84.5% Implied Inflation: America’s HYPERINFLATION

Holy shit! 84.5% Hyperinflation is here.   The (not really) Federal Reserve’s latest H.6 Money Stocks report shows we’re right on track to “go Weimar.”

Inflation of cash and equivalents going up at an annualized 84.5% annual rate and the broader M2 going up over 45% per year?

There’s Good News Here:

Well, such as it is:  It means the Market has fallen about in half – but since there is so much money chasing it, the prices haven’t collapsed.


This is the dirty little secret of how the market goes up (Free money!  Free money!) while collapse from the Plandemic grows.

Retail Fails, Too

Meantime, as we’re all trying to get a wheel barrow to move money around in, how about them Retail Sales Figures?

Sucks, huh?  Words may not help, but…

Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for April 2020, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $403.9 billion, a decrease of 16.4 percent (± 0.5 percent) from the previous month, and 21.6 percent (± 0.7 percent) below April 2019. Total sales for the February 2020 through April 2020 period were down 7.7 percent (± 0.5 percent) from the same period a year ago.  The February 2020 to March 2020 percent change was revised from down 8.4 percent (± 0.4 percent) to down 8.3 percent (± 0.3 percent).

Retail trade sales were down 15.1 percent (± 0.4 percent) from March 2020, and 17.8 percent (± 0.7 percent) below last year. Clothing and clothing accessories stores were down 89.3 percent (± 1.8 percent) from April 2019,

Not to put too fine a point on it, but people who can work naked from home, get food sent in, and can’t go anywhere?  Not much reason to buy fashion, go grocery shopping, or buy a new car…let alone book a fancy hotel stay or a cruise.  Life as we used to know it is OVER.

Depression 2 is dawning.

BumVid 19

As of click-time, we we’re at 302,493 dead today globally on just over 4.444-million cases globally.  Cases have been going up at around 15.5447 percent every  five days.  Since it’s too early to work out the compounding, let’s call that 3% per day.  So, assuming we get “normal” increases this afternoon, here’s what to expect between now and next week:

  • 4.5 million today
  •  4.635-million cases tomorrow.
  •  That would infer 4.77-million by Sunday.
  •  4.9-million sometime Monday
  • And we ought to pass 5-million global cases Tuesday.
  • Or…Wednesday…depending on how much “influence” there is on reporting.

While we think the odds are pretty good that a) it’s a bioweapon – accidentally or otherwise, and b) it has turned into a  Plandemic  because in an otherwise no-growth global economy already out of resources (since making up industries like gender-checking and selling sex change will only get you  so far….) any new story will sell!

For real profits what you need is global and mandatory.  Since we all have cell phones already, how about 5G (and a virus that may be linked) and requiring a bio-passport to go anywhere but to the bathroom?  Meantime, run them printing presses.

Oh, this is so f*cked-up, it’s unreal.  You are witnessing the  “normalcy-biased crack up stage of financial engineering” first-hand.  Demand destruction front and center.  This leads to cascading business and personal failures.  Followed by Depression 2.0 arriving with a food shortage…But, you can see all this, right?

Plan for Famine While You Can

Unless you’re a Breatharian, what is the one thing to plan on?  FAMINE.  Screw the politics and its lousy practitioners along with the bullshit mainstream media that’s so desperate to stay in business they have stopped reporting big picture Truth.  Just no money in that.

Hunger Comes Next

I’ve been  preaching since January:  The time to get seeds, get soil, get fertilizer, get Bonide and get with it was here in March.  (If you don’t know what Bonide is, you don’t do enough gardening and you’re way behind the power curve.)

If you still have your head up your personal “walking around compost generator” here’s some incentive to GFR (get f*cking real):  Humanity is on the verge of a Death Spiral…a die-off if we don’t keep our shit together.

And if these don’t torpedo any left-over confidence in your foodture, how about:

Point is, we need to focus on the shit that matters, not failing media who don’t understand how the new class of self-directed Americans manage news.

Old News or Future User?

Maybe you aren’t on the distro list, so let me give you a quick lesson in how we “Use News” rather than being victims of Great Crooks, Cons, Manipulators and Narrators of all political stripes.

Before we even open the browser in the morning, our Seven Major Systems of Life are front and center in our mind.  Food, shelter, communications, energy,; environment (including healthcare) transportation, and finance.

Put another way:  If you have a roof overhead, food and water, a cell phone, lights that work, your temp is normal and you have clothes on, it’s not freezing or sweltering, and your credit or debit card works, odds of you making it through the day are pretty good.  Take away even one of these and Life’s a bitch, a real PITA in zero time.

Now, instead of going to somewhere popular (*like Drudge or Bing or Google News) and getting rope-a-doped (that’d be you ) into some useless emotional circle jerk, you could be asking “WIIFM?”  (What’s In It For Me?).

If you haven’t figured out that Joe Biden’s a lying prick (or dottering old hack) by now – since he can’t remember asking for Gen. Flynn to be “unmasked” or because his “virtual camp-pain” is full of gaffes, well, it doesn’t matter except in one specialized instance.

Playing the Race Card

Jesus… Biden’s on the “unmask list” and here comes The Atlantic  playing “the race card” as we see it.  Claiming “‘Obamagate’ Is About Questioning the Legitimacy of the First Black President.” See what I mean about poking your hot buttons like race? FMTT.   If Obama’s crew was crooked (and with HRC’s Foundation, you’re joking thinking were all squeaky-clean, right?) then look into it.

