Worst Possible Outcome

Stand by for America to “fix” a bunch of non-problems. As we awaken to a “revolution lacking but a match” it looks like lawyers – not voters or rational humans – will decide our next president.

Rather than our typical drill-down into some important aspect of life, we instead focus today on a collection of tell-tale data that will shape the soon-coming future.

And about that match?  Prime time and social media are are fumbling for it, already…

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53 thoughts on “Worst Possible Outcome”

  1. The mail-in voters made this happen.

    “Nobody is going to tell me I can’t put as many hands as I can between my ballot and the tabulator, I have franchise”!

  2. F*ck social media George. Social Media’s problem is they are inside everyone’s hula hoop. And as with the Hula became a far of the past. Its a prime time Social media takes gets put on a shelf next to the Atari 2600 and parachute pants. Lol

    In God We Trust.

    Everyone else is suspect.

    Are we bringing back MC Hammer pants? Nope.

    Comadoor 64? Still one the best systems ever invented. I spent hours playing that word game I think it was called Myst. when I was 14. So fun.

    However, you would get much accomplished on it these days. Anymore than social media.

    Although I see alot of people getting tired of looking at their phones. I was out the other night with some friends and we all had forgot our phones at home. Not on purpose. Just happens to be that way. Had a good laugh. But it was really nice to not be attached to the Cell. A prison for your mind.

    Virtual Reality is the future. 3 D printing and things such as these. Some things new. Innovative. Although LP is making a strong resurgence. Two turn tables and a Microphone. Saw a WHOLE record secition at the Walmart the other day.

    Lead, Follow or get the F out of the way as the saying goes. Go fish or Go Home.

    I hope you will like my new site. Should be finished up next day or so. Still need a catchy name. We shall see.

    On to the Starmaster with Bhuda down at world’s gym to find Nirvana. Lol

    Later dude.

    • Yo Holmes,

      The name – Chicken Bunny Ranch is pretty catchy. A community of Pullumlepuses…

      Sure as hell better than DumpsterpumpersRus – of course Mark will be disappointed… again.

      • Love ya man. Sometimes the way one gets their freedom is by being wrong. I have been shackled to pride and grandiocity for so long brother. I can’t remember the last time I feel this much humility. So grateful for it. Such a beautiful thing to set fire to your pride and grandiocity. For out of the Ashes I am a new creation. Grateful for all its gifts.
        Great full for the ashes of my ego.

        Freedom isn’t free. Like wisdom, it cost you everything but it’s compensation has been written since the dawn of Man.

        I appreciate you and all here in my delopement. Ahhhhh sweet humility.

        On to the beautiful things God has for me. That He has created in advance. For He knows my ways.. what a wonderful day.

      • Remember Brother:

        In a Train wreck,
        It is not the Caboose that runs ya over. It’s the Engine.

        What the world does now? Is not my problem or concern anymore. A whale tale saved the engine.


        One story before I go. This happened 2 months ago on the Corner of Lincoln and Division, Spokane Wa.

        You know of course, in less 500 years from now, the entire internet as we know it, will fit onto a thumb drive in a childs pocket.

        When they search for the ones who were becoming what the future ones are. We will be known. It’s no secret that time travel has been Mastered. They vacation to times such as these and greet us on rare occasion. As it is written, sometimes we are talking to Angels who look to us as ordinary everyday people. 500 years ago, we would be considered Angels.

        I saw one a few months ago. Homeless girl with bright beautiful blue eyes. Like in the Movie Dune. Her nails were like porcoline and her teeth very white. You could see her clothes was disheveled in a way that is just so. Most people don’t look at homeless people in the eyes. They turn their heads. Her eyes gave it away. So I handed her a smoke out my car window and I said how long are ya here for? She said, just for the day. I said Excellent choice of camouflage. She said, ya like it. I said I do. She said shhh. I got it at an antique store. And don’t be saying that because we aren’t getting married. I belly laughed.

