April Collapse Odds Climbing – Ports Disaster Unfolds

Earth Time Piling Up:  A large cluster of bad ju-ju is presenting its leading edge, just now.  We see it across many of our “Seven Systems/Domains” model and it seems the next 60-days will be key to our future.

Regardless of your partisan leanings (*they’re mainly a marketing division, anyway) the list of existential challenges is beginning to look impressive!

  • The Chinese have likely negotiated some kind of “deal” with Moscow.  Hypersonic missile tech in trade for precision IRBM/ICBM targeting technology?  Energy and agriculture? The new BRICSS (incorporating the Saudis?) in a Ruble/Yuan tie-up?  Russia to back China’s Taiwan gambit soon?  Disconcerting, but at least some speculation is warranted.
  • The Financial Markets are on the verge of Collapse.  We’ll dig in to that more in a sec.
  • Sources in the “remote viewing world” tell us the idea of a “global darkness” will be along in April.  And as if to warn of its arrival of a major G4 geomagnetic storm G4 (Severe) Geomagnetic Storm Alert on 24 March UTC-Day | NOAA / NWS.  Which may include:

The good news?  Might lead to some dandy Aurora watching this weekend.  The Bad?  Well, if remote viewers are correct, maybe this is a warning blast prior to a main event mid/late April?

  • Then we have politics running off the rails.  A former president likely to be indicted.  And that, in turn, may lead to a counter-attack on the sitting president’s son as the GOP House looks at pass-throughs to Pops…
  • And let’s not overlook the war in Europe where markets overnight were down about two percent as of click-time today.
  • Even gold – which kissed $2,000 an ounce Thursday has backed off a bit. And Bitcoin is hovering around the $28,000 mark as humans try to figure out financial and personal safety exit plans to opt out of a possible coming anarchy, collapse, or police state.  (Don’t look now, the “softs” are already here.

Don’t take any of this as fearmongering.  Just a useful set of references as to “things to be prepped for.”  The biggies.  NBC warfare, a new plandemic what with the old one wearing thin on the PR/Profits/Control front, and ancient replays like famine and anarchy.

Our most recent browsing history shows a lot of time on Amazon, WalMart, and both Lucky Gunner and Cheaper than Dirt, if those are useful benchmarks?  We like to keep stores on hand.

Port Disaster Unfolds

Me-too” media does a shitty job of “big picturing future” for us.  Which is why this website will turn 25 in December of this year.

Because we attempt to “spot the train wrecks” in advance.  Like this one.

SoCal Ports are having their asses handed to them this year.  Look at the latest stats from the Port of Long Beach:

And no, it’s not because cross viaduct rivals at the Port of Los Angeles have been having a significantly better go of things:

We’re going to go ahead and generalize things for you, to make it easy.

ACTUAL GOODS are down about 30 percent year to date.  And more like 35 percent down inbound from Asia.

I’ll be the guy just off-stage, jumping up and down screaming “Trade Collapse! Trade Collapse!  Shortages becoming likely!”

It all comes down to inventory burn rates and how this “lightening of loads to America” may be a subtle sign of Taiwan’s pending “reunification.”  Which president Blinded doesn’t seem to see just yet.  Eh, Pops?

“Fresh Data!!!”

It ain’t much, but its Durable Goods:

New Orders
New orders for manufactured durable goods in February, down three of the last four months, decreased $2.6 billion or 1.0 percent to $268.4 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today. This followed a 5.0 percent January decrease. Excluding transportation, new orders were virtually unchanged. Excluding defense, new orders decreased 0.5 percent. Transportation equipment, also down three of the last four
months, drove the decrease, $2.6 billion or 2.8 percent to $89.4 billion.
Shipments of manufactured durable goods in February, down two consecutive months, decreased $1.5 billion or 0.6 percent to $274.8 billion.

When we just talked about the Port/Import debacle, it’s easy to see that the Durables Orders aren’t too scary yet.  But, if there’s 10 percent inflation about (~9.7 percent if you follow John Williams’ excellent ShadowStats site) then anything LESS than a 9.9 percent gain represents a shrinking economy.

