Worst Possible Outcome: Day 2

President Biden by Nightfall?

Multiple data points are considered today by any American investor this morning that will shape our future.  An “Unfortunate Series of Dominoes” to play off the Lemony Snicket phrase.

Beginning from then, we can outline the nightmare like this:

Specifically, the 16-hour old Trump Tweet on this begins:

“We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (which won’t allow legal observers) the State of Georgia, and the State of North Carolina, each one of which has a BIG Trump lead. Additionally, we hereby claim the State of Michigan if, in fact,…..”

Which Twitter flagged with a disinfo warning.

We find this interesting: is there is symmetry in human thinking? Has Donald Trump may taken notes from the Clinton ‘Sour Grapes plan.’

Worst Possible Outcome, Tho?

We are not specifically worried about Biden’s win.  It’s all about what  follows it when taken with two other factors, under-rated in our view.

Specifically, despite the  hopium on Wall Street, the Senate – as of this morning – is split evenly 48-48.  While it’s accurate to envision republicans taking the slim majority, we still have a Georgia run-off in January to contend with.

The problem – for America in 2021 – will be that the president of the U.S. Senate will (likely) be Kamala Harris.  As to the role of a VP in the upper chamber?

“Other than to succeed to the presidency upon the death or resignation of a president, a vice president’s only constitutional duty is to preside over the Senate. Vice presidents cannot vote in the Senate, except to break a tie, nor may they formally address the Senate, except with the senators’ permission. “

While today’s early “happy talk” goes to the idea of a “split congress is good for business,” we think that a number of bills – including the Trump Tax Cuts  – could be headed for this kind of tie-breaker setting.  There’s no question where Kamala’s vote would go.

“That’s Bad Because?”

Not all Americans – but a good many – have outsized capital gains that can be taken.  Two branches in the logic-of-future here:

  1. If you believe Trump will hold off the [apparent, likely today] Biden victory – likely through the courts – then holding off on the sale of overpriced securities into 2021 (to postpone taxes) makes sense.
  2. However, if you observe Biden winning, and figure it will only take a one or two senators “flipping” on the tax cut repeal, and given that Harris is a potential tie-breaker, then unloading stocks in the 2020 tax year could make a lot of sense.

A number of readers have inquired “How could you possibly see the S&P drawing down to 3,000 – or lower – before year’s end?”

Well, a lot will depend on investor judgement as to the likelihood of a tax cut repeal and higher rates – and perhaps even doing away with the capital gains tax entirely – would be the “deal points.”

Frankly, though I have benefitted (bigly and hugely) in the past from the long-term gains provision, that was decades back when markets (and the world) were far more stable than today’s.  (Why, we’re so old we remember “predictable!”)

The purpose of long-term gains being taxed at a preferential rate was to encourage capital formation.

In a Nation quickly burying itself in paper (pretending to be money), capital formation is a joke.  Dial-a-Fed can make up all the money in the world.  And literally has – to some degree.  A review of M2 money velocity screams too much capital, not enough reinvestment.

“But the Big Rally!”

Don’t go stupid on me.

A LOT of the present rally has been a FOREX-driven event.

As we continually warn, when the dollar’s value goes  down, it take more  (of the “cheaper, more debt-laden paper)  to buy the same assets.

Bitcoin, the rest of cryptos, and the Euro are not “going up in value.”  Intrinsics don’t flop around on a daily basis.  They are merely being  repriced to a failing dollar.

Good for gold and good for notional money.

That’s the deeper problem most people  can’t seem to fathom.  

Let’s run a number, shall we?

The Dollar this morning (early) would buy  0.852 Euro.  Then, the dollar weakened further such that around 6:30 AM Central time, it had dropped to as low at 0.8460.  That is, the dollar retained only 99.29577464788732 percent of its purchasing power.

Since the S&P 500 closed Wednesday at 3,443.44, we can divide our long percentage change into that and see a “currency-only” market price.  It suggests 3,467.86 is a reasonable figure.  S&P up 24.42?  Currency impact.  More?  Hype.

Futures were up more than this (3,505) but we expect some of the pricing is based on  hopium and  hype.

The confusing part of this?  Big Spending Biden will water down the currency – which it will take more of – which will give the illusion of rising markets.

Until it doesn’t, but don’t ask me to call that one to the day, let alone minute.

Fed Meeting

Two wild cards this afternoon:

  • FOMC rate decision (guiding toward firming of rates would not surprise us, in order to push the dollar up) and the…
  • H.6 Money Supply.  Our sense it we will see there was a drop – briefly – in the money flow ahead of the election (ergo, the sell-off last week) but next week, we’d expect the spigots back on which fueled this week’s “rally” and the resulting decline in dollar valuation.

With no election pressure, could the Fed guide higher on rates to save the Buck?  It would cream markets, but election pressure is off…

Jobs Really Matter

Political hysteria aside, the big miss in the ADP Jobs number Wednesday was swamped by political BS and that’s a shame. 

The expectation was jobs would grow at a 650,000 rate, but it came in a lousy 365,000.  On the other hand…

This morning, the Challenger, Gray, and Christmas  Job Cuts report has just come out:

“October marked the lowest number of layoffs in seven months, as U.S.-based employers announced plans to cut 80,666 jobs from their payrolls, according to a report released Thursday by global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

October’s total is 32% lower than the 118,804 cuts announced in September. It is 60% higher than the 50,275 cuts in the same month last year. October’s total is the lowest since February, when 56,605 cuts were announced.

So far this year, 2,162,928 job cuts have been announced, 320% higher than the 515,144 cuts announced through October last year. It is the highest annual total on record.”

