6.0: California Wakeup Call – Woo: Digital Dark Age Dawns

Although initial reports had pegged the overnight California earthquake at 6.7, the reviewed event still came in at 6.0 up along the Nevada border region:

Also called the Antelope Valley area, this is well east of Elk Grove, Napa, and the other towns east of the Bay area.  Still, it is a useful reminder that the mountains are on the move; just slower than most of us follow.

Will this morning’s quake trigger more to come?  Sure – certainly.  But the time scale is what matters.  That’s what science has spent decades working on.  As the number crunching continues, the action point is whether an entire state worth of people (at earthquake risk, to one extent or another) has a two week supply of water.  15-gallons per person, minimally at a gallon a day.

We remember driving throughout that area and seeing the angle up-thrust formations and wondering “How long did those take?”  Today the question is when.

Spendathon is ON!

Like everything else in the way of useful data, the Fed is slow getting numbers about the economy out.  Though with the Consumer Debt Report faster reporting would be tough, did you see how much “money we don’t have” people are going in hock for?

As we figure it, data and self-interest are colliding right now without people considering ripple-effects.

So we have media – touting “Inflation is coming, Inflation is coming!  And we must herd the Sheep…”

The brighter of the flock say “No shit, Sherlock. If 10% inflation or more is coming (Fed M1 inflation has been 7 times that) I’m going to buy now while I can still get money from the Banksters!

Which drives up short-term rates, so things like new home sales slide, which kills lumber prices (except for sheet goods which is its only little shake-down racket).  But the press, having no real skin in the game doesn’t mention this.

But when earlier this week rates tumbled (1.25% on the 10-year) people started wringing their hands and loading up on pills.

Yep – the American way:  Everyone wants to lead, everyone wants free lunch, and everyone is Right. And everyone gets a Trophy.

Totally fahcking unworkable, but we’re living in the global realization of Fantasyland!  Here, here, spend there!

“Psst!  Wanna buy some stocks on the cheap, buddy?”

Why, it’s Dead Cat Friday!

After a fair-sized break in market confidence Thursday, all is painted well in  the markets ahead of today’s open:  Dow futures were up 160 and change, the S&P up 7.75.

More to the point, in Europe, France’s CAC-40 was up 1.5% but the Brits and Krauts were up 0.66%.  Interest rates have recovered – momentarily – while gold and silver at hem-hawing around Thursday levels.

Our outlook remains guarded: we have a completed Elliott wave sequence.  What we don’t know is whether this is the Humpty-Dumpty that brings it all crashing down (possible) or whether the print-happy Fed (aided by global cooperating Central Banks) can keep on with the “air bridge” over the financial abyss.

Not even especially interesting to watch, though, at this point.  As of the close Thursday, Elaine and I had less than 3% of net worth in stocks.  Even that much seems foolish.  Guess I’m addicted to “lunch money Keno” games.

Commodities Matter More

Hot money seems to flow where highest returns (and volatility) live.

Today, we notice the Lumber contract is back down to the $775 area.  For the keto crazed,  live and feeder cattle are both down a percent, or so.  Biggest loser early was canola, down 6%.

Interest rates are up a little overnight, but a good analysis in the NY Times biz sections tells us The Bond Market Is Telling Us to Worry About Growth, Not Inflation.  Which gets to the heart of what may be a long woo-woo report in a minute.

Bitcoin, in what we’ve come to think of as the CrimeCoin category, was trying to hold $32,900.  Not advice, but my personal expectation (and no, we don’t own a “wallet”) is that it will slide under $30,000 and perhaps down to $28,000.

Vax Fax

A few headlines that matter:  Many having to do with the “delta variant” but with lambda coming along, too.

Europe’s Summer in Peril as France Warns on Spain, Portugal (msn.com)” which is odd that it hasn’t popped as much here.  EXCEPT two of our dear friends we’ve known for years reported they’d come down with CV-19 in the past week.  They’re suspecting it was unvaccinated grandchildren visiting as the source.

Still, we think Rand Paul is getting a little ahead of the data.  See “Rand Paul to Introduce Legislation to Repeal Mask Mandates on Planes (breitbart.com)” for more.

And – as we’ll get to in the woo-woo section this morning, “To Mask, or not To Mask, that is a fine question…”  FAA fines airline passenger more than $10K for refusing to wear mask | TheHill.

At the Big Picture (over cocktails here) we’ve been kicking around CV-19 measures as not a dissimilar template to Birth Control.  The way we figure it, the government shouldn’t be able to require birth control or sterilizations.  And in the same manner, they shouldn’t require vaccinations.

But, since in the case of Birth Control, we know “Life is a communicable disease” and both parties share responsibility for an “outbreak…”  It stands to reason that wearing a mask (regardless of vax status) is part of the “First do no harm” edicts of Medicine.”

Our outlook continues to be “membership in the control group of unvaccinated” but at the same time, we remain isolating and masking even when we do a drive-by grocery pick-up in town at Wally World or Brookshire’s.

Please Note in Passing

Filed under Voodoo war?  Two Americans Arrested In Assassination Of Haiti President : NPR.

Financial Fashion ain’t just about hemlines:  Levi earnings crush estimates, retailer raises 2021 forecast, citing strong denim sales.  So plan on working more next year.  Workwear matters.

