A Modest Economic Conspiracy Theory

We’re not big on conspiracy theories, except when we find one supported by the data!  It’s not simple to explain how we got there, but you may see, as I certainly did, the clear shadow of a “hidden hand” behind society-wide market moves.

The problem – even more complex than the data sets – is now that we have the data, what is it trying to tell us?  How do we change it?

Just the kind of thing some cream cheese Danish and  coffee is designed to sort out.  After our usual few headlines to turn-over the crank between the ears…

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11 thoughts on “A Modest Economic Conspiracy Theory”

  1. Does the fed buy stocks with monies or is said just going into what ? Control of markets oh ya

  2. G – a very illuminating clue filled piece this AM..re: “US Commander and Chief doesn’t play by anyones book”

    The 3-D chess pieces are in place, traps set – already many “badfish” have been caught and treated with Extreme Prejudice, others awaiting tribunals.

    Rest of the “badfish” are fleeing, bolting,resigning, retiring, suiciding, disavowing,denying and otherwise in a sheer state of PANIC..why would pencil neck schiffty be warning about deep fake videos – Standard Hotel anyone?hear its a real upside down kinda place.

    POTUS keeps setting em up – and they keep falling for it..everytime!

    Epstein – Wexner – Netanwahoo – Soros/Rothchild – sweating the quill anyone? these “people” are NOT human..to paraphrase the greek freak – Plato ” not all men or women U meet R Human” – aint that right herr merkle?

    I guess it would take a real stupid moron, idiot ,and dumbass to take on and defeat the Anti-Human Deep State..dvd.

    Insightful market analysis regarding the FED – not Federal, and markets. The FED is DeepState, therefore..

    Coot goes into every weekend LONG SPY Index Puts @ 2.5x ratio to current portfolio value. An expensive piece of mind, but at least I sleep like a rock. Toughest decision come Monday market open, who’s money am I going to take today!?

    What? long Precious Metal Miners & Streamers?? – Gold and Silver breaking out..Higher = profits or “who’s giving coot money today”.

    BTC’s – long and going higher – stop loss at $8500, but as the song says..”Litecoin is the Right coin”. LTC – the best $h!tcoin of bunch

    • “… these “people” are NOT human..to paraphrase the greek freak – Plato ” not all men or women U meet R Human” – aint that right herr merkle?”

      Has me thinking — after just listening to a Sunday sermon about Lucifer — you may have a point ;-(.

    • Coot: You said, “Coot goes into every weekend LONG SPY Index Puts @ 2.5x ratio to current portfolio value.” The following question is because I don’t understand it & would like to.

      If you had a portfolio with a value of $1,000,000, you would buy puts with a value of $2,500,000. What would it cost. I assume the puts are purchased in case the market crashes on Monday Morning.

      I buy & hold in demand stocks. My 20-20 hindsight is perfect, but my foresight is faulty.

      • By the way Coot, I owe you one. I bought some STZ after Trump announced the 10% tariffs on Mexico. I figured he was just thumping as usual since he squandered his 1st 2 years & did nothing on immigration. It is my kind of Marijauna play.

  3. I’m noticing a theme. The West is in final stages of liquidation.

    Lehman Brothers founded 1850.
    Deutsche bank founded 1870.
    GM founded 1908.
    Sears founded 1893.
    JCPenney founded 1902.
    Bayer founded 1863.
    Monsanto founded 1901.
    Boeing founded 1916.
    Detroit MI 1701.

    At the beginning of the 1980’s most folks had access to a pension (even a bad one), late 1980’s 401K matches…. today, hardly even a 401k match.

    We’re out of money.

    • not true about the 401k bit – company matching 50% of the first 6% of salary which an employee elects to contribute is still standard across most jobs with corporations. Some companies do better than that, too (e.g. matching half of the next 3% [up to 6% total] or even matching the full 6%).

  4. There is a good read at What Does It Mean,Com today – Clinton Nears Newspaper Industry Takeover

  5. The real conspiracy is that the Fed bamboozles the public and policy makers into believing that they control everything according to their policy dictates, when in fact, they simply follow commercial markets, always lagging a bit. The constant reversals in policy of late are an indication of underlying market instability.
    It will likely be the European and Asian banks which screw us all, and when it all hits that proverbial appliance, we will all be standing flat-footed wondering what happened.
    Avoid debt of all types, and live beneath your means. It’s easier to make adjustments if you don’t have a major OPM (Other People’s Money) Jones messing with your head and your solvency. People rationalize their OPM addictions by making their debts into assets (in their own heads). Mortgages, car notes, term rentals, etc are debts, not assets. You own a half-million dollar home and an $80K car ? No, the bank owns those luxury items, and you are only caretaker until the notes are fully paid. Those loans could never be called in, right? Don’t bet your family’s safety on it.

  6. From Reuters….notice the bottom 250 markets, all mostly in Trump Country.. What has he done for you? NOTHING!!!! People are fleeing to the cities and seeing the light and tons of job opportunities!

    “In a ranking of 378 metropolitan areas by how their share of national employment changed from 2010 to 2017, 40% of the new jobs generated during that time went to the top 20 places, along with a similar share of the additional wages. These 20 places contain 25% of the US population. The TOP 20 include surrounding areas and are San Francisco, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Jose, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Nashville, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Miami, Orlando and Charlotte. The bottom, 251 cities, many spread across the heartland and in the industrial northeast, lost job share. (Reuters)

    DID YOU KNOW?  Over one third of all of the US’s GDP comes from the top 10 metropolitan areas in the USA. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Washington, San Francisco, Houston, Philadelphia, Boston and Atlanta.

    • Whose wealth is soon to be given away by the Progressive Left. Let’s concentrate on the least productive in our society & give them Whitey’s money. Deplorable!

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