The “Invisible Depression”

Ure Baited and Switched

You’ve been had:  Government claims extraordinary powers due to a virus, someone with empty rallies wins the White House, and the Stock Market soars to records while a million people in hospitality have hit the bricks.

And you’re still not seeing it yet?

Buddy, you’ve been “hoodwinked.”  Sold a bill of goods.  Taken the wrong pill.  Stooged and had….

Hiding a Greater Depression

We have only to consider a few facts to achieve economic perspective.

Foremost is how much money the Fed has just “made up” out of thin air in the past year:  They’re printing like mad with a “soak-you-later” program called the National Debt.

The other number – people actually working presently – is also sobering:

Move over!  Guy with the calculator!

149,732,000 working now.  158, 536,000 working this time a year ago.   Round off:  9-million people not working.

So, we ponder, how does the market just hit all-time highs?

Could it be we are in the Bubble of a Lifetime and shit hits the fan in 2021?  Frankly, not a bad thing to plan on.

For now, the happy-talk is the Fed will keep it all nice and papered-over.  After all with either 46.3% more cash (basis M1) or 24.4% more cash and savings (basis M2), surely no one will notice, right?


Just out:

The Producer Price Index for final demand advanced 0.1 percent in November, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices rose 0.3 percent in October and 0.4 percent in September. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the final
demand index increased 0.8 percent for the 12 months ended in November, the largest advance since moving up 1.1 percent for the 12 months ended in February.

In November, the rise in the final demand index can be traced to a 0.4-percent increase in prices for final demand goods. The index for final demand services was unchanged.

The index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services advanced 0.1 percent in November, the seventh consecutive increase. For the 12 months ended in November, prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 0.9 percent, the largest rise since a
1.0-percent increase for the 12 months ended in March.”

Inflation lurks – shark like.  Sharking the Dow down 180- in the pre-open.

Piper’s At the Door, Now

You may not notice, but a couple of keyword searches for personally impacting words will shine some light on things:  Ready?

With  regular people losing “faith in the system” (duh!), where’s the bait and where’s the switch?  It’s in the phony monetization’s designed to shame you off-balance:

You just keep on p0sting that free content to FB and Twits – and keep making the rich-richer.  (God people are stupid on how monetizing  sheep works!)

[I don’t know who’s more stupid:  antifa and SJW types driving traffic to the rich-boy sites (trying to foment “revolution” lol) or the bitcoin miners using 7-nuke plants worth of power to make up bullshit numbers and pretend its money… hmmm…tough call there.]

We can’t cure the hopeless joiners and followers.  But stay the f*ck out of our way.  We try not to waste time on nickel and dime monetization crap.  The BIG swindles – the ones out of the District of Corruption – yeah…the high-level stuff.  If everyone had equal opportunity to benefit from equal work…be a hell of a fine country again.

But that dear Citizen, just can’t be allowed.

Texas Get’s It Wrong

The old saying about elections (“If they mattered, they wouldn’t let us vote...”) is ever-more clear as the true believers on the right think the Supremes will sing for Trump.  NFW.

Unfortunately for Trump, States Urge Supreme Court to Declare Election Over, Reject Texas Bid.

And they’re right:  One State doesn’t have standing to tell another State what to do inside their own borders.  Look:  If residents of one state want to be stupid, hold crooked elections, that’s up to people stupid-enough to live in [whatever state].

The good news here in the Lone Star? Should Texas be its own nation again? Secession talk returns with proposed Texas Independence Referendum Act.  Care to guess which way we’d vote on that?  At a minimum we could be five states under the treaty, could we not?  Maybe Soros could send money, lol.  Are you all in, Bubba George?

“As a stand-alone country, Texas would be the 10th largest economy in the world. The economy of the State of Texas is the second largest in the United States. It has a gross state product of $1.887 trillion (2019, the second largest in the U.S.   With a GDP: $1.887 trillion (2019).”
Ya’ll outside The Republic keep Joe and Kam, we’ll take oil and buy Louisiana later. And when the socialists bankrupt the U.S. remnants, we’ll explain how to do bank-grade and CAC-card level voting.  I.D. and citizenship required, though.  No internet….
Give the “left coast to China” cause they’re over halfway communist already.  Very little curriculum change (if any) will be needed at Berkeley…

Crook Check

“The new boss the same as the ol boss…”  As the Chicago Trib poignantly asks this morning in a “Column: Take the great leap, Joe: Hunter or Rep. Eric Swalwell for China ambassador?”  Why, Fang Fang, we do  declare.  America still has the best politicians money can buy…

And you notice how the International Community is snuggling up to Joe?  (Do they have soft hair, too???)  “Ukraine police close Biden probe initiated by ousted prosecutor.”  (Ousted by Joe’s reach.)

