A “Credible Show”

We have hinted recently that A.I. may already be mediating the merger between global capitalism and global communism. While millions acknowledge the present economic system is broken, a context-shifter – the Global Reset – is being used to build faux consensus for global-socialism take-over.

You see, capitalism doesn’t “break” on its own.  It has been  deliberately broken through unrestrained use of debt – creating an unsustainable debt burden (national debt) to lay off onto the public.  Malfeasance in office casts long shadows.

Yet, as we shall address this morning, some  of the most challenging problems ahead adjusting to the Great Swindle will include dialing-back consumer choice, and finding enough “work” to productively engage 7.7-billion people.

We will be redefining “success” is in a world negotiated into the capitalist-socialist hybrid.  Oh, and with the same cast of clowns pulling the strings.

It’s more a series of questions than hard & fast answers.  We’ll take these up after a few headlines and charts.

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47 thoughts on “A “Credible Show””

  1. “unrestrained use of debt – creating an unsustainable debt burden (national debt) to lay off onto the public. ”

    That doesn’t even take into account the average debt per citizen either..

    “Total Outstanding U.S. Consumer Debt: $3.9 trillion. Total revolving debt: $1.03 trillion
    41.2% of all households carry some sort of credit card debt.
    Households with the lowest net worth (zero or negative) hold an average of $10,308 in credit card debt.”


    and since covid… my guess is that the debt increased exponentially …trying to stay ahead of being evicted… They could pretty much slide in what they want with the peoples backing at this point..

    • I suspect this is why the gov’t reports show everything is working just fine; too much focus on what is rather than on why or how it is. With all of the “federal stimulus” going into the banks’ hands (and Wall Street), and all of the common folk out of work or on shoe string salaries, one wonders where the money is coming from to keep the local economies going…

      On the other hand, if cash is becoming scarce, why is the residential real estate market booming with house prices climbing? In my area, there’s a 25% increase over the past year…

      • “one wonders where the money is coming from to keep the local economies going…”

        It isn’t.. the velocity of cash was left running.. the local economies are left short handed.. only the ones at the top got anything.. when the brown pies hit the fan is when the velocity of foreclosures and evictions hit the skids.. those that I have visited with that are over ten grand behind because of this are terrified of it happening… the other thing that no one is thinking about is.. most people have mortgages.. their banks sell the mortgage to mortgage companies… who gets their money from … the congress passed a law allowing foreign entities to take possession of property in the usa… around here they have bought manufacturing plants and distribution centers.. and grain exporters.. we as a country sold our ports and some of our toll roads.. hmm.. see how it could be an interesting future..
        then what is the alternative.. now that is just the evictions.. what about the bankruptcies because those with good credit used plastic to keep afloat..
        when JB said he was essentially going to give everyone two grand back to the beginning or a fifty grand paycheck to every married couple he wasn’t to far off.. but then we become Zimbabwe .. the other thing is for the country to fold or go war powers act.. I think there are a couple of other things that they could do but none of them make any sense and will have drastic results.. then the healthcare system.. the covid hit them real hard.. a state worker was telling me that they are having issues keeping their doors open from the costs.. how do you fix it.. like the issue over satanic rituals by the political powerful and the elite.. the deeper you go the uglier this thing gets..

  2. G,

    What this country needs is a good color revolution, lets see…dominion systems, fake ballots, fraudulent voters – Check .

    – see Senator Fauxcahauntus warning dominionsystems years ago.
    – its how the clowns in action have done it (ukraine-hello vicky)
    -w/spec ops involvement(contracted out of active duty/TOD) around the World and in US.
    – including gruesome newsome election – 3,2,1..

    DS clowns are Stupid.

    Still dont believe Ure 100 % “controlled” by the globalists/elites.

    Back entrance to the White House is the Service Entrance.
    That is THE SPELL, one of many “hitting” U everyday..

    “Serve – US – In – Trance”.

    What was the order of the black rose ?
    What president (gruppenfuher) was its Head.
    Who paid for the black helicopters/pilots ferrying “hunters” to the “hunting ranch” .
    What did they “hunt” prior to engaging in nefarious activities with their very young “game”.. ALL paid for by U.