Thing is, we live in a time of Stalinesque Economics.  Where things are always getting better, comrade, because collectivism is so good.  Or, the War Party is doing so much better than the MAGA party…  You get the idea. Don’t count units, count paper.  No one will be the wiser.  Well, most, anyway.  There’s a reason Gold kissed $2K Thursday.

After the data, Dow futures down almost 350.

Financial Circus

With Europe down ~2 percent overnight, we have been looking at how Futures pricing telegraph today’s opening trading zone for us:

As you can see in that lower-right circle, we MAY be in process of forming (in advance of things breaking) in the process of trading a right head & shoulders pattern.  Or, we could just collapse next week and go right into panic.

A lot will depend on how the results of today come in.  A big run-up to reverse declines into the close might temps me back in.  I was only in long enough Thursday to snag a “lunch money trade” and return to the sidelines.  There’s just so much manipulation and money on the sidelines that a hearty upside run remains something short-side traders (like moi) have to be wary of.

Not to be a “perma-bear” though.  I love to be on the long side of markets, but hyperinflation cannot be confused with organic growth.  I find myself in the “show us the good news” mode.


And which hot mess would you like with your “two scoops of raisins” today?

I’ve told you Cryptos were stupid.  Like falling in love with a postage stamp instead of the letter inside.  But here’s the SEC take:  US SEC warns Crypto investors about volatility and lack of protection. True BeLIEvers will never hear it coming, though.

J6 Protesters did get “carried away” as Rioter who stormed Pelosi’s office sentenced to 3 years in prison (axios.com).  But, we still want to learn how many government C.I.s were whipping up shit that day.  Be careful what to beLIEve.

Touting Orange.  See if these headlines sound similar, OK?  Trump Warns Of ‘Death And Destruction’ If He Is Charged In Hush Money Probe (forbes.com) and Trump warns of ‘death and destruction’ if he’s charged with crimes – Raw Story. Although we liked most of Trump’s policies, he’s apparently never heard the saying “Your Big Mouth will get you into more trouble than it will get you out of...”  Then again, his choice of “fixer” attorneys sucked, too.  Did UPenn not include the Organizational Development courses? We are not the only ones praying for chill: Melania Trump ‘wants to be away’ from Donald arrest chaos (pagesix.com).

Sea Stories, full ahead:  We have been mentioning this week how China has been targeting mocked-up aircraft carriers in their desert with Intermediate (and longer) range missiles with ultra precision guidance.  Today, we can toss another NuTech leap into the pending loss of Pacific dominance reading how North Korea tests new nuclear-capable underwater drone.  We figure China has already tested at least one in combat conditions.

Trying to act Brave, in response, are we?  Not to be intimidated, China warns US as its warship sails through South China Sea for second day.  One of these days, China will respond.

China may be responding already.  Besides those Ports figures above, did you see where China detains staff, raids office of US due diligence firm Mintz Group | Reuters?  Just keeping the pressure on and covering up internal issues.

Russia claims another U.S. step deeper into the Ukraine war.  As Ukrainian special forces getting military targets from CIA satellite.

So here comes another one of our “feeder wars” on the uprising: US military hits Iran-backed groups in Syria after drone attack kills American contractor.

Biden Border Idiocy is still raging.  Canada, US reach deal to close unofficial border crossings, impacting asylum seekers.  Dealing with TrueDope, he’s working the WRONG BORDER. Wake the f**k up, JOE!


(Not All The News Is Bad)

Disney cast members, pay attention:  Disney World strikes deal with union workers to raise the minimum wage to $18 an hour.

Social Media manipulators may have their day coming:  Utah governor signs parental consent laws for minor social media use. Ever wonder how many parents understand parental liability if the kids make threats or have illegal dealings on their “devices?”

Biden got something right. While we were disappointed that the Codger in Chief set up a “national gravel pit” monument north of El Paso this week, he did – in Nevada – get something rightSpirit Mountain, Which is Sacred to Tribes, is Designated a New National Monument.  This is a good move, but we’re pretty sure it’s a statistical aberration.

Even NPR gets it right, sometimes.  While we notice a lot of liberal leanings in their short form news reports, their long-form work can be pretty good.  They have something called the “TED Radio Hour” series and a two part offering is potentially useful.  Mind, Body, Spirit – Part 1 : TED Radio Hour : NPR.  You’ll easily find part 2.

