Coping: With a Report from Dream Land

Another “one of those dreams” that come along every so often.

If you’re a long-term reader, you’ll remember that one of the “gifts” I seem to have is an ability to have incredibly interesting dreams – and recall them.  Dreams that often foreshadow future events.

Here’s what I can remember about the one that I woke from at 3:21 AM today:

I was a reporters and I was on some kind of “installation” – got the impression it was a military base of some kind.  The sun was out and it felt like afternoon.  The sun had a more yellow look to it than it does most days.

As I was walking across a parking lot today a building where I knew there would be a press conference shortly, a policeman came up on the aisle of cars I was in and put his hand up (halt-like fashion) and I knew I would not be able to cross the main access road (in the parking lot) that went into the administrative building where the news event would be.

I had been walking west, and the procession  passed by me going south to north.  It was only a dozen cars, or so.  And I got the impression is was going to the burial site. 

Other reporters would try to cover that, but the family didn’t want to make a big deal about it…they wanted that part of the famous man’s passing to be private.

As they passed, I made my way to the administration building and went in the frontr door.  From there, it was into a large conference room that has been set up for the press conference that would follow.  There were at least 20 microphones.

I place my microphone among the others, and realized I didn’t have a recorder.  Where was my damn recorder?

Spying another reporter I knew, I opened my wallet and game him $120 and convinced him to go to the base exchange (BX) to pick me up a recorder.

I hung out for a while and in what seems like no time, he was back.  While he’d been gone, though, another reporter was telling me he wasn’t going to use audio recorders any more because the sound handling of the new ultra definition video recorders was so much better than most audio units.  He explained that they handled live sound (which is often quite “bouncy” due to room acoustics and they would even do some “de-essing” (the hissy part of S’s and such) and he was really hoping his company would spring for one.

As we were milling about, I moved down the hall (directionally, this was to the south) and it was like this building houses some kind of military communications.  It was like there were a number (3-4) broadcast “production rooms.”

One of them was open and I knew I was to go in that one.  There was a single name on the door:  Mr. Bush. 

As I did, a reporter I’d known from long time ago (who incidentally died many years ago, by the name of Ken) met me and was showing me the room.  It wasn’t a particularly big room, but it was full of equipment.

On the floor was a tub, of some kind, and it was like it had human waste in it.

And then I woke, needing to relieve a full bladder.

There are a number of things about this dream that make it similar to other dreams I’ve had in the past which seem to have some kind of foreshadowing to them.

Two of the more recent ones were dreaming about the recall of motorcycles a day in advance (that story is here).  And then there was the dream I had about being on a train which stopped between cities.  In that dream, there was a lot of construction equipment where the train has stopped.  But it wasn’t until well after events (3-4 days) that I saw the head-on train collision in Germany and figured out what I’d seen in the dream a day before the event.

So here we seem to have another one going:  I don’t mean to suggest that anything will happen to a former President, either.  I’m just reporting the odd dream, as best I can recall it.

One of the things about dreams that I’ve discovered is that directions in dreams are “off.”  For example, if you read the dream I had a while back about the school bus and the children, it came right before a bus accident in Melbourne, Australia.

All of the directional indicators in that dream were about 90-degrees off.  So, in other words, west was south in real life.

In this dream, I had been walking from east to west in the parking lot at the beginning of the dream, which if my past patterns hold, would make the walk from north to south and the procession going from east to west.  That would also change sidereal (sun) time to morning, instead of afternoon.

Dreams like this are interesting, but it would take a book-length treatment to do the subject justice.

If these keep up, I will have to put it all in a book because it’s such an interesting/fascinating topic.  The stuff of dreams like this include “knowing at a distance” about loved ones and sometimes being able to touch elements of events before hand. 

I sure hope that is not the case with this dream.  Yet was I woke, there was a lingering sadness…like a sense of grieving that didn’t fell good, at all.  Still haven’t shaken it all off yet.  But interesting as hell to see what the mind cooks up.

I’ve been eating normally, but doing 5 mg of melatonin before bedtime (sublingual).  If you want to get involved in this active dreams activity, Amazon’s got a few items that might be useful:  * Lucid Dreams * 60 Capsule Lucid Dreaming Supplement & FREE Lucid Dream E-Handbook. Huperzine, Choline, 5-HTP, Melatonin and More! Over 10,000 sold!  It will set you back $25 bucks, or so.

Two final notes:  I started the National Dream Center back in 2008 and that was taken up in 2014, I think it was, by Lt. Col (Rtd.) Chris McCleary and I strongly encourage you to visit the site.  There is much to be learned at

Final point:  My consigliore called Friday ands mentioned that someone (with a good record of precognitive dream postings on GLP) had a prediction about war for this past weekend with North Korea nuking the South.

When you get really tuned in with dreams, you can “go” to places like that (words aren’t useful describing the process, unfortunately) and see for yourself.  Which is why I didn’t worry about the world blowing up this weekend.

You see, in active dream work, when you begin to get into it, there’s an effect – almost like a personal radar that gets turned on and you can see big, emotionally impacting items coming in advance.

Some people do it while awake, some use a joint to “help get there while waking” but for me, just being very well rested (8+ hours worth) and then, well, here they come.

Massive Changes to UrbanSurvival

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It also saves phone users connect time.

OK, many and much to do today as the tune-up on the website continues… as always, thanks for your patience.

Write when you break-even, 

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  1. >G< Early start to your day today.
    I wondered why you now have the EURO
    daily chart with the PM ones?
    What is your reaction when your dreams
    turn prophetic?


  2. website updates are okay – but what’s with purple hyperlinks? Call me old school, but I always want the blue.

  3. I miss the comments numbers on the home page. Any chance those are coming back? They make it easy to see when new comments are added.

  4. old website was visually pleasing- nice and easy on the eyes…this just seems so pedestrian…sorry. l like the wonderful world of color!

      • I agree with you George, form follows function, and the industrial look is best. If it’s not useful, it shouldn’t exist.

        I never did understand art.

  5. Much prefer the previous look – page seems too bright, the browns and golds balanced the white better. Grey sidebars are drab and depressing.

    Just my 2 cents.

  6. Mugwort helps some with dreaming. Your dream sounds like we are going to be fed a whole lot of ‘human waste’ after a tragedy.

  7. I too like the new look.

    Don’t know if it’s from reading Ure daily postings or what but I seem to have been having a few lately myself. For me I “rarely” dream that I am aware of and when I do it’s just little snippets.

    Last night for example I was moving through dense vegetation heading towards an open area I could see but it would not get any closer no matter how much I would move towards it. One of my kids or grandkids were calling me to hurry up they were scared. I felt like something was coming up behind me. Something grabbed my hand and I turned to fight whatever it was, then I woke up quite stirred up feeling like I had to check my house. I did.


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