Yo! Dumb Voter: Here’s the GAAP in Our Thinking

imageGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles are something most people aren’t very familiar with.

But here we are, on another election day, and our Country is in deeper debt that it has ever been in its lifetime.  As of this morning’s latest data from the Treasury we owe $19,080,123,823,020.74.

I think we would have a much brighter outlook as a country if government at all levels was required to send every voter a financial statement a week before the election that would say:

As of election day, your portion of the Federal Debt Is $59,625.

If you have 3 children, your obligation for you and them is $238,501.

This amount does not including student loans, current taxes and remember, last year you paid $23,793 in federal income taxes, $3,175 in property taxes, and $2,731 in state sales taxes. 

You also paid $321 in hidden federal gasoline taxes, $110 in state gasoline taxes, and these amounts do not include tolls and…

All these numbers (except the first one) are made-up.  But you see the point?

I propose that American voters would vote with a lot more sense if government was required to put out a Consumer Alert a week before elections.  Elections make the multipage credit card fine print look like child’s play.  Lying in elections is SOP.

As is, government continues to play the “budget game.”  This is where government whines and moans about “budget” problems but when your read their Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) when hardly anyone does, you find out how the Big Lies about “no money” are played.

And all those in favor of putting all federal, military, teachers, and all other public workers into the same national pension system (Social Security_)  as the rest of us, raise you hand?

OK…now that we have your blood pressure up, let’s move on to the market.

Look for the Dow to rise 100 points today since the Corporate Party’s grip on power doesn’t change.  No matter what.  Just – maybe – their proxies.

Thank heaven Super Tuesday will be over shortly.  I’m so sick of politics I could puke, so you may not be alone.

Markets Ahead

Rally on election day.  Job numbers start flowing tomorrow.  Why can’t we get elections timed to data better?  I mean that after the fact, right?

The Dow lost 123 yesterday and the futures are up 121, so this is a sideways and terribly boring week so far.

I’m still thinking 1,890 S&P before we head way up…but who’s to say?

Super Tuesday?  Ha!

Washington Post calls is Super Tuesday: Polls open in the South and New England on a fateful day.

You notice how the last of the Hillary buried emails didn’t get released until last night so it would not be subject to thorough review until after it’s too late today.

And how is it that Clinton aide Cheryl Mills still had a top secret clearance after leaving government and why isn’t she a suspect for the FBI to grill?  Administrative oversight or yet another cover-up?  My money would be on the latter. 

Quick…look surprised.

I must be the only one asking “What about fake name email accounts, too – Who is looking for them?”  I mean since Eric Holder was lew.alcindor, right?  Is that why Obama emails are being withheld, too?  I’d pay big bucks to know if the president uses fake email addy’s.

You also notice how Hillary’s prosecution seems to have gone molasses in winter?  Which is why we cynically call it the Just Us department.  Side bet on the Supreme nominee?

If the republicans weren’t such sellouts they would already have passed the no use of a fake name on an email account while in government…but R’s are just as stupid as D’s…truly a race to the bottom.

Madness on Bordering

Governor Mike Pense has been trying to block the import of (still more) Syrian refugees to Indiana.  But a FedJudge says nope…he can’t do that

Oh…the judge in the case (*U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt) was appointed by the border-breaker-in-chief in 2010 so this was a foregone conclusion.  Feds can poke the states any way they want, apparently.

And speaking of pokes and such:  Obama’s at it again…wanting to US to import even more people who (as I see it) should be fixing their own problems in Syria rather than bringing their issues here.  We had our revolution thanks, now go finish yours up…

Now it looks likely that Mexico border crossings by illegals will be hitting new highs.  Way to Go Team O.

By the way, the Invasion of Europe (now Eurabia, just not labeled on most maps yet) is being closely watched by Chinese media which is reporting European refugee crisis escalates as Balkan countries close borders.

Um….is this like the World Slow Leaner’s Festival?

Driverless Car Accident

Google car hits a bus in a minor fender-bender.

This brings up one of the most difficult parts of driving to quantify:  Every day you drive there’s usually a situation where you have to make a human judgment as to whether you can bluff the other guy into letting you into a lane.

Near as I can tell, the Google car didn’t play the bluff right, or the bus driver had the right of way and would be bluffed… so it will be interesting to see how this gets swept under.

But the main thing is we are learning some valuable robotics questions to ask come driverless car purchase time:  “So, what’s your lane-change bluffing algorithm? “

Equal Rights Front Line

Anti-Gay Stickers At High School In Indio Touch Off Debate: Hate Speech Or Free Speech?”

So let me see if I have this right:  Marketing LBGTQ is OK but marketing straight isn’t?  In Ure World, if one side markets the other can, too.  We call that equality…deal.

Nice, short, to the point column today.  Go take part in a quiet revolution…And let’s see if we get distractions later on…

9 thoughts on “Yo! Dumb Voter: Here’s the GAAP in Our Thinking”

  1. “””I propose that American voters would vote with a lot more sense if government was required to put out a Consumer Alert a week before elections. Elections make the multipage credit card fine print look like child’s play. Lying in elections is SOP.”””

    Hmmm.. how far behind this country do you think we are with hyper inflation.. printing non stop to buy off our debt.. while those we are buying our debt off of are reinvesting it in our companies and land our home mortgages.. ..Now with that in mind.. .. who owns your mortgage..

    • are we doomed for hyper inflation.. and a depression so horrific that it will make all others through history look like a game of marbles..

    • I agree fully with Dave K.

      As usual Shakespeare said it best:

      “By the pricking of my thumbs
      Something wicked this way comes.”
      –2nd Witch Act IV Macbeth

  2. At 7 billion people and rising, we are probably doomed, no matter what. The fact that we are run by a bunch of crazies probably isn’t helping, either. Enjoy the ride!

  3. Zimbabwe has a multi-currency system. It has issued 10 million in new coins backed and redeemable at any time for USD.
    Their fix is with a country with a 17 trillion debt.
    Ten million in gold may work to back up their new coins.
    The Chinese have offered to forgive a 40 million debt if they use their currency as a reserve currency.

  4. Well, your call on “heading way up” seems right and it just neverdipped to the 1890s on the S&P. But is today’s “very strong” market action (steady buying, the lines look well formed and straight up) – is this going to stick? Does China and Europe “validate” overnight and we see further gains? Wondering why we had such a horrible start to the year with all this near-term exuberance.

    Then again, we still have many digits to go up to even hit Dec 31, 2015 levels. So, these recent rises mean “nothing” in the big picture. The drops in January were quite big and China is still feeling it. S&P 2043 “just to break even”.

    I’m paying debt off last year and this as quick as I can. The sooner I can get my house paid off and I grow more of my own food, the better. We’re using Solar PV but of course would not ever cut from the grid at this point due to the massive value and efficiency of the grid.

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