A “Missable” Monday – Wonderful Woo-Woo

Stimulus – The “Reality Gap”

We’ve been warning you for months not to expect a second economic stimulus until after the election.  Although the market is on pins and needles – waiting for a rally on any hint of breakthrough – we’re as sorely cynical as ever.

CNBC’s been running with U.S. stock futures little changed as stimulus negotiations continue, but from the Aggregate view, the NASDAQ-FAANGs were still showing another one percent gain at the open in futures, so markets are putting on the “hard sell” for “good news.”

What we expect is going on will be – at best – a “hype-through” outcome.  Which would be where something is passed before the election.  But, both sides will take credit for it (since it won’t be in the bank yet).  I know…call me cynical, but that’s how we see.

Still looks like dems will block money in bank until after the election.

Judge Not Lest?

We expect the socialist radicals in the Senate (Bernie and Kamala) to attempt to “Kavanaugh” Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination.  As US News puts it “U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Barrett Has Proven Steadfastly Conservative.”

Which means – and she’s saying this herself – she will “judge the law as written” which would be a terrible thing from the advocate judiciary who want to promote the idea of “legislating from the bench.”  Sure, that’s crooked…but so are the people promoting such fallacies.

We look for a meritless career-shredding and one the insurrectionists – trying their damnedest to write-around the Constitution – will be sadly unashamed of.  There is no Higher Power to the Me, Me, Me Crowd.  So, yeah, let’s make her being Christian part of the attack, too.  Bet me?  ‘nother day in Gomorrah, huh?

Hinges On Hype

With no real economic news, it’s all going to hinge on hype today.  Tomorrow morning, though, we will see Consumer Prices.  Our expectation is prices will not move too much, but maybe a shade more than predicted.

The other big numbers to keep an eye on this week:  Retail sales Friday along with industrial production from the Fed.  Wednesday’s PPI will offer some longer-time inflation guidance while Thursday’s imports data will tell us what we already know about being sold out.

Eye on Growth Industries

We continue to hold 3D printing may be the future.  An upcoming Peoplenomics piece is planned on how it could reduce global warming.  (My new Creality 10V2 didn’t show up from Amazon Sunday.  Instead, the smaller Ender 3…which we already have one of…thankfully it’s Prime and the return is easy…)

Oh, yeah…are you going to set an alarm clock for midnight tonight when Prime Day starts?

One other growth industry to ponder: With eye on election and beyond, marijuana industry spends millions on lobbying, says the MJBD.


The Nobel Committee once again overlooked our daily efforts here.  As the 2020 Nobel in Economics Is Awarded to Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson.  Auction Innovations?  Like how government is bought by lobbyists?

Is Goldman talking their own book again in “Short the dollar if Biden wins the White House, Goldman Sachs suggests“?  Remember, there’s no growth.  Markets are going up because the dollar is dropping.  Like gold, takes more (worth-less) paper to buy the same thing.  It’s like there’s “honest inflation” and what’s coming.

War never goes out of style: Armenia, Azerbaijan Clash As Ceasefire Fails To Stick.

We assume you’ve seen the doc “The Social Dilemma.”  Some follow-on in the NY Times’ On Facebook, Misinformation Is More Popular Now Than in 2016” like that will surprise anyone.

And the AntiProgress communist uprising in Portland continues to insult American sensibilities as “Portland Rioters Topple Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt Statues in ‘Day of Rage’ Against Columbus.”   Another view of it in “Police declare riot as protesters topple statues, break windows in downtown Portland during ‘Day of Rage’.”

Peaceful protests, my ass, Joe.  “Get real man….”

World of Woo-Woo:  A Time-Rip

We’ll venture into the highly speculative arena of “lost technology” and how it might be recovered.  Wednesday in  Peoplenomics.

But, we did some experimenting Sunday.  And what followed – shortly thereafter – was an AMAZING adventure.

Time Rips:  I don’t know is there is such a thing in acceptable “modern science” but we’ve working on the Reaction Speed Diet. Possible effect of those experiments driven will be postulated Wednesday, but “time rip” comes pretty close.

Defined as?  When a person sleeps, normally their mind operates in similar timeframe as when awake.  If the mind operates much faster?  There’s a different “time-base” involved.  The effect last night was  ginormous.

Since we have an Amazon Alexa’s going, it’s easy to ask (*a bit groggily during the night) “Alexa:  What time is it?”

The time that mattered?  “It’s 2:39 AM.”

Ungodly hour, so back to sleep.  Where upon  I had a hugely engrossing vivid dream.  In the  Dream Realms it spanned several  days in length.  And, as usual, a high level of tactile sensory inputs. Like going to IMAX.

