Coping: “Nervous Week” Begins

image(Phoenix, AZ)  As the weekend begins, there are a couple of items that are making us very nervous about being so far away from the ranch back home in Texas.

We have also gone into “gas tank never less than 3/4-full mode.  That gets us the largest number of options.

First, a couple of items to put it all into perspective.

We had a very nice dinner with Elaine’s son who lives in Phoenix, last night.

But getting back to our temporary abode was a bit more difficult than expected.  I made it to the final turn, from where a six-block stretch would have finished up the day. 

Instead, I turned right (instead of left) and didn’t figure out the error for five miles.  So a 10-mile detour, late, in the dark on the way home to the hotel/resort.  Is this a teaching moment from Universe about the dangers of turning right, when sometimes left works?  I doubt it.

But it underscored the importance of operating on home turf.  Areas you know well – and now, thanks to a late night navigation error, just how important “home field advantage is, has really sunk in.  Again.

The real star of Friday here in the Phoenix area was electricity.

Power went off at our hotel about 10:30-11:00.  And it was off until almost 1:00 PM.

Large portions of the Maricopa County area were offline, although the local news-talk station didn’t know about it, until my long-time friend up in the Seattle area called to inquire.  This morning there is no follow-up on the cause, but the outage probably impacted more than a 100,000  people.

Since the outage was of less than three-hours duration, it hasn’t made any of the news organizations in the area…and the power was on all night by all accounts.  That cacophony of cell phone and wake-up call happened at precisely the same time.

The reason I have been so nervous about the week-long period of events ahead, and why it’s a good time to be mentally braced for it starting today, has to do with this email about what may be a prophetic dream by a reader named Dave.

This came in Monday and I wasn’t going to mention it to you, but now that we’ve had a power outage and the Muslim crazies are about to kill 200 in Mali, time to get the antennae up:

imageGeorge,  I don’t know if you remember the email I sent you a few months back about the dream I had many years ago. It was about the new fangled lites that were coming out. When those lites came out, in the dream, I was installing them when all hell broke loose on the planet. Well in that email I told you I had a DejaVu moment, when one of those lites showed up at work..that was a few months back. We installed it and the County went on to purchase. 35000 dollars more to re-equipt the whole building. They showed up three weeks ago. As you know with government things tend to go slow. I tried to avoid the putting in of those lites as long as possible. Well my boss had us start installing them last Wednesday ( veterans day). That is overtime and we never get that here, and we were surprised that happened.  Well want happened Friday, Paris.  Paris is just the start. We will be working this Saturday, to install another 30 high bay lites. He wants them all in before Thanksgiving. I’m thinking what!!!!! Remember in my dream my wife and I are running around outside where it appears there is now power. This all happens sometime during or after the installation of these lites.  Is it possibly time for an emp  or solar flare. Didn’t know if anybody else is writing to you about this.

If you haven’t figured it yet, reader Dave works for an unnamed county somewhere and that is the pallet of lights that will be going in.  Maybe even be completed by Thanksgiving.

From a “dream analysis” standpoint, I would have to check with Chris McCleary, who as you know runs the site, to see what his take is on this dream. 

It’s a difficult dream to sort out, partly because it has some potential to be a function of “day residue.”  The way day residue works is this:  When something big happens in your life, and it is not completely processed, the pieces that are left uninspected in your waking hours can work their way into your dream-states.

Dave sees tons of electrical work come in, loose ends of thinking about power sprout up.

So until this morning, I had the note from Reader Dave in the “Odds slightly favor “day residue” but watch for leading edge events like power problems and additional terrorism..

My thinking on this kind of dream  is that if you have a large enough sampling of people, and you have a good bit of “day residue” around, there will be people whose dreams will act as what we could call in electronics a “slope detector.”

Tomorrow, I’ll be presenting Peoplenomics readers with a much more involved discussion of electronics as a personal psychology tool, but to introduce the topic gently, let’s start with a slope detector and how Wikipedia describes its operation:

“AM detectors cannot demodulate FM and PM signals because both have a constant amplitude. However an AM radio may detect the sound of an FM broadcast by the phenomenon of slope detection which occurs when the radio is tuned slightly above or below the nominal broadcast frequency. Frequency variation on one sloping side of the radio tuning curve gives the amplified signal a corresponding local amplitude variation, to which the AM detector is sensitive. Slope detection gives inferior distortion and noise rejection compared to the following dedicated FM detectors that are normally used.”

In other words, if you think of an AM radio station as having two sidebands of audio information (which varies in amplitude depending on apparent volume being broadcast), an FM station carrier swings back and forth across the center frequency.  The sidebands of FM being roughlyu equal, you can still get something by tuning to one side of the signal, or the other.

It is useful to know that deviation (which side of the FM center frequency) depends on apparent volume of the transmitted information and the frequency is determined by how fast the carrier moves between “sides” of the center (or carrier) frequency.

