A Small Trader Power Tool

Today, we’re into the “fun stuff” – the kind of thing I used to do and got paid well for doing:  Working out algorithmic software solutions to complex problems.

Since we are de-emphasizing the day-to-day trading discussions, we thought it would be fun to use the occasion to whip up some new – and maybe a bit unconventional – tools to make sliding a few more dollars into the bank a little less work…

Peoplenomics, as I’ve defined it, is the study of people economics.  So, what’s the point of studying “matters economic” if we can’t take a bit off the top for ourselves?

We’ll release the first draft of the tool next weekend along with some additional notes on algorithmic trading.  But, it sure looks through “the tool” as though the Dow jump of +747  Friday  was more algorithmic than humanistic, to us.

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7 thoughts on “A Small Trader Power Tool”

    • Yes – the system sends out automated messages one month, two weeks, one week, and day of…that said, many email systems block server-originated content. I’ll check for you…

  1. I am still operating on the assumption that we are still on the left side of the Only Chart that Matters. This would mean a MELT UP to URE INDEX 30,000 at least would be needed. This correction may not be over, but when it starts to slow down, an entry into Artificial Intelligence (AI) stocks (semiconductors) would be prudent. For diversification, Wayfair (W) would be a interesting stock. Plus BABA in case China opens up their markets in 2019. Also, oil is looking attractive again with current low oil prices. A great opportunity is on the horizon to be taken advantage of.

      • Bruno: XLNX, TER, CY, MXIM, MU, AMD, & STM are the ones I am currently looking at. I have a few more I am researching. Since the trend is down & as the old saying goes, “the trend is your friend until it ends”, the trend needs to reverse before it is time to buy.

    • After you read that and all the other ‘good’ writings, and let them marinate in your brain you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. That seems to be the problem ;-( they all are very smart, but what do you gain? More confusion to say the least. Sure, it’s entertaining to read but how will I position myself for tomorrow? Think!!

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