Next Week: Reality Arrives

Brace For it…

We are not fearful of “the Future.”  But, numerous “things come due” next week.  The list is impressive and it’s our focus this morning.

Because in order to profit in markets, it’s useful to have some idea of “what’s out there.”  Guess the future right and picking winning stocks is a whole hell of a lot easier.

As we have long-held:  There are two kinds of Future.  There is God’s – and no one will know the hour, comes like a “thief in the night.”  But the vast majority of Future is procedural.

Many “events” in Life that are like ‘squeezing a balloon.’  When you squeeze a partly filled balloon in your fist, it “pops out” somewhere else.  Cause effect, decision-result…

Human invention, decision-making, plans, and schemes all work like that.  Best laid plans of mice…and all that!

Here’s our list of things to be tracking into the near futuresphere:

The Vote:  Biden’s Nearly There

Pennsylvania has been a “side show.”  Although there will no doubt be questionable ballots found, our view since Wednesday has been that a likely path for Biden exists to the White House via Nevada and Arizona.

Already, the Associated Press is calling it this way, as well.  Citing here a Biden count of 264 Electoral Votes.  Since we consider Las Vegas a strong labor and immigrant population leaning left, we figure when those results are update (expected around 11-12 today Eastern time), Biden will have his chance to call victory.  Markets may turn down…hard.

Axios makes an interesting observation as well:  Noting that counties which had the biggest Coronavirus outbreaks tended to be Trump supporters.

More to the point, though, as you can see on the Politico map over here, either a win in Nevada OR Georgia would “put it away” for Biden.


One thing this election cycle has set up is the “usual” American monetization answer to all social problems.

Which translates today as “Global Riot Control System Market Report 2020-2025: Focus on Irritants, Lacrimators and Tear Gases –

Yes, that’s right:  Name one other economic system in the world where the small investor can lay a bet on the growth of social disorder?

It’s genius – or Dr. (Julius) No.  Not sure which…

Election Investor Takeaways

There are two major “learnings” to be extracted from the past six-months of national mania.

First:  The Election is over.  Sure, Trump is throwing teams of lawyers at the problem of not winning, but we can see future historians writing Trump was good on policies (which we supported- and still do), but torpedoed by his mercurial temperament which is manic to say the least.

You may not need examples of it, but we think these headlines sum up the loss:

The reason for pointing out the “pending reality” is that it is not what a lot of our readers were hoping for.  But now, since the election is in the hands of lawyers and courts, we need to be prepared – and perhaps quickly – for there to be a major sea-state change.

We figure Trump will lose most of his election lawsuits for the same reason Hillary Clinton is still free:  There’s the matter of evidence.

Second point, following from this:  Investors who have big profits this year, may which to pay very close attention to Thursday’s Fed guidance and dial-in the possibility that the Senate could be (nearly?) a toss-up.  In which case a change in long-term gains next year becomes possible.  That – as we have warned – has the potential to drive this market down to the 3,000 level.

The vision of Kamala casting a deciding Senate vote is pretty clear in future.

The Fed’s Warning

Since (as we predicted) there was no second economic stimulus ahead of the election, there is almost no chance of one now until at least February of next year.  Deals take time and no one’s dealing till the dust (dirt, then) settles.

After the FOMC met this week, the KEY WARNING in their statement  Thursday was this:

“The path of the economy will depend significantly on the course of the virus. The ongoing public health crisis will continue to weigh on economic activity, employment, and inflation in the near term, and poses considerable risks to the economic outlook over the medium term.”

Before we go sizing that up, however, two PiP’s (points-in-passing):

First, the creation of money has been HUGE.  Here’s the latest H.6 Money Stocks view:

Secondly:  We believe that the entire market rally from the March lows – where the Fed was forced to print like crazy – has been phoney.

In the sense that while the rally numbers are real, there has been no (or little) actual recovery on a purchasing power parity basis among big companies. Prices may be high, but unit volumes tell a different tale.

You see it between-the-lines in stories like “Disney Recovers 45% But Will Not Reach Its Pre-Covid Level Anytime Soon.  And it’s a worldwide phenomenon as China’s  Xi Eyes Sub-5% Growth Rate in New Vision for Chinese Economy.

China is starting to “need a war.”  Taiwan in January, days after the Inaugural for Biden?

CV-19: Risks and Outlook

With son G2 back at his home fire department in eastern Washington, after working Covid surveillance on the East Troublesome fire, we note that the global case count is quickly coming up on the 50-million case mark.

That milestone  is probable next week.  We’re at 48.8-million cases (and 1.235-million deaths) as of today.  This as “US surpasses 100K cases in a day again; Massachusetts restrictions begin; Idaho hospitals running out of space.”

Economic impacts will necessarily continue; cause and effect again.  Sorry, but we don’t expect the Biden presidency will bring any more reliable management of the pandemic to the table.  Look at Europe for proof.

Employment Data

Stock futures were already pointing down 200 on the Dow and 30-ish on the S&P when the federal jobs report numbers posted.  

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 638,000 in October, and the unemployment rate declined to 6.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. These improvements in the labor market reflect the continued resumption of economic activity that had been curtailed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and efforts to contain it. In October, notable job gains occurred in leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, retail trade, and construction. Employment in government declined.”

The way we tear into this, the two main measures to form decision-making around are the Total number of people Employed.  

That figure today is:  149,806,000 employed.   And that compares with 147,563,000.  So a big gain of 2,243,000 (2.2+ million) from September to October.  But a year ago, the number of people working was 158,544,000 so still down almost 10-million actually working.

That, naturally, ripples into lower spending, lower sales (unit volumes, though not necessarily prices paid) and shortfalls in government tax revenues.  One more reason to be wary of the future of preferential gains rates in 2021.

The Other key number is “How Many Jobs were Made-up?”  I’m sure someone in Labor won’t be pleased that we speak so directly.  But IRL *(in real life) people “make up” lies.  In government, there are carefully extruded “statistical inferences…”

We see this all over the place – keep an eye out for it.  Alan Greenspan was my favorite “wordsmith.”  He was fond of speaking of the Fed in the “royal We” manner.  And using phrases like “…in our judgment…”  Which, I shit you not, means guess.

The “Guess” at new jobs is in the CES Birth-Death Model which accounted for only 344,000 of the 2.2+ million gained.  Which is likely a good estimate, judgment, or guess.

