AI or Algo’s?

A simple enough question.

Not so simple to answer.

As the markets are lining up for a potential “hell week” to come, what with the Fed meeting and all, we look mainly at the charts today and ponder what “news” will come along to fill-in the picture so the ‘sheep’ won’t get the pitchforks and “go France” on political leadership.

So, chop-chop!  Bean-up and roll…

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20 thoughts on “AI or Algo’s?”

  1. US markets are catching down to the rest of the world, no bout adoubt it.

    Debear has gone into hibernation this weekend, for Monday when the US markets open..Crash Bandicoot will be lurking.

    C.B. would advise all investors and traders to review year end tax situation this weekend and any outstanding GTC orders and Stop orders. Crash always adjusts Stops up or down after market moves like Fridays. S.T.F.R.

  2. If the algo’s were all gamed to BTD in a positive momentum market interpreting all news as positive and over time it trained the sheeple to folllow lock step and now what if the algo’s have been gamed to read all news as negative in a bear market what in theory would stop a complete collapse to around 10,000 in a very short period of time – the point from which I believe QE really kicked in as the algo’s sell any rip in the market triggering ETF’s to sell as their largest % holdings get hit until the sheeple finally panic and margin calls kick in ……. just wondering ….

  3. In the put into perspective/fairness department…you copied a story about Elizabeth Warren…not one of my favorites by the way…but you commented about her trustworthiness and whether people really are dumb enough to buy it. Ok…I agree…but you then have to apply that to a lying, thieving President as well. Are his supporters really dumb enough to buy it?

    Then you mention an article by fake Fox News, who is making a big deal about Kamala Harris, who I have respect for and have met on several occasions. Does she get in trouble for saying she didn’t know about an aide in her former CA AG office who is facing harrasment charges? She didn’t engage in harrasment…but someone in her office did. As a very effective and tough as nails former prosecutor, she will survive…but it’s Funny how our own President who has a history of engaging in being a harasser, has several sexual harrasment lawsuits filed against him, is on tape about grabbing p#$#y, gets a pass.

    When it comes to lack of trust, lack of integrity, lack of telling the simple truth and lack of knowledge on the basic tenets of governance, nobody holds a candle to Trump. How LONG will his supporters buy into his BS is the question of the day and how will that affect the markets when they have their awakening? Once people realize that it has been a GOP agenda all along and not a clueless Trump agenda, and Mueller has his way, the markets should actually respond in a positive way…when you realize the WHY in market reaction…it boils down to uncertainty. And no one creates the tension and head scratching uncertainty like Trump….for no reason other than his out of control ego.

    As a majority of economists have said…the biggest threat to our economy is our trade issues with China, that Trump has created. One thing to note about the Chinese people and I deal with them on a daily basis…they always have a plan B. Xi understands Trumps intellectual deficiencies and will step it up to make up for any shortfall in demand. They will make sure their monetary conditions remain loose (keeping their interest rates low and credit in full flow) to boost domestic reflation hopes. When you have over a billion in population, watch out. It’s a economic war I wouldn’t suggest the US get involved in.

    A new US administration sans Trump, but with pro free trade cabinet members like Mnuchin, Mulvaney, Lighthizer should be a positive sign that the US is on the right track and the markets should react accordingly.

    • “…but you then have to apply that to a lying, thieving President as well. Are his supporters really dumb enough to buy it?”

      YES!! Because NONE of previous Presidents, within my (long!) memory, were any different and the voting public bought their b/s, hook, line & sinker.

