2020 Takeaways (There are Nine of ’em)

“With all your getting, get Wisdom & Understanding.”

Forbes uses a spin off along these lines.  The original is found in Proverbs 7:

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

That was a tall order to fill in 2020.  But there are a lot of useful takeaways.  Some of them will no doubt apply in 2021.

#1: Live Your Own Path

There hasn’t been a morning this year that the first thing going through my head, somewhere between 4 and 5 AM, wasn’t “Why do I write every morning?

The answer is always the same:  “I love people in general.  And we each have a path, and we can learn from one-another.  Problem is, there’s not enough  thoughtful discussion (data-based, hype-free) and forward-thinking in corporate media.”  We try to provide commentary and counterpoint.

Living your “Own Path” isn’t easy.  It takes brutal internal criticism and the harshest possible view of a broader Reality as a starting point.

Then comes our second question of the morning.  Borrowed from the “method school” of Acting:

What’s my motivation?

I have written about this several times, but as a final column of 2020, I’d like to remind you we all die.  So the treasures (and toxics) collected in Life probably do turn into the Life Review reported by so many survivors of Near Death Experiences (NDE’s).

Can’t speak for your Life, but mine is an adventure film.  Even with 72 looming in 2021, every dream that can be remembered is, and it all goes into that film library between the ears.  “B-roll”?  Perhaps.  Still, Pappy taught me, as Shakespeare wrote:

“”Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.” “When beggars die, there are no comets seen; The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.”

I don’t write to spread fear of anything.  I write so the valiant can seize their proper weapons – and slay the uncertain future – for their own great benefit.

#2: Money Isn’t Everything

Another question I begin the day with?  “What’s my Objective today?

I’ve found that with modest, yet consistent effort, on-plan,  anyone (at least for now)  living slightly below their income level,, can use their savings to buy a better personal, sustainable future.

When younger, the fraction of time spent Earning is high.  Getting older, I’ve been blessed with more time for Learning.

Because?  The treasures you can take with you are all “between the Ears.”

#3: “Enough Ain’t Much”

Fundamentally, we either “own things” or “Things own us.”

The basics are a full belly a couple of times a day, a warm, comfortable bed, someone who loves you unconditionally, and prospects to build the life you dream of.

None of which takes much money.

If you haven’t enjoyed the lockdowns and shut-ins, you might want to pick some better “goals between the ears.”  Lacking in ideas?  How about Shaolin Iron Shirt for a discipline?  Everyone can use more qi.

#4: Politicians Lie and Are Lazy

President Trump, in my view, was assassinated prior to taking office. That is, he suffered a character assassination.

No one called the FBI – besides, who (there) would have answered?

This political assassination was based largely on Clinton-sponsored “opposition research” and twisted-up by Dennis Schemer and Nasty Peloser to where America suffered – and continues to do so.  Lacking National Goals worthy of this great Nation, the squandered millions were a shitshow for media.

Effectively, runaway politics – enabled by leftist elitists like Jack what’s his twit – drove America to a state of hyper-agitation.  Which was promptly monetized; with the media using puffery and exaggeration and tools of persuasion to line their own pockets at the expense of America’s heart.

Somewhere along the way, we forgot the Constitution, the last bastion.  Then, on top of which, the Supreme Court failed its simple mission to ensure Justice.  As a result, we enter 2021 as a country having lost both the capacity and inclination to Judge anything honestly.

In such an environment, demagogues and charlatans flourish.  Which is what’s just been elected and will take office shortly.  Free lunches for all, and then a “good night…”

#5: Balance Sheets Matter

As I explained for Peoplenomics subscribers, in painful detail:  The stock market has run up – from the start of 2020 to present levels; which are nearly as much as the final year of the Internet bubble.

With the huge gains in made-up digital tulips, the picture of “profits without work” and “something for nothing” is complete.

Over 2020, the market also rallied massively based on phony injections of Money by the Fed.  Because (with charlatans and dishonesty rampant) it was held in 2020 that it would be better to “cook the books and scuttle the future” than to allow for the pain of an economic unwinding.

The incoming administration is friendly to Modern Monetary Theory.  Where it’s been tried – in shitholes like Zimbabwe and Venezuela – the outcome has been one socialist disaster after another.  Even as Cuba looks to “open” a bit, their “dollar equivalent” will equal 1/24th of even today’s watered-down U.S. Dollar.

#6:  Dividends Matter, Too

The reason people invest is to get a return on their money.  Used to be an honest rental fee.

You see,, most of the time, at least in Days of Old, companies were well-managed.  You could tell:  There was money left over at the end of each Quarter.  This was turned into dividends.  A fair metric, was it not?

Investors were honest, too.  The received – as dividends – fair “rent on their money” invested in the company’s stock – which in turned owned actual goods like plant and equipment.

Regrettably, dividends are scarce (*and almost accidental for some twits) and getting scarcer.  People don’t by stock (or crypto currencies) based on any fundamental storehouse of value they represent.  The whole House of Cards continues to depend on a rich supply of Greater Fools.  And by God, 2020 produced ’em by the boatload!

What has Money become?  It’s all just a “game taw.”  A “marker” for accountants.  For children, taw may be as the “shooter” in marbles.    Leading us to suspect that America has “lost her marbles.”

Although stocks have some nominal value, they are not throwing off cash.  Instead, the markets sit around playing Monopoly with stacks of colored paper and a laser printer at boardside.  Surely, it’s a laughable concept.  But, remember how extensibility works.  We’ll check Boardwalk when the bell signals today’s herd-culling.

#7:  There are Still Losers

The swill served-up by the Liberalista Academics is that we can’t have any “losers.”

Result?  Universal Basic Incomes (UBI) and other socialist free lunches are proposed.  All to be funded with Made-Up-Money.  Whee!

Yet, as my consigliere pointed out: Remember, if the average I.Q. is 100, then by definition, half the people in America are below average.” Fortunately, he whispered it; the Correctness SWAT team hasn’t found us, yet.

The Union movement languished in 2020, however.  Because there’s a soft détente  in play during this slice of history.  Unions used to lead but Corporations (and those swindle- not unlike, zero-dividend types) hate Unions.  But, as long at one Party uses them to advantage, they are tolerated straw men.  Empty symbols held up to bolster Party Lies.

