Holy shit! 84.5% Hyperinflation is here.   The (not really) Federal Reserve’s latest H.6 Money Stocks report shows we’re right on track to “go Weimar.”

Inflation of cash and equivalents going up at an annualized 84.5% annual rate and the broader M2 going up over 45% per year?

There’s Good News Here:

Well, such as it is:  It means the Market has fallen about in half – but since there is so much money chasing it, the prices haven’t collapsed.


This is the dirty little secret of how the market goes up (Free money!  Free money!) while collapse from the Plandemic grows.

Retail Fails, Too

Meantime, as we’re all trying to get a wheel barrow to move money around in, how about them Retail Sales Figures?

Sucks, huh?  Words may not help, but…

Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for April 2020, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $403.9 billion, a decrease of 16.4 percent (± 0.5 percent) from the previous month, and 21.6 percent (± 0.7 percent) below April 2019. Total sales for the February 2020 through April 2020 period were down 7.7 percent (± 0.5 percent) from the same period a year ago.  The February 2020 to March 2020 percent change was revised from down 8.4 percent (± 0.4 percent) to down 8.3 percent (± 0.3 percent).

Retail trade sales were down 15.1 percent (± 0.4 percent) from March 2020, and 17.8 percent (± 0.7 percent) below last year. Clothing and clothing accessories stores were down 89.3 percent (± 1.8 percent) from April 2019,

Not to put too fine a point on it, but people who can work naked from home, get food sent in, and can’t go anywhere?  Not much reason to buy fashion, go grocery shopping, or buy a new car…let alone book a fancy hotel stay or a cruise.  Life as we used to know it is OVER.

Depression 2 is dawning.

BumVid 19

As of click-time, we we’re at 302,493 dead today globally on just over 4.444-million cases globally.  Cases have been going up at around 15.5447 percent every  five days.  Since it’s too early to work out the compounding, let’s call that 3% per day.  So, assuming we get “normal” increases this afternoon, here’s what to expect between now and next week:

  • 4.5 million today
  •  4.635-million cases tomorrow.
  •  That would infer 4.77-million by Sunday.
  •  4.9-million sometime Monday
  • And we ought to pass 5-million global cases Tuesday.
  • Or…Wednesday…depending on how much “influence” there is on reporting.

While we think the odds are pretty good that a) it’s a bioweapon – accidentally or otherwise, and b) it has turned into a  Plandemic  because in an otherwise no-growth global economy already out of resources (since making up industries like gender-checking and selling sex change will only get you  so far….) any new story will sell!

For real profits what you need is global and mandatory.  Since we all have cell phones already, how about 5G (and a virus that may be linked) and requiring a bio-passport to go anywhere but to the bathroom?  Meantime, run them printing presses.

Oh, this is so f*cked-up, it’s unreal.  You are witnessing the  “normalcy-biased crack up stage of financial engineering” first-hand.  Demand destruction front and center.  This leads to cascading business and personal failures.  Followed by Depression 2.0 arriving with a food shortage…But, you can see all this, right?

Plan for Famine While You Can

Unless you’re a Breatharian, what is the one thing to plan on?  FAMINE.  Screw the politics and its lousy practitioners along with the bullshit mainstream media that’s so desperate to stay in business they have stopped reporting big picture Truth.  Just no money in that.

Hunger Comes Next

I’ve been  preaching since January:  The time to get seeds, get soil, get fertilizer, get Bonide and get with it was here in March.  (If you don’t know what Bonide is, you don’t do enough gardening and you’re way behind the power curve.)

If you still have your head up your personal “walking around compost generator” here’s some incentive to GFR (get f*cking real):  Humanity is on the verge of a Death Spiral…a die-off if we don’t keep our shit together.

And if these don’t torpedo any left-over confidence in your foodture, how about:

Point is, we need to focus on the shit that matters, not failing media who don’t understand how the new class of self-directed Americans manage news.

Old News or Future User?

Maybe you aren’t on the distro list, so let me give you a quick lesson in how we “Use News” rather than being victims of Great Crooks, Cons, Manipulators and Narrators of all political stripes.

Before we even open the browser in the morning, our Seven Major Systems of Life are front and center in our mind.  Food, shelter, communications, energy,; environment (including healthcare) transportation, and finance.

Put another way:  If you have a roof overhead, food and water, a cell phone, lights that work, your temp is normal and you have clothes on, it’s not freezing or sweltering, and your credit or debit card works, odds of you making it through the day are pretty good.  Take away even one of these and Life’s a bitch, a real PITA in zero time.

Now, instead of going to somewhere popular (*like Drudge or Bing or Google News) and getting rope-a-doped (that’d be you ) into some useless emotional circle jerk, you could be asking “WIIFM?”  (What’s In It For Me?).

If you haven’t figured out that Joe Biden’s a lying prick (or dottering old hack) by now – since he can’t remember asking for Gen. Flynn to be “unmasked” or because his “virtual camp-pain” is full of gaffes, well, it doesn’t matter except in one specialized instance.

Playing the Race Card

Jesus… Biden’s on the “unmask list” and here comes The Atlantic  playing “the race card” as we see it.  Claiming “‘Obamagate’ Is About Questioning the Legitimacy of the First Black President.” See what I mean about poking your hot buttons like race? FMTT.   If Obama’s crew was crooked (and with HRC’s Foundation, you’re joking thinking were all squeaky-clean, right?) then look into it.

What matters (short version) is the democrats attempted a coup.  Obama and certainly Biden and other ex Obamanista’s were involved.  There was a conspiracy to screw Bernie Sanders, too.  Twice – a kind of political double-rape.  (see how “hot words work”?)  I kinda feel bad for Bernie…

But does any of it matter?  We got screwed out of three years of effective Trump leadership due to the digital uprising, but all water under the bridge.  Today is a fresh day (*to screw up).

Time to move on.  Unless you’re a delegate to the democrat convention, yeah, then maybe.  The rest, though?  Waste of your neurons.  Liberalista media – like NPR – will wear your eyes out talking around the story – like here.  Other side of the aisle, you can find FauxSnooze hammering MSNBC for soft-balling Joe and not asking the obvious.  Smells like a sewage treatment plant in a power failure to us.

Virus!  Be Afraid!  Get Chipped.  Not a Plandemic?  What’s your IQ, mid 60’s?

In reality, more right-left, left-right bullshit that doesn’t matter.  You only have one vote…unless you’re an election worker and can find “bags of uncounted ballots” which is how the “ownership” of outcomes is worked.  Or, if you write code for election software, or…..  tell me you’re not an idiot?

The one story that MAY matter is Trump is in favor of another “bailout check.”

Well, except for the little asterisk that these are (again) likely to be another
advance refund…which is like an IOU.  We’re not skipping any of our quarterly tax payments for a very good reason:  You can’t trust politicians of either party, right?

On Markets

We are cautiously expecting a pullback by the close today.  The Big Boyz ran the indexes up yesterday.  Index options closed.  Today, if they can whack the market to the downside, they can deliver shares at a profit to back up the options.

Can’t be  that hard to figure out, can it?

As for the market going  up?

We’re in hyper inflation.  (Non) Federal Reserve H.6 money stocks report for this week may not set your hair on fire directly, but if it’s not at least  smoldering we need to revisit that IQ question, again.

For now, Dow futures are down 243.  Hyperinflation is coming and hunger with it.

If you don’t have plans for the weekend, try working on something useful – try to address one of these two terrible problems.

Write when you get rich,


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