Translation for the sleeping sheeping:  Ukraine’s about to get a shitload of dough from the Buy’ed em’s. Ewe Watch.  Sure, go ahead, toss in Taiwan, too.  Speaking of…

Taiwan Tightens

Care to guess who else is waiting for Joe to “take a sit?”  Taiwan is rightfully worried as hell.  Locking down their home front: Leading pro-China news channel in Taiwan ends broadcasts.  And beefing up their defense: “Taiwan Commissions New Coast Guard Ships to Bolster Defences.

And feeding our  epicanthal targeting worries, did you see, speaking of Covid-19: Virus ‘success’ Taiwan to keep restrictions despite vaccine.  Public health or spared by  epicanthal engineering, huh?

China’s looking at Taiwan as a sitting duck and saying so: China’s PLA ‘Ready’ for Taiwan Resistance After Latest U.S. Arms Sales.

Tick tock, war’s coming.   Sudetenwan  (or was it  Taideten) Land?

Got to end a depression somehow…flash-bangs all ’round?  It has worked before…

Cheerily into the Weak End…

No typing speed requirement for captive regulators? FDA ‘rapidly working to finalize’ Pfizer coronavirus vaccine approval.  (Wanna bet there are some resumes going around in background?  Being a captive regulator issuch a very profitable deal…)

Is it legal to scream “Climate!” in an empty theaterWinter system impacts the Midwest, as Northeast could see its first snowstorm next week.

They missed our house: US consumers would rather give up alcohol than food delivery: survey.

More Woo?

Follow-up to my “well-placed” source with the Indiana state park story from Thursday:

“I need to add something to my experience at the state park the other day. that night both my cell phone and computer lost their history’s and my car radio stopped working. The car radio has been acting strange. I can not get it to come on and without me touching it will turn on and just be on one channel and one audio level and then it shuts off. I have fixed hundreds of AV devices. I used to do that for a living. Never seen anything like. I just pulled it out, it was driving me crazy.

Also I mentioned the helicopters. Well I am in another state and this morning two military olive colored large helicopter’s went over followed a few minutes later by two white helicopters of the same type.

By themselves I would not think anything of it but I also need to add this. when I was at the state park in Indiana these black SUV’s were driving around in the park. Then the ranger came to my door and asked if I had heard or seen anything the night before.

When I was leaving the park I went though the town of Liberty and I passed a restaurant and there were three of those black SUV’s and a white one. The white one had State Police emblem on the side. This was not about somebody poaching etc.

I used to be an analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency and connecting dots was what I did. So if there were lets say outsiders in country and they wanted to keep a low profile what would be a better way than to stay in state parks.

Adding a lot of other dots, which includes military movements worldwide, strange earth phenomena, Covid, and other similar events I would say something is in the mix. Here is the part that may be frustrating, when I was an analyst for the DIA I would start my day reading the CIA daily bulletin. Often I would be shocked by something and expect to see it in the news that night. Sometimes there would be what was a concocted cover story. It used to bother my wife because I would be stressed out about it but I could not tell her a thing. another quick mention, is that technology that our military plays with does not become public (if ever) for 10-15 years. I know this.

I am getting the Lost in Space Danger danger feeling. there is more I could share but not online.


We’ve come across a lot of it in our reporting over the years.  And – from a different source – we know  lots about “zero-flight time” (faster-than-light) communications.  Useful stuff conceptually if you happen to be hacking space-time as a hobby. Which we are while waiting for a shipment of 30-lasers to come in from China.

Meantime, watching the videos out of the California IR cam site mentioned Thursday.