Instead of Unions has come a Squad and a reactionary Right; BLM, Antifa, and Proud Boys.  All out of touch with Reality and unable to balance the Books (financial or social).  Let alone articulate worthy and coherent goals.  The one thing they do admirably is keep We the People whipped up and divided against one-another.  Which is a crying shame.  But it’s also a media monetization – so it won’t end quickly.

#8:  Invest In Reality

But, when you do, pay it off as quickly as you can.

Although we expect the Caracas on the Potomac crowd will opt for the Easy Out (soft hyperinflation) the current dollar costs for things will continue to scream higher.

Elaine and I have been investing in things that will appreciate.  Seeds can grow more profitably than the same dollars in stocks.  Better for you, too.

#9:  Eschew Crooked Data

Final point before a few headlines and tossing a New Year’s Eve prime rib in the oven for an ultra-slow cook:

Government (and sycophant media) present a large body of economic data in a misleading way.  The sleight of hand is “Seasonal Data Adjustments.”  Like the socialist mantra that “There are no Losers”  these “Seasonal adjustments” keep the doors open for liars and deniers.

Believable and reasonable numbers reflecting Reality are thus turned into whoppers.

This Wikipedia note is refreshingly on point:

“Use of seasonally adjusted time series data can be misleading because a seasonally adjusted series contains both the trendcycle component and the error component. As such, what appear to be “downturns” or “upturns” may actually be randomness in the data. For this reason, if the purpose is finding turning points in a series, using the trend-cycle component is recommended rather than the seasonally adjusted data.”

It’s actually worse: Weekly trend-cycle data is inherently noisy as hell.  But you’ll get a clearer picture looking at raw and not doctored numbers in most cases.

Seasonal adjustments are  often used to support political lies and agendas.  Unless there is a baseline (same methodology) of at least 10-years, be suspicious!  And even then, only annual seasonality is predictive at a reasonable confidence interval.

Most “seasonally adjusted” data lands in our “likely statistical lies” pile.  You know what “Piled higher and Deeper” means, right?

With that, an end to Ure’s takeaway’s except to restate our Core Beliefs:

  • “Everything is a Business Model”
  • (And with a hat tip to my Deflationist pal Jas):  “Human’s seek pleasure, but not Truth.”
  • (2020 Bonus):  “Most people are Lazy.”  Which is why so many people are “average.”
  • And without constant self-criticism, we’re all just People.

A finer summary of what drives America into 2021 couldn’t be found.

Ready for a heaping helping of Seasonal Adjustment nonsense?

The Layoff Fix

You’re bright enough to read:

See how Seasonal Adjustment makes it look like the Insured unemployment was only down 103,000?  When without adjustments, it was down 171,035?

Gee…almost 70% off.

The Media swill?  787,000 filed – and that’s better than expected.  Dow futures still down 24…because maybe some of the Series license holders can do simple math, too?

Money supply and Fed balance sheet after the market close.  Which is at 1 PM for stocks and 2 PM for bonds.


Going into the weak ending:  New Year’s storm moves snow, ice across the U.S. and we’ve had just under 2 inches of rain here in the Outback of East Texas overnight.

Politician with a conscience?  Nope.  Not if you read the WaPo slam in “Josh Hawley reminds us that the GOP is the sedition party.”  Fortunately, opinions are like a**holes.  Everyone got one.  How the treasonous usurpation party earns a pass is beyond me.  Both parties are crooked…anyone who says otherwise hasn’t read much.

To the Moon (on hot air):  “Rat Poison Squared” Bitcoin Tops $29k, Surpasses Berkshire Hathaway’s Market Cap.  In our view, digidough is letting some of the steam out of stocks, which is not very surprising.

Life may change a bit in England as Brexit To Take Full Effect As UK Leaves EU Single Market.

And this story looks to us like Time is trying to make a run at TV Guide maybe? “Here’s Everything New on Netflix in January 2021—And What’s Leaving.”

Off to the oven.

Usually, we don’t have a beverage before 4PM (Martini time).  But, I couldn’t help but notice the “two-legged elf” left out the Cointreau, White Agave, orange juice, and a bottle of Coke next to the Captain.


Go take the rest of the year off.

Write when you get rich,


93 thoughts on “2020 Takeaways (There are Nine of ’em)”

  1. Very concise, as usual. But I still think your view is too conventional. Makes sense, of course, knowledge gained by experience, but assuming the powers that shape everything remain the same. I just think the unconventional is overlooked. Sure, its an outlier, but it is always there, ready to be brought out when the time is called for. If all things functioned like they have for the past 50 years, then yes, your prognostications would be slam on. But I believe we are about to witness a “black swan” event. I do not believe Biden will ever be “president”. Nancy might be, for a short time, but not old Joe. We will see. I see silver jumping over uncertainty, and that makes me happy. Time to buckle up for the next few crazy weeks and see what materializes.

    • The succession to POTUS is VP then House Speaker. Pelosi was working on a 25th Amendment writ – just not for Trump. President Harris will pick her VP, as did President Johnson. I’m not sure that we haven’t seen the last of Hillary & Co. I noticed there are several encore cabinet presentations, i.e. Yellen, Powers.

      As a nurse who witnessed Covid’s destruction up close and personal in my family, I begged to be first to get the vaccine. Alas, I just couldn’t wake that early after a brutal second shift…but I *did* receive it. Adverse reaction: My arm was sore for a couple days not unlike the flu vaccine. Oh, but my the third eye, well, it still seems to be working except I didn’t feel the $600 stimulus hit my account last week. Probably because I could also feel the fact that it will be taken out of my next few checks in higher-than-needed taxes. Perhaps I should abandon nursing and run for the Senate? I’m sure my eight years in correctional and psychiatric nursing will serve me, er, the nation well. With the way this year has been, my blond hair is almost all gray now, so I can portray the Crone…In that vein, May this year, 2021, be one of:
      Health – mind, body and spirit,
      Joy – in the happiness of the simple pleasures of life,
      Wisdom – to take Correct actions according to your spiritual path,
      Peace – between you and the people who surround you; and,
      Meaningful actions – that improve the world for the upcoming generations…

      Please consider donating blood or blood components. The pandemic has depleted the nations blood supply in many areas. Platelets are needed for burn and cancer patients and whole blood for trauma patients. A whole blood donation takes less than an hour and an apheresis donation (blood components) takes about 3 hours. My first platelet donation is scheduled for 1/5/2021.

      There are many people hurting financially from the shut-downs. Local food banks could use some of the items that we need to turn around in our pantries: canned and dried goods, money for perishables.

