Second Depression Handbook: Transportation (Ch5)

imageHaving taken on some causative economics, the difficulties ahead for food (with an important addendum this morning) and shelter, not to mention sizing up the possibilities of the government calling gold and silver, we come this morning to the problems of transportation in the Second Depression.

With the market performance again this week, the case continues to build that we are more likely to have a 1920’s style blow-off top later this year, and into next, long before we have a complete melt-down, but it will be at that precise moment that all your wisdom will be necessary to keep from being sucked into dangerous herd-following actions.

Before we dig in there, a look at our charts, the first of the week’s job numbers, and a quick sizing-up o the “super” Tuesday results at the polls.

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4 thoughts on “Second Depression Handbook: Transportation (Ch5)”

  1. N. Korea has sanctions slammed against it – now, eBay is down in the entire Western world (see “eBay outage map”)…..


  2. Now, Amazon and Paypal – in the same world areas – server issues or hacking, but it can only be one of those two issues.

  3. I don’t know how this plays in to the second depression but it could have as great an impact as a drought or other food related issue. GMO foods are not labeled in the US so it’s almost impossible to avoid them. Studies done in Europe show that rats fed more than 90 days on GMO foods develop horrendous cancerous tumors that are about half the size of their bodies. The rats suffer so much that they are put to sleep before the 120 day trial is up. The rat life span puts this cancer at about 20 years out for humans, much like smoking cigarettes took 20 years to manifest as lung cancer. GMO crops are soaked in 100 times the cancer causing chemical glyphosate as conventional crops, and it caused cancer even at conventional rates. (There is more glyphosate on the ground in the US than the rest of the world combined.) So, since GMO corn and soy were introduced into the food supply in 1997, the 20 year time frame (2017-18) would also coincide with the upcoming depression. Monsanto already has legislation in place that says they can’t be sued for health reasons. If even just a quarter of the US population got terminal cancer, that would really disrupt things. I have asked myself why Obamacare passed now, when socialized medicine had always been blocked in the US. This way everyone who gets cancer, which on average costs 1.5 million per case, gets covered and no one dies without spending taxpayer money that ends up with Big Pharma and the rest of the boys. I could be wrong (I hope so) since I figured this out myself and didn’t read it somewhere. But I’m surprised that no one else is mentioning this.

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