A Terrible Trend – Sinking the Lifeboats

The rally that stopped us out after a modest bear side short Monday continued into the market close.  And the hell of it is?  It’s likely to continue today.

OK – fine.  Rallies happen.  And we did tell Peoplenomics subscribers on Saturday that:

“Our favored view is higher Monday and Tuesday with Fed errors (raising anyway) the likely outcome for Wednesday.:”

There may be a lot of other factors on the table this morning:  Such as no banks tossing in the towel overnight.  Or the pending democrat TV commercial shoot of a former president being arrested.

The main worry, though, is that our Trend channel work has suddenly clarified and if you look in the yellow circled area (lower right) of this chart, you’ll understand why.

As we have explained (how many times?) previously:  Trend channels when used in concert with Elliott wave analysis can help you make money in the stock market.  But it takes an hour or two per day.  Frankly, many people prefer – as demonstrated by their actions – not to trade based on channels. Although we always recommend Gilbert Raff’s Trading the Regression Channel – if you can find a copy – as a useful tool in the battle for “someone else’s money.”

Proximate Causes of the Rally:  There isn’t a “single” event in play here.  The combination of reasons for this morning’s rally might include:

Wave 2’s: Overloading Lifeboats

Every “wave” in Elliott analysis has its own “personality.”  I like to think of Wave 2 as when “lifeboats get overloaded.”  The most recent example is the combo tag-team of the Fed and FDIC who have waived their “magic wand of liquidity” and thus, everyone think the Lifeboats have worked.

Sadly, Wave 3’s have a personality that goes to the idea “Lifeboats be damned, the Ship is likely to sink anyway.”

The comes Wave 4.  “See, we were right: We’re going to be rescued!”:

Wave 5 terminates with “No, actually, you’re going to die and your savings with you.”

This is not found in any economics book I’ve read.  It’s a sort of composite of moods.  But it brings us to a key point in both news as well as economic analysis.

Referential Layer Cakes

Humans self-organize in peculiar ways.  Some make it about tribalism.  And, on Mug-Day, yes, it may be that there is a tribe of bitter Orange-haters who are anxious to perp-walk someone once “of the Oval.”

But this tribe – the war tribe and the “make up money” tribe – is in a more, or less, constant state of war with the “free the [wage] slaves party. The one that likes minimal government and stands fast to the Organizing Principles enshrined in the Constitution.  (Where we haven’t yet found the word “equity.”)

In addition to superficial – media fanned tribalism – there are professional tribes as well.  I’ve always ended up in the senior managers, pilot, engineering and software-related tribes upon my disgusted departure from ambulance-chasing breaking news.

Stock Markets are a kind of High Tribal Gathering.  Where a multiplicity of tribes battles things out while re-enacting the Titanic.  Aided by the presently sitting Manchurian Pass-Through Conduit Operator.  Who, in turn, has a high council in the Financial Hogwarts who have magic wands that drip “free money.”

Each of the tribes is referential to one another.  Clown Schwab and the Reset Tribe play Dances with Davos, not realizing their history.  The reason the Japanese never considered invading the American homeland in WW II is that we are too heavily armed.

Even on this topic (2A) we don’t see universal belief in founding Rules.  For example, my buddy the Major is upset that in Washington state there’s another run at passing an (obviously unconstitutional) “assault ban” which ignores on of the hard rules of automatic weapons:  Selective fire of a full-auto type.  Ignorant people, many liberals having dodged military service, seem unable to comprehend such precision of thought. It’s foreign to their onboard referential logic.

By the way, no slur on avoiding killing. The republican tribe has sliders who did things like fly the domestic front with the National Guard.  While the other (political tribe) features, for example, a selfie-taking riverboat vet.  Frankly, we wouldn’t trust either.

Circling back to our long-lost point?  The analysis of markets is as much a daily assessment of How Crazy the world is, what tribes are talking and then what tribes are walking.  Only then do the dynamics come into sharp focus.

Our first take-out of the day is the market seems destined to bump the upper trend channel of the newly emergent “resumed decline” about the time the Fed announces rates tomorrow. After that, who knows.  The Mickey Mouse Club “Anything Can Happen Day” was Wednesday.  We think that will still apply.

“Run the News Compactor”

Remember the old TV show “You Asked for It?  Well, kinda like that, I suppose….  This was from a time when moving a 17-inch black and white television up a flight of stairs took two people to handle the weight.  But people were happy with the novelty of it.  And comparatively, it was not the planet wrecker the present lithium-powered world has become…

We assume you know the “International Criminal Court” is not a court in the usual sense, at all?  It’s a U.N. kluge, largely a tool of NGOs and many of these have axes to grind.  What’s more, when the UN was working this, seven countries that voted against the treaty were ChinaIraqIsraelLibyaQatar, the U.S., and Yemen.  You need to know all this, because Asian leader warns Putin warrant could spark nuclear war. Although the U.S. had pressed for the ICC’s creation from 1998, it’s a clear usurpation of U.S. law so it was never agreed-to by the US, either.  Nor has Russia agreed to it.  So, what we have is an NGO-driven pseudo-Court trying to flex muscles on behalf of Europe and small countries.  It’s theater.

Which China is working to advantage: Xi’s trip to Russia: A boost for Putin as China pushes back against U.S. power.

War Crimes enforcement is “selective.”  Wasn’t in World War II’s aftermath.  But here’s an example of how the U.S. has a “logical layer cake” problem.  Ethiopia slams US for ‘partisan’ war crime allegations. A little forensic accounting might help understand this one.  Just as economics of the Dnieper-Donets petroleum reserve east of Kiev is highly explanatory, as well.

Land Grab Joe:  Biden to declare two new national monuments covering more than 500K acres. Now, while we generally like conservation efforts, the problem with the Castner grab is it’s part of a a well-known illegal immigration route north of El Paso.  There’s virtually zero value to this, other than a “Hispanic conservation area” which is bandied about.  A gimme to a useful voting block ahead of 2024.  We’ve been up on the lookout points in the area and have overflown if many times flying transcons in our plane. Only highlight is the Border Patrol Museum in the area. Kind of like locking up a gravel pit for future generations to enjoy. (Without guns for plinking, which is a traditional gravel pit use…)

Buying Biden?  We have to wonder what the 2024 quid pro quo will be after Sloppy Joe vetoed a bill which would put ESG investing back in the box.  Even democrats are furious: Joe Manchin blasts Biden’s ‘absolutely infuriating’ agenda after ESG veto.  This means pension managers – who used to have purely fiduciary responsibilities – can sell something other than hard core investment returns to their stupidest of clients.  Way to go, Sloppy Joe!

