WW III Dry Run?

Sometimes, history can help scale our “worst case” thinking.  In one of our “mainly charts” reports today, we look at (semi-recent) economic history and ask how bright are America’s enemies?

The question is not moot:  Russia has outlined a number of “deal points” for standing down on their side of the Ukraine border.

Since the odds of them doing so are approximately zero – since the West has more ownership of the Ukraine border than, oh, the U.S.-Mexico line, this all ends badly.

For those not paying attention, we figure this weekend to be inside the 45-day window for a bad New Year.

The headlines and charts will explain.

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51 thoughts on “WW III Dry Run?”

  1. G – its all about that Base! that base.https://youtu.be/RV5WqRnFejI

    DeBase Jeffe, debase.
    – You know you are old and fuckT – if you paid into social security with copper pennies, but are now being paid in zinc pennies. Those “obama” pennies not only dont look right, they dont sound right. Of course neither did the latest antichrist/barack hisowndammedself.

    Hard numbers for folks struggling with images as information packets..

    1980 – Social Security that paid $321/mo average, and now pays $7617/month (shadowstat inflation calculator).

    Not feeling it yet tough guys& girls ?
    Interest paid on Ure banked money = < 1%, while INFLATION is around 15%..meaning 7 out of 10 Americans savings accounts are losing money.

    Speaking of Un Funded Opportunities – di you see the new docu-flick on USA spaceforce TR3B's ..liquid mercury drive system, massive cooling systems – guess explains tiny heat sigs these things give off..anti grav = whoopdief-ing do!

    *USA IS a Colony of London based Masonic Jewish central banking cartel and our leaders ARE Traitors. Americans have not been FREE, for a very loooong time .

    ** Favorite Sport – catching falling knifes – BTC around $47K this morning – a BTFD opportunity – or Danger, Danger. Like stock market – Coot is almost all cash – smattering of Index Puts (SPY), Long Nat Gas, Oil, GDX/GDXJ, ^VIX, Streamers (WPM,FNV) – thats it, bugging out after Holidaze for Tropics, as this "place" is starting to feel like one big cold SUCK.

    • Speaking of London, if you’re a link clicker.

      This guy is a researcher who is far out. He started as a Flat Earther so overlook that at first. He’s since integrated Outer Space into the model.

      The uniqueness of his videos, as he goes he changes conclusions based on evidence. His last video mentioned London and the search for the Benben Stone.

      Blind links, right.



      Anyone else ever watch that cat?

    • “1980 – Social Security that paid $321/mo average, and now pays $7617/month”

      Think about this a moment!
      Minimum wage calculated from the seventies till now with just an adjusted inflationary rate.. comes up yo what seventeen dollars an hour.
      Now consider deregulation along with inflation… the 50 cent gallon of gas is now 3.30 insurance that was 10.00 a month now shoots 200.00 a month ..50.00 a month rent is 1300.00 a month healthcare is so high..phew you need two full time jobs just for that..10.00 just for a Kleenex 400.00 for a tylenol..
      Using real world adjustments.. minimum wage should today be just shy 50.00 an hour.
      Ok these increases are still here how are the people making 7.50 doing it?
      The increases keep piling up they have to be paid if not you’ll feel as if your an executive in Sanfran shizting on sidewalks..
      The equalizer tools are social programs.. the once 1 in ten thousand on social programs is now 76 ( before covid) percent of all hourly wage earners..
      They are All dependent on Brandon and son dumping billions and billions a month.. I am sure theres a little skimming with friends of brandon and son..
      You know how it works..

  2. CNN pedos, another got caught



    Henderson NV zipcode

    just a co in ci dence, but strange as,,,,,, oh well, carry on
    Underground massive data center?

    but the little girl did get to ride in his Tesla, quote from the above, dateline article,,,
    ‘Griffin then drove in his 2019 Red Tesla Model X to pick them up at Logan Airport to bring them to the Ludlow ski house, “where the child was directed to engage in and did engage in illegal sexual activity.” ‘

    • what do you mean, there is another?

      “On Friday night, Project Veritas released the name of the latest CNN producer to be caught up in a pedophilia scandal.

