image(Payson, AZ)  Note to self:  Send a copy of this morning’s column to Dr. Rob, our genius-level friend who is on the leading edge of photobiomodulation.

While some people’s personal “energy” gets turned on by places like Sedona, AZ, I’m not one of them.  For me, Sedona was beautiful (north of the town up to Flagstaff), but spirit-wise, it is just another place.

On the other hand,  the high mountain country around Payson does seem to have quite an impact on my personal awareness. 

This morning I want to share a venture “off the page” as I show you how to “see your own source code and then speculate a bit about what it all MIGHT mean.

This was a purely accidental discovery.

Accessing Your Personal Source Code

Up front:  I didn’t go looking for this.  It just happened first about six-months ago.

I had been sleeping peacefully when I woke up (as people will do now and then) in the middle of the night.

It was 1:52 AM.

I know what time it was because I have a small Indiglo-lit portable alarm clock next to the bed.  Bright bluish-green/.gray background lighting.

I had grabbed it, pressed the snooze-button to turn on the display backlight, and yes, 1:52 AM.

Bright as hell, by the way.  No mistaking anything.  After that, I closed my eyes and started to go back to sleep.

Cue the weirdness:

As I was drifting off to sleep, I was vaguely aware of keeping my internal consciousness softly focused on that white/light gray rectangle of light that was (as any scientist would tell you) retinal afterburn.

A quick note about afterburn:

While many people claim to see auras around people’s faces when they stare at them long enough, they (honestly) claim to see an outline around the person they are looking at.  This is afterburn.

The eyes see something with well-defined edges, and because of the mechanics of how people’s eyes work, they may be tricked – in some cases easily – into seeing an outline of a person’s face when they close their eyes.  Upon opening them again, they may also see what might be interpreted as a “halo” around them.

The effect also works if you can hold your focus on a person’s face for 20-seconds or so.  You will see around people (and objects against a high-contrast background) something of a “halo” evolve.  This may have spiritual aspects to it, but if you look at a person a long while (a minute or longer) and then look at an even surface (like a wall), you will see the outline of their face.

Welcome to retinal afterburn.  >>Many people call this an aura.<<  Because color may vary (based on backgrounds and lighting) all kinds of mystical crap is attributed to it.

Honestly, I don’t buy it.  I’ve seen way too much optical science and I know how to trick the eyes.  That ain’t woo-woo.  What it does mean is that you have become acutely aware of your optical channel…and that may help get down to yours personal source code.

You “source code” is different, however and very, very strange.

The way the phenomena seems to work is as follows:

You must begin in a nearly-asleep state and just ready to flip over into the full sleep mode.  Have to be in a blacked out room, too.  We’re looking to get down in the noise floor of what goes on in your brain.

Second:  You need an even BRIGHT light source to blast your eyes while you are still semi-asleep.

You will apply a very, very bright flash of light,  and then watch the afterburn as you float off toward sleep.

That’s it: You simply watch the rectangle of pretty even afterburn

In my case, as soon as the whitish-green afterburn had faded to a medium/to slightly dark (60%) black if you’re into graphics), a series of symbols started to fly by.  They were being painted on the gray rectangle.

I don’t know if you remember the Matrix screen-saver – where the odd symbols sort of waterfall down, but this was a single line of black letters/symbols and it was flashing as lines of code going by.

It was some seriously weird stuff.

Following that experience, I have only been able to accomplish it a few times since.  But in all cases, it was a) waking up in the middle of the night in a blacked-out room, b) flashing a bright light source (my alarm clock), and finally c) watching the afterburn fade off (in other words looking at the optic nerve input semi-consciously, without getting to intense. 

It only works when not forced and it works best during your normal sleeping cycle (at least it does for me).

I am using the Indiglo lit alarm as my even “light pump” and I haven’t tried to optimize the color spectrum to enhance the effect.  I’m guessing that the duration of afterburn (or dissolve rate) will vary based on colors.  I don’t  have a precise color measurement of the Indiglo but using the conversion tool over here, I would put it somewhere around  the 477 nm range – which translates to rgb(0,200, 255),Hex: #00c8ff.

What I would expect is that if you pump (light input) in the 500-620 nm range, since that seems to “pump” my eyes very well.