On the personal excellence front: 11 of Our Best Fitness Hacks of 2021 So Far (lifehacker.com).  My exercise regimen is going to the gym/guest room bathroom where the coffee-maker is.  Repeat three times.  Then spend the rest of the morning walking back and forth recycling…

Time to take some meds, maybe?  Lincoln Project’s Steve Schmidt: Capitol riot worse than 9/11 attacks, ‘likely to kill a lot more Americans’.  AYFKM?  Fairytales anyone?  Someone ought to mention The Boy Who Cried Wolf – Wikipedia.

Another fairytale?  Sure.  How about “Business groups, unions join together on infrastructure plan“?  It’s all about free lunches, not the wolves outside.  If it was, wouldn’t the door have been shut?  (Oblique ref to border if the bean hasn’t struck yet…)

Woo-Woo: Chattel Battle and Clickanostra Rising

As I mentioned earlier this week, I went and built a new and improved version of the “Speed Crown” and already the effects (or my imagination) is kicking in.  Up at 3:19 AM totally charged with energy.  After an AMAZING series of lucid dreams.

The dreamquence was impressive:  Began with an insight into how the balance of Internet Collapse will take place.  In the dream, I kept seeing this formula appear (but couldn’t write it down on waking, sorry) but it was used by the emerging Clickanostra (*data highwaymen of the Digital Dark Ages) to “tune” how much they would demand from commuter rail systems to NOT have trains jumping tracks on corners all over the place.

Yeah – the way it worked was the train controls had been hacked – and if the rail operators didn’t pay (daily, modest amounts of cash) – shit would [literally] come off the rails.  Their message?  “If people die, not our fault.  You should have paid…

This dream was apparently triggered by my acquisition of an Instructograph Morse Code teaching machine; plus 16 tapes.

This had triggered my brain to begin researching a remodel for my home office which doesn’t presently have any particular theme (other than “mad scientist”) to it.  I was looking at old-time telegraph offices, logos for Western Union and the like.

Near as I could figure it, railroads would be a grand ransomware target.  Because they need to be used to keep America even partially functional and if priced right, it would be a dandy, recurring revenue stream.

The Rise of Digital Racketeering

Extensible thinking (as in .XML-like) is what we do a lot of around here.  Especially during those 12-minute breaks to use the speed crown.  In the last day – or three – my brain has been working on solving a problem we (the whole world) is about to go through and have not yet put into words.

Because  – linguistically – if we don’t have a “word for it” then we can’t conceptualize a new thing.  Can’t talk or thing straight about it.

I want you to line up everything you know about digital Life on one side of your head now and hold it while reading this Wikipedia snip on Racketeering:

Racketeering is a genre of organized crime in which the perpetrators set up a coercivefraudulentextortionary, or otherwise illegal coordinated scheme or operation (a racket) to repeatedly or consistently collect money or other profit.[1]

Originally and often still specifically, racketeering may refer to an organized criminal act in which the perpetrators offer a service that will not be put into effect, offer a service to solve a nonexistent problem, or offer a service that solves a problem that would not exist without the racket. In many other cases, however, traditional racketeering may also involve perpetrators or racketeers offering an ostensibly effectual service (such as protection from other criminals) that may in fact solve an actual existing problem, with the racketeers offering to protect a business from robbery or vandalism; however, these racketeers will themselves coerce or threaten the business into accepting this service, often with the threat (implicit or otherwise) that failure to acquire the offered services will lead to the racketeers themselves contributing to the existing problem. Particularly, in many cases, the potential problem may be caused by the same party that offers to solve it, but that fact may be concealed, with the specific intent to engender continual patronage for this party.

The traditional and most common example of a racket is the “protection racket“, which promises to protect the target business or person from dangerous individuals in the neighborhood and then either collects the money or causes damage to the business until the owner pays. The racket exists as both the problem and its solution, and it is used as a method of extortion.”

Emergence of Digital Crime

I didn’t put all this detail in my book on the eventual collapse of the Internet (Broken Web, Ure, 2012) but it’s clear that we see a definite pattern in people’s wiring.  From the emergence of a “new technology” until the onset of its perversion on the one hand, and one its adoption.

Take radio, for example:  This has been an ongoing “cat and mouse” game that has played over at least a century.  Radio’s employment as a “crime-fighting tool” followed the emergence of organized crime syndicates (families) during the lead-in to the last Global Depression.  30-40 year lag.

Pioneered as much in the UK as the U.S.:  “Police radios were pioneered largely by Capt. Athelstan Popkess of Nottingham City Police in the early 1930’s,[1] with trials commencing in 1931, and the results published in a 1933–1934 series of articles.”

Today, I don’t think there’s a (commercial) burglary crew worth its salt that doesn’t go at least two-deep in radio:  Using GMRS and cell phones with headphones to alert one-another when police are approaching their crime scene.  (*I’m shocked more cops in industrial and business sections don’t monitor GMRS and have “instant direction-finding tools.”

Point is, even criminals adopt technology.  And with so many Lex Luthor types today, it’s only a matter of time (and in this discussion of the Internet) before all manner of physical crime is replicated in a digital analog.

Digital Arson

How long before – somewhere on the dark web – a small business owner in a competitive situation won’t be able to find a “hook-up” who will destroy his competitor’s databases?

So now we have shown how digital protection rackets are evolving.  And I think I should stop writing too much, now, except to say that big data hacks are generally done on Friday with good reason.

When the weekend arrives, servers are generally still connected to the Internet and since business is 24/7 on the web who can disconnect?  Only the largest and most successful (like Amazon, Wal-Mart and that scale) can keep world class IT pros on tap at all times.

The rest?  There’s no IT Pro looking at network monitors, it’s like (in the 1920s and 1930s racketeering era, not having a “night watchman” employed.