      Today is a good day to start going through our “stuff” and decluttering. I started last month because, well, there are some things I don’t want my kids to have to do if something happens to me and I don’t make it to 120 years old. (Another way to see myself as “middle-age” instead of “senior”…LOL.) One man’s trash and alla that…

      All the best in this life and the next…


  2. Holy Smokes George,

    – the only thing missing from Ure martini time is some tasty terepenes, like Ocimene, the main terep. in Lemon Gernades.
    – a very tasty – citrusy Sativa that will pair nicely with a Cointreau Margarita, as well as acting as a nice citrus twist for a Capt&Coke.
    -why even some ground, dried magic mushrooms to fortify the au-jus with – U know “happy trails to you”..https://youtu.be/eEqUyNaSdvg

    I bring U tidings of great DESTRUCTION.
    – for the “Destroyer” has arisen from his slumber, and will soon open his minds eye..
    The old Systems will be destroyed to make way..fed/cia/fbi/cb’s/bis/un/nato/cfr/ect..

    How do we get, (survive), from HERE today – thru the destruction – to the New?

    Kindly suggest a plan! – make a plan, draw it out..adjust accordingly as the destruction unfolds..did someone say something about masks and iron dust???
    Making a Plan is just an exercise, for only Shankara knows when..

    Peace & Love in 2021 !

  3. When the greater part of the population of any country says “this government no longer works for me” then you have some very real problems. When everything is done for the business/banking sector while screwing over the working sector only adds to the problems, and they are still running with that old line of “what’s good for business is good for America” which was a lie from the first time it was put out there, for it was only a tool against labor.

    There are those out there that bleats its socialism if they do anything to help the people but if you hand out trillions to the corporate banking sector why lol that’s just good old business sense which the countries always lacked. 2020 sucked and 2021 is going to be worse yet as that ole party thing keeps running everything into the ground, a young person if he can, should pack his bags and flee to some other country a country with a future because we destroyed yours even if we can’t bring ourselves to admit it.!!!

  4. It is apropos that you quote the Bard’s timeless “Julius Caesar,” in that history seems to once again be rhyming with Caesar’s and Shakespeare’s (IAW Samuel Clemens’ astute observations that history does not repeat itself, but it does often rhyme). What causes history to be so inclined to rhyme? Simply posited, humans and our key social and behavioral traits are utterly predictable. That was the case 2500 years ago. It is so now. The main differences between the times of Julius Caesar or Shakespeare and the present are the many technological advances which have dramatically improved the general human condition. Yet in many cases, technology has worsened the things thru war and pervasive environmental pollution. Throughout human history our predictability has been effectively leveraged by parents, spouses, tribal chiefs, work bosses, sports coaches, teachers, clergy, politicians, military generals and admirals, gamblers, keen eyed businessmen, marketers and financial professionals, among many others. But the humanity of the 21st Century approaches a dangerous threshold in the decades ahead. AI will initially receive programming instructions from one or a limited few humans. To what purpose will these new ‘kids’ on the block be programmed to serve? What traits will they display? More worrisome is how long before the programmers turn AI into their personal slaves. Worse yet, will AI eventually master human predictability and psychological vulnerability, turning the tables on their human creators? Read Harlan Ellison’s “I have No Mouth and I Must Scream” or watch Kubrick’s “2001 A Space Oddity” to get an idea of how that might work out for all of us. Sometimes it’s just plain necessary to be a social wild card, a revolutionary or a pain in the butt loose cannon. Forcing humanity to deal with unpredictability remains the key to our Darwinian survival and AI’s human control.

    • I totally agree WH..
      My personal suspicions have always been that we have had several cycles of technological change.
      There are things that even in our advanced state of technological advancements we cannot recreate today.
      With all the legends . What if…we just make the technological loop..
      In the books the watchers keep watch when our decadent lifestyle gets so bad .. sodom and gomorrah.. our decadent lifestyle gets to be to much and they step in..

      NASA did a study on the affects of an EMP and mankind being shoved back five thousand plus years.
      A continuous loop..

  5. With your permission, I will pass today’s column on to my 3 grandsons who are all in their 20s and are University graduates. They were well brought up by my daughter and son-in-law. Two lean politically right and one leans politically left. Guess which one went to a Liberal arts school.

    I always told them that college “may” make you smart but if you keep open eyes and an open mind after you graduate and be prepared to admit your mistakes and correct them, you will become wise.

    Happy New Year George and thanks for your daily dose of wisdom.

    • No offense to Albert, but someone has to study, develop, code, engineer and construct the Technology that may or may not overlap with us. The thing is…as we get smarter…the bar is raised for AI to catch up to US…but I agree…we will have a generation of idiots that aren’t involved in the paradigm shifts happening around us. Like now, we will be divided. The intellectuals vs the mundanes. We have had a preview of that world the past 4 years…It’s called the intellectuals vs the Trump supporters.

    • He was very right. Public education does not bother with emphasis on spelling, writing skills, or reading interpretation skills. The reliance on predictive writing and spelling has taken the place of brain power. From the point of view of someone who was taught by good, reliable and experienced teachers, what gets spewed out of public schools is downright embarrassing. Scary to consider these kids being taught now are supposed to be leaders tomorrow. They aren’t even taught i before e, except after c, and they certainly don’t know the exceptions of that little rule, either. What I write of is a little thing, but when ai is included in all aspects of education (and it is– especially virtual school), its the tsunami rising from the little wave.

  6. George,
    I think your consigliere meant to say “median”, not “average”.
    Happy New Year to you and Lady E!

    • No, he’s right with a mean.

      Mean is an arithmetic average. A median means (half above, half below).

      Two idiots and an Einstein illustrate:
      1 with an IQ 200
      1 with IQ 1
      And 1 with IQ 2

      The mean says the (average or mean) IQ is (203/3) 67.66 (which sounds right.)

      The median, however, is 2. That is, with three samples, half are above (200), half are below.(1)
      The one “on the median” is IQ 2.


      • Not to quibble, but if half of a population is above and half is below, you’re talking about a median. Per Wikipedia:
        “Not all report test results as “IQ”, but most now report a standard score with a MEDIAN score level of 100.”

        • Oh THAT. By doing this, academics will always have a median 100 to hide behind and innumerate people will claim (wrongly) we’re not being dumbed down. I figured the median IQ is 100 but the Average is likely closer to 94 (and falling) Good discussion though.
          Numbers can lie – and be the basis of IQ scamming by under performing schools.
          Change the tests,.,.magically we’re smarter!