Re-Selling:  Alarmist’s Due

With the election results almost in pocket – though not the one we were pulling for – it figures the media will have to return to tilling what little news there is.  So that will me mining the “click-bait numbers” like “gender” “climate” and “race.”

That’s only a theory until we go out hitting the search engines.  Where my sampling found stories like:

In sales and marketing terms, we look at this as “seeding the market” – where you lay some groundwork ahead of a product introduction in order to have the new “value proposition” more readily accepted.

Feel better?  Sure, you have more value than being just a “click bait” consumer…but how much more?

Speaking of Climate Though

News contributor Linda in Houston spied this as something to be thinking about:  “Famed luxury carmaker Bentley to go all electric by 2030…

We’re not sure such luxuries will survive what we have penciled in a 27-year global war breaking out between now and then.  Besides, thanks to Coronavirus our old 2005 Lexus is still running like a top.  (knock on wood!)  We drive less than 3,000 miles a year now.  In fact, might only be 1,500 miles this year(!).

I offered to buy Elaine a Corvette for her birthday and she turned it down.  “Roads out here in the Outback are too rough…I’d never put a Corvette on them…”

“Well, how about a Caterpillar D-9 with a rock-ripper on it, dear?  A little less stylish, but you make your own road…6-way blade, right?”

(Her eyes rolled…) Just trying to be helpful, though.  (Who me?  Selfish?)

Weathering the Gulf

No telling which way Eta will turn – for sure- when it gets up into the Keys this coming week.  But, if I were in Louisiana, I wouldn’t be putting away the sand bags yet…,

A lot will depend on cold air masses moving southover CONUS.

And, wouldn’t you know?  An early winter storm will blast through the west this weekend.

Around the Ranch:  Machines Making Machines

A dual-purpose report in our Sunday “Making” section.   I’ve written up an  Ender 3 build companion  for that will also appear on our site.

3D printing is a whole new frontier…and if you’re over 60, you may not be “comfortable” taking it on.  That’s why the notes on building one.

Part of the second piece was done Friday.  And here’s how it looked:

What’s so cool about 3D printing is that we are really living in an age of Sci-Fi comes to life. 

Because this is a picture of a machine (3D printer) making new “parts for itself.”  That’s an arm I just printed that holds the filament coming off the spool so the feed is better into the extruder drive.

The shocker here is how many products can – when we evolve it all – be emailed instead of sold as hard-goods at the store.  When you can print a wastebasket, parts bins, or other items (Disney sign clones, for example), it’s only a small leap to printing food.

Since we’re in our 70’s, seems to us one of the best ways to “stay young” is to be (act) that way.  People who get stuck in their ways get stuck in the ground.

Grab the future firmly as long as you can hold onto it.  Too much fun to be had on this side of the lawn, for us leave for a long time, thanks.

Write when you get rich,


97 thoughts on “Next Week: Reality Arrives”

  1. 11/11/20 – Temp. Marker..

    evidence ? U say ..Dept. of Homeland Security, in charge of ALL mail in Ballots Issuance.
    Due understand Issuance (under control) – How would U Control the Issuance of Ballots To Insure the Integrity of the Mail In Ballot “vote harvesting operation” System????
    Why U would prolly “hide” a “watermark” on all Legit Mail In Ballots. Simply Scanning Device will ID any and all Fraudulent Ballots.

    There was a HUGE Sting operation in placethis Election, and it looks like they Caught some Big rats..

    When the smoke clears – and the Mail IN Fraud is Exposed, Fraudulent Votes Nullified, then the Red Kahunha will be apparent for all to see – “Book em Dano!” -its Kowabunga Time. – Kowabunga!

    • “When the smoke clears – and the Mail IN Fraud is Exposed,”

      I don’t think it will ever happen…just like that hard drive filled with acts of corruption and illegal activities.and unsecured T/S documents …. it’s gone his disgusting actions justified and the evidence buried the russians did it..fake news and we learn to live with it.
      The election was determined a year ago.. where I think DJT made his mistake was by not dancing the DC two step or the beltway hustle..if he had caved just a little bit .. the results could have been different.
      It is what it is we live with it..

      • there may be millions who won’t ‘live with it’ anymore.
        what will it take until you have had enough? do you have friends that are so full of shit all the time that you don’t bring them close to your life? or do you lovingly tell them what you observe? and give them a chance to be honest?
        if you just suck it up and listen and silently grumble and wait fior the next load to drop, then I guess you get the social life you deserve.
        counter-revolutions do happen. sadly, they have a history of not being kind.
        Sholzenitzen said if they had just waited in the dark for those who came for them and bashed them with clubs and shovels, in all likelihood they would have had some second thoughts. instead, they just went to the Gulags. it’s always a choice between lives.
        be blessed we have always had the 2nd… amendment of course.
        be patient grasshopper. the best trap is the one you can spring only when the prey is deep inside.
        thank God DJT didn’t dance to the tune. The man has probably got an invisible wheel barrow to haul around those giant gold balls. HEAVY.

      • “there may be millions who won’t ‘live with it’ anymore.”
        Good thought Barry, but where would you go..?
        God that is a deep subject.. how does a person get swayed to allow the wolf to control them.. how does a bully get a group of guys to follow him..

