food. With no grid, there is no cross-country and no cross-border food distribution. And there is no exit plan back to earlier agricultural practices for the billions of city dwellers.
        60-something year olds can’t plow and harvest 40 acres with a mule, especially when the mules all get eaten in the first six months. I have no delusions about my survival chances in a full-on technical meltdown scenario. Grid down for six months is a Walking Dead scenario, with displaced starving urban dwellers as a substitute for the Dead. How long does it take a starving man dragging a garden cart full of black guns and ammo behind him to get from Houston to Ure Palestine (TX) promised land? Prep for bad times, but don’t imagine you can beat at an ELE. And that is my reality check for the day.

        • IT IS.. but you are forgetting one thing.. the Industry.. the tool and die workers are all dying off.. in the past.. you were hired and you worked besides a tool and die engineer or tool smith.. a black smith took on an apprentice. the same with plumbers etc.. and in years past that was how they got their surnames was from the trade they were in..


          trade was passed down from father to son.. so what would a hood thots occupation be.. even in their place in society they have no value.. considered a thot.. or hood rat..
          we would have to enter the age of discovery all over again.. from square one..
          Having had to be a subject of my position in society and the work force.. I still wanted to have good wine good beer.. the kids get a chocolate bunny.. you know the things that are outside of our environment and station in life.. so I learned how to make what I take for granted..the simple things.. teach a man to fish and garden and he will not go hungry..

    • There is a counter to Isaiah 2:10-22. There are those who are protected by God.

      There is a thread of thought throughout Isaiah of covenant breakers vs covenant keepers. Isaiah 2:10-22 refers to those that don’t keep the covenants with God. There is a reverse of these scriptures where groups of people are lead in an exodus and are saved by God’s power. This was the original thinking of the people during the time Isaiah was written. It is lost today, and many have a tendency to pick and choose to support philosophies and precepts of men, traditions of their fathers (not that anyone here is doing so but this is a main message of Isaiah, we are all blinded by these traditions).

      We have to take the whole and not pick and choose when it comes to Isaiah, otherwise we might miss the wonderful message. There is hope, but we will be tested in our faith to keep covenants or not. I love studying Isaiah. I am not affiliated.

    • West Texas Horse Sense: “…it is not a defeatist attitude, but the ultimate survival plan… there is something better than living here amongst constant liars, murderers, and thieves and absolute total chaos… You have to believe that there is a better place than existence on this currently evil ball of dirt…”

      Many people go through Life believing that they are nothing but meat sacks. And that determines everything about how they think and live. And how they treat others.

      The fortunate souls among us somewhere along the line realize that we are not (just) meat flesh (slowly rotting away regardless of how we try to delay that fact) but are actually Spirit having a ‘human experience’. In fact, that we are ‘barely’ meat sacks at all but are primarily Consciousness acting out in very limited perception.

      The Creed speaks of Jesus, “…“Being of one substance with the Father”. And what Sages and those who have experienced The Divine can tell you is… SO ARE WE. We are also ‘One Substance’ with Our Source… and that ‘substance’ is Divine Spirit. We are each a ‘piece’ of the Divine… gifted with individual consciousness and existence from The Source of All.

      “You are gods; you are all children of the Most High.” (Psalms 82:6)

      And when one experiences that insight… THAT changes everything about we think and live.

      And with regard to nuclear catastrophe… if people thought a bit harder they would realize that there is no point in wanting to or trying to live in such a poisoned and devastated and destroyed world. The Deep Dark State will have tossed over the Earthly Game Board… and there is no more game to play any more. It’s just not worth it to even try at that point.

      Star Trek mythology speaks of an old Klingon saying… ‘Only a Fool Fights in a Burning House’.

      And if the Dark Destroyers get their way… the Earth will be that Burning House. And there will be no more House to save or stay in. And only the fearful foolish will be left trying to do so.

      • “You are gods; you are all children of the Most High.” (Psalms 82:6)


        We are, how to unify all points of our being into one? Our material, atheric, spritirual, desire and others to a single point. When we do we can move mountains.

        • And that Single Point has One reality but has been called by many names. And we know ‘Who’/’What’ that is. In other words, each of us just has to remember Who and What we really are. And have always been in truth.