What matters (short version) is the democrats attempted a coup.  Obama and certainly Biden and other ex Obamanista’s were involved.  There was a conspiracy to screw Bernie Sanders, too.  Twice – a kind of political double-rape.  (see how “hot words work”?)  I kinda feel bad for Bernie…

But does any of it matter?  We got screwed out of three years of effective Trump leadership due to the digital uprising, but all water under the bridge.  Today is a fresh day (*to screw up).

Time to move on.  Unless you’re a delegate to the democrat convention, yeah, then maybe.  The rest, though?  Waste of your neurons.  Liberalista media – like NPR – will wear your eyes out talking around the story – like here.  Other side of the aisle, you can find FauxSnooze hammering MSNBC for soft-balling Joe and not asking the obvious.  Smells like a sewage treatment plant in a power failure to us.

Virus!  Be Afraid!  Get Chipped.  Not a Plandemic?  What’s your IQ, mid 60’s?

In reality, more right-left, left-right bullshit that doesn’t matter.  You only have one vote…unless you’re an election worker and can find “bags of uncounted ballots” which is how the “ownership” of outcomes is worked.  Or, if you write code for election software, or…..  tell me you’re not an idiot?

The one story that MAY matter is Trump is in favor of another “bailout check.”

Well, except for the little asterisk that these are (again) likely to be another
advance refund…which is like an IOU.  We’re not skipping any of our quarterly tax payments for a very good reason:  You can’t trust politicians of either party, right?

On Markets

We are cautiously expecting a pullback by the close today.  The Big Boyz ran the indexes up yesterday.  Index options closed.  Today, if they can whack the market to the downside, they can deliver shares at a profit to back up the options.

Can’t be  that hard to figure out, can it?

As for the market going  up?

We’re in hyper inflation.  (Non) Federal Reserve H.6 money stocks report for this week may not set your hair on fire directly, but if it’s not at least  smoldering we need to revisit that IQ question, again.

For now, Dow futures are down 243.  Hyperinflation is coming and hunger with it.

If you don’t have plans for the weekend, try working on something useful – try to address one of these two terrible problems.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. The “wheelbarrow” story from the Weimer Republic is true. The wheelbarrow was the item of value in the transaction, not the fiat marks. In Zimbabwe, only bundles of notes were accepted. Once broken, they were too much trouble to count. In Bosnia, a shipload of Kent cigarettes supplied a new currency. Packs of cigarettes functioned a s money.

  2. time and price studies are such useful items .. they amplify the numbers and objectives of all values.. reading something very worthwhile on the Nasdaq at a new high .. and its value a combined amount of all other world markets. I think old w .d was a time and price man who recognized the punishment of liars and conmen . ever developing fan lines and rotations

  3. Another UBI vote today. Up to 6K per person. That’s a down payment on a Toyota Tundra. Unless of course Trump vetoes the bill, *cough* *cough*

    Trump getting ready to deploy U.S. Military assets into American streets so everyone gets a chance to ride the needle. What did the Constitution say about that?

    Abortion law makes it clear, our body is our property.

    Survival will be luck of the draw. I’ve given up hope on living and resigned to the fact we are always in “the valley of death”. There are going to be a lot of hungry nuts out there.

    Some people think they’ll be eating wild game during the time of starvation. I think wild game will be gone within a week. The link below shows how much meat Americans eat.

    Feeding 326 Million Americans


    Trump is firing up the Trade War again.

    Jericho EMP scene


  4. Dear Mr. Narrator,

    Urban Survival Dictionary – suggested Update/Addition for 2020..

    Replace current word False with Fauci..

    “that is a fauci statement”, fauci eye lashes, fauci nails, fauci bottom of trunk ..

    Suggested use ..George Ure is an enthusiastic supporter of Bitcoin – is a patently FAUCI statement.

    Be the change U wanna see…

    Hey did some one suggest Silver – owning some Silver on these boards?

    Bet U didnt know coot was an accomplished Spacecraft Pilot – thats right ye non believers and deniers of the TRUTH.

    The coot has been practicing DOCKING the ISS – cause I can!

    So can U – if U dare – go to Space X . com and look for Dragon Crew Simulator.

    – Fair Warning – coot is the best ..gonna grow up a be STARFIGHTER someday! ; )

    • “Be the change U wanna see…”

      That’s worth pondering, because it’s the cure, IMHO!

      • I am the change I want to see and a good portion of the newbies in town hate my guts. … I am content.

  5. It’s all Obama’s fault.
    It’s all Trump’s fault.
    We have a lying prick running for President.
    We have a lying prick for President now.
    We have a monetary system based on a game of Monopoly.
    I’m voting for Mickey Mouse in November.