    Deep state space – Hughs Aerospace security employee -Thane-Ceasar, hired 5 days prior by Ambassador hotel – standing right behind RFK – 4 shots to head point blank. Sirhan is innocent – as RFK jrs son asserts – MK Ultraed by clowns in action – same program provides child sex slaves to Hildebeast & Company..hello barry! All about Protecting Hughs & their illegal tax shelters – which RFK was having none of it! ceasar jsut passed – having lived out his miserable existence in the Philippines/”adult playground”.
    See Kennedy EO’s TRUMP just Activated – Neuters clownsinaction 4 ever
    See TRUMPS EO on Child Sex Crimes
    Army & Marines massing in Vegas area, massive Carrier fleets off of both Coasts.
    Defense Dept Chain o command just updated yesterday – spec ops active snatch & grabs keeping Gitmo busy, why even rumored to be US submarine visits recently..what? underwater entrance/sub base??

    I like smoking lighting, but no- no lighting today – Napalm! got popcorn?
    https://youtu.be/k26hmRbDQFw – can U smell it yet..?
    Human Resources – bwahahahahahhahahaha..Yum!

    • Yo Jorge, I learned early in the game that: “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” . This evidence cannot include single source material that becomes circular reporting. I was told by my boss many years ago that information is like a big puzzle on the table, all the pieces have to fit , no discarding pieces you don’t like. I do believe that Major Corso was honest in his revealing the transfer of technology we are using today from other worldly beings.

      • The leap from vacuum tubes to transistors makes zero sense as a progression from one to the other.
        Sorta like this new fighter jet we’re just hearing about. The inclusion of Alien tech supposedly started with the B2 as I recall. Something about canceling gravity just a bit.

  3. Your story about Elaine brought the movie Mars Attacks! to mind (beautiful Martian scene, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5bEeni-OCc). You’re being watched, George! Maybe she’s your muse feeding you high level information like those for Tesla and Einstein (per Ancient Aliens)? Anyway, if you don’t check in for three days in a row, we’ll assume you cracked the code on the light crown and you’re in another dimension ruling whatever kingdom “they” set aside for you.

    A request? I mainly come to your site for the economic analysis. However, by the time we get past all the charts and lines and colors, I sometimes lose the message. Think you can start adding summaries before jumping off to the political commentary?


  4. There was still some capitalism back in 1980.

    40 yeas ago Kenosha, Wisconsin still had one of the largest car manufacturing complexes in the world, American Motors. Then, “In early 1980, the banks refused American Motors further credit.”

    30 years later America was proven Welfare Queens shown by the beggars @ GM refusing to eat their peas.

    • I owned a 72 Javelin 401 and I would have refused them credit too based on that car. It was a screamer though; had it up to 150 once and it was still climbing. But 1/2 the time it didn’t want to start.
      Lost a crankshaft on an American Ambassador in the middle of an Illinois interstate one time. Had the trooper who stopped to help radio the junkyard to come pick it up. Think I got $75.

      • Late Uncle (another Ure, firefighter) had an American Motors Ambassador.

        Took the badging on it, tossed a few letters, and everyone who saw it got a great laugh:

        SAD SAM

  5. And George Bush said debt doesn’t matter Reagan proved that as they goosed the bird, we had two Obama’s’ one black one white run both on populist slogans, one with “change you can believe in” and he promptly bailed out Wall Street and the too big to fail, the other “make America great again” and gave the same group as Obama had probably the greatest tax cut they ever got, while his four years in office saw the wealth of the same group increase by 1 trillion dollars, while they both gave main street the goose to see how high they could jump.

    Then Trump went after China with his tariffs that the American consumer paid, not that they thought they could bring back industry and the jobs they gave away, but they are scared shitless of what will happen when China’s GDP goes racing by our GDP, because they knew that when that happens it’s the death of our parasitic capitalism system, never to rise again anywhere in the world.!!

    • Are troubles started with Jhonson sending arms then troops to the great money sink Vietnam. Then he had the great society which not only destroyed the poorest family in the US it encourage people not to work just wait for a government hand out. Which was the beginning of the end of the dallor.

      • “just wait for a government hand out.”