          ‘We’ started as ‘The One’. Then we broke Ourselves into a trillion trillion pieces to see what that feels like. And we found out that it kind of hurts and feels disjointed,

          So we seek Union/Reunion with what We are and have always been. Even when we act as just Pieces.

          That ‘Single Point’ of Mind as you say. The Unity of Mind in the Re-Unity of The One

    • I have been in positions where most would curl up and say enough..
      My big issue is.. I have a strong legs and a strong back and can work.. work the puzzle.. I was prepped and ready to be put out for a surgery years ago.. the nurse said.. Your uncle called to see how you are and when you are going under the knife.. I pulled out the Iv’s and got up put my clothes on and left.. I don’t have an uncle.. and no one calls.. found out who it was.. I had been tossed under the bus by a boss that thought he was smart enough to make it through the stock market and make mucho money.. he used the money we put away for healthcare insurance as the funds he had to bet with.. ( seriously that is what health insurance is already.. and disability insurance is worthless if it is something serious.. ask any person that works in insurance claims.. it is the rainmaker type situation)
      the times we have been in a situation that most would curl up.. you work the problem.. Its that simple.. No one ever thought I would be able to buy a house.. so I built one.. had to learn it the hard way.. been there done that..
      in a shtf scenario.. you have two choices.. keep moving or give up.. homeless people.. if they are truly homeless.. they keep moving because if they give up.. they die.. you don’t need the amenities that we are all use to.. and in a bad situation I would just cut all insurances.. heck that is what the vast majority of what we make goes for.. insurance.. insurance and taxes.. Pray. god is listening and he does know what you need.. three times in my life.. I didn’t have any answers.. no way out.. but god seen that and he got me the help I needed.. I in turn decided that I would not forget that.. and when someone crosses my path that needs a hand up.. I am totally willing to ben over and give that person a hand..
      the other hard lesson is.. when you are truly down.. everyone see’s those around them and assume that they will be there for them.. they are not.. you are in it alone..But you cannot win it alone.. it is community.. each has an ability.. a value.. those that everyone considers worthless eaters.. each has a talent.. an ability..

    • “Cause I am who I am and that’s
      The man I’m gonna be, yeah
      —>>>>>>>>And when the Lord comes callin’
      Well, he ain’t gonna have to holler, y’all
      There’ll be no trouble finding me

      … In my dirty ‘ol hat
      With my crooked little grin
      Granny beaded neck
      And these calloused hands
      And a muddy pair of jeans
      With that Copenhagen ring
      No need to change a thing, hey y’all
      I’m going out with my boots on”

      que: ~ Boots On ~

      Randy Houser

    • WTHS – Back in the 70s, a friend gave me a copy of Hal Lindsey’s “The Late Great Planet Earth” to read on a backpacking trip to the Adirondaks. Having attended a Roman Catholic grade school, I was familiar with both Old and New Testament prophecy. The Lindsey book wove them together into what he believe was a spotlight on the 20th and 21st Centuries. As I discussed the book with one of our assistant pastors in our parish, who was right out of the seminary and very cool, he put it to me this way (paraphrased after all these years): Jeff, imagine you were meditating or praying one day and you started getting visions of a time thousands of years into the future. You see things you don’t recognize, but you feel compelled to describe them. You observe strange technologies and humans going places and doing things we don’t (and can’t) do today. How would you describe those things. You’d use terminology familiar to you for your time. So it was with the prophets. These folks, largely men, were part of an agrarian culture and society. The most advanced technology was the wheel and the bow and arrow or (for Rome) catapult. Yet suddenly someone sees visions from our time, with flying ‘things’ and instant communication across the globe via voice and video. How would a shepherd describe the internet, or the Apollo moon shot? Fighter pilots and jets? Railroads, cars, submarines. They would struggle to accurately describe what they saw.” I would add that we would struggle to see our times matching the words portrayed in the scripture.

      So I reread Lindsey’s book with that in mind, and used what the priest explained to me to apply what the prophets saw of our times but expressed in their ancient experiences and limited words. The problem in my mind, doubting Thomas that I am, is that the same analogy could be used for any period in human history when new technology is factored into ancient scripture. But I felt Lindsey was onto something, and he eventually led me to reading about Nostradamus. Later, as a Psych undergrad student, I became aware of one J.B. Rhine, noted parapsychologist at Duke University. His rigorous studies gave some degree of legitimacy to what was previously viewed as quack science.