Yeah… I’d tell you about the “learnings” from the other dreams – which included “smart key theft” of cars that may be unlocked (and more) via satellite.  But that’s probably best not laid out, yet.

Adopt two-factor security when you can with your personal wealth.

Things will be along on schedule.  We just show the “trailers” here every so often.

Digital Crime Families

For now, the crime families are running phony digital money, which they are turning into protection payoffs.  Government’s still got the “tax chattel” franchise, but the challengers will add a payment layer through ransom.  Then there’s the pharma families who we suspect have semi-annual vaccination ransom schemes up their sleeves, too.  And the weather-jacker monetizers. And the Color Rackets…yee gads.

Yep.  Interlocking world of crime families.  Things to be avoided by sensible people, but in the end its always “the odds.”  

If you haven’t bought “independence” yet, it’s time to get a move on.  Freedom and autonomy have a shelf life.  And the Clickanostra may have sent one of their goons to your email, already.

Just remember, you can’t con an honest person.  But, who (except us) is left in that category?

Off to 12-minutes of light crown and then breakfast.  I have a telegraph office / radio shack hybrid to imagineer in coming weeks.  Can’t spend all my time writing, can I?  Got a couple of Peoplenomics subscriptions to process, too.  Busy day out here in Paradise.  Where work persists despite rumors to the contrary.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. not bad today george !! love the light heartedness but with the obvious sledgehammer facts .. particularly liked the circuit work for exercise and coffee production .. its a long day ahead in new pork bet you a chicken and bacon burger she ends up red.

  2. When I was a small boy, I used to be afraid that the boogeyman would get me. Sometimes I would hide under the bed. Now at the other end of life, I worry that the COVID-19 variant will get me. Checked the Greek alphabet this morning. We are only at Lambda. A lot more to go before we reach OMEGA.

    Buy more Pfizer stock.

      • …And more-contagious.

        A virus is a DNA chain, albeit a parasitic one. Like all other DNA chains from (either side of) amœba to humans, our “prime directive” is to replicate our DNA.

        A virus will modify its code to become as efficient a replicator as possible. If a virus kills its host, it will modify itself to be less-fatal (‘cuz killing the host kills the virus’ DNA) and once it does so, will then modify itself to become more contagious because once it is no longer committing suicide by killing its hosts, it can make itself more prolific by adopting more hosts.

        I figure along about the omicron “variant” it’ll be as safe as the “common cold” and probably less-annoying…

      • Ray, that’s true for most viruses.

        The Coronaviruses(all of them) are positive sense RNA viruses. They operate similarly to DNA viruses but have the attribute of very high mutation rates due to their non-redundancy. Natural evolution in a virus tends to increase infectivity and decrease mortality(It’s a poor pathogen that kills its host). If these viruses are being altered in a lab through either genetic modification or selective accelerated evolution, all bets are off.

        The only thing that’s certain is that we’re being lied to.

  3. One of my thoughts as I read your column this morning …



    All aboard ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
    Crazy, but that’s how it goes
    Millions of people living as foes
    Maybe it’s not too late
    To learn how to love
    And forget how to hate
    Mental wounds not healing
    Life’s a bitter shame
    I’m going off the rails on a crazy train
    I’m going off the rails on a crazy train
    Let’s go
    I’ve listened to preachers
    I’ve listened to fools
    I’ve watched all the dropouts
    Who make their own rules
    One person conditioned to rule and control
    The media sells it and you live the role
    Mental wounds still screaming
    Driving me insane
    I’m going off the rails on a crazy train
    I’m going off the rails on a crazy train
    I know that things are going wrong for me
    You gotta listen to my words, yeah
    Heirs of a cold war
    That’s what we’ve become
    Inheriting troubles I’m mentally numb
    Crazy, I just cannot bear
    I’m living with something’ that just isn’t fair
    Mental wounds not healing
    Who and what’s to blame
    I’m going off the rails on a crazy train
    I’m going off the rails on a crazy train

    • Bolshevik propaganda so subtle that most people will fall for it. ;-( Why fight a system that you have helped put into place to begin with? Stupidity??

      100% of people talking about “nazis” never lived there, and consequently are all indoctrinated by the “current Bolshevik order.”

      IMHO, of course. Good luck for your future.

  4. I would have to disagree with you on your criticism mid Steve Schmidt’s comment about the Capitol Riots. He is right, you know. Our Capitol building was attacked by a mind controlled mob of remedial whack jobs that believed a fairy tale from a wild haired boob…just like our World Trade Center was attacked by the same mind controlled remedial whack jobs of another religion and another part of the world believing in their own fairy tale about the US as told by their own hairy boob. When it happens on our soil, by our own citizenry though, the concern is much greater.
    We are raising brainless idiots in this country.

    BTW, I didn’t know we had a earthquake until I read your column this morning…I didn’t feel a darn thing. Then I started googling and sure enough, it was a sizable quake. That’s the thing about earthquakes. There are no warning signs to prepare and brace us for the event like a tornado, flood or hurricane. It was a beautiful and dry 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky yesterday. Our mindset isn’t expecting anything in these conditions, so when it happens, it is often missed if we are driving or walking, working or playing outdoors. The only time we feel an earthquake is when we are indoors and the building shakes.

    • Glad you (and all listings!) rode it out OK.

      We have to agree to disagree on this other point: 9/11 took 3,250 lives was it, Day 1 and how many in the days that followed as first responders and others died. That quarter million new hires in the overnight TSA and subsequent mind control industry and say, what about the wars in the “sandbox” following?