      Get with the program, Mark. You’re smart enough to occupy yourself with more rewarding projects than bashing any sitting president. You’re not in their class to affect changes. Just do what’s right by yourself, and will benefits others, IMHO, and all will be right . ;-)

    • Hmm are you trying to say that all it takes is a feel good moment to make people rush out to lap up the market,if that’s true then why has the Fed been in the market off and on ever since 1987, and the goose got really goosed in 2009, and its been going on ever since,which means of course that we don’t have a valid market but nothing more than a casino.Now we have GM and Ford closing plants laying off thousands upon thousands and running to China to join the rest of the American business’s,I wonder what that will do for the trade in-balance seeing Reagan gave away the manufacturing base and destroying the middle class, saying we don’t need manufacturing for we will be the financial center of the world,not a dollar will move but what we will get a slice of it,well he lied about every else too,and if you think that’s going to prevent what’s coming your sadly mistaken…

    • Mark/Jon/AI Bot/Whomever, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that you cannot write a single post without mentioning the T-word in an entirely negative light. You never mention the myriad of other swampers up there that have done Zero for the country/people all while lining their own pockets thick and deep. If you do, it’s only to say how Awesome they are or would be if the T-word would just go away.

      You have been trained well.

      • Phil/ECS/Andy/whatever,

        You listen to too much Alex Jones. Not everyone is a plant…I am not sure anyone is. I haven’t been trained, I have a passion for my beliefs, just like Trump supporters have some misguided passion and show up at these stupid rallies and support him for whatever reason.

        My thinking is, if you don’t cut off the leader of the crooked pack at the head, then the body grows and from it, emerges similar whackos which grow like black mold and infects us all. You will rarely see me off message in that regard.

      • Mark: Would you suggest President Trump follow the gentrification politics of CA? Maybe he could pardon “El Chapo” to show he cares. Do all in SF have air compressors to fill their egos for future hot air blasts (global warming).

      • Mark’s passion is his excuse for his daily Trump bashing on George’s site; for some reason he thinks all of us need a daily head bashing in. What a waste of our minds and time, and his passion. It is quite monotonous and his brainwashing attempts that he blames on anyone who supports Trump; as Mark said as long as someone anywhere supports Trump (on this forum) he will continue to bash him. Nice, Mark, use people’s opinions as an excuse to bash them. Okay, I interrupt this message, now back to the bashing Mark.

    • Mark, that’s a wonderul leap of faith for all to be hunky dory as soon as Trump leaves. Ell Cycle says otherwise. Trump and Republicans will be blamed for the ensuing Depression, voters will get off the couch and clean House (already done, Senate and Pres. to follow). Of course we all know what followed the last Great Depression….WWII

      Prechter discovered RN Elliot’s work on microfiche at the NY city library, it wasn’t at Library of Congress, so it’s a minor miracle that we even know about it!

      • I can’t believe I’m responding thus because of another troll-post, but unfortunately, this IS the proper time and place for this comment.

        Mark is wearing blinders. He is surrounded by Liberal “intellectuals” who’re all arguably intelligent, but who live in a shielded environment and are therefore not now, nor will they ever be, very wise. However, it is, of necessity, from their environment that he gets most of his news and information. He HAS made posts where he didn’t badmouth Mr. Trump. They’ve been few and far between, but he has made a few.


        I was not a fan of W, because aside from the Party affiliation letter following his name on the ballot, he was a nearly-perfect Liberal. Had that letter been a “D” instead of an “R” he would have been lauded in the media and the history books as the greatest President since at least FDR, if not since Lincoln.

        That said, we hit a hard recession in March of 2000. Bush43 took office in January of 2001 and in the midst of this recession (and which, by my reckoning, should’ve been The Great Depression redux.) No one could understand how or why I gave Mr. Bush and Mr. Greenspan huge kudos.

        I gave them this credit for successfully walking a tight-rope, FOR YEARS.

        We SHOULD have crashed in 2001 or 2002. “Crashed” meaning either 5¢ loaves of bread, or $5mln loaves of bread. It didn’t happen. The reason it didn’t happen is Greenspan manipulated the entire market-space until we conveniently acquired a new industry, and Bush43 was smart enough to give Greeny free reign to do so.

        The number of economically-illiterate people in this country, even amongst “economists” and FPs, is staggering, but was exceptionally so in the early 2ks. After finding George’s site (a WWW Topsite and a “100 Best Sites on the Web” award-winner, IIRC. ‘Probably no big deal today, but these awards were a HUGE deal in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and one George is too modest to mention…), I stopped trying to find an “economist” whose head wasn’t so far up Keynes’ arse that (s)he couldn’t recognize a multi-trillion-dollar market loss as a problem, ’cause this Ure guy got it, and that was sufficient…

        Now I will tell all y’all a few things. You can bank them, or toss ’em off — I couldn’t care less.