      Since Rhine, parapsychology has taken major leaps towards legitimacy, most notably with CIA operations in ‘remote viewing.’ But it is the dynamic of people in the present being able to dream, conjure or otherwise experience glimpses of the future that gradually gives an air of legitimacy to the prophets of old. Problem is: “what timeframe are they visioning?” How do we translate their agrarian phraseology into today’s lingo?

      The Quantum-verse adds intrigue to this conundrum with a ‘many possible futures’ wild card thrown in for any vision. But the main axiom of Quantum Mechanics that fascinates me, if it is applicable to the quantum Metaverse, is that the past, present and future are all one. It is we who choose our experiences, many of them shared due to the sheer number of observers engaged in the experiences existing therein.

      Crazy stuff. But then . . .

      “I’m goin’ off the rails on a crazy train!”
      ~ Ozzy

      • “You observe strange technologies and humans going places and doing things we don’t (and can’t) do today. How would you describe those things. You’d use terminology familiar to you for your time. So it was with the prophets.”

        Thank you. This is something I’ve harped on for 30 years. How could Nosty describe contemporary Mankind and our toys, let alone someone born 1500-5000 years before him?

        I have LGPE but have never read it. It just moved to #1 in my reading list. Thanks again, WH…

    • As usual, a post that’s right on, but the most common interpretation of 1 Corinthians 15:51-53 by biblical scholars is that our creator will remove believers before the big conflagration begins. The best authority on this is They say that the catching up in the air will be a supernatural event known as the rapture.

      If that doesn’t happen, or if some good people are left behind, biblical history suggests they will be kept safe, just as with Lot and Noah. There has to be someone left to repopulate the earth, and it sure won’t be the global elite. Scripture suggests it will be the Jews, but doesn’t say it will be only them.

      If all of that is wrong, then I agree ground zero is the best place to be. Until then, our job is to continue taking care of each other, and doing the right things. It will make our absence more conspicuous, if we’re lucky enough to be removed before the big show begins.

    • ” I have been stating for years to anyone that would listen that it was going to happen, and people look at me like I am nuts, and maybe I am. (See the movie on HBO or HBO+-or other places- called “The Tomorrow Man” especially the last minute).”

      OTFLMAO…. Point taken WTHS …. ROTFLMAO

      and I agree.. the world would fall apart if there weren’t any ball bearings LOL LOL LOL Had to watch it last night just to see..
      Maybe the wife and kids are correct.. and I am paying to close attention to the drama unfolding.. a tad bit to paranoid over the morons running the SS ( shizt show) LOL LOL LOL

    • Well said WTHS well said amen..

      “However, I have recently developed the belief that I do not want to be a part of the under the earth survival groups. Survive for what…nuclear winter, radiation, earthquakes, tsunamis, pestilence and diseases, famine, gun battles from hungry people looking for food, shelter, or thugs wanting to rob my places of shelter?”

      the studies that have been done have predictions for only a half million or so to actually survive an event.. the hell event..
      Kind of like the list I seen of people selected to go to Mar’s on the first mission.. LOL LOL LOL LOL
      the people by the time they make the trip will be in their seventies eighties and above.. LOL LOL LOL.. those listed to go into the bunkers.. even if they survived the ordeal wouldn’t be able to do anything… so why prep to be one that cannot make any changes..

      • Hmm with the donations they get from the puppeteers .. no problem there with getting an approval .. heck they wouldn’t read what was in it anyway LOL..

        • ‘Takes 2/3 for a treaty, not a simple majority. Senators don’t surrender power to each other. It is incredibly unlikely that 67 would surrender their power to an unelected socialist in another country, regardless the bribe. National politics is a power trip. They take money to increase their power. I can’t visualize any congresscritter surrendering their power for any amount of money because the game is scripted so they get both…

  4. Ok. I’m old (78) and retired, so I’m out of the marketplace now. But here’s an idea for some entrepreneur.

    First, set aside all your pre-conceived notions. There is money to be made by sucking on Uncle Sam’s Lollipop. Screw morality: make money.

    These “EV travel corridors” GovDome is pushing are gonna be built no matter what anybody with a practical mind has to say. Sure, it’s stupid: sure, it’s a huge skittley–zillion dollar boondoggle. Lotta decent grift.

