Woo-Woo on Rails, Doldrums

Score another one for woo-woo.  Not only that, but we see Joe Bidenista’s going after the nation’s rail freight system in what sure has the look of pseudo-nationalizing to us.

So open those borders, scream against equality with “specialness” and keep your head down.  The printing presses are rolling and the Air Bridge over Depression is hanging in the morning sky.

Along with some low-lying headlines and the ChartPack chronicling our One-Upping of 1929…

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36 thoughts on “Woo-Woo on Rails, Doldrums”

  1. I think some shippers would consider some of the railroad’s comments with a grain of salt. The company I worked for had one major global competitor located in Turkey. That state supported company could ship its bulk product from Turkey to East Coast ports much cheaper than we could ship railcar loads of the same type product from Southern California to the same East Coast ports. The East Coast is where many of the customers had operations. To transport by ship was even more expensive. The railroads had a captive shipper and charged accordingly. We could ship to Rotterdam cheaper than we could ship to the East Coast. Of course the Turkish company priced accordingly.

    • “That state supported company could ship its bulk product from Turkey to East Coast ports much cheaper”
      That is so true.
      Several years ago I bought 2 rammed earth brick presses.. one was shipped to a mission so they could make a school and clinic and one was shipped to myself for a compressed earth block project.
      The shipping for the one to a mission was a fraction of what the shipping of the unit to myself..

  2. The fourth turning George it’s here . Nothing absolutely nothing can stop nor change the celestial destiny.

    • Now I have to walk over and ask the Cenex owner.. lol..They just got a tanker of fuel yesterday.. I know the flying J manager to guess it is time to snoop around and see if they have any gossip to share with me..

    • …And Love’s.

      IMO Hal done got hisself some crack-laced weed

      Either that, or nonfarmers without LTS food are about to be starved out of existence. No truck-stop fuel means no trucks, which means no JIT restocking of grocery shelves.

      ‘Gotta be false…

      Inhibit the trains,
      inhibit the trucks,
      guaranteed civil war.

      All it would take is for a few of the warlords to realize the problem stems from Washington and not their neighbors who’re of a different dermal pigment or personal belief-set, and the D.C. cesspool would go bye-bye.

      Gonna hafta ask Andy if there’s a Tecumseh reincarnation running around North America…

      • Refinery explosion in the sandbox, but that shouldn’t affect pet-products already in the pipeline.

        i dunno, too.

        not just Hal Turner — this one’s made the rounds of all the conspiracy sites. This 2-minute utub hit may indicate something, but talker looks kooky:


      • I walked over to get a pop…The gas station hasn’t heard any rumors at all.. my guess is it isnt true..at least in these parts.

      • Considering that the Cyber Polygon “simulation” took place on Friday, I think these truck stop shut downs are entirely plausible.

        “Cyber Polygon 2021 will simulate a fictional cyber-attack with
        participants from dozens of countries responding to “a targeted
        supply chain attack on a corporate ecosystem in real time.”

        Previous simulations by our psycho agencies have turned out to be merely rehearsals for the main event. Truckers are critical to our supply chain, and if they can’t get gas, there will be no deliveries. Combine the alleged delivery shut-downs with all the recent refinery explosions that could be used as an excuse for a gas shortage, and it looks like they’re setting up the scene for an actual supply chain disruption.

        A friend in Show Low, AZ, tried to find gas yesterday (Saturday) and every station she checked was out of fuel, (\including Exxons and Circle K’s. Stations she passed but didn’t check had no cars at any pump. This could be just a fluke, but then again . . .

    • Nothing in the national news to account for the rumor. The National Hurricane Center map is empty.
      It was still a good excuse to to top off fuel at a local station
      A fuel truck was unloading. Prices were up $0.10 a gallon from earlier today. The place was packed with customers on a Saturday afternoon. No one was filling gasoline cans like you see when a panic is starting.
      No fuel panic going on locally that I could see in my one station survey.

  3. Drought update:

    I drove through Indiana yesterday (unfortunately the East side, so no melons) and I saw corn – LOTS of corn – 9-10 feet high and tasseled-out in Southern Indiana, 6-8 feet in Central Indiana and 5-7 feet in Northern Indiana but not yer tasseled. The significance? Last year and the year before, corn between Louisville and Jackson (MI) was anywhere from nonexistent to 2 feet tall.

    If crops fail in the wheat belt (as seems likely) the corn belt looks like it can pick up the slack — at least this year…

  4. For those of us wondering about the bizarre events of the last 18 months:


    This is a long video with a lot of detailed information indicating that the entire pan-corona virus “vaccine” paradigm might just be a “business model”! Say it ain’t so, but it probably is. The one thing that’s absolutely certain is that we’re being lied to. Getting to the actual truth requires a lot of reasoning from first principles for even a close approach. I won’t claim to know “the truth”, but what’s obvious is that there’s little hope for those who refuse to think for themselves.