        take the economy.. and how it is manipulated.. we are all sold the emperors new cloths and we accept it.. we didn’t have to but we did.. I have a diary of a farmer that was asked to go to Russia to help teach the farmers how to farm the modern American way.. the people were starving.. it was the entrance and the message that the Bolsheviks made..
        the illusion sold to the ones hurting.. .. that help was on the way..
        Adolph Hitler’s second book goes into that.. to gain the support of the people.. once they have the support of the people their actions are sanctioned.. take the old saying.. LET THEM EAT CAKE.. and the results that that comment had on the average daily workers life and opinion….
        the people didn’t want to hide in the shadows and bonk someone with their rake.
        “Sholzenitzen said if they had just waited in the dark for those who came for them and bashed them with clubs and shovels, in all likelihood they would have had some second thoughts.”.
        lets think about that one for a little bit…
        what was the picture painted to the people?
        how do you go about gaining support to treat people like they are lower than animals…or have no self worth..
        being logical a person doesn’t put another in that category right away..
        For an example the Holocaust did not begin with actions, it began years earlier with Words.
        first they had to appeal to the fears and hatreds that the people felt they are being wronged by the government. you can see that happening on the television , on the internet and in the writings of almost every publication out there…today..
        first they would Bring up the days of historical pride and the relief to the situation the people were living through. ours is the rising cost of essentials.. listening to the political speeches.. doesn’t that sound familiar?
        adolph had portraited himself a view as an Outsider with the only goal in mind was he was willing to help relieve the struggles they were going through.. ( my father told me a story about Al Capone and how he got the support of the community was by having the boys drop boxes of food off at the doorsteps of homes with children.. starting the school lunch program and the morning milk at the schools.. he gave food at the soup lines.. today we have food stamps and approximately one in two wage earners are on them before covid..)
        then there’s advertising. Use contemporary advertising to convey your messages over and over again to the public. if it is heard enough people tend to believe it.. today all of mass media is programed to say the same thing over and over again.. the last three years have been nonstop twenty four seven…Repeat,Repeat, eventually the message sinks in and the people believe it..
        change the view of the Intellectuals in society making them take on a more sinister view to the people for questioning the messages being put out..
        disenfranchise the common wage earner where the goal is not to gain 100% of minds, but 100% of Emotions – so convince them of the vision, and the mind eventually surrenders to its logic without questioning the methods needed to gain the goals. we see this happening today to.. the same it did back then..
        Ethics, legitimacy and even religious decency can be ‘Back-burnered’ to gain their stance in society.. notice how a hard drive vanished legitimized and all the actions sanctioned. that way bigotry, racism, xenophobia and sexism ,vile deviant and criminal actions simply becomes ‘an ends to a means.. putting morals, religious beliefs and ethics aside we all think bad things from time to time.. all the Germans did was take it to the street.. we see the same thing happening now..have BLM and Antifa or allowing illegal immigrants enter the country and gain our support .. and look how it all has been legitimized..
        who do you paint as the Scapegoat to rally against. you don’t hear about ted and mary and their three kids.. you hear about.. then give them a negative pet name.. damned Jews.. or those Jap’s that hoe or whatever name you place on those individuals.. they cease to be themselves. giving them the pet names tends to desensitize the people to the appearance of the individual and they loose their individuality.. your not going after ted or mary or maybe dave etc.. your after that dirty.. fill in the blanks
        Portray them as dangerous, criminal, and even sub-human. After all, who could trust such people with that name? Why risk it? Better to round them all up and deport them!
        push a patriotic view of their actions….
        that is how bullies work and how it is used to control the people gain their support then get them to back the actions they choose to use..

      • Perhaps, but for me and millions of other red voters this will spell the end of our participation both from a voting and financial standpoint. Why the F*#K vote if it is just way to con the sheeple out of doughnation money. Save yer money, defund the crooks and go about your business without wasting psychic energy on the Kabuki fraudsters. Watching them grovel for money could be entertainment and enlightenment.
        Peace out

      • “Rick
        November 6, 2020 at 12:48
        Perhaps, but for me and millions of other red voters this will spell the end of our participation both from a voting and financial standpoint. Why the F*#K vote if it is just way to con the sheeple out of doughnation money. ”

        Unfortunately.. Its not about donation money Rick.. its a business model.. its about Theft and Control…
        If we go in and blast the hell out of syria.. it isn’t about the poor people.. the killing. raping. maiming. Its about gaining control over something and enslaving the people..
        the same way with BLM and Antifa.. you don’t think the person that donated a billion dollars to those did it for non violence.. if that was true why offer people five grand to break a window or steal something.. or ten grand to start a violent event..
        the same thing could have been achieved using non violent measures easily.. they pick the poorest of the population in the poorest communities where tensions are already high then go there.. you didn’t wee any riots and looting in beverly hills.. nope not one.. but those are the targets.. in Germany it was the same thing.. picked the poorest of the population got their sentiments then put the blame and stole what.. not a tin cup.. but paintings jewelry gold silver.. bank accounts.. that is how it was done though.. they got the sentiments of the poor hourly wage earner that has to juggle to buy a package of hot dogs..
        Now I am just some low wage hokum in the middle of nowhere with nothing .. that likes to read.. so I might be totally wrong.. in all this abstract mess I see a pattern and a possible end goal.. the fact that it all hits real close to past stories of what I have read is another matter where I could be interpreting the whole thing I am reading and seeing on television totally wrong.

      • the other thing to consider Barry is ..
        This was an event that everyone had thought could come up.. or it was a planned event.. the USA bought how many billions of rounds of ammo seven years ago…

        and hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel.. not to mention food storage in the hundreds of thousands of ton’s.. I don’t know if they are planning something but.. if there was fifty thousand of rounds per citizen .. not to mention big munitions.. a club or a rake wouldn’t cut it..

    • to hear Rudy say ‘you don’t think we were that stupid’ and know this has been set up with FISA in 2017, and watchers in 2018 where fraud was big enough to show where it was worth concentrated watching, then you might think there were a lot of deep secret things going on in those places… hidden cameras installed, FISA legal means to prevent foreign interference (envelopes from our friends in China filled with counterfit ballots found in Atlanta as one) based on an EO issued in 2018, and then the possible secret watermarking to exactly show the fakes, and finally the armed military gathering evidence.
      if correct, there will be hell to pay, and possibly the hundreds of thousands of sealed federal indictments will be opened. sort of like the long setups to catch RICO guys and marked money. is the Storm coming. or maybe it’s old Sol this week
      ramping up the huge sunspot that whacked the 10M stuff in the Pacific and OZ. it feels like something big is comin’ down.
      I don’t usually disparage others, but any citizen who could rationally vote for a bumbling, yelling, corrupt guy and his screeching fake smile/laugh token ‘black’ woman has lost all sense of country and self. if half of voting Americans really are this stupid, then my children will face things I never would wish on anyone.
      Me… a 1946’r, ten months after Pop got home from the Pacific theater. Me now, getting ready to become Oceanic ASAP. Calling the 75% of the Earth mine, a place far from the obvious insanity of dirt living, seems a really good choice. I’ll take what Neptune gives me before submitting to Moloch and Balaal.

  2. “It’s genius – or Dr. (Julius)”

    I am sure you meant Dr. Seuss
    “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
    The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.
    You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!
    From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.”

    • Curious..
      Carmel, cheese, kettle,or just movie theatre…

      I munching on kettle corn myself..