  6. If ever you wanted to git rid of that special person you have wanted gone for years and don’t want any fingers pointing your way, do it now. Nobody will apparently look for the antifreeze you put in their fruit juice because everybody dies from COVID-19 . Ninety nine, one foot in the grave , the other on a banana peel, two bullets to the head,wet clothes and lungs full of water doesn’t matter, it seems. Keep the virus deaths high, keep everybody scared out of their minds. Play down or outright ignore the fact 98% percent of people getting the virus get over it and go on. Take the old time medication the big pill boys can’t make another fortune on, and get well in days. You can refuse to be scare herded into this situation. Being conned into living in fear isn’t my idea of living. Get informed and go on with life

    • I have no problem with removing all lockdowns and letting people be free and interact and protect themselves in whatever way is best for them. But at least be honest, a 2% death rate is something significant also with other outcomes worth avoiding. You have 100 M&Ms on your desk, and 2 are laced with deadly poison and 7 more with a food toxin that will make you sick for a week. Would you be so cavalier and begin munching through them? I for one still listen to those with life experience and a sharp mind like URE. I will take steps where reasonable for me to do so, to ensure I can still take advantage of those experiences in the future. Hey go out interact, sing loudly in your church, kiss all the old ladies on the cheek. But don’t put down those trying to take measures to protect themselves their family and friends.

  7. When it come to voting. I give you a quote from the venerable sage Mark Twain.
    “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

  8. “U.S. House aims to pass $3 trillion Democratic coronavirus bill rejected by Republicans”

    “The one story that MAY matter is Trump is in favor of another “bailout check.”
    Well, except for the little asterisk that these are (again) likely to be another advanced refund…which is like an IOU”

    Has anyone ever noticed that the Federal Reserve is quite a bit like a couple of tailors….


    The reason the Demoralcraps or the president want to get more cash in everyones hands is.. they didn’t go large and in charge and freeze everything.. they let the velocity of cash move forward when they stopped the other side .. sort of a tug of war.. except there wasn’t anyone on the other side of the rope… to keep the noodle moving they have to pour more water on the table.. dry that up.. and it all crumbles.. with social distancing.. they virtually started to dry up the table…
    It had to come to this.. it was headed in this direction anyway.. this just speeds up the process.. get a wheel barrow and go buy a loaf of bread.. OH wait.. its all on a computer screen .. LOL fly a jet or a helecopter.. well that was before.. give it the collapse.. then the new tyrant to get in and really show everyone how its done..
    Here is a great show to watch…. ..


    • OTFLMAO..

      One of my friends that I let live in our extra bedroom.. was an old man that went through the depression.. he was a survivor of the Landing on D day.. and one of the rescuing forces of Auschwitz… anyway.. he kept telling me to do the strawbale gardening.. that during the dust bowl years.. that is how they did it.. make a line pile of straw.. put dirt over it.. then plant their potatoes… and other crops..
      SO.. I called a local guy to get some straw..
      He delivered a lot of beautiful bales of straw.. I got a load of dirt.. and went to town.. I had WEEDS.. more weeds than I knew what to do with.. it was horrible.. the potatoes.. I got one.. LOL LOL LOL LOL it was miserable..
      I promised I won’t do that again..

  9. The Coronavirus…flu for 2020 renamed Covid 19. Should have called it Screwmetosis 20 because that is what it was.
    The ICD10 Manual (International Classification of Diseases v 10) has such items as Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Lower Respiratory Disorder, Upper Respiratory Disorder as illnesses that could be classified as “Coronavirus”. Other unknown illnesses can also be classified as Coronavirus. Hospitals get an additional $13,000 if it is classified as Coronavirus, and an additional $39,000 if a ventilator is used. Do you think that a known healthcare trick called ICD coding slide is at play thereby inflating the death rates? I know it is because among other things, I was CEO of two healthcare companies that were founded to control healthcare costs and was an actuarial consultant to Fortune 500 companies in healthcare for the largest actuarial firm in the world. The medical profession is very aware of ICD coding slide.

    And President Trump, I voted for him and contributed money both then and now on 5 different occasions, but somewhere in the process the Fauci’s and drug companies that pull the strings so they can peddle more pills at exorbitant prices and vaccines that are always late for the rapidly mutating flu got into Trump’s head and he bought into what they were selling. Remember the love fest in the Oval Office a couple of weeks ago with Fauci, Birx and Gilead and everyone was touting Gilead’s new wonder drug Remdesivir. The Gilead website states that the drug does not even totally work according to their Phase 3 trials. This is the same Gilead that caught flak for selling a Type C Hepatitis Drug for $84,000. Remdesivir is expected to cost $9.62 for a 10-day dose to manufacture. Wall Street analysts estimate it will go for between $5000-$10,000 a treatment.

    The medicine Fauci pedaled–FEAR and shutting down the economy by using a flawed study– has proven worse than the sickness. They couldn’t get Trump on Russia Russia Russia, or Mueller and his goons couldn’t get him, or Ukrainian Impeachment from the pathological liars Congressman Adam Schiff, and Pelosi, and Nadler couldn’t get him, or strong-arming Flynn, Stone, and all the others to get them to roll over and make up stuff on Trump couldn’t get him, but they may have played their ultimate card to try and get him…shut the whole damn economy down for a bad version of the flu—CORONAVIRUS. Why have the Chinese opened Disneyland if this stuff is so bad? Does it make you wonder?

    Fauci and his study from the Imperial College of London that showed 2.2 million deaths projected for the U.S has proven to be a complete fraud. GIGO. Garbage In/Garbage Out. Who is this clown Fauci? Pictures of him with Bill “Vaccine” Gates, Rockefellers, Astors, and other big money people over the years. Where the hell did, he come from out of the Blue-a 40-year Bureaucrat that gave American Taxpayer Money to the Wuhan Lab and made a prediction years ago that Trump would have a virus to contend with. Ask Fauci about Price Elasticity and how it is affected by Supply and Demand. He doesn’t know squat about economics. Give a guy a hammer and everything becomes a nail. They shut down a smoking hot economy and caused suffering for hundreds of millions of people because of a virus with inflated death numbers that have not even matched the flu and cancer deaths in the U.S. every year. But the flu and cancer have never shut the economy down. People of all ages die every day every minute. Lungs, kidneys, heart, infections, pneumonia, strokes all kill people all the time. It is not all Coronavirus! You can paint a horse with stripes and call it a Zebra, but it is still a horse.

