Traveler’s Prepping School

Yes, the column was late this morning, but for reasons that you’ll understand in a minute. And it all revolves around what I call traveler’s prepping issues.

After a few headlines, we’ll go through some of the shortcomings in our own travel preps and offer a checklist of items for the “totally prepped” auto adventure.

But the core of this morning’s report is an idea I call “Iron Mountain, II.” 

Turns out, we may be on to the underlying cause of all that goes on in the world…

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6 thoughts on “Traveler’s Prepping School”

  1. My answer to coping with a severe cold is to set a box of Kleenex and a grocery bag next to the couch to be filled by used Kleenex. Then, watch all three Godfather movies in a row. Chicken soup for sustenance.

    The only problem is that I haven’t gotten a cold in years, and I want to watch The Godfather series again. Rats.

    Hope you guys get well soon.

  2. “See the USA in your Chevrolet,
    America is asking you to call…
    Drive your Chevrolet cross the USA,
    America’s the greatest land of all.”

    Remember those days? They’re gone.

    One thing that comes across loud and clear from you this morning…unless you absolutely have to travel…stay home!

    So sorry you are sick and hurting. Feel better soon!

  3. FED ’emergency meeting’ on monday may signal to negative interest rate policy. funny how i just only commented on this a day or three ago here. so much for raising rates??

  4. Good advice today George and I too have felt the thinning of the veneer of civilization. Two drive by shootings in the last two weeks here in Tacoma. I often here random gun shots at 2 o 3 in the morning. It all adds up and I don’t like living this way either.

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