      No, I’d offer Schmidt a chill pill. A thousand or two Constitution quoting, rights supporting mainly conservatives are not as dangerous as a theocracy that wants us – all of infidels dead – is vastly more serious.
      To other otherwise is to perpetuate TDS. Like them Patriot Act abilities? Yeah, power’s addictive stuff – both parties.

      Moderation in the defense of liberty is no vice. (Quick – who said it???) It’s also no crime.

      The Academy Award for playing leader goes to Nancy and anyone else who works behind razor wire now in the increasingly disconnected former US of A

      • Constitution quoting conservatives? Hahaha. Where in the constitution does it say that it’s ok to attack, break down doors, break windows and forcibly enter and vandalize a Federal institution like the Capitol building? Where does it say in the constitution that it’s ok to not accept the results from an election when there is zero proof to alter that perception? (Still no proof that the former boobs Big Lie is nothing but a fairy tale…and there never will be either) I could go on, but I am so enveloped in the incredible state of our economy, our states $75 billion surplus and the housing gift that keeps on giving in our region that every second I take away my job to comment on ridiculous crap costs me money. Back to work.

      • Mark – you’re a numbers guy.
        5 people died at the Capitol demonstration. 2 died from natural causes and one from amphetamine OD, leaving one policeman dead (beating death likely) and one woman shot. Details at https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2021/04/07/capitol-riot-deaths-cause-death-released-4-5-not-sicknick/7128040002/

        Now, count the 9/11 bodies and aftermath this clown is trying to leverage off:

        On the day of 9/11? My faulty memory. Correct answer is 2,977.

        In the ensuing war in Iraq? OIF Classified US military documents released by WikiLeaks in October 2010, record Iraqi and Coalition military deaths between January 2004 and December 2009.[9][10][11][12][16][17] The documents record 109,032 deaths broken down into “Civilian” (66,081 deaths), “Host Nation” (15,196 deaths),”Enemy” (23,984 deaths), and “Friendly” (3,771 deaths). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_Iraq_War

        I’ll help you with the math: Crazed theocrazy’s that Biden is warming to? 6,748 versus 2 deaths at Capitol violence. We don’t count natural causes or overdoses.

        I appreciate that you (still) don’t like Trump – and not a fellow I’d go out partying with either – BUT he had a sounder Border policy and actually got a vaccine program fast-tracked.

        Accounting has two sides to every ledger. Want me to pivot over to Hunter to ensure your blood pressure reamins elevated?

      • Mark – So where are these 3300+ bodies from the Capital Building civil disobedience? Claims of subsequent mass casualties stemming from the Capital Building incident are hysterical lunatic fringe political gang propaganda, and individuals making such public claims need to get medical help.

        G_____ – The Capital Building riot did more to damage the conservative political cause then anything I can recall in my lifetime. The US government will make examples of those participating in the riot photo-ops with long drawn-out show trials which will be a propaganda bonanza for the lefties in general, and apparently for corporate brown shirts in particular.

        I don’t claim allegiance to any political gang, and I don’t like anarchists at all. A political gang whose spin is that they aren’t political is something I find particularly annoying.

        I find this commentary to be spot on for the gang disenfranchised:


      • “Accounting has two sides to every ledger. Want me to pivot over to Hunter to ensure your blood pressure remains elevated?”

        I am right with you George.. that gets my blood pressure up to..

      • The officer died days later from natural causes, not from any beating. Agent provocateurs broke doors and windows, then the police let everyone in. Video evidence.

      • George,
        Did you mean “Extremism in defense of freedom is no vice” Barry Goldwater. I’d give the date and context except it would make me feel older.

      • The ‘capitol riot’ was clearly a manufactured (by the leftists) false flag event that took advantage of a large, peaceful protest event in the city. And they are still milking it to death… just like 9/11 was. The enemy is ‘within’. Yeah… just my opinion. And I’m entitled to it.

      • @ Mark

        “Where in the constitution does it say that it’s ok to attack”

        Where (other than by that of our mainstream media which is communist-controlled) is a riot which degenerated into petty vandalism, called “an attack?”

      • @ Mark

        “Where does it say in the constitution that it’s ok to not accept the results from an election when there is zero proof to alter that perception?”

        Oh yeah, about that. George said you are a numbers guy. Okay, try this number on for size:

        There were 152.8 million people (give or take a football stadium) eligible to vote in the 2020 U.S. General Election.

        That is absolute proof, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that there was massive voter fraud.

      • George, Mark’s not a numbers guy, he’s a disinformation guy feeding everything back to you in reversed thinking from what common sense tells you is true. I don’t care how enamored you are with Walking Buzzard’s credentials or how much he’s palmed off on his new share holders this guy deserves the shock collar I suggested months ago that goes off every time he gets within a thousand yards of a veteran’s grave. We’re here to share thoughts and information and he fills your boots and tells you it’s raining on every post. You’re providing him cheap thrills and I’d think someone on his level would be well above that. You’re a thinking man, George. Nuke it out.

    • Mark, do they pay you a certain amount for each msm propaganda piece you spew out here? Just asking for some friends.