Bear with me on this, it is important to dreaming:  Let me explain this way  (stepping up to the China board and inhaling deeply on the fumes of the dry ink marker…)


What the “slope detector” paradigm suggests is that the reason people sometimes do (or do not) have meaningful predictive dream content, is that the receptivity to a dream may be conditioned upon the Human Dreamer having enough recent “day residue” to be projecting unfinished thoughts.

When the thoughts (day residue) are sufficiently projecting, then as subtle (always available) data wanders by (the stream, global mass consciousness, or human over-soul) the virtual slope detection process can occur. 

As shown in Case #1, if there is no day-residue, there is no slope detection in process…so consequently, until Dave got saddled with the heavy work and overtime installing lights, any knowledge of the future likely passed him by.

I’ve got an intuition that this is why more people don’t have solid/prophetic dreams.  It comes from several things:  A lack of day residue (or widespread clearing and quieting of the mind, such that a wide range of “detection slopes” appear) is likely our “normal” state.  Which is why “The Book of Dave” hasn’t replaced Nostradamus’ collected Quatrains  (The Centuries).

For a very in-depth look at Nostradamus, I would refer you to our colleague G.A. (Stu) Stewart’s side ( where you can work on what Nostradamus was telling us using, I’m willing to bet the pool of skrying oil and using it as a “slope detector” in a semi-conscious state. Drugs are useful and so is a tape recorder.

Clinically, then, we might be able to use this “thinking model” as a way to get down to the heart of prophetic content within dreams.

There are two important additional notes here that should be instructive.

The first is to point to a very useful set of “slope detection” opportunities in big data.

The way this might operate would be to look (as an example) at all the power outages that occur around America each and every day.

We assume (and close to know) that before ISIS  (or whoever) goes after our national power infrastructure that they would conduct a lot of low-level “probes” and look for effect.

Back to the widespread outage here in Phoenix/Maricopa County yesterday, don’t know if this was a probe, but the odds are low so it should be just an accident.  HOWEVER, if there was a national power outage reporting database, which could be used by government as an analytical tool.  Central SCADA IP data collection would then be useful drone targeting data.

Not that this isn’t being done (at least in bits and pieces) and you should be aware that Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is already has up a geo-mapping toolset over here.

The problem is in jumping from data collection to analysis, forecast, and what Grady and I would call “Presponse.”

The whole point of working with predictive linguistics, whether by word frequency analysis or through shifts in the global archetype, or what is showing up in Tweet-streams, is to be able – at some point – to field a series of society-wide presponses when an event-type crosses a a big data frequency/scope threshold.

It is a different way of looking at the problems that are in our immediate future.  Just as geophysics looks for quake swarms and signs of magma movement.

An Apology to Grady

As you know, Grady heads up our project.  And he sent me a new screen layout for Nostracodeus V. 2.0 which I owe him a response to.

This morning’s discussion lays out the algorithmic problem that has been floating around in my head for several weeks, ever since he sent down a few screenshots which enable us to  construct “test phrases” off the highest (and lowest) frequency words.

The difficulty I’ve been having is trying to figure out a mechanistic model for how content about the future arrives in human consciousness.  The slope detection process seems like an interesting model to consider.

There are several ways that we could “set up the boundaries” of the slope (which in data terms would be an array) to where you have (for example) a slope that runs from –5x,-5y at the lower left-hand corner of the array, and ending at 5x,5y at the upper right.

That would define the slope, alright.  But then, how do we feed “ideas” or word frequency analysis (WFA) data into the slope?

One way, which sounds really interesting (I have a hard time putting some of this into words) is to use our approach to the FSC (fine structure constant) which seems, in turn, to set up cycles within the news flow.

For example:  Let’s say that we have a slope as described above.

Then, let’s further say that we have a mass murder cycle length of 130-150 days.  We should be able to look back in mass murders that long ago and find precursors to the crazies in Paris and now in Mail.

Was there a location (Paris) blip prior to the events of last week?  And Mali before today?

But, to Grady’s question in an email I have been tardy responding to, I don’t think the word frequencies themselves will define a likely future.

It is more of a second derivative problem.

However, if we look at the problem more deeply (and with great thanks to Dave), then this whole process of “slope detection” of the future may become incredibly useful. It adapts to the data cube view.

At last, we get down to the problem this morning of the answer to Grady.

Language (using word frequency alone) will continue to be very useful for some look-ahead intelligence-like thinking.  Like iron ore mining reports during a war are a good indicator of how many tanks and battleships an enemy can build.

But which is it, that will be built?

And that is where this “slope detection” model may be taking us.

All of which leaves Grady with the pie-simple task of figuring out how to put all this into a data cube view, then algorithmically see what might ricochet into the here and now reality.

Like all R&D and marketing guys,  I have to remind him (in a light-hearted way)  “Can we have a proto of this running by this afternoon?”