Finally, when it ended and I woke up, my first thought was it was such a long dream that I might have overslept for work. (Or what passes for it.)  “Alexa: What time is it?”

“The time is 3:01 AM.”


I’d just had a dream – hugely complex,  dozens of scenes, and more people than scenes – yet the whole experience took only 20-minutes of “Waking Time?”  Wowie Mr. Science!

Holy smokes!  Not only is the Woo-Woo back, but it’s operating at hyper-speed.


I can’t be sure – no one can – but my sense of it is that the period of quiescence – the period leading into the election – which is now just 22-days distant – has broken.

At least in The Realms, the decision is made, the outcome is cast.  And now we move on.

Woo 2:  The Bomb That Wasn’t

One of the half dozen, or more, dreams last night – another short one, under an hour – had that “remote viewing” sense to it.

The scene opened with “me” dream-seeing a rugged mountainous area.  Dry, arid.  And there was a low mountain off in the distance.  Might have been 5- miles,. or so.  Reminded me of those “cinder cone” peaks (are those along I-40, or I-10?  I forget).  Not as steep.

At the top of one, though, a new kind of bomb was being tested.  There was a countdown, and I was told this would be a smallish bomb (as these things go).   But don’t look…burn the eyes.

But, when the count got to zero — nothing happened!

I remember the fellow who had been orchestrating things telling me to carefully look.  So I peered out from behind the wall I’d taken refuge behind.  I could see only a tiny sliver of the mountain in the distance.  But, there had been no explosion.

A moment or two passes.  Then the “leader” of events tells us (there were a dozen, or so people in this building with a view) that this was the “worst possible thing to happen with ordnance…especially of this type.

Because whoever went up to work on it would face two risks:  There would be the risk of a conventional explosive.  On top of that, however, there was the risk the larger nuclear component would go off.  In either case, it would be over in a flash for the unlucky bomb experts who would now have to attend to things.

Except that didn’t happen Because at that moment, there was a mighty conventional explosion and there was an image of fiery debris coming our way….

Some thing (not too big…like a small rocket, maybe) hit the side of the building to the left.  The building was a bit more than one story high.  The instant the device hit – spewing flames – a group of a half-dozen men (all dressed in dark gray suits of some kind) ran toward the impact  area intent on dousing the flames.

Then I woke.  Whew!

I don’t make claims about any psychic abilities – everyone has them to some degree.  But, if we learn (somewhere in the future) that around this time, a belligerent country (like Iran or North Korea) had an atomic bomb test – and it didn’t work out as planned – well, that was the imagery from the dream.

I’d be shocked if it happens, yet I was shocked when I put up the “Irwin Allen’s Dream” piece a day before the Deep Water Horizon disaster, too.  So we shall see…

Woo-3:  Corona and Gold?

A note from our Jakarta Bureau popped out of the  I-Ching Inbox as soon as Saturday morning’s column was posted on  Peoplenomics.

“Hey chief!

I thought this might interest you: https://jakartaglobe.id/opinion/is-indonesia-ready-for-the-future-of-gold

Indonesia is caught between a rock and a hard spot.  As demand for gold soars, the mines are in partial or full shut-down over the Fauci Flu.  This kind of squeeze should be pushing global prices through the roof, so we can clearly put this down to manipulation.

Onward through the fog!”

I didn’t think anything more about it as I marched over to the house for breakfast.  In fact I was on the top stair of the BBQ deck before it hit me like a ton of bricks:  “Oh shit…It’s foggy outside here in East Texas this morning…first time since last April, or so…”  A wink from on The Better Writer of Events?

Speaking of Grover…

Add this to your calendar:


– #QandtheQult, our inaugural #Livestream with guests #JosephPFarrell


and #CatherineAustinFitts


is scheduled for Oct 13, 1300 CDT/2000 CET – Oct 14 0100 WIB; set your reminder for this illuminating discussion:

Best regards,
Bernard Grover
Executive Producer
Far Side Productions
Jakarta, Indonesia

Yes, things are drifting along toward strange, now, aren’t they?

Write when you get rich,


67 thoughts on “A “Missable” Monday – Wonderful Woo-Woo”

  1. Good morning George, thanks for the link for the Q talks https://twitter.com/radiofarside?lang=en

    Catherine Austin Fitts has been a great source of info in her field

    Woo Woo moments are experiences that I can relate to, some have had chemical help and some have been sober vivid dreams, and 1 in this physical realm, that defies explanation,,,,things that make one wonder, what is our true nature, when we only view reality from segmented view points, pixels on a monitor is our reality but people don’t see it, just electric signals to our internal viewing screen in our brain, reflections on a cave wall

    • Bernie, if you’re interviewing Farrel, might as well do an hour or two with David Jacobs. He might have some interesting insight right about the now regarding “The Change”.