    Here’s the idea: “EV-Passports” A Travel Service.
    A reserved-guaranteed “slot’ for a long trip. Your “slot” follows you along with pre-reserved “slots” in motels and charger points. This removes anxiety over getting stuck in Podunk with crowded charger points and delayed.

    It’s a travel service for individuals to be sure of a place to charge and a meal, and maybe an overnight. Basically, you “file a drive plan” with EV-Passport, and they reserve your needed stops and facilities, in time-phase, along your route — additionally providing tracking emails or voice calls to a relative or business if you want.

    A membership service, I can see as how an entire parallel but private and even high-class operation might evolve from this. (For the middle class, flying has become SUCH a hassle — and it ain’t gonna get better any time soon. Maybe semi-self-driving cars can make highway cruising preferable.) (If you’re poor, travel is too expensive; and if you’re adequately rich you fly private.) (Self-driving tour busses for country music and rock stars seem possible, eventually. Both Airbus and Boeing are toying with single pilot and NO human pilots for the future.)

    This sort of roadwatch thing WILL happen. It’s a needed service. It’s only a question of WHO will do it. Maybe joint venture with a hotel chain with existing presence and name.

    Send me 1% of profits if you do it.

    • Interesting concept but you could not get me to ride in anything not piloted by another human, not even at gunpoint. Hell, even cruise control makes me nervous sometimes.

      • Jim, does that mean you’ve never flown from the Orlando airport? Their “people mover” and (probably many others) is “untouched by human hands.” Give me a redundant system over a hung over motorman. As for cars, I like my adaptive cruise control and wish that the kamikaze “donorcycles” on the interstate also were using it. I’m with William!

    • I believe if you own a TESLA, the navigation app will do that for you[ highlight charge stations along your planned trip route. .

    • “There is money to be made by sucking on Uncle Sam’s Lollipop. Screw morality: make money.”

      You mean UNCLE JOE’s.. his kid makes you snap up MM’s then makes you a movie star like his niece LOL LOL LOL and I am pretty sure she didn’t get a dime LOL LOL

  5. China selling tanks/artillery is capitalism.

    We’re used to seeing bailouts/.gov interevention where everyone gets a trophy.

    Looking back Nixon closing the gold window/normalizing trade w/China allowed the U.S. to finance their war machine by offshoring which theoretically BK’ed Russia going into 1989.

    What we now see is China arming Russia in a way that the U.S. armed Britain 100 years ago.

  6. And what about those rumors Arizona is on the take and working with drug cartels?

    If true the police sure failed.

  7. To West Texas Horse Sense, “Well said”!

    Makes Georges Marsala Wine Sause Chicken that much more of a good idea! Thank you, George, for ure recipe may try it tonight. Getting through the BS factor in all the MSM just shows how much of a waste of time it is to wade through the news of the day. Shop time and cooking, idiots in charge are slowly factoring themselves out of a job. Is Anti-Mater in charge? What a start of the week!

  8. Don’t put the salt into the warm water your starting your yeast with.. salt kills yeast. that’s why it’s incorporated after the yeast starts with the flour (food).

      • Nope (I don’t think)

        You need the water to activate the yeast but salt STOPS the yeast from multiplying, stops it dead in it’s tracks, which is why salt is put into the flour mix to begin with, to stop the yeast later in the cooking process (otherwise you could have huge over flowing bread pans).

        Mixing the salt into the water would prevent the yeast from properly activating since the salt water would NOT allow the yeast to activate, or if it did it would only do so poorly.

        The reason the directions are written as they are is because they have been tested hundreds of thousands, millions, of times over time. If mixing the salt INTO the water worked … well the recipe would say just mix the salt into the water and then dissolve the yeast into that liquid.

        There is a LOT of chemistry involved with cooking, particularly baking. If ALL the cook books say do it a certain way, well there is a reason they are ALL in agreement!! It is CHEMISTRY at work!!

        ME? … I use my good and trusty 25yo Bread Machine!!!

        Dump the stuff in in the order called for (I learned … the order IS very important), turn it on, come back a few hours later and VOILA … a near perfect loaf. Advice? IF you have a bread machine start with the cookbook that came WITH that machine since those recipes have been “tweeked” to do well with that particular machine!! After you have those mastered then you can experiment to your heart’s content.