    And now Fauci is on tape as saying that masks do nothing! But you have governors saying you have to wear a mask, and Costco acting like God saying if you want to buy toilet paper from us, you have to wear a mask and build up your CO2 levels, which build up your acid levels, which are harmful on your kidneys and can create an environment that cancer loves. And masks build up the moisture in your lungs, mouth and nose which make a perfect environment for germs and viruses to stick to and multiply quickly. Even N95 masks only work 95% of the time. Clue that this was BS-all the White House Press Room meetings where they were standing shoulder to shoulder without masks. Someone said it was because they were tested daily. Really? Why does the White House staff including Pence’s personal staff have “Coronavirus”? Tests do not stop a disease. There are people that have the disease but may be asymptomatic. If this disease is so contagious Fauci, where were your face masks? Where was your “social distancing”? Testing is like closing the gate after the Bull has gotten out.

    This whole damn thing has been a fraud to get another $9 Trillion to the big boys while the people get a measly $1200 and the individual people of this country will suffer the consequences for years to come, and some for the rest of their lives with depression about losing everything they have worked their whole lives to build up. It is a disgusting news fraud just like “the plane” that hit the Pentagon but there were no titanium engine parts and the plane disappeared in the hole that was too small for it to fit into, and Building 7 collapsing but it was not hit by a plane or fire.

    • Regarding the medical field: The only way to win is not to play! Especially – NEVER become a patient. You may get sick and you may recover, but never become a “patient”! Find your own medications and your own sources. Do your own research.

      In stores, I wear a surgical type mask from Harbor Freight. It’s an easy breather and no doubt would prevent my secretions from being blown over half the store if I ever sneezed. I have full-on N-95’s and a couple of respirators for truly toxic environments if needed. The mask makes others feel more at ease, and I can accept that. I’ve used the same one for this whole episode and leave it on the dash of my car where it gets cooked and irradiated by the sun. Of course, grams of vitamin C and the sun itself help me, along with my chosen lifestyle of self-isolation.

      My line in the sand is the idea of mandatory testing and/or inoculation with anything. I know my body(my self), and I am my own temple. I’ll not have myself defiled and likely damaged by an unknown substance not chosen and analyzed personally. It’s the one thing(so far) that could turn me against President Trump if he tries to force it. It’s the thing that originally gave me my visceral hatred of the hilldog back in 1993 when she originally advocated mandatory federal dictatorship in medicine.

      The latest nonsense is an RNA “vaccine”, aka virus that would be injected; then hit with either a voltage pulse or millimeter wave shock to initiate electroporesis. This is nothing less than genetic modification of humans. The tech is there, and the only question is whether or not “they” think they can push this on us. At best, it would amount to immune compromise. I can’t fully imagine the worst.

    • I bet if people knew that we could take all those Federal “Reserved”Notes and then burned them in protest, and handed out nails,screws,nuts and bolts as barter the real economy could build a New Screwed World Order. NSWO, I like it, but then I’m out in the outback with nothing better to do. Under a burn ban. HAHA. Last summer dryest on record.
      One fire ,2 lots away, evacuated,not fun or good on the lungs.
      Set us up good for covid,eh? One, 1mile away and another 6 miles. Wind on our side, just in time, PFS (post fire syndrome) big-time! Yes G , I know Ure fire prep skillage.

    • Why has Dr Rick Bright (former Head of BARDA, part of HHS) filing a lawsuit? Because he wouldn’t do the crony contracts that Trump was pressuring him to do. The CEO of Aeolus Pharmaceuticals, also a friend of Jared Kushner, wanted their contract renewed. The chloroquine cure was also being pushed by Trump for the same obvious reason, it hadn’t even been proven to be effective. Why is Trump blocking Fauci’s court appearance?


      Dr. Bright and chloroquine:

      They like their ACA (Obamacare), but don’t want Trump to take it away:

      20 million Americans gained health insurance under the ACA, meaning the uninsured percentage of the population went from 17% to 10%! Trump and the GOP want to dump it, but they can’t offer something better…

    • Most likely covid19 deaths are being under counted, at least according to the data. don’t fear the data. here is a link to the economist. within each area of the graphs you can see a spike of death across different countries and cities. this spike in average deaths is not being attributed to covid19, but what else could it be blamed on when you see the same bump in the graph across different places? Do you think every country is over reporting deaths too?

      it’s obvious to anyone that can read an XY graph.

    • CEO of two healthcare companies and you don’t believe the lies about 9/11, Fauci and Remdesivir or even Russia, Russia, Russia?! You must have been top of the list at all the cocktail parties. I admire your resilience over the years.

      Out of curiosity what is your impression of Dr. Chris Martenson’s posts on YouTube?