        I said on that note, ya wanna get naked and mess around. She smiled and laughed and said not this time. Besides, I way way to old for you. (Looking physically 28 years old)

        She Winked and said,
        Thanks for the Smoke Andy and walked away. As she was walking away. I said you don’t look a day over 400 years old.

        She looked over her shoulder smiling and her eyes flashed bright blue, then emerald green, then gold. The light turned green and I waved and drove off.

        I imagine it’s kind of adventurous for them to come to this time period. Soo much Volume to it.

        I never told her my name. It was a 45 second encounter at a stop light.

        I treat every person be he or she a millionare or homeless person the same. For autenticy and kindness cost nothing and investment into well being of others often pays big dividens. And ya just never know what may seem like a person of low stature could be the richest person in the world four years from now.

        What a Truly remarkable day. Well, it’s not going to right and record itself. It’s already written just mechanics to follow suite. Everyone is welcome to visit.

      • You know Andy… I totally believe in Angels.. and that we have our own guardian Angels… four times that I know of.. ( there could be more where things happened to make a difference than I know of) that out of the blue a helping hand came to my rescue…
        When I hear the whisper in my ear that take a look at them.. or sense that someone is in need.. I return that favor.. by being the one to anonymously lend a hand carry them in the sand a few steps on their journey.

    • “Stupid auto correct”

      I hate and love auto correct at the same time.. doesn’t matter what I write.. after I post it I see crap I didn’t write LOL… spelling errors worse than if I spelled them LOL..

    • “Ahhhhh sweet humility.”

      Yes, I’m very proud of my humility!

      I can’t call you or text you. Where’d you go?

      • Ha ha. Hello Sparky

        Well I am not proud of my humility. I am grateful for it. Humility is not thinking less of yourself it is about being right sized and proper perspective. Right action and God results. The next right thing until you become the next right thing. It is there I’m not a self centered asshole. Which, I loathe and pray daily for it to be removed from me. The Creator knows better than I. I hope he finds my new direction favorable.

        I have a new number and a new email. And for a while only a very limited few have it. I had 1397 contacts in my old phone. The damn rang off the hook at all hours. I have less than 100 in my new phone and number. Mostly family and close friends. Im not on social media in any form. That will change soon. As I develope Doorfore since its part of the gig.

        Hashtags being hastags. Etc. Etc.

      • Ohh dude. It wasn’t an offence offered. I know people all over the world. I have gifted friends in Poland, Romania, Russia, Dubia, Australia, London, Tokyo, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Hong Kong, Thailand, Tibet, india, The Philippines, all over the USA. East coast and west coast. Alaska, Hawaii and even Mexico City and TeleVive etc etc.

        It’s good for me to spend some time in quiet self reflection. Hard to do that with a tether to me at all hours of the day. So I let everyone know that I have a new number and that for now only a few would have it while I consider my new trajectory.

        Let me get my sight up and running and I will add you to the contact list. It is my hope that the website is helpful to all that visit it. That whoever visits it is better for doing so.

        Well it’s my new career. So I would like to profit some as well. Lots to do. Starting a website, business etc etc.

        Now behind every successful man is a woman. Since I am single at the moment I choose Wisdom to be the woman propelling me. I invite her into a relationship with me daily.

        I met a Magician last night. He said, don’t look for the dollar. Look for what is it’s meaning. Once you understand it’s essence, emulate itd essence and the dollars will come to you in abundance.

        True wisdom. Same could be said about Love, passion, etc. Etc.

        You would never guess this fella was magician by looking at him. I meet the strangest people in the most peculiar places.

        See ya around Sparky.

  3. “Stand by for America to “fix” a bunch of non-problems. As we awaken to a “revolution lacking but a match” it looks like lawyers – not voters or rational humans – will decide our next president.”

