A Further Market Remark

I told subscribers my trading position Saturday:  yes, I went short into the close on pre-holiday Thursday.

Just in the last hour, a bearish tone has emerged and in our Aggregated Markets view of things, hard down is likely if the lower support level (lower right) breaks in today’s trading:

If the light-colored ascending channel is breached, we will have two options ahead.  In one of these, we make what might become a larger sideways 4 and then continue up to the green overhead ascending resistance level.

OR – and this is why I went short last week – we could crash to the lower trend channel support, go through it, rally (because we would expect a “kiss of death” rally) and then take off to the downside in a pants-wetting, free bowels drop toward month-end that will shake people to their very core.

As always, we are agnostic, don’t offer “financial advice” but Oh My God is this not entertaining, or what?

Moron the ‘morrow – and we’ll speak in the future if not the pasture…


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  1. I saw this on another website and found it too funny not to share.

    “Even though I was born visible, I identify as invisible. Therefore, I am trans-parent. My preferred pronouns are who/where.”

    • Related to you quip, BIC, if only tangentially, is how quickly contentious social trends, and global news in general, spreads these days. For the first 150 years, Americans got their global news at a snails pace. The telegraph, then radio and television dramatically changed that. Society began to adapt more quickly as a result of the more rapid information flow from other places across the country and the globe. Rapid communication facilitated more rapid change. Fast forward to today, where the world wide web now allows folks in Omaha to know within seconds about an event happening in Afghanistan, China, Argentina or on a space station up in Earth’s orbit. In this age of capitalist-fueled ‘speed of light’ communication, the more money a person or organization has, the more control they have over which information is pushed out to humanity at large. People with the money to control the messages being broadcast are gaining an audience never possible in humanity’s pre-internet world. The internet allows pundits, scholars and weirdos from every walk of life coalesce and form on-line communities. The media, always looking for novel and interesting stories, latches on to novel news, particularly regarding fringe groups, propelling those social outliers into a popular social phenomena. The internet has provided the fringe with a global stage. How many have ever heard of Christine Jorgensen, the first trans (man to woman) in the 50s? Oh, drag queens have been around since ancient times, but medical science gave people the ability to actually change their biological appearance, and Jorgensen became famous for ‘their’ transition. A movie was even made about he/she/it/them. Today, media hypes even the most novel aspects of the trans community. They are different – fascinating to many, drawing our attention like moths to the flame. The average person loves to watch people who are different while the media at large loves our attention, so they increasingly cover the trans community events and issues. Like so many other novelties, their uniqueness will eventually fade and their media attention along with it. So that community is striking while the social iron is hot, trying to secure a legitimate role in the global human community before they became old news. Problem is, human values still change rather slowly. Folks are still relatively suspicious of things that are different or not ‘normal’ (normal being entirely subjective). Many who cherish their culture and/or religion are reluctant to make hasty changes. The United Methodist schism is a prime example. In the old days, this would have led to lengthy debate and thoughtful consideration. Today, the internet demands immediate responses, immediate acceptance or rejection (depending on which side of the issue one is on). In the pre-electronic world, folks who were social outliers or true innovators had to convince their communities and society at large that they deserved acceptance. I’m not saying the old way is better. Our social and governmental systems and associated norms just haven’t transformed to the point where we humans and adjust, get our minds around what is changing, and make a reasoned assessment and related decision at internet fueled speed. AI is sure to complicate this social flux, adding a level of confusion, if not outright deception, to a humanity struggling to adapt to the immediacy of the internet. As with all Darwinian situations, humanity must adapt or die. Adapting does not mean accepting all change. It means adapting to handle the immediacy demanded by fringe or emerging social entities demanding acceptance, and making a fair and reasoned decision.

  2. I don’t think the last a-e is labeled correctly. 5 waves indicates direction of action so this is probably a double zig-zag and there’s X wave in there. I’ll need to find my book. :)

  3. I get very little out of Shop Talk Sunday columns because I am basically a mechanical klutz. Talents are in other areas I guess. :-)


    This 20 minute video from a fellow Canadian on “modifying shipping containers” for a multiple of end uses is fascinating and I wanted to share. Perhaps some good ideas for readers like LOOB.