  3. I’m thinking that the only thing that could drive the DOW down to 3000 would be to have millions of Americans dying from a mutation of the virus for which no vaccine works.If the people would only trust the science of DAILY quercetin,zinc,goldenseal,D3,DHEA,astaxathin,and melatonin,the virus would be of little concern to them.It’s not our fault if they refuse to listen.They can wash their hands all they want, but late at night when they’re sleepin’ COVID will come a creepin’ all around.

  4. “The vision of Kamala casting a deciding Senate vote is pretty ”

    For some reason I am not concerned about Kamala casting a deciding vote.. as for Kamala, I don’t get the feeling that she is being deceptive in what she says .. I personally think she votes in things she feels is the right thing to do..

    • Come on, a police chief now supporting de funding police along with BLM. She is a political animal who does not seem to have any core values or ethics (see sleeping her way up with mayor Willy). You think she really believes, police are out hunting black people and killing them? She is to dumb to understand the problem is with criminals not following simple police directions and then fighting or running.

      Not saying she is any better or worse then most of them. But don’t put your blinders on about who all those people really are.

  5. Next week Hell, it’s here now. We are getting exactly what we “supposedly” voted for and desereve. Until people realize they have been brain raped they will continue to happily stand in line for their shit sandwiches.

    • “Until people realize they have been brain raped”

      As George always says.. everything is a business model Jim… and this is to..
      by the release of the hard drive we know what the key elements are.. and that is money and power.. more money and free access to deviant activities… and it doesn’t matter what is done to get any of it and the fact that is has all been deemed fake news and justified actions is the scary part and the power over the people and the system in place for our safety….
      Now as president they have to sell the illusion that they are here for the citizens…. what has been done in past history with previous leaders of other countries and what maneuvers they did to achieve their goals and how will this presidency play out according to actions from past leaders…
      First they have to get the support of the hourly wage earners.. being totally honest at the end of the day.. in my class of society all we want to do is put three squares on the table be able to pay our rent and utilities and maybe go out once a month .. to have a little time with the wife or girlfriend for leisure activities and connect with the kids.. Once they have that.. they can move.. so my guess is they will come out on top as the good guy the supporter of the people.. then work the system to achieve the goals they want..
      the prediction is.. He will come at a time of a general apostasy, deceive people with signs and wonders to gain their support…
      What is really funny about all of this is it was all avoidable.. instead of outsourcing jobs.. industry could have stayed right where it was.. make a little less profit still gain and make sure.. like past industrialists did take care of their employee’s needs give them a feeling of security and self worth.. let them retain their dignity and pride in what they did.. promote education instead of limiting education.. instead greet took over and the ME generation took over and the implementation of the modern social programs.. forcing the hourly wage earner to seek out these programs to survive and allow them to exist..
      of course this is just my interpretation of what I have seen transpire..

  6. Looks like your slide to the sleezy side of the political spectrum has been completed with this post. Using main stream media headlines to validate your point is laughable . No voter fraud, Covid 19 is a real pandemic, hard to support these ideas
    with a IQ of over 80. It’s been a good run but this kind of crap I can get from any big newspaper Good luck out there in the woods.

  7. And the only thing missing on the ballot was change,for there were no boxes to mark for that, so regardless of who wins the brass ring things will stay the same,they will keep on funding wall street while main street will continue to board up its business’s,the infrastructure will continue to rot for there’s no profit in that,we will continue to pick at Russia and China trying to bring them down to our level,so its a win-win for those who rule us as intended.!!!

  8. I’m a lousy chess-player. Never could master it.
    But my chess teacher (a fellow high school “physics geek) gave me an important key. “Always ask, ‘What comes next?'” And then ask, what comes after that? And so on…

    Seems obvious, but like many profound truths, the simplicity of it fools one into too-easily dismissing it.

    So: “What comes next?”

    In no special order:

    1) President Biden. (A temp job)

    2) The riots will stop. Immediately.
    (No need for them now.)

    3) After a properly respectful period, and after a ration of sad and reluctant Recognition Of Reality, Joe will retire.

    4) President Of The United States Kamala Harris.
    (Go ahead — stare it right it the face with awe; or in many cases, boundless joy.).) this point the Crystal grows dim, but the times should be tempestuous with an adventuresome and unrestrained China. (Do you think Joe or Kamala will “defend” Taiwan?)

    Open borders, essentially, and the “packing” of the electorate with millions of Sudden Citizens, reliable Left voters for the next couple of decades, and the flood of newbies over the open borders. Should guarantee single party rule for a while.

    Rapidly accelerated automation as paying manufacturing wages becomes untenable in the evolving busines tax structure.

    Shortages of electricity as fracking is stopped, and tens of thousands of new electric “green” cars begin a huge new suck on the grid’s power-tit. (You DO have a new “smart” digitized power meter on your house now, right? One, like mine, that allows for selective remote control during overloads?)

    A bulletproof press and info-distribution set of regulated networks run for our own good and for peace keeping — filtering out any disturbing and irrational Wrong Thinking — like yours, if it lies outside the approved latitudes, and might cause Trouble. “Goodfact is better for the people than Truefact.”

    Internal Travel Documents — CoVid vaccine certificate, social credit rating, and properly permitted for essential travel so as to not waste energy. (Internal Passport)

    …and so much more for a Safe, Just, and Green America.

    After four years of this, Trump might just run again, IF any electoral reforms have happened. Only drawback is, the reforms will need to be created and approved by the very folks who enjoy things as they are now.


    • William,
      I actually agree with most of what you said..A couple of additional thoughts.
      1. Biden will go the distance
      2. Most riots were intended to send a message to Trump and were a message to him. My concern is that the alt right will riot now. As I was getting coffee this morning….In my quiet, upscale bedroom community in the very blue Silicon Valley, I was surprised to see a caravan of Hate filled, Trump flag waving trucks, With music blaring, middle fingers flying and eggs being thrown down one of our main streets. The cops had trouble breaking it up, but they all sped off and probably terrorized the next town. It has started. Trump sort of Gabe them permission…Not directly…kind of like playing a Beatles song backwards. Idiots will interpret to their own agenda.
      3. Joe will be respectful and that will embolden him to repair America and he will not retire.
      4. While Kamala will be the most active VP in history, she will do it the right way and gear up for 2024. I personally have met Kamala a few times…she would recognize my face, but not my name…but she left an impression of a conservative prosecutor (Which most prosecutor’s are) with a liberal side. It’s a good mix…

      • So when liberals protest, they are peaceful, even though they almost always turn to looting and rioting, in their own democratic run cities. But if a Trump supporter protests they are hate filled? I don’t like to see any property damaged, but are really equating throwing eggs with throwing bricks and fire bombs? I don’t think Biden can repair anything, his supporters are continuing to move left. We have 1/2 of the country that wants the government to provide them their every want, by stealing it from the other half.