      “Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you, it will.” ~Yoda

    • What is very frustrating to many of us who believe we are nation of laws, is that government picks and chooses who they apply the law against. For what 8 month before the 1/6 riots, there were nightly riots in most big cities. There was much damage done to private and public property. As I have followed many of those events, very few rioters have had any significant punishment. So all summer government and politicians set the standard for how rioters were treated. So why should those participating in a protest and then chose to go to far by breaking windows and invading public property should have expected any different result? Idiots, all of them, miss lead, all of them, punished equally, few of them. I am truly happy you are succeeding financially, I hope but do not believe it will continue. There is a limit on the upside of printing money to solve all ills and almost no limit on the downside.

      • “government picks and chooses who they apply the law against. ”

        Exactly..It all depends on who you are on the food chain..If your the nephew of a senator and kills a girl gets tried then is out on bail .. for his sentence.. or if your a sheriff and gets drunk drives down the wrong side of the road and kills someone you spend 100 hours of community time.. or in one state the attorney general hits and kills a man out for his evening walk while he’s skimming the internet while driving.. with the mans head going into the windshield into the cabin and leaving his eye glasses behind.. the attorney general doesn’t even get an increase in his insurance rates or looses his job as attorney general..
        our prisons are full of them.. it depends on who you are.. if your high enough in the hierarchy of the system.. they even go out of their way to hide your dirty deeds .. and back you up on doing more after wards..
        what was it that a billionaire once said several years ago in a book I read where he was upset and because he didn’t get his way in a transaction was quoted as saying…… I think it was that they could kill thirty people and not even make the evening news…. https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2020/07/did-doris-duke-get-away-with-murder
        look what happens to any news story that involves people of power and influence.. it is hushed up and all the articles surrounding it vanishes.. and something new comes along to cover the story up..

    • “Steve Schmidt’s comment about the Capitol Riots. He is right, you know. Our Capitol building was attacked by a mind controlled mob of remedial whack jobs that believed a fairy tale from a wild haired boob”

      But the wild-haired boobs (plural) were Schmidt’s buddies…

  5. We have thousands of people trespassing from across the southern boarder, and being rewarded. One year of very destructive riots, looting and deaths …. But people are fixated on January 6th. Wow – I guess people have their preference of interests. Whatever.

    • You know Lakota Bob, in OUR TOWN, the homeless are pooping, peeing, drugging, prostituting, begging, and filthing themselves to no end in sight. Yet, on OUR southern border, they are coming in by the HUNDRED of THOUSANDS, and not one is begging, pooping, peeing, camping, drugging, or got their fingers out hitching a ride to nowhere.

      They are 100% completely taken care of from FIRST STEP on USA soil for illegal kind, and one GIANT STEP for illegal immigration, shepherded and Secret Service protected, like the President of these illegal states, and never fear for food, water, clothing, housing, medications, healthcare, cell phones, beds, cars, plane rides, bus rides, money for essentials like haircuts, etc., they are completely taken care of.



      You know we not only have OPEN borders, but we OPEN drugs; and it would appear as if the CARTELS are running the government? I know we are supposed to LOOK LEFT, China is HERE…..but LOOKIE over there, DESTRUCTION IS HERE, TOO!!!

    • “But people are fixated on January 6th.”

      No — no they’re not. Leftists and neocommunists are fixated on January 6th, because the Biden Administration is proving (at least so far) to be more destructive and detrimental to the United States than anything else in the history of the Republic. The Democrats and the mainstream media have to have a focus piece they can keep in the headlines, if they are to have any hope whatsoever of hornswaggling voters into keeping any Dems in office after the 2k22 election.

      Personally, I don’t think they can. I believe that two months before Election Day when food and fuel prices are twice their current cost, there’ll be no dog in the world with a big enough tail to hide voter disgust and voter remorse.

  6. Comrades,

    Shooting of the sequel is at the cleanup editing stage in the safe room.

    Spoiler alert: 15 years into a sweetheart Petrocaribe deal between Venezuela and Haiti, a banana baron is hot on the trail of a missing $4 billion intended for social programs in the impoverished Caribbean island nation. The Boss is not pleased and fuel subsidies end. Rioters take to the streets. The President does not flinch. The Boss sends in a crack team from the lands of Bolivar armed with an0m phones and hunter dogs to sniff out the pure stuff from mere solvent.

    As the closing credits start to roll, someone picks up an abandoned device lying beside a burned out truck, and walks towards the setting sun as the handheld enters a cryptic Bogémon Den.

  7. NEVER Trumpers are getting nervous, they are buried in the sand up to their necks and the tide is incoming.
    I would not want to be one of those, who’s hand is caught in the election FRAUD cookie jar. Not just demonrats but RINOS also
    PAIN is knowing you have been found out and everything you do to try and hide it, just exposes you more. Steve Schmidt is part of the George Sorass backed anti USofA Constitution, stinkin Lincoln Project
    I have no tolerance for treasonous traitors
    Who killed Ashli Babbit, white rabbit,
    Chuck Grassley got a copy of the Hunter laptop from Hell
    Mark skips the fact of FBI plants causing the violence in the Capitol Hill demonstration. Remember when the FBI framed 4 innocence men?
    Gay E. Hoover was a cross dresser/blackmailer with no morals, ask the Kennedy brothers, the FBI has been a shit hole ever since. We need a high tide to scour the dirty beaches away
    The deep state greatest weapon is getting US to believe their lies, they OWN the major lame stream news media and use that ownership to push their lies into our eyes and ears on a continual bases, that eventually leads to brainwashing the masses into submissiveness. They fear the light of truth!
    Journalists, shees give me a break
    Remember, magicians use deception, the wonderful world of Disney, Tinkerbell and the majic wand. Look at where I am making noise at, and don’t look where I am hiding the weiner laptop. THOSE THAT KEEP SECRETS FROM YOU ARE YOUR ENEMY!