Tomorrow, we will get the “official” Labor Department national employment data.  For today, there’s the weekly filings report to tide us over:

In the week ending October 31, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 751,000, a decrease of 7,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 7,000 from 751,000 to 758,000. The 4-week moving average was 787,000, a decrease of 4,000 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised up by 3,250 from 787,750 to 791,000.

In tomorrow’s federal report, we’ll be looking at the total number of people employed because there are six-ways-to-Sunday the rest of the statistics can be jiggered.

One more, you say?  Employment Costs, then…

“Productivity increased 4.9 percent in the nonfarm business sector in the third quarter of 2020; unit labor costs decreased 8.9 percent (seasonally adjusted annual rates). In manufacturing, productivity increased 19.0 percent and unit labor costs decreased 18.2 percent. “

Futures are up another crack-headed 365 Dow points.

Future Path?

Color us skeptical of the future:

The U.S. – likely facing a serious recession (or worse) early in the Biden presidency – has only the ONE BIG easily manipulated economic lever to pull.  That’s playing of the War Card.

We continue to advise readers to “think ahead of the problem” and load up on Chiense goods ahead of time.  I’ve been “investing” in 1.75 mm filament for our 3D printers, for example.

Next,  we might beef up our one-sided PCB stock for the CNC machines.  Resistor and capacitor stocks?

We are terribly China-dependent and fools for being maneuvered into that corner. New UHD television (used as a monitor due to my sight impairment) for the office?  Section 179 it this year?

Eta Coming

Latest forecast map:  South Florida rains ahead:

Meanwhile, been a delightful fall.

Smoke advisories are possible west of Boulder as “Increased smoke activity possible from East Troublesome Fire.”  Colorado’s wild weather swings are alive and well.

Son George II is heading back to his home department in Eastern Washington from the Troublesome, Colorado fire this morning.  Manpower requirements back in the home department.  Kid’s been all over the place this fall – fires in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado.  Not our idea of “tourism” but if you’re an adrenaline junkie….  Spa’s are more our speed.  That is, if there were any still open…

Speaking of Covid

(Since Covid’s G II’s specialty on the fires):  CV-19 and Higher Ed is a key area to watch.  Take this story:  Local colleges and Covid-19: Here are the numbers is pretty interesting reading.

At the macro level, it will be interesting to see how CV-19 impacts overall cost of education.  In my time as a college exec. director, we spent hours wondering how to “make the numbers work” if massive online education came along.  Yet, here it is, and no one is talking about harvesting the lower costs of product delivery.  And if anything, higher ed. is actually  raising tuition blaming the virus effects.  Feels somehow “scammy” – online being cheaper than buildings…turbulence of the marketplace?

Grabby Click-By’s

Brain food offerings:

From Popular Mechanics “Earth Keeps Pulsating Every 26 Seconds. No One Knows Why.

Listening to the skies: First mysterious radio burst discovered in the Milky Way reveals extreme origin.”

Neat Live Science article, too: Ancient burial of fierce female hunter (and her weapons) discovered in Peru.”  From the pictures, looks like it’s the wrong side of the Andes to be the bases for the Amazonian Women tales, but interesting.

Big 3D Printer Article Sunday

When we’re not trying to out-guess markets, the shop calls.  So does our growing interest in 3D printing as one of the smarter roads to the future.

A lot of this is covered on my Ultra-Make website (https://ultra-make.com ),  This weekend I’m doing the “build companion notes” for a Creality  Ender 3.  Our December build notes will involve the larger Creality CR-10 V2.

Just having all kinds of fun with ’em.  And ham radio parts?  Always been easy to cobble up circuits and such, but enclosures?  Well, this technology really does change everything .

We will come to a day when parts will be emailed.  January, we’ll take a stab at the 3D scanner technology, too.  Because if you can  scan something and then  reprint the scan, you have arrived at a “replicator” from SciFi realms.

To us, seems like a totally cool future to be stumbling into.

Write when you get rich(er),


102 thoughts on “Worst Possible Outcome: Day 2”

    • OK, why would I title this the “Worst Possible Outcome”?
      Ure is 100% pro-Constitution, strong on borders, gun rights, freedom, small government…need the whole list?

    • I seriously think George is human, and doesn’t deserve to be put in a box and/or labeled.

      Now what makes you put on blinders (or bot driven thoughts)?

      Labels are for jars of peanut butter, not people!

      BTW, I’m one of those Marxists who thinks it’s ok for old people to get a Social Security check (American Marxism), does your Capitalistic theory wish for them to starve?

      • Actually Another human being..
        While it always seems to be painted onto the socialism corner…Social security is not a socialist or Marxist program. We all contribute to social security For every paycheck we make or for us that are business owners , for every quarterly tax payment send. We pay in and at retirement, get back. Now, what the government does to our contributions is another issue. On a 401k or company pension Program, we as citizens have control of the distributions. The only difference is that the government tells us when we get distributions and puts a cap on the amount we can receive each month. If you suck at controlling money in hand, social security can be a good thing…i probably won’t ever exercise my right to receive it, but If I do, I will cherish it because I know that this is moneyI earned coming back to me at a time when my income is a fraction of what I was used to earning.

      • Interesting story that may shine some light on the current fearmongering about communism, socialism…

        Germany, 1883, Bismark: ‘beat the Socialists at their own game by offering Health Insurance to the working class’


        My personal theory is China’s meteoric rise to world’s second largest economy (in 40 yrs) makes a lot of people pissed that they do capitalism better than we do:

    • My God! The worst horror movie ever, and I thought 2020 was bad!

      Sadly, there’s nowhere else in the world to escape to.