  7. Standfreeman writes:
    If we were to learn from history perhaps we might not repeat it’s failures.
    If one was to read thoughtfully to the end the following quote a wise person would recognize many of our hosts beliefs.
    Thank you to Mr. Ure for another year of information and wisdom in your daily words written here at “Urban Survival” and “Peoplenomics”
    Best Wishes to all who pass by here
    This is a quote from author Sir John Clubb.

    “As numerous points of interest have arisen
    in the course of this essay, I close with a brief summary, to refresh the reader’s mind.
    (a) We do not learn from history because our studies are brief and prejudiced.
    (b) In a surprising manner, 250 years emerges as the average length of national greatness.
    (c) This average has not varied for 3,000 years. Does it represent ten generations?
    (d) The stages of the rise and fall of great nations seem to be:
    The Age of Pioneers (outburst) The Age of Conquests
    The Age of Commerce
    The Age of Affluence
    The Age of Intellect
    The Age of Decadence.
    (e) Decadence is marked by:
    An influx of foreigners
    The Welfare State
    A weakening of religion.
    (f) Decadence is due to:
    Too long a period of wealth and power Selfishness
    Love of money
    The loss of a sense of duty.
    (g) The life histories of great states are amazingly similar,
    and are due to internal factors.
    (h) Their falls are diverse, because they are largely the result of external causes.
    (i) History should be taught as the history of the human race, though of course
    with emphasis on the history of the student’s own country.”

    • The stages of the rise and fall of great nations seem to be:
      The Age of Pioneers (outburst) The Age of Conquests
      The Age of Commerce
      The Age of Affluence
      The Age of Intellect
      The Age of Decadence.

      …And then The Age of Desolation.

      Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

      Get ready for next week… Sunday maybe!

      • Stu- Are you going to do an update, or are you figuring ’nuff said?

        I guess I should brave the elements and top off the small engine 89 octane gasoline can. I might have need to process fallen limbs and trees for the wood stove. I have bow and a crosscut saw(s) as back-up, but chainsaws are a lot faster and easier.

        Come to think of it, I got a diesel can that needs to be topped off.

        Batteries have been recharged within the last few weeks. Shoulda have upgraded the solar capabilities before now. Surge protection is at the B+ level or better, but without grid power, that means nada.

        Hopefully you are utterly and completely wrong, but having spare fuel cans topped off, and the batteries charged is not an unreasonable precaution in January, even in Texas. Take care.

      • phew.. now what do you think is coming next week.. I wasn’t expecting anything until March..

    • To which I add a 1981 quote by CIA Director William Casey …

      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

      • The wikileaks trove has been released. In it are trundles of truths first put forth as lies. Your quote is not only tremendous but exact truth. Now you understand that a white man in his 60’s did not blow himself up in his rv in nashville. Steve Jobs did not die of pancreatic cancer. The FBI provided the Las Vegas sniper.

    • So True William

      Scatomas cause us to see what we expect to see, hear what we expect to hear,
      think what we expect to think. Lou Tice

  8. “A finer summary of what drives America into 2021 couldn’t be found.” VERY TRUE, IMNSHO.

    However, trust me with what I’m saying because I know. If I were as eloquent (like you!) I could have written similar prose before you were born; Therefore, it will have to go to the BITTER END regardless of what we write.

    What drives America is US with our individual choices, and later we tend to complain about the system. ;-((

    • Btw. I feel like I died last June and death had forgotten to pick me up. Now I’m stuck here. Anyone else had feelings of his nature or is it just me? Yes, I probably had COVID-19 and was misdiagnosed with just pneumonia during hospital stay. Sometimes choices are too tough for us humans.

  9. I will re-write ##4 for you.

    President Trump, in my view, was mentally self assassinating himself prior to taking office. That is, he suffered a self imposed character assassination.

    The FBI and all of the intelligence bureaus were aware. How could man of so little intelligence con so many people? Something had to be up.

    It only got worse….first the lies…over 25,000 of them…when someone lies this much…it wears on people. You either tune out or tune in to see what the next whopper is going to be. This was Trump biggest self imposed political assassination. Himself…not the Steve Bannon fairy tale of a Clinton-sponsored “opposition research”. Lacking National Goals worthy of this great Nation, Trump squandered millions of opportunities and his administration became a shitshow.

    Ineffectively, runaway politics – enabled by right wing nut jobs like Hawley and Lyndsey what’s his twit – drove America to a state of hyper-agitation. Which was promptly monetized; to the tune of nearly $300 million in donations (much of which will line Trumps own pockets to pay off the hundreds of millions in foreign debt he owes) to help Trump fraudulently destroy our constitution and steal an election that he lost by 7 million votes and with zero evidence of fraud… with the Trump media pawns of Hannity and Jean whats her #@*% , using puffery and exaggeration and tools of persuasion to line their own pockets at the expense of America’s heart.

    Somewhere along the way, the real Americans embraced the Constitution, the last bastion. Then, like hero’s on white horses the Supreme Court stood steadfast and defended the will of the people to ensure Justice. As a result, we enter 2021 as a country having won both the capacity and inclination to Judge honestly. As it should be

    In such an environment, demagogues and charlatans flourish. Which is what’s just been elected and will take office shortly. Free lunches for all, and then a “good night…”

    • Nice post, Mark. Isaeli army platoon members choose their squad leaders from within based upon teamwork and merit. If we only chose our politicians using similar criteria, service before self, ‘we’ before ‘me.’

      • Warhammer,
        You are person I do admire for not only your loyalty and service to this great country but your pragmatism. Our country needs to put service well before self and that is why I despise the outgoing administration. I am sick and tired of being led by stupidity, narcissistic behavior and division. I don’t know what the next four years will bring, but I do know it won’t be managed via Twitter, alt right conspiracy sites and hearsay.

        Just a little bit of normalcy can domino into peace amongst us all. Here’s to a cooperative 2021

    • Mark. Your last paragraph does not seem to fit the context of the rest of your post. As a member of the unintellectual basket of deplorables, can you please explain?

    • Forgot to change the last paragraph .

      In such an environment, demagogues and charlatans are exposed for the evil con men and are get their just due. Which is why the team that just got elected will flourish in January 20th. The hard working, forward thinking, creative, pragmatic cooperative folk with a conscience will thrive for all and hooray for a daytime of productivity and then a good night of sleep.