      The employee, Rick Saleeby, is a producer on one of the network’s most successful shows “The Lead with Jake Tapper.”


      Q told US “Guardians of the Pedophiles” at theaters near you.
      sick sick sick father muckers,, don’t forget the Ashley Biden diary,, showers with daddy. And G Maxwell case continues, Pedo Island Saga
      “Panic in DC” as pelosi is still trying to get Trump over Jan 6th, she is still scared to death of Trump,, hee hee hee [russia gate and 2 impeachments later]. Don’t forget J. Assange is coming home,, Dem Nat Convention computer hack, supposibly by russians for Trump, UNinvestigated by the FBI
      “FISAGATE” as Durham is still working, tick tock

      It is like The Dude is shaking the Earth like a SnowGlobe,
      Merry Christmas

    • “CNN pedos, another got caught”

      Since their heavy BRANDON supporters and necessary to promoting the go brandon go messages.. I wonder if the same organizations used to play cleanup will rush to clean this and make everyone believe it’s all fake..
      It seems that What once was considered illegal , illicit and morally disgusting is now considered progress and ethical..good business practices..

  3. Re: the Chinese rover photo.
    I was looking at this on the ZH article a few days ago and it said the distance to the object was only some 87 yards from the rover if I had my conversions correct. Heck, George, I think I can still THROW a rock that far! LESS than a hundred yards??!! And the best the Chinese rover can do is give an out of focus image like that? With all the stolen tech they have from US!? Either the Chinese are in on the scam of all the other photos that were cleaned up from NASA’s photos of the Moon or … or … Well, something ain’t right.

    • Isn’t it amazing how all UFO pictures look like they were filmed in the 1950’s with Vaseline smeared on the camera lense? Even more incredible, over a century and a half of improvement in photography since the Civil War where they managed to get a live action picture of cannons firing at Gettysburg and yet the Ufologists can only give us fuzzy photos? And then we have the Navy pictures form 2004 of the flying TIC TACs that are lower quality than WW2 Navy gun camera photos. To quote Joe Biden “come on man”.

      • Money is the incentive to make things up.

        Notice Mothmen and chupacabra sightings stopped after trail cams were deployed everywhere.

        All the doorbell cams but no UFO abduction video.

        All the baby cams but no Exorcist style head swiveling.

        Now I think most everything has been made-up all along.

        People will go out of their way to be defrauded. Look at Rivian.

      • “To quote Joe Biden “come on man”.”

        You forgot the ” you smell like your 18 ” lol lol lol..
        Just so you know.. I have personally looked at thousands of photos from the moon and outer space. What you see posted is what is allowed to be shown . Those I’ve seen have been crystal clear.
        I had bought a spitting scope for my hunters as gifts with image stacking capabilities. Ten mile line if sight. For what 25 dollars.. nice little gift .

    • “With all the stolen tech they have from US!?”

      Now that there is funny Bill….
      You obviously havent looked at who manufactured anything you own.. they did.. they are busy promoting education we are busy dumbing down our youth.. they promote security for their people we push BLM and Antifa to disassemble the police for the highest crime areas in the nation.. we outsourced all our industries and sold off over 200 of the key manufacturer’s still in the USA..
      They didn’t steal it we threw it at them.. for a few silver coins

      • LOOB – Who made the lenses on the SR-71 spybird? That’s OLD tech! Heck, a 1960s Instamatic lens would be better than what they put on that Chinese knock-off of a lunar lander!