      • Bill thanks for your comment: Re: Cocktail Parties….I quit going years ago when an Old Biddy came up to me at the third party of the night during Christmas and told me for the third time that evening that it was such a pleasure to meet me and ‘what did I think of our President’. I realized my future wasn’t drinking with people that had superfluous, lower IQ BS and were there as gold diggers. It was in Midland, Tx, at the time the richest town per capita in the U.S. After one of the oil busts a good friend said, “you know all these people that came to my cocktail parties and dinners and acted like my friends won’t even say hi to me on the street now that I am busted.” Guess he had his day of karma though. Became a billionaire on horizontal drilling and never hosted cocktail parties or dinners again, or banked with any of the jerks that ignored him in the tough times.

        Re: Chris Martenson’s posts. Cannot say I have seen very many of them for three reasons. #1 He is an ex-big Pharma exec and has a rather tilted view on the treatment of disease. #2 He is an alternative green energy guy and I am involved in both that and oil/gas. I think I prefer Pump Jacks on my land rather than big ugly windmills and solar arrays. Plus no one has ever shown me how those 300 million Teslas that the current price of Tesla stock is projecting are going to get their juice from the electric companies without gas fired energy plants putting out juice in the evening without massive battery arrays that also tear up the land from mining and #3 Chris Martenson is on a lot of videos with a guy named Mike Maloney who pushes Silver and Gold. I have some myself, but as George often says, you better have some land and a garden because I just cannot see the local gas station or grocery store taking silver or gold coins for a tankful of gas or a roll of TP when times get tough. So I am suspect that Mr. Martenson might have an economic incentive in some of his opinions, be it pills/vaccines, a Solyndra solar type company which is now bust after Obama gave them $500mm, or Gold and Silver. retailing.

      • One more thing Bill…You might want to Google and look at some videos by the following people that also think this Covid 19 deal has a much deeper agenda:
        *Dr. Shiva Ayyandurai, PhD from MIT with three degrees from there including his doctorate in Biological Engineering
        Dr. Judy Mikovits-Used to work for Fauci and was arrested for exposing some of the fraud going on over there.
        Dr. Lorraine Day-Stanford Medical School. One of the top Orthopedic Surgeons in the U.S. who discusses their deeper agenda.
        There are many others who are brave enough to expose the truth and question the narrative being presented by the talking head idiots on TV.

    • I really do like your horse sense my friend. If I might say so, one of the best posts I have read in a while. And not just here at that.

      • Shankar…Thank you sir. I noticed Fauci and Birx were wearing masks yesterday at Trump’s news conference. Guess they were finally told that the stuff they are preaching rang kind of empty since they weren’t practicing the same thing. Same with Pence lately-he was walking around a factory and a hospital without a mask. All the sudden he has one. Reminds me of that Louisiana Television Preacher telling everyone not to sin, but they caught him using contributions to his online church for hookers.

  10. REINCARNATION or PAST LIVES: I was thinking, if the world ends as we know it, what will we come back as. Based on my meditation helping me to open the Third Realm, this is my first life. That is why I am totally lacking in any physic ability which grows with each life. I see no visions, at least ones that are correct.

    The Third Realm is the ‘uppermost’ of the Realms. It is the realm of absolute concept and spirit. Everything that ever was or will be exists in the Third Realm, and it is the absolute form of Infinity itself. Absolute Order  and Absolute Chaos define the Third Realm.

    • West Texas Horse Sense is this a case of “from your lips to the ears of the ones playing god”. Said tongue firmly in cheek

  11. Speaking of playing the RACE CARD, the Fed has adopted ZIMBABWE ECONOMICS. How many Platinum Trillion Dollar Coins can the Fed buy? Answer: As many as they can mint. The stock market is looking like the song, Can’t Touch This, Hammer Time.

  12. George,
    Nice that you finally grok macro demand, but enough with the tinfoil hat conspiracy nonsense already. No one forced Trump to lose 70 days to the foreign invasion playing the hoax card. If we had had the tests, etc., we’d likely have been out of lockdown a couple of weeks ago. That’s all on Trump and his team.

    Time to own it. You guys are really good at PR, but really bad at running the railroad. Let me put it in terms you guys understand. Maybe next time we hire a secretary, we get someone who can actually do the job, instead of the one with the big boobs. Best, Mike.

    • there was a bunch of China made tests ready to go,,bad test that would have showed a much higher rate of infection,,causing a FALSE FLAG ALARM, making for more panic
      Pelosi and Killery kept hollering “where are the damn tests?” they knew the test were tainted

      HEY DUMB ASSES this is an attack on AMERICA and burkas and KKK hoods offer as much protection as your masks,,,the Rothchilds like to have parties where everyone wears a mask


      we need you dumb, asses to submit, go mask up, and stay inside and wait to DIE

    • There are no known accurate and precise tests for SARS-COV-2! There might be some in a research lab, but all of the common “tests” are both inaccurate(alpha AND beta errors) along with being invasive and the subject of political manipulation. I have no intention of getting one – neither the virus PCR test(which only seeks and amplifies PARTS of the virus genome – imprecise at least), and useless at worst, nor the antibody test which has zero value to me and represents puncturing my body for no valid reason. I’ll not be discriminated against due to my antibody status, nor will I participate in promoting such a thing.

  13. West Texas,
    Your first mistake was voting for a fool and then doubling down contributing money to the same fool. I am a life long Republican too, but was never dumb enough to support the worst President ever in the history of politics.