    • you know.. thank you for that.. I sometimes have issues with Yeast.. I am betting I tossed in the salt before hand with that..

  9. Mexico is having the same kinds of industrial fires we are in the states. Not much of that makes the news here, same as we have here … away from the areas and you’re left in the dark like a mushroom, being fed other shit.

    But when the President of Mexico sees an Elf, has a picture and ain’t backing down about it … almost everyone in the media has mentioned it.

    Guess it kinda helps promote that future Blue Beam stuff they’re working on … to work on us with.

  10. Oh my goodness sakes G-Pops,

    You have the fixings for Oyster Crackers instead of “bread boards”/flatbreads. Where you source Ure bivalves for the Chowda is of the utmost assured I am a lifelong aficionado of Clamages and Clam chowder. Hell one of the BCN’s fav appteasers is lil cherry stones on da gas grill..hottness dunked in melted butta..YUM!
    It is of a critical nature that you get Ure bivalves from a clean, well known location, specially not from waters any where near or around Delaware home of zio puppet – president pedo joe .
    Consider any seafood (clams&oysters) from Delaware waters will be tainted by the foul essence of that PRACTICING satanic pedophile family – worse case Ure clams and oysters in da chowder will be thieving lil bastards…all in the crime family dont cha know..

    Be advised – this video is a cautionary tail of oysters gone bad..

    ya know chowder makes em louder..

  11. Rule of thumb about upgrading an existing computer’s operating system with the next Newest and Greatest!!


    Just go out and BUY a new computer that has it already installed. If you factor in your time at any value at all it will be MUCH CHEAPER than trying to do the upgrade “IF” it does happen to work right out of the box. AND the odds are, based upon my friends who tried to do the “upgrade” route is that it only works easily about 1/2 of the time and for a few it basically totaled their previously fine working computer.

    “IF” the upgrade doesn’t go smoothly (about 1/2 of my friends) then you are going to lose a full weekend, maybe THREE, trying to get your formerly well running machine back up and running. How much is that worth (losing even 1 weekend of your time)? I only have so many free weekends a year as it is … so losing a weekend even at my low internal billing rate I would say costs me AT LEAST $500 in fun time. (more likely $1000 for most people … in doing that internal calculation think think of how much you spend for a vacation, that starts giving you a general idea as to how much you value YOUR personal time)

    Don’t forget … the upgrade also comes with a CHANGED front end as to how you interact with your computer, so be sure to factor the time to learn how to do things that you previously could do without thinking into your time /money value analysis.

  12. “Biden and his ilk are reduced to jerry-rigging tragic history to grossly distorted current events to create menacing white racist devils that do not exist:”

    kind of like having BLM and Antifa target those they say they care about tear their neighborhood apart. they use the ploy of racism to get them to destroy their own homes..sad real sad

  13. I wouldn’t recommend salt in the water. Salt retards the yeast. Water (with smidge of sugar) wakes the yeast. If salt is there you’ll either get no rise or poor rise. Keep them separate as long as possible

    • Prime McCain time.

      “Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says that in May of last year, his office received a tip that the officers may be connected to the cartels.”

      – June 2011

      Unless it’s a lie.

      Explosive testimony at the Senate elections & house oversight hearings in Ariz. alleges judges, cops & gov’t officials have been bribed by the Sinaloa cartel Elections in Maricopa county have been rigged since at 2004. Katie Hobbs and Runbeck named as recipients of cartel bribes

      • Back when most drugs were coming in through Florida the law enforcement people in Florida were corrupted to the core by the money flow. Entire departments.

        How do I know? Knew SEVERAL honest police people from here who moved there to take jobs … and after a few months there they were so disgusted they just left and came back. Said they could have made a LOT of money by also going “on the take” (usually just closing their eyes and making shure they were in another area of town /county at a certain time) but didn’t believe in that, PLUS those that weren’t on the take seemed to have bad things happen to them over time they told me.

        Can’t believe the same dynamic hasn’t infected Arizona, New Mexico, lower Texas, and lower California too. Same cartels … doing their business the same way … and the money they are receiving is still flowing freely.

