imageYes!  At last!  Super Tuesday.  Don’t read this within 100-feet of a polling place, though.

You see, a lot of people vote for all the wrong reasons.

  • They vote the “Party Ticket.”
  • They vote “Conservative [or Liberal] Principles.”
  • Many will vote today based on “Gender” and some hogslop about “Needing a female President.”
  • A few will “Vote racial preference.”
  • Others will vote “name familiarity.”
  • A good number will vote “Based on promises of future action.”

In fact, as I will explain, ALL OF THESE ARE WRONG as I have it figured.

1. The Party Ticket?  There has been no major action of fixing the border despite the republicans having a majority in both the House and Senate.  In fact, there’s a story this morning about how Obama, et al, are quietly planning to increase the number of Syrian refugees coming into America.  Worse, there’s also a report that illegal southern border immigration has hit a new all time high.

Both political parties are responsible. Not just One.   And both report to the same paymasters (corporations and their legions of lobbyists.  That is why the border hasn’t been fixed.  There is vastly more money on the corporate side than there is on the people side.  This is because a “wired” Supreme Court is really the Supreme Corps because everyone should know that the U.S. Government is a corporate entity.  (See Citizen’s United.)

The blame-game goes back and forth on highly emotional issues while both of the leach parties whip people into a frenzy by doing nothing and talking haughtily.  It’s all so they can turn us little people upside down and shake the money out of us.

Both parties are guilty and both are absolutely corrupted by the most influential element in politics.  Money.

2.  Conservative or Liberal Principles also don’t matter a whit.  Again, it’s a sham, a put-up, and a power-tool to divide Americans against one-another.

You see, there is another set of Principles that No One talks about in a meaningful way – which is the follow-up, once in office with action.

And the lost Principle above all is?

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.  GAAP.

There is no reason why American needs to be poor or depending on any other national on Earth, except maybe Bolivia (for their lithium for our batteries).  We can, with a bit of effort be self-sufficient with food, energy, and be a net exporter if we choose.

But WE don’t get that.  We send pathetic sociopaths and give them that power.  OMG how stupid are we?

The reason we aren’t well-off as a nation?  Circle back to point #1:  Corporations don’t want fiscal responsibility, and the meal-mouth craptologists who allege to serve in the public’s interest general almost always serve their own interests first.

3.  Do we need a female President?  No.  We need the most honest, smartest and independent President regardless of sex, religion, national heritage, sexual persuasion, or any other “movement.”

Feminism, racism, genderism, socialism, conservatism…hell, any “ism” you can think of does just one thing: It turns people against one another.  And by doing so?  It allows for emotions to be exploited.  It facilitates fund-raising and selling the most base of human emotions to your prehensile brain.  The very act of divisiveness ensures polarity and perpetuated the problems.

Am I the only one who can see the polarity of it all?  Or, can you see it, too?  You shouldn’t have to strain to find it.

4.  Same goes for “racial preference.”  Look:  I’m all for an egalitarian world.  But there maybe two instances we need to keep a clear head.

I’ll give you the examples:  Fire and police departments used to have very strict height, weight, and lifting requirements for a reason:  One State Patrol I know wouldn’t consider hiring anyone (this was years ago) unless they were at least 6-feet tall.  Reason?  Want to be on a deserted road with two drunks in a suspect vehicle and be short, not particularly imposing?  Hell no.  At that moment you would want to be 6-4, totally buff, and ready for anything that could happen.  And it sometimes did.

When I read modern-day public service employee data (disabilities, injuries on the job) I have to ask myself  “Is this an example of how what was sold as racial preference to help, for example, smaller-stature citizens of Asia extraction, could be having unforeseen consequences?”

If your house was on fire and you needed to be rescued, would you want to be rescued by someone who may not have the strength alone to carry you to safety?  Is a person who is 4’11””  and 90 lbs. be less able to safely handle a 2 1/2” fire hose in a real working house fire compared to a 5’10” 180 pound person?  I mean at some point, the laws of physics come up.  No, that’s not racism…it’s physics.

But that is also the only time stature should matter.

Obviously, we have to come to some common sense guidelines.  And that’s hard work, it takes time, and yes, it drives up the cost of government.  Right there we come around to the how do we take racial profile questions (ancestry of small people) and balance that against GAAP and how much tax do we pay?

