Wuhan – As a De-Population Event?

You are being CC’ed on a note to my son G-II today to protect his “family jewels” as more research – of the scariest sort to males charged with continuing the family breeding lines- comes from China virus studies coming out:  Like this one:

In December 2019 and January 2020, novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) – infected pneumonia (NCIP) occurred in Wuhan, and has already posed a serious threat to public health. ACE2 (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2) has been shown to be one of the major receptors that mediate
the entry of 2019-nCoV into human cells, which also happens in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS). Several researches have indicated that some patients have abnormal renal function or even kidney damage in addition to injury in respiratory system, and the related mechanism is unknown. This arouses our interest in whether coronavirus infection will affect the urinary and male reproductive systems. Here in this study, we used the online datasets to analyze ACE2 expression in different human organs. The results indicate that ACE2 highly expresses in renal tubular cells, Leydig cells and cells in seminiferous ducts in testis. Therefore, virus might directly bind to such ACE2 positive cells and damage the kidney and testicular tissue of patients. Our results indicate that renal function evaluation and special care should be performed in 2019-nCoV patients during clinical work, because of the kidney damage caused by virus and antiviral drugs with certain renal toxicity. In addition, due to the potential pathogenicity of the virus to testicular tissues, clinicians should pay attention to the risk of testicular lesions in patients during hospitalization and later clinical follow-up, especially the assessment and appropriate intervention in young patients’ fertility. Keywords: 2019-nCoV, kidney, testis, ACE2 “

You can read more here and I’d recommend archiving the paper in case it is “disappeared” by officialdom.

Ballsy move on global population control?  One notion that a slightly hung-over and conspiratorially-bent theorist might be drawn to while doing manual labor…

We now return to your weekend in progress….

11 thoughts on “Wuhan – As a De-Population Event?”

  1. Wuhan Acute Respiratory Zombie Syndrome – WARZ

    Only question I have is this part part of the War in Heaven re-igniting/spilling over onto our blue & green Earth?

    I guess they thought they wiped out all the Martians during the Tiamat wars..talk about holding a grudge-nasty bastards!

    • I had myself Wuhan’d over 25 years ago as an anniversary gift to my wife. Having just entered our 40s, we weren’t looking forward to untimely late life ‘surprises.’ My plumbing job was decidedly less complicated (and risky) than the one she’d have had to endure. If reports are accurate, the Wuhan ball buster is decidedly bad news for any younger folks hoping to bring a new generation onto this rock.

  2. I recommend that you view Dr Paul Cottrell’s YouTube channel where he has posted numerous videos of interviews and his own research findings. The Wuhan virus has parts of the HIV genome spliced into its genome. He says this cannot happen organically, but must be done in a lab. Wake up people. This is an assault on humanity.

  3. I’ve seen some very smart people scoffing about this virus. I don’t really think they are considering all the ramifications of ignoring it. I really do think this one will devastate the Asian countries first, and WILL spread out. Despite two oceans, we aren’t as isolated and safe as they think.

  4. They think this is a weapon.
    Why assume it “got out”?
    For a moment assume it’s an attack on China.

    What would come of such a thing? Taking down the #1 rival, without firing a shot. That my friends is ‘art of war 101’.

    If it is a weapon, and also an attack, it would then be surely a tailored virus and defenses would necessarily be known and perhaps deployed already. Flu shot anyone?

    Only time will tell, but given the obvious characteristics on display so far, it should continue to be obvious to characterize. The rule of large numbers is working here and will reveal any pattern, if there is one.

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