      • “LOOB – Who made the lenses on the SR-71 spybird? That’s OLD tech! Heck, a 1960s Instamatic lens would be better than what they put on that Chinese knock-off of a lunar lander!”

        that photo is what the public can see and irrelevant to what images they have..
        I agree.. before deregulation and outsourcing of industry and jobs.. we made a lot of our high tech.. the lens.. that lens was made in Germany by leica I believe ..(the same as the Hasselblad lenses) assembled i think in PA.. where the camera was made.. the best lenses known to man at the time.. Heck I dropped one from three floors up and all it did was put a tiny dent on the edge of the casing LOL…. the old instamatics and POLOROID camera’s.. did you know that with the old polaroid’s you could separate the film from the chemical backing and got a really really nice fine grain film..I did it many times back in the day.. then they went to the cardboard film backing you could still retreive an image off of it but it wasn’t nearly as nice.. and the cardboard negatives were nothing in comparison to the original designed film.. (to save money of course) today you cannot even buy the chemicals to process film for kodachrome.. we use to do about three thousand rolls of it a night.. what they have now is pretty nice..( made in china) the camera’s are digital.. now you can print them off.. or they actually have a machine that you download the images to.. they convert it to digital negative projection.. it goes to an enlarger and exposes the negative to the paper where it goes to the processor using the c-41 process.. nice machine it sure did excite me to watch it.. ( they still have my old color correction stips from almost fifty years ago on the wall for referencing )
        Used a lens.. that we checked out.. would set it up on the roof and take pictures of the passengers landing at national airport.. ( they changed the name of it not sure what it is today) they can take a picture high quality in a six foot by six foot area from outer space. I seen one where they took a photo of the presidents golf ball from thousands of miles away.. and got the printing on the ball… that stuff today is made in guess where..and its not by leica I am not sure if leica even makes lenses anymore…. the thing is.. that is what we are allowed to see.. what they show the public..
        If you see something on Youtube.. know for sure that stuff is just at the beginning not where we are today..
        there is a reason why we should not outsource our industry.. first one is our local economy.. the second is technical security.. national security.. and the fools on the hill don’t get it.. our medications everything is made someplace else..and it was done for GREED…

      • LOOB, you’ll be happy to know one of the newest things on the “Things you have to have this Christmas” list is the Polaroid camera!

        Whoever now owns Polaroid has released an updated “Swinger” and an updated SX-70 for this Christmas season. Film packs look the same, and the cameras do instant-print chemical photographs, just like their predecessors. I was in a “Staples” a couple weeks back. They had a whole Polaroid display. I was shocked, but couldn’t help smiling. Now, if they’d only re-release film for my 150 Land…

      • “Whoever now owns Polaroid has released an updated “Swinger”

        That is really good news ray.. I loved the old swinger Polaroid camera.. I was sad when they did away with the mounted negative to the old flat plate technology..
        A guy drove by with a colorado and plate maker..they closed down a printing place and junked it.. he sold it for scrap metal prices.. I wanted to cry..a beautiful old piece of quality equipment.. it even had the tracks..

  4. Upgraded a second Windows ten (10) laptop to Windows eleven (11). No issues encountered, other than with finding things. The problem with the missing Nvidia update app I had on the desktop machine turned out to be me forgetting where the go-button was hidden; the app was still installed. The Windows 11 system menus are rearranged somewhat differently, and the Windows 11 settings button is now accessed by an Android-like gear icon; but it all works, and is rock-solid stable, like Windows 10.
    The bad news is the processor in my third Windows machine is well over five years old, and is not supported by Windows 11. I was looking for an excuse to port it to Linux, anyway. Fortunately my aging firewall server is a Linux box. Windows is fickle, but Linux is forever. I mostly use apps which are available in both Linux and Windows for personal use, so moving back and forth between the environments is not so much of an issue for me. Installation and software update ease, along with platform stability favors Windows these days. The price and support for legacy hardware of Linux is still righteous.
    I am certain there must be some substantive differences between Windows 10 & 11 besides cutting off the legacy hardware, and if I come across one, I’ll let you know. This Windows 10 legacy hardware obsolescence should impact the refurbished PC market. I wonder how well Chrome ports to legacy hardware? Can you imagine the refurbished PC merchants hawking Debian Linux boxes? Revenge of the nerds.

  5. “Where is the line between racial justice and reverse discrimination? ”

    Nothing ‘reverse’ about it. It is straight up discrimination based on skin color. If discrimination against blacks was wrong, discrimination against whites is also wrong. Discrimination is divisive, and we desperately need to be united in our battle against Communism.

    As for ‘racial justice’, that’s a made-up term to focus attention on the alleged ‘victims’ of society.

