July 4, 2016: The Bill of Common Sense

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As we take (I hope) a few minutes today to remember those who have made this great nation possible, I would like to propose a few simple changes to foundational concepts that government these occasionally United States.

We have, as you know, a perfectly workable Constitution. Augmenting that is a Bill of Rights.

However, in recent years, we have seen abominations of process and it’s time to resolve those issues before they sink us all.

Be it therefore Resolved, that America needs a Bill of Common Sense.

Article 1: America has firm, fixed, borders. Entry is only permitted those who make proper application for entry and whose entry is approved before entry.

Rationale: A country without borders is not a country. It may be a “region” or it may be an “area” but it sure as hell isn’t a country. This is common sense.

Article 2: Americanized English is the official, and only, language in the United States.

Rationale: See the Tower of Babel. In order for Americans to be united in heart and deed, we must be united in language. Therefore all government literature, except in exceptional circumstances to be enacted with sunset clauses, will be Americanized English. Again, Common Sense.

Article 3: It shall be illegal and punishable by loss of Office to vote on any law, resolution, measure, or policy, that has not be completely read in its entirety by those voting thereon.

Rationale: We regularly have clowns in Washington and the several States who pass things they have never read. Further, all referenced contained within a measure must also be read. Common Sense.

Article 4: A bill, law, policy, or resolution may not include riders, amendments, appropriations, or rules that are not directly related solely to the content of the measure being voted.

Rationale: We see utterly incomprehensible legislation passed all the time containing “snuck in” appropriations in order to avoid proper scrutinty and public review.

For example, who will catch a $50-million dollar carve-out for the pet project of one State when it is buried in 500-pages of legislation? Sadly, none. Therefore we need to hold our elected representative they must reform or be removed for cause forfeiting all priviledges and retirements. Common Sense.

Article 5: So-called Civil Asset Forfeiture is hereby illegal.

Rationale: Assets, such as property, cash, automobiles, and physical metals such as gold, silver, platinum and so forth are inanimate objects incapable of “commiting crimes.” Therefore the seizure of any asset must be authorized by a proceeding against a person, corporation, LLc, or other legal entity and a conviction obtained and a finding by a court that proper basis in law exists – such as failure to comply with a financial judgement- before property may be siezed. It’s again, Common Sense.

Article 6: Usury is define and made illegal. Interest for all financial transactions is capped at 3-times the prevailing mortgage rate for a conventional home loan.

Rationale: Many financial companies, such as pay-day loan outfits, credit card operators, and other predatory lenders regularly charge interest that is far above their actual costs in order to show high profits.

At present, America still had credit cards that charge interest over 25%. This while the Fed’s rates to big borrowers are a small fraction of this. Therefore, it is time to kick out the money-changers once again. It’s just Common Sense.

Article 7: No rights proclaimed for Citizens under the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the Bill of Common Sense may be abrogated without conviction of a felony. And anyone who has been convicted of a felony and has paid their debt to society immediately enjoys the restoration of all rights, except gun ownership, which would be made legal again 10-years after completion criminal penalty and continuous crime-free reintegration into society.

Rationale: In case you’re not aware, the mere conviction for a misdemeanor was recently held to be cause to revoke a citizen’s Rights. Unbelievable. So we need to make these two points clear: Misdemeanors should not cause loss of Rights. On the present trajectory, a driving infraction in the future could cause the loss of ALL rights. It’s Common Sense.

Article 8: The Federal Reserve is required to post an official price for gold and silver and allow full convertibility of money to gold and silver, and to redeem gold and silver at the posted price.

Rationale: It is clear to most financial observers that gold and silver prices have been subject to manipulation. By reinstituting convertibility two things will happen: First, there will be an honest price. Secondly, over time, the Federal Reserve’s well-orchestrated (*as called for by Congressional spending laws) watering down of “money’s” purchasing power will become clear and obvious. Again, this is common sense.

The list I have prepared is neither exhaustive, nor completed.

But on the Birthday of our Nation, it’s a fine time to review what “Best Practices” are and resolve to get more of them put in place, less we not make it, as a country, to the national birthday next year.

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  1. Thanks George. As I said before, you need one more:
    Article 9
    Corporations are not people, and only have those privileges given to them by legislative statue.

    Rationale: Common Sense

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