        Unfortunately Dag..the Gov’t doesnt just hand out.. theres never been a free ride.. what they have done though is all listed in Adolphs second book..
        Promote greed to the affluent.. get the citizens reliant on social programs.. ( rentassistance,daycare assistance, food stamps, heating assistance, Earned Income credits, take from the secured ss funds to stabilize the bankers ) devalue the dollar..
        Theres always a business model an end agenda.. my thought is none of it has to do with the dollar. If it did why would they be working so hard to destroy it. It has to do with control.. if they play by adolphs book they will start taking it away from the people and to the affluent to gain support.. then they can openly steal the goods from the affluent.
        We dont go into a country to just blast them for fun and games..theres usually something they want.

  6. Ure going to write shorter articles? AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH. S-ure, maybe one and then you will be back at it you addict LOL.

  7. The “Great Reset” sounds like “Brave New World”, without the easy sex or Soma!

    The majority of readers here would have been exterminated due to having lived their allotted 60 years.

  8. Thank you,George, for another excellent column. It pays to focus your attention on events as they have unfolded over the last several decades. The perspective it gives to us older folks helps us to negotiate our life decisions. Many younger folks do not have this outlook and often think it to be unnecessary. Reading between the lines in the news and reading publications and books that offer interesting but obscure viewpoints and first-hand observations help with understanding what transpired in the past that is and/or was not promoted in the mainstream news or even lied about. There have been a pile of lies, for certain. Very sad for all of us. We become the proverbial voices in the wilderness.

    • Thanks, Nancy – and yep, that was the intent of this morning’s PN report: Global Reset is just-another power grab by the too big to fail schemers who are now selling the idea the “whole world can fail…” which PN readers know is a crocka…

      Thanks so much for the kind (and thoughtful)

      People who are polarized, blinded, or hiding with the dust bunnies are fools and worse. Recognize failure and move along…too hard for the “I want it all FREE and with NO WORK and lazy’s in general…I suppose, which is how generations get squandered.

      • George,
        Do t look too much into this. We are Resetting from 4 years of failed policy. We had a Commander in Cheat that conned his way into a base so desperate for some explanation as to why their lives suck so much, they were looking for a person to miraculously concoct a quick fix or easy way out. Unfortunately, when you put your faith in a failed businessman, 2 bit reality show figure, things may go awry. Boy, did they ever! In the end, all of his hires, crazy talk and vitriolic tweets and rallies came back to haunt him. The very people that thought they could work with him realized they couldn’t. Not because they were weak…but because they were better than that. They realized that there was no there, there with Trump. Just like his bankrupt and debt ridden businesses, he was an empty shell with a hollow cranium. It didn’t have to be that way. But Trumps disturbing ego as uneducated mind proved over and over to the people around him that the role of President was was way, way , way over his head.

      • While I appreciate what you’re saying, Trump’s failure was “enabled” by a Clinton “op research” piece that was shopped till someone bit, up and coming socialists like AOC, outgoing ones like Bernie, and marginally coherent ones like Feinstein and lest we forgef, Swalwell and Pelosi’s roles?
        No, in my judgement we have had 4 years of effectively no president because he was beaten into foxhole mentality and has been soldier-gathering. But amidst this, the global socialist “Reset” is a very big deal that aims to end “private property” by 2030.

        I’m thinking a high-end real estate fellow like Ureself would be concerned because a “government takeover of rentals by 2030” has been trial-ballooned by the Just Us warriors for nearly a year having been reported in Forbes in January 2020

        Trump needs to lick his wounds, school his son, and get the failed repub. party back to American basic values, not the Berkeley socialist bullshit running amuck among the youth, except in the bright ones who are “makers.”

        Then ALL income from ALL sources of ALL relatives of officeholders needs to be passed so we can see who’s paying how much for the government that’s picked and stuffed in crooked elections on ALL sides.

      • “into a base so desperate for some explanation as to why their lives suck so much”

        Mark: This shows you missed the point & are a hater… they are solid folks, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc, men, woman who care about the constitution & making America great again. Yes, they are the working class people not living in million dollar SF homes but working for a living in a productive business. Yes, some even make a living selling homes under $100,000 to the $300,000 range. They are the people you & your friends look down on.