    Quick.. get out URE copy of double crossed and turn to the chapter on how they maneuver an election..
    You will be able to follow this one page by page.. lol

      • “Trump trying to royally flush Las Vegas
        November 4, 2020 at 16:00
        LOOB, another supposed ‘non problem’????
        The power hungry maniac is at it again, wants to toss the whole city of Las Vegas’ ballots, doubling down on his dirty deeds”

        I totally get his actions.
        He hates to loose..his ego is bigger than his buildings. He’s in the political pool and doesn’t swim well. He’s smart and similar to his seeing the negative subliminal messages he sees what we all knew was going to happen.
        Personally I totally thought the only reason he ran at all was to be a smart azz and then let JB own it..
        The minute I seen they were willing to spend billions of the tax payers money to fabricate a reason to get him to step down..I would have graciously let them have it.
        At this point we all know it is beyond repair..theres to much corruption..not enough Penny’s to dig us out of the hole greed dug..


      • At this point he’s flailing without a life jacket..
        We knew how this was going to play out months ago..
        What he should have done is let it play out the way they had it planned then congratulations to the new administration.. and left.

  4. Its an ill wind blowing and no matter which gets into office the working class will come up the looser along with other countries in the world, as they try to keep the old battered ship from foundering.!!!

  5. On the popular vote…Biden is up 2.7 million votes…so the opposite could be true as well. There are still millions of ballots to be counted and most of those are mail in…as opposed to your days in news…today mail in favors Democrats, mainly because Trump warned to his base that mail-in balloting is fraudulent….

    On Portland…Yep, they are taking the heat away from California, and the keep Austin Weird crowd…It’s idiotic to legalize heroine and cocaine, but …I am of the belief that America needs a Petri dish to gauge trends. It used to be California with our progressive ideas such as gay marriage, marijuana, environmental issues, Exhaust standards for cars, all of which have been adopted by a majority of other states that was the Petri dish. Now it’s Portland…except they are testing stuff that is way, way out there…maybe it’s reverse psychology…show how stupid and chaotic their policies are so the rest of the nation says…NO F#*king THANKS. Just my thoughts,

    • Libertarians have been in favor of legalizing drugs. If someone is dumb enough to inject heroin into their body, using a needle and syringe; let them do it. The state aka tax payers, will probably end up burying them either way.
      The same for pot. As long as people do not drive or operate dangerous equipment, while they are impaired.

      Best to you!


    • “There are still millions of ballots to be counted and most of those are mail in”

      Quick grab your copy of Double crossed and follow along.. it can be followed day by day and page by page at this point.. We already know who the next president is going to be.. at this point we just have to go with it ..

    • It may be idiotic, but it’s about FREEDOM! THAT’s the core value that made America great. It’s about being accountable for your actions, not your possessions. If you do an addictive drug, you’re still responsible for ALL of your actions and consequences. If you don’t, you’re still responsible.

      I don’t advise addictive drugs, but they work well for some people. Who are we as a nation to tell individuals what they may do in their own private lives? It’s about prior restraint, and that used to be against public policy in the USA. Sadly, that’s changed and we “protect” people from themselves through fines and jail time.

  6. Top O the Morning G Dog!

    What a fantastic show of utter malfeasance and treason this election has been. The beat goes on and so does this vile coup against our Incumbent President.

    What percentage of the LAW is defined by Ownership? Hmmmmm

    – Wanna bet the dumpsterpumper RE guy freaks on this Ownership is 90% of the LAW statement ?

    How about Squatters Rights ?

    The LL (leftist losers/mark)types should really enjoy chewing on the fact that TRUMP Won and aint leaving the WH for 4 moar years!

    Peering blindly into the future of USA politics, it appears D.Crenshaw will be the Man in 2024, followed by Ivanka TRUMP in 2028 – (Simpsons Prediction)

    Yes a glorious day – now get Long and make some Cashish for a change!

    Yo Len time to Buy more Shorts and Hedges – were going Higher, no matta the “splatta” on Ure spreadsheets say…

    Ate a loss on the CLR options – rolled down out of the 15’s, losing money in process. Scalped a couple bucks Selling lower strike 10’s – still a loss of around 8% total..take it and move on.

    go long my man long
    in my beautiful market
    up and up and away

  7. What happens if all the alternatives for war are determined to be exhausted?
    Climate – boring, and unpopular
    Aliens – boring, only geeks and star wars fans think that crap is real
    Gangs – the prison system is about as full as it can get
    Guns – only criminals are a problem, see item above
    Space rock – one not to small, not to big, has to actually hit, and that’s unlikely
    Terrorism – everyone knows those are proxy soldiers by now
    Mars – ambitious, but only geeks and star wars fans will support that, and that will get boring (probably already is) once they realize it’s impossible.