        Their biggest problem may actually be that the CASH that they need to transfer south is much more voluminous than the stuff they import to here so that is the “high volume” stuff that needs to be transferred across the border (do we even inspect trucks LEAVING the US?)

  14. Re: Brunch at the Commissary
    feat. Marsa All?h; God’s Harbour


    Hope everyone’s BPD levels are tracking normally. What kid didn’t get a rush racing Hot Wheels around a Figure 8 track? Big money to be made in crashes, peeps. Big money. Wow, someone on eBay wants $200 for a 1970 VW Beach Bomb?

    I don’t know if anyone else was channel surfing yesterday evening. However The Wild Brain channel offered a momentary glimpse of a ripple in the space time continuum from 1969. At around the 1hr 40m mark of MIB 3, Josh Brolin slaps Will Smith first on one cheek, and then, on the other. Smith was rocked. Sure enough, at the Oscar’s 10 years post-movie release, who should charge the stage at The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood picking up a 10 year ban from The Academy for his efforts? The world seems all back-to-front, however is there era-splicing coming down to us from the Universal editing room?

    Certainly reading of the tasty marsala recipes conjures up their namesake western Sicilian town. History records that the Romans were not able to defeat outnumbered Carthaginian preppers during the 9 year siege of the then known as Lilybaeum in the First Punic War.

    • Re: Trump sent to the knackers?+
      feat. Breakers Resort


      The yeast is rising on a big donor money republican slugfest by invitation only this coming Thursday to Saturday. It seems The Club for Growth will be promoting their main event of 2024 presidential hopefuls in Palm Beach(?) at an exclusive venue somewhere other than Mar-a-Lago. Meanwhile what they deem as the undercard starring former President Trump will simulcast from a 2,000 room well-heeled chain hotel in Washington whose largest shareholders include Vanguard and Blackrock.

      “Someone will be fired”?

  15. “…The BAD news: I had missed that my yeast pulled from prepping was “Best by Feb. 2015.” Oops! …”

    Keep your yeast in your FREEZER in a tight zip lock bag (to keep the moisture out). I have used yeast that is 3 years expired with no problems … I had put it into the freezer IMMEDIATELY after I got it home from the store. (my grandmother that when I was growing up, she baked most of her bread, so if it was OK for her it is OK for me!!)

    Not sure if 7 years later it would still work … but in any case Yeast should NOT be stored on a shelf in the pantry (per my grandmother)!! … but in the Freezer if you aren’t going to use it immediately since you don’t know how long it really be before you use it. (unless of course it is sour dough yeast/dough mix, which she kept above the fridge where it was warm and she could take the appropriate amount to use when needed)

    • OR.. make your own…
      take a couple potatoes.. chop it up boil it.. save the water.. then put a tbsp of sugar in it.. and a cup of flour.. let it sit in a warm dark place..
      you will notice bubbles on it after twenty four hours..

      the same with fruit.. take fruit.. chop it up.. put it in water.. stir it.. you will notice that the water is cloudy.. that is great.. put an equal portion of flour in it or stale bread.. let it sit in a dark warm spot.. you will notice bubbles let it grow.. that is your yeast..

      another way is to take half cup of milk curd..
      half cup of water
      one tbsp of sugar
      one tbsp of honey
      half cup of flour stir.. till it is mixed really good.. then cover set it in a warm place for 24 hours.. then uncover.. place it on a cookie sheet for the dehydrator on parchment paper.. make sure that it doesn’t get under the parchment paper.. place in sunlight to dry or in your dehydrator on a low setting let it dry.. take it off of the parchement paper and grind it up in your spice grinder..
      now place in the freezer or refrigerator..

      Making vinegar is almost the same thing except you take your apple core and peelings etc.. place in a jar take a half cup of sugar per quart and water.. mix it well then cover the apple peelings and put a piece of screen over it or cheese cloth..a big pickle jar is perfect.. you can place a weight on top to hold the peelings below the water.. let it sit for two weeks in a dark cupboard.. then take it out strain it.. put if in the big jar.. put the cheese cloth over it let it sit from four weeks to eight weeks… this will convert it from wine to acetic acid..
      its technically not apple cider vinegar since your not using cider for the vinegar but water.. you can use cider.. but that is up to you.. we prefer to drink the cider.. LOL..