      At least, drugs will be available, I’d hope. Perhaps sex too.

    • Biden will remain President and serve our country well. Without the pressure and Inexcusable vitriol from Trump, you will see many GOP senators and House members ready to get back to work and unify America again. Biden was good friends with many GOP Senators including Lindsay Graham…(Who is a suck up by nature, so watch him deny his loyalty to Trump…)Mitt Romney and Susan Collins. Plus has a very close relationship with Delaware Democrat Chris Coons, who has a renowned relationship with his across the aisle colleagues and can help bridge the gap to finally stop the partisanship and do their jobs and govern for the betterment of this country.

      If by chance something happens to Biden, the VP choice will probably be Pete Buttigieg or Andrew Yang… or a longer shot of Amy Klobachar…none of which would be a bad choice. I think Buttigieg is a star…Yang a bit more controversial, but a cultish figure of Gen Y voters…the future And the most educated generation of this country By a long shot.

      • “you will see many GOP senators and House members ready to get back to”

        you will see many GOP senators and House swamp creatures ready to get back to

        -Fixed that for you.

  1. Houses of worship will lose a lot of their flock when it becomes more widely known that Michigan has discovered the key to eternal life with 7 Biden voters being at least 118 years old.

    As Louis Prima may have sang it:”Yes,we have a banana…………..republic.Banana republic for sale ……………..to Red China.”

  2. Since I now concede that a Harris presidency is likely (sorry, but Joe will not be around for the final curtain call in 2024), the only reassuring thought is that the Democrats will face a mountain of financial and economic issues when they onboard in 2021. Since things are likely to get very bad in the next 4 years, this brings the likelihood of a conservative resurgence in 2024 (this would be similar to the 1980 election after 4 years of a liberal Carter).

    It now depends on how the liberals plan to go about their ‘agenda.’ Will they really try to seize guns (very bad idea)? Will they really try to implement the green new deal and literally leave people in the ‘dark’? Will they abolish tax cuts and further kick the economy in the balls? Will they reinstitute lockdowns that will smother whatever ‘recovery’ we have witnessed so far? Will they try to enforce national mask and social distancing standards via the phony plandemic (this will not work here in FL)?

    Btw, I was a very reluctant Trump supporter. As much as the ‘never Trumpers’ may have hated him, I guarantee they ain’t going to like 4 years of chaos under Harris (again – NOT Biden). We have a true marxist about to ascend to the throne and believe me, it ain’t going to be pretty.

    • I hear you on your post and I agree with almost everything you wrote.

      Personally, I’m really concerned about the Great Reset that is now on the cover of Time Magazine and is becoming mainstream. I was reading today about the discussions in the Netherlands about food shortages. Makes me think I should probably prepare more? Hard to tell if it isn’t just scare tactics.

      • If a cardinal of the Catholic church, the Vatican’s ambassador to America no less, is concerned enough to write President Trump about “The Great Reset” in no uncertain terms then your fears are well founded. However, whether you have any Biblical leanings or not, the fact that Holy Scripture, including non-canonical books, describe the DE-volution of Mankind from the Daniel time period due to our own hubris and fallibility you can count on it happening. An honest look at Man’s condition here and now can tell you any number of scenarios going down a fairly narrow path as to how this may happen but the general direction is down. We live in a finite world with finite resources so an infinite number of people can’t survive realistically.

        Let me tickle everyone’s funny bone – Trump will eventually win. Trump is not a political animal that follows the Washington rules even though he has a lot of them working for him. I know for most of you reading here, and those who know George’s phone number, things look bleak for him. Given the amount of patently obvious cheating on the part of the “Dims” Trump’s team is going to fight this tooth and toenail to the bitter end. There may even be some news agency(ies) that actually call it for Biden but they aren’t the ones that make the O-fishul tally in the end. Ferreting out the corruption is one big pillar of what Trump ran on and has been working towards. Exposing the corruption will give him the win. Whether or not it’s going to be decisive is another question but it will still keep him in the White House for another four. The Democratic obfuscation the mail-in ballots present will probably be their own undoing. Fraud is their bread and butter because they have nothing good in mind for the American people.

        Ok, pick yourselves up off the floor and go see Bo Polney’s website at https://www.gold2020forecast.com/ and remember 1 Corinthians 1:27. This could take well into December. Either you believe in God and his guidance in Creation – or you don’t.

        Ok, that’s my Ann Coulter moment. THE President is about to speak.

    • Lol here we go again everyone is either a marxist,communist,socialist,liberal or some other kind of ist, crying the sky is falling down,I could care less if its Trump Biden or his stand in nothing going to change,its still going to be the same old anti crowd that controls things that control them now,nor could I care about wall street for the moon would be a good place for that where it couldn’t cause all the grief that it cause where its at.

      Trump cooked his own goose with his handling of the virus using it for photo ops,and to getting on T.V. and then trying to blame China,which went over just about as well as his failed trade deal which put the farmers into the bankruptcy courts,like Carter four years of Trump is more then enough.!!!

  3. Hey Chief,

    Got one for the Reading List – a must read for those who want know how America Was and IS being DESTROYED by the ChiComms/CCP.
    “we have seen the enemy, and it be Us” – C. Bandicoot

    Unrestricted Warefare – Liang &Xiangsui

    They lay out The Plan – This might be one of the most Frightening books you will read in 2020..No shitski!

    * – 4 MOAR Years of Orange Gollum of Greatness

    Can you hear the music ?
    “U looked so pretty on the way to Ocean City
    Like someone oh so easy to adjoin
    Heading along with Bitcoin

    On the way to fifeteen K, I fell in luv with U
    On the way to fifeteen K I saw my dreams come true..