      • Thanks Mark. That explains it, although I do think your original paragraph was closer to the truth.

        May the intellectual crew taking over the White House bring you joy and comfort and remove the hate you have in your heart for the man just voted the most admired man in America.

    • TDS in full bloom, the moraless barkie is in another melt down
      What’s up Markie? bad news on the horizon? If you are a winner, why you whinning so much, loser? Tic Tok
      Watch and see how the U.S.Constitution works out this coming year, coming to a theater near you, John Roberts has a little problem. He is having trouble sleeping.
      Every insult you direct against Trump, describes Markie to a T
      DO NOT CENSOR Mark, he gives me the giggles with his every post

      • Agreed
        -what a shame – to miss the real action on the ground -USA. The Patriots Pilgrimage starts in Texas at da plaza, dealy plaza…how many degrees ?

        ..reminding ourselves of one of the single most incredible displays of shooting expertise w/bolt action rifle, that has ever been seen in the modern era.

        – PP road-trip ultimately headed to DC – on the 6th of Jan – to ensure the proper Electors R counted. Tar & Feathers Party afterwards.

        Winning Big – Again.

      • Sorry you feel that way Other Brother. Let’s talk in 4 months when a new acronym…TIJ becomes reality. Go NY attorney General!!!!
        (Trump in Jail)

    • Let me be profound for a moment. Mark you’re delusional and you need to up your dosage immediately.

  10. “The basics are a full belly a couple of times a day, a warm, comfortable bed, SOMEONE WHO LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY, and prospects to build the life you dream of.
    None of which takes much money.”

    Sadly, only one, two, and possibly four can be bought with money!

    Number three may require money yet cannot be bought with it. Whatever will bring that situation remains an undefined unknown. There’s no clear path there and one must be graced to achieve it. The others are mostly within one’s control.

    My best wishes to all!

  11. 60% of Nursing Home Staff throughout Ohio refuse vaccine … there is hope for humanity.


    Folks becoming aware of the increases in gas prices coming … and the products made with petroleum. “Yes, wakey, wakey little children.” Says the spirit of reality.

    Beauty supplies have increased in price, twice in the past month. And food prices are creeping up like a silent horse race as they run to the first turn.

    Tensions are building. And honestly, we ain’t seen nothin yet.

    Keep the guns loaded.
    Happy New Year.

  12. Funny you should mention it. I woke up at 4 am and thought, I have lived a life time in the last year alone. I will write it up in about 10 minutes. I stayed in bed for a while because, it was warm and the woman said, don’t go, just yet.. so I stayed for a few more hours. Moving back to Seattle tomorrow or the next day.

    I have limited space but I think I figured out how to write from my phone for a little while. The Show must go on. The Show must go on…. I am Prosperity, Prosperity Iam.

    Happy new year. What a year it’s been. I’ve done things this year that most only dream about. Time to grind slowly, as an old man told me recently. Grind slowly.

    Yes sir, grind slowly. Happy new year according to the gregorian Calander with it’s wholes and holes.

    Report goes back to full price again today. As it should.

    Clique 116!

    • Moved out of the basement dude. To place of power and wealth. I been living in my buddies basement… A house built on duct tape, fastnells, shoe strings, held together by love and magic. A very humble place. I will miss the hermaphrodite and the witch, the lion man and Frankenstein.. whome I know for 25 years. Frankenstein always calls me Homer Simpson. It’s his name for me.

      I never asked him why. I always thought of myself more as Bart.. one day someone said, why do you call him Homer. Is because of the Aleiad? He said no! He is Homer Simpson! I said doh! He said why do you call him Homer Simpson? I said he has called me that for years. I never asked him why.

      He said, Because Homer Simpson has won the Lottery 11 times. Has had more crack pot theorys than anyone who ever lived and always has Marge. The other guy says, Marge I don’t follow. He said Marge in Andy’s life has changed faces many times. Marg in the Simpsons? Is the girl that everyone in town wants but she only loves Homer.

      I smiled and said, Pass me a doughnut. Hahahahahhaha!

      He has called me Homer for 20 years maybe. I never new why, I never asked. Pretty funny shit.

      See you old dudes around.

  13. Mark,

    It’s ok to stop puttering around in the bunker. The Party has shifted over to the Clubhouse. Mr. Trump will be in the history books, for better or for worse. Sorry you don’t seem to care much for your newly elected Pops von Hindenberg. High school 101 says “ya gotta dance with the one you brung”?

    Good luck in 2024. Kam & Chels, is it?

  14. George I have a suggestion/request. For the new year would you consider a weekly/monthly column space having to do with food recipes. Yours and readers favorites. Then request your readers try then and vote for the best. Then once a year you could publish a best of the best. Variety being the spices of life I am sure you and readers have recipes that others would love to try and add to their library. Might come in handy for the hunger games the demon/rethugli-crats have planned.
    The future is so bright I got some 12 shade sun glasses!
    Everything being a business mode!l Profits, if any, could be used to help with the web site and a chosen recipe gets a discount on peoplenomics side?

    • Here are two of my favorite recipes….Indian Vegetarian. Beans keeps well and veggies can be grown. Meat takes too long and doesn’t keep well without electricity or excess processing. :-)
      CHOLE (Chickpea Curry)

      Chana (chick pea) — 1 1/4 cup
      Chopped Onions — 3/4 cup
      Tamarind Juice — 1/ 2 cup (approx)
      Tomato — 1/3 cup
      Garlic — 2 to 3 cloves
      Ginger — 1 inch piece
      Coriander leaves — 1 tablespoon
      Mustard seeds & cumin seeds – 1 teaspoon each
      Green chili — 2 to 3
      Garam masala & Chili powder — 1 teaspoon of each

      To Prepare:

      1. Soak Chana in water overnight or for about 6 hrs.
      2. Cook the chana with a pinch of baking soda and salt in the pressure cooker. Allow it to whistle for about 10 minutes.
      3. Remove the excess water and keep aside. Take 2 tbsps of oil in a pan and heat it. Add cummin (jeera) and mustard seeds. Now add the chopped onions and fry until brown.
      4. Next, add the cooked chana and tamarind juice.
      5. Grind the remaining ingredients. Mix into the pan and add salt. Cook on low flame.
      6. Garnish with a few cilantro(coriander) leaves. Serve with Naan bread or basmati rice.
      SAAG (Kashmiri style greens)

      1 lb washed and cleaned greens (spinach is best)
      2 tabespoons oil
      1/8 teaspoon powdered asafoetida (optional)
      ½ teaspoon cummin seeds
      ½ teaspoon mustard seeds
      1 teaspoon dried fenugreek leaves
      1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger root
      ½ teaspoon ground turmeric
      2 cloves garlic
      ½ teaspoon ground fennel
      2 fresh green chilis, seeded and sliced
      1 cup diced potatoes or fried cubed, panir (optional)
      salt to taste

      To Prepare:
      Put greens in a colander to drain. Heat oil in a karahi (or wok) and add spices (except salt). Fry for 1 minute, stirring. Add the remaining ingredients, including greens, stir well. Cover and cook until potatoes are soft, about 10 minutes. Add a little water if necessary. Serve with rice.