      • OH… prison yeast is .. a slice of bread and two packets of sugar.. then they spit in it.. LOL LOL they do that for the enzymes in the spit.. it helps to break down the starches.. ( I KNOW YUCK )
        then they let it sit.. strain out the bread and put their juice in the baggie.. bleed it ( degas it ) once a day..

    • George & Stephen — I agree, commercial instant yeast in the vacuum packed block with last more than ten years after the expiry date. Once opened, if you freeze it the yeast will still work well for another 5 years. That is my experience with SAF and Red Star. But, a better option is to get a good sourdough starter. Bread will be tastier and easier to digest and you will never have to buy yeast again. I did that 20 years back and bake weekly. The strain I have, Oregon Trail, is not very sour so I tell people it is natural yeast so that they don’t expect San Francisco sourdough taste. Happy baking from a 74 year old.

      • ” The strain I have, Oregon Trail, is not very sour so I tell people it is natural yeast”

        FYI: “Carl Griffith’s 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter

        Carl T. Griffith, who gave a sourdough starter to anyone who asked, or who sent him a self-addressed stamped envelope, died early in the year 2000 at the age of 80. He is known for his generosity and the high quality and vitality of his sourdough starts, which came from a sourdough culture carefully nurtured and preserved in his family for over 150 years.”

        The Griffith family still gives out, for free, the Oregon Trail starter to anyone who sends them a SASE. I now have it on the way (with a hat tip to Richard…)

  16. THIRTYTHREE..thats the number of comments listed as I post this , going DEEP into woo world.

    Lets go back in time, shall we, to 2013..November 28, when comet ISON( I am the son) passed perihelion. An omen it says hear .

    Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) passed perihelion on January 12, 2023.

    Lets do the maths..1/12/2023 – 11/28/2013 is ..3333 mystical number (two 33’s) indicating the Great Prophet.

    Is also reference to Zeke 33:33
    We are talking 4th Horseman ..for the worshipers of the deadman nailed to a stick (disgusting image) no wonder they keep going back to the baby rapers(priest class) on Sundays.

    ..anyways this opens 4th Seal – and 4th beast says “look and behold a pale horse and his riders name is Death, and Hell followed with him” ancient Greek pale means yellowish green..see comet ZTF yellowish green color. rutrow

    On Feb 1st comet passed Mars and formed conjunction with Aldebaran -in astrology such conjunctions were thought to bring catastrophes with large numbers of victims.
    Feb 5 we get massive earthquakes in Turkey/Syria..opening the gates of hell..think Nosty spoke of this in famous quatrain regards league of arab states = AU, and mo bin salmon MBS = gives us the arcane MABUS…”soon will die” .
    – Feb 26th pres cokraine met with minister foreign affairs saudi arabia..there is an assumption SA was pitching peace plan..thus provoking wrath of nato leaders.. can you say 3’s the charm?

    These dam puzzle pieces seem to be falling into place, right on time.

    • yeah man. im experiencing the same thing with a few topics of consideration. “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

      very cool.

      I was driving home from the show last night. and was thinking about the hale bob comet and that cult who wore old school nikes running shoes, that drank the cool aide to catch a ride after death. ahhhh yeah -the heavens gate – crew.

      wasn’t sure why they popped up in brain at 3am, then I read your comet today. different comet, in your comment.

      3 huge bar fights last night. one was a HUGE bar fight. I was working Alcohol Enforcement in the inside bar last night, checking IDs. working with a lady who looks alot like a panda bear. who I did that thing I do with. got her where she needed to be. gave me a big hug and said thank you. ohhhh your so warm. as soon as I looked at her I thought oh a female version of Kung-fu panda. the first bar brawl started. hahaha

      you know, I’m kinda getting old and shit. pretty sore today. hahah. still, a damn good time.

      very cool man. in my mind when the puzzle pieces just fit. it looks like that image from the matrix, where it’s like cascading blips on symbols and how they all relay to one topic. cascading puzzle pieces. as they been there present all the time, just one day they all light up and you see the picture, within the picture.

  17. Here is a link Arthur Bradley shared for a Youtube clip regarding EMP grid effects:

    This has a very good practical technical discussion of E3 component effects, which is usually missing from discussions. Good material, without the doom-porn. Unless of course, you watch this sort of thing primarily for the doom-porn, which in that case, would make it less than entertaining.