  4. “… and then take off to the downside in a pants-wetting, free bowels drop toward month-end that will shake people to their very core.”

    Better check the latest update at The Age of Desolation site. End of the Ramadan period this month could be “problematic”.

  5. Re: “The Economy”

    It’s like crossing a pond in winter.
    –We can all just barely hear the ice cracking,
    but we’re more than halfway across, and
    going forward seems a few points safer
    than going back — but we KNOW we’re
    in peril. So, we walk a bit faster…

  6. Bank of America rolled out twenty charts this morning showing that we are about to crash head-long into a recession. “Investors are too optimistic about rate cuts and not pessimistic about everything else.”
    Gains in the top20 mega-cap tech stocks have generate $2.05 trillion of market value since the start of 2023., and are responsible for nearly all of the S&P500 gains for the year. [roughly 8.5%]

  7. Amazing …


    Seems nothing is “secure” anymore. – Real time danger or just a part of the Pony Show? Either way, this leak proves vulnerabilities, creating even more isolation.

    A long time ago, I had the feeling that everything was going to backfire on the present administration and, we’re getting to the point where Biden needs to pull a rabbet out of his hat or our future will be controlled (by someone else from far away) and fruitless like never before … if we haven’t reached that point already.

    • We’re told to believe a lot of things without any proof.

      I read one the other day that said Arc of the Covenant found. No proof. Only fantastical thinking. Every 10 years or so they find the Arc.

    • If you are the government and put everything into a COMPUTER data base … you might as well put up a flashing neon sign that says “Come Read Me”.

      A few years back I was on a ski trip and one of the people on the trip was the lead DoD Computer “EXPERT” for a division of the DoD. They supervised a bunch of computer people too after “rising through the ranks”. OMG, having know some really bright computer people (though not any of the truly brillian ones) no wonder he was working for government wages, he was NOT the brightest bulb in the pack by any one’s stretch of imagination.

      The truly CREATIVE and brilliant computer nerds NEVER work for the government since after a couple of year they will be making 4x what the government would be paying them after 20 years in the trenches (and they have the chance at HUGE bonus payments via stock options by working for private industry).

      So far the government’s entire payment list has been stolen, including the payments made to our spies – accountants have to have a name and SS number for EVERYBODY being paid, even spies. to make sure no one is ripping off the government. Supposedly at least 27 people (spies) in China were executed as a result of that leak.

      Look at Manning, look at Assange, look at Snowden … in every case the information they obtained was NOT PROTECTED from even everyday downloading by lower level employees.

      Look at how the CIA’s method of contacting our spies via computers got breached by the Chinese and possibly another 50 spies were executed (some reports put it at over 100).

      When will the US government finally figure out that when it comes to SECURE DATA storing it on computers is one of the most stupid ideas anyone ever came up with. Both too many people have access to it … and the system itself is too easily breached by one of those Brilliant Computer Nerd types (NOT the everyday computer person … but the really brilliant ones).

      Am I surprised about the leak? NOPE.

      The leaker actually did a SERVICE to the US since they showed that the computer systems we are using ARE NOT SECURE. He /She should get a BONUS payment, not criminal charges against them, for showing everybody how UNSECURE the US’s computer systems are to data mining from malicious actors.

      • “The truly CREATIVE and brilliant computer nerds NEVER work for the government ”

        Not exactly true.

        One of the brightest I know (and I DO know a few) works for the NSA. When he was 17, he did a real-life David Lightman — hacked the FBI, DoD, the Pentagon internals, the White House, etc. When the FBI dragged him out of his high school, they took him (and his parent) to D.C. and offered him a choice between spending the next 240 years in solitary, or going to work for Uncle.

        He’s really, really good, and really, really bright, and I’d guess has his paycheck significantly augmented from the government’s black budget.

        I also assume he’s not the only one…

        • “Didn’t keep the latest “Leak” from happening.”

          Not his department… He’s cyberwar, but I don’t know if he’s on offense or defense now, and I no longer have a clearance, so I’m sure he couldn’t even tell me which compartment he’s in.