    Your colleague, Julie Sweet, never did that. She supported Ted Cruz….and in my opinion represents exactly what Republicans should strive to be. If the Republican party had her ideals and mindset, Trump would have never made it down the escalator stairs and our economy would be back on track like China, South Korea and Japan’s is right now.
    Maybe she should run for President. I am extremely impressed by this woman. I met her last year at the new Salesforce tower at an event on their innovation hub. Powerful, yet quietly and calmly reassuring.

    • Mark,
      Thanks for your comment. You may be right. Re: Contributing to Trump. I have poured my money down a lot of dry holes. Some hit, some didn’t. And the ones that hit and paid money with Pump Jacks still sitting on them that are shut down right now thanks to an an Under Supply of Demand because of this supposed Planet Killing Virus that has shut down the whole economy and filled people with an overabundance of even more stupidity.

      Re: Trump being the Worst President. I disagree. I would say that Woodrow Wilson takes first place. He brought us WW1, the privately owned Federal Reserve, and the Income Tax to put money into the Fed’s pocket by paying them interest on Treasury Bonds and for printing Dollars that do not have a hill of beans to back them up. At least he admitted that he sold his country out where Obama never did. #2 Would be that great Community Organizer and fraud Obama who we are still finding out brought us all sorts of spying on U.S. citizens, crates of cash in the amounts of Billions to the Iranians that who knows how much was taken off of the top, Middle east wars that went on and on, liberal commie appointees, and judges who don’t follow the Constitution and rule of law. #3 would be LBJ who brought us our first losing war: Vietnam on Steroids and an overload of “Democratic” Socialism. And what did all three have in common? Dimocraps.

      • West Texas,
        Tied for two is George W. If you want to talk about spying and the loss of our privacy and freedom, Middle East wars and fake WMD’s.

      • Strange how people play the blame game that its always always someone else’s fault.There is a good article over on Strategic Culture this morning on how they had gamed a country wide lock down back in 2001, as part of Bush’s war on terror.I suppose that also went along with the Patriot Act and Homeland Security,lol while Trump was running around babbling on locker up locker up, instead he has locked up the people instead, thru fear and the thought of dis-order,hard to believe that so many people can be their own worst enemy but they do work hard at it,and now you can see just how easy it would be to be forced into many things that 50 years ago they would never even thought nor dared attempting.My how times have changed as we turn into nothing but a country of bickering children.!!!

    • I assume you are referring to the Bush twins. Bush I never finished the job. Bush II botched the job with lies. Why wasn’t Saddam returned to power when we invaded on a lie & it was proven he had no weapons of mass destruction. We had no right to depose him even though he was a dictator. Easy to explain, Bush arrogance to avenge his father. How many Iraq people lost their jobs & livelihood to terrorists (Bush II).

      • “it was proven he had no weapons of mass destruction. We had no right to depose him even though he was a dictator. ”

        I don’t actually think that it was a lie…
        I wish I had the research of material that I had read thirty years ago.. but from what I had read..we supplied them the training and materials to create them. Helped them set up their labs and manufacturing facilities..
        Just like papers on child marketing and satanic circles and illegal organ harvesting.. all of it has been buried and covered over..
        I can see where it was reasonable to assume that they still had those capabilities and research .
        Before that on george nory’s show he had a war games analyst on telling how they were doing war games on how fast they could conquer Iraq ,Iran,syria, and North Korea.. I was listening to that while reading a magazine story about the president going through Afghanistan trying to influence them to let a pipeline through.. the Taliban, iraq and iran syria was dead set against it..
        That fall the twin towers fell and we rushed into iraq..
        So was there weapons. Maybe.. did they hide them .. if they had them my guess is yes someplace in the desert it would be probable to build a facility to house them..

    • the fool is named Mark, he is still fighting the STORM, seek shelter, your heroes have

      the Trump train began looong before his announcement to run and he has the best in the US Military backing him and ,, check mate will occur in 7 moves, the deep state cannot stop it, but they will squeal like pigs to their demise,,, guess I’m zenophobic or what ever name they call us next
      Elon Musk looking like a Trumper more and more everyday

      • Mark,you think that you see but,you are blind,,I don’t shelter in place and I don’t mask for the public
        I had/have n95 masks before the virus hit for other work dust and so on,,not for grocery shopping
        BUT I would like to see someone wear KKK hood and have the misses wear female muslin garb(burka) for their shopping expedition
        Mark,I only respond to your comments, when you name call towards our current president. He is the only one correcting the treasonous actions of #44. You are not helping America, you are in the road, sounding just like them dems
        Get out of the road or become road kill,,like the dems,,they are dropping like flies
        Making America Great Again
        Trump will be reelected in 2020,,it does not matter how you feel or think, you need to realize,it is happening,,,it is biblical in proportion and historical, as a mass awaking , 100th monkey effect,,it is as if our(group) conscience is a cleaved gemstone,[that Ure is playing with],,after a prescribe number of humans wake up, the rest will suddenly become aware
        the truth will set US free,,let there be light,, now go outside get some air and sunshine, and visit with our fellow humans,,I do every day

      • To bad the super duper Trump with his super duper military who is useless against the virus, remains somewhere out there in outer space, with his super duper missile who will according to Trump fly at Mach37-40 and like Trump and his super duper economy crash and burn.Methinks you pray at the feet of the wrong idol.!!!

