So Much for the Fourth

Is it America’s last “real” birthday?  Some would argue the point.

There are several “deals” which have come into focus that are quickly changing our estimates of the future.  And for those, of course, come our outlooks for people and hence the markets.

Jobs Rule This Week

While the Dow may open down 100 on concerns in Europe, and elsewhere,   The real action this week will center of jobs numbers on Thursday and Friday.

Both the ADP job creation number and the Challenger job cuts will be out Thursday and then the official numbers (such as they are) will be out on Friday.

Metals continue to march higher and silver is within trading distance of $20 an ounce this week.

Hillary’s Bid Pro Quo

We know that US Attorney General Loretta Lynch has to be sleeping easier now that Hillary Clinton says she “may decided to keep” Lynch in the A.G. spot as soon as bidding closes on the Presidency.

Not that there was ever any doubt since any fool can see that the Lynch-Billary meeting was no accident.  The “ambushed” theory is quickly going by the wayside, however.

In the meantime, Donald Trump – has been attacked for picturing Hillary in front of oodles of cash and a Star of David.

And we haven’t even had the conventions yet.  We use that as the general start of mud-slinging season…or at least we used to.

The Balance of Oil

Dead, but exactly right, we remember the Matthew Simmons book “Twilight in the Desert: from, 2008 was it?

If you don’t remember the book, in it, American oil expert Matthew Simmons predicted the coming end of Saudi Oil domination because of increasing “water cut” and some wildly puffed up figures on reserves/

Fast forward past Simmons’ regrettable death (I’m still suspicious of the official cause) and we find the headline that the US proven r5eserve of energy has passed those of the sand-box lynchpin.

The fine print about our oil being locked in sands and stuff…oh, nothing to see there.  This balance or oil pricing power will shift slowly.

Playing “Spot the Racist”

We notice there is a recent website,, fixed on the idea of calling out “racists,” that seems to be getting some traction.

While the site will no doubt do a fine job of moving the agenda of the mis-named progressives forward, we hope they have deep pockets because an error holding someone up to public ridicule can become mighty expensive in these litigious times.

The Gawker-Hogan case recently is an example of such risks, as I see it.

However, since their WHOIS data comes back to Nassau, we have to wonder who is really behind it.  For now, it’s just an anonymous founder, but be on the lookout for the founder to be outed.  Then we shall see who it is…

Those Crazy Democrats

Have dropped the idea that in order to get amnesty in the US, illegals and invaders should be required to speak English.  Which will make it all the easier to keep a huge social agenda in place.

Why, with any luck, multi-cultural insanity will evolve further, language will splinter,, even more and we’ll go the route laid out in the Tower of Babel story…

Conseguirse un contrato de Imprenta del Gobierno de hoy!

10 thoughts on “So Much for the Fourth”

  1. Why is hill even allowed to be in office. The oblaba legacy of lawlessness continues The self serving witch with secrets sold how many other Americans were killed as a result ? The great gulf is fixed but darkness coming out of it asstowneding

  2. Donald Trump ‘walked right into’ the tweet with the six-pointed star . . . is he so clueless as not to know the history associated with that symbol? At the very least it shows he is not perhaps ‘with his hand on the switch’ (to mix metaphors) when it comes to what he tweets – pretty lame, sir!

    • Perhaps you’re the one who is clueless as to the history of the Rothschild’s and the Globalists? No one is asleep at the switch. Trump supporters know perfectly well what was meant by that symbol.

  3. Breaking news from Yahoo. No charges for Hillary.

    Americans, bow to your next president. The first woman president is going to be your last president.

    • I should take a screen shot of this…MSN Headline: MSN Poll Projects Strong Clinton Lead. And yet not more than two inches below is the MSN live, interactive poll asking who you support for president with Hillary 26%, Trump 55%, Someone else 13% and not sure 6%. In other words, even if Hillary got all the someone else and not sure votes, she still could not catch Trump. I suspect polls are being used like media and are lies to influence the vote more than anything else. I think that’s what happened in BREXIT. Don’t tell me there are suddenly pockets of voters that can’t be reached by polls. Hillary may yet win, but I doubt she will honestly win the vote.

  4. I saw the story about the reserves and my first thought was, “if the saudi arabians don’t pay income tax because the country is so rich from oil reserves, would the US likewise do the same for its citizens.” I know that will NEVER happen, but it would only make sense.

    In reference to the current news from Comey, my friend and I are ready to go Galt. Why should we pay taxes and participate in the work force when these guys live the lifestyles we’ll never have and can do anything they want with no consequences. Try using that excuse if you get in trouble with the law “I didn’t intend to violate that law.”

    I’m pulling out all my hair and screaming…..ENOUGH!

  5. Dang , I was just starting to learn English a little better, then you had to lay some Spanish on us ,lol well that tower of babel thing coming on I will have to put an always smile on my face ,like the oriental do ,and learn a dozen different hellos,lol I would rather just stay in my cave,maybe I can get the beer delivered to my cave entrance,thanks goodness for google translater

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