    No ?

    More like white trash beautiful ? https://youtu.be/tj4OgWq5OmE

    No Matta – No BTC 4 U!

    • FYI, “Unrestricted Warfare” has been required reading at West Point. It’s on my short list of books to read this month.

      It was first published in 1999. China does play the long game.

    • That would be unrestricted “warfare”. A small point. I have read the book. It should be noted, it is not an official document, released and put together by the CCP. It follows a long line of speculative books of this nature, with many written by western authors.
      So don’t get to hysterical.
      The collapse of the US must be laid at the feet of your elites, and your large undereducated population, who in their apathy and ignorance have aquieced to the downfall.

    • IF anyone would care to go to https://gnews.org YOU WILL SEE FOR ALL OF THEIR GLORY THE HUNTER BIDEN NAKED PICTURES (NOT SELFIES) AND MORE. Once you take a peek at that, you realize that all of the rooms he darted around in, partied in, and hit the sack in were highly surveilled. They got him from EVERY angle. Yes, he did his own selfies, but this is much much more. To think all of this material, from his own hard drive, has been in the hands of our once esteemed and beloved FBI, and nothing has been done about it.

      This has been a 30 year LOVE AFFAIR WITH CHINA, coming home to roost. Why would a male have thousands of pictures of himself in compromising, potentially law breaking, positions on his hard drive? Do you think he has a nightly ritual of a personal slide show of every single picture to enjoy (how long would that take)? Who do you think gave him that laptop loaded with all those ‘juicy’ pictures?

      Do you think just maybe they are a very nice reminder of exactly whom owns who?

      Ah, pray tell, IF Biden becomes President, what would be the purpose of leaving the ole Coot Pops alive? Hasn’t he done the work of the Chinese and isn’t old age a good reason to “DEPOSE” of him via a hearty death?

      There is a clip also of Kleptocracy and China and how it is already in play in Ameerika!!!

      • What is the obsession with Hunter Biden. who cares? Donald Trumps late Brother was an alcoholic, Gerald Ford’s wife was an alcoholic, Jimmy Carters Brother had huge issues…But those relatives were not running for President….Even Presidents with problems like Trump and his sexual exploits and George W. and his cocaine problem didn’t affect their election. Along the same lines… Hunter Biden is not running for President, so enough already.

      • “What is the obsession with Hunter Biden. who cares?”

        Give me a Break.. Mark I realize your a Californian and they do things different there but as a grandpa.. If i discovered a child of mine had raped my grand daughter then had my thirteen year old grand daughters Ass and giving my deviant son a blow job or some other sic perverted act posted on the internet for everyone to see.. I would be livid..Hell I am livid now and she isn’t even my grand daughter.. then after finding out that my sic child did that and didn’t do anything to bring him to justice.. then after the people find out what he has done to her then parade her on the campaign platform.. Give me a break.. all of that is sic..
        How Joe can stand next to a deviant and smile is beyond my comprehension I would be wanting him caned in Singapore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRrKtgUGQ8E …. working in health care I have seen the affects of what deviates like that have done on young children’s lives.. What in the hell is wrong with her granpa I don’t have a clue.. it personally makes me sick to my stomach..

  4. Democracy is only as good as election integrity and optics. When Republican observers are asked to stand 40 or 100 feet away from ballot counting, the optics are not very good.

    Even if no cheating happens or is proven, when the optics are that bad and people don’t feel that their votes are counted properly, it is the end of trust in the system.

    Democracy may well be the biggest loser in this election.

      • and it is! Indeed, the slow move to marxism has been with us for years….and then…..the ultimate plan…..fake a pandemic and lock people down, sow chaos, destroy the economy, blame it on the encumbent President, then move in for the kill, i.e., a Marxist President and Congress with the proles none the wiser. Well played, Marxist! Decades of patience and planning have paid off. Now, for phase two – will people fight for their rights? This scene of the performance has not started yet.

      • I think that is the primary goal. We tend to have short attention spans. We flit from idea to supposition to theory, daily — sometimes hourly. Aggressive anti-freedom ideologies like Marxism and fundamentalist Islamism do not lose focus — EVER! This is why Muslim sects have been fighting one-another, and anyone else who got in their way, for nearly 1300 years. They can roll with the BS, in many cases spawn it, to divert the attention of less-focused adversaries, but they never allow it to blur their focus.

        I believe when Marxist D.C. has us all by the short-hairs, the borders will close because they’ll no-longer need to Cloward & Piven the system. This will be the first sign we’ve entered “Hell, on Earth.” I also believe when that happens, the sound we hear when the borders close will be the same as that of a prison gate slamming shut.

        p.s. That “focus” thing? It’s actually a good trait, and one we (meaning Western society) are lacking. The Muslims and Marxists didn’t invent it though…

        The Chinese did.

        Be aware…

    • Trump has been destroying trust in the election for the past six months. He’s done more to damage our democratic institutions than any foreigner ever could. Jeesh.

  5. Sir, if you were forced to pick a time frame for when the depression gets noticeably bad, as in bread line bad, when do think that might be? no one will hold you to it. thanks, sjkb

  6. Worst Possible Outcome is that the whole world now views the USA unworthy to lead the free world. Why would they trust America if it can’t maintain the integrity of it’s elections. And with that China will fill the void. And with that FEAR shall reign.

    And when FEAR reigns, uncertainty rises and markets crash. And when markets crash wars begin. And when wars start, desperation rules. And desperation leads to catastrophe – the type that can light up the whole sky and burn everything on this shithole planet!

    Thanks Democrats!