If you’d like to help

…hack space-time…

Whip open a bible and go to the discussion in Exodus of the Lampstand that was adjacent to the Ark of the Covenant.  Then, figure out how large a “light enclosure” could be created using the light-beams from the Lamp of the Ark.

Send along a sketch of how to arrange those 22 lights into a “containment” virtual space with edge-bounding by the lasers.  Yeah….that’d be useful.

Write when you get rich,

71 thoughts on “The “Invisible Depression””

  1. “the happy-talk is the Fed will keep it all nice and papered-over.”

    Seriously… Could they..
    we live by credit cards and numbers on paper.. you go in for a loan.. they don’t give you coins or green paper they give you a sheet with a number on it and a piece of paper.. we live in a world of numbers.. so .. could they just give everyone extra numbers.. that is what they have been for a while now.. quick lets print up numbers.. give out numbers etc.. JUST LIKE BITCOIN… if you believe that an imaginary coin has value.. it does.. as long as you have faith that the Numbers they are printing has value it will…
    So what if they just said.. oh our numbers are now worth more.. so lower your prices.. could they manipulate the market to believe that the free printing is really more valuable at this point in time.. to keep the ravages and effects of hyper inflation similar to the Weimer depression..

    • Exactly ! – what do think Mnuchin is doing evry friggin day?

      – He clicks the mouse – and moves the decimal point – it is that simple..Click! and not just USD &UST’s , Silver mkt, Gold mkt.

      Dude ran/coded Goldmans operation for years..

      Now try that same trick with Bitcoin – come on whats a matta ? maybe the genius in woods outback Dallas can time travel (jus like”the men in black”) back in time and bring U all some of them thar 1920’s silver dollars..

      • “time travel (jus like”the men in black”) back in time”

        I wish I could time travel.. LOL LOL there are a few times in my life I would love to go back and slap myself for not seeing lost opportunities LOL…something that just flew right no by LOL…
        don’t worry though bit coin isn’t one of them LOL

  2. “They missed our house: US consumers would rather give up alcohol than food delivery: survey.”

    They missed ours to LOL
    but then when was the last time you took a survey that they say had so many people voting on… to give you a realistic view of the feelings of the people of the country… When was the last time anyone you knew or they knew took one of those important surveys.. OR…. are they just made up numbers to keep the people believing the agenda they are pushing

    • “Zephyr
      December 11, 2020 at 19:02
      Dear Little Mark
      #1 Dictionary
      #2 Solipsism”

      Dang it Zephyr… I had coffee squirt out my nose again LOL OTFLMAO

  3. I wanted to put the election into perspective this morning, so I came up with this:It is far more likely that OJ was innocent than it is for Biden to have won this election honestly.

    Hopefully,the Court will decide to play the most ever important game of Texas hold em.

    • You see Tom, Occums Razor says the opposite. It is far more likely that Trump tried to win this election dishonestly and was surprised that there were far more people that just couldn’t wait to oust him than the crooked and planted votes he inserted. Democracy actually worked and crushed the corruption. You fail to remember that Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million in 2016. Is it so unusual to fathom that the Democrats and Bernie supporters that sat out the last election because they hated Hillary realized how stupid it was to do so? The 2016 election was the worst in terms of voter turn-out in 20 years.

      Trump, by being an bombastic idiot and caustic jerk was his own worst enemy. He rallied a base all right…just the wrong one. He rallied the Democrats to the tune of 80 million plus! That’s the logical answer Tom…not some nut job conspiracy.

      • 3 years ago, to-date, Q said we have a special place for GS(George Soroass)
        so I am sure your TDS is in full force these days, still pushing a popular vote miscount, the miscount doesn’t matter, the US Constitution does NOT have a popular vote for the US President,, you constantly push mis-info, sell sell sell
        thanks for the update on your mental health
        PS: knowingly commiting voter fraud penalty is what? foreign interference is an act of aggression against the US trying to gain DOMINION over US. Do you think the Military might be involved, with authority from US Attorney Huber, ssshhh, it is a secret, but u know,, zoom told ya so

      • What you wrote could be true, I don’t know if Trump could have supressed his ego, would it have made a difference. I don’t think so as the media and democrats simply made up stuff about Trump since even before he was elected. There is and was simply no evidence of Russia collusion, racism or being an authoritarian, but 1/2 the country took that media communications to heart. You have expressed opinions many times telling us how good your situation in your personal and professional life has been during Trumps presidency. So why the hate? Anyway your second unmentioned point is nothing about Biden. Everyone hated Trump so they voted against him. That sets no mandate that Biden can use to get things done. He is basically a lame duck from day one. Trump at least had a large percentage of the population that would support him. I foresee the knives out for Biden early because he just did not garner personal support from the population. There will be no political price to pay for the legislature to ignore him.