      • “We are Resetting from 4 years of failed policy”

        Oops..you meant 4 plus decades of failed policies and open political corruption..

        Politicians were doing shady deals long before I started to shave..back then they were considered under the table deals..today it’s all right in your face and their heck what are ya going to do about it approach..

  9. Keep it up George. Never give up. Keep the articles long and engaging…a two cup of coffee read is the best read.

    • This is one time where I agree with Mark completely! These articles are in depth and they provide a springboard for greater introspection, research, and understanding. They are most appreciated by me, at least. Masterful words from a master wordsmith!

  10. Lol… the welfare Queen’s are extremely few and far between..an urban myth similar to those saying every Burger King and McDonald’s worker makes thirty dollars an hour and has housing.. or that everyone getting assistance is on drugs lol.. when they followed up on it they were embarrassed to discover it was a false narrative.
    The banks dont hand out free money and neither does the state..
    Everything has a cost.. the laws are so tight that it was estimated that there was less than half a percentage point of those receiving assistance that was abusing the system..maybe once upon a time but today with the information and power of the computers keeping an eye those that do abuse the system get caught.. knowing people around here that receive benefits..
    When we went a year without an income we were told that we owned a car less than ten years old we could sell it.. if we had property..we could sell it.. and use those funds to live that a living wage is 750.00 a month.
    It didnt matter that the bank had the paper on everything..

  11. Are ya in the country? I think that alot of people are migrating out of the cities.

    I’m seriously considering returning to Seattle area for a while. We shall see. I need money and I know how to get it there. I know everyone in the trucking buisness and I can get a seat in in an 18 speed right quick. Sometimes it’s two steps forward one back. Then two more steps forward.

    I love this area. But there ain’t much in the way of opertunities here. Its like stepping back in time. Lot slower place and I really hate the traffic in Seattle but $42.90 an hour is looking really good right meow. Plus union bennies.

    And it would take is a phone call and I’d be in a truck on Monday. Easy. I got skills and a good name. Do that until the website figures it out. But I am progress. Got my first youtube video up. Honored to wear one of the Ties that Trump wore to become president against rachet Hillary.

    Got the name for the podcast show. “Friends and Fckers”.

    Ya know even when shit is bad as it is. There is someone always make a shit durring it. The bears make money on the slide and the Bulls on the Rise. I’m not a bull or a bear. I guess the best to surf it all is learn to swim first. Then ride the big kahuna when the tides right.

    AI meditating??? That means it prays.

    You think in the Bigger Picture George this is all a big set up for the Machines to take over? I mean AI is only powerful as it’s body. Nanobots? Like that in the Book by Dean Koontz, Prey.

    Big Blue has been coding at the molecule level since prior to 2012


    You don’t suspect that they are little better at now do ya? Hell DNA is molecular. Wonder if they can code your DNA and put sponsor decals on ya like in Nascar.

    Probably already got a few. Lol who knows…. you ureself could be artificial intelligence and not even know. *shirts

    off the gym. Have a wonderful day.

    Cue: choices by E-40

    Clique 116!

    • Make sure you have a job waiting, then go there. You can do the internet thang after hours from most anywhere. Don’t wait until you are so far in the hole you can’t travel. I hope it works out for you.

    • * SEAS – Simulation/Military -In Real Time

      -wishful thinking huh..

      Careful big liberal demorat cities – war/battles coming..

      -weapon/ammo pre-staged(seen this before) – no news reports weapons/ammo caught coming in frm chynah? Military plans for city defense(Jan210) patriots filling in around perimeters..

      -3.0 quake in Maine ??how dumb..

      ..wheres gina?

      Standing O for POTUS – Roaring “USA” at ARMY – NAVY Game
      “U had him” too bad that, dirty weasles ! only by deception..hahahahahahahahahaa

  12. One things for sure. Auto correct has a mind of its own. *Shrugs not shirts. Hahahahha

    Yeah it’s old article, back before the days of the Ronan. The samuri virus with no Honor. And when the New York Times ran an actual news story. Lol. Not just a piece of opinion.

    Probably got some bits of matrix code in it too. Lol. Could be sponosed by dupont. Hine site bring hine site. That is what she said. Hahaha

    Later dude.