  6. Tucker: Nothing like this has ever happened in the United States

    Tucker details the amount of illegals coming across our borders and landing on our beaches each month.


    The demographic change this PRETENDency is enacting on our country is self-evident.

    This is treason. And anyone supporting this administration is an effing traitor.

    • “Tucker details the amount of illegals coming across our borders and landing on our beaches each month.

      I know.. it is amazing
      Take a look at that and see it the USA has been following in the same paths..
      in eleven months there has been a total flip in eithics and morals in our political leaders.. everything that was horrible eleven months ago is now wonderful and considered ethically responsible to do.. whole departments used to cover up all the corruption being done.. it is amazing..
      all we can do is vote. our congress is ineffective and lazy corrupt and many don’t even show up for work in a job where they would have been fired years ago…VOTE and get them out.. we have made it and survived sort of for eleven months of this horrible time that is totally unbelievable that it has even happened…. and we have 37 months left to survive.. Its really scary times ahead and may god help us all..

    • try iherb.com.
      Their first three D3 brand options don’t have soy: Now, California Gold, and Doctor’s Best. I didn’t check the rest. Hope this helps for next time you need some. We’re taking one 5000 IU’s in the morning and one 5000 IU’s in the evening.

  7. Dec.1 Hawaii had 101 cases.   Yesterday, Dec 17, with no backlogs or case count corrections, we report 797 cases in the island petri dish.  The Omicron is here, and the cases are a mix of Delta and Omicron.  They no longer tell us how many cases were ‘fully vaxxed’.  But we pretty much know it does not matter.
    Had a public protest group at the village traffic roundabout last night, carrying “bioweapon” signs.  Some are very aware.  State is now at 73% fully vaxxed, and it is not getting much better over time now.  Lots of vocal pushback happening from the minority.

  8. George,

    Thanks for the kind words in your Update.

    Just caught this on Hal Turner’s site. I believe that he has good connections and I added these links to my Update. Only he got it right in 2014 and told us how close we were.

    His link that on that day of Lent helped me solve Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII.

    First Lent and Easter in 2014, now Christmas in 2021. Mmmmm, very interesting.

    Like you, I was kind of leaning toward late January or early February 2022.

    I am wondering if Nostradamus’ Blow of Steel prophecies Part 1 and Part 2 are related to Ukrainian nukes?



  9. “And from Big Pharma’s best salesman: Covid: Fauci says a redefinition of fully vaccinated is ‘on the table’. ”

    ‘Cuz when you can’t meet the standard, don’t make things better, just lower the standards.

    When I started tutoring kollege kids, Tawny Kitaen was choreographing and starring in Whitesnake videos, and the profs were complaining, even then, that incoming matriculates had to successfully complete 2 semesters of remedial math and 3 semesters of remedial English, before they could begin taking 100-level college courses. Military, police, and fire have lowered standards multiple times, sometimes because they couldn’t get recruits, but mostly because they couldn’t successfully get recruits through basic/academy training.

    I can hardly wait for the commie in the Vatican to rewrite the Bible, because we can no-longer meet God’s standards…

  10. “Where is the line between racial justice and reverse discrimination? Dems are at it again: NJ Acting Attorney General announces racial justice efforts, anti-discrimination policy for 720K workers.”

    This one’s simple: If an effort by any government exceeds the definitions and parameters defined and delineated in the Constitution, it is discriminatory. “Discrimination” doesn’t have a color or belief system — only enablers and profiteers…

  11. “And historical revisionism is alive and well. American colonists called him a tyrant. But was King George III really so bad?”


    But not “so bad” when compared to our current overlords.

    That doesn’t mean George was “good,” it means we’re going to fight “The War of the Revolt, part Deux,” or we’re going to actually become the Soviet States of America, and either way, a lot of Americans are going to die. It might not happen in the next year; it may not happen in the next century, but the SPQUS (Senatus Populus Que United States*) are eventually going to HAVE TO face that inevitability…

    *Another “Ray-ism.” Feel free to use, with attribution…

    • “was King George III really so bad?”


