No, it is not posting more inane crap on FB.

No, it is not wasting time on Hollywood crap dressed as news.

No, it is not recounting your weekend adventures, nor bragging about the size of your hangover or conquests of the weekend.

And no, it is not about wishing that you were able to retire on Social Security, right now, so you could “play all the time.” Trust me, you can’t. And getting old ain’t for sissies.

No, your REAL JOB on this (or any other Monday) is to figure out how to maximize your value to others in general and your employer in particular, so that you can “earn” more paper with ink on it, which the PowersThatBe have convinced others to give you things of actual value for.

Obviously, the notion of trading bits of paper for travel, the finest foods, the most sensual of Life’s smorgasbord, it is, well, insane. Yet that is precisely how the planet works.

We just don’t like to admit it.

So we are surrounded with distractions. And they conspire to keep us from achieving financial independence…it is the main purpose of distractions.

You see…everything is transactional in nature. That is because, as we have long admonished: Everything is a Business Model.

Relationships, government, work, play…it’s all transactional in nature. You give something in order to get something.

Not that this is bad, but it is not popularly discussed.

“How Cynical of you to assert the supremacy of transactions!

Yeah? Well, welcome to another Reality Monday.

Since the point of going to work is to make money, let’s see what we can figure from a quick scan on the news, shall we? Not the latest body-count from the sandboxes, not the glam and flash…but a selection of items that will help you make money.

Sizing Up the Market

We have been poking along at a very interesting level in the S&P 500. I won’t share the charts that our subscribers get, but I will tell you that the market is in “pause mode” after the manic rally from the February lows. In Elliott wave terms, that was a 1 up.

What follows, and where we are now, is the corrective 2 down. When you study the charts, it looks like three waves down are complete and that we could pop to the upside at any point.

But will we?

There is still a strong technical case that the decline could last a few more weeks, and we could decline to the 2020 level, although there are no guarantees. The Wave 2 that we are in could be over with three corrective waves down. Still, my spidey-sense doesn’t think so. There is still not enough conviction building to sustain a breakout. Then consider we are a week and three days from a Fed decision on interest rates. So the tea leaves are mixed.

Once we get past that, we should go zooming on to record highs over the balance of summer and even into September.

Then comes the election in November.

In my work, we are in a period very similar to that which occurred before the 1928 presidential election. That was won by Herbert Hoover…and lost by Al Smith if memory *or link* is working.

The Great Depression didn’t show up until the fall of 1929. Hoover took office in early 1929…so he got about nine months into his presidency before the crap hit the fan. Could it be that the GOP will – as they did in 1928 – win the election and “lose the war?” If the timing works out, the Greater Depression won’t start until fall 2017 and then grow in intensity into 2018, which is fine with us. That’s because the accompanying Blow-Off Top should be a marvel to behold.

Historical Context of Today

Societies are funny: We see lots of historical precedents where people seem to become fixated on an asset class.

We saw it in the 1634 Tulip Mania in Holland. We saw the Great Stock Bubble of the 1929 period. Before that, however was the Bubble of 1720.

And we’ve had our share of Land Rush days, Real Estate and Housing Bubbles, including the Florida Land bubble of the 1920’s which echoes oh, so nicely, with the 2009 Housing collapse.

What most people fail to understand us that there is a rhyme to history which is far more useful to the financially-motivated than Kardashified news…yet no one talks about such things. Which explains why more people aren’t rich: The One Percent don’t have a lot of competition…

Elaine and I watched a 1995 speech by the late media genius and “Wall Street Week” founder Louis Rukeyser on Sunday. I had not realized how rare a fellow he was, being for years the ONLY network economics commentator. Yet, how many dozen’s of anchors and wannabe’s flock to a “personality story?” I don’t know which – if any networks – have economics editors offering sane advice, even now.

I have never figured a way to make real money on that infotainment or personality kind of crap. Or, how to really get rich in social media as an investor, not a worker-bee with a billion “Likes.” Perhaps I’m an oddball, wanting to make Money if I’m going to be inconvenienced with the Monday morning interruption of sleep.

Mondays are, on reflection, both a wonder and a spectacle, all rolled into one.

The futures this morning are hovering around the zero mark. No sign of conviction there. A bunch of economic data points will come along this week, but none so important as Consumer Prices and the Fed meeting next week.

This is a kind of “clear your thinking” and wait for developments week. Watch the market for direction which may be evident by week’s end. Which is fine with us…it gives us time to do thoughtful research and figure out where things will eventually head.

Back to the Mundane

To make my point, here is a selection of utterly useless “news.”

Kim Kardashian Flaunts 26-Inch Post-Baby Waist in Skin-Tight Dress

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick take children for meal in LA

Hollywood baby names are making a comeback

Fans Mourn Muhammad Ali at Hollywood Walk of Fame

If you clicked on any of these links, consider yourself personally responsible for the One Percent being without a lot of competition.

But seriously? A bit more useful is knowing that an Army Reserve officer (Deshauna Barber) has been crowned Miss USA.

The Real News

There is a primary tomorrow with headlines like Was California the Last Weekend at Bernie’s House Of Hope? And…in Politics|Could a Muslim Judge Be Neutral to Donald Trump? He Doesn’t Think So.

I’ll take a vowel and whatever is behind Curtain #2.

You want the curtain because what is in the WashPo  (which I refer to as the Amazon/Bezos Post) this morning is about enough to make me puke. The story is headlined “5 ways Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan could make a deal.”

See it? See how you are being conditioned to accept that Hillary will be President and will be able to “cut a deal” with Paul Ryan?

A more balanced story/headline might have been “Which President? Paul Ryan’s Policy Prospects…”

But no, that wouldn’t program people into thinking Hil will win.

You see, this is how the insiders in Washington set things up.

The story is the story…but the underlying premise isn’t even questioned in the headline.

It’s very much like Joseph Goebbels wrote about in his pamphlet on propaganda: You sell the agenda by assuming the premise is correct…and given how much money Hil has – and by the high likelihood of an “October Surprise” – when Hil will predictably be anointed as the greatest SecState ever by some Obama admin footwork, it will probably come to pass. All the hallmarks are right there staring at you…but in the media circus, the Hollywood stuff in the center ring will keep you from seeing the set-up as it comes.

Remember where you heard it: By pardoning Edward Snowden (hinted at last week by former US-AG Eric Holder) Obama et alia will be able to remove the Hil email scandal…oh this is so choreographed!

But at least the Clinton myth-busting book Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate is out there for the thinking class.

Both of us.

Nasty Nest of Neocons:  Ukraine Blow-back

Not getting much play in Western Media, since we orchestrated the mess in Ukraine to force them into the EU and line up part of the rich energy deposits in the eastern half of the country….BUT it could be that the NNN was involved in more than just passing out Kiev Cookies.

At least that’s what peeks out from Investigate claims of Ukrainian torture & repression, Duma lawmakers tell international groups which Russia’s RT is reporting.

If the story gets traction, maybe the Regime Change Idiots could be outed, after all.  But don’t hold your breath…there’s no alliance like an unholy one, and with defense sales booming, what could possibly go wrong?