  2. “Christian”. What can you say? We all have eyes to see. The other day I saw a yard sign, “Catholics for Trump”.

    Amy agrees with Judge Scalia’s style. Originalism over Stare Decisis unless deviating from stare decisis would be too disruptive. She’s more of the same.

    • Actually a very good point to amplify: Stare decicis means the legal principle of determining points in litigation according to precedent.” Originalism, in contrast is “…a type of judicial interpretation of a constitution (especially the US Constitution) that aims to follow how it would have been understood or was intended to be understood at the time it was written.”
      In short – the modern contexualists (*anchor-free) versus “long term, obvious, law.”

      And, as my youngest daughter points out “Who cares? Or, hasn’t anyone but her a) read the Hyde Amendment and b) Understand Roe v. Wade is a monetization scheme of dems because RvW can’t be overturned without a case being brought – and accepted for hearing by the Court for decision?

      Miserable political slimeballs all around.

      • “Understand Roe v. Wade is a monetization scheme of dems because RvW can’t be overturned without a case being brought – and accepted for hearing by the Court for decision?”

        Its also a VOTE getter because it is an issue that is passionate with the people.. pro and con.. so that dead horse is dug up every election to be dragged around the campaign arena.. and the candidate is the new white knight that can get er done.. yet the issue is tabled .. last election it was tabled a good two months before the election.. they did that show where they with held funds from clinics.. for what a six month period LOL… and the people sucked it all in..
        you would think it was a group of illiterate idiots.. sort of like the new postoffice refugee employees that the govt. hired to give them jobs when they arrived in the usa.. that can’t read or speak English.. someone made the comment to me that they were trying to get a job there LOL I told them.. you just have to forget how to read english and speak another language… LOL..all while they are .sending mail where ever they want to.. at least that is how I have been told it is there.. I am curious about the statistics on just how many were placed in the gold positions with great benefits..

      • If anyone is interested, I’ll post again:

        Originalism and Stare Decisis

        Amy Coney Barrett, Notre Dame Law School

        The question whether stare decisis is compatible with originalism has occupied both originalists and their critics. In this Essay, I explore what light Justice Scalia’s approach to precedent casts on that question. I argue that while he did treat stare decisis as a pragmatic exception to originalism, that exception was not nearly so gaping as his “fainthearted” quip suggests. In fact, a survey of his opinions regarding precedent suggests new lines of inquiry for originalists grappling with the role of stare decisis in constitutional adjudication.


      • Regarding the ongoing Roe v Wade controversy, nobody will likely change their mind and the issue is politically irrelevant. Nobody chooses to have an abortion for fun – it’s a difficult decision regardless of where you are on the political spectrum. It’s also a fairly simple procedure for a friend to DIY in early pregnancy. It might be challenging to do it alone. The information, as always, is on the net for those who choose that path. DIY equipment is trivially available.

        IMHO, the potential parents need to work this out together. Having assistance of the medical “profession” might be helpful for some who are not really DIYers. Making the procedure illegal will simply move it underground. As I said – nobody will change their minds.

        We do need better methods of contraception – especially for guys. This is politically as charged as the abortion thing! It’s not even talked about. We should have things where the default for sex is “no conception”. That, and an easy way to flip the switch when it’s really desired. Abstinence has never worked, and abortion has been with us since ancient times.

        For those who never knew – nature aborts about 50% of potential pregnancies in the first month, and all that’s obvious is a heavy period.

  3. Good morning George, Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.

    My wife and I come from large families and would normally be having Thanksgiving dinner wth a large gathering. Yesterday, with the COVID pandemic expanding in this area, we sat down to dinner with just the two of us for the first time in our lives. As senior citizens in our late 70s and with one of us struggling with some health conditions, we thought it wise.

    It would be easy to feel sorry for ourselves I guess but we both grew up saying grace and giving thanks at every meal, not just Thanksgiving. We were taught that food is sacred with the humility of the undeserving. We always have much to be thankful for. So we did give thanks yesterday:

    That we do not eat alone like many others do every day.

    That others in our family think of us lovingly even though we are not with them.

    That we have a roof over our head, food on our table and love in our hearts for each other after 60 years.

    So to all our American family and friends we wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you and pray that the next 6 weeks will take you through this dark and difficult period of time and to a Happy American Thanksgiving.


    P.S. I continue to really enjoy your column and the cast of characters that post here every day.

    • Buy American – ya commie sympathizing sleazle wienie. Ha just kidding LOtB – know Ure trublu Murican.