      • Dear Mark,

        You must be astounded that The Lincoln Project has not donated its remaining millions of dollar war chest against Mr. Trump to a worthy cause now that the election has happened. I certainly am astounded that the co-founder of the Lincoln Project is still, a month after, flinging stones at Mitch McConnell and “Trumpism” in Lincoln Project podcasts instead of moving forward.

        “Fortune’s” 40 Under 40 report made it clear that this person was bright and experienced beyond his years in the period he enjoyed the limelight of Republican Party boywonder status which ended in 2016. Alas, we are told, this son of a fundamentalist Evangelical preacher is “struggling with his identity and the party he grew up in” as well as “coming to terms with his sexual identity” which led to him to “deconstructing (his) space and worldview”. Ironically one of his Lincoln Project co-founders recently stepped aside to “deal with family matters”.

        Mark, I imagine you like me am pleased these people are dealing with their issues. If the Lincoln Project gig helps them achieve peace of mind, kudos to them. Just remember, whenever the kool-aid wears off, we’re here for you buddy.

  4. Secessionista !

    whats next, combat rock ?
    Ure swipes at that which U cant have – r borderline absurdities..”4 nuke power plants” – as if the Ure precious US dollar system does not use alternating currents in perpetuity – once all BTC’s mined – no more juice used – so we can Amortize (look it up geniuses) the hard fixed costs over time – have not even discussed Exorbitant Costs to USA of maintaining petro dollar system over the years. Check – that as seriously mark ass news.
    “Buy Bitcoin, or Ure Enemies Will”-LCN

    How do U think Venezuela is paying Iran and turkey for Imports?

    Maduro getz it – and will be much richer for it in the long run .

    The harder they come..

    Prereading the the script – perhaps U2’s sunday bloody sunday would be moar appropriate, but alas the front man is a seriously dark nogoodnik-leftitard who I despise.
    andzo – – Nein BTC 4 Herr Ure!

  5. Ya well there is a lot language moving in concert with ~The Zero Report.~ already so. I did a quick search this morning and everything is moving in that direction. Lining up nicely. For those bought the report they should be aware to see that as the headlines are becoming obnoxiously obvious to what was written within it.

    Good good.

    Yeah. I had my moment yesterday. Dieing to self is never easy. “I’m not much but I’m all I think about.” Fack! Rip that shit right out of me! I hate being a Winey tit baby. And a selfish F! The woman called me a selfish asshole last night because she had a thing and I was busy doing my thing and well I wasn’t paying to her wants. Ugh. Yes dear. I will better.

    No flash bangs! There is an easier way. Lol. All the instruments are joining in the concert. Good good.

    Eye spy with my one good eye. Hahaha.

    Maybe, I won’t have to get a suplimental job until this takes off after all. Just got the gym and it’s time get my ass in gear again. Sometimes I think God hold me up because like Zero Flight times? I’m faster than light too. Lol. Hold up man. Wait got the rest of the world. Pass the catch up, George.
    Be back up and running today. I hope. Lol

    Well said Optimist Prime! See Lady Spain taking a big old dump?! Hahaa. Told ya. Lol it’s in The Zero Report

    Cue ummm. Juke Box Hero.
    Foreigner Fore

    Clique 116!

    • “The woman called me a selfish asshole last night because she had a thing and I was busy doing my thing and well I wasn’t paying to her wants. Ugh. Yes dear. I will better.”

      Slim chance you’ll do better — <50 and you're loosing it already? Perhaps your hormones are telling you to be frustrated. God has other problems to deal with, IMHO.