    • Hmmm another one who’s had his buried in the sand,Reagan who I presume was a republican who changed our economy from a manufacturing economy to a service economy saying “we don’t need manufacturing jobs for we will be the financial center of the world.not a dollar will turn but we will get a piece of it”‘. well he lied about ever thing else so what would you expect but the party faithful would blame the country he gave it away to,and such is America.!!

    • “the whole world now views the USA unworthy to lead the free world”

      I visit with people all the time from other countries on a game I play..
      Sadly that has been a view that they have had for over a decade..at least since the nineties…
      The general consensus is we re all idiots and are glad they live where they do.

      • Not more’n a couple hundred Americans ever saw the caricature of Bill Clinton – as Hitler, which graced the front page of Xinhua in 1998 — I’m one of them.

        Viable American “foreign policy” went away under Ford and remained on the run under Carter. Reagan got it back for the most part because “the World” believed the 1980 Election’s Democratic “scare campaign” — that Reagan was unstable and a warmonger, and feared him. Bush41 held Reagan’s gains, because he was a “spooky sononabitch” and more familiar with covert and “black” ops than any Prez who came before. It went into the shitter completely under Clinton and stayed there through Bush43 and Obama. Trump made huge gains, but has both the U.S. and World “Press” working against him, so everything he’s done has been spun as a negative. Biden is non-compos mentis and Harris has neither any experience nor any inclination, so expect Biden’s “foreign policy” to be created, managed, and run by a committee of intellectual idiots who’re long on theory and really short on actual knowledge of how other cultures and societies view the United States as a political entity (not “what we think they think about us” but “what they actually think about us…”)

  7. China/Biden/Trump –

    I think Trump is in on the election shenanigans and is playing along. Loosely, Trump was shown the door with the alleged Chinese COVID attack on America and later him and his family, personal and close. Was it purposefully done by Hill and Joe and China?

    Since he never locked-up Hill that means she’s more powerful than him. We speculate the Clinton’s had good ties with Chinese leadership. Why wouldn’t Hillary/Biden work with China? Once Biden gets in that part of the historic record is erased.

    And if the COVID was a Chinese/Hillary/Biden planned attack, the planners anticipated the economy being locked down and Trumps R/E empire going teats-up. COVID and BLM BK’d Trump’s R/E operation.

    Most likely the entire U.S. goes teats-up in the next four. Biden/Hill/China will divide up the spoils. After Trump goes we’ll see what he was given for going. Maybe he’ll keep his R/E operation going or perhaps be handed the media company.

    Although I can’t add-up Trump having COVID and being over it in record time. Could be a part of the lie or there could be an antidote to COVID. McConnell may have been attacked too. Thus, his bruised-up hands and mug.

    Anyone have a Qanon update?

    • I do not think Trump is a part of the CHINA thingy at all. They have about destroyed him personally and his RE empire; they have had FOUR long years to do that. Douche (haha) Bank is rumored to want to get rid of their loans with him, as it has hurt their ‘reputation.’

      He’s was a deterrent, a Granite Boulder in the ECONOMIC RESET path. A necessary casualty of economic warfare, etc.

      Trump has to be the MOST investigated political person in HISTORY; and they found nothing on him. (Don’t bother responding with his leaked Tax Returns.)

      O’Bama, O’Biden, and O’Hillary have to be the LEAST investigated political persons on earth.

      You have noticed that neither O’Bama, O’Biden, or O’Hillary had to give up ONE penny to run for President; all of them have profited mightily for their YEARS of SERVICE to the United States.

      Kinda like the service that Hunter is receiving from the CHINESE.

      Ah shucks, haters gonna hate the LAST duly elected President of The United States of America.

      I would like to remind our dear readers, to pull GONE WITH THE WIND off of the shelf, libraries/bookstore (if you can find it) and read it; it will give you a much better education of what is coming everyone’s way that ANY of the ABC/CBS/BBC/PBS/MSNBC/FOXIE/NBC, ad infinitum TRAITORS in the Bolshevik owned main stream media can.

      • why do you figure the fbi had press conferences about investigations into hillary throughout the campaign in 2016, especially the one a couple weeks before the election, while also hiding the investigation into trump from voters until after the election?

      • OG:

        Damage control…

        Because a NY Federal Prosecutor acquired the information. Comey made it public and “re-opened” the investigation to beat the Prosecutor to the punch. If he hadn’t, HE would have come under investigation.

    • “alleged Chinese COVID attack on America”

      I personally don’t believe that china or america were the ones that released covid on the planet steve…
      I think it was a third party that did it because our president wasn’t playing ball the way they wanted…
      Like the vast majority of events like this they are orchestrated to gain something.. usually something they are not willing to negotiate for but want to have us get it for them instead..

    • Conservatives are against the deficit.

      Unfortunately (for us all, as will become apparent shortly) they’re outnumbered by over a 7:1 margin in Congress.

      Repubs aren’t concerned with debt, deficits, bad laws, or myriad regulation — They simply believe they can run the show better than Dems.

      The problem is policy. The solution to bad policy isn’t “running it differently,” it is “making it go away.” As long as the Fools (from ANY Party) apply band-aids to crap law, the law will still be crap, and the problem will still exist. The cure is to get rid of the “bad law” and replace it with either “good law,” or nothing, at all, in those areas where Washington has usurped the Authority of the Several States…

  8. For as long as I have been alive, avoiding financial indebtedness has been a dominant goal of the conduct of my life. If I cannot pay cash for something, then ipso facto I cannot afford it. Too, I learned early on that if I cannot afford something, to cease and shut off wanting it.

    I cannot understand why so many of my fellow Americans tolerate being financially in debt.