ATR: Personal Supercharger

A reader asked this week what’s the latest on our “light crown” project.  If you remember back to the 2016-2017 era, an article on the Peoplenomics website had laid out my experiments in low power coherent lasers to reduce a whole range of maladies, including sore muscles, mental acuity, and so forth.  Yes, I still wear the light crown (as time permits).  However, sitting still for 20-minutes is not an everyday event.

Still, since we built the first “light crowns” for our own use, the number of Clinical Trials of low level laser light therapy is now over 1,000 Search of: lllt – List Results – ClinicalTrials.gov. With a further (some crossover) 281 studies involving “photo biomodulation.” Search of: photobiomodulation – List Results – ClinicalTrials.gov

I was contemplating this, actually, the day before the reader question popped up.  What was going on?  Why wasn’t I using the L/C technology, more?

Driving back from town, I was thinking “What you really need to find is a source you can plug in for 20 minutes a day while working, to ramp up your personal energy.  Get more done, in less time, and have more time for light crown use and even get back to munching through books.  If only there was such a device!

Oh. Wait!  I remembered; I had already invented that.

See the light crown concept is low level transcranial illumination.  But the OTHER device – called a “speed crown” is a whole other kettle of fish.

This one operates by illuminating the right temple region with green LLLT while the left temple is illuminated blue LLLT.  The effect is slow to arise – takes a week to do a full ramp up.  Not sure if it will work for all people, but normally, after a week, my energy levels are through the roof, I’m able to sleep only 4-5 hours a night and it’s like drinking several bottles of Jolt but without the caffeine effects.  Pretty interesting.

But the “MOA” is not clear.  I don’t know whether the Method Of Action is due to light color stimulation, or whether it’s an optical never “mixing artifact.”  See, when the speed crown is in use, your (right rear) peripheral vision will pick up green LLLT and ditto on the left, peripheral vision picks up the blue LLLT.

I decided this week to go through a ramp into speed crown use.  But, this time I have positioned the LLLT sources so they are a little more forward on the temple, increasing the peripheral input via the eyes.

My thinking is that CNS stimulation via surface nerves (trigeminals) is one possibility. With the other being the optical mixer effect.

Haven’t taken the time to test other color combinations, but in Hindu practices, various light combinations being used to “spin up chakras” is pretty well defined.  We just have been a bit slow rolling old tech onto current platforms.

Now, must run.  A weekend ahead and I have a new higher temp (Spider 3) 3D printer printhead to install on the CR-10.  Got to have the tools to make up some of the mechanical side of madness, you know.  Will try to put this on Shop Talk Sunday.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. I will also remind you of the 7th anniversary is rappidly approaching.

    where the satanic pedifile cult known as “The children of God” was destroyed. with the confession of Don Ferguson, aka Zen Gardner, who posed as a love and light guru but was anything but love and light.

    that is where the angel in that garden was given a choice and a choice was made. and the angel in that garden choice was made and Trump became president. and the first thing Trump did was go after them.

    due to dons confession. the other Donald rapidly rose to power.

    started a series of events to expose those who did such acts. and epstine and all that came to light as a result.

    7 being an important number.


    again, moving forward.

    happy happy day!

  2. The bad thing about ” cheaper than dirt” is they are the first to raise their prices when things happen,aka shortages.

  3. “The Financial Markets are on the verge of Collapse. ”

    A beat-up ride is better than a dressed-up walk.

    Having a paid off 1000 Sq Ft. is better than a 3,200 Sq. Ft. debt prison. Not to mention heating the place if you need heat. These ‘natural’ fireplaces don’t work for heating houses.

    One work around to living large is owning a small rental outright.

    Mr. Lahey – Sailing into a shit typhoon – Trailer Park Boys


    • Yes. Better to be a cash pauper than a debt slave millionaire. That was the lesson of 1930 – 1932, which will be learned again by the third generation to follow.