      • Listen, I give alot. Lol. I’m aloud a bad day. They don’t happen very often. I’m human. I had a really good day yesterday. Lol I’m so busy, I barely keep with all this stuff. And I have to write my own website. Which I had a phenomenal day yesterday and I couldnt fit it all in. But I will get on that today, after the Meditation and gym portion of my morning. Lol

        I’m probably one of the most giving ya ever met. Lol not a statement of pride. It’s just most people say that about me as a matter of fact. Probably why I’m broke. A few of the Masters of Money and Other things down in Old Money Town Palm Springs where 1/4 of the nations wealth vacations in the winter told me on more than a few occasions, Dude! You need to be selfish sometimes. Lol. You need to take care of you. I said its my job to take care of me. That is the Creators Job. My my job is to take care of His kids. His Job is to take care of me. And yesterday what seemed impossible? He made a reality. And everyone around me said whooaa I don’t know anyone who has ever had that happen ever except you. I said week God he is a funny guy. That is how my whole life is. And they said how I get like shit like that to happen in my life. I said you gotta take care of everyone else and follow the instructions on my website. Lol. That is how it works. Lol

      • It’s not my Job to take care of me. That’s God doing. Its my job help others. Lol. That is what I do. I make mistake who I work for. Lol

  6. State parks… so much has happened in state parks.. that they never tell anyone.. what is it.. a book missing 411 .. all about oddities and missing people from state parks..

    Is what we are seeing in the reports simply the return of the servants of the Watchers, the lesser “angels” that followed the two hundred, as we approach the end of the age and the coming of Armageddon.
    all of which is written to expect..

    what i see is we are in a time where acts of horror are accepted as good and decent.. the truly evil acts are hidden away and everyone is made to believe that the things they do are not real.. in the end the watchers come to clean house.. so are we at that level to expect to see oddities happen.. are the watchers gathering to do exactly what every religion in the world has said since the beginning of time..another sodden and Gomorrah..
    we all have known about the black knight satellite that has had an increase of activity and transmissions lately.. was it calling for the watchers.. the increase in UFO activities the last year alone

    then go over to stews site.. and read what Nostradamus has to say about the coming times..

  7. You know George I think that would be a wonderful thing if Texas went their own way, we could close those 15 military installation there, save the federal money on the other programs that makes up a chunk of their budget, why we could even sanction them if that’s what it took, maybe Mexico would take them back if we paid enough, for you see that GDP you speak of would shrink like a new pair of pants from the dryer. No George you couldn’t drive them out with 14 lb mall its just wishful thinking, I wonder if the federal government still pays that subsidy on oil that JFK was going to take off but I bet it never happened.!!!

      • Now George you got me there I never thought about that, hmm it blew my thoughts right out the water. Lol now I’ll have to redo my figures all over again but thank you for pointing out my error.!!!

      • Hah! Once Interstate 69 is complete, you’d have to make it a toll road to get your cut… (Laredo, McAllen, and Brownsville to Port Edward, Canada, nonstop.) Plan on the Mex Mobsters relocating from Chicago to Indy, Lansing, and the Tri-Cities, and establishing shipping centers in Houston and Memphis…

  8. In looking at your analysis of the Texas lawsuit, you missed a couple of facts. First, at least seventeen other states have signed on with Texas as Plaintiffs. Second, I haven’t seen any evidence that anyone is supporting the four defendants other than MSM.
    The irony of claiming the lawsuit is frivolous because of states rights hasn’t eluded me. The Federal government constantly bullies individual states while the SC has declared states rights to be all but dead.
    The argument that one state can’t object another’s unconstitutional conduct is a states rights argument. For the SC to reject the lawsuit on that basis would be for the SC to say, states rights are still OK for states with progressive leadership acting as a leftist dictatorship and gaming the federal election process, but all of the rest of you knuckle under. If that happens, the nicest consequence might be a constitutional convention, by the rules or otherwise, since a rejection of the Texas claim would be an abdication of the equal protection of the rules. Either the Constitution applies equally, or it is time for the overhaul. The more I think about it, the better the plaintiff’s position looks.
    Given that 17 other states have signed on, I don’t see unilateral Texas succession in the cards.

    • Good post n____. I didn’t understand two juxtaposing paragraphs by George:
      #1…..And they’re right: One State doesn’t have standing to tell another State what to do inside their own borders. Look: If residents of one state want to be stupid, hold crooked elections, that’s up to people stupid-enough to live in [whatever state].