          Still, I’ll concede a half-point, because I didn’t mean to imply the computer spooks were ALL bright, or that none of the bright ones were egomaniacs.

  8. Hey G, dem Golden Slippers..on sale today @ under $2000/oz !

    Better yet – have you seen Bitcoin ?

    wait it gets better, Silver is under $25 ..just in time for some on-line auction action – the place to buy phyz..why U may ask? well there is no Premium, cept the auction house buyers premium, which is way less than PM/Coin dealers are charging. On-line junk silver calculator in hand – calcs value via Weight or Quantity, need to have both..before auction starts .

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    WTF is Alice ?


  9. Housing is so unaffordable that banks are losing money for each mortgage they finance. New data shows mortgage financiers lost an average $301 per home loan last year, the first time negative profits have ever been recorded.

  10. Interesting Glenn Beck program today. Podcast at https://www.glennbeck.com/st/podcast for today’s recording talking both about AI and the digital Euro got this out of Lagarde:

    Starting at the 13:50 mark for today’s podcast there is a recording of a video (VIDEO!) conference with an AI impostor posing as Zelenskyy talking to Christine Lagarde, without her knowledge of it being AI, about limiting people’s access to their money in Europe. She did not realize she wasn’t talking to the real Zelenskyy according to Beck. The AI said to Legarde:

    “There are many protests in Europe about the electronic Euro. They don’t want to be controlled … ”

    To which Lagarde replied:
    “Ya, but, you know what? You know what? Now we have in Europe this threshold above 1000 Euros you can not pay cash. If you do you’re on the Grey Market so you take your risk. You get caught, you are fined or you are in jail. But, you know, the digital Euro is going to have a limited amount of control – they will be controlled, you’re right. You’re completely right. We are considering whether(?) for very small amounts, you know, anything that is around 300-400 Euro we could have a mechanism where there is zero control – but that could be dangerous. The terrorist attacks on France back, uh, 10 years ago were entirely financed by those very small anonymous credit cards that you can recharge in total anonymity.”

    If it’s true she and her security personnel didn’t know she wasn’t talking to a real person that’s scary enough but her admitting the controls that are in place now in Europe on peoples’ money is what we’ve been talking about here for some time now regarding CBDCs. Don’t know the real source of this. Glenn’s news bits seem to run at least 3 or 4 days behind any written articles he talks about.

    Other subjects he brought in are the medical profession deciding DNR designations independently from patients and their family’s wishes and the mRNA vaccines in livestock as well as vegetables we eat now, Megan Kelly talks about Riley Gaines, tries to find room to live in both the trannie world and whatever it is today (and doesn’t quite make it IMHO) and Jason Whitlock.

    Crimany. What the AF is going on in this World? Are cosmic rays frying everybody’s neurons to pieces?? Especially in the higher elevations like Tibet??
    Dalai Lama Apologizes After Kissing Boy, Asking To ‘Suck My Tongue’

  11. fix the F-ing pedophile problem and most of the global problems will disappear,,, banking, wars, crime
    you need a plan, keep it like a military secret, and strike faster than a cobra , when they are in the trap
    each of these is an “accused” pedo and/or satanist

    yes, the Dalai Lama,,, said, suck my tongue

    for some strange reason, I have Faith, all things balance out in the end, even a dam’ed river has to let water out, a little at a time or bam, all at once,,,,, they are SCARED, the dam has leaks, they are being EXPOSED, they will sacrifice a few of their own, to preserve the damned lot.

    Trump, Barr, feud,,, real or actors in a movie? I do not know, just wonder.

    Silver, went to my local vender to get 40 more oz and someone came and cleaned out the stock of 900 oz,,, waiting for new delivery, I got mine locked in for today’s price, have to wait on receiving. I have been slowly adding to my pile as I get extra money

    • “fix the F-ing pedophile problem and most of the global problems will disappear”

      Another reason Trump isn’t da Prez. Remember the illegal alien pedo prostitution rings in NYC and LA? The Trump Administration took them out and (I’m guessing) pissed some really rich & powerful people off…

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