      ECD household has a ZERO Tolerance Policy for Chinese Manufactured bads – dog treats,clothes ect.

      We R @ not so soft WAR w/ChiComs –

      ECD household supports the “Troops” ..from the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli..

      • HAHAHHAH! Super funny! Since Mark is Biden supporter, and from San Fransisco, Rice a Roni is the San Francisco treat, and Socialism, commie rice. Ha ha ha ha. Marked rice. Puns galore.

        Bueler? Bueler?

        What’s that George,

        It’s just a jump to the left.
        And then a step to the right.
        With your hand on your hips.

        Let’s do the Time Warp again?

        Ha ha ha ha

        Nah! Que Meatloaf, Paradise By the Dashboard light.

        Catch ya on the flip side.

      • I realize not everyone gets me or understands me and my mind processes stuff super fast, moving through hundreds of millions of stored memories and data at faster than light speed.

        So I will just explane the Beuller Bueller reference and how it all goes to the Chinese rice. How it is all funny to me.

        In 1930, Hawley smoot tariff, “Laugh”iker curve and Voodoo Economics.

        At the link:


        From the Movie Ferris Buellers day off, juxtaposition to The Great Depression, our current situation and “unemployment” now and durring the great depression, (a day off) ans current stimulus talk. And both LOB and ECS comments. Etc. Etc.

        I know I sound like whack job at times. My mind just cycles data super super fast. I’m better processing it than explaining it.

        Hope this makes more sense than my other comment.

      • “I know I sound like whack job at times. My mind just cycles data super super fast. I’m better processing it than explaining it.”

        I am right with you there.. those that know me that ask me a question that they would like me to seriously answer give it to me to ponder on for a bit.. because the first thing out is going to be mixed up not make any sense and be the spur of the first thing out.. I think it is because I have read so much crap that it takes a bit to straighten out the information.. to the situation..
        I put values to everything to.. crazy huh.. I see something and I can probably give you a decent estimate as to what it is worth or what it costs LOL.. well I at least don’t do logs in my head anymore or mol’s LOL.. that use to drive me nuts when I worked chem mix..

  4. I honestly think that time compression in dreams is normal because dream states are much like completely meditative states in which everything else in the World is pushed out. For those of us, like you George, who have a very organized and regimented mind dream states are a very productive time. On the other hand, this explains why most of my dreams are primarily chaos which pretty much describes most of my life. Wheels spinning; a car I’m in running only slowly down the street and often out of control; always in a town, neighborhood or house that is unfamiliar to me. Once in a while I’ll have a dream that seems significant but it’s forgotten within moments of waking up. It’s frustrating sometimes but at least it does some house cleaning upstairs to get through the next day.

  5. such a gold cow / sheep George .. give us a big moo as prices collapse .. woo woo alright more like moo moo . signs of covid ? non functioning brain . bond yields and deflation

  6. George, you are correct again. Seem a group of international lawyers [Germany and U.S.] have a group to study the whole Covid 19 deal. and intend to file the largest class action lawsuit ever for the victims of the virus. Seems they don’t agree with the lock downs and other stuff that crippled the economies around the world. Talking trillions here…Dr. Reiner Fullimich says this is probably the biggest crime committed against humanity ever. Check it out in Rumor Mill News Reading Room Friday 9 /10/20 10:03:25

  7. Hopefully, the breaking news that the U.S. Hid Osama bin Laden in Iran for Decade After 9/11; Bush & Obama White Houses Worked Saudi & Iranian Deal to Safeguard Terror Leader on True Pundit, Twitter, GAB, etc. will disrupt Biden and the deep state and keep Trump in office.

    If true, this would imply that 9/11 was an inside job, the wars, the Patriot Act, and all the corruption could be exposed. This would explain a lot, including the inconsistences of 9/11, the Bin Laden burial at sea, the money sent to Iran, and the insane Deep State attacks on Trump for the past 4 years.

  8. Yes I had that DMT dump while the witch I live was upstairs smudging the house and the delphi individual was doing her/his (she is a hermaphrodite) rituals in the room next to mine.

    I wondered if it was induced by both of them????? don’t know. I came flying out of my bedroom and everyone was laughing and the whole place was a fog of sage.

    This tribe I joined is made of 6 extremely gifted people. We have no leaders in this tribe. And everyone chews on each other’s words and actions like steak dinner. Nobody judges annyones expressions of ritual.

