WS’s WoW & the Happy Invaders

image(Phoenix, AZ)  In our Coping section following the main news events that will drive life, we get into it much more deeply, but we are braced for a “week of terror” around the world as ISIS has plans to kill a couple of hundred hostages this morning in Mali.

I’m sure some bleeding-heart idiot will claim “You don’t KNOW they are planning to kill anyone…” 

But I would say “STFU and get a grip. And wake up SecState Sleepy Kerry while you’re at it.”

You don’t take over a hotel at gunpoint and round up 200 people at gunpoint in Mali because you’re planning to make them cheese blintzes, for God’s sake. 

The weak—minded leadership of America is still selling the BS about “We can’t use religion as a basis for Immigration discrimination.

Dead Frigging Wrong.


(This can’t be that hard…you can’t be that dumb (or…)

People in Russia don’t have Constitutional Protections of our Constitution.  They have their own.

To make the point clear (in case the coffee is decaf this morning)  U.S. Constitutional Rights do not apply to people from Spain…the protections only apply to LEGALLY ACCEPTED RESIDENT ALIENS AND CITIZENS.

These bleeding-hearts are dumber than sticks when comes to law.  They are also importing trouble.  And yes, Obama is an idiot, but you needed only to look at his poor choices as SecStates to figure that one out.

Let me take a moment to commend the clear-thinking New York Post which sums things up this way:

Team Obama’s ridiculous Paris remarks highlight its lame mindset on ISIS

I’m sure Kerry is very good at wearing a penguin suit and toasting this and that.  But when comes to being hoodwinked by lying scum who want to kill or convert us, he’s drunk the liberal Kool-Aid.

This is the kind of thinking would blame Pearl Harbor on a “few Japanese sight-seeing planes having engine trouble…”  It is extremely distasteful, disappointing, and treasonous.

Speaking of which, Hillary Clinton wants even more!

There’s a reason we have never elected the socialist off-spring of would-be revolutionaries to the White House before.  They have an agenda not in our best interests.  Shall we go for two-in a row, are we?  Don’t need Congress anymore… If they pass a big Defense bill, it just gets vetoed.

Worse:  People are almost never willing to admit their mistakes.

Here’s the Hell of It…

After ISIS bragged yesterday of coming in for years, we expect (with near-certainty) that as soon as the blow-back against Muslim insurgency in America begins, they attacks on the American Homeland will begin.

Basic Lao Tzu:  As long as your enemy is doing your bidding, you keep sneaking in your Trojan Horse players.

As soon as “Foul!” is called, you activate the ones already infiltrated and hit as hard as you can before your victim country (the U.S. if you have a room temperature I.Q.) is able to respond.

And to slow things down, you’ll play the liberals and have them spew the same BS victim claims and assert that due process should apply to people everywhere in the world. 

They can’t get along in their own countries…and you think they will like the Melting Pot?  You get a back load of drugs, or something?

Here’s a brood of five who were busted in Honduras holding fake passports.

Here’s how I read it – like it or not:

I look for a Black Friday attack in America by the MF’ers.  And even with that, the Odiots in Washington will keep sneaking in as many subversives as possible.

It would be impeachable stupidity were it not for Paul Ryan and the weak-willed sissies of the former republican party.  They’ve all drunk the Kool-Aid of corporate largess and they all need to be dispatched from office in the next election cycle.

They won’t be, of course.

It’s all part of a plan to foment global revolution.  And from the ashes of that, the apologists and global constitutionalists will roll in their New World Order.  Global taxes are coming – so grease up and check your ankles.

Wrapped in a flag, saving whales, and fighting Climate Change, America is being slow-motion sucker-punched repeatedly below the belt.  And the referees keep letting them off with warnings.

Wall Street:  Loves a Wall of Worry (WoW)

Given my (admittedly somewhat cynical) outlook – for Terrorism to hit the US now that way more than half the nation’s governors have awakened. I may buy a few put options next week because before Wall St. figures out terrorism on U.S. soil is bad for the bottom line, we should continue to rally right up to the first bitter attacks at home.