      But not “so bad” when compared to our current overlords.”

      I HEAR YA…
      Makes you wonder when you consider our lives today in comparison to what we had before and what we now have as our leaders that should be looked up to.. and with the total collapse of all ethics and morals in our politicians in the last eleven months .. which would be better..
      what I see scares me.. total flip of ethics.. we still have thirty seven months to endure this..I hope we can survive it..

  12. George – you can soften the war talk on Ukraine. The US has no diplomatic or military standing to do anything in Ukraine. Militarily, the US is the poodle barking like it is a Great Dane. To set the stage, there are no US forces of any great size near Ukraine. There are still some US forces in Germany, but they would have to move through Poland to get to Ukraine – I kind of think the Russians would notice? Amphibious Operation from the Black Sea? A year minimum to plan – and much more high risk than Tarawa (if you are a Marine like myself, we all know how that went).

    The Russians – oh, they are comfy within their own border. Lots of artillery and rocket forces and little if any logistical issues. America? It’s a long way to Ukraine. If you are former military, and look at this situation realistically, you see the US not having any chance to fight in Ukraine. Even air strikes from NATO bases are risky as the Russians will know you are coming as soon as your strike force get airborne. It’s really a losing situation all around for the US – of course, so is the entire Covid Con, but the crazies have taken over the US. Covid I am concerned with – ths scandemic and vaxx that is. The climate hoax – yes, it’s concerning as far as its destructive economic effects. But war in Ukraine? I would not be concerned. If it did start, it would be over fast with the US getting a bigger black eye than the debacle in Afghanistan. Just remember that the US military has gone a long way since its prowess in WWII. The US will not be able to conduct anything more than Grenada – and they messed that one up!

    • You have been conned. Lulled by the lefties. Just because the cut & runner in chief doesn’t have legal authority is of no consequence.
      Look at “mandates.”
      No, he’s out of control, funds have transferred (Notice how the book “Laptop from Hell” is getting ZERO coverage -= yet it’s all there…)”

      War before March.

      • Interesting George – I think you have been conned by covid and you think I have been conned by the lefties in the Pentagon! Well, we will call it a draw, but I am pretty sure the US does not have the ability any longer to carry out a serious war. No matter how much fiat the US can print, it cannot print competent military leaders and troops.

        Napoleon and Hitler also thought that a war with Russia was winnable.

      • Stephen,
        Just because the US cannot win a war in Ukraine does not mean the Idiots-in-charge will not TRY!

      • @Stephen

        “I am pretty sure the US does not have the ability any longer to carry out a serious war.”

        It does not.

        What George is trying to explain is that that is irrelevant.

        Mr. Biden is a spoiled brat with senile dementia, being controlled by other spoiled brats, all of whom have a really inflated opinion regarding their own abilities and capabilities, and believe the candy-assed remnant of military brass which thinks like they, and is in-charge and still in the employ of the USGovernment, can actually plan, wage, and win a military campaign.

        World War One did not start because an Archduke was offed. It started because the dude running Austro-Hungary, Emperor Franz (Franz Josef Karl Habsburg, who was also King of nearly a dozen European nations and Duke or Count in another dozen) felt he wasn’t getting the military respect he deserved, so used Ferdie’s assassination as an excuse to flex his muscles in Serbia, which, because England and France had mutual defense treaties with Serbia, subsequently begat and began WW-I.

        Franz wanted a war he could win in a few weeks, to garner respect for him as a military leader, and prestige on the world diplomatic stage.

        Joe Biden is Franz’ political reincarnation. As soon as Joe discovers people aren’t chanting “Let’s go, Brandon,” he’s going to lose his mind and seek “respect” at all costs.

        It doesn’t matter whether war with Russia is winnable. It is the theater of the fight that’s important, not the result…

      • Ukraine is now about Chinese, Russian and US business interests. Everything else is just window dressing. There is no left or right, no right or wrong, just money and souls about to be sent on their way. Three historically large empires are colliding, and the Ukrainians are being set up to be the next bully testbed for tactics and weapons. The narratives I am hearing regarding the Ukraine are simply naive.