    The modified S-1 spike protein is known to be pathologic, and all of the “vaccines”, regardless of their modality, produce these protein molecules in spades, and none of them have a means to sequester such proteins in the muscle tissue of the original injection site. They’re creating thrombotic events at both the macro level(in some) and the micro level in all recipients, whether intended or not.

    • It’s irritating that BitChute takes so long to fill a cache or whatever it’s doing before it starts playing and even stops and starts so much you have to come back later on and hope it’ll play well enough to make it worth watching. I guess BC’s popularity grew faster than its server farm could handle when people piled out of YouTube and went to it.

      But, yeah, that other nutter in the woods up North who has a BC channel has been talking about this with his various “Woo” videos, too. If this is true (my money is on a big, fat, YES) and people begin to understand this is what is happening when people start dropping there won’t be any “decorum” left in this World. You can say and do anything you want when you’re headed to The End. It’s a sporadic thing now with a few commercial pilots dropping and lots of young people developing cardio-itis or whatever it’s called after getting The Jab and a whole host of other things that they’re doing all they can to keep out of the news. Can you imagine what Dementia Joe’s followers going door-to-door will come up against if reality hits while they’re out and about?

  5. “Historical revisionism is alive and well: Charlottesville prepares to take down Confederate statues on Saturday. Like things didn’t happen?”

    In a Marxist World, things DON’T happen until (and unless) the State says they did. In order to affect this level of control, all historical “markers” which could be used as reference points to actual historical occurrence must be destroyed, so history can be “remade,” “retold,” and rewritten to reflect the values and the “story” the State wishes to make the proles believe.

    Removing/destroying statues is straight out of the Communist Manifesto. Destroying statues of Frederick Douglas and Rosa Parks should be confirmation enough that we’re undergoing a carefully-orchestrated “communist rewrite” of history in “broad daylight” and not some misguided exercise of vandalism…

  6. “M1 is now at least $19,172.5 while M2 is at least $20,309.4 BILLION.
    Now the math parts: May of 2020 M1 was $16,184.4 so as of May M1 money supplies were up 18%.

    Meantime, M2 a year earlier was $17,791.7 so the means M2 was up (only, lol) 14.15%.”

    What are M1 and M2 percentages, when compared to M1 and M2 FROM 2019…?

      • Blue shift is what happens when its headed away you, I think. What happens when it’s headed away? Red shift? Which adds even more meaning to “in the Red”.

      • Nope – physics of it is: Red shift away, blue shift toward.
        Reason: When a wave is approaching at a velocity (C s/l2) you effective shorten the wave period for the stationary observer.
        As the wave passes, the process (additive arriving, declining departing) it shifts down in frequency.
        Illustration is a screaming 10,000 Cosworth Indy engine. Screams high coming toward the fans (wheel in them bleachers for me, would you?) and shift low as the sound passes.

        In all, from the Freq shift (red or declining departing) we get an implied speed…

  7. “Mind boggling since $80 thousand billion is $80 trillion and the nongovernment GDP of America’s about $20 trillion – so the Fed has “four America’s worth” of borrowings. We don’t doubt a lot of that might be stocks on margin…but hey! Color us skeptical. ”

    …Or about 20% more than the combined GDP of the entire world.

    • Wow 80 trillion.. and to think that everyone is upset that poor ole JB is getting a few million more for his paintings. that have to be better than Rembrandt’s or davinci’s crappy works .. lol..

  8. Yo Jorge, appears as though “disclosure” is coming from many different sources, See:
    The DNI report was merely a bureautratic report that amounted to diddly squat. The truth is out there and seems to be leaking into the mainstream. Would also like to thank you and all the Urites for the cereberal discussions on fringe subjects not available elsewhere.

  9. George,

    First name that comes to my mind as benefiting from the “forced switching rule”, Warren Buffet. The Burlington Northern railroad has already cleaned up on hauling oil that should be going through the Keystone pipeline, but “Puddin Head” Joe killed that. Why not go after the rest of the banquet.

  10. Comrades,

    It does seem rather peculiar that the Colombian mercenaries allegedly involved in the murder last week of the Haitian president were arrested after breaking into and seeking shelter in the Taiwanese embassy in Petion Ville, Port au Prince rather than proceeding to the Colombian embassy in the same suburb. Colombia severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan in favor of China 41 years ago. AP reported that the Taiwanese diplomats in Haiti had no information to offer about their embassy break-in because the diplomats were “working from home”.

    Supposedly the Colombians reached Haiti via Panama or the Dominican Republic which are both visa-free for Colombians according to Wikipedia However they would have required visas to enter Haiti, but not if they held a US visa…

    Newspaper “El Tiempo”, Bogota, owned by a Colombian banker and the nation’s richest person, is reporting that it has witnesses that the Colombian mercenaries were summoned to the Haitian president’s home an hour after his own countrymen had already murdered him.

    Arcane news as Motherboard reports they are now in possession of an An0m phone from a person who unknowingly bought it in a secondary web marketplace. Did that person buy it with bitcoins?

    • In reading your account, the first thing that popped into my head were the antecedents of the ship which blocked the Suez…

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