    The heat of a cremation oven is as an icebox compared with the heat of my hatred for the very institution of consumer credit.

    • “I cannot understand why so many of my fellow Americans tolerate being financially in debt.”

      Its all sales.. you have a dependable car.. yet you are hammered day and night to buy a new one..
      and the same thing with so many other things.. its the same way on the isles at the store.. the cheaper but similar products are out of eye level.. a local store found they could keep lysol on the shelf by putting it out of eye sight level and splitting the distribution.. put one at eye level and one not.. the one at eye level is always sold out.. the other is fully stocked.. products aimed at children to want the parent to buy are at childs sight level..
      I am just as guilty as the next guy.. like the store manager said.. if you think you might need it with the supply chain unpredictable and broken.. buy it now or you may not be able to get it later on…. the other thing is need..
      you have to have car insurance if you have a car.. its the law.. you have to have health insurance .. its the law.. or pay a fine.. the same for home owners insurance.. ok now take the rend utilities the fuel consumption all the other essentials.. many making an hourly wage either are working day and night to make the normal daily expenses or they buy now pay later.. heaven help you if you have daycare or something comes up.. if you go without health insurance.. you are fined and then pay the yearly penalty and are forced to go bankrupt if you need any major medical to take place.. when they went option two a while back the vast majority were forced to use plastic.. which will come up later on because everyone knows a thousand borrowed on a credit card will end up costing you fifteen before its paid off..

      • that is also why there are so many college women and single mothers that are willing to spend some prime time through negotiating with someone for their companionship.. they are old enough to consider.. going out with a guy have a couple of drinks and a big mac or finding someone that they can spend time with having a good time and instead of them spending money on a couple drinks they pay for part of their college tuition or buy their books.. rent or whatever..
        I am for a free education.. today you can get that education for free.. but you cannot get the paper.. which I think should be a federally sponsored program.. since we pay for it anyway through our taxes.. If we can give it freely to someone that isn’t an american citizen then we should be able to promote an education to our own children..

    • Notional – existing only in theory or as a suggestion or idea.

      Made up money.

      It’s self explanatory. What’s wrong with you?

  9. The community college where I teach nights is sitting on a 21 million dollar cushion because of COVID. It’s apparently quite a money saver, building up that much in a few months. To put in perspective, the college was facing a year or more of cutting just before COVID due to falling enrollment and budget problems.

    To top it off, the union let us get totally screwed and all the part timers are currently getting about 10% less than the last contract. It was supposed to be a fairness measure, but nobody did the math until the day before we got paid this term. Now we’re petitioning for “do no harm” to be put into contracts. It’s 2020, this union stuff is not new. Just more proof that this town is as corrupt is the day is long, and easily distracted by things that make for riots and legal drugs.

    That’s progress!

    • All these government run outfits that are not open: community college, pubic schools, library, city hall, etc. saved a lot of money because of Covid-19. No heating, water, cleaning costs. But did I get a discount on my property taxes – NO!

      In 30 years the amount of property taxes that I have paid equal the cost of the mortgage (that’s not including the interest on the mortgage).

      • As my consigliere reminds: When you own titled property, government is always your silent partner.
        And if you screw them, their silence breaks and you’re screwed///

  10. got you totally wrong in 25 years George . never knew you were a salesman , a new world order patriot and a nobel prize winning economist . tomorrow I will give you reasons for foolishness . after exiting some long gold contracts

  11. George,
    I wish things didn’t look so bleak, but I think it is inevitable that Biden/Harris are called today or tomorrow. I think had Trump conducted himself in the first debate, like he did in the second that would have been a changer for him.
    This is the fourth leg of the coup de ta stool however. Alaska hasn’t been called, they called Virginia while other polls were still open, very early on and they called AZ early. But they waited on all most every other Trump won state. Hell it took them almost all night to call Texas which was never close.
    Trump isn’t just going to Florida and retiring from the limelight! Nope Trump will be running his 2022 and 2024 campaigns once they call Biden the winner. And after all the suits for the voting fraud has been adjudicated. But if you think for one second Trump isn’t going to continue to be in the spotlight, highlight everything Biden Harris does to screw this country up, you are in for a rude awakening!!
    His first course of action is to start his own news network to compete with and out shine Fox, CNN and MSNBC. I think you will see the wrath of those of us that know this has been a sham and a fraud for this election! Changing the rules allowing for votes after election day, and not allowing for Republican observers!! Its all BS, and there will be a price for this!!!!!

    • That is if he don’t go bankrupt first for I see he on the hook for almost a billion dollars to a bank in Germany, and he’s millions behind on his payments, probably why he had his Washington hotel up for sale,The bank said they wouldn’t go after him as long as he sit in the oval office which means after he’s out of office they will be looking for all those millions he’s behind,!!!!

  12. whip up a frenzy of fear George. good entertainment for sheep and deep state . now you think old len ever lost his analysis skills . decode . come on George tell us another one

    • Yeah, very predictable so I can’t give him any bonus points for his INSIDER information!!!

      But the SHEEPLE, now that’s an impressive psychic bernie baby right there.

      How much money has Bernie made while running for President????

      Not enough, huh, Andy, if he is going to run in 2024? Hahahaha!!!

  13. “China could move to take Taiwan as early as January. ”

    IF… China decided to walk over and take Taiwan they could and it would be over in a day or two..