    It’s like living in the Oracle from the matrix house. It’s like a dance all the time. I see someone getting dish way up high put it the top of the cubbard and one my house mates just goes walking by and places the bathroom waist basket on the counter by them and keeps walking past into the next room, seconds later the person getting something knocks a bowl off the shelf and it lands in the waist basket and doesn’t break. They pull the bowl out and the person returns smiles, grabs the waist basket and heads to the bathroom. Nobody says anything they just keep going about their buieness. Nobody points it out. It’s just the natural flow of all of us in our intuitive dance around here. This happens all the time. Nobody says please or thank you. It’s just there when ya need it and it’s recuperating. I was on the way home last night stopped and bought Q-tips, a roll of black Electrical tape and coffee filters and I didn’t even know why. When I got home I place them on the counter went took a pee came back out and one person was making coffee (apparently we out of filters and I didn’t know that) then someone came in and said I need electrical.. ohh grabs the tape and walks back outside and doesn’t say anything then another person comes in who just got out of the shower, grabs the Q-tips and walks out of the room. I woke up this morning grabbed a cup of coffee came to have a smoke and thought I’m hungry and someonr just comes out on the deck, places a plate of pancakes on my lap and walks back in the house. I said thank you she didn’t even turn around just waves and goed back in the house.

    It’s like some wierd, cool synchronized Honey bee dance round here.

    So I saw the fog yesterday. At my place it was sage, the witch doing her thing. Which I’m not sure if that is how my DMT dump happened or if it was just another synchronized event. Lol

    I’m going to go get a job. Lol. A girl wants me to go to wyoming with her for a couple weeks… But I don’t know. I don’t know everything. Lol.

    • Andy I always read your mindset with interest. I know it well. I have experienced the elevated spiritual awareness of ingesting ‘white gold’ in the past. The result is increased ‘Deja-Vue’ experiences and telepathic ‘connections’ with others. It is hard if not impossible to explain in words, but when an experience like that is shared with another, there is an unspoken ‘knowing’ by all involved of how it works. Living in a house full of others all sharing these moments sounds absolutely stunning! Enjoy it to the fullest… as I’m sure you do.

    • “I realize not everyone gets me or understands me and my mind.”

      It’s difficult for me to differenciate “fluff from fluffy.” Perhaps I’m already too old for this kind of info ;-), ha, ha, ha, ha.

    • Your new friends haven’t hooked you up with an eight foot tall imaginary friend to help you with your shopping, have they?

  9. oil down big on a zombie trading day .. you gold cow/sheep are kidding aren’t you . 4 % drop .. according to George oil doesn’t exist ..

  10. Ohhhhhhhh George! The Fog!

    The Dragons breath. From excalibur! Merlin?


    I have been seeing massive up tick in King Arthur References. Juxtapose d to…posiden..and a ton of starwars imagery. Every where I go.


    • I’m not a dream interpreter but there are some commonalities in the stories. Both “heroes” of those stories were idealistic. Both fought in wars.

    • Andy as far as dragons are concerned .. The Late Cretaceous pterosaur Quetzlcoatlus northropi was one of the largest known flying animals. Estimates of its size vary, but even the most conservative estimates place its wingspan at 11 meters (36 feet), with a weight of around 200 to 250 kilograms (440 to 550 pounds). as for fire breathing LOL…it wouldn’t be impossible for an animal to expel flames. The bombardier beetle (family Carabidae) stores hydroquinones and hydrogen peroxide in its abdomen, which it ejects when threatened. The chemicals mix in the air and undergo an exothermic (heat-releasing) chemical reaction, essentially spraying the offender with irritating, boiling hot fluid. so a fire breathing dragon is in the realm of possibility..
      there are some references as the fire being a bite.. which could also bring up a thought similar to a serpent with venom..
      as for Merlin.. the Welsh Myrddin , who appears in stories as far back as the 6th century.or Ambrosius Aurelianus, a 5th century war leader.
      the book Vita Merlini gives us the first accounts of the life and times of the wild man of the woods..https://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/eng/vm/vmeng.htm

      great reading and I love reading ancient texts..although my favorite is philosophy….Considering the time and life of the people that inspired the stories of old.. I would rather watch the show Merlin . it is pretty good easy to watch..

  11. 32 year bull market in bonds and now the cow/sheep say gold is cheap and the market goes higher . the algos and covid have destroyed mindful logic

  12. If conservatives on the court only rule on what is written, how come corporations (not even mentioned in the doc) have more rights than humans (who gave them the right of free speech? and money = speech?

    I call BS.

    • Not sure about more rights, but a corporation is simply a group of human owners surrounded by legalese? As far as I am concerned corporations should be regulated, as far as speech, as is any other political action committee (PAC) or union. Where a group of like minded individuals combine their monies to purchase speech opportunities they could not afford individually. As long as there is a paper trail that people are not coerced to donate (I don’t recall if unions have to abide by this now). Of course money = the opportunity for speech. I cannot buy ads on youtube or CNN with hopes and dreams. I have refused to donate to the my corporate political organizations because their support was in many cases 180 degrees opposed to my personal political beliefs. Lets say one party comes out in support of a new 20% income tax of corporations pre deductions. What entity would be most directly harmed by this path? What group would have the most interest in educating voters about the downsides?