      • Notice how the words ‘all natural gas will be gone in 50 years’ has been omitted from all conversations (oil has the same finite timeline, only world’s coal supply expected to last 100 years):


        Apparently, Putin may not be phased by any sanctions on the pipeline, he’s feeding China’s ever growing supply:

        But many think Biden can hurt Putin in the wallet (where it really matters?)

        George, just because someone engages in mature discussion does not mean he’s been conned. Rather, it means you oversimplify anybody or anything into lefty/bad, righty/good, showing off your high school locker room pejoratives, and your obsession with demonizing Democrats. Let’s focus our attention to sordid personal pasts, why don’t we, and hear the spine tingling details of Trump’s relationship with Stormy, or Karen, or the ‘peetape’ or…..etc!!!



        p.s. Dominion is suing Fox news:

    • seriously.. I would feel safer walking down the city streets of Russia or China than I would in the cities in the USA..
      we seen a huge push to defund and disassemble the police in the cities.. leaving the most vulnerable void of protection..

      • You are so right LOOB. A small story for you.

        I ended a relationship with one of my last remaining Liberal friends in January of this year. For 4 years of Donald Trump’s presidency, he and a few other Liberals with serious TDS had sent me regular nasty posts about Trump culminating with one after January 6 blaming him for that and every other thing that had been wrong with the USA for 4 years. I asked him at the time where he was getting his information from. He told me that he only watched MSNBC and that Joy Reid was his favourite newscaster. When I told him that Joy Reid was the most racist individual in the news media and was helping to destroy America, he decided that I did not know what I was talking about. We haven’t spoken again until yesterday when he called.

        All my Liberal friends have been surprisingly quiet for the past 10 months including him while Brandon has destroyed America. I had assumed that they were watching Biden take it down and was surprised when he called.

        I told him how distressed I was that Biden was destroying the USA from the inside out and how the “smash and grab” crime in the streets of San Francisco and other major Democratic cities was the anarchy that Slo Joe and his crazed Democrat friends has brought. He said “what smash and grab” crime. He had never heard of it. I asked if he was still watching MSNBC and Joy Reid. His reply confirmed my suspicion. He only watches MSNBC.

        My point – There are a large portion of society in this part of the world that does not know what in the hell is happening to America. They are being quietly taken down and willl be totally shocked when the big load of SH!! hits the fan.

        I too would feel safer in walking the streets of Beiing or Moscow. NYC was my absolute favourite city for many years. I would not step foot there today.

        So sad.

      • “NYC was my absolute favourite city for many years. I would not step foot there today.”

        You couldn’t pay me to got to NYC.. even though I have a lot of relatives that live around there LOL… so.. when I was in the military.. stationed in DC.. I wanted so bad to go to a broadway play or musical.. my room mate was from there.. well we all had to be in dress uniform.. and he said no worries.. he will take me.. what he didn’t say Is I needed to have a rope tied to him LOL.. we got on the subway and we got separated.. I was lost in NYC.. ended up in one of the worst neighborhoods around.. it was one of the top ten murder capitals at the time.. I was scared to death.. anyway.. the guys always said never run.. or do a lot of looky looing around.. that is how they would target people.. just look like your heading someplace and go.. I ended up seeing a homeless shelter kitchen.. stopped in.. they said.. its sixteen blocks that way to the main hub.. I took off walking.. pretty soon a gang was about two blocks behind me in the middle of the night.. I know they just couldn’t figure out why this one long military white boy was by himself in an area where cops would patrol in teams of six.. they kept getting closer.. banging pipes on the walls behind me.. then closer.. some even crossed the street to watch this stupid or insane fool.. when they finally was twenty feet behind me.. I turned the corner.. there stood several hundred military men going into the train station LOL LOL LOL I swore I would never take another trip to that city in my life ever.. LOL LOL LOL LOL I followed the crowd.. then went back to base when I got to their military base LOL LOL LOL.. I never did see that play or musical.. I believe it was Hair that we were going to see..
        then this young woman waitress.. came here to help her uncle out in his restaurant.. her dad came to check on her and was happy to head home because the crime and violence was so bad in the city..