Tell us the “Safety of Crypto” fairytale, again?  Crooks stole +$1.5M worth of Bitcoin from General Bytes ATMs. BTC, nevertheless was over $28,0o0 overnight. Crypto cons may be stupid, but at least they’re not broke.  But give it time.

Involuntary Beta Testers take note:  Microsoft’s blunders with new Windows 10 update are causing serious headaches | TechRadar

ATR: Lawn Patching, BP Tools

A couple of three agenda items here in the Outback of East Texas.

First up will be editing the first 4,500 words of tomorrow’s Peoplenomics report.  Wherein Dream Riders and long-term investment sectors intersect.

Then it will be time to toss out re-seeding materials for the lawn.

Finally, I bought something called a “hand dynamometer” (grip training) because apparently, it’s a non-drug way to reduce blood pressure.  You’ll want to read early front-end work on this at Twenty weeks of isometric handgrip home training to lower blood pressure in hypertensive older adults: a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial – PMC (nih.gov).

The second approach is controlled resistive breathing. Study: Consistent ‘Breath Training’ Lowers Blood Pressure (prevention.com).

After that, go watch this video (ZHealth):

OK, breathe out time…

Write when you get rich,


72 thoughts on “A Terrible Trend – Sinking the Lifeboats”

  1. Anyone familiar with Marc Cohodes whould listen to his interview on Forward Guidance – mostly focusing on Silvergate,Silicon Valley bank and Signature – marc is rough and tumble so beware the language prolly not suitable for everyone…….

  2. “Trump walk… will be next week”

    Cliffhanger strategy.

    Iran being “12 days away….” 21 days ago now? And that wasn’t the first time we’ve been told ‘soon’ ‘within days’.

    We’re being teased like we would tease a pointer dog. Point at a tree and exclaim “Squirrel!” and the dog will stare at the empty tree all day.

    They exclaim, “Trump!” ‘To the patriot moat!’

    “Japanese never considered invading the American homeland…”

    I think that’s puffery. Japan sending convoys of troop transports across the Pacific at that time was impossible. Japan just did not have the tools available for a Normandy style invasion of North America.
    Distance has always been the advantage.

    NORK is claiming they’ve got about 1,500,000 volunteers to kill Americans. Kim has no way of getting the 1,500,000 troops to North America to do the killings. They’d have to march across the Bering Strait so it goes without saying.

    But it would feel good to see Biden on the screens, “Kim fears invading North America.”

    Powell saved the banks.

    • Kim in NK doesn’t have to attack… why waist the energy and money to take on such a roll..


      the fears I read back then was Rand Paul was concerned that there was a possibility that war heads were put on the platform that was launched.. especially since the orbit takes it directly over where it would be needed to launch an EMP


      OK.. now that that fear of a possibility is out there.. lets put that aside.. Ukraine.. a country that has so much alleged corruption and so much vile activities.. supposedly had one of the largest money laundering centers on the planet.. besides all the other crap.. with a suspected thirty seven trillion dollars being moved around.. transferred even to banks within the USA.. the people that used those services are supposedly the ones pulling the strings..
      we parked Nukes on the border of Russia.. they asked pleaded even almost begged us to with draw them.. and to guarantee that Ukraine would never become a member of NATO.. what did we do.. we went whole hog nuts and moved more on.. when Xi went to be the diplomat.. we thumbed our nose at him and hundred proof went to Taiwan.. and we quickly parked nukes on their borders..
      so in a poison pawn trap in chess is…. a poisoned pawn (plural poisoned pawns) (chess) An unprotected pawn whose capture would be a losing move for the capturing player.
      To keep their activities and business ventures.. was similar to having an old car.. something goes wrong you toss in a little for repairs.. pretty soon the repairs become to large and you are then at the point .. do you still keep dumping money into it.. or dump it.. that is exactly what we did.. we dumped in so much into Ukraine and ( notice none of the players that laundered money through their business ventures kicked up a penny towards this.. see.. they don’t give they take.. what is theirs is theirs and what is yours is theirs.. the business model of GREED)
      and all the smaller countries have dumped everything into the pawn.. Now the fear of China going after Taiwan.. and they have business ventures there as well.. so would it be a double black eye..
      Now consider.. on another off shoot of the business model of stuff big buck billies pockets.. that we went in destroyed how many countries in the past fifty years.. we went in so big buck billy could take what he wanted.. no regards to their lifestyles or their neighborhoods.. their lives etc.. Pizzed em all off.. in many places it is like coming home from vietnam where people literally spit on soldiers.. when I was in the military.. you couldn’t even go into the canteen or the px with a uniform on it was that bad.. five oclock curfew.. and it is like that in most of the countries where we were present..
      for the past ten years Russia and China have been busy going out and getting agreements signed with those countries.. now slow dissrespected the Saudi’s and we went into Libya destroyed their economy took the gold and money.. and left it worse than it was..
      the same with Syria.. they wanted to take the oil but was stopped…
      who is right who is wrong none of us will ever know for sure.. but lets go back to KIM.. in NK… ok.. they wanted him out of the picture.. paid his uncle a lot of money kim found out.. and fed his uncle to the dogs.. then they went after his brother.. dam and he liked him.. they waited till the money was exchanged then a couple of ladies did the dirty deed there.. so Kim does not like us at all.. and he is the wild card..
      while we are bogged down the nato countries are all bankrupted and have used all their strategic reserves.. who would be the better one to start the mess…
      since all those smaller countries couldn’t take on the PTB by themselves.. who would they do it.. all at one time.. the seventh Calvary comes to mind there.. Custer was also someone that was not very nice.. they let him think he had the upper hand..In the poison pawn trap the opposite side uses the majority of the resources to defend the pawn.. then they loose
      the military that NK has would be for when we go to him not him coming to us..I think they will let him be the one to spark it all off to.. why not.. he hates us..
      the rest of the pieces are all placed for a perfect storm on the chessboard.. Saudi’s dropped the Dollar, Pound and Euro.. those are no longer backed by anything at all.. except that we say it is good..
      Taiwan doesn’t have to be destroyed.. my guess is they will let them decide their fate once it goes ballistic.. they have us induatrially.. they now will have control over the money distribution system and lets face it.. can you buy as much as you could ten years ago with a ten dollar bill.. NOPE.. ten years ago I could get three happy meals.. today it isn’t enough to get one..
      I believe that our power company is seeing this potential to.. we had our yearly meeting.. they decided not to raise costs because the costs have increased on everything else.. the other thing that I thought was big.. is they are pushing everyone to put in a backup generation system.. and even going to promote solar backup systems.. NOW THAT IS HUGE NEWS.. in a world were power companies were telling everyone to NOT do any of those.. they will even install them.. so why did they make the sudden change.. my guess is it has to do with what is in the news overseas..