        How do you know they are hate filled? I cannot recall any Trump rally turning into a riot or people being harmed? That is part of our major differences, if anyone disagrees with liberal policies, then they are hate filled racists, who are just to dumb to know know whats good for them.

        That attitude is exactly why Biden will not repair anything. We have lost the ability to see each other a free individuals and should treat people with respect even when they disagree. Try to think of a handful of situations recently where Trump supporters were given any kind of respect by the media or Democratic candidates.

      • You’re on something. Please shsre with the class. Either that or you’re just a rich moron. 0 blessings.

      • Joe Dish
        Many of the protesters during black lives matters were peaceful, but mob rule brings out the bad actors and in more than one case, there were alt righters out there doing bad deeds to make the protestors look bad. To be fair, there were many idiots on the left too that were ruining the whole purpose of the protest. There is no excuse for rioting, violence of any kind and chaos on either side and both should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

        The little parade I experienced this morning were being hateful, knowing fully that they were in bright blue country. But…to be fait…It was later discovered that they were a small group of the thousands of construction workers that are working on the hundreds of big rise to mid rise projects that are being built here in the mid peninsula. A lot of those workers commute from the Central Valley from Stockton to Modesto, which historically is mostly Red country. This particular group decided to make a pit stop in the many upscale main streets that are within a 2 mile radius of each other. The bulk of the construction workers are huge contributors to the economy here during the day and most are wonderful, wonderful people. This particular group of about 25 people and 8 trucks were the same bad actors I referred to in the last paragraph that affect the perception of the rest of the amazing workers that didn’t or wouldn’t participate in such a hateful display of hubris. The things they were yelling were extremely crude, childish and personally, I just laughed at how stupid they were. I felt sorry for them. How did they get this way?

        I could say the exact same thing about the violators of the leftist protests as well. Any type of violence is disgusting…I truly think that a kinder, softer and grandfatherly voice at the top can help stop this vitriol once and for all. My fear is that Trump will ramp it up in some way behind the scenes. I hope Twitter does indeed ban him as is being discussed on message boards throughout the Valley.

    • It would be interesting to see how our military voted. Trump claims he has the support of the military, but after calling fallen soldiers losers and saying that he is smarter than our own Generals, Trump may have cooked his own goose. All you Trump supporters must realize…if only your man crush had kept his damn mouth shut, you would have had 4 more years of this goon. Of course, if he had kept his mouth Shut and Twitter thumbs Disabled, I and others would have been more tolerable of him as well. He is his own worst enemy. I have said this all along…he just wants to start Trump TV with Steve Brannon and Bill Shine…He will recruit Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham as his prime time vitriolic hosts. He had always had a live hate relationship with The Murdoch sons…This will be his retaliation.

      Back to the military thing…Bottom line, many military votes have already been counted and most of those were in California, Washington, Virginia, South Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. Those races are pretty much over.

      • You could hope many of the military “grunts” would be pretty happy that there was no new military actions under Trump. Hopefully he can continue to shut down those “interventions” and return our war fighters home. Of course that very well could make generals and the industrial complex mad, as they need their budgets and influence to keep growing. I was happy to see additional peace treaties in the middle east. Hopefully if Biden, he can continue on that path, but that has not been our recent history with Presidents that put our young men and women in harms way.

  9. George

    “3D printing is a whole new frontier…and if you’re over 60, you may not be “comfortable” taking it on. That’s why the notes on building one.”

    The problem is not being over 60 it’s the crappy technical literature that is shipped with the machines!

    Having done machine design, test procedures and manufacturing plans to build flight hardware I understand the need for clear and informative written instructions.

    In the last few months I have been working on a project to build a custom amplifier for a unique purpose. I am using a HIGH POWER transistor in the final sage of this unit. While I have plenty of experience using transistors I have never used a high power transistor before. They are built differently than a regular transistor and work differently. They only switch on and off. Their designed to be used in switch mode power supplies. It turns out that they require a lot more base current than a normal transistor. About 1/5 of collector current.

    I only found this out recently while looking up specifications on a MOSFET part I was considering using which is a completely different type of transistor from the one I am using. NONE of the data for my part mentioned this!

    None of the hundreds of pages of AP Notes or other industry literature on High Power Transistors mentioned this!

    This is the problem in electronics and other industries as they assume that you know how the technology works and don’t bother to provide tutorials for the new comer so they can get up to speed using their products.

    This situation on detailed information on how parts work is a stumbling block for those entering the Make It arena. I have no solution other than the judicious use of YouTube and blogs to share information. God knows the industries won’t do it as they are probably run by journalist !

    • Look for 3D printing clubs near you. Maker spaces. You can go talk to people who have already spent thousands of hours (each one of them) learning the ropes. They love sharing. You have to engage. There are literally thousands of people waiting to help you.

      Look for blogs and web sites with active (and polite) forums.

      Look for maker spaces or classes at a local community college, it’s everywhere. At least in my town, you have a mix of electrical, mfg, printing, and art in every maker house.

      That’s not going to replace a college Electrical Engineer degree, which is what gives you insight into how transistors work, but it might help to discover what others use for similar applications.

  10. The and wealth taxes, what of those? Let the squeezing of the balloon begin!

    “The “Overpaid Executive Tax,” will charge any company that does business in San Francisco and has a top executive earning over 100 times more than their “typical local worker,”

    Companies with top executives who fall into this category must pay a 0.1 percent surcharge on their annual business taxes.”

    I think they need to read the first paragraph again. “Does business in San Francisco” is optional, so is not hiring “typical local workers”.

    • “The “Overpaid Executive Tax,” will charge any company that does business in San Francisco and has a top executive earning over 100 times more than their “typical local worker,”

      OMG Philistine…..OTFLMAO … did you just slap Mark because of his liberal stance in politics… LOL

      • Not directly. I’m slapping anyone who thinks S.F. is progressive. This ends up in shitty wages for low workers.

        Californians don’t mind that actually. “sucks to be you” is their unofficial state motto. (aka ‘as long as someone is lower than me I’m good, proper show of occasional hand wringing notwithstanding)

      • “I’m slapping anyone who thinks S.F. is progressive. This ends up in shitty wages for low workers.”