  4. Banking on bitcoin..

    Recent bank bailouts have once again highlighted the benefits of self-custody. This is especially relevant for Bitcoin, as a new bill has been passed to safeguard the rights of hodlers, miners, and developers (Texas) . Additionally, a nuclear-powered Bitcoin mining facility indicates a growing trend towards sustainable mining practices(PA). There’s no doubt that a future in bitcoin is getting brighter by the minute. -trezor newsletter. Hallelujah brothers and sisters, Hallelujah!

    Gonna need some decent Shades, 4 the future of Bitcoin is so BRIGHT!

    Do YOU see the light ? Have you seen the light?


    • The SEC just warned investors that crypto assets are at risk of ‘significant’ losses after $2 trillion in market value was already erased during this banking ‘crisis’.

  5. Re: Filters Up
    feat. Silent Spring

    Dear Friends,

    Whatever happened to the video link call that Mr. Xi was going to make from Moscow to Mr. Zelensky regarding a roadmap to peace in the special military operation region?

    The “Happiness to the people” vignette with white birds aloft in thermals has been replaced on the CGTN Chinese state media newsite. In its place netizens are invited to embark on a “new journey of a new era” against a sun-rising backdrop of the Great Wall of China. Did someone shoot down the birds? They’re gone. Clicking the vignette, the lights dim. Select “play”. The serene figure of Comrade Xi appears against the same Great Wall backdrop delivering his speech of this just-passed Gregorian New Year. Folks, welcome to the yellow brick road! Please keep Commander on his leash and off the grass.

    • Folks,

      Sorry for any disappointment at the delay of the Royal Tour of King Charles III and the Queen Consort to France. We were so looking forward to the special dinner Mr. Macron had planned at Versailles. The UNESCO sited homage to the Sun King held a special place in the pre-revolutionary heart of Marie-Antoinette. How dare those dastardly rioters ruin plans! Let them eat cake!

      • speaking of royal tour.

        yesterday I was working security for a little known software company in the area. Belinda ex husband used to run it.

        when I got to work. they couldn’t find my access badge. and the fella said, well you can use badge #13. it grants you unlimited full access to the entire facility.

        make sure you turn it in at the end of the day.

        feel free to have a look around.

        infact when I went to lunch they again said go explore the place and see what you think.

        I just ate at employee diner and had a smoke by the soccer fields. mindful of the cameras everywhere. lol

        another employee says how did you get badge numer 13? the badges are issued by employee number. I pulled an oreo cookies out of the pack and took a bite and shrugged. and i said, that’s the one they gave me.

        may have to change the name of this site from Uurban survival to “grumpy old men Dot com”.


  6. https://spaceweather.com/
    “SEVERE GEOMAGNETIC STORM: Forecasters completely missed this one. On March 23-24, auroras spread into the United States as far south as Colorado and New Mexico during a severe (category G4) geomagnetic storm–the most intense in nearly 6 years. The cause of the storm is still unclear; it may have been the ripple effect of a near-miss CME on March 23rd.”

    “The show blew my socks off!” says Peter Hill, who photographed the display from Rapid City, South Dakota.”

    (Perhaps if they were viewers of the Suspicous 0bservers channel on YT they wouldn’t have been as surprised or wondered about this. -Bill)

    And, also, STEVE showed up –
    “STEVE (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement) looks like an aurora, but it is not. The phenomenon is caused by hot (3000°C) ribbons of gas flowing through Earth’s magnetosphere at speeds exceeding 6 km/s (13,000 mph). These ribbons appear during strong geomagnetic storms, revealing themselves by their soft purple glow.”

    “This remarkable storm began on March 23rd when one or more unexpected CMEs passed close to Earth. The storm clouds could have left the sun on March 20-21 when SOHO coronagraph data were unusually sparse. We didn’t know they were coming.”

    “Magnetic fields in the wake of the CME(s) pried open a crack in Earth’s magnetosphere. Solar wind penetrated to fuel the storm. Earth’s “shields were down” for almost 24 hours, allowing the storm to build to category G4.”
    Also, I keep forgetting to include this submission for your prepping list – Boot laces. If you wear lace-up boots like I do you’ll go through them pretty fast, especially original laces. I’ll go through a couple sets a year per pair of boots at least. The Kiwi brand braided laces seem to be the best. The only exception to the original laces has been the laces that came with the Irish Setter boots I bought a few years ago. They appear to be Kiwis but are fairly wiry and stiff. I don’t wear those boots that much unless I’m really doing heavy work or during the Winter so the heavier walking boots are usually what I wear – and wear out. My Cabella’s low cut boots are starting to look like original wardrobe for the old “Beverly Hillbillies” show.