    • Noooo say it aint soo brotha D

      if this horrific scheizze regards our very own fumblingbumblingindiot is true, we could expect fbi and or homeland suc. to be riding a black magic carpet to vodoo land to Investigate presidential assasination. My bad – I meant COVERUP another alphabet agency mess- same ole sceizze, just a different day.

      and now you All know why Penn State Univ brought in ex fumblingbumblingidiot lou freeh to coverup their nice lil childrape/humantrafficking scandal.
      ? – why do these child rapers alwayz work 4 Childrens Charities ???? hmmmm

  8. george looks like i will get you a chicken and bacon burger . want fries with it ?

    • Had read that “speaker of the house’s husband” cashed in 5.3 million on “Amazon options” (on inside information)?! Why else would he bet that big? But it’s only burger money for some folks.

      • It’s only burger money to him. Mr. and Mrs. Pelosi are nearly to “billionaire status” and the majority of their wealth has come from insider trading — not illegal and not even frowned upon when done by members of Congress, until just a few years ago…

  9. An agin. Having a ball the treasonous enemies of the United States of America. Rampin the yellow dog , sheetcoin and the sewer at Wall Street and destroying the USD . Disgraceful evil terrorists .

  10. George I saw something that intrigued me the other day. It was a Murphy Desk.
    I see today you are in remodel thought and I offer this to you. I saw there are plans/pictures online plus you can buy, though I expect you can build it better and more to your idiosyncrasies and wants. The space saving and customization options are limitless. Wood prices should be down by fall, grass cutting should somewhat slack off by then so… As always more thoughts than brain power to process just thankful I don’t have to remember my bit wallet password even if I had written it down on the password log paper.

  11. anybody got any thoughts or knowledge on having a half a teaspoon of chaga mushroom , prime quality , in a cup of black coffee ?

    • everyday – 1/2 teaspoon in coffee, with raw “dutched” cocoa powder -1/2 tsp & tsp casein protein (metabolic drive/biotest)

      critical when/time of day intake protein – different times = optimal

    • I’ve been looking for chaga locally but it’s not on the shelf. I can order it from Wally World. That other nutter in the woods up North touts it quite often. It’s supposed to have a lot of Vitamin D or something.

      • Bulk Supplments – the company
        Check out varieties and costs. Regulates Vit C levels in body – massive amounts research Chaga – public search yields – tons of studies-Chaga. Russian varieties – Vysokogo kacestva

      • Internet, and Sault Ste Marie…

        The stuff grows all over the UP of Michigan — loves Michigan birch trees. There are at least three Canadian entrepreneur mom & pops who hop across the International Bridge at the “Soo” and pick the wild chaga daily, then process, package, and sell. If that don’t rock yer boat, there’s OM, in California, which grows their own.

        The powder is best, because you can drop it in coffee, tea, food, or juice. It’s virtually tasteless, but imparts a “woody” ambience to coffee or tea. It is marketed by some as a “superfood,” but it is not, really. What it IS, is an exceedingly beneficial antioxidant, which tends to also amplify the effect of other antioxidants like vitamins C and E…

  12. “Digital Arson”

    Or an employee who installs an encryption algo purposefully; an owner who does it as part of an insurance job and blames the employees.

    What’s to lose, a $15.00 job if you’re one of the “lucky” ones? $15.00/HR signs are everywhere. None of them have matching 401Ks or health insurance. There is no loyality either way. There is nothing to lose.

    “If my competitor were drowning I’d stick a hose in his mouth and turn on the water.”

    – Ray Kroc

    Lobar is in competition with profits. Ray Kroc seems to indicate he would drown his employees for a new set of rims on his…. E-Stang.

  13. Hear ye o Man – for Ure time of renewal come- at this vary moment.
    The slaves -U – will not gain any more technology advances, not gain any more spiritual advances – in short, U will nver wake up in time, but out of time.

    The weapon used on Earth/Humanity has not changed in 100’s of thousands of years – historically recalled to Humans, as the great flood-noah.There have been several..many in the past.
    It is being used again in our Time , is currently in operation…The Weapon of Climate Change. and U are paying for it with Ure tax dollars – diabolical genius that.

    The world will again collapse on its foundations, and as it has alwayz done – annunaki regime will once again domesticate the survivors – as needed to serve and be served to them. bet plato didnt see that on the cave wall – nor did he warn of zeus = enil “the great satam’ -english language lacks proper terms to describe his vicious/hateful/evil nature.

    Rinse , Wash , Repeat..nothing new under the Sun here on late great planet Earth…
    Like galactic federation of worlds and ancient planners on Earth did before, and are doing again..consigning all Humanity Souls to eternity of confusion/pain/suffering/death on old”empires” prison planet. Like the roach motel jingle – “they check in, but they never check out”.

  14. “Freedom and autonomy have a shelf life.” Lol

    Moved again. No forwarding address. Peacfull and serene. Less static frequency. The smell of salty air. Fresh and new.

    Ya know, I have had 6 well known very gifted psychics ask me in the last 3 months all the same thing. “why are you not on world tour. You are supposed to be traveling the world right now. It says it in the stars. It says it in the cards. The Spirit guides are saying it. I said, because I am unable to financially or I would. Then all 6 said the same thing. Something is blocking your mission here. I said well it’s not me. Then all 6 including an Elemental Achmey student for over 45 years. Who showed me how to remove essence from material objects. Said If you are unable to travel the world. Then the world will come to you.