Mass executions pending in Mali?  Not enough time for AFRICOM to get in and save everyone?  Oh, gosh.  To paraphrase John Kerry, they must have grievances, right?

I read the happy talk press releases out of AFRICOM (example here) but when comes to Mali and the pending slaughter, we see (language alert!) limp dick headlines like “AFRICOM seeks to determine if US military at besieged Mali hotel.

If we had a REAL commander in chief, we would have live video, circling gunships and Delta invading any minute. 

But we don’t, do we?

Instead we’re delaying turning off the spigot while the ISIS forces now have more land mass under control than any other terrorism organization.  They are far more successful than Red Brigades and Black September.

The Red Brigades (Italian: Brigate Rosse [bri??ate ?rosse], often abbreviated BR) was a left-wing [1] paramilitary organization, based in Italy, responsible for numerous violent incidents, including assassinations, kidnapping and robberies during the so-called “Years of Lead“. Formed in 1970, the organization sought to create a “revolutionary” state through armed struggle, and to remove Italy from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The Red Brigades attained notoriety in the 1970s and early 1980s with their violent attempts to destabilise Italy by acts of sabotage, bank robberies, and kidnappings.[2]

The Black September Organization (BSO) (Arabic: ????? ????? ???????, Muna??amat Ayl?l al-aswad) was a Palestinian terrorist organization[1] founded in 1970. It was responsible for the fatal kidnapping and murder of eleven Israeli athletes and officials, and the fatal shooting of a West German policeman, during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, their most publicized event. These events led to the creation of permanent, professional, and military-trained counter-terrorism forces of major European countries, like GSG9 and GIGN, and the reorganization and specialization of already standing units like the Special Air Service of the UK.

You won’t like what I’m going to suggest here:

1.  Seal our borders

2.  Commence impeachment proceedings

3. Elect new leadership across the board.

This may sound like over-reaction.  But there is a global revolution underway and the main obstacle to it used to be which country?

So give it a couple of months and let’s see how it plays out…or how we get played, again.

It doesn’t do much good to talk about investments if you’re dead, does it?

Meantime, another American has been killed by Palestinian terrorists in Israel.  Oh, wait…bet they have grievances.

Future, and…

The Dow Futures are up 75 points.

Remember:  Buy the rumor, sell the news.

Chain Store Age is looking at a 2.4% pop in sales for Black Friday this year.

All comes down to when the moment arrives to commit terror in the U.S. should we slow or shutdown the flow.  The moment is near.

Latest money supply figures from the Federal Reserve show money stocks of M1 have gone negative short term – this will tend to raise rates.


Maybe next week we can get back to a “normal” news flow, but I doubt it.

So here’s one book to put on your reading list:  You might need it sooner than later.

40 thoughts on “WS’s WoW & the Happy Invaders”

  1. Nice rant! I sure can’t find anything you said that isn’t true.

    Regarding when to publish your site. I believe in the evening would be good. We can still read first think in the morning if we choose.

  2. “These bleeding-hearts are dumber than sticks when comes to law. ….. And yes, Obama is an idiot, but you needed only to look at his poor choices as SecStates to figure that one out.”

    They are all puppets. Just following orders and getting well paid for it. Find the puppet master.

  3. what is going on around the world is..JIHAD…as explained by Dr Bill Warner…He will set you straight, should be required listening for politicians….check his research out at…

  4. George, relax. While the personal tragedy in Paris is enormous, the loss to society was minimal. Less than deaths from bee stings. When you calm down, you will be able to think about this more clearly. Only then should you think about the next step. Let’s not overreact again, and give our enemies another windfall like the Bush et al did in Iraq. And for goodness sakes, get to the point. I hate having to scan through 4 paragraphs of irrelevancies to get to your point. But I still love you. All the best, Mike.