  15. “Living your ‘Own Path’ isn’t easy.”

    I think living your own path is far less hard than people think it is. What fouls us up is that we worry too (darn) much about what other people are thinking or expecting of us all the time. If we tuned out all that noise and nonsense, we’d easily be living our own path. And Reality has no problem correcting us when we stray off It’s path. It’s our fear of others… and our lack of belief in ourselves… that leads to us giving in to The Herd and the crazy paths that they are on. Parents, friends, other family, neighbors, co-workers, folks in line at the grocery store, on and on. All these eyes looking at us and shaming us into doing what THEY want us to do. Not to mention the endless assault of pure garbage from social media and those in fancy suits with fancy titles being paid too much money who get off ordering us all around like meek animals. And if we follow them, we get further and further off the path we were supposed to be on.

    The answer? Believe in yourself… with a healthy dose of humility and (the good kind of) pride and confidence. And be willing to laugh at all the disapproving eyes and wagging fingers of those who’ll never know you as good as you know yourself and who don’t have your best interests at heart anyway. They have their path and you have yours. And they should not and won’t ever be the same.

    And with our World today trying to herd us into tight pens of total control under rule by self-appointed Masters of the Universe, if we don’t double-down on living our own paths we are finished as a race of beings. (Just what “They” want).

    2021 is the fork in the road which leads into our forever.

    • Living your own path is easy – if you don’t want or need a spouse or partner. Other people are really irrelevant other than being kind to them. There may be a compatible feminine unit out there, but good luck finding her. She’s probably one in a million or more. Most people have far greater success in life with a spousal unit, legal or otherwise. A single person spends far too much time simply seeking one, or he’s busy with other important work with just two hands to make life happen. That’s my perspective. Others are free to disagree.

      Now I’m off to pick up some cans of diesel, wearing my favorite outfit – worn jeans, sneakers, and a sweater. No need to impress, and no particular desire to do so on that level.

      • Maybe you weren’t on the distro, being a high end tech guy, Mike.

        The whole purpose of courting/courtship used to be to find the strongest male to male (by repressed females)., In modern times, that has become a process of “life negotiation – and it’s one reason Elaine and I are still – both – delirious after 20+ now. (She was also clear on what kind of life she wanted and I was in a position to go any of several direcdtions.)

        We “negotiated a future” in the courtship – what would happily ever-after’s workflow look like?

        That way, everyone’s on the same page.

        Too many times I’ve seen men with a Neanderthal (club ’em on head, getting drunk enough to say yes) instead of facilitating “soul bonding” – which is where a deep, abiding “Here’s where WE are going…”

        Example, the “runner-up” to Elaine married after we (her and I) agreed our paths were too different, goals to out of alignment). Yet she found love with someone who would enjoy her life-track. And (obviously), I found mine.

        If rather than “task it as find and rope a partner” your mission was to “enjoy other people and if one is on the same path, then explore…” You might have a more productive 2021.

        It’s “selling” either way. But one is the “shared buyers” as opposed to the top-down (force the sale) view.

        Lifelong relationships are a partnering process as much as anything. And, I expect if you ask a highly successful salesperson (Mark?) they would agree: Hard sales don’t work. Share goals and relationships do when based on mutually accepted and agreed outcomes….

        An as “Do Our Life Paths Join?” will get a hell of a lot higher quality response than “Boink-a-buddy/Servant wanted.”

      • Found my compatible female unit at 15 years old and she still loves me after 45 years of wedded bliss(joke). Been tough at times, but we both became like each other in many ways. I couldn’t imagine waking up without her. I believe we are all destined for something. Each individual has a path. My path intersected with the knowledge of the living God of creation. I believe that He has made all the arrangements for us in advance. If I just figure out how to stop resisting Him. It’s part of our nature to want to go our own way.
        Proverbs 14:12 – There is a way that seems right, but in the end it leads to death.
        Proverbs 20:24 – A person’s steps are guided by The Lord, how then can anyone understand their own way?

        Happy New Year to everyone and hopefully we will have a country after the criminals take complete control. Blessings

      • NM Mike, I understand your perspective, lost my wife to the big C after 33 years together. Still waiting for the “one” to spend the rest of my years. Best piece of advice I was given, by my sister, was to ask your spirit guides for the woman of your dreams. Must be very specific in the characteristics that you want. Like George has written, don’t push it, let it come to you. Me personally, I think I have been trying to leave this realm since the passing of my wife, but, alas other plans are in store. I am extremely lucky to be living my own path. Happy New years to the readers of this blog. May this coming year find us all changing the narrative for the betterment of humanity. Lastly, how about a little southern cooking for your listening enjoyment.
        P.S. Thank you Jorge for this blog and your incredible insight…

      • “if you don’t want or need a spouse or partner. Other people are really irrelevant other than being kind to them.”