    None of these 6 gifted and all practicing other methods of connection to creation and divinity know each other at all. 2 astrologist one practicing for 38 years, a tarot reader who has been practicing for 25 years and is very skilled at reading. An alchemy wizard for lack of a better word who has been in depth study as a hermit for 45 years. Devoted his entire life to it. A Tibetan monk who was raised in a Tibean monistary for 50 years and a few others. All said the exact same thing verbatim. All had the same exact responses and the same thing exact words. Same exact reactions etc. I ran into all of them on different days and it was always 11:11 am when they said the same exact thing. “If you can’t travel the world. The world will come to you.” All of them upon meeting me said. “Why are you not on world tour? You are supposed to be traveling the world right now.” Then they performed their each individual arts and said seeeeee. This confirms what I just told you.


    I met a guy 3 days ago while our gorilla marketing. And he told me the story about Howard Hughes leaving his money to some fella. Because Howard said he was the most real person he has ever met. Then he asked my name. I told him. Then he said, I’m sure of Howard would have met you first or after. He would agree with me. You at the most authentic and genuine person I have ever met. And that guy that Howard met. He turned out be a fraud. But not you. You can’t be anything but you. Can you? I said who else would I be. Then he asked me my name again. Shook my hand and said my name is Richard Baker. The candle stick maker. Smiled ear to ear. Nodded his head and did a military about face and left.

    Shelf life. Life is a shelf life George. The world could end. And I probably wouldn’t even notice. Because my friend. It is well within my soul and I’m living an amazing life. And I’m too busy helping others to be afraid.

    And meeting some of the most peculiar and interesting people in the world. And they all teach me so much. I am grateful student.

    Hope you all an amazing month

    • “Ya know, I have had 6 well known very gifted psychics ask me in the last 3 months all the same thing. “why are you not on world tour. You are supposed to be traveling the world right now. It says it in the stars. It says it in the cards. The Spirit guides are saying it. I said, because I am unable to financially or I would. Then all 6 said the same thing. Something is blocking your mission here. I said well it’s not me.”

      I was in a group years ago.. All gifted and all very well established. They would razz me because I was underachieving..
      They all had a low opinion of the masses.. I in turn hadn’t achieved more because I wasn’t able to take advantage of the opportunities that passed by me. I quit because I thought the same way about them that they thought of the masses.
      Or I didn’t see the opportunity until it had passed..what I see is a free gifted roaming spirit. You do achieve and expand..in the things you seek you have a following.. Disciples sort of..more woman than anyone I’ve ever met willing to care and comfort you in your moments of weakness..maybe if you sought a little stability instead of being a free roaming spirit would help in the goals you truly seek..Remember Christ was a great roaming spirit.. Teaching peace and tranquility to all.. He to was a penniless a vagabond wanderer as well.. Seriously numbers on a sheet of paper does allow you the ability to acquire material crap but doesn’t provide you in the spiritual realm. It Boggs you down forces you to accept the the status quo of everyone else..

      • In the end.. you have to decide what it is you truly are seeking.. the material world.. or the spiritual realm.. you can’t have your Kate and Edith to.. Pick the one goal that your seeking and move towards it.. I found myself in caring for others at their weakest.. I found it gave me a feeling of purpose and expanded my understanding.. I got to see life through their eyes.. Now I don’t have the money that some seek.. I sure do have enough crap though.. but that doesn’t hold any value for me.. it is the lifes experience.. the journey that keeps me intrigued.. not the number on a sheet of paper.. the only sheets of paper I value are those created by loving hands..
        get som chakra stones to.. maybe an Amethyst or maybe some Fluorite,.. just carry it in your pocket or put it on a chain.. pretty soon you will notice that things even out.. or my favorite rose quartz..
        Now I can tell you.. what happens in the video doesn’t happen in real life.. but Karma does exist and at my weakest the karma has come back to me..

  15. I have mentioned before government doesn’t need to force people to vaccinate, they only need to make a regulation that government and private insurance no longer needs to cover any medical cost related to a covid infection. They wouldn’t even need to track it, if you come forward for treatment and its found covid related, you must produce your vaccination records to get further services or produce payment. Now you can refer to the easy to use government vaccination database, or produce some hard to update other record which will likely be rejected. This is how government uses their power over us by providing us services to which we become dependent.

  16. George,
    Did you mean “Extremism in defense of freedom is no vice” Barry Goldwater. I’d give the date and context except it would make me feel older.

    • “I’d give the date and context except it would make me feel older.”

      Heck old librarian…. It would make me cry.. Then I wouldn’t be able to do anything else the rest of the day lol….

  17. The plight of the worker.

    “You do it automatically, like a monkey or dog would do something by conditioning. You feel stagnant; everything is over and over and over. It seems like you’re just going to work and your whole purpose in life is to do this operation, and you come home and you’re so tired from working the hours, trying to keep up with the line, you feel you’re not making any advancement whatsoever. This makes the average individual feel sort of like a vegetable.”

    Was that written this year or 50 ago?