    It would give the administration a reason to start a conflict that we cannot win.. ( China is also our major supplier of manufactured goods and arms.. shell casings.. heck a MM off on a casing its over..jammed guns anyone.. then the gun grab…. we will need to learn to speak chinese..
    the vast majority of our mortgages are owned by corporations from outside the USA.. ( thank you congress can we have another ) and they could if they wanted say.. well the dollar is toast you have thirty days to pay off your mortgage.. ( trust me I believe that its in the contract someplace) they can seize our lands.. ( Thank you Congress can we have another)
    they make a lot of our medications.. ( thank you Congress can we have another ) dam that paddle is getting harder with each swack LOL..


    To see it play out historically.. the new administration would have to come in great guns for the people.. make it look like he is going to save them from endless poverty ( one in two and now even more dependent on social programs to get their essentials already).. get the support of the masses of laborers that depend on them already.. .. then a black flag event would most likely have to take place to get the people to group behind the actions that take us down the yellow brick road of war.. war with china would be totally stupid since they are our manufacturing empire and we depend on them for the vast majority of our goods..
    there are many ways that this could play out.. my guess is http://www.theageofdesolation.com has the predictions interpreted by stew that hit dam close to home.. buy his book.. great guy great book and smart well thought out interpretations.. ( you deserve a plug stew)
    I worry about Rudy and his health….. he thought that having the goods on a hard drive would be a plus only to discover that no one gives two cents about any of it.. and now that it is all out there and our legal system says eh so what is new.. dam …
    none of it is good.. but we all have to “suck it up buttercup” we are only on the marry go round so long for the ride..

    • So are you saying that Americans are stupid? That Americans are jaded? That Americans enjoy getting F*cked over?

      Personally I don’t think so, but you believe whatever you want. It’s a free country, at least it use to be. Now that Joe’s in charge I’m sure he’ll be selling it out at a premium!!

    • “So are you saying that Americans are stupid? That Americans are jaded? That Americans enjoy getting F*cked over?”

      Not intentionally HAHA… the average wage earners are desperate.. do the math..
      having been in a situation where there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.. desperation sets in… once your desperate you will welcome the relief no matter who brings it to you.. like a pied piper you are lulled to follow their tune…

  14. George, why did inciting violence (this time in context of voting) become such an integral part of the R’s business model? Best, Mike

  15. Knowing Kamala personally from when she was in Southern California, I am concerned about the direction of the country. She will be a puppet for others in the DNC.

    And unless Trump gets the ball rolling on a Hillary indictment, don’t count her out. Evil never really dies…

    • Hahah, it’s so sweet that you are concerned for the direction of this country!!!

      Don’t you wish the DEMOCRAT party could start rolling the indictments on Hillary and Biden; I mean what good are they? I mean don’t they work for the American sheeple?

      And if you think Commie Harris is going to be dancing to those strings….watch Pelosi, Schumer, and Feinstein.

      I would say that the FBI/CIA/NSA/CCP/Mossad/French Connection/Russia/Ukraine/you name it are the WINNER of this 2020 Hunter Biden ERECTION!!!

    • With Borak & Rudy plus Hunter & Pops in the ratings, my wager is on Mrs. C. easing comfortably into a grandmotherly Whistler’s Mother role. A Kamala – Chelsea ticket could go a long way?

  16. It ain’t over yet. Wait until the final result, the voting canvass and, of course, the legal wrangling. Then, too, there’s the electoral college. Weren’t there 4 or 5 faithless electors in 2016?

  17. Comrades,

    The Hong Kong Police facebook page has been updated with text, facebook messaging app, and email contacts in support of the Beijing-imposed national security law. Whistleblowers are invited to send in anonymously audio and video files of those involved in “secession, subversion, and collusion with foreign forces” activity. No rewards are offered.

  18. It’s incredible to know we have the technology to build self driven vehicles That can miniver safely without much human assistance, and can pick out a molecule on a planet billions of light years away from us, but can’t seem to find a cure for the common cold or a voting process that’s legit.

    When everyone wanted to talk about Covid-19 and sifted through all the discrepancies, who had time to listen to the potential takeover of socialism / communism? Media kept folks mighty busy worrying about grandma potentially dying.
    Well, at least tuberculosis has (disappeared?)

    God, what a world this is.

  19. Hat dam these Democrats/D.Sers/ClownsInAction ARE Stupid.

    Mr George – can you -O – great Snifferouter of Bullshit shed some coherent light on how creepy slo bribem can have Thousands of MOAR Votes than the Demonratic Senators from each State ? How is that possible ohh great one?

    That aint fish I be smelling..
    ..is that a wiff of lib. I smell? dam thats nasty.

    • can you imagine how miserable this could be if they had to check the validity of every single mailed in ballot. to make sure every one that filled out one of those ballots was a registered voter or a live registered voter.. OMG….. this election nightmare could go on for months..
      bow out gracefully.. congratulate the new administration. then walk away build your library or monument.. Do like all the other presidents.. every incoming president has a photo taken in the white house as they change administrations as they walk down the beautiful sunny walkway with all the windows.. the friendly pat on the back and the smiling faces.. ( the out going administration is basically saying tag your it buddy ) I love that tag your it photo and every president has one taken LOL.. at this point that is what I think needs to be done.. pass the mess on to the next one…

  20. nothing like a FED meeting .. all those old flation currency stories .. and of course zero .. the offshore yuan is volatile but the domestic one keeps their slaves going .. nobody ever talks of the 2 yuan rates. much more concerned with trivia

  21. President 4 Life Xi must be smiling like the butcher’s dog (quote courtesy of Pittsburgh Penguins HOF broadcaster Mike Lang). Ure China shopping list is right as the rain, George. Xi is looking to permanently cement his place in Chinese history. Hong Kong, Taiwan, the S. China Sea, parts of the Himalayas, Japan’s Senkaku Islands and pumping up N. Korea’s military puppet regime are all easier acquisition targets with America soon to be helmed by a Biden administration. A few of us are seasoned enough to remember Reagan’s diplomacy toward Iran’s Revolutionary Guard illegally holding U.S. diplomats as hostages. Carter failed to secure their release and Ronnie laid down the law. Iran backed off at warp speed literally the moment Reagan was sworn in. I expect Xi to school Biden in similar but reverse psychology fashion. The Pacific economies will ultimately shrink away from the dollar and gravitate to the Chinese Yaun. Then, expect the international trade dominoes to begin to fall like Northern paper company pine trees.