      • Pardon LOOB — Ure’s in a punctuative mood.
        A waist is what Elaine has. Waste is what garbage companies and congress do.
        Not to pick but you are normally a pinacle of brilliance and this was something that I couldn’t lret go without yanking Ure chain. I’ve gotten so much shit over spelling over the years, lol.
        “Waist not” means she’s a porker. “Waste not” means doing whatever she wants to keep ‘er.
        I will slither off now…noting looking as the NorK kids you were surely thinking waists were absent…

        • Lol lol..I am probably one of the worst For punctuation..
          I truly believe auto correct loves to play with me to. lol lol
          I do hope that I am full of it on my interpretation on what I see happening.
          I’d rather say oops was I ever wrong, than dam I hit it on the nose..
          what I’m seeing scares the he’ll out of me..and there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do about any of it..

        • Nobody has spell checker that comes with M$ Word? Don’t know what I’d do without it. It integrates with just about everything you can type in. There’s got to be an open source one out there, too.

      • Hey LOOB,

        You asked “where’s the recipe?” When I said I’d be staying home making cookies.

        Well, this is the recipe we decided on.

        Date Nut Cookies.

        ?1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature ?1/4 cup vegetable shortening
        1 cup packed light-brown sugar
        3/4 cup granulated sugar
        2 large eggs
        1 teaspoon vanilla extract ?2 cups all-purpose flour
        2 1/2 cups rolled oats
        1 cup dried dates, chopped into 1/4-inch pieces
        1/2 teaspoon baking soda
        1/2 teaspoon salt
        1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

        Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In a large bowl, beat butter and shortening with a wooden spoon or electric mixer until smooth. Add both sugars, and beat until smooth. Beat in eggs, one at a time, until incorporated. Beat in vanilla.

        Combine the remaining ingredients in a separate bowl. Gradually add dry ingredients to the butter mixture, mixing until just combined.

        Drop batter by the tablespoon about 1 1/2 inches apart on ungreased baking sheets. Bake until golden brown, about 12 to 14 minutes. Transfer cookies to wire racks to cool.

        Have a great evening Buddy

        • Thanks Bob.. I will tell you I am going bake up a batch and have them with my night coffee tonight as I relax with a good book.. just got the new Mother Earth News and the new National Geo.. today.. this will make my night complete..
          I also added it to my recipe lists hope you don’t mind.. I try to keep all the good ones on separate sheets..

  3. RE: Breathing exercises and BP, 3 years back, when I was hit with a bout of bacterial pneumonia and hospitalized for 6 days, I was given a device in the hospital called VOLDyne (See: https://www.amazon.com/8884719009-VOLDYNE-5000-VOLUMETRIC-Made/dp/B08HM7LLMG/ref=sr_1_2?crid=GBZB269SZSME&keywords=voldyne+2500+volumetric+exerciser&qid=1679405823&sprefix=voldyne%2Caps%2C102&sr=8-2) to recover my lung capacity. It essentially works the opposite of POWERBreathe by exhaling as much as as possible, then placing the device’s inhale tube to the lips and inhaling as slowly as possible until you can no longer suck in any air. Then you hold for 5 seconds, then slowly exhale. Over the next several weeks I recovered full lung capacity, plus I noticed my BP went down ‘and’ Pulse Oximeter reading went up. I continue to use the VOLDyne every morning, and as a result have eliminated BP meds (I was taking lisinopril 5mg) and my wife says I’m snoring much less, most nights not at all. My PulseOx readings are 95 or above. The VOLDyne is only $17 of Amazon, and it can probably be found cheaper. It’s worth a try. P.S. there may be similar devices out there. I’ve stuck with the same device for the past 3 years and it’s held up quite well for a plastic product.

    • Glad you were able to beat Pneumonia and come back strong. I was given one of those during my stint with Covid and related pneumonia a couple of years back. I got to where I hated the thing but will admit it worked. It’s around here someplace. I was on 12 liters of O2 for 2 weeks and after another 2 weeks on 6 liters, I had to pass a test by walking across the room and back several times without my Sp02 hitting the floor and freaking out whatever staff would come to work. I had also been on Lisinopril for a long time prior. When I landed in the hospital I could not pee at all. What I learned later was that the majority of the concern they had for me upon admission was Kidney failure. The Nurse came in to give me my meds the first evening and told me I was not getting those anymore as it was thought it may be the cause of the kidney issues. I had a catheter for a few days and I highly not recommend those no matter how cute the nurse who installed it is. My First Dr office visit after getting home included a WTF discussion about Lisinopril and let’s talk about these 2 statins you have me on. I too have been off any BP meds since. My wife got me one of those smartwatches that monitor everything and at first, I said BS but after playing with it a while and figuring out I could turn off data sharing “supposedly” it’s been sort of interesting.
      Stay safe and healthy.

    • Thanks… I just bought 2 for $25 @ Amazon. I had the unit with the balls — it got broken last year and I didn’t replace it.

  4. Thanks G-pops!

    thats right, and thanks again for all that you do here at urban survival. No where else can you find this kinda quality..insights, information, how to’s,what fors and who doneits and market insights.
    Not to mention the community posts and the quality information and insights shared – its frigin awesome. Really do value and enjoy people with strong moral and ethical values, the same people who get shit done on the daily.
    Also really admire the thick skin Ure has developed over the years. This of course is directly related my enjoyment at “breaking Ures’ ballz”..no harm intend, nor any disrespect – its entertainment in my book and Ure has become a fine Teacher and entertainer. Opened mind I call it, not so open as to have brains fall out, just enough to allow “new light” to filter in.
    Case in point regards community..yesterday ole reliable – Stu of AoD fame, posted couple Christian revelations with solution. I have read those things hundreds of times , and never got a feeling of understanding..till yesterday. The particular rev..Revelation 13:4 (King James)
    And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshiped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

    U.S. ability to still wage war.

    (Every one in top/senior mgt at ALL the alphbets and alphabet itself, AND .mil are Satanists.

    All the hollywood bs..black robes, midnight masses, sacrifices, conjuring entities is in play. Their heros are peeps like marquis de sade..a must read in those “circles”.)

    Most peeps always go to the “beast” – who ? what? when? meaning of number 666 . Completely ignoring the Truth – the Facts “the dragon which gave power unto the beast:”
    Ever see anything official from royal family ? festooned with dragon symbology. All ancient Kings derived kingship-power from the dragons.