    In the heart of the heart of the country: The strike at Lordstown – Peter Herman


    The wage then was bout $5.50/HR. From the article:

    “Although GM pays wages that are relatively high for unskilled labor (a new worker will make about $11,000 a year)”

    “GM has a way of capturing people in that a guy comes off the street and gets a job, and he’s making more money there than he ever made in his life before, and so at first it’s a real shock, you’ve got a lot of extra money. But you know, you watch TV, how they advertise, advertise-you’ve got to have this, you’ve got to have that and pretty soon this dude’s out spending like Mr. Millionaire. And then, if you work at Lordstown, that’s instant credit. He’s got credit and pretty soon he’s charging all kinds of stuff. I know a guy who works with me; he’s been married for a year. He bought a $16,000 home, and with interest and everything on a thirty-year loan, it’s costing him $48,000. Then he had to borrow a thousand dollars for his car, and he had to buy his wife a washer and dryer, and he’s got furniture payments, and then they got a little baby on top of all that, holy smoke, and they’ve got thirty-some fish too. He says he’s got thirty-eight dependents; he’s got to have all the money he can get.”

    • Factory work.. Your job might be putting in one screw on an assembly line.. As you acquire more crap then you have to maintain more crap..with that you have to pay more.. A homeless man doesn’t have to come up with thousands for taxes .. Or hundreds for cell phone and hundreds for electricity.. Etc. etc. he isn’t bogged down committed to the powers that be. Thirty years ago.. I paid ten bucks a month for a pager a roll of quarters. Now I spend hundreds for a cell phone.. Just so I can have the privilege of being able to get spam calls.. Then the vampire consumption just for the charger.. Not consuming a drop of water the bill for connection is 65 a month… A vagabond doesn’t have that cost.. He runs to the laundromat 60 a month..they get you with the consumption pretty soon you bogged down.

      • Funny you mentioned “Vega”bonds. They spoke of the Vega automobile in the article.

        IMHO today’s $15.00 /HR “hospitality” workers should emulate what the workers did at Lordstown.

        The Lordstown staff actively sabotage to get their way. And today’s “hospitality” worker has to do the same.

        Big Mac buyers won’t like it. Price of cars went up 10 fold+ since 1973. And that’s what a Big Mac has to do. The value of a french fry has to go to 25 cent.

        O/T – I work office gigs and I’ve brought up walk-outs for wages or time. Nobody would go. Just like the article pointed out. The workers need the job for whatever reason and won’t leave even though it sucks.

      • Labor/management relations back several generations:

        “During the labor strikes of the late 19th, 20th and 21st centuries,[5] businessmen hired the Pinkerton Agency to infiltrate unions, supply guards, keep strikers and suspected unionists out of factories, and recruit goon squads to intimidate workers. One such confrontation was the Homestead Strike of 1892, in which Pinkerton agents were called in to reinforce the strikebreaking measures of industrialist Henry Clay Frick, acting on behalf of Andrew Carnegie.[6]

        The ensuing battle between Pinkerton agents and striking workers led to the deaths of three Pinkerton agents and nine steelworkers.[7][8] The Pinkertons were also used as guards in coal, iron, and lumber disputes in Illinois, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia as well as the Great Railroad Strike of 1877 and the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921. “

  18. Ya know George. That shit really works. Jedi shit. I went to the hospital 3 hours after visiting hours to see a friend. As I am walking by security I waved my arm and said. “these are not the droids your looking for.” The security dude starts laughing so much he forgets to stop me. Then Boom! My friend is coming too out of surgery and says oh my God are you my Angel? I pulled a Oreo double stuffed cookie out of my pocket and said. Maybe. Eveyone calls me that. Then they started laughing. So I honked their nose. And said it’s me Andy. So she grabbed my croch and said honk. Then said yep it’s Andy.

    Then all the sudden everyone realized I’m in the hospital. And they all n
    Didn’t see me come in and are like how the fuck did you get past 3 security checks and 4 desks full of nursee and the Covid barrier? I pulled out another double stuffed oreo cookie out of my pocket and took a bite. Shrugged and said eating cookies I guess. They booted me out.

    Jedi shit and double stuffed oreo cookies. The tools of Angels. I’m blessed and highly Fortunate. It is my hope you are as well.

    • Her nose not their nose. Damn auto correct. she was laughing so hard and well they said that was a good sign. She was out of the hospital in a few days. I went to visit her during the visiting hours and now they all call me “The Cookie Angel.” I spose I been called worse. Sorry bout the F bomb. lol

  19. “How long before – somewhere on the dark web – a small business owner in a competitive situation won’t be able to find a “hook-up” who will destroy his competitor’s databases?”

    Since 25 years ago…

    “Yeah… I’d tell you about the “learnings” from the other dreams – which included “smart key theft” of cars that may be unlocked (and more) via satellite.”

    Not a big secret. GM/Hughes/OnStar pioneered remote start/enable & stop/disable last Millennium. America’s new car MV fleet got “black boxes” between 2006 and 2011. The “black box” does a lot more than just record a 15-minute loop of every speed, direction, motion, load, and GPS setting, and every button, knob, and switch access — all in 1/19 second timeslices. It is both GPS and COMMS satellite bidirectionally-capable, and accessible via radio. There are reports of cops (in many countries) killing escaping or runaway vehicles via both EMP and radio transmission. (Funny thing, an EMP will fry the electronics. Many vehicles reportedly shut down by an “EMP discharge device” become operable again once occupants have been taken into custody.

    Not in MY physics book…)

    If’fn they can do it on the ground, they can do it from a satellite, PROVIDED they have an MV-control sat that’s in-range…

    BTW, you can clone most “smart keys” on someone’s person or cellphone in a matter of about 1-second and a distance of ~6 feet, while moving, with the proper app. Today’s phreakers can do a lot of stuff that’s more interesting than spoofing “The White House” in your caller-ID, and a lot of them are “cross-platform literate…

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