  7. New approach to e-mail virus attacks. A One Note attack and more.

    Hackers Are Trying Something New (Again) – Watch Out!

    Also this has been happening lately. Normally anything I get from someone I don’t know gets designated as “Junk” and then deleted. One that’s been getting around this is from a sender called “Axe Survival”. They change their domain frequently so if a new one comes into the Inbox and doesn’t get shunted to “Junk” I have to wait until enough other e-mails come in so I can surround that e-mail, highlight the ones around it in a group and then designate the lot of them as junk. This means I then have to go into the Junk folder and RE-allow the ones that are safe to receive as such and put them back in the Inbox. Anything in the Junk folder has to be opened manually so there I’m protected. The reason for all of this is that whenever I open an Axe Survival e-mail message Live Mail shuts down immediately before I can do anything else. I have to be quick and change e-mail boxes when I start it up again – and I mean REALLY quick. I don’t know if its Live Mail protecting itself, a function of my anti-virus software or what but its been an annoyance for some time now. I’ve never been able to see anything in those messages.

  8. Here we go again: “overhead supply” reigns this day. Every rally is met with a wave of selling (distribution). Overnight _someone_ tapped our overseas repo for $60B. A loan for the Fatherland? I have often worried about DB and that august institution looks to be Lehman to the CS Bear Sterns. Is it better to be abroad? Methinks the bazillions in derivatives are too tightly wound to matter. This is shaping up to be yet another sleepless weekend for CBs. Who is big enough to walk down the aisle with DB? Count me out. Certainly avoid going long into the weekend George. Sure, with high risk _can_ come high reward but, nail down a chair while the music is still playing.


    Biggest loon I’ve ever seen out front …
    Is it a sign? Dunno.

    • Amazes me that the folks in the video you provided know so much, and our government is simply mute, seemingly ignorant and blind to it all.

      So many threats to economics, environment and humanity itself … and our (experts?) are silent and allowing it all to happen.

      Funny how. Virus can be granted “gain of function” to become smarter and stronger but, humans are intentionally dumbed down.

      Doesn’t make any damn sense.

    • Perry: Your link is from an Epoch Times source. ET is a creature of Falung Gong, i.e. a group long heavily persecuted by China. Thus, anything from ET must be suspected of bias. Unfortunately, with my limited understanding of biology — especially recent developments concerning DNA — I don’t have the tools to determine whether the Chinese DNA program should be front and center of my threat board or blown off as more doom porn. I hope some of the erudite readers of Urban Survival will view the video and comment.

      • ” Thus, anything from ET must be suspected of bias.”

        Have you been paying attention? Anything from anywhere is always biased. To have any concept WRT what’s actually going on, one must read the bias and interpolate the truth from between the lines.

        Also, when the lamestream refuses to cover things, it becomes necessary to shop the “alternative press” for information and data. This is why Stu drops in on Hal Turner’s website (as do I). Is Turner a “White supremacist” or antisemitic? I don’t know and I don’t care. He has ears on in places which use a Cyrillic alphabet, from which no accurate information escapes via any mainstream source. I’m much more interested in Russian troop movements or atrocities committed by Vichy Nuland or the Azov Battalion than the politics and biases inherent in the place I have to go to find that info.

        When mainstream news refuses to cover a story, either honestly or at all, one has to turn to alternative sources, or languish in ignorance.

        No matter how bad the news is, I’d much rather know it, then find bliss in ignorance…

  9. April collapse odds climbing?

    No there must be some mistake, because according to The Three Stooges…





    • Martin Armstrong’s most recent interview at his Armstrong Economics site.

      The Financial Collapse is GUARANTEED – What Now?