      The best answer would be to remove so much power from the politicians to pick winners and losers through regulation and tax policy. I recall Microsoft back when they were sued because they were a monopoly with browsers. They had almost 0 dollars toward political actions. But they got the same message, same as the syndicate uses, pay your due or feel the wrath. Now they pay at least who they think will win if not simply both sides.

      I would have less headache with a regulation only individuals can donate or buy or give away individual ads. No PAC, unions or corporations can donate to politicians or buy political ads. Then of course the wealthy would have even more influence over the political messages. Of course you would run straight info our right of freedom of association.

  13. Ohh Yeah Jefe !

    What a great day – MOAR Stimulus = MOAR Bread to keep US unwashed,uneducated masses fat & happy.

    MOAR bread to keep US from noticing ALL the TRILLIONS the WAR PIGS & their associates have been giving each other.

    – Fleecing of the once golden calf, while WE been locking down hiding in fear armed with Clorox & 9mm, BASICALLY GIVING UP URE FREEDOM…guess if you dont have to BLEED 4 something – IT dont hold no Value..apparently.

    ! – Sure need a couple Billion$$$..

    -to Develop a novel Vaccine “quick” ?- guaranteed NOT to be tested..too much.

    – and we will TRIPLE INDEMNIFY U from ANY LIABILITY should there be ANY Harm caused.
    – Foreign or Domestic dont matta – WE GOT ZILLIONS to Giveaway to JUST US.

    NO WORRIES – THE US TAX DONKEY’s will pay and pay and pay thru nose, and pay, and pay.

    Hell the US Tax payer TAKES HOME LESS THAN 50% of what She EARNS EVERY WEEK ! What kind of Life/EXISTENCE is that ?

    USA – Laziest, Fattest, Un-Intelligent group of hairless apes to ever destroy a great nation from within, and we had Rome as historical precedent – truly awe inspiring U Yanks, truly..

    Git Ureselves some Gold/Silver and lil BTC – U Never F-ing Know – except G..

    because, well simply put NO BTC 4 U! Quick look surprised, here it comes AGAIN !
    – Maybe Buy some stock in the Company that Manufactures Anal-EZ, lord knows they cant make the stuff fast enough to cover current Global Collective Ass Screwing(GCAS), otherwise know as the Buildaburger Council on Foriegn Relations.

    • “USA – Laziest, Fattest, Un-Intelligent group of hairless apes to ever destroy a great nation from within, and we had Rome as historical precedent – truly awe inspiring U Yanks, truly..”

      This is a world-wide phenomena — not just US Yanks ;-((.
      Take a look at France and/or Germany; They seem worse off.

  14. Just saw this post on a site, and thought it was well laid out:

    I am not voting for a man. I am voting for the principles for which this country has stood since its founding. I am voting for Constitutional government. I am voting for a strong and viable military. I am voting for a vibrant economy. I am voting for the right to keep and bear arms. I am voting for the freedom to worship. I am voting for a national recognition of the founding of our nation on Biblical principles. I am voting for the ability for anyone to rise above their circumstances and become successful. I am voting for my children and grandchildren to be able to choose their own path in life, including how and where their children are educated. I am voting for our borders to be open to everyone who enters under our law and closed to everyone who would circumvent or ignore the law. I am voting for the Electoral College to remain in place, so that a few heavily populated liberal centers do not control the elections. I am voting for a Supreme Court that interprets the Constitution rather than rewrites it. I am voting to teach history, with all its warts, not erase it or revise it. I am voting for the sanctity of life from conception to birth and after. Let us all Make America Great Again.

  15. George,
    -Just FYI, if we followed ‘Originalism,’ then the Louisiana Purchase would have been impossible. There are numerous other equally goofy examples that we’d laugh at today.
    -It’s just a label to pretty up Republican ‘pick and choose’ judicial activism, not a real doctrine. Similar to the R’s saying they are against raising the national debt — until they get control of the checkbook. Best, Mike.