      #2…..The good news here in the Lone Star? Should Texas be its own nation again? Secession talk returns with proposed Texas Independence Referendum Act. Care to guess which way we’d vote on that? At a minimum we could be five states under the treaty, could we not? Maybe Soros could send money, lol. Are you all in, Bubba George?

      Re: #1…..this isn’t about one state or 4 states telling Texas what to do. It is about 4 crooked states telling Texas who we have to live with as our President for the next 4 years…..a senile, old, crook, that fondles little girls, and would sell out to the highest bidder. Ever wonder how much cash he and Obama scrapped off $150B that was flown to Iran. The bumbling idiot cannot even read the teleprompter. He couldn’t even pronounce the name of his Dept of HHS guy Xavier Burraqciano (sic) and he named the Department Xavier was being nominated for the Department of Health and Education, which doesn’t exist. Biden is an idiot and a clown that has a history of not knowing the difference between “come here” and “sic em”.

      Re: #2…..having been a born and bred Texan for my entire 72 years, ranching and oil/gas among other things for 40+ years, we have our limits. I have many friends that will have reached our limits if we let this theft of votes happen. And regarding some arrogant pricks that write on here that Trump stole the votes…you can’t argue with Stupid, and you sure can’t fix Stupid….therefore I will not even address those that shot n____ down. The Democrats have been stealing elections for years. It is part of the DNA. Goes back to LBJ getting into the House by stuffing dead people into the ballot box when he ran against Coke Stevenson in Duval County Texas. Anyone that believes Stupid Joe Biden, the “tough guy” punk that is always mouthing what a bad ass he is could actually win an election when he could only garner 100 people in the parking lot to listen to him mess up the teleprompter should keep their opinions in California with all the other fruits and nuts.

    • Isn’t one of the roles of the SC to listen to complaints between two states? I don’t see any states seceding any time soon as they would have to get both the dems and repubs agreeing to it within the state, and our economy isn’t so bad yet as to encourage mass migrations. Maybe soon… Time to research societal conditions leading up to the secessions, separation of West Virginia, and forming of the Confederate States of America back in 1860-something…

      I’m from a county in central Maryland which is steeped in Civil War history. Maryland is that no-man land which shares the Mason-Dixon line with Pennsylvania to the north, and the Potomac River with Virginia to the south. The battle lines weren’t drawn between the states; they were drawn between towns, and in some cases across living rooms dividing families. There are 23 counties in Maryland, most of which are red. The state votes blue because of the 3 counties in the middle which have most of the people. Says something about that popular Republican governor running the state…

      Just like in the mid-1800’s, I believe the SC may be lighting a fuse if it isn’t careful.

    • Mark- Pardon my mispelling of the word “secession”. If you reread my post, you won’t find me advocating secession. Further, I find your claims to being the Urban survival resident intellectual sound like Progressive horsesh!t.

  9. O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree…

    Pull up a comfy chair, isn’t this just a cozy conflagration? Here code red is extended until Jan. 11th. A couple of weeks past, things came to something of a public relations nightmare as media beamed images of police officers handing out warnings and tickets aimed at hundreds of attendees to an outdoors drive-in church service. Before that event the movement of sorts seemed to have begun earlier with a tiny, fundamentalist Christian group in the rural Bible Belt. Then a more centrist group in the city picked up the baton.

    Shortly thereafter the code red public health orders were amended to allow drive-in church services. In the spirit of the season, drive-through Christmas light displays, previously closed under order, made plans to open.


  10. You are right about government working on future tech George. Back in my ad and PR days, we had a client that was a spin off from SRI. The spin off was called Atomic Tangerine..typical name of the Silicon Valley start-ups of the 90’s and early 2000’s. They tried to monetize old SRI technology used by the government in years past. The “old” technology was still years ahead of what was available to the general public at that time. They had $36 million finally granted to them in VC money in late 2000 and blew through that in 9 months in one of the typical poster child ways of too much money too fast and without accountability ways of the go-go dot com days. SRI still operates and it’s biggest initiative is Quantum sensing technologies.

  11. We don’t control much in our lives anymore.

    I disabled software updates on my cell phone, yet the phone still updates when Government demands it updates. I can’t even change the volume on the timer app without sharing my contacts list.