      • bluedogg,,,USS COMFORT and the field hospital set up by the military were pretty much UNUSED,,, but you can can keep drinking DeBlasso and Cuomo koolaid flavored bull crap,,,Liar Lair type people,,they can’t tell the truth, if their lives depend on it
        you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink
        starting 5/18/2020 Menards demands face mask to enter their stores, inspite of the fact , that the virus is receding in numbers,, my county has not had a new positive test in 10 days
        Are we free Americans or are we corporate property(slaves)
        read this , then get back to me


      • I think you operate in a state of confusion or are intentional in twisting things around, for the article I posted from Strategic Culture simply pointed out that the lock down was gamed in 2001 and they stated that something like the virus would come around so they could put in practice,just like the Patriot Act and Homeland Security and the people bought it.

        Now as to the virus or if its only a strong strain of the flu or some other virus I’m not qualified to judge it but again neither are you .One thing that’s more then plain is that Trump and his boys are dumping trillions ($6.5 to $10 trillion) into the stock market and finance so that the 1% (including himself)won’t loose any money, and will pick up properties, small companies and any other thing to make a quick buck on for pennies on the dollar when this is over.And of course kool-aid went out years ago as they now drink pop or some other new drink you really ought to try it.!!!

    • Mark, did you vote for the hildog? She was the only other real contender for the presidency. For some reason, we’ve gone an extraordinary length of time since 2016 without a new war. I’m not totally in love with President Trump, but we could have done far worse. Unless he seriously backs forced vaccination, I’ll be cautiously optimistic and vote for him again. I’d rather have him than a recycled vice Biden or anyone else that’s shown up so far on that team.

      • “Unless he seriously backs forced vaccination, ”

        I think he may go with forced vaccination.
        I have a theory.. that he would push it because he is a businessman and a virus is out of his realm of understanding.
        As a businessman he knows the velocity of cash and labor.. you go to work spend money buy things. consumption and travel..
        A vaccination will be proposed as the way to keep this velocity moving..
        From what little bit I have kept ta out s with.. he still believes that the velocity of our economy can still be resurrected.. I get the impression he sees the threat..hes in line to lose it all. I doubt that scares him as much as the thoughts that he could lose it all for his families futures. I believe he is concerned with the legacy of greatness..so when he’s presented with the solution to keep workers working ..his first response will be to jump at it.

      • “From what little bit I have kept ta out s with.”

        Dam auto correct..

        From what little bit I have seen and heard. I haven’t kept up with the national news.

      • You aren’t paying attentionNM Mike. I have been a subscriber for over a decade and everyone knows I am a Republican and I have always hated Hillawitch. But I would rather waste my vote on a cartoon character than lower the country’s standards another 4 years by allowing Trump to hold office again.

    • “She supported Ted Cruz…”


      You obviously forgot who was in the lineup of the best our country had to offer….lol lol..
      The one I liked was knocked out right away..of course he is a firm believer in the constitution and we all know that wouldn’t go over very well..
      Our president has done very well without anyone trying to help at all.. and er even with all the false fag events and nonstop abuse.
      This issue wasn’t so much a false flag.. he had three choices.. the first one would have really sparked up a debate.. he more than likely figured it wouldn’t be as bad as it was..if he would have taken choice three he would have hone down as the new president that didnt learn from the Katrina fiasco.. he should have taken option one.. but that’s behind us now
      I will still vote for him if he continues to run.. I sure dont know why he would want the job but hey..there again.. look at what your choices are..

  14. “We’re not skipping any of our quarterly tax payments for a very good reason: You can’t trust politicians of either party, right?”

    Right, but the real problem is the bureaucrats. If a politician is a barracuda, a bureaucRAT is a Great White…

  15. The Navy just made another doc-dump from their UFO files. I’m looking, haven’t found a viable link yet (and have to go “git sh!t dunn”) so somebody else will probably find/post before I check back in… and I’m okay with that.

  16. Hey G Man –

    Looks like the jobs be coming right to Ure door..

    TESLA GIGA factory is coming on line soonly in the Lone Star State. How cool would a Consultant Position be for a Semi Retired Electrically inclined kinda guy living the Texas outback?

    G & Elon – a match made in Heaven !

    U Go G – show those young whippersnappers how its done.. The URE Way!


    I seen that someone I knew posted on the internet.. he’s really sick with the covid19..so I thought heck I’ll call if he doesnt answer maybe someone in the family will. Just to check how he is doing.
    He answered the phone..you could tell he was really sick just from the sound he was making breathing and his talk.. I asked oh how are ya.. his response sicker than hell..
    Then the waitress asked him for his order… was that the nurse..no I’m down having dinner and a few drinks at the sports bar..
    What in the hell are you doing in a sports bar as sick as you are with this dam virus..
    Oh the governor and the federal government says it’s ok to go out in public.
    I said you do realize this is a dam killer.. oh sure he feels like death warmed over.. but doesnt want to be a prisoner in his house..
    Lift social distancing.. I told him he should be flogged

    Total cases: 638 (1 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 76
    Honolulu County: 414
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 117†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 81‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 565§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 15, 2020

    One new case here on the Big Island of Hawaii County.

  19. Just a thought in the Great Depression we put people to work building infrastructure and such.

    Today we just give them money.

    How did we come so far backwards???