    • Oh, liker when the dems get a hold of PCVR tests which give overwhelming positives on CV-19 and ruin the economy? THOSE R’s?
      Only weeks from the Red’s revolution, though. I know you’ll prosper

    • Of course the purchase would have been possible, though it might have failed. Just would have had to follow a process where the house proposes a spending bill, the senate agrees and the president signs or has his veto overwritten. Instead they used the treaty process, which I agree is at the razors edge of being constitutional. Versus what we have today where the President at his whim can start wars, they can decide to selectively enforce laws (emigration). Today we have the left acting like the President is a czar and should just make up dress code (masks) and ignore freedom of association rights with lockdowns. Of course the left wants the President to have czar like power when one of their own is in power. Like Obama admin used to declare carbon a toxic gas so EPA can regulate, when congress made no determination that EPA should regulate natural occurring elements. All such regulation should have been declared invalid because the executive branch was not delegated that authority with a valid law.

      Of course both side just pick and choose what elements of law are important when selecting a judge. I recall what justice Roberts said during the Obama care arguments (still pisses me off). Elections have consequences, one of them is the president is clearly empowered to nominate justices on whatever criteria they want and the senate is free to vote or not in whatever schedule they want.

    • “Similar to the R’s saying they are against raising the national debt — ”

      It doesn’t matter who is in office Mike.. The debt going up is totally unavoidable.. the big quest is to try and even out the checkbook through taxes and tariffs..unfortunately none of the big money want to tariff incoming goods and services or raise taxes on companies that outsource jobs…. so far we are writing checks and using the credit card to make the payments all while making the minimum payment on the credit card..
      with the interest at someplace around eight percent.. the only thing to do is go up and each year the going up has to multiply just to stay even with the previous year.. I figure the national budget should double or maybe triple this year..
      the old kite the checkbook routine.. its just getting harder to keep dumping water to float the noodle on the table..

    • Now if we could keep Nasty Nancy Pelosi and the democrats from spending needless billions trying to frame and force a president out of office or spending what is it almost a trillion a year for wars and military and assistance to other countries.. .. we could at least slow a tiny little bit..

      what I get a chuckle out of.. is looking at how much we spend on other countries per year.. then see what we spend on ourselves to fix out own economy and infrastructure.. the health of our citizens and job security.. then bring in millions of illegal refugees and give them the best paying govt jobs give them free medical and dental among a whole bunch of other things that the mainstream citizen cannot afford.. all while charging it all to the guy and gal working at a under paid service position..



      then have the gal to tell someone working at a burger joint that they would bankrupt our country if they made fifteen dollars an hour LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  16. Makes one wonder why republicans didn’t outlaw abortion when they controlled all three branches for a spell under GWB and then under Trump? One reason is the monetization of fundraising and using it as a cultural war cudgel. The other reason is because protecting a woman’s free choice is popular. Republicans are too cowardly to bring legislation forth and then have to face the voters so they outsource it onto the courts.

    • Its the business model..and.. you also have to consider that Congress works less than a month a year.. they don’t read a thing… that is why it was given to the supreme court and as of right now I don’t think they can even over turn it if they wanted to..
      Instead it makes a great campaign platform..
      even though every election someone comes up and says he’s the one that can do it.. the issues are tabled before he even gets to office..

  17. https://www.wsj.com/articles/venezuelas-food-chain-is-breaking-and-millions-go-hungry-11601544601



    What is interesting about Venezuela is I totally believe it was the precurser to the USA.. we are doing the exact same thing the banksters did to them they are doing to us..
    the other thing is.. the store managers don’t have a clue when an item will be coming in as our distribution centers are all broken.. the supply chain eroding.. the dollar will implode just like Venezuela’s did.. what they are basically paying banks to loan out the dollar bill.. and we are paying eight percent presently on a debt so big that no one will ever be able to pay it off.. we produce about thirty percent of our food.. I had a hell of a time getting apricots at the store..they couldn’t get them.. the country is divided and corruption in DC is so bad that there isn’t anyone that can control it at this point.. a huge push for socialism and a working class that normally works from paycheck to paycheck has a two month period where everything went ballistic without an income.. desperation and dependence on social programs for survival.. Laws that have been voted in by deception because those idiots don’t read anything are all set for the mass take over and implementation of a socialistic regime.. My fear is the next move could be checkmate.. the camps are built.. to house the one percent just like in Germany in ww2.. they made every county buy a mobile crematorium ..what almost ten years ago now..


    I know.. its just a fear of an unseen.. but then I remember the lawyer and wife and three kids that escaped going to the camps and the ghetto… by escaping hiding and the trials that they went through.. it was just a fear just like now.. but the social distance was so great that the needs of the people that they welcomed in anyone that could bring a sense of relief.. then today.. we have that same need for the relief that was dealt out by leaving the velocity of money.. the distancing of the social classes by deregulating of basic necessities.. the wage gap.. the insurance gap.. forcing hard working americans to seek out social programs and assistance.. its all there.. anyone can read it and probably do daily its so far in your face that you overlook it.. hidden in plain sight.. just like Germany it was brought in a little bit at a time.. now it is right there.. to boil a frog you put it in cold water.. then gradually bring the temperature up till it dies and is cooked.. that is how they slid it in.. I like the vast majority am at the well you just have to accept the inevitable and go with the system .. the old industrialists of yesterday that had the support of their employees has been chiseled away by the company leaders it all about me group.. and the gap is there.. the loyalty gone.. an easy takeover for a bad leader..