        That’s where I’ve always been Philistine. Just one of low paid workers with shitty wages lol…I had two positions where there was a financial future. But quit over my moral ethics.. one was a govt. Position the path to a good career for a young woman was to give the boss a blowjob, (have you ever been why the vast majority of prostitutes do the majority of their business in cities with a lot of govt. Facilities? ) I didn’t believe it till I seen it..the other was how they treated low income employees to get funding.. so I took on other employment.
        I just decided that instead of one shitty wage position I could work several

  11. Electric Bently? OMG … the world is changing!

    I noted last week that Toyota was coming out this fall with a hybrid Sienna (their full size minivan). 36 mpg for the FWD (front wheel drive) version and 35 mpg for the AWD (all wheel drive) version. As a much of my life mini van owner and also a long time Suburban owner (still have one) I find that gasoline milage for such a large vehicle amazing. BETTER milage than my first car … a 1962 Volkswagon Beetle which had all of 27 horsepower (power was upgraded about 1964 to 40hp!!) That 1962 Volkswagon got 32 mpg … and could actually reach 60 mph “IF” I was going downhill on a steep grade OR had a strong tailwind … and didn’t have any passengers in the car!!

    Anyway that Sienna news got me curious about the current crop of minivans and
    SHOCKING to me … Chrysler’s current Pacifica (a large minivan) can be bought as an Electric/Hybrid . 32 miles from it’s batteries alone before going hybrid at which time it gets 28 on the highway and 22 overall.

    The auto world is going electric more quickly than I realized … now if they could just come out with an electric/hybrid Suburban with the same towing capacity with 50 mile electric range and 35 mpg gasoline economy, of course with 4 WD (4 wheel drive), and do it for $20,000, I would be a happy camper!!

    • “Electric Bently? OMG … the world is changing!”

      I wonder what kind of mileage it will get LOL… the one I almost wanted to buy was four years old and the sales man told me if I offered him fifteen thousand It was mine.. it was four years old and had twenty five thousand actual miles on it.( the cost of the front end brake job. whoever owned it rode the brakes the full twenty five thousand miles LOL). it got two miles to a gallon.. LOL LOL it cost the dealer twenty bucks for the salesman and I to take it for a spin to walmart LOL LOL LOL
      the salesman told me later that they eventually suckered someone into buying it in atlanta LOL… but what a car.. beautiful.. I thought about buying it then setting it out by the road LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL… how in the heck could you afford to own a 267 thousand dollar car.. of course it was used and anyone could have gotten it.. my guess is they suckered some poor young girl working at a fast food joint to buy it.. you’d look good in a bentley LOL LOL LOL ( and they would it was the ultimate in luxury.. had everything )

      • Had a friend who LOVED the Bently’s and Rolls. He had a trick up his sleeve though from when his businesses were in LA (he is now is in FL).

        When he would buy them there was a shop in LA that would pull out the entire RR drive train and electrical system and put in a GM drive train and rewire EVERYTHING. When he picked up his new, to him Rolls or Bently the ONLY trip he would make in it was straight to that shop. Voila … all those RR “dependability issues” were a thing of the past and any shop that could work on a GM big chassie auto could work on his Rolls /Bently mechanicals /electrical system.

        Not sure how that works today with the computer driven engines and suspension systems … but back in those days he said it worked out great for him since like in your example after two or three years of owning one, which would result in the owner being stranded multiple times on the expressway or when one was just going somewhere, people just wanted to DUMP those vehicles so he could pick up one for 10 cents on the dollar that was about 3 years old and only had 20,000 to 30,000 miles on it (or so he said). Somehow it sticks in my mind that back then, early 00’s, he said the shop charged about $20-$25 thousand for the full GM conversion.

    • For my purposes, any vehicle that can’t go at least 300 miles(preferably 500) without refueling or stopping for any other reason is just untenable. Most fuel powered cars can do that today an cost next to nothing on the used market. To my knowledge, there are no electric cars that can do 500 miles without recharging and precious few, if any, that can do 300. I’d love to have a cheap electric car to hack and drive which meets my mission profile, but they don’t yet exist. Unfortunately, today’s “modern” electric cars are complex beyond belief for no real purpose. All I want is reliability, maintainability, economy, towing power, and interior space. I don’t need GPS, integrated “sound systems”, bucket seats(hate them), 50 airbags, on-star, theft prevention, or self-driving when still responsible for crashes, etc. It’s all stupid add-ons that jack up the price and make the vehicle rather useless.

      • We have only put two tanks of gas in our prius prime..sweet car both tanks were planned.. the only negative aspects is the seating is designed for smaller framed po eople. BUT the back seats has a lot of foot room for passengers.. the second negative is when your majorly using only electric power the 12 bolt battery is not topped off.. to make it better would be to add a charger maintainer on the electric plug in..another change I would make would be to put a switch so you could utilize the tesla fast charge stations..

  12. There is no fraud ECD. Get over it. The good guys won. Is it perfect…NO! But it’s not the corrupt Trump. Now you know how I felt as a Staunch Republican my entire life, When Trump won 4 years ago. I am a Republican Never Trumper and I wear that proudly. Here is an interesting twist… I do hear that the 3,000 “illegal votes” that Trump alluded to in his off the rails presser yesterday were in favor of Trump. HMMMM. But then, I saw that on the same alternative web sites you read to give you your unsubstantiated opinions…so…

    • “There is no fraud ECD. Get over it. The good guys won. Is it perfect…”

      Dam it Mark.. I almost choked…

      it is what it is.. we knew a year ago this is how it was going to end.. we accept it and move on…. the old term. suck it up buttercup.. comes to mind..

    • Mark,

      You may be pleased to know that the Lincoln Project’s media expenditures in uncontested Election 2020 jurisdictions didn’t rain on Mrs. Job’s $100 million+ in part towards the California-based “Mark the Gap” ‘vote by mail’ push for the democrat cause. Still, thank you letters may be, ahem, showing up in your letterbox. One looks forward to the next purpose of the Lincoln Project braintrust and the disposition of any surplus funds from the $19 million warchest.

      • I think Lincoln Project did exactly what it intended. They flipped Republicans to vote for Biden. That was their main goal…if they could flip them to vote out their congressperson or Senator, great…but in the end, people made compromises. They kept their conservative Loyalties On the local Level , but voted Out the Orange baboon at the top. That rarely happens. But people were sick and tired of being sick and tired. Therefore, you have what’s going to end up to be Nearly a 7 million vote difference between Biden and Trump.