        1. Mueller will not find any actionable impropriety with respect to Mr. Trump and Russia.
        2. Congress will contemplate Articles of Impeachment against President Trump, NOT because there will be just cause, but because the most-radical congressoids will force Pelosi to do so.
        3. If Trump is impeached, (if Articles are actually passed and brought before the Senate) the trial will be unsuccessful. However, it will set the precedent that any CiC who’s unpopular with the Party in-power in the House, may be impeached at any time and without cause, simply because members of the House don’t like him(her.)
        4. In an honest election, should Mr. Trump decide to run for re-election, he will win. If he’s impeached, he will win in a landslide.

        It is my personal opinion that Mr. Trump, who’s a Wharton-educated financial economicalist type dude, will bow out for 2020, unless he’s impeached or otherwise goaded into running. He knows what is coming, knows what must be done to save the dollar, and knows he will not be allowed to take (or even discuss) the necessary steps. I DO believe he will attempt to walk that same tightrope next year, which Bush43 and Greenspan walked in 2k2 and 2k3, to kick the crash down the road until his term expires, and were I he, I’d bail for ’20, let Pence have the nomination, and retire to Mar-a-Lago.

        I believe it is possible, if unlikely, to stave off the coming crash until the 2020 Election despite the efforts and desires of the true puppetmasters. I do not believe it will be even remotely possible to do so until 2025, barring a significant war.

        Mike Pence is a helluva nice guy, but he’s also a thumper. Pence is very bright, quick-witted, and with his experience as a live radio talk-show host, is by-far the most eloquent #1 or #2 since Clinton. However, if Hillary runs (and I believe she will, since she’s campaigning already), the Clintons will destroy their Primary challengers. Hillary will steamroll Pence in the General Election and easily win the Presidency. Then, not 1% Trump, but 1% Hillary, will own that which comes after…

    • I dont know why ya throwing out my name out there Mark. Jeesh, guilty by association. Lol

      You know, i have said it probably 20 times now. I dont care about politics.

      I look at it all objectively as data points. I dont buy the hype, i dont enotionally attached to the drama or invested mentally in the scandelouseness of it all.

      I already stated, my thoughts. And im running 3 years ahead of most everyone else, at 100%.

      Have a great day All you sinners and saints.

  4. The stock market is only an emotional roller coaster if you allow yourself to react to the underlying emotions. If you do not allow yourself to react, you can operate your investing like a business – unemotionally. Friday, I bought some STM at a good price. It was simply a business decision made with the information available as I interpreted it.

  5. I’m in a country that only gets CNN and BBC. Between climate change and yellow vests news, it’s clear that the news gap is tailored to those who feel like controlling everyone, and those who feel that the people in charge are idiots. You couldn’t ask for a more “two sides of one coin” style presentation.

    For anyone who still believes in political parties, or in democracy, or in liberty, or in humanity, we are well and truly f*%#^, get over yourself and take care of personal business.

    Take Mark for example, he seems to point out that there is no difference between political sides as he makes the argument that there are differences between political sides. Hey dude, there are no sides other than them and you, and you are playing their game, not your own. Give up on politics, it’s someone else’s game, board, pieces, pawns, and all. It’s like a cow in a pen discussing with the other cows what the abattoir is really like inside.

    • Yeppers, Phil, yet he posts and posts and discharges his negative energy like pee all over this forum. Ah, Freedom of Speech, his supporters cry! Oh, Boviating, others cry! But, all he is is sitting in his rocking chair, getting nowhere in poli-typical circles, but it gives him something to do as he builds his RE empire, yeah – in the land of the sold out shake and snake! As we like to say in the South, God Bless His Little Heart.

  6. George:
    I have read what you said in the other half of today’s postings about proofreading, and yes I get it, but still could you Please go back and look at the Golem II Rules and make them a little clearer for us slow guy.
    Thank you.

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