    There are simply no more existential crisis to exploit or monetize, and deliver the promise of growth without war. When the play book has run out of ideas, there’s always the old standby.


  8. A Swig and Sway – and its $14K!

    You couda been a contenda, G

    instead of going pretender, with No working knowledge of BTC – I even gave U the White Paper for LCN’s sake.

    Then again coming from a numbers guy who readily accepts the, 500K new Cases in 1 week, claim as feasible. CMAFR

    Yeah sure, nobody has a Cold this year, nor has anybody gotten sick with Influenza

    – BUT 1 IN 9 Americans were Infected with covert19 scamdemic ? CManotherFR!
    No wonder U keep calling for 29 style Crash..yeah yeah its coming – right after Barr indicts ANYBODY. hahahahahha


  9. The election will end up in the Supreme Court just like 2000. We all remember how that turned out!

    • Lol why do you think that they were in a rush to get Barrett confirmed a corporate wet dream as she always voted for the corporations over anything else, and she will vote for the candidate the same way.!!

  10. Orchestrated like a beautiful symphony. From the release of covid-19 to the manic scare making election fraud easier than taking candy from a baby. Make no mistake, the globalist agenda couldn’t wait four more years.

  11. Working as a TV ‘remote engineer’ I always hated election nights. Hanging in there with the babbling talking heads while awaiting the results… and waiting… and waiting. I can’t watch election coverage on TV. Gives me headaches and stress. Somebody wake me up next month when we know just how bad it is… or not.

  12. Hi, George,

    Looks like the Dems flipped the presidential election with their planned voter fraud tactics. Oh, look, a box full of Biden votes just found! And, another, and another !
    Most who voted for Joe and Kamala have no idea how they and theirs will turn our country towards Marxism, as well as have China greatly influence our laws. It is a very sad day for the US.

  13. Comrades,

    What’s up with the script that the peeps in the cheap seats are kept hanging from the rafters to have an election winner declared like they’re living in some thurd world banana republic? Pashtuns must be hurling.

    I opened my home delivered newspaper at 3:30 a.m. this morning to be greeted by a modern-day von Hindenburg ripped from 1930.

    There above the fold was an uncropped Paul Sancya/AP image of a gold cuff linked, beaming and radiant, clenched fist upraised Mr. Biden supported on either side by life-sized flags on election night from his Wilmington HQ, trading gateway between North and South during the First Civil War.

    Below the fold there was a much smaller Patrick Semansky/AP photo of a pallid-faced Mr. Trump taken upon a return to the White House Nov. 3rd following a hectic day of multi-state campaigning. The picture had been heavily cropped from the original to exclude the young, energetic crowd around him who were snapping photos and waving flags to welcome a warrior home. The media renditioned bastardization turned a Winston Churchill victory moment into an Archie Bunker MAGA ball cap caricature.

    By the way, separately the BBC was stating in one of its election reports today – sourced or of its own calculation, I don’t know – that in addition to record 2020 voter turnouts, there were 6% fewer white (sic) voters casting ballots than in the 2016 election.

  14. and the FED meeting going on now . they don’t spit in your face and tell you its raining . they vomit

  15. Looks like Nevada will be the deal maker, unless DJT’s lawyers find an angle. Atlantic City bankrolled Trump’s first win; will Vegas send him home?

    Either outcome, the odds are that my standard of living and quality of life will continue to decline. I had been thinking that maybe A_dy might get all warm and fuzzy and throw a little Hopium out on the table to cheer us all up, but now he’s started that B_rnie and the civil war talk again. I might as well be surfing the CNN site, grinding what’s left of my crowns. Wait, maybe Len will have something positive to say about something. Time to hit the power button.