  10. George
    That’s interesting news about the SoCal port problems.
    The Port of St. Bernard Louisiana which is part of the New Orleans Port District is in progress to build an 1100 acre Intermodal Facility adjacent to the Mississippi River at the town of Violet.
    I used to own a house in Violet but hurricane Katrina ate it!
    The marine traffic from the Gulf of Mexico up to Baton Rouge is significant. The river is wide and deep and can accommodate ship up to the largest cruise ship all the way to the bridges across the river at New Orleans. Somewhat smaller ships can pass under the bridges as they are at least 150 high, maybe higher.
    Roads and rail lines already exist from New Orleans to violet and could be easily upgraded to handle heavy traffic.
    The Parish of Saint Bernard,(County), is no stranger to heavy industry. It has a very large sugar refinery, and two oil refineries. In past years it was the site of the Kiser aluminum refinery. In addition the area is a major source of seafood shipped nation wide.
    And let’s not forget it was the actual site of The Battle Of New Orleans which sealed the War of 1812 in favor of America.
    I grew up there and have family there.
    I hope this new facility becomes a reality.

  11. A few days ago LOOB mentioned that he liked to read the stories on page 13 of the news paper when they still published them. What page 13 stories do is to raise questions. Sometimes they just disappear sometimes they go to the front page. Here are some page 13 type stories that I am following..

    There are things going on under the surface that are not really getting heavy coverage by the media. The weakening of the electric power grid in South Africa and the possible slow rolling deindustrialization of Germany are two really important signs of the Collapse of Western civilization. If South Africa’s power grid collapses will it come back?

    Potential German deindustrialization is driven by government policy, ESG and sanctions. Notably, all three policies are government driven. For the aforementioned reasons once German industry shuts down it also probably won’t come back for years, if at all, unless policy changes. Essentially, the impact of the Ukraine War will accelerate the transition of Europe into an international backwater. Europe had a five hundred year run. It is over. But that story is far too complex for the media to report on

    I wonder which car companies are going to merge or restructure? Governments don’t seem let car companies go bankrupt. But when you look at the history of car makers several have disappeared over the decades.

    Also car companies have on occasion relocated. Some historians say BMW was actually an Italian German company. One of its key founding executives was Italian. FCA was an Italian American company. Stellantis is the merger of FCA and PSA. Is it beyond the realm of possibility or far fetched to ask: with the potential deindustrialization of Germany will BMW consider relocating its headquarters to a new country like Dubai?

    Then there is GM and Ford. Both companies have very different problems. GM makes some vehicles that are losing market share. Its current voluntary buyout of employees are well known and publicized.

    Ford on the other hand is suffering from a different problem. The Maverick is a huge hit. But Ford can’t produce enough due to supply chain constraints. It sure doesn’t help make money when a company has to tell its dealers not so sell Mavericks until they can catch production up. Not having enough product to sell is still a much better problem than having no one interested in your products.

    Anyway these are some page thirteen examples that I am following.

  12. I had been asked if I wanted to work Security for secret Billionares meeting. you know Warren and all the others. coming soon. it’s an honor to be asked. to be trusted at that level.

    I decided after much thought, im going to decline. this will be my last concert tonight. the church concert. atleast, working under that capacity. why not finish it, with worshiping God with 20,000 others for 4 plus hours. being bathed in the Holy Spirit.

    seems the best way to finish.

    I will turn in my gear tonight and walk away. it’s been fun. really fun. I thoroughly enjoyed every one I’ve met these last few years. from Elon Musk to Elton John and so many others. I’ve learned so much.

    I don’t particularly care to meet Warren and all the other Billionaires. most people would love a chance to sit inside that meeting and be a fly on the wall.

    however, I am going to decline that offer. honestly, i’d rather be somewhere else. I’d rather do something else.

    a different path than most I think would take. a one in 10,000 move.

    move #37

    rumi said, “as soon as you step out on the path. the path presents itself.”

    a different path presents itself.

    I like presents.

    • “When you start to walk on the way, the way appears” rumi.

      is the direct quote.

      I just made it mine. :)

      • Gurdjieff saw his task as changing man’s being — his very essence — not changing the world (although the implication exists that eventually changed consciousness would change the world).

        People are “asleep,” he said. Their psychic functions — thought, feelings and body sensations — are disconnected from one another in an unbalanced development that hardens soon after adolescence. The result is — according to his thinking — that we react to events with only one part of ourselves. Thus, our consciousness is stunted; perception of the self and the world is one?dimensional.

