2DH: Environmental Aspects of the 2nd Depression

imageWe continue this weekend with our ultra long-range planning (The Second Depression Handbook -2DH) for the next Big Leg Down which will likely mark the Second Depression. 

This is when pension plans will blow up, when people will lose their so-called “entitlements” and when the rich will be leaving quickly for other parts of the world and leaving the remnants of a working class in America which they plan to exploit from afar via foreign-domiciles corporations.  (Cheery stuff for an Easter weekend, is it not?)

Unfortunately, when we talk about the Second Depression it is likely to be a great time of human suffering in general.  You’ll remember from our earlier discussions, there was almost universal hunger in the previous depression.  But in this one coming up, we will likely add things like continued nuclear pollution  because costs of clean-up will be larger than available funds. 

The same with other aspects of our “living environment” as well.

We run through some of these concepts today and start laying in plans for what to actually DO about things while we are still in the Good Times that within a few short years will likely become “The Good Old Days.”  Like the Roaring Twenties, but with bandwidth.

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6 thoughts on “2DH: Environmental Aspects of the 2nd Depression”

  1. “”This is when pension plans will blow up, when people will lose their so-called “entitlements” and when the rich will be leaving quickly for other parts of the world and leaving the remnants of a working class in America”””

    I think it has already begun.


    Now.. the big question I have is.. If things replay like the last depression.. the currency will be worthless.. If the wealthy are leaving the united states and from what our industrialists have done by outsourcing our economy thus tying the economies of other countries to our fate and with the global food market all tied together all it would take is one bad year of crops along with the destruction of the value of the dollar and our economy to really put us in a tail spin.

    And wouldn’t that mean it would be a world wide depression..
    Where a pile of paper would just be that.. a pile of paper.
    A number on a sheet of paper would only be that a number on a sheet of paper..
    It’s like the value of gold and silver.. At present time it is valued coveted and because of that it has worth but in a case where owning it or eating and drinking.. I don’t think it would have any worth and those that own the farms and graineries will have the control.
    Here is a snippit from the history channel..


    Prospecting for gold was a very costly enterprise.
    Most of the men who flocked to northern California arrived with little more than the clothes on their backs. Once there, they needed to buy food, goods and supplies, which San Francisco’s merchants were all too willing to provide—for a cost. Stuck in a remote region, far from home, many prospectors coughed up most of their hard-earned money for the most basic supplies. At the height of the boom in 1849, prospectors could expect prices sure to cause sticker shock: A single egg could cost the equivalent of $25 in today’s money, coffee went for more than $100 per pound and replacing a pair of worn out boots could set you back more than $2,500.

    and during the drought a cup of water was three hundred dollars..
    then we look at today and Argentina or Greece’s situation that we are mirroring with our own actions.. where at present women are selling their bodies for a can of soup or the cost of a cup of coffee is thirty two hundred dollars and a loaf of bread is ten million. wouldn’t it be to the few wealthiest individuals benefit to work to repair the strength of the dollar and our industrialization rather than Flea the USA Or is Greed so deeply ingrained that they cannot fathom the total from their actions.. chaos and their literal demise..
    This is just a weekend pondering on what could be in store for us and them..

  2. Your comments make it look like you think all wealthy think alike. I.e. us vs. them. The fact is there are many people of all socioeconomic statuses who do not group think. Some wealthy are leaving, some ate staying some don’t see it coming.

  3. What happened to the links? They were great. Wow! did you have to pay someone for the new webpage? I loved the old one.

    • Which links? I casn put up whatever is of interest. No, didn’t poay anyone, did it myself.
      part of update of the underlying code to comply with changes comeing down the road in publishing software.,..

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