    • Clueless in Dumpsterpumper City – pay attention Markus- Everything we seeded/hinted at for 4 years – has come to pass – as this Election is slowly showing.

      In spite of All the Media Conglomerates, Imbedded Traitors (kilary&obummer installs)at fbi/cia/dia, and demonrat pary – U have ALL been Had – caught with ure hand in the ole bunghole again.

      The Crimes S Outragous – You just cant make stuff like this up – Ure killing me dude- killing The Donald a run for his money with ure Comedy Gold.

      Can U say GGGGGitmo? Caribbean – U know where ure types go to rape,torture and consume very young ethnics..”eww soo creamy that walnut sauce”

      • ECD – you don’t seem well. Anyone that could write “Can U say GGGGGitmo? Caribbean – U know where ure types go to rape,torture and consume very young ethnics..”eww soo creamy that walnut sauce” to an anonymous stranger on the Internet isn’t well. Would you say that in person? If you believe what you wrote, that’s even more troubling.

        Seek help and avoid the Internet. Those that care about you would probably appreciate it too. Really. You should talk with a professional.

    • Marko, there’s no fraud like there’s no human poop on your vaunted San Francisco sidewalks. Just because you can’t smell it from your upscale patio means nothing.

    • And I’m sure Joe was clean and didn’t take any money from foreign countries to alter US policy. You are deluded. The only thing to look forward to is seeing people like you after you’re choice does what they are going to do and you lose everything. But hey, I’m sure you don’t mind taking your white privilege wealth and giving it to more deserving people of color. -0 Blessings

    • In fact, this dude was so upset he almost became a mass shooter over Biden’s win:

      thank the lord our FBI does it job right!!

      Included in another man’s threats were ‘escalating profanity and pornographic images’ (sounds like a blogger on this list!)

  13. George, Hillary is free because of INTENT, not evidence! I do believe that paid for deep-state suck up Comey made that quite clear.

    • so why did comey have multiple press conferences about the investigations into hillary throughout the 2016 campaign, one two weeks before the election, while he hid the investigation into trump from voters until after the election? BTW I never voted for Hillary or Obama.

      • Lucifer,Satan, Baal, Moloch – Whats a matta – low power issues, no power issues?

        As the old saying goes..Only 3 Things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

        How does your garden grow ?? Hatians, Dominicans, Mexicans..?

        lord knows the synthetic adrenochrome just isn’t anywhere near as potent as the Organic, naturally derived stuff, No?

      • “so why did comey have multiple press conferences about the investigations into hillary throughout the 2016 campaign,”

        Justifiable deniability …

        It was to much in your face on every angle.. once that was out of the way it became fake news.. a none event.. so someone had to come out and say hey we looked at it and didn’t see anything there that bothered us.. the exact same thing will happen with a hard drive.. and a few porn accounts.. once those are gone and cleaned up its not an issue anymore..

  14. Quoted to me by a former federal judge: “People get the government they deserve”.

    I don’t know how this will play out, but I plan to distance myself even more from most of the blather and nonsense the masses get imprinted with. Freedom and self-reliance are what built this country, and if it’s no longer allowed here, I’ll take my money elsewhere. It certainly won’t get stolen through “wealth taxes”, since I’m comfortable, but not wealthy by most standards. Those who are at risk for wealth taxes will simply spend their money, “lose it”, or take it elsewhere. Under no curcumstances will it remain available to be taxes. Various countries tried that and rescinded such taxes since they never collected enough to justify enforcement. Money goes where it’s best treated, and the putative Biden reign isn’t even in the running!

    As with Obama, I see nothing of value to work toward if I’m to be fenced in with a million stupid regulations and taxes. The real “gift” from demonicrats is despondency and hopelessness.

    The only way to win is not to play.

    At my age, the old line about hookers and blow is getting ever more appealing, though I can think of better drugs. Spend it while you can on someone you can really enjoy, while creating valuable and fun experiences for the afterlife.

  15. A heads up. Yesterday had physicall at VA and it was done by phone. If your medical care is headed this way might want to practice for the prostate exam so can get an accurate reading.

  16. The First Lady wears a blockchain dress
    blockchain patent
    trap set

    popcorn in coconut oil with pink salt,,,yummmm,,re LootB

    Now let US look at them ballots,,,,again,,,first u set a trap then you you let them take the bait,,then you show the world,,we got them YELLING,,”where is the evidence” as they count in secret in the middle of the night

    • “popcorn in coconut oil with pink salt,,,yummmm,,re LooB”

      That is how the local movie theater would make it..( except the pink salt)
      It was the best.. French fries are better with coconut oil to..yumm

  17. “possession of small amounts of heroin, cocaine, LSD and other hard drugs decriminalized in Oregon under a ballot measure that voters are…”

    Quick Question…..
    If you can have any of the other narcotics.. then Why do you still have to sign for Sudafed…??

    • You dont have to sign -Homey.

      – set some Ephedra Seeds out in a shallow tray – covered loosely with leaves/mulch/ect.
      Hardy lil bastards need to be “winterized” for sprouting action in Spring.
      U can do like the coot, and Sow some wild Lettuce seeds at the same time as the Ephedra Seeds.

      Medicinal Gardens are a Year Round endevour – hope you can Enjoy.

      • dam that is good crash if they have changed it to that…Right now. they make us sign…and we have to get it from a pharmacy.. show identification and sign several places.. etc..

  18. George that was a great answer you gave me to my question. stimulated my mind. not much does in this fourth turning . so now it is time for the fat lady to sing . at least president biden and vice president harris are waiting till 8 pm to give the first song . that will keep the greatest sewer system ever known time to close .. wall street

  19. George, I submit a brief, short question: Given the Clinton, Comey and Hunter criminal activities – and no one is indicted, why does America even have a Justice Dept?

  20. “biden thinks americans are shitheads and americans just proved him right”

    Just heard that on Aussie radio. The world is turning on america faster than ever.

    Australia loved Trump. They saw him as the only barrier to China taking over the world. Biden will just give it all away for a small sum in Hunters bank account!

    How long before the rest of the world realizes that the US has been lying all these years to their “allies”? We’ll see for sure when China takes Taiwan and the US military hides under lady liberty’s skirt!