    When Government wants to turn off the gig/service economy, the gig/service economy is trend off. Here in MI a couple of restaurateurs tried to disregard the orders, but they were promptly arrested, like in the other states. Nobody came to their aid.

    My TV has voice control. I know it’s talking about me with the computer. And I think the WiFi enabled water heater is in on it with them.

  12. Bitcoin is the defacto currency of Cuba. The majority of the world currencies are trash. Their governments spend until they become worthless & then start over. The US Dollar is still the currency of choice worldwide. Do you trust the Chicom dollar. No, neither does Nigeria.

    PREDICTION: In 2021, bitcoin will be adopted as the official currency of a sovereign nation. I don’t know which one. Can you here bitcoin go up in price. Yes said the greedy piggy.

    Right now in my Cash App account, I can sell bitcoin & have US Dollars deposited in my Cash App Debit Card & spend it. That is how bitcoin is used by the little legal people.

    Bitcoin could hit $116,000 in 2021.

  13. SECOND 2021 PREDICTION: Cannabis stocks soar as more states legalize Marawanna & illegal demand is converted into legal demand. Big profits says the piggy.

    • U might be on o something here with “Marahuchie” stocks into 20121, they look cheap – and are out of favor…..hmmmm.

      Coot was finally diagnosed with high Anxiety Disorder – $250, Med Marijuana Card -$50, Walking into neighborhood Dispensary and smelling & discussing the flavor nuances, and differing affects certain Terpenes produce in Ure head &body with a BudTender – Priceless!

      * Medical Marijuana is NOT linked in any way to state ID system/drivers license/concealed carry permit..

      • I know what my choice is.. you can take the vaccine … or wait to see if they can get the bugs out of it.. or you can take your chances…
        the medications for the HIV is someplace around what ten grand or more if you have issues.. just for the one.. WILL YOUR INSURANCE PAY… mine won’t.. neither will my wifes insurance… I knew a patient whose medications was costing almost ten grand a week… and who is the manufacturer of these medications.. what doctors are going to see you for the extended costs.. the medications is just the icing on the cake.. long term medical care is expensive… and we are not set up for the care of the population..I think it is quite a bit similar to politicians we have the best medical care money can buy.. but if you don’t have the money they don’t see you.. and the idea of changing how our medical system works has never been a popular one..
        then there is the choice…. take your chances with the virus…. we know that what about four or five percent fatality.. thirty percent with long term physical changes… so yup.. I guess it is something each and everyone of us at least should have an idea..
        All of it is only a decision each individual has to make for themselves.. then of course I think they could make you take the vaccine.. no choices left..

  14. About that hidden depression. What if the line isn’t drawn between the have’s and have nots, but between those who don’t shop and everyone else who does? Maybe things don’t appear so bad because we are shifting to a feudal society, and the froth is those businesses who are teetering between those favored and those not.

    If I have a job, and my grocer is open, and my dry cleaner, and the internet works as well as the cable TV, why wouldn’t I put blinders on and ignore the less fortunate? If I didn’t have these things, and I had nothing else to lose, why wouldn’t I be as vocal as possible?

    Time to read up on the economic and societal issues that led to the French Revolution back in 1780-something…

    • Then you better read up on the gangster bankers who fomented and fronted that war. It was one of the first color revolutions, White, I believe, and it worked like a champ, I mean charm.

    • The problem is the distribution of I.Q. from birth, (variances in economic situations may happen!) However, vocalizing discontent with one’s fate will not be productive, IMO.

    • ‘Problem is, that line isn’t drawn by us’ns, it’s drawn by whomever happens to be in control of the mainstream media (currently Mr. Soros), and for the past 140 years, has been drawn to foment division, for political purposes.

  15. “And you’re still not seeing it yet? Buddy, you’ve been “hoodwinked.” Sold a bill of goods.”

    And what would be YOUR solution (short of assassination of selected politicians), since elections don’t offer any chance of a desired solution to what ails US??

    It’s NOT “seeing it yet” because most people see it, but what are -UR- individual solutions to the problem ?

    Btw. Isn’t OUR problem “the best” for your business ?