  16. This election means absolutely nothing in the scheme of things of what will happen to the USA in the next 5 years.

    Zero, zip, nada. Just more circuses to provide hopium for the masses for just a little while longer.

    I haven’t been wrong in the last 11 years, and I’m not wrong now.

    The plan is 100 million population in the USA by 2025. A plan that has been right on schedule for more than 30 years. If you can’t think of 5 different scenarios of how this could happen, you really don’t have a clue what is going on in your own country.

    It takes a hot war to change the world reserve currency, and the world is ready.

  17. It’s been a while since I built a website. It’s gonna take me a little bit. Especially doing this all on my phone. Lol

    Maybe I will one day be as successful as Mr Ure. Gotta start somewhere. So….

    I did purchase and am now the owner of


    If I remember right it takes about 5 days to show up on Google. Which gives me time to get it up and running along with some depth in thought content, I hope.

    We Shall See if my new found Humble position, or preposition? possession? Or procession or maybe predication becomes all it is intended to. There will be no “Raw dogging randoms.” I have a ton of stuff I have never mentioned online anywhere.

    Science shit. Lol. Lots of science shit, metaphysical shit, and spiritual shit. Moving the mind into a fullest potential. The Aim is to unlock the potential in others. In a way they can do it themselves. The tools are the same for everyone application is only unique to the individual. Indepth Jedi training on a personal level will be available for a fee by appointment along with other things of interest.

    I have had 12 NDE’s and only have mentioned 20% of NDE #9 and haven’t said anything about the other ones. So I may blog about some of that as well. As always I reserved the right to allow the Creator to work through me at any time He so chooses.

    I have lots and lots of tools. Maybe I will interview a few famous friends I know to get the ball rolling and some not so well known extremely gifted people.

    First things first. Get it up and let it become what it will be. Gods in the result business. I’m in the action business. I will be splitting my time with doing some Volunteer work down at the Gosple Mission and Vetrens Thrift store. I will let George know when it’s ready for deployment. If he wants to give it a plug here. Well that is up to him.

      • Thank you Dude. The GoDaddy app is helpful. I am intuitively creating it. Lots of meditation before I made this step. Always with the Level. The one thing I really liked about that book you sent me. Was the topic of virtue. And good works. Really good stuff. It had been added to my list of books to read daily.

        Thank you.

    • Fascinating! I’ll be linking your site on my home page! George’s sites and my normal meanderings are already there. I keep my home page on my hard drive, so I can change it at will.

  18. You know I still love ya. Hit me when you’re ready. Looking forward to seeing the new site. Blessings …..

  19. On a personal note I started Volunteering at the Veterans Thrift Store in Spokane, Wa. Where if you are a Vet in need? You shop for free.

    3 of interest.

    #1. It’s alot like treasure hunting. Super fun.
    #2. If you don’t want to wear a mask. We frankly don’t care. We will not shut down under any reason and if ya don’t like that? We don’t care. The Sherrif refuses to go against the Veterns. Lots of Honorable Good American Combat vets down there.
    #3. The blue haired 70+ year old volenteer woman kicked my ass today. They also are horrible flirts. I got asked to pick up this box out in the wherehouse and when I turned around there was 4 of them looking at me like a was a glazed potroast that just came out of the oven. Ha ha ha ha. I suppose being 50 it’s no differnt than me seeing a 30 year old in leggings. Hahaha. No I wasn’t wearing leggings. Haha

    All things being E=MC2.

    Super good to be able to be of service again. Have a wonderful week. I need to spend some quiet time before I get busy on my new Venture. Once I get the Ball rolling and can Aquire the right equipment for doing a pod cast and a youtube channel I already have a MiT and former Harvard professor friend who had wrote several books willing to do an interview, A Lithuanian Princess and a former member of a Famouse Rock Band. All close and dear friends.

    Super fun to create and we shall see what The Creative Mind of the Universe has in store. Who knows? Maybe I can even interview George and Mr Trump, since he is listing to me. Just a hunch.

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