Doing the right thing does cost more money…that’s the truth of it.

I’ve seen the problem as a reporter and only the smallest bit of progress has been made and I’ve been watching it for more than 60-years.

We either treat all people TOTALLY equally or we are a racist society.  But do we need to make that into an industryAbsolute equality based on absolute ability seems to me the only right path.

image5.  Voting on Name Familiarity?  Why, that’s just putting your vote out there for the highest bidder.

And that encourages more divide, conquer, fund-raising, and name-calling.

I won’t mention any particularly rude person from Florida, but is that kind of behavior presidential?  The last time I saw something so rude was Nikita Khrushchev – head of the Soviet Union in 1960 – banging his shoe on the desk at the U.N. to make a point.

I didn’t think much of him, either.

6.  Promises of future action?  Pah-lease.  With the exception of two people who haven’t held office before, everyone else in the presidential fracas is a professional promise-breaker.  We have just as much poverty today as we had when the Lyndon Johnson Great Society was launched in 1964 and $15-trillion dollars ago.

Oh, these clowns get elected but almost without exception, they haven’t solved a freaking thing since…

The fact is no one is demanding honest government jobs accounting, real job training, and bringing industry back to America…except that one guy.  But then we go back to the name familiarity question.

Most others, except the good doctor, have already slithered around in the mud of non-performance in office too long.

So How to Approach Voting?

I have a couple of ways to think about it:

The first is to operate like baseball.  If someone has held elective office three times and you don’t have some remarkable results to show for it, “You’re out.”

This is a tough one…in that here in my Congessoid district in Texas, we have a fellow who fits the Washington mold perfectly.  Went to Washington poor and ready to change things and is now he’s rich and defending the status quo.  Some people have called him the “Pay-day loan” congressman because he supported predatory lending.

Sorry; government should protect people who aren’t so bright.  Pay-day loans are a fine example.  But so are State Lotteries, which are a perfect example of how government places a penalty on people who don’t understand statistics.  Lotteries are a tax on the statistically ignorant.

Yes, dear reader, government victimizes voters because it’s all part of “make up jobs…because even if they are inefficient, they still count as jobs.” 

The second – and by far the best – way to approach voting to is look at the process today as when we get a chance to “run the human resources (HR) department” and we have hiring and firing power.

Go ahead – for just this one day, be the ruthless HR director.  This is job review day.  Has the job been done in stellar fashion in the latest term?


Fire ‘em.

Have issues not be aggressively addressed with solid solutions that strike the best possible balance between the public needs versus public costs? 

NO?  Fire them, too.

Not happy with local roads?

NO?  Fire those commissioners and legislators.

Not happy with schools?

NO? Fire the school board.

Lookie here:  Talk don’t mean jack shit.  Action is the ONLY metric in this stuff.

Property taxes too high?

YES?  Fire your state legislators and county commissioners and school boards.

Want fewer people in jail over one ounce or less of weed?

Fire your state legislators.

This is the dirt simple way to solve things in a hurry.

Mass firings are what corporations do when they have to suck it in.

And today is our chance to given ‘em all of taste of their own medicine.

This is the day for Revolution at the ballot box.

Those who have not been part of great solutions are part of the problem.  And they gotta go.  This is not supposed to be a country of career politicians.  This is supposed to be citizen lawmakers. 

A Final Point

You want to know who the ruling elites of America are?  See if this little snip off the web (from an education web site) helps you to sort it out:  What percent in Capitol Hill is lawyers?

Occupation: Of the total U.S. work force of 124 million people, only 6 percent are lawyers. Yet 45 percent of the members of Congress are lawyers.

It’s the biggest inequality out there. Fire the bastards when you vote today…fire every last one.

Remember, corporations make us working stiffs reapply for our jobs when there is a corporate take-over.  We get to take over but only for today.

And this is the day to cut out all that old deadwood.  And elect people at all levels that represent the racial composite, the religious values averages, the income average, and the working ethics that made America the Great Melting Pot.

Because in case you haven’t figured it out, by now, the modern world’s slave owners are members of the bar and members of the re-elected corporate establishment.

Write when you break-even,

George  (Or will also get to me.  I trust you noticed how the story about the former Attorney General of these United States using a basketball player’s name for official email has been buried by the corporate-owned press?)    Thank God for Revolution Day.