    • “what would be YOUR solution”

      They could always VOTE…. those in office have a what..98% chance of returning to office…
      petition the supreme court to limit contributions from special interests.. make them read the bills they vote on.. Rand Paul tried that one with the read the bills act and was laughed off of the floor… he had what a hand full vote for it.. what a joke…. and no one will vote these people out of office.. no matter how horrid their records are..

  16. The year for the crash and the reset is 2022.

    22 is a master number In numerology and it means that we will be taught something huge. 22 is the teacher. 2020 was the beginning. 2022 will the be conclusion.

    “Build Back Better” which is the new World Order slogan in many Masonic controlled countries. B is the 2 nd letter of the Masonic created English language. 222. They are telling you subconsciously.

  17. Sadly Empires, Societies, Countries can be “Judged” by how they treat the less fortunate and defenseless (Children).

    In dim the light of our current physical reality – USA is FUCKT.

    “Globalists” = goddamed global cabal of Luciferian frazzle drippers..Hello Kilary&Huma..

  18. My current job gig requires that i spend inordinate amount of time dealing with messes made by salesman and foreign nationals, all of whom are convinced that they are experts in 10 different disciplines, with no real credentials in any. When I look at the news and the political victory posts, I see the same pattern. We are headed for four years of rule by pseudo-intellectual Progressive bullsh!t artists with control issues.
    When you are dealing with back seat drivers professionally, the first indication of lack of knowledge of subject matter is obsession with format and grammar. The next indication will be political hate rants and personal attacks coming out of nowhere.
    This site has a surplus of ex-rocket science, professional and think tank types, and I enjoy listening to their rants. The self-made tinkerers are a joy to read posts from. The serial hate talk is offensive. My apologies if I get drawn into it by your resident hate mongers, especially the lefties.

  19. “When you are dealing with back seat drivers professionally, the first indication of lack of knowledge of subject matter is obsession with format and grammar.”

    My grammar and diction are perfect, spelling nearly so. I proofread off-and-on for 20 years post-college, at 250-700WPM depending on the level of technical expertise required. Somewhere in this period I began to learn “improper English” (thanks mostly to Walt Kelly and Al Capp) which I now use to either sound “folksy,” or to aggravate the hell out of pseudo-intellectuals. I have dealt with tenured English profs who “get it wrong.” Anonymous “grammar nazis” on messageboards merely amuse me…

    “The next indication will be political hate rants and personal attacks coming out of nowhere.”

    You don’t have to have read Alinsky to be an Alinskyite:
    “When you can’t defeat the argument, deflect. When deflection doesn’t work, discredit the source. When you can’t discredit, attack the messenger…”

    • You haven’t started arguing with G____ over his choice of fonts and line weights yet, have you?
      Turning every business discussion into a political hate rant seems less Alinsky and more OCD, but it is an interesting analysis.

      • Nah, neither “hate” nor a “rant” but merely an observation…

        …and you are the one who mentioned “hate” and “rants.”

      • “The next indication will be political hate rants and personal attacks coming out of nowhere.”
        “Turning every business discussion into a political hate rant seems less Alinsky and more OCD, but it is an interesting analysis.”

        I have never seen you go off on anyone with a hate rant, Ray. I wish I could say the same about customers and coworkers. Apparently my comment wasn’t as clear as it should have been.

      • No, harm, no foul…

        I learned long ago that hate rants are a demonstration of ignorance or stupidity, made by pompous, narrowminded (and often self-righteous) individuals whose grasp on reality was lacking. Dealing with one is like dealing with children: As difficult as it sometimes is, one never lowers oneself to their level because as long as the prig is the only one ranting, the “adult in the room” is plainly-obvious (as is the child…)

        As for spawning my own, I don’t, because (first of all) I research, sometimes exhaustively, before commenting on a subject of which I know little, and (second of all) refuse to debate a self-important jerk on his or her level. They’ll often stick to their guns, even when their opinion is demonstrably wrong (essentially looking for a “shouting match”), and so, aren’t worth my time.

        There is no person as stupid as he who cannot admit when he’s wrong…

        Sorry about the business interactions. I get some of that, too. There’s not much anyone can do to avoid chronic irritation and exasperation, except exercise the “WOPR Rule.”

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