    Yes – we have HARD evidence..stone carvings -about as hard as you can get. We cant even carve stone like ancient reptos/Egypt, precision beyond our understanding.

    Obviously dragons ARE the Reptilians, HELLO! read not sci fi..4 real4real.

    Their faces have been obliterated from ancient monuments where ever agents of the “empire” were able to get to first..hence the great pyramid is NOT what we are lead to believe, and reason why we cant fathom how to reverse engineer it today.

    People are clinging to believe in a dude creating this whole shebang in 6 days as well as creating humans. Praying everyday to something that is uknown based entirely on faith, and as evidence suggests – Pedophilia. Priests of the “alien savior” – some vile ass fish heads if I ever saw one.
    But we refuse to even consider our Reptilian origins and common genes shared with the “common dragon”/kingu.
    Down here in CA/Yuactan we still have very clear images of our Reptilian predecessors/ancestors, as well as their slave race mimnus/grays, the maya recorded everything, and the agents of empire (jesuits) were not able to destroy all the proofs. Mesopotamia/Iran, and Turkey source of Euphrates and Tigris have thousands of examples of our reptilian overseers.

    So yeah what a ponder this AM- 7.5 ft -8.5 ft tall “dragons” with strong mental engagement “powers” – dont even need to lay a hand on you, they have ability to make you believe ANYTHING is happening to you..monster bugs eating Ure flesh as you stand there trying to crawl out of your own skin. We ARE their pets, at least thats how “they” think of Humanity – Pets.

    Neural engagement is whats for future – and not some other persons/organizations control & brainwashing BS.

    Like to suggest all start believing in their own dam selves…and start collecting Ure own NRG-Qi-Chi-Ki…see Paul Atreides – Dune.

    * qigong advisor painted 12 famous pictures using a ancient masters brushes – he said he utilized all that ancient info still resident in the brushes to accomplish his own “masterpieces”. One of the paintings is depiction of “An Auspicious Dragon” flying away and looking back on humanity. dingding – Sa Am/Nuddimud/enki/ea/Horus/Heru ? I think so. Over 25 years later after first seeing that painting have I realized the significance. Link to one of paintings, not dragon, not my prob if you wanna see https://yanxinqigong.net/aboutdryan/ -tiger
    https://www.yanxinqigong.net/ -horse. Also explains legend of Lord Lao/Lao Zu -who was said to be born as an full grown adult ! Hello!

    Do I have unauthorized color copys of all 12 pics ?? ya think.

    • David M Jacob’s, PHD has 3 books on Amazon. I suggest reading his latest one, Walking Amoung Us, The Alien Plan to Control Humanity.

      I know someone who told me “My job is to stand in the middle of the street and to point, saying It’s ok. Just get on the ship and it will all be ok.” She said people will be panicking and she is supposed to be a calming presence. She had never heard of Jacob’s.

      Supposedly the aliens will save some people and keep them in a zoo or a preserve in case they need pure DNA later on.

      I have heard that some people will be taken to another planet to reseed. But I have also heard that some aliens find humans very tasty.

      Project Camelot had some copies of Alien Digest issues. Maybe 5 issues. The author didn’t have nice things to say.

    • I presume you’re the person who has previously made comments on similar issues regarding Reptilians, Annunaki, Enki, etc. Keep them coming! I’ve read a lot on these same subjects and find them at least as believable as the stories that have been foisted on mankind for eons.

      • Annuna warriors – shiny silver disks, when on Earth/Uras – annuna-ki. The Ki-gal is 3rd dimension, An-gal is 4th..”heaven”. higher/lighter freq’s above, denser heavier below..

        Annuna-ki – all 3 books of hebrews talk in code around how to deal with them when encountered…they are “the fallen” ones, Humanity’s adversaries.

  5. i’ve heard controlled breathing unites/syncs the 2 nervous systems, sympathetic and autonomic.

    If I can’t sleep I inhale all the way and rekease air as slowly as possible, never have needed more than 3 cycles.

  6. George
    Like Warhammer I have used that device to expand lung capacity after a punctured lung in a car accident last year. it helps train diaphragm breathing which is abdominal breathing g which is how opera singers so it, which I am one.
    This massages the Vegus nerve running down the back inside your cavity, which lowers BP.
    Also helps relax chest neck jaw and mouth muscles to allow free breathing though throat again a singer trick.
    Diaphragm/abdominal breathing will also help relax tension in upper body so you drop off to sleep faster.
    When I am tense I can top the upper number from 160s to 120s by a out 30 second of a nominal breathing. I’m. ot kidding it’s that effective.

  7. George, referencing your 4 horsemen post of yesterday, one of the horses is named SEEDYC and strapped to the back of the horse are numerous chicken ducks and geese.
    The CDC admits that the # of people who have contracted “Avian Flue” is very low, with mild symptoms and a death rate in the single digits. But with the CDC hope springs eternal and with a little nudging I expect the Avian Flue could become our next panic plague. (wounder if the CDC along with big pharma are not already working on the vaccine??? So to avoid the rush get in line now for the next series of BS shots , I mean avian shots.

  8. Re: Email Compactor
    feat. Aiye, Aiye

    DJ George,

    I would suggest that Ure and Century email addresses have been dancing to a different algorithm for at least the past week.

    • Re: O1 Life Buoy
      feat. free the radical


      Spare a trumpet for a cause? Could Washington-based The Heritage Foundation be summonsing its grassroots Heritage Action troopers? Conservative readers of “Spare”, by a – forgive me – heir to the throne, are unsettled following apparent book confessions from the Duke to drug use. The Foundation wishes to see the finer details of his O1 visa application from 3 years past. The visa type is familiar in the orbits of “extraordinary” people. It would appear Justin Bieber holds one, for instance.

      Here’s DJ Ure dropping the gavel on the Biebs’ “Justice” album –

      • Re: Employment Extinction
        feat. GPT


        One of the curious happenings of Mr. Xi’s visit to Seattle in September, 2015 is that he apparently snubbed an invitation to dinner at Mr. Gate’s house. Today Bill released another issue of his ‘Notes blog. No mention of the covid. AI is here. It’s going to be a godsend apparently in Africa where AI can practice medical stuff on doctor-deficient populations. Sure there may mistakes made, but, oh well. And in the developed world, it should be up to government to look out for the “less well off” being displaced from economic opportunity by AI advances.