  13. “Portland’s revolutionaries are still hard at work. “Tensions over eviction of Black-Indigenous family in Portland reach boiling point as protesters clash with police.”

    Yeah, trying to figure this one out. The Kinney family have spent hundreds of thousands on litigation. The “protestors” have spent tens or hundreds of thousands more, to occupy the property and those which surround it.

    Why didn’t someone just pay the frickin’ bill…?

    ISTM (by looking at the area) the city wants the property to flip to an apartment-builder. That’s fine, but the “right way” is via an “imminent domain” vehicle. Were I a Kinney, I’d petition the gummint to designate “The Red House” as an historically-significant property, and for its inclusion on the National Register, thus making it an unattractive property to any developer.

  14. “We are Resetting from 4 years of failed policy”

    Oops..you meant 4 plus decades of failed policies and open political corruption..

    Politicians were doing shady deals long before I started to shave..back then they were considered under the table deals..today it’s all right in your face and their heck what are ya going to do about it approach..

  15. We expect children once of a certain maturity to get over the fact that Santa Claus did not in fact leave their presents under the tree. Christmas still happens. Likewise perhaps most adults don’t like to think that their table is set by anything other than the promises of Adam Smith.

    Thoughts of the season of giving can be bolstered by review of “The Giving Pledge” where wealthy signatories pledge a majority of their wealth to charity. An example of this can be derived from a review of the Wikipedia page of “Cascade Investment, L.L.C.” The investment company is the largest shareholder of formerly government-owned Canadian National Railway at 14%. If one follows forward through the “CN” link it can be discerned that the Cascade owner’s charitable arm owns a further 2% of CN shares.

    Thinking back to the future, a Roman writer nicknamed Alexander Polyhistor spoke of a Celtic tribe Dominii situated at the eastern edge of Pretan? during the Roman conquest. They traded without coinage and allegedly could foretell the future. Here is a University of Cambridge link if you want to step through the gates:


  16. George, Your statement at 12;36 is really solid and clear headed. It angers me to see how the presidency has been abused because of self interested politicos with their attitudes about Trump the person and not what he tried to accomplish.

  17. Preliminary wishlists to Santa are indicating that billionaire types are asking for their toys to be delivered to covid-free jurisdictions in the sun.

  18. the gurus have got a beauty for you today !!! and george torn between the dark side and the force is going darkside !!! the global reset is now a combo of capitalism and communism with a big dose of covid bullsheet sprinkled on top . last time i looked george has redefined tyranny !!. of course has liberal lashings of champagne socialism. more dance moves than chubby checker has old george . ahh those rocks , desert , and cool mediterranean winds take me home old hafra road

  19. Breakout Big Bowls and Pounds of Popcorn The previews of coming attractions is going to be Breathtaking, The Clown Circus starts in January

  20. “We expect children once of a certain maturity to get over the fact that Santa Claus did not in fact leave their presents under the tree. ”

    I personally wont tell the kids that there is a santa claus..but then I’m not a big fan of the xmas holiday.
    But then again I am not correcting the kids that teach the grandkids..
    They have informed me that I am not to tell them what I believe..
    Theres more.. the Roman’s wouldleave for holiday and it basically was open season for lawlessness. The tradition was to light a candle each day till the Roman guards return..
    So..I’m not a huge fan of xmas..

  21. George- Reference your current and earlier post about Elaine’s memory of some un-crinkling “fabric”. Wonder what has happened to “Art’s Parts” ?

  22. “would be concerned because a “government takeover of rentals by 2030”

    George Isn’t that an option under the war powers act?
    And what needier spot to do just that than San Francisco. Where sidewalks are used ad toilets..the need for adequate housing is so great. Where poverty level is a hundred times higher than any other city on the continent..
    It could be the model city.. and the new pres..has said over and over we need to take from the rich and give to the poor.. he just didnt have green on a bow and arrow with feather in his hat..


  23. the only good , great , true patriot american president of the last 100 years was JFK . nobody comes close . that clinton mob didnt like the beautiful intelligent john boy son . so yep you know what happened there . most know the trick they pulled .presidents today nah all of em are sheet .. 2 many fringe 4×2 american politicians.. its a sewer of lies and crime .. yes yes just like australia

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