  22. Republicans need to grow a pair and throw that damn 25th amendment in the orange baboons face. His press conference this afternoon was a baseless rant of lies and desperation. I have never been more ashamed to be an American than at that moment. Trump calls the mail-in votes fraud and cheating in Georgia and Pennsylvania, but OH…It’s OK in Arizona, where he is gaining ground because of the same process. What a d#ck. Here’s the deal..In Ohio, they did the mail-in ballots first and early and Biden had an early lead. Do you hear the Biden camp crying foul because Trump took the state later when all the votes were counted. The thing is…ALl states had mail in voting…Some counted early, some counted late. They are all legal. Hell, if Arizona is legal if Trump win…which it will be..then you have to say the same if Biden wins in Georgia. Trump likes to blame the Democrat Governors for cheating, but both Arizona and Georgia are run by GOP governors. If he loses in both, what’s his excuse then? You can’t blame Michigan and Pennsylvania without questioning North Carolina, Arizona and Georgia and every other state for that matter. I doubt if any judge will even entertain it anyway…I just wanted to rant.

    • it was the most pathetic and harmful speech by any potus ever. and from behind the great seal. the standing of the US around the world cracked like the liberty bell.

      trump knew it was wrong so he refused to take a single question.

  23. Yeah how about all the down ballot races all settled, but we still diggin up Biden votes . In my rural backwater all the contests were on the same page.

    • Nobody is digging up ballots. They all come in at different times. When you order Amazon products on the same day, At different times of the day. do they all come to your door at the same time? No..different carriers, traffic, logistical back-ups make it impossible for that to happen. When they do come…they are are stored in other rooms…NOT in the room where they count ballots…They count in batches. When one batch is finished they wheel in another batch. Trump is touting a video where an outsider saw this happening and all it was was a new batch…not ballots they just found. America can now get back to normal, because when this is all over…Biden will have won in a landslide…306 Electoral votes to 213…With apologies not Elvis Costello…we all need more …Peace, Love and Understanding

  24. Comrades,

    The anecdotal accounts I am seeing suggest the democrats had the support of at least 134 billionaires while the republicans were backed by 101. Their democracy is alive and well?

    As for the little people, look across the pond – the Forty-Shilling Freehold Act of 1430 amended in 1712 and 1832 still has half of England owned by 0.06% of the population. Why do little people keep doing the same thing?

    Remember Ure advice:
    “It doesn’t matter who gets in.
    It doesn’t matter who gets in.
    It doesn’t matter who gets in.
    It doesn’t matter who…………”

  25. After reading todays comments think I will just go off and eat worms. Big ones, little ones, fat ones, skinny one and all in between. We are all doomed and I can hear the shoveling of coal.

  26. Once when I was really agonizing over prospects for a decent retirement, my brother stepped in to cheer me up, saying “well, maybe you won’t live that long”.
    So, for those of G_____’s family of readers who are feeling hopeless over things that may come to pass, cheer up brothers and sisters, you may not live that long. And may you pass with your boots on, riding tall in the saddle.

    • Nah – I just feel blesses to be living through historic times. I’ve always felt I missed out not living through WWII.


    • N; you are in your NINETIES; obviously your brother FAILED in his POLL predictions for you!

      If DEAGLE is correct, they will cull 100 plus million Americans in the next 4 years; so watch out, you might be one of the culled.

      Kinda fancy that you have missed the Crap-19 virus sitting in your ivory towaw in New York City.

      • Nope. Nowhere near that age, although I feel like it this week. G____ has a contingent of 90+ readers like Mr. B. I do like to hear from them.
        100 million souls is a large round number; large round numbers are always scary.

    • I haven’t feared for myself for some time. My kids (and their kids) are going to have to deal with this. The best I can do is give them the tools and try to feed them knowledge. They are totally responsible for application, and for developing common sense. IF they do, they might live to see their grandchildren, if not, my DNA-strain ends. Either way, it’s beyond my control.

  27. George question . all your nobel lauriette economics . I collect indigenous art . aboriginal . one of the most fascinating beautiful cultures on earth . 60000 years ago . so smart and intelligent compared to white fellas . now 15 years ago an Emily was 250000 AUD a rover Thomas 800000 AUD . why now is an Emily kynarre 50000 and a rover Thomas 40000.. please all answers considered

    • Why does silver or gold go up or down in value.. not long ago a six pack of angel soft toilet paper had a value of roughly 170.00..
      Now my perspective is..
      It’s only value is if..its seen as valuable..
      And if there aren’t any collectors its value adjusts accordingly.

      In the early 18 hundreds and the depression during the gold rush a cup of water was valued at the cost of three ounces if gold.
      A meal hot bath and getting laid ten dollars..
      It’s all in perspective.. many artists died penniless..

  28. roll em up!!! let em roll !! and what will it be 500 ! 1000! or 2000! who bets who bets top odds robodow

  29. Hey George. You should take a look at the Thunderbolts website. Interesting take on universal mechanics from the standpoint of a plasma physicist. They have some interesting videos.

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