        Four days ago a paper was published by GPT developer OpenAI about the devastating effects GPT will have on US workers. Conceivably the 34 (mostly manual) jobs not affected by GPT in the paper could be if GPT were to be roboticized and gain mobility. According to anecdote, OpenAI received a $10 billion infusion from Mr. Gates this past January. There may be an episode missing from “The Terminator” movie series –
        “Rise of the Luddites” ?


        • Re: Job


          Speaking of jobs, Twitter popped up with a link to Job, a royal Black prince from Gambia who was an 18th century slave trader. Enslaved himself and transported to Maryland, he was able to return to Africa after his royal lineage became known. He resumed his slave trade business enterprise.
          “Some Memoirs of the Life of Job…”
          by Thomas Bluett, 1734.


  9. I had a great day yesterday. I rarely get a “day-off” to do ‘nothing’. Hours of reading, couple of hours of art – didn’t do a damn thing I didn’t want to., but somehow added three more ‘things’ to my Spring and Summer To-Do list ! I’m retired.., been retired for years – how come I have so much to do !!??
    Some quotes for you this morning:
    The US is going through a ‘textbook’ financial crisis and the S&P 500 won’t hit a new high [ over 4,800 ] for a long time. [ This morning at 3,980 ]
    The Biden administration’s efforts to inject a centralized bank digital currency is about surveillance and control, not monetary policy.
    I still recommend avoiding on-line digital currencies like Bitcoin., It’s a financial trap.
    The financial bubble, the housing bubble, the stock market bubble – they will all burst and we will see an aggressive recession by years’ end.
    All quotes from, Cooperman. Don’t know just how accurate he has been., but he controls just over $2.6 billion in ETF’s and hedge funds., and make more money the Berkshire-Hathaway. So I do listen.

    • d’Lynn,

      Glad to read that you found your happy place. Indeed, yesterday was World Happiness Day. At 12 noon eastern time, The United Nations released its 10th annual World Happiness Report. Apparently even during the 2020-2022 covid period, positive emotions outscored the negative by a 2:1 ratio!

      The UN’s report arrives by way of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). The Network is guided by exemplary persons including Ms. Kennedy of RFK Human Rights. A Chinese board member is the trained-in-America academic Dr. Xue Lan at Tsinghua University where his duties include being the Dean of the Institute for AI International Governance (I-AIIG).


      • More complete happiness may result from reading the original Chinese pages. “You are now entering the Twilight Zone”?

  10. “Trump walk. (We’re now hearing arraignment will be next week sometime. We’re calling it “cuff and fluff.”)”

    Robert Costello threw a serious monkey wrench into the plan to use a minor Federal misdemeanor that’s years past the expiration date of its statute of limitations (and which the FEC determined years ago, that Trump was completely innocent of), turn it into a one-use-only State felony, then charge Trump with it.

    Costello is a witness beyond reproach, but I guarantee that within the next 48 hours, EVERYBODY in the lamestream “media” and their political & financial enablers will make a concerted effort to destroy him, because they want that Grand Jury to believe a weasel who is a proven perjurer over an ex- Federal attorney with a spotless record, and who’s known for his honesty.

    It was after his testimony that the Repugs in Congress called the NY prosecutor in for a chat. I assume he’ll tell them to go away and the media will call them really bad names — while never mentioning Costello or his testimony…

    • “I assume he’ll tell them to go away and the media will call them really bad names — while never mentioning Costello or his testimony…”

      Batting 1000 as of Tuesday night.

  11. Neither politics nor finance is turning my crank today.

    I’m a LOT MORE CONCERNED with the SU-35 that intercepted two American B-52s off the coast of Kaliningrad this morning:

    Dramatic moment Russian SU-35 fighter jet intercepts two US B-52 nuclear bombers over Baltic Sea

    This is the dramatic moment a Russian fighter jet intercepted a pair of US nuclear bombers over the Baltic Sea, just days after an American drone was downed. Russia’s defence ministry said a single Su-35 was scrambled to meet the B-52 strategic bombers that were flying towards the Russian border on Monday, but that it returned to base after they moved away following a tense stand off.


    • Russians analysts laugh their asses off when they “discover” slow “black rectangles” on their radar screens..bwahahah. One of biggest waste of money in the entire US nuke arsenal. A big fat black duck in flight is harder to hit, than one of those flying jokes. Same is true for entire ICBM arsenal -S L O W – just like pedo joe, if we can even launch the “gerry rigged boomers.
      SU-35’s fly circles around anything/everything US/Nato(great satan) has..everything. Airfarce guys wouldnt dare engage with one, for fear of being sliced and diced ala kinsu knife action. Yeah yeah stand off at “safe” distance fire some missiles – strategy rendered doa with advent 5000km kill range of kinzals. Du-Ohhh!

      best of luck my American friends, looks like Ure gonna need some soonly and biggly.

      Sorry to inform but all those trillions of defense dollars that should have gone into US Education/Infrastructure and Food/Farming – been wasted on scheisse that dont stand up to Russian tech, and they havent even unveiled the truly “trick scheisse” yet…yet .

      The truly f-ed up mil news today is word london is sending depleted uranium ordnance to Russian front – they have warned – repeatedly.
      I better understand the lyrics to CLASH london calling now – when I replace “suns zoomig in” to Sarmat/avenguard zooming in…nuclear error indeedz methinkz.

      Got belgorods ?

    • Without fighter escorts of the F22 type I’m sure the SU35 pilot knew it was just cat and mouse games. Nothing new to all involved. If there were a dozen B52s and 20 fighters of the Gen 5 flavor, well that’s another story all together.

      • Of course.

        Russia had two of their TU-95 “nuclear bombers” up in the Pacific, at the same time, to harass the Japanese (PM Kishida had dashed off to Kiev) and scramble us.

        The Stratoforts allegedly had a Polish fighter escort. DoD said they were many hundreds of miles away from any Russian territory and bound for Estonia — even presented a pretty picture showing the ’52s in Swedish airspace. The SU-35’s in-flight cam belies that claim, and the flight path trace shows the ’52s taking off in Spain, flying into Poland from the northwest, then looping several times, roughly 100 klicks SW of Kaliningrad, before returning to the Baltic Sea to follow the coastline.

        It is all theater. It is the same crap the US and USSR did in the 1960s — didn’t like it then, don’t like it now.

  12. “We have to wonder what the 2024 quid pro quo will be after Sloppy Joe vetoed a bill which would put ESG investing back in the box. Even democrats are furious: Joe Manchin blasts Biden’s ‘absolutely infuriating’ agenda after ESG veto.”