And the marketing guy’s favorite jab at the coders…

It’s only software, for God’s sake.”

Experience has taught this is best said from behind a half-closed door.  More than once I have heard thrown objects hit the door I was in a moment earlier.

Throw the coders some Jolt and another triple-extra meat combo with extra Mutz…they’ll get over it.

I thinking we develop the FSC score for each word in the dictionary, as a starting point and then look for “due dates and locations” using the daily data run as the “moving slope detector.”

We know murder has a cycle length in the 130-150 day range…and we know elections have cycles of 2,4, and 6 years.  So, gosh, Grady…that’s FSC scoring easy enough.  That only leaves 5,000 scores of verb/nouns to work through…

Let’s have a moose-meat pizza and see what happens…

Bottom Line

I would not be surprised, at all, if wet have two or three more terrorism events around the world – maybe as many as a half-dozen – pulled off between now and a week from now.

ISIS is in the invasion and recruiting mode and brag of already having people in place in America.

Although they may not have enough computing horsepower to take down the grid, we can’t rule out the power vector and at the same time, understand that attacks like today’s in Mali will grab some public attention if repeated every few days.

So brace yourself mentally for the possibility of more and be on the lookout for most of it to be foreign-centered.  Because there is already a huge backlash building in the U.S. (and Germany). 

In promoting their infiltration and exploitation agenda, they will likely keep on playing the “humanitarian victim” card as long as possible in the U.S. and won’t begin attacks here until the detached government in Washington gets real and stops BS’ing itself about what’s going on in the world.

We can expect ISIS terror here about time we (as a country) WTFU.

The very same factors that bring down airplanes (plan continuation bias) have been well-described and applied in a multi-disciplinary way since 2008.

Guess what?  Government is subject to it, as well.

It is the difference between shifting your weight on a jet ski and turning the helm of an aircraft carrier.

The one isn’t going to be as responsive as the other.

And that’s government for you.  The bigger it is, the slower WTFU happens.

If Dave’s dream isn’t worrisome, try on Ted Koppel’s book Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath.

And if still not convinced, check out “blackout” as a trend at Google Research.

The meme is out there, growing, and coming soon to a country near you, looks like.

Have a great weekend…more on Monday from the Monday Moron…and keep posting those fine reviews of my novel DreamOver on Amazon.

Write when you break-even,


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  2. “IS is getting its ass kicked by Russia. Our plan to topple Assad is failing. We need to get boots on the ground in Syria ASAP.”

    “Yeah, I know. Those IS videos didn’t raise enough anger, so let’s bring the action closer to the people. Then they will be crying out for boots on the ground”

    “Ok. Maybe turn off the power a bit as well, to really scare them. That’s really easy for us to do, since we control it!”

  3. Mr. Ure, we have had two large power outages in Arizona this year as a result of “pranksters” cutting very large buried power lines in remote locations. That’s the official wording. These cuts required knowledge of location, heavy equipment to excavate, and the know how not to fry oneself. Pranksters? Yeah, you betcha. Bill from AZ

    • I have been following a fellow that goes by Dutchsines on Facebook & YouTube. He believes that the fracking is responsible for the huge uptick of earthquakes in OK. He also stated this past week he thinks that fracking & EQ’s are relieving the pressure on New Madrid & that OK should be prepared to experience a large EQ (>7.0) in the future.

  4. Kind of ironic… I live in PHX & hadn’t heard about this outage until now, but just last night at about 11PM I was watching the 3rd installment of Hunger Games (because the 4th one comes out today…) wherein the rebels use suicide bombers to destroy a hydroelectric dam, cutting off power to the Capitol. I turned to my husband & said “I’m really surprised terrorists haven’t tried something like that yet, I hope they don’t watch this movie.” The movie is the message?

  5. Day 3 of power outage for thousands of people in E. Washington. Our old town looks like a hurricane went through, 4 people dead, homes crushed, and power lines still on the ground days later, arguably the worst storm ever seen in the area. Could maybe have something to do with his dream? (Not likely in my book, but it’s a thought).

  6. Alex Jones website has article about multiple Black Helicopters with no lights flying low over Phoenix last night at 9 pm. Appeared to unload black clad men on top of fed. bldg. There were also roads shut down according to Phoenix Police Sergeant.

  7. Email is out, so idea has to be shared here. Can you project a word-frequency chart as a 3-dimensional surface superimposed over a 2-dimensional locational map ? If you could figure out how to make that locational map 3 dimensional as well you might also be able to plot time.

  8. Hey, just read about the emergency FED meeting Monday morning. Oops, did we forget to talk about something ?
    LOL ?

  9. Well there’s a woo for you George. I just commented on your “WS’s WoW & the Happy Invaders” part mentioning that in my opinion an EMP from the sun may be our only salvation from our puppet masters. I hadn’t read this “coping” article yet. What to my woo-wooed brain’s surprise did I find? Some guy’s dream about an EMP.


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