      • “seriously.. I would feel safer walking down the city streets of Russia or China than I would in the cities in the USA..”

        “I too would feel safer in walking the streets of Beiing or Moscow.”

        …And do you fellows know why this is?

        It is because in these “backwater civilizations” da police are allowed to do their job, and the PTB recognize that “doing their job” sometimes entails violence, or even brutality, because the vast majority of the time, the ends DO justify the means.

  13. ” (Does anyone know WTF is going on with Turkey, for example?)”

    Turkey is our diplomatic ally, through NATO. They are Russia’s economic ally (through a nearly hundred billion dollar deal for advanced warplanes and armored cav / mechanized toys.) Erdogan doesn’t especially like Russians, but he hates Americans (thank Vichy for that) and Russia can nuke Byzantium (or Ankara, or both) back into the Byzantine era faster than a sprinter can run from one end of the Dolmabahce Palace to the other.

  14. Comrades,

    One imagines that George III’s foe Viscount Keppel, First Lord of the Admiralty, descended from the imprisoned Mary Queen of Scots by way of “The Restoration” King CharlesII and his mistress, would have had no idea that the home he built, Elvedon Hall, should become a setting for the Stanley Kubrick cult classic and his final movie “Eyes Wide Shut”. The current Countess of the Manor, of post-secondary tuition paid for by a pirate of the Caribbean, did not appear as a defence witness in NYSD jury trial 20-cr-330 set to enter deliberations this week. By coincidence in recent months, English press hounds have been prowling the Sussex environs of the nation’s largest farm as its owner and one of the wealthiest men in the UK, Lord Ned to friends at the local pub, reenters the dating market.

    The decision at tribal council should be interesting. In light of the accused allegedly holding the missing videotapes of all the vip comings-and-goings at the properties of leisure, perhaps one can envision sage historical advice from the beheaded Queen last of the Tower of London to her counterpart on the throne at the time.

    Heads up as DJ Ure spins some “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”.

    God Save the Queen!

  15. G,

    @ the beginning of the Panny you had a spreadsheet that projected COVID body count.

    Using that spreadsheet projections, how many people should be dead from COVID by now?


    Biden Regime Sends Talking Points to Reporters Touting 2021 Accomplishments


    Pinkerton: Democrats Use the Threat of Court-Packing to Intimidate the Supreme Court from Overturning Roe


    Will the Left Ever Stop Making Everything about Race?

    …the Biden administration is now giving doctors a financial incentive to blame ‘differences in health outcomes’ on ‘systemic racism’ against minorities, and to adopt ‘value statements’ that treat race as a ‘political’ rather than ‘physiological’ reality, even though some health conditions (like sickle-cell anemia and Tay-Sachs disease) have physiological causes linked to people’s racial background.”


    Blue Dog Democrat slams Pelosi on allowing members of Congress to trade stocks


    A Powerful Campaign Against Woke Capitalism Is Unfolding Quietly In State Treasurer Races


    Pope doubles down on quashing old Latin Mass with new limits


    The world’s (couple billion) rank & file Catholics need to make it known to the College that they will not survive, should they elevate another communist to Pope…

  17. George
    I’ll be looking at Mr. X suggestion for D3 in Olive oil might be a good switch. Meanwhile Looking at the Tollivid, it looks like they have an acute 5 day plan and a preventative monthly plan. Reading the label the pills themselves are 300mg ea. and 60 in the bottle. The 900mg is three ea. dose.
    Both are 18,000mg/bottle.
    Quite a difference in cost.
    If buying get the daily, plus one at 50%. Take one as prescribed and keep one if you get symptoms, and dose as acute.
    I read the write up on this last week describing how Ivermectin was about 50% effective past early stage, but still note the FLCCC recommends Ivermectin. Kory of the FLCCC notes he was vaxxed and taking Ivermectin and still had a breakthrough case.
    As a data point I have been taking Ivermectin weekly since the Delta appeared in August. I sit daily in a construction office trailer with about 21 other engineers, some vaxxed some not. Since Delta, six have tested positive with varying degrees of symptoms, but I have not (fingers crossed). So what I’m doing appears to be working. Of the six, 3 were vaxxed and three not.
    One of those got Monoclonal Antibodies and recovered in three days. His wife also got the monoclonal antibodies, did not recover as fast, went to the hospital, as far as I know did not receive a respirator, but did get Remdesivir.
    She suffered kidney failure within the week and died. This will be listed as Covid but it was the Remdesivir, so take note. There are several Fauci-pushed drugs out there from the HIV days that end in VIR. They all have similar results. I myself would no more take them than the Vax, but that’s just me.