    TBH, Manchin is up for re-election in ’24, so he’s gonna “wax Conservative.” I personally put the probability that he learned he couldn’t trust the Dems (after they f**ked him for his vote) at nearly zero, but he’ll make Conservative-sounding noise until the Election is past, simply to stay in office…

  13. Coconut Oil …. specifically “Pure, Cold Pressed, VIRGIN, Non-Pasturized.

    A few weeks back someone here posted some information with a link that there was a study out about how it helps wrt slowing the onset of Alzheimer.

    Since my early bout with what my Dr. believes was Covid (no tests for it that early, end of Jan 2020), I have had memory issues … all the classic ones that people who had that first iditeration of Covid have discussed. My memory issues slowly got better over the next 2 1/2 years but never totally went away. I still sometimes couldn’t remember the word that went with an everyday type event, place name, or concept I could describe the event /feeling /name quite well I just couldn’t drag our of my memory the actual name /word that applied to it.

    SO based upon that post from a few weeks ago (thank you whoever posted it) I went out, scoured the shelves at the grocery and found myself a jar of Pure, Cold Pressed, VIRGIN, Non-Pasturized Coconut oil. (there are variations of coconut oil but the VIRGIN COLD PRESSED NON Pasturized is apparently what you want).

    While usually a coffee drinker I have been taking 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon and dissolving it in a cup of GREEN TEA in the morning. Green tea is better for you than coffee, I actually like the taste, but usually I am 100% coffee drinker … but with this I decided to add the Green Tea to the mix and add the benefits of Green Tea to my diet.

    VOILA … here we are several weeks later and here is my “After Action Report”

    My memory wrt finding the right words to use has IMPROVED DRAMATICALLY!!

    Before even some normal everyday words would escape my ability to find them for awhile, that problem has now disappeared. It is a VERY noticable change for me. I had never had my brain fully recover from that Covid brain induced fogginess, but now my brain is back to close to what it was before wrt finding the right word to say.

    I can’t say it has changed my ability “to think”, I did retain that or so it seemed, and I can’t perceive any change there though it may be possible that has changed to. It is in the language skills that I notice a HUGE improvement as to how my brain is now functioning.

    I have became A BELIEVER in that damn Coconut Oil (Virgin, Cold Pressed, Non Pasturized) and my 1/2 -3/4 teaspoon in a cup of tea every morning. I don’t try to cook with it (it has a very low scortching temp apparently – which would obviously change it’s properties … A LOT), just let it dissolve in my cup of tea and then drink it with my breakfast (at room temp it does have a hard paste consistency).

    Anyway … maybe it is just hocus-pocus and my brain got better on it’s own, but that Coconut Oil seems to do everything they advertise that Prevagen does, at a fraction of the price.

    As a cooking oil it IS expensive … but ignore that and buy a jar if you want to repeat my experiment, not as a cooking oil but as a DAILY Medical Supplement.

    If you do try it post back here in a few weeks as to if it helped you or if you think it is a waste of time and money to do a 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of it a day in your morning hot beverage

    • SOLD !!

      I hate KNOWING a word and not being able to bring it forth while having a discussion. I’m almost 75 so have accepted it as an “age thing”.

      I just bought this 3 pack for $76 bucks (comments said to use it as a morning toast spread too… so no more fake butter for me.)


      We’ll see, but it’s gotta be better than the crap spread I’ve been cooking with also. Money means so little at this point in life if you can’t speak your mind.

      Thanks for the reminder. IF I REMEMBER in a few months I’ll try to reply to another Stephen 2 comment with possible memory improvement.


    • Coconut and Olive oil are the two healthiest oils there are. But seed oils are cheap and plentiful and… deadly. Read ‘The Oiling of America’.

      I have a small pump-spray bottle of coconut oil… the thin ‘fractionated’ derivative, that I use on reheating food in the microwave. The spritz of coconut oil keeps meats and other foods from drying out in the microwave. Coconut oil is the only decent source of MCTs…. Medium Chain Triglicerides. Healthy oil. It can be used for frying. I have deep-fried breadfruit slices in coconut oil for home made ‘potato’ chips.

      I remember that article… it might have been me that posted it. I’m always giving George tips on preventing his alzheimers gene from going rogue. Glad to know it’s working for you.

    • I buy my coconut oil by the 5 gal bucket. I re-use the the oil from my morning potatoes cooked in a cast iron fry pan. I have a stainless steel turkey baster to suck the oil out and into a bowl that gets re-used the next morn, with a little more added in. Every week or so I dump or burn the old, in my woodburner stove. Also you can use it as an oral ‘oil pulling’ ,,, add some drops of clove oil, easy with the cloves, till ya figure out how much.
      Good to hear of others that have success, with the Alzheimers,,, Zippity do dah, zippity aye, my oh my what a wonderful day

      guide lines for frying with coconut oil

      Got Popcorn? yes sir, I use coconut oil there also

      l[r]et, gees Mr Ure, Trump also uses mis-spelling in his posts to convey a message or clue, you left my laughing my butt off in ure reply to LOOB,,,
      waist not, want not, I like em slim

      • coconut oil used in a deep fat fryer is awesome as well.. I believe at one point.. one of the fast food chains used either palm oil or coconut oil for their french fries.. after they switched.. french fry sales dropped in half..

      • I also got a real chuckle out of the reply.. I know I am the crappiest speller in the world.. I really miss bryce from his lazy porch garden..smart man but like me could drag on without punctuation.. LOL LOL LOL the boss at home always teases me about it.. LOL LOL LOL…

    • ” I still sometimes couldn’t remember the word that went with an everyday type event, place name, or concept I could describe the event /feeling /name quite well I just couldn’t drag our of my memory the actual name /word that applied to it.”

      This isn’t normal? I’ve had this issue, at least since my 20s. When typing, I simply walk away for a few minutes. ‘Tis downright inconvenient though, when I’m speaking…

    • At this point I’m willing to try anything. My ability to fall asleep at the drop of a hat, especially in the mid-afternoon slumps, is well noted in the family, especially while driving. Let me sit quietly for 5 minutes and I’m gone regardless of how much sleep I’ve had which means the drive to and from “the big city” has been pretty exciting on many occasions. If coconut oil can keep me away from the arguments about C-PAP machines with my wife I’ll do it! But I doubt it will change the fact that losing 15 to 20 pounds and getting the gut to shrink wouldn’t change things in a positive direction either. I honestly think the gut shrinks, redirects or through some other means keeps the blood flow to the brain down to a not-too-healthy minimum when in the sitting position. I can feel a revival of awareness whenever I shift or stand for a time so working off the Winter fat is an imperative in my world.