    • They have to give money.. Adolphs second secret book covers the why.
      Promote greed to the wealthy.. get the laboring class dependent on programs to exist.. then take away the wealth of the rich with the support of the working class.
      Today everything would crumble like pushing a cooked noodle across a dry table . So pour more money on the table..keep it fluid.. then when hyper inflation sets in… well you get the picture..
      The one percent walks away with the cake..the working class become slaves to the one percent and those that could have made a difference. Well ww2 germany has a great deal
      Of stories on how they are treated.. only the schindlers of industry made any difference..

    • Lloyd it’s all a business model..
      Our economy was based on prices in association to income.. with the expansion of the public service programs and credit.. outsourced industry and forcing once proud laboring force into subsistence created the mess we face. The real kicker is none of their plans was a secret.. they were up front with what they were doing.. then as they pulled the rug out from under the laboring force.. it became an issue. Deregulation of necessary services..open greed promoted..
      It wasnt that long ago that every news source out there was publishing the economic shut down.. IF.. fast food workers made fifteen dollars an hour..add it up take away the average cost of rent..travel.. raise gas prices to a point that traveling became a major expense..
      Now after covid .. and there again they threw money to the very.ones that they promoted greed to..and crumbs to the laborers of our country.. how many millions weren’t able to pay their rent or credit expenses.. subsistence and medical expenses..
      In my opinion the Weimar depression in comparison to what we face would be considered a trip to Disney land..
      Our economy is about to fold and a new world will be designed after all the chips fall..
      Seriously.. think about it for a minute.. how many executives are there that have given their employees a second thought.. much less how many know their families and have any idea what their lives are . It’s all about the ME .. most corporate heads oy offer benefits to the very few rather then the mass of employees.. very few could care about what affects the average laborers life. In the end people only want to be able to feed their family provide basic needs.. even wage predictions by every state will give you what the average laborer makes.. for my area its shy thirty dollars an hour.. in Mark’s area 75 dollars an hour will get you government assistance.. yet the fast food worker still gets less than twenty..
      At this point to keep it from total collapse..they have to dump money in everyone’s pockets..
      Let the correction from hell happen

  20. To Mr Ures point the horse is already out of the barn, and we arent going back to life as it was in December 2019. Critical thinking with a focus away from what happened and a pivot to whats coming and whats needed to address and manage those challenges is necessary.

    Make sure any maintenance items brakes spark plugs filters fuses bulbs batteries (including rechargeable) oil(extended life) and even a set of tires, comms, computers, back up to grid alt heat solution in winter, fasteners misc building materials etc. are at hand. Learn how to restore a lead acid batteries using epsom salt.

    Extra supplies also serve as barter items(the alt currency). Toilet paper comes to mind.

    As the year progresses. Most all of these items either wont be had for federal reserve notes in any reasonably small quantity, and if they are foreign sourced, may not be available at all.

    Learn to garden. Keep using PPE, supplement C and D in sufficient quantities.

    Lets hope the softening stance on re opening is NOT something that was thought of as:

    1) A way to dispatch those who would otherwise protest prolonged closures. 2)reduce the number of mouths to feed.

    And Of course the obvious catch 22 is If you dont re open now, the economic damage continues to go another 40 fathoms deeper than the depths to which we are currently plunging from already.

    Indeed this is all playing out as a CBRN event, the issue with bio agents, if no inoculation or vector to eradicate it exists ; is that it will continue persist for as long as there are available hosts, and/or carriers.

    I’ve had the anthrax series, Ill also say that in 2001 without going into too much detail, two of my compatriots in civilian life where prescribed cipro and had some bad nasties, while I didnt. Vaxes are like any other tool, Tools can save lives or take lives , all depending on the intent.

  21. Why does it matter how many people test positive? Test more and find more, test zero and find zero. All that matters is how many people are currently hospitalized with the virus. The answer is not many. Call your county hospital and ask. And, Heaven’s sake, don’t look at the “death” number. It’s as adulterated as can be given the money involved.

  22. Yes Thomas, The odds are good that the goods are odd.

    I met an 5 foot Indian Oracle dude today, he is going to consult the Ancients and elders about my future course on the 3 topics of. Love, career/finance and preferred locality. Helavu nice fella. He said I’m a hundred and eleven years old. He doesnt look a day over eighty. Has a spark of brilliance in his eyes. I said, I am immortal and he laughed and said no, you are resurrected and that my friend is beginning of immortality. I said, I have and he interrupted and said, 12 resurrections. I said only one other person know about NDE #12 and that is curious George. He said well now that makes 3 of us. I look forward to seeing him later today. Met him on way back from my visit with a friend who lives on Coronado Island, Ca. yesterday.

    Will the Dow reach 32,000 before it doesnt matter anymore? That is the number I pegged about 3 years ago. On Ure site.

    As was stated, contraction first then hyper inflation. Look to the land of the Rising sun to lead the way as the domino of that economy falls will create the Tsunami of financial carnage.

    We already have 3 dominos lined up.Russell, FTSE and Nikis 225 are synchronized markets. Japan being the 3rd largest economy in the world has been running hyper inflation for a while now, under the guise of negative interest rates.

    That is enough from little old me the fool today.


    • What while (for Japan) he said incredulously… You means the made up money since the N225 hit its high of 39,000 in 1989?

      What hyperinflation….??? Nothing to see here folks, so move along.

      BTW how does the Indian guy get around, what having five feet and all?
      (rim-shot) ( crowd groans… “Can’t you guys take a day off?”
      someone in the back yells…)

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