The whole field of photobiomodulation is just now opening up as a new branch of science.  In a report, I mentioned a company up in Washington state that owns some key technology in photobiomodulation as relates to halting (or seriously slowing) macular degeneration.  A discussion of how photobiomodulation works in the clinical setting may be found on the company website over here.

I won’t go into a detailed discussion of how this works, but the main point is that light-pumping at a certain mix of frequencies, apparently tells the body to do certain beneficial things.

The effect we’re talking about this morning is not a direct application of that, but when I first saw symbology streaming by in the afterburn dissolve, it was a genuine WTF? moment.

Back to technique, for a second:  If you do focus too much, you will wake up – and instead of letting the material just paint onto your optical channel, you will mentally refocus the optical channel and the effect ends.

I have spent a fair bit of time, going through various font dictionaries and purposed “alien symbols” over at Google.  Here’s as sample.

Could there be information buried down at the “personal source code” level?  Or, is it just character inputs to the optic nerve center “back-feeding” and projecting onto this “inner display panel” when the mind is quiet and when a stable semi-conscious state arises…we just don’t know.

Expanding The Personal Source Code Concept

Let me zoom out for you for a minute and give you some really interesting thoughts about what the discovery of an “inner source code” could mean.

1.  While its inner workings may not be clear (yet) it might be that”inner source” is some kind of expression of the brain’s optic nerve from some source.

2.  If this is the case, we next face the challenge of working “back to source” to figure out where this is coming from if the effect proves to be repeatable.

a.  Is is somehow related to dreaming?

b.  Is it, possible (as suggested i8n this PBS special) that we are living in a “computer simulation?”  If so, is this “source code” display a tool to work back to find who/what is programming us?

This is a terribly interesting area of research because it would explain a LOT of purported phenomena.

Not only does it give us some ideas about what might be going on with “alien abduction” reports, for example.  But, it would also explain why many human addictions happen:  People – free-will humans – might pursue substance abuse because it provides for a way to “see past” coded blocks on our “greater vision.”

Just as an example, consider something like the UFO phenomena.  A large number of people claim to have seen them, but could wider recognition be blocked down at this “source code” level?  In other words, is something pumping us in order to hide things that might otherwise be visible to us in the here and now?

Coded blocks might also explain that whole class of missing objects which we have previously described anecdotally.

Could it be that finer points of music, art, and so on, could be similarly controlled at this source code layer? 

Everyone I know who has used psychedelics describes a state of overwhelmingly powerful states of existence when under the influence.  Colors, sounds, and tactile experience becomes almost excruciating.

But which aspect is “open” seems to depend on which drug is in use.  It’s like meth users report one change in state, alcohol abusers another, while heroin, chronic pot smokers, and so on, right up through hits of windowpane, all report a different experience.  Sometimes, drugs are used to done down extraneous noise; this would be some of the meth folks and along a continuum to Adderall and other ADHD meds.

As a culture, we’re just learning to tweak our own “treble and bass” settings, which is what drugs do.  But once you see information going by painted in your head, you begin to wonder “What the hell was that?”

Photobiomodulation may provide for a new approach to psychology.  Because our personal “source code” might be dampening inputs we desire.  When we begin to experiment with different tools to open up this realm, it’s easy to get sacked and fooled into an existence where the tool, not the objective, begins to overwhelm us.  That is the danger of addiction.

So there you have it.  Part one of the strange insights I have been rolling around in my mind’s eye up here in the hills for use in the event a second novel is needed. Sales of the first one are disappointing.

There’s an even stranger report coming tomorrow morning. Not to give it away too early, but it’s called Engineering the AfterLife.  And yes, there may be a simple reason why the world of woo-woo seems to be on the increase…

If you have done any similar work in the semi-conscious light-pumped state, please drop me a line or post a comment on your experiences in our comment box below… thanks!

Remember:  If Life is really a simulation, it would make sense to leave a key hidden for players to find.  Question is:  Is this one of them?

The Gambler’s Notebook

To say I have been lucky on this trip is something of an understatement.

I hit for $442 on machine Keno last night as we were wrapping up time with the kids here in Arizona.

That means after more than a week on the road, my out of pocket cost for gambling in three casinos is just $200-bucks including some very bad blackjack bets ($200 on a hand) made at the peak of the cold/flu both Elaine and I are under the weather with.

We will head for home this morning but honestly, we’re about “casinoed out.”  Tomorrow’s report should be from somewhere else.

Write when you break-even,


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