      • I love my c-pap machine.. best nights sleep you will ever have..
        the mask.. the mask is different for each person.. I prefer the nose canula mask.. the half clam shell mask is ok.. but as you turn in bed it gets loose and half of the time you slip it off while you sleep..
        although the one soft half clam shell mask is pretty nice for mouth breathers..

        • each person has to explore to find the proper mask for them.. I bet there must be twenty five or thirty different ones..
          I had one that dam the nose would get sore.. then it bothered me so much.. that I had to find out why.. I called the company they give you this BS about proper cleaning etc.. YEAH SURE YOU BETCHA.. then I discovered it.. called them back up.. the first thing on their site and messages was the cleaning for those with sore noses.. ( had to be a big issue.. for them to make that post one) so I got talking to the people in charge of design.. and told them.. the reason they are getting so much complaints wasn’t because of the proper cleaning methods.. but because of the printing.. they printed the company name on the part that hits the tip of the nose.. as a person slept it rubbed and pretty soon sore nose.. I suggested they use ink rather than mold it.. the guy started to laugh no one had ever considered the raised lettering.. they moved the logo and sent me a box of masks.. LOL
          so find the mask that works for you…

        • Well, if the issue was me not getting enough sleep then it would have been solved this past week of Spring Break. We all slept till we couldn’t any more and I still had the mid-afternoon slumps as long as we weren’t doing anything physical. What was worse was that, come 10pm or so when we usually go to bed, I couldn’t go to sleep or woke up an hour-plus before we had the alarm set for. The brain just didn’t want any more and I didn’t have a book to read on the trip.

        • Went and got some coconut oil yesterday afternoon but I’m putting it in my coffee. I had a couple of pods left of chocolate/cherry kiss from this past Christmas sale and it tastes like a Mounds bar with cherry infused in it. Can’t ever go wrong with that! The only problem is you have to have something to eat with it otherwise the oil slick on top of the first sips of coffee are going to be on top in your stomach and that just doesn’t feel right.

    • Coconut oil is saturated, like butter. Both help build the brain since it’s largely made of unsaturated fat. Statins “reduce cholesterol”, which is a large part of the brain, and perhaps encourage demyelination. I found that my mental sharpness and verbal recall improved dramatically after using a fair amount of real butter each day, and butter is similar to coconut oil as far as its hydrogenation. For some reason, I lost a bit of weight too. The arguments about fat regarding the heart may be valid to a degree, but what’s the point of having a healthy heart if you’re brain dead? Exercise matters, and now that the weather is getting (slightly) better, going outside and moving in the fresh air is a good thing. Of course, with fencelines to be mended and lots of other deferred maintenance, it’s necessary.

      I’ve always trusted coconut oil, but for some reason I’ve not used it much so far.

    • I love coconut oil and use it where ever I can.. what I am curious about is where do you buy your bulk coconut oil.. I get mine at sam’s club.. or off of amazon.. what I am seeing is only two quart containers..

    • Okay, you all convinced me. I’ve got gallons of coconut oil for soap and candle making — none of it organic, though. I’ll snag a jug of the fancy stuff and give it a whirl. It’s gonna have to be pretty good, to replace my hand-churned Amish butter, though…

      BTW, ALL seed oils are genetically-modified now, unless they specifically state otherwise.

    • YUP.. and the UK and USA will be forever known as the ones to dip to the lows of (FIRST USE OF NUCLEAR) when history moves forward to any survivors that there will be..
      I thought it ODD that our local power company is now suggesting that everyone of their members have a backup power system.. and even promoting solar backup systems for short term.. and they will install them at anyones home that wants one..

  14. “Humans self-organize in peculiar ways. Some make it about tribalism.”

    People are social by nature. We can’t help it. We are born with deep physical and psychological (and spiritual) needs to be among others. And there are some ‘Others’ that you choose (spouse, friends, politics, religion – or not–, employer, sports fandom) and others you don’t (your family).

    One of the biggest and most basic problems humans face is that we make some really bad choices of associations with Others. This could be allowing toxic members of your own family to overly influence you and affect you in bad ways. Or friends that are not exactly actually your friends. And there are numerous bad options with regard to outside choices of groups you seek to bond with that turn out to be not good for you.

    And too many people just don’t stop and think enough about whether they are in the right groups and making these good fundamental choices. You can tell a lot about a person just by learning who they associate with. And sometimes the right choice is to NOT be with anyone at all for a given time.

    And another problem is the Group itself. OK, you need to bond with something. But any group wants to get its claws into you and brings with it all kinds of heavy baggage about fitting in and not straying off the reservation. So you can end up with just another form of enslavement. And nobody needs that.

    God Bless those people and associations that are the right individual choices we make and that serve to help us to be a better people as we need to be for them in kind.

  15. Proximate Causes of the Rally:

    Third fractal growth day 7 (buying saturation)

    …. From the Wilshire’s average daily low valuation on 12 October 2022, the 4/9/8/6 weeks series corresponds to a 17/38/36/25 day series with day 38 of the second fractal representing the average low valuation on 28 December 2022. The 36 day third fractal lower high valuation occurred on 17 February 23. The 25 day fourth fractal is composed of two saturation trading subseries.The first is a 2/4/4 day fractal series ending on 1 March 2003. The second is a 3/7/6-7/5-4 series ending on 25 March 2023. (With today’s buying saturation, this now appears to be a 3/7/7/4 day series.)

    Will a historical nonlinear devaluation occur near the end of this 17/38/36/25 day fractal series which is contained within the 1994’s 31-33 year second fractal terminal 2x-2.5x window of 26- 33 years of the 13 year x 1982 first fractal base?

    Time will tell.

    The restructuring and actual default of trillions of dollars of bad debt is the exact cause of all asset classes’ nonlinear devaluations(except sovereign debt), not foreign nor local political circus. The central banks’ policies of excessive QE are the only pathway to avoid a deflationary depression; the QE/QT cycles with be the world for the next 51 years. The coming 24 early 25 global recession will be significant.

  16. I found this video a few weeks ago. It sounded pretty much like what my experience has been with the hypertension diagnosis and the meds.

    Do You Really Have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? Your Doctor is Doing it Wrong!

    My bp has much more to do with what I either did or did NOT do the previous day. If I worked a lot, got sweaty, tired myself out the bp is going to be way lower than usual. If I sat on my butt all day due to schedules, weather, what have you it’s going to be about 10+ points higher almost guaranteed. The doc told me to take my bp in the morning before coffee touches my lips (or I read George’s column). Making coffee in the morning has been my job for everyone for a long time. Once that’s done the 5-10 minutes or so of calming down is very important to getting an accurate reading because if I take it right after I finally sit down it’s often in the 150/98 and higher range. Sit down, don’t talk, support your feet and maintain a good posture where your gut isn’t thrust up into your diaphragm and that reading often comes down dramatically.

    I’ve been prescribed 100mg Losartan and the danged water pill that keeps me running for the restroom every 30 minutes or so. I told the doc that I cut the Losartan in half and use that to maintain a good bp and he agreed that if that keeps my bp in a good zone then keep doing it. It also allows me to let my supply of the meds increase and, right now, I’m several months ahead on the Rx’s on hand. This could be important as the maker of the Losartin that has the best effects for me has just dried up the supplies that H.E.B. sources from and I’m not sure where I’m going to go after this so I’m going to have to check around to see what’s going on. I used another brand once last year and didn’t have the desired bp control that my preferred brand gives me.

  17. Lucid dream?

    Boy, did I have a weird one last night. I was an anime character, being pursued by a bunch of dudes in black suits, apparently with murderous intent. There was an anime chick whose preoccupation was apparently to keep me from being killed, who kept dragging me through doorways and what-not, to save my ass.

    The anime chick is “Ram,” from the series Re:Zero ? Starting Life in Another World.

    I know nothing about the series or “Ram,” have never watched it or AFAIK seen an ad for it, had no idea what its plotline was,* and it is a series my anime-collecting kid doesn’t own and hasn’t watched.

    *Just looked it up. Apparently this guy is walking home from a cstore and suddenly warps into a parallel universe.

    From Wackypedia (which is apparently now written by 11yos):

    See also: List of Re:Zero ? Starting Life in Another World characters

    Subaru Natsuki is a NEET who is suddenly summoned to a fantasy-like world. Just after arriving, he is killed while trying to help a young half-elf he befriends, Emilia, who is a candidate to become the next ruler of the Kingdom of Lugunica, only to revive some hours in the past. After dying some times, Subaru realizes that he has the power to turn back time after his death. After successfully helping Emilia, Subaru starts living in one of the Mansions of the Roswaal Mathers as a butler. Out of gratitude and affection for Emilia, Subaru makes use of his newfound ability to protect her and help on her ambition to be successfully appointed as the next queen, also providing assistance to other friends he makes along the way, while suffering due to the pain inflicted on him every time he dies, and carrying along the memories of everything that happened before his power activates, which is forgotten by everybody except for him. ”

    “Subaru Natsuki” sounds a helluva lot more like Andy than me…

    Still, it has to have some sort of meaning, and it was a lucid dream. Ram has short, pinkish-red hair, which made her really easy to find.

    So, I bought the series today and will watch it intently when it arrives. In the meantime, I’m soliciting opinions on the meaning of all this. It is WAY outta my wheelhouse…

      • Y’all laugh away. I’ve never been a nonhuman character before. That’s messing with me almost as much as being in a created universe (that of this animation) with existing characters I’ve never seen before, but could readily recognize.

        “Ram” is an identical twin. Her sister “Rem” sports short blue hair, and is apparently much more popular with the otaku crowd than “Ram.” That’s all I’ve got — don’t have time to research a damn’ cartoon right now, but it DOES make me wonder if the folks at CERN either cranked their racetrack up a little too far, or are about to (hence this “message.”)

        • tHE LAUGHTER WAS NOT A PERSONAL POKE. It was a welcome to the brotherhood, Ray. Some of us go throuhgh this kind of thing on an almost daily basis. PN today was an example of “cross domain” writing.

        • Oh, I know, and no offense taken.

          I talked with my kid a while ago… She laughed as well, then told me she has had this same experience with games — once with a game that likely hadn’t even been storyboarded at the time.

          She, too, welcomed me to her world…

    • I rarely have dreams in full vibrant color, so I tend to remember them.. I had one several decades back that involved me running through a greenhouse alive with the brightest anime-like flowers imaginable. The greenhouse also hosted a large crocodile, hence the fast pace.
      I later interpreted it as a subconscious editorial comment on a new employer, which turned out to be spot on. Bright and pretty uptop, but same old dangerous underneath.

    • Her is an excerpt from a person.. the smartest woman I know or will ever know.. in her upper eighties and she still reads a book and a half a day.. Met her in the stacks of the LOC. we are like Gaye and George who have been friends for an eternity as well.. ( library of congress) she is like me never got anywhere.. ( except she does have the golden goose govt healthcare.. and govt. retirement.. )
      “Here I am. Perched out on the ledge with you. We’re either both barking mad or seeing something different in the events of present that are happening in front of us.
      Sometimes I think Literally dig in and shut up. I have tried to test the waters of the few people I see. It is hard for me to trust How much I should say to anyone? I am never sure of family. the majority of those I do see can’t see what is unfolding before us.”
      It is the same with me.. in the movie the tomorrow man.. the scene with his children comes to mind.. it is exactly what my kids do and act

    • As recorded on these pages the last few years. Until one learns the TRUTH about the BOLSHEVIK funded and led revolution, WW1, and WW2, one cannot even begin to comprehend what these same killers have planned for the USA.

      You have had a taste of these ‘revolutionary forces’ with ANTIFA sponsored and funded by George Soros et al. You have also seen the DESTABILIZING forces of the Democrats as they allow George Soros to fund and place his District Attorneys, etc., (how many in the congress, senate, and White House are paid off) in key positions all over the United States causing chaos, defunding the police, pitting the races, ages, sexes, against each other and even going after the children via abortions, transgenderism, and vaccinations. Not to mention the weaponizing of our secret services against the population and citizens of the USA via the FBI, CIA, AND more importantly the Bolshevik OWNED MEDIA and TECHNOLOGY companies that got paid to eliminate, obscure, hide ideas, facts, and information that is crucial and key to not only a REPUBLIC but a half-assed Democracy. Without TRUTHFUL INFORMATION there is no INFORMED CONSENT.

      Now, you see, how history records uprisings, as either spontaneous, or festering, when really they are created, sponsored, and funded with an AGENDA and END GOAL in mind.

      Those THREE wars were to kill as many Christians, and Caucasians as possible; wipe them off the face of the earth, and this did accomplish the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of millions of them (and took out the projected descendants) and OTHERS for collateral damage (see 60 Minutes interview of George Soros relating what he and his Father got up to in WW2.)

      ALL those wars were planned and orchestrated by having THEIR people in all of the KEY positions to make sure that a) the wars happened, and b) they killed as many as possible, and c) the world was rewritten under their new plan and agenda aFTerWards.

      Who will stop it this time?

      History Repeats Effectively.

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