    • BS Detector Alert Mike~
      Bee deaths average 53-54 per year in the US. Deaths from terrorism if you count 9/11 as 3,500 (direct and premature from asbestos, etc) are 140 per year (and greater).
      The deaths in Paris and (pending, Mali, est. 200 as a guess) makes it 400 in a week or roughly 8-times the deaths from bees and wasps in US…and few if any deaths in late fall, winter…so on behalf of the beekeeper extraordinaire Sherlock Holmes, we musty be propelled by the facts.
      And for every day we argue, the Obama administration is dumping another 300-500 potential terrorists into America’s heartland without telling local authorities who they are and we are screwing ourselves blind.

      • Time for us all to take matters into our own hands, bunkie! Swedish citizens burned down 12 “invader boarding establishments” in one short week.
        We, yes WE, the citizens of America need to get off our arses, wake up and take any action necessary to further our goal – – SURVIVAL.
        It’s muslim vs non-muslim. Game on, bunkie.

      • If a terrorist wants to come to America, they will do it by buying a roundtrip air ticket and a Disneyworld pass. No problem, catch the next plane.

        Why go through waiting two or three years in camp in Jordan, applying to the UN, getting recommended by them to the US, going through tons of interviews and backgrounds checks?

        Do it the way every terrorist that actually carried out an attack did — on a tourist or student visa.

        Good job doing your bit for the ISIS propaganda group. Not as useful quoting you as playing film clips of Bush saying ‘only admit proven Christians’ or Trump saying all American citizen Muslims should be registered and tracked by the government with a special ID card, but still potentially useful in putting together some recruiting materials.

      • The guy with the bee stings is a lot closer with his arithmetic than you are.

        How does 1800 people over two years (the actual number of Syrian refugees approved and admitted over the last two years) turn into your hysterical 300-500 per day, “every day we argue?”

    • Mike,
      evidently you have no value on human lives, so it YOU that need to pull your head out of your butt and realise that your values are SCREWED UP!! you need some therapy!

  5. Perhaps this metaphor will help.

    Mr. President:

    You’re walking through the Whitehouse and you see a small fire in a room.
    1. Do you leave the building and watch it burn to the ground ?
    2. Or, do you call the fire department and save the building

    Well sir, the middle east is on fire and you are watching it burn to the ground even though you own the best fire department in the world.

    • Burning down everything the pretend president wants is his/its one and only goal…. that, and killing non-muslims.

    • The “camel” is going into the dark as though ordained by greater forces than ‘Allah’ can endure. It is vanity to think we have enough umph to put out the fires when they have called for the Caliphate.

  6. Strange that some of these “Isis” speak with perfect English accent.

    A few murmurs popping up around the web about Exxon-Mobil buying the stolen oil from “Isis”.

  7. Methinkest the Neo-communists elites are panicking as the NATO/US/UK/Israel block is becoming irrelevant in the ME. There’s a new sheriff in town so they’re reduced to creating distractions and shaking the booga-booga terr’sts at us — again — to get Joe and Mary Foxwatcher to plead for ever more police state. Tools.

    Hell, it’s gotten so sad that even PBS is using Russian bombing footage and passing it off as “U.S. bombing strike success”. Pathetic, really.

    • Conspiracy Kool-Aid?>
      There is a huge gulf – attributing far too much brainpower and coordination – to a group of lack-luster intelligencia wanks who think they know what they are doing. they don’t. And yes, Jihad still wants to kill or convert, and if you are not clear on which is a worse master to report to (rad/isl or wall st.) I’d suggest you need to think it through again.

      • or as I heard (and like to repeat):

        “never assume malevolence when simple incompetence will do.”

        Occam’s Razor and all that.

  8. Bravo! We The People need to finally wake up and stir ourselves to action. Seal the borders! Impeach! Find real leadership and finally kill the fed and reinstate banking restraints. Jail the crooks.
    Great read today.