        That is Deep Mike… I to was shy around women and in most cases still am.. that is why I stayed in a bad relationship for so many years.. Luckily I found a woman that has the same ideals that I do we became friends and it built from there.. we developed a friendship and decided on what we wanted as a team..
        Now take one of the kids friend.. ( I have known this young woman since she was a babe and she is shooting fifty in the foot now) she has had one bad relationship after another..) the reason in my opinion is she picks them by body style.. Not for who they are or what direction they wish to move in..
        for me I would question what are you looking for.. if your just looking to have sex.. then you can have sex as many times as you want at any time.. there won’t be any direction or substance it is just physical with the physical relief..
        I know that is a career finding workbook but it is the same thing.. your searching for the career of your life .. many people just like the workbook says lives in a small circle of friends.. you have to expand that.. many of us have five or six close friends and their associations are ours.. expand that.. do the amway those that made it in amway broke away from their surroundings and moved around.. break out of the box and volunteer.. at churches or at the hospital the homeless shelters join groups etc.. there are so many places.. what is your age bracket.. join clubs.. become sociable.. when I was introverted more into books than people I missed out on so much because of how much I read my life was in books and my humor dry.. if I would have known that I needed to break free from my first relationship my life would have been significantly different.. I thought I could fix it.. I couldn’t..
        Now a look at statistics…
        Joining a singles group or a church group.. mingle.. small talk flirt..https://www.meetup.com/topics/singles/
        the one in our area gos out for dinner once a week and a concert or play once a month.. and out for dancing.. by expanding and making new friends.. your odds are greater than if you stay in your small circle of friends.. dart ball is a biggie here to.. Make new friends make sure your goals are the same before you make the life long commitment.. if it is just sex.. then that is another thing.. that is easy depending on where you are located.. if your residence is in the PNW then it is real easy.. but for a long term meaningful take your time build slow.. do not jump into a relationship.. make sure you have the same goals and life styles..

      • George, I certainly appreciate what you say. I’ve met two women in the last 30 years that might be compatible long term. One was young, flighty and flew, though we did have some time together. She got married to someone and I wish her success in life, though I sometimes wish she’d chosen me. We corresponded for a few years and then she dropped off the radar. The other I’ve known for 27 years. We’re intimate friends and have had some of the best times(and worst) in my life together. We talk almost daily though we live a couple of thousand miles apart. She’s a city girl and I’m a country boy. We share many values, though not interests. She never wants to be tied down. She’s truly a dance-away lover. I could be happy with her for life, though nobody is “ideal”. She wants to avoid any kind of commitment. That may change this year, but it’s not the way to bet. She wants me to find happiness regardless of consequences. Perhaps it’s still possible to negotiate something if we can work out some better logistics. Sleeping in separate beds ten states apart just doesn’t work for me, though it might for her.

        The first element of sales is to draw the attention of your target audience(after you’ve identified them). There are very few that qualify, especially at my age, and I doubt that I’d qualify for them. My values are mostly internal, though intimacy really matters. Perhaps a “spiritual hedonist”. In short, there’s not an abundance of targets, and the means to attract them is neglible since FOSTA/SESTA. I’ve tried the “interest groups” thing for years and I keep running up against the unqualified, the uninterested, and the attached. There’s no honest way to communicate what I’m seeking that’s socially acceptable these days. Social interaction is very pretentious and emotionally draining, and there’s a limit to what I can endure. It’s also an incredible time waster. Covid is just another nuisance. I’m trying to avoid complaining – just frustrated. Every other aspect of life is good.

        Happy New Year to all Ure family! I’m truly glad that you and Elaine found each other!

        • Likes too short – get on the phone and propose! Conditional on you being able to offer minimal life support in the NM OUtback, of course – and she signs a prenup…and……

      • ” In modern times, that has become a process of “life negotiation – and it’s one reason Elaine and I are still – both – delirious after 20+ now.”

        With me it was 50+ before she died (too soon !) 6 years ago. However, I tend to agree with both NM Mike as well as GU, if that is possible?

        I think (mostly from personal experience!) that there is an ‘Ultimate Deity’ that rules over love of a special kind. It just happens (w/o negotiation !), IMHO.

        My son is bound to be ‘living his own path’ because all of the girls he’s met are ‘mostly crazy of one sort or another.’ They were turned crazy on account of ‘the modern times.’

        It ain’t easy to find your match. “Many are called but few are chosen;” Unless, of course, your name happens to be Homer Simpson, then you’re set ;-).

        A girl I knew >75 years ago had someone trace me down over the internet. She claims that after 4 kids
        and many years of marriage she is still in love with me as the only one. I can only humor her over the phone. Go figure — or not. Take life in stride!

      • LOOB, thanks for your insight. I’m glad you found your way. I did in my younger life, though it was rather challenging and chaotic. It worked until my kids’ mother left when they grew up. Everything I’d planned for the two of us together evaporated. Since then it’s been wandering in the wilderness. I can only hope that there is a purpose to it. I do know that I’d have at least 10X in assets more than I currently have if we’d have worked together for a lifetime, but that’s not relevant. I have more than enough.

        IMHO, there’s no such thing as “just sex”, and it’s not easy to come by either. Any sex is(for me) a spiritual connection and I share my soul and body. I’m happy to do that with the right woman. Some people can play the game of fishing for a bedmate, but I’ve never had an easy time with that. I will say that sex and intimacy are far more important to me than many other things, as they’re something I can’t just buy or make, though money can assist. Almost nobody could afford a lifemate by the hour. I do belong to meetups and other groups, though they generally take a lot of time with very little in the way of return. None has resulted in a girlfriend, or even a one night stand. Most people there have very little in common with me, and even the “singles” groups have committed couples intruding. Most singles there seem to want to be single, so that really doesn’t work. I’ve never seen a group called “reluctant singles”.
        Thanks for the map though. Perhaps I need to move to Utah!

        One thing that seems obvious is that most available women are in cities, and most of them will have a city value set(art, dancing, museums, dining, etc.). The few that want to live simply as a couple far from others are truly rare.

        I’ll be resolving to do the best I can with this year! Where it goes is currently beyond my understanding.

        Happy New Year to everyone!

      • “Lifes too short – get on the phone and propose!”

        I am with George Mike.. the point is.. your long term friends…been there through thick and thin…
        Friends first..my first wife I got married before we had seriously sat down and gotten to know each others visions. You and your lady friend have done that.. even if it was separate bedrooms at first to see if your compatible physically. What better situation than to spend it with your best friend..
        Like I tell the kids..be the blind man.. he knows only you.. physical appearance wanes in time and a relationship solely on appearance will fade.. but if you like each other..friendships accept you for who you are..

        • Elaine’s going through the learning on this part of the Life Curve. Some change from one-time Bunny to needing new hips. Explained to here the Lexus still runs good, even though an older model. Sure, it will need parts now and then…

          Then I ran….

      • “Any sex is(for me) a spiritual connection”

        I am with you on that one mike..
        I to have to connect with the female on a mental level..90 percent of sexual satisfaction is in the mind..