  18. Comrades,

    What would another week be without short stories and tall tales?

    Canada’s federally owned housing Crown Corporation has released new housing start numbers from August to September. They decreased nationally in the one month-to-month period by around 53,000 units or -20%.

    This is being spun by the Crown corp. as well as msm pundits as positive news because they note the 6 month rolling average of home starts is up marginally from August to September by about 1%. One imagines this teeter-totter could vigourously contact terrain. Coupled with a pending end to bank covid-19 mortgage payment deferrals plus accumulated interest coming due, rising tides may not raise all boats.

    California Dreaming, we now return you to Yesterday’s lament for the masses delivered by Cmdr in Chief & his Trumpettes with limited engagement special guest, MAGA, soon to be touring Red Sea pilgrimage sites, cap in hand:

    “Rain, I don’t mind
    Shine, the weather’s fine…
    Everything’s the same…
    Can you hear me, can you hear me?…”

  19. cmon give us some stories about oil someone .George? anybody ? what a disgrace .. welcome to the time of algos and lies bought to you by USSA .

  20. the French should have charged more for the land in Louisiana .. they didn’t have algos then . hey George wheres gary lambert ? retired ? everything of maths for thousands of years superseded by super duper algo for vegetables and car salesman .. with respect to car salesman they are probably more respectable than market gurus

  21. fever of panic sprucking on the gold sites .. 321 sewer and sheetco .. old salty giving his goons big bonuses to move more garbage off the lot .. they are buying overpriced wrecks and told they can trade em in next week for more .. meanwhile his shrink kern from vegas has got multiple sells on stock .. and the accountant and marketing manager from swampwater dalgio is in hiding .. one of his funds in swampwater is close

  22. Omen for the market?

    A black bear was seen running around Jersey City and surrounding towns this past weekend.Perhaps he was searching for the Lincoln Tunnel to get to Wall Street.

    There are no forests within 50 miles of here.

    • When animals start roaming cities it’s usually a sign that they are having trouble finding food.. we had a big cat in our town a few years ago.. right where I walk the dog.. parents took pictures of their daughter and didn’t even see it until they had them printed..there it was on a branch looking down at the daughter

  23. Well, I will tell ya George, The Don better bump up that minimum wage to $20 Million or Joe is getting my 1000 votes.

    • In a democracy, it’s your vote that counts. In feudalism, it’s your count that votes.?

      I’ll go outside the castle walls and harvest some votes too! We can all chip in some extra votes with you

  24. thanks for the oil answers .. while your at it how about some collapsed real estate explanations

  25. Heya Andy and George,

    I usually lurk here because I find kindred soul, intelligent folk who know some stuff and are mentally masticating the remainder. I don’t write often because I have been working and in school since, like, FOREVER, and am just slowing down since the Covid hit my son and I am spending more time at home thinking. (This whole 40 hour work week is quite amazing. I am usually quite bored by the second week in…LOL)

    My experience has been that all people have gifts. It is through living life that the gifts are discovered, mined and refined. When my husband died in 2009 and my sons and sister came out, well, his sister and ex-wife decided that they knew what he really wanted “to happen with the estate.” At one point we were all sitting in the living room and I knew that they wanted me to be just them and me. It was not spoken, I just looked at the boys and they escorted their aunt out. When I looked back, they two ladies looked shocked. It was only later when the ex and I were talking on the way to the funeral that she asked what happened. Younger son was with us and I said, “Sometimes you just know your people so well that you know what the right or expected actions should be.”

    My boys have been exposed to several religions. When their dad and I married, he agreed that I would be “in charge of” where and how we worshipped. I have tried on various faiths and denominations, settling on Judaism for myself when the kids were old enough to understand that we each have individual, yet shared paths to/with the Creator. Those shared experiences in Christian pews, Hindu temples, Baha’i houses of worship and Jewish synagogues helped mold their pliant little brains into very open, loving young men. I believe it also made them sensitive to psi energy, since they have some interesting synchronicities of their own.

    Religious services and rituals do affect the brain and, I believe, change the structure of the DNA. Where in the brain those changes occur depends on the type of practice and underlying focus of the religious structure. Here’s an older study that brings a few of these ideas together.


    Enjoy and thank you for the Woo. :-)


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