  18. A lot of assumptions have been made this morning.., and I do not agree with most of them. ., and I do not care what the ‘elites’ do, or don’t.., means little to me. Bitching about them means even less. It is my A.O. that matters., not a hidden bunker in western Virginia., or upper Catskills’. Between the bridges and tunnel I can isolate my little corner of paradise from the outside world in a weekend.
    Snowing. 1 to 2 inches forecasted.., 1 to 2 inches on Wens also.., highs all week will be in the low 20’s. Planted eight tomato plants and six squash, couple of brussel sprouts., etc., yesterday in the greenhouse. Looks as though Spring planting will be held off for an extra week, or so do to all the climate change and global warming. Oh well.., work with what you’ve got. Right?

  19. I have been working on an idea. I want to buy a Ural sidecar rig. The reason? Ural’s have two wheel drive [ rear of motorcycle and sidecar wheel., with a select lever to go from one, or two wheel drive.,] and they have a reverse. Then pull the motor and replace it with an electric drive. Batteries can be placed / hidden / protected in the side car. The batteries can be recharged via solar- though granted., it would take a while to recharge that many Li-Ion batteries via solar., but it will – eventually.
    Thus you have a pretty reliable grid-down, multi-season transporter and hauler.
    Has anyone else thought the same? Done any of the math? Component search?

    • Pathfinder Bob,

      As The Treasury Secretary alighted from a train upon arrival in the Ukraine, a Treasury photographer captured the moment. A background poster replete with QR code invited interested parties to “Visit Ukraine”. I was impressed by the Secretary’s suggestion to the servant of the people that he would employ the $1.2 billion cheque proceeds (and $8.8 billion to follow) that she was handing over in a responsible way. Hopefully the Secretary was also offered a tour of St. Michael’s Church. Certainly it was open last Monday when President Biden toured under honorary air raid siren salute.

  20. George all my Italian dishes are currently spicy. I actually sent a message to one, one of the bunnys on a different que I got to do so

    she please don’t contact me anymore. I said im sorry. she said I got on my knees Andy and begged you to marry me. and you told me no. then 5 months later you wa t to say hello. I can’t do it.

    so I said ok, I understand. thank you.

    so, have im making a fesh batch of dough.

  21. ” You may soon have Microsoft Defender installed on your computer whether you want it or not”

    Bwa, ha, ha…

    Reading at Gibson Research is always a good idea. Steve has made a lot of hay over the years, pouring digital Viagra over Microsoft’s many inadequacies…

  22. “Windows 11 disaster strikes again as incompatible PCs are offered an upgrade”

    The really amazing about this kinda BS is the new OS should ALWAYS be compatible with the older hardware, because the drivers have already been written, beta’d, and validated RCs distributed with the product, and permalinked to “Windows Update.”

    Somehow over the years, Microsoft has programmed us to accept the opposite, where we’re forced to upgrade hardware (and software) to fit the new OS.

  23. Debt, a principle component of the asset-debt system, is currently very expensive for the US borrower. About one trillion dollars of corporate debt and with some corporations, representing the barely living dead, unable to pay the interest on their outstanding debt with their profits, and now having a portion of their debt which must be rolled over this year at >12% interest rates. Both greedy and advantaged corporation borrowers and the base pyramid real Americans looking to purchase the American dream, a home of their own, are stopped out by the combination of today’s real estate prices and the prevailing interest rates. Against this, are the 7-8% disbursement gains in January 2023 social security benefits for old folks, myself included, caused by the laws and the Federal Reserve’s assessed consumer inflation. These entitlement gsidn are coupled with the early 2023 inflationary labor wage caused by a labor-shortage service-based economy. This shorter time fractal period will not end well.

    The asset-debt macroeconomic system is operating under the umbrella of a US Hegemonic 1807 36/90/90/54 Year Great Fractal Cycle :: x/2.5x/2.5x/1.5x ending in about 2074 and with a 90 year valuation high in November 2021.

    The asset debt macroeconomic system is deterministic in optimal saturation trading to yearly, monthly, weekly, daily highs, secondary lower highs, tertiary lower highs; and to primary lows , secondary lows, and tertiary final lower low valuations.

    There is great mathematical order in the ‘bipolar’ nature of the asset-debt macroeconomic system.

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