  9. George, WOW, I have not been paying attention as I’d fell into the ‘WTF can I do about it’ phase. Thanks for pulling my head out of my a**. At least your’s and mine are tucked away out here in rural Texas..oh wait Dallas Mayor Rawlings said quote “it would be “the spirit of Dallas” to help”.. Pass the Kool-Aid we are screwed..

  10. I still say follow the money”. These attacks are great for all the dozens of “Intelligence contractors” that prop up our government’s agencies and are allowed to circumvent certain laws protecting US citizens, and the arms dealers of which the USA and France are the largest. Arab spring was a neo-con wet dream for making money on the sly from corporate money makers that profit off chaos and death and fear for they knew it would spiral into civil wars and feed the already maligned with weapons, reasons and disenfranchised youth. Until the politicians stop shilling for their lobbyist masters and learn to look at the world as real humans the war on terror will continue to be a wet dream bigger then the war on drugs even was.

  11. Best reason to lose weight? More room under a shirt/jacket for concealed carry. .22 to .45, your choice.

  12. Lao Tzu ?????? really…”honest” mistake I’m sure. Shouldn’t it be Sun Tzu ? or mayhaps you are writing with Tavistock…black is white,up is down and good is evil.

  13. I recommend Andrew D Basiago for the next president, and I recommend George Ure for vice President,wow I wish it were that easy, because they would fit good together for correcting the United States of America’s problems

    • Now if I or someone else could contact George Noory of the coast to coast radio show and have him invite Andrew basiago George Ure ,on the show at the same time and discuss those possibilities because Andrew basiago has insinuated through his contacts that he could be a future president and we all know George wants to be in one of those positions also so I am I am saying to George Noory bring it on

  14. Like I said earlier. Let them come and the put them in the FEMA camps. While there investigate them and monitor their actions. When it’s safe, then return them to their homelands. That way everyone is happy and safe.

  15. “After ISIS bragged yesterday of coming in for years,”

    Hmmm.. what nationality is your physician… Hmmm

  16. I liked your one, two, three list of things to do; To right-stand the country against enemies both foreign AND domestic. Of course as Craig B. Hulet calls it, the “Corporatocrcy,” won’t allow it. We are too far gone at this point, to effect any real changes. And, in my personal opinion, the only salvation we may have barring a return of the Christ is a world wide EMP knock-out blow from the sun. That would reduce the Globalist’s ambitions to about an equal footing with the proletariat.

    Either way our only hope appears to lie at the feet of the Sun/Son.

  17. It’s really simple. Islam is the perfect stalking horse for totalitarian takeover , and our Preznit wants to do his Jihad service, while achieving Moslem sainhood.

  18. Here’s my tuppenceworth. Mormonism wanted mormonland so went Utah. Jews wanted jewland so took Palestine. Disney wanted disneyland. Now isis want islamland but everyone and their dog is damned if they are gonna get it. If you want something in this overcrowded world you gotta kick ass. Is it unreasonable do deny fundamental Islamist their own country free from corrupt western moral practices?

  19. You missed the point: Charlie Sheen is HIV. Now that’s news worthy. Charlie is ISIS; I Screw I Sick.

  20. At the point where the Red Brigades are mentioned one should also mention Operation Gladio.

    Go down the Operation Gladio rabbit hole and you’ll find references to “Operation Gladio B”. If Google is to be believed, Gladio has never been a topic here beyond the new comment pages.

  21. Comments here reveal the real prob, imo. e.g. The house is on fire and you’re arguing about who is at fault. Put the fire out, first, *then* perform the witch hunt.

    Note: War is a nasty business. The only rule, and the only option, is to win.

  22. Your steps #1,2 and 3 are great but how about step #0. Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia funded, armed and propped up ISIS in the first place. How about we cut off their funding.

    step #4. Trump,”Take the oil”. I must admit I’m not so much for “taking the oil” as a general rule but cutting off ISIS oil revenue is not a bad idea.

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