        In this state of “sleep” — a routine, habit?filled existence — man cannot find his true essence, his real and permanent “I” (or, if you will, his soul). We are machines, victims of the many divided, illusionary “I’s” that distract and enslave us (the “I” that feels one way and the “I” that acts another). But once awake, in Gurdjieff’s view, we learn to develop the real and permanent “I” that reorders and unifies the psychic functions.


      • oh interesting George.

        when I quit my job doing security at events, I got off the phone and my odometer reads
        92906.3 on my car.

        the square root of that number is 304,805

        hmmmm interesting.

        the exact number of caricatures in the Torah. 304,805 Hebrew letters or caricatures.

        I think I will be more useful to DUDE, doing something else.

        for tonight, security at church.
        tomorrow a new day dawns for Andy. I’m excited to see what THE DUDE has planned for me.

        happy happy happy happy.

        have a wonderful April.

  13. https://warnews247-gr.translate.goog/ektakti-sygklisi-stis-ipa-katarreei-to-dytiko-chrimatopistotiko-systima-sta-prothyra-chreokopias-i-deutsche-bank-pyriniko-pligma-kai-sti-ubs/?_x_tr_sl=el&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en

    funny that story definitely reminds me of the first financial death spiral I entered into.. I had post dated a check for the electric bill for the next Wednesday it was a friday… the secretary took the afternoon off and the office ma aged deposited all the checks.. there were thirty seven dollars worth of checks out..plenty of money IF that twenty five dollar check hadn’t gone into the bank..
    by they payday the checks drinking had out numbered the two week paycheck..by that next friday..it had amassed to well over a thousand dollars plus.. the Monday after..it was several thousand dollars and growing at that time the amount was almost 6 months gross income.. I was in a sheer panic.. I was lucky..I stepped into the bosses office told him what was happening and he saved me..A loan
    what will they do to stop the freefall.. I know what a panic I was in.. then we got joe.. trying to be Alexander the great.. instead of himself the maniac moron from America.. and all the while his actions have taken down the world of followers of the order of the elite..now the puppeteers that wanting to take it all will loose it all just because of their greed and vanity..

  14. Andy,

    I think you may be eligible for an employee discount at the company store? Having a hardcover book signed by the boss of his latest magnum opus displayed prominently in your cubicle might be a great career move. The number 13 on your employee swipe card could reflect “2013”, and the company’s total number of employees size having doubled since then. In fact year over year added staff in 2022 was running at 22% over 2021. Those green “soccer fields” would make nice carbon sinks, tax deductible perhaps. Please tell us they use Kubotas.

    As for grumpy old men, seriously? Have you toured the Palace of late. The King spent 70 years preparing for his main gig. The upcoming coronation should be the party of the decade. However, so far Adele and Sir Elton have declined invitations to headline the post-crowning extravaganza. Even The Spice Girls have said no.

    Thankfully late yesterday evening a rap at the keyboard from “The Sun” brought most joyous news to the Realm. Snoop Dogg is ready “to bust some rhymes” at the soirée so long as he can sup a brew at Rovers Return pub of the fictional tv soap opera show “Coronation Street”. It’s set in a lovely down-at-heels suburb of Manchester. Mr. Dogg, aka Mr. Broadus Jr., remains grateful to the late Queen. Her Majesty interceded at the behest of her two grandsons for customs leniency for Snoop to enter the Kingdom following a brouhaha with some brothers or whomever at Heathrow Airport had resulted in charges in 2006.

    Okay, all you Dogg fans out there welcome back from “Gin and Juice”. Now DJ George invites you to settle back in your crib with a charming selection out of the latest of the rap corpus from the BODR album:
    “Catch a Vibe”.


    Contrary to the above video, wearing a seat belt while driving a vehicle has arguably become a common-sense practice. Please obey traffic signals also.

    Speaking of red light districts, adult students of the public domain may wish to preview the Scholte Museum domiciled in the digital realm of The Netherlands. If true, the March 19th tour is rather shocking in the scope of its displays. That there ain’t no Snoop’s dog?

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