      • NM Mike,
        If George is willing to be an initial contact link, I’d be interested in communicating with you. Our values seem similar and perhaps our goals would be also.

      • To George and LOOB: Thanks for your inputs. I’ve done many of the things you’ve suggested, including proposals. So far, life is still good and I’m still living by myself. There’s too much work for one person, but I am doing well in my own way. Both Tumbleweed and LOOB are welcome to have my email info if that’s OK. I can certainly learn from LOOB and possibly be helpful(we are a community). He has a dimension that I know I’m missing. Tumbleweed indicated a desire to communicate. No telling where this all might go. Where there are no expectations, there can be no disappointments.

  16. “With a clean sweep for the Dems and complete control of the government, we will see heaven on earth. No need for the second coming. The Big Rock Candy Mountain. Manna rains down from DC. All our prayers are answered. “
    Posted this on a few liberal web sites. I get no arguments. No understanding of irony.
    Realistically a clean sweep for the Dems , would almost be a relief. Not looking forward to the apocalypse , but it’s about time to get the sh1t show started.

  17. George, excellent stab at the ‘Democrat demonizing’ in today’s post, surely the Socialist Bogeyman will eat everybody in the new Dystopian world you are hoping for…(A CounterClockwise Orange Haired Ex-President, sequel to Clockwork Orange) https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/clockwork_orange

    Meanwhile, the Queen’s indicator seems far more accurate than our Brown Cow (Kahlua and Cream) Dow:
    The FTSE (London Stock Exchange) still down 14% for the whole year:

  18. Happy new year economic veges !!! Your finished the greatest currency in the world USD is strong and proud

  19. China has got some good gear . Wars close !! Fat useless military taking on a super power . I’m on China 6/4 !!! Git on yah veges. For everyone that can’t understand or tell me med sheet . F&$!? Off

    • You won’t escape either genius. Your shithole country is totally sold out to China. Krickey it looks like you will be in the war too. Only your military is a joke compared to the US. Obviously you are incapable of stopping the excrement from flowing out of your black heart. Happy New Year DH. Blessings, you’re gonna need em.

      • Hey boy . You can’t handle the truth!!!! Yeah my country is a sheethole but we learned good .. the truth hurts eh

      • Who’s truth? Yours? You’re always ranting and raving at George and the rest of us like a madman. You call me boy when you don’t know anything about me. Shame on you that can be ominous to oneself.
        After you break it down, you, like the rest of us; are in serious trouble. There is NO place to hide if the plan for us little folks is successfully implemented. More likely you should move somewhere you would choose as where you wish to die at. That’s in higher probability than a cushy escape. Blessings

  20. Civilization ends when bad things do not happen to bad people.

    Americans are like a person who has fallen off a 30 story building. As they pass the 10th floor on their way down they say, “well this doesn’t look so bad!”

    Civil war, hot war with China, breakup of the USA, disappearance of all retirement funds, dollar devalues by 70%, population of the USA 100 million by 2025.

    My predictions for the USA, and I haven’t been wrong yet.

    • Couldn’t agree more! Your probably right for we have always underestimated theirs and overestimated ours and a number of wars have proved it. not much left of the country any more corruption knows no boundaries.

      Before a civil war they will try to start a war someplace else to try and stir up that old patriotism while there is little left of that anymore, the dollar is worth about as much as toilet paper and the scum in Washington should take out extra life insurance for sometimes bad people get what they deserve and that’s been coming for a long time.

    • Too bad about your likely to be right on this one! I don’t have retirement funds that are at risk(401k, IRA), but many do. I’m concerned for them, yet have no idea how to help create a safe haven. Perhaps there’s a way to hedge their risk, yet any such hedge is probably a derivative that would fail to pay.

    • “dollar devalues by 70%”

      My thought Expat is They have printed how much made up cash…
      Look at Zimbabwe and Argentina..
      How far did their currency devalue.. from my calculation it could be e a tad more than 70%

  21. Happy new year to all the patriots everywhere . Got some good ole boys right here!! In Sicily where I will end up there are no patriots , commies, facists . Just real hard folks . I thought that wanker that follows me around Steve USSA where a dying breed . Fool . Must work for deadsheet organisation. Get over it . Finished

    • All the most vile and ruthless Italian mobsters came from Sciliy to the US to prey upon the populace. They saw the US as a way to expand their evil on a welcoming open armed nation. A business model to quote George. Doesn’t surprise me that you are going there Len. Hope it works out for you. Not everyone is a veg, some of us still love our country and neighbors. We are willing to defend our way of life if it comes to that. And it looks like it very well may come to that. You judge to harshly on us. If we are so bad, why are you fleeing where you live? Blessings

  22. And boy . You watch the euro collapse now brexit charade is over . The great USD is gunna crush everything . Everything

  23. “Ain’t likely from my point of view, but…”

    Mine either…
    When those that don’t see it see it..that’s when we have to seriously
    need to worry..

    • Look away is was cult…
      I don’t know if it was really a cult or not.. but..way back when..they hada nifty sales case.. it was perfect flight bag.on base there was a woman that sold amway.. anyway teo of us bought into Amway for the nice leather case. If course usedthestuff in it or gave it away the other guy got orders to a base over seas.. a few years later I ran into the other guy at o’hara airport.. in catching up he noticed I still used the bag and asked how I was doing..I said nothing at all I used the products up and got rid of the rest of the crap.. he ended up going all the way with it. Seems in traveling around the world from one military base to another he would get one or two from those areas.
      The reason I brought up amway.. was the social networking principles they incorporated into their platform. Get six who gets six etc..the sad part of it is the vast majority don’t travel..they do local sales within their own social network. Since we are creatures of habbit. We have a few close friends..their friends are our friends with a few exceptions..
      Facebook uses the same principles but not for sales.. through cataloging a person’s intimate social network you can learn a lot about the person.
      When I worked waste.. on regular intervals people would come around and go through random households trash.. the same at the courthouse.. remember the ads for classes on how to.. buy houses for back taxes..
      It’s the same thing your.life is there for anyone to view..

      That was why I brought it up.. the pyramid networking..by expanding your circle of friends and contacts.

      Theresless chance of making cold calls.. then again I knew two people that would just walk up and ask.. hey would you like to gave sex.. sounds crude and it was but they had a ten percent success ratio..

  24. The antonym to truth = media aka. Huffington post, CNN, and the rest. I don’t believe a word from any of them, but then again, I am a Trump supporter so what do I know?

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