    • The only thing that worries me about Ivermectin is frequent use like you and my physician do on a weekly basis with himself and his kids. I wonder about the hepatic effects with constant use like that so I prefer to only use it on an as-needed basis and haven’t felt that need in a few months. I understand both your situation and his being in an enclosed environment but my exposures aren’t that much different in the stores and restaurants I patronize.

  18. Probably the most important history and efficacy discussion of Covid and its treatments that has been published to date. No hyperbole here. Dr. Peter McCullough goes over everything from the advent of Covid to the current day.

    00:00 to 18 minutes in – Hydroxycloroquine
    18:00 – Ivermectin (Just for you Phil)
    23:00 – The fraudulent paper on HCQ published in The Lancet
    28:23 – (some paraphrasing on this and the other quotes) “Of all the 800,000 deaths we’ve had I can tell you TO THE PATIENT that they received NO early treatment”. – Dr. McCullough
    29:23 – “Any pre-hospital treatment was associated with increased survival” – McCullough
    30:00 – “I testified in the U.S. Senate Nov. 19, 2020 that 50% of deaths could have been saved out of 250,000. March 10th, 2021 in the Texas [hearings] 85% of deaths could have been avoided.”
    31:15 – “We’ve had a giant loss of life – millions. Early on there was an intentional suppression of early treatment to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization and death … to promote mass vaccinations.”
    48:45 – “This was planned”

    And so much more. Covid is a “one and done” virus. You can’t get it twice according to Dr. McCullough. (news to me but, ok) In the end the bottom line was that while the vaccinations do tend to help you stay out of the hospital the continued boosters keep the spike protein in your system which is the damaging particle that causes the detrimental results to the heart, brain, reproductive organs. This was planned, there were preparations and papers talking about this too far in advance to have it be a surprise to the medical community and the suppression of information about Hydroxycloroquine, Ivermectin, the various monoclonal antibodies makes it evident that there is MUCH that is not right about this event in our human history. There are 500 doctors in America that know the truth and they are fighting back against this mass hysteria that includes medical professionals. Mandated inoculations violate the Nuremburg Code.


  19. Ivermectin works well…we’ve been taking it as a preventative since February. The results of the Argentina study and the accidental finding by the nursing home of it working as a preventative have been proven to me by my family’s use. Preventative dosage: 12mg day one, 12mg day 3, 12 mg every two weeks after that. For most of this time we were in 6-12 highly trafficked public places 5 days a week for work; breathing tens of thousands of different people’s air. High D-3, 10,000 IU’s per day, is the other part of the regimen along with zinc. I said all of that to say this: As a minimum, put it on your shelf and know the dosage if you get sick (it’s different than the preventative dosage) and stop messing with if’s. I have people contacting me every day who didn’t do the simple part…putting it on the shelf as a what if scenario and not needing to panic if they get sick. It’s often too late when the emotions kick in…can’t see clearly then. No need to chase a bunch of other meds either: plan, do, relax and go live your life.

    As to the put options on the markets. This was done for 9/11 to fund someone – study up and replicate, err, not the death part, just the put part. Just look for an automated spreadsheet on-line showing the day to day changes in the number of purchased puts. To keep the number from being obvious they will be accumulated over a long period of time with a lot of chatter put out to cover things up. Puts cost the least at the height of the market of course. After all, there has to be massive chaos prior to the Anti-Christ stepping in to remove the same crises he created to make things all better for the tiny brained.
    Merry Christmas

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