  21. that was one of your best today George. ill bet you a southern fried chicken burger the market crashes next week !! first incoming 2000 down on the dow !!!

  22. Wow. The pace of this USA election 2020 president-elect victor announcement could see a turtle winning by a hair. Before we are informed whether or not the home team punts, runs a trick play, or time simply runs out, hopefully Wolf will show a graph of advertising revenue vs. plan. If there is a changing of the guard, one imagines the White House will not be left uninhabitable come January as following the last administration, but the Lincoln Bedroom may undergo Reconstruction.

    Anyhow, bureaucracy rolls along oblivious to the quacking lame ducks as evidenced by today’s announcement of sanctions being placed on the former foreign minister of Lebanon accused of flying too close to Hezbollah.

    It’s all ducky.

  23. Sure seems to me that both the Demoncrats and the Republicons are trying to gin up enthusiasm for a civil war ‘party’ to make the NWO globilists ascendency more assured. This effed-up election is the invitation they’ve sent out and the bitterly contested results are the advertising to pique everybody’s interest. Wouldn’t it be great if nobody showed up to their ‘party’ because they were disgusted by the spectacle?

  24. “We are not fearful of “the Future.”…”

    We’re not, huh? Interesting thing in GoldSilver Pro’s latest video over at Starting at about the 15 minute mark he starts talking about the latest amendments that came out last week to the Canadian Gold Reserves and Canadian Silver Reserves Exchange Traded Receipts Program. They are changing their liability exemptions such that they can either substitute like resources for what you thought you were buying with similar products of equivalent purity OR suspend delivery of product altogether under these NEW CIRCUMSTANCES they have just added effective as of February 1, 2021 to conform to their insurance policy:

    nuclear reactions
    nuclear radiation
    radioactive contamination
    biochemical weapons

    In the event of these happening they’ll either do the best they can to get you something equivalent or, more probably, your loss is your own and they’re “outta here”. One would think things like this would have been provided for anyway but there seems to be a newly arrived need to include these.

    This is coming from … CANADA? Mr. Keents(?) doesn’t seem to be an alarmist in any sense of the word in any of the videos I’ve seen of his. What does Canada know that we don’t? Anyone noted similar changes in other exchanges on this side of the border?

  25. hey George whats for dinner at the ranch to brate ? like flation insert what dream .. im thinking of a great ribs of pork and southern fried chicken with potato salad and coleslaw and 300 beers . what time?

  26. I would love to spend some time playi g with a 3D printer. Have to Change Ure last name to Jetson.

    I read somewhere a while back that Mr Leno fabs some of the parts for his rare cars himself on a 3D printer.

    I also read years ago that Organic 3D printers that were in Development for extended space travel could make a steak that had 100% Vitamin D in them but they taste like chicken. Lol Cool stuff.

    So in the Land of 2 presidents. Is possession still 9/10ths of the Law? If Trump refuses to leave office will they crash the Market or is that going to happen anyway and they will use him as a scapegoat anyway? How does one go about forcibly removing a president from office who refuses to leave? Can the Standing President issue Martial law and a state of National Emergency and retain the office of the Presidency until a peaceful transfer of power can be established? For how long? A year?

    What about a false flag attack on US soil? Such as an Oklahoma Bombing or 9-11 event? Would that constitute a suspension of the transfer of power? According to the Constitution an invading army would suspend or delay the election process and a transition of power. Also according to the Constitution it is illegal to make coinage other than by written athority of Congress and Treasury. Is bitcoin exempt because it’s not a physical coin?

    The thing is Half the Country is for Trump and the other Half is for Biden. The half for Trump has the most guns. The other half has the Media and social platforms. In a fight between guns and free downloads who would win? Especially if there was a sever Economic down turn or a false flag attack that rocked an already fragle stasis. Or an invading army of the perception of one.

    We have Iran, China, Russia, North Korea as convenient scapegoats. We have BLM, Antifa, we have the White Supremacists, we have the Drug Kartels and urban gangs, we have the Militias and we have the radical Muslims for scapegoats. We have even the Police a scapegoats.

    What is the “Morphy Anecdote” in this situation? I suspect we will see a very large FF and scapegoat event soon.

    That seems like the ” “Morphy Anecdote” but it could be the game set match. IF Tump refuses to leave office? What is gonna happen. Are they gonna send the Sherrif over to staple up a Vacate notice on the whitehouse front door??? Dose he in a Liberal world retain his “Sqauters rights”. Good Question.

    • guns vs. social platforms? If the SHTF, try one side has the plants and animals and the other has the banks and ports. I’m not sure how a 21st century cattle drive would play out.

    • “I read somewhere a while back that Mr Leno fabs some of the parts for his rare cars himself on a 3D printer.”
      I forget what show it was Andy..( might have been jay Leno’s garage.) Where he showed the printer he was making rare parts for his antique car’s.. it was what originally brought my interest of possibly getting one.

      • You are typical of the alt right bad actors ECD and ruin it for those Republicans that have a brain. It’s time for all of us to just get along now.

      • Now wait ECD… lol I personally think shes gorgeous.. but then that would explain why I hate to see her leave, but love to watch her go ….lol lol

      • ECD – you are ill. Seek help. If there is anyone that cares about you the would also appreciate you getting a diagnosis and help.

  27. A D-9 with a rock-ripper for an anniversary gift?

    Sound’s reasonable… after all my dad got my mom an IH Farmall 400 wide front-end with 3-bottom plow for an anniversary gift one year…

    • My dad actually joked about buying mom a new vacuum cleaner for her mother’s day present once..
      (He learned quickly his sense of humor was not always appreciated. Runs in the family…)

      • “My dad actually joked about buying mom a new vacuum cleaner for her mother’s day present once..”

        I did that.. and then had some cheap ninty nine cent plastic bowls and a three hundred dollar cashmere sweater.. the cat slept on the sweater and the only thing that was remembered was the bowls and vacuum

  28. Lots of Covid there . scary , god bless America. Or something . So inspirational. Program the. Robots!!!! Yeeeehhhaaa

  29. I’ve noticed new bylines showing up on the site this week, which don’t look like new aliases for the same BS. Maybe some of them will stick around.

  30. Hmm,

    The US Coast Guard heavy icebreaker Polar Star apparently isn’t operating to McMurdo Station, Antarctica, for resupply this year…due to covid.

    The